SML Movie: Bowser Junior's New Room!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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  • javisol2
    javisol2 Hour ago

    My Dad called me a stupid

  • Bluetoshi 24
    Bluetoshi 24 2 hours ago +1

    4:47 what my dad says on my 18th birthday

  • Isaac Yang Playz roblox

    TVclip demonizing you

    SAMURAI DRAGON 10 hours ago +2

    This video came out on my bday

    • The Reves
      The Reves 8 hours ago

      Aw man Creeper

    • The Reves
      The Reves 9 hours ago

      Revenge from Captain Sparkelz came out on my birthday not lying

    • The Reves
      The Reves 9 hours ago


  • Dolphin Puppet
    Dolphin Puppet 10 hours ago +1

    Sml idea: drunKEN!

  • Will Worrell
    Will Worrell 11 hours ago

    What's with the butcher block in the background with no knifes in it

  • Jaden Thompson
    Jaden Thompson 11 hours ago

    jeffy gets a turtle

  • Patra Forbes
    Patra Forbes 12 hours ago +1

    One time I let my phone die and my mom rushed home cuz she couldnt call me after I told her.... As punishment she made me balance on suspenders starting at a minute the more I fell the more minutes were added the worst part was that the suspenders were my own hands

  • Bowser Junior SML
    Bowser Junior SML 12 hours ago


  • spaceburningshingodzillaearth2019 imkingofmonsters


  • Cameron Jackson
    Cameron Jackson 13 hours ago

    Request: Junior goes into Foster care.

  • The Unlucky Omanyte
    The Unlucky Omanyte 15 hours ago +2

    Hmm the worst punishment I ever had is... let me think
    Everything I have
    Oh I got it


  • Xxxandrea3xxX MSP
    Xxxandrea3xxX MSP 16 hours ago


  • jamm playz
    jamm playz 16 hours ago

    bowser needs to go to a asylum

  • Bonnie Bullock
    Bonnie Bullock 16 hours ago


  • Deborah Copeland
    Deborah Copeland 18 hours ago

    Breaking the 3rd wall

  • mari m
    mari m 18 hours ago

    Bowser Jr said he will listen to his dad but he didn't listen when his dad don't eat his food

  • Power no.1 multiplier powered up super heroes

    I want to kill Bowser he’s a pastor

  • PZ BONI9
    PZ BONI9 19 hours ago


  • Alexis Machic
    Alexis Machic 19 hours ago


  • Ned Pringle
    Ned Pringle 20 hours ago

    2:22 TOAD?

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips 20 hours ago

    Can I see you

  • Jack P
    Jack P 20 hours ago

    Chef peepee is a dick

  • savage yoo
    savage yoo 21 hour ago

    He is fucking Greco

  • Bobby Cox
    Bobby Cox 22 hours ago

    My iPad getting took away for a week

  • Ivan Darosa
    Ivan Darosa 22 hours ago

    One like equals 1 ton of food for Joseph.

  • Umbreon and Espeon


  • Giovanni Roman
    Giovanni Roman Day ago


  • Galaxy Cloud
    Galaxy Cloud Day ago

    who pissed bowser off when he was fucking

  • Rayangaming65
    Rayangaming65 Day ago +1

    worst punishment
    no more computer for a week
    my parents are not that strict, they are very nice :D

  • its just her just her

    He called him ugly.......😨 6:35

  • Jeannie
    Jeannie Day ago

    I will buy him

  • xdgermany
    xdgermany Day ago +1

    my worst punishment is watching sml being demonatized

  • Deadsniper 201
    Deadsniper 201 Day ago

    I feel bad I have TVclip premium there's no ads so I'm sorry Logan

  • Capt.GamerBoy10_ YT

    Chef pee pee is a stupid troublemaker

  • Edward James Kenway

    I cried when Junior said Chef Peepee ''I love you''

  • Ebony Almond
    Ebony Almond Day ago

    Cj so cool

  • Lilredrobyn TDOT

    what are you going to use this room now

  • Fortnite Abbas
    Fortnite Abbas Day ago

    I will beat up bower in real life if I see him in real life

  • Katrina Watts
    Katrina Watts Day ago

    I got my tv Took away

  • Juan carlos Gaspar

    The worst punishment is that I had t eat 3 dry Berry’s and they taste bad but if I do not eat the 3 dry Berry’s there would not be ipad for 10 days and I ate all 3 NOW I HAVE TO EAT DRYED MANGO

  • Omari Williamson

    I would love your videos like please please come please tell my grandma work on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays you come on one of those days like sun or Friday Friday Sunday Saturday so I want you to come on Saturday please come here cuz I will need somebody like I don't know how to make videos and post them so when I become a TVclip you can you please play as like as my grandma can you stay until my grandma to hear you. Please ask her to move here and asked me can y'all like really teach me how to be a TVclipr why are there time part 1 New York Channel your camera so like I'm part one belonging to school but y'all can still live here but I go to school on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday yeah you can only come that the days I'm not owned like the day is I'll go to school is on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday so do not post the videos while we while I'm at school is Bob going to take me a long time to come out for the school and make videos with y'all so I need y'all to please wait until I make a video like a nighttime well you can't wait till I tell you to do that at on the weekends so please move to Atlanta and move with me with if you see a white car in my yard and a black car inside my drive-through that's that's my house right there so can you please come help come live with me

