My Response to iDubbbz Fast Food Tier List

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • I've gotten so many requests to do a response to iDubbbz Fast Food Tier list that I finally decided to go for it! Here's what I feel the best and worst Fast Food Chains are...
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Comments • 15 173

  • iDubbbzTV
    iDubbbzTV 4 months ago +154403

    Ok you little punk. You win this battle.....

  • Some guy
    Some guy 46 minutes ago

    I would place Wendy’s near the a and also Pizza Hut. Subway I would make a c

  • John West
    John West Hour ago

    Australian kfc is so much better

  • WolfyVolume
    WolfyVolume 3 hours ago

    The official fast food tier list.

  • Ben Morgan Morgan
    Ben Morgan Morgan 5 hours ago

    How is jack in the box not in the e-f list?

  • Ken Joe Frank
    Ken Joe Frank 7 hours ago

    I bet he's not wearing pants

  • David Gibson
    David Gibson 9 hours ago

    Right on about Dominos.

  • Louis Perez
    Louis Perez 11 hours ago

    How dare you! TACO BELL

  • Angel Nargancho
    Angel Nargancho 12 hours ago

    He talks about it like he’s teaching his kids about puberty

  • sai x
    sai x 17 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta until reviewbrah spits straight facts.

  • Humberto's brother that stabbed him

    Five guys is way better than In-N-out

  • gank
    gank 23 hours ago

    Dominoes E tier but Little Caesars C tier???

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah Day ago

    I was with you until you gave five guys a b. It's an A sir

  • Tomfoolery
    Tomfoolery Day ago

    I have a feeling Domino's is going to show this on their next commercial and say "reviewbrah gave our pizza an response we completely redid the formula again"

  • Wyatt Brambilla
    Wyatt Brambilla Day ago

    This is the most accurate one yet.

  • Ape Squasher
    Ape Squasher Day ago

    He probably has bad Taco Bell employees

  • ToxicFlame Gaming

    I love this man

  • Jack Renaud
    Jack Renaud Day ago

    Taco Bell definitely has some questionable service and foods. But I think everyone also have their singular, repetitive order that we go there for

  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym Day ago +1

    I agree with most of your assertions. Chick Fil A is the BEST. no question. My Carl's Jr NEVER, EVER got the order right. Once I ordered a bacon burger and they served it without bacon! I sent it back, and they forgot about me! 20 minutes later, I go up to the window and discovered they RAN OUT of bacon! About 8 months after they came to town, Carl's Jr. Was out of business. People are going to have differing opinions, based on their experiences at the locations near them. For example, the Sonics near me are really good, especially considering they have a YUGE menu. I agree about Subway. Their employees at all four locations near me... they glaze over and seem to just go through the motions. The sandwiches themselves are OK at best. Whataburger has great service, I put them right below Chick Fil A. Panda Express is overall great, except the food is never hot! I complained to the manager, and he said "All our food is served at 140 degrees." And they don't even have a microwave oven! Also, I would note that it's POSSIBLE to have good food with lousy service, but not LIKELY. Usually when they stop giving a shid, the food quality suffers, too.

  • Untitled 2233
    Untitled 2233 Day ago

    Your list is upside down

  • Garrett Vranicar

    Five guys should be at least A

  • kamikaze ORIGINAL

    Bobs is so good

  • Dad Weed
    Dad Weed Day ago

    Jack in the crack is nasty lmao

  • PoPaDoseYo
    PoPaDoseYo 2 days ago

    I'm glad u dislike T-bell! I only enjoy the Crunchwrap Supreme (chicken, no horse beef)

  • Goodtime Gaming
    Goodtime Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Wheres whataburger

  • Cbas 420
    Cbas 420 3 days ago

    Is it bad I haven't went to Chickfila, Five Guys, or Chipotle?
    Oh yeah I also haven't been to Arby's or White Castle?

  • LazyAssassain01
    LazyAssassain01 3 days ago

    Taco Bell got snubbed

  • Super Taco Entertainment

    *cries in non american*

  • Walrusatemybaby
    Walrusatemybaby 4 days ago +1

    At 3:53 right when you said arby's I got an arby's ad

  • Ascend Shadow
    Ascend Shadow 4 days ago +1

    Imagine getting over 1k likes on a reply

  • NoSoulGinger21
    NoSoulGinger21 4 days ago

    This isn't just an opinion, this is the 11th commandment.

