Anderson Cooper Battles GOP Rep. Raul Labrador: You're Getting Real Questions Here

  • Published on Oct 8, 2013
  • 10/7/13 - Anderson Cooper faced off with Republican congressman Raul Labrador on Monday night, telling him at one point during a heated back-and-forth on media bias that he should expect tough questions whenever he goes on a network that isn't Fox News. Cooper kept asking why the GOP is fighting a law that was passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court, and was politically upheld when President Obama won reelection. They battled over whether this was really that big an issue in 2012, with Labrador calling that an "absolutely false" narrative.
    Labrador also found it odd that only Obama's reelection counts, and the Republicans holding a majority in the House in 2012 doesn't. Cooper shot back, "You're nullifying two presidential elections and you're nullifying the vote of Congress because you don't like it." When Labrador asked why on earth they would ever put a clean CR up for a vote, Cooper responded, "'Cause that's how things work."
    When Labrador accused Cooper of being biased against Republicans, Cooper didn't let him off easy for that.
    "This is the way it works in journalism. When you're not on Fox News, you get contentious interviews. When you're not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews. My job is to ask you questions that are different than you think."

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  • grokker99
    grokker99 8 months ago

    Raul is a closet homosexual.

  • Robert Albright
    Robert Albright 11 months ago +4

    Raul Labrador has shown to be nothing but a Trump kiss ass. Someone please tell him to take his head from where the sun does not shine and get some fresh air. This is a Canadian opinion.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 years ago +1

    What a disgusting lunatic. And no surprise, A Mormon.

  • BTCforlife
    BTCforlife 4 years ago

    So making assumptions about me and arguing against your own ignorant straw man is constructive?
    I will continue to put as much effort into responding to your comments as they deserve. Why should I take you seriously given the ease with which you lied about me?
    TL;DR Your obvious emotional investment is good for a laugh.

  • BTCforlife
    BTCforlife 4 years ago

    *chirp chirp chirp*

  • BTCforlife
    BTCforlife 4 years ago

    Yes; lets just ignore your ignorance in favor of some more bullshit.
    Lets pretend that you have something relevant to say.
    Ho hum go fuck yourself.

  • BTCforlife
    BTCforlife 4 years ago

    So now you are attributing things to me that I never said? That is typical I suppose.
    You didn't say the petition was the only reason; and I never said or even implied otherwise. It was the only one you mentioned though.
    How am I supposed to argue against things you did not say? Just make shit up and attribute it to you as you did to me?
    The only sad thing here is your lack of integrity.

  • BTCforlife
    BTCforlife 4 years ago

    So the republicans and making policy based on the opinions of 0.6% of the population?
    That explains so much.

    • Connie Stone
      Connie Stone 6 months ago +1

      uh-huh, no NOW our supposed representative bodies ARE (indeed) making policy based on the opinions of 0.6% of the population. = the super wealthy and highest paid executives and their lobbyists!

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James 4 years ago +1

    I love the way that time after time you find government officials who have absolutely no idea how their own government works.He's right about Fox. Talking points.... Way to go Anderson for explaining it like an adult. Another Republican stamping his foot because he can't have his own way. I think Congress needs to be re-educated on democratic procedure and on ways not to screw over all the work their forefathers did to make America a great country.

  • steven tran
    steven tran 4 years ago

    You tea party people have no good comments..just childish idiots

  • Richard Rowe
    Richard Rowe 4 years ago

    No harder than watching you act like you know what a man looks like.

  • plp27GA
    plp27GA 4 years ago

    Cooper needs his nose wiped. He dreams of being a real man. So hard to watch him question men.

  • Exia Valens
    Exia Valens 4 years ago

    Really Anderson? Playing the idiot like there has never been biased reporters.

  • yan carpenter
    yan carpenter 4 years ago

    And yours as well.and your name common!

  • El Diablo Blanco
    El Diablo Blanco 4 years ago

    Your avatar is very fitting

  • yan carpenter
    yan carpenter 4 years ago

    Cry Baby Labrador!

  • gr8gmblr
    gr8gmblr 4 years ago

    And to HELL with Cooper!

  • gr8gmblr
    gr8gmblr 4 years ago

    Ive never been first! Do I get a prize!