  • Arianna Brown
    Arianna Brown Day ago

    my momma made me sleep outside ;-;

  • 100t quocksilver

    The worst punishment I've ever had is still going on all my electronics,guitars comics plushies and puppets have been tooken away about 8 months ago and is still going on I deserve it tho

  • Omari Williamson

    Can you come like spend one video with me and Atlanta Georgia and y'all don't know where my house is I got to my house have a white truck in the yard and I have a point porch thing and sometimes you see a black a black car and my and my drive and I drive through in front with a joyous so I want to know how to make one video when my Grandma's at work like just one like wet like y'all can stay in the wound that me and my mom sleeping I meant to be on act like that's Juniors new room and then they moved back to another house and then go back to your will house is that cool okay with y'all if y'all say yes then I'm just going to

    • Omari Williamson
      Omari Williamson Day ago

      This is my last comment please just please trust me well I think we'll my brother made me and my brother love your videos like we love your videos my name is Omari Williamson

    • Omari Williamson
      Omari Williamson Day ago

      Please like make one video with my Grandma's at work please cuz I really need you I really really need you all to come right, cuz I don't have no one y'all can play for at the same time like I can play for one eye characters like Joseph Mall like Cody's mom call Dad call Dad like he has Logan like I know Logan Paul going to be a bit like being the same cat character that same time but

  • Omari Williamson

    I want y'all to make 20 playtime videos awesome the best videos ever please make more Play Time videos

    • Omari Williamson
      Omari Williamson Day ago

      Atlanta Georgia and then I want to charge a kind of move laying next to a neighbor's yard on nobody lives next to me anymore cuz my friend move far and I need your kind of take over his house cuz he moved well I think he's still living there so I'm probably going to tell you so I'm going to say that when you're when he moved well he did move but he still live in the same house so I'm just going to tell you I went to his house

  • Omari Williamson

    Please we have to move to Atlanta Georgia y'all videos are the best videos ever I wish you two would take her out somewhere cuz I love your videos cuz your videos are the best videos ever better than all the other videos and I love all your I love all your channels especially Chili's Channel Logan by prank Logan by the 10-day whipped up Jeffy that was that was the best that was kind of a little bruised but I think it was a little funny so please move to Atlanta Georgia cuz I want y'all to Ashley I want y'all to move to like a closest house next to me cuz I want to cuz I really want to see y'all in person now y'all TVclip videos on on Chili's Channel I want to see you and well Life by me so can you please leave is Atlanta Georgia cuz I really love your videos I wish I would just move from Florida to Atlanta Georgia

  • Omari Williamson

    Make a play time 7 I love your videos. Videos the best videos ever I wish I would live with I wish I would live in Florida but I'm not living in Florida I'm in the Atlanta Georgia so I wish I could I wish that y'all would move to Atlanta Georgia please

  • iker talamantes
    iker talamantes Day ago +1

    I Hate you bowser

  • uriel dominguez
    uriel dominguez Day ago

    today i got smacked in the head

  • Ricky Mccollough
    Ricky Mccollough Day ago +1


  • NexxLemon
    NexxLemon Day ago +1

    getting grounded for 2 weeks

  • Abdullahi Osman
    Abdullahi Osman Day ago +1

    Haha cool video

  • Elijah Wade
    Elijah Wade Day ago

    Bowser is fucking reatard and a fucking bitch

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    9:41 leave him alone

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    9:34 yeah go to sleep Jr

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    Stop bothering him Jr

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    8:43 yeah touch the ceiling fan

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    8:02 wow look at that new room

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    5:14 why is chef pee pee counting down

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    5:10 yeah run

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    4:48 yeah bowser take over his room

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    4:18 haha nice try Jr

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    It's from the creators of bowser Jr's new room

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    3:20 yeah take his phone bowser

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    3:08 yes bowser caught it

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago +2

    Bowser look harder Jr got pink yellow and blue donut sprinkles on Jr's face

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    2:16 uh oh

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago

    1:55 Jr WTF now you're grounded

  • Lil Gucci
    Lil Gucci Day ago +2

    Bowser Jr is grounded because he ate his daddy's last donut!
    So he gets a new room!

  • LucNic 2502
    LucNic 2502 Day ago

    Having No friends my top amount of friends is 7

  • Luis Ángel Guerrero

    I don’t have a bed but my sister have oneπŸ˜”

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia Day ago


  • Unicorn_ Forever

    Getting kicked out of my house 🏠 for a day was the worst thing ever


    9:16 Chef PeePee's faceπŸ˜‚