  • 222blu
    222blu 5 days ago

    shout out to Publix sub sandwiches

  • 222blu
    222blu 5 days ago

    shout out to Publix sub sandwiches

  • Jason WB
    Jason WB 5 days ago +1

    Think you rated Papa Johns too high. (have had plenty of crap service from them) There is no good major pizza chain, only good regional chains.

  • The Official Salrex
    The Official Salrex 6 days ago +2

    Whataburger S

    • The Official Salrex
      The Official Salrex 5 days ago +1

      Green Guy their honey butter chicken biscuit is better than any popeyes or chick fil a trash

    • Green Guy
      Green Guy 5 days ago +1

      Only reason I accompany my brother to Texas

  • Tristan The Nobody
    Tristan The Nobody 6 days ago +1

    You did chic-fil-a right but you did chipotle wrong😭

  • WRXer
    WRXer 6 days ago +2

    This is my list aswell except move taco bell up a little and switch five guys and in n out spots lol

  • slush101 0
    slush101 0 7 days ago

    Popeyes are good

  • Ben Talks
    Ben Talks 7 days ago

    I’m sorry but on WHAT PLANET is little Caesar’s better than domino’s 😂

    • Maciej Nenutil
      Maciej Nenutil 6 days ago

      on earth, the place where we have the privilege to share oxygen with reviewbrah

  • Darlene Wright
    Darlene Wright 8 days ago

    Mainly agree but i love sonic. Subway i would say mid as well and kfc in b only because i drown everything on gravy i agree 100% on everything else

  • Jake H
    Jake H 10 days ago

    Dominos should be B. And chipotle and panda should switch places.

  • chad wise
    chad wise 10 days ago

    Why is Dairy Queen F? Their ice cream is awesome

    • Xyriak
      Xyriak 9 days ago

      He literally said that their ice cream is good. He was judging DQ food-wise.

  • Toni Roberts
    Toni Roberts 11 days ago

    I was getting worried about Reviewbrah’s taste buds for a moment there... sitting there stunned thinking he might actually put Jack in the box in the top tier above In&out 😂

    ITS NAPOLEON 11 days ago

    A&W is S tier

  • CyToNiiC
    CyToNiiC 12 days ago +13

    Meanwhile in Germany:
    1. McD
    2.Burger King
    That's it

    • CyToNiiC
      CyToNiiC 2 days ago

      @stronk germanium in Bayern, bei uns gibt's nur die 2 😅

    • stronk germanium
      stronk germanium 2 days ago

      Where tf you live ? The east ?? We have dominos and Kfc where I live aswell

  • Mercer Alex19
    Mercer Alex19 13 days ago

    the god has spoken

  • iamav15
    iamav15 13 days ago +3

    “The names Brah, Review Brah” and instantly
    Panties drop.

  • Tempty
    Tempty 13 days ago +1

    i have never eating a chick fil a and i most likely never will because they donate to anti lgbtq and even though im straight, i still support them and i dont want to give money to a company that does that

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 13 days ago

    Imagine DQ's ceo watching this and getting the worst tier without hesitation.

  • Brofessor Swole
    Brofessor Swole 13 days ago

    Publix subs are A1

  • Spangly Yapper34
    Spangly Yapper34 14 days ago

    "What one do I think is worthy of the D" has been the best thing I've heard all week

  • Michi Melody
    Michi Melody 14 days ago

    My good friend is a manager at Subway and I've never had a bad sandwich from her store.... Guess I'm the only one??

  • Javin Bell
    Javin Bell 14 days ago

    Major miss. Papa Johns is trash. Jack In The Box is disgusting.

  • Ford Brehmer
    Ford Brehmer 14 days ago


  • Phu Thien
    Phu Thien 15 days ago

    Totally irrelevant but have anyone told you you looked like Lorde?

  • WillZel
    WillZel 15 days ago +1

    I kept getting distracted by his wall lining up perfectly with the tier window

    • Canyyon
      Canyyon 10 days ago

      WillZel you just ruined the whole video for me

  • Jeremy Howell
    Jeremy Howell 15 days ago

    dude I cant comprehend you putting little ceasers anywhere but the bottom they suck so bad, everything else your dead on.haha

  • Todd B
    Todd B 16 days ago

    So let it be let it be done!

  • Jack Carlista
    Jack Carlista 16 days ago

    Chipotle is s

  • josh h
    josh h 16 days ago

    It’s the garlic dusting on the crust. I order mine without it and dominos in Mexico is like it was stateside in the 90’s , really good and they have dominos hot sauce packets for the pizza over there as well.