• Published on Mar 23, 2019
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  • Taryn Baacke
    Taryn Baacke 2 hours ago

    Ironman makes a infinity gauntlet in endgame. Thanks does not.

  • Matt Crissey
    Matt Crissey 7 hours ago

    He wont someone else will

  • Rhylee Keane
    Rhylee Keane Day ago

    He will

  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell Day ago

    Why does it seem that poor earth takes a lot of damage from interstellar villians in the mcu

  • johnboi7 watmough
    johnboi7 watmough 2 days ago

    Awesome movie he didn't look hard enough

  • Skully
    Skully 2 days ago

    I thought cuz he was lazy

  • Robert Seay
    Robert Seay 2 days ago

    Makes sense to me. Hoping the Silver Surfer someday makes an appearance.

  • Melissa Dunn
    Melissa Dunn 2 days ago


  • Galvatron Studios 3.0

    Who else heard Korg? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gachy Boi
    Gachy Boi 2 days ago


  • Deena Marie
    Deena Marie 2 days ago


  • Jonathan McGillivray

    5:05 *korg*

  • Sam Snuggs
    Sam Snuggs 3 days ago

    He doesn't

  • Chris Aguilar
    Chris Aguilar 3 days ago


  • Cindy Diaz
    Cindy Diaz 3 days ago


  • bunny rabbit 123
    bunny rabbit 123 4 days ago

    Thanks has same infinity gauntlet

  • BlazePlayz YT
    BlazePlayz YT 4 days ago

    I don't think Odin had the soul stone until he died. Because when they went back to 2014, it was still in Vormir with Red Skull and Odin died in 2017.

  • Horfa Solis
    Horfa Solis 5 days ago

    No the avengers will!

  • Horfa Solis
    Horfa Solis 5 days ago


  • Blue Jolt
    Blue Jolt 6 days ago

    By his logic; ur logic of the uru metal wouldnt that mean that when u used the gauntlet u wouldnt have lost an arm bc the metal would've obsorbed the powers of the stones.

  • Chloe Palomo
    Chloe Palomo 6 days ago

    Spoiler alart the avengers make a new guntlat

  • Ernie Esteban
    Ernie Esteban 7 days ago

    He will now give me the shield

  • Tyrell Baryonyx
    Tyrell Baryonyx 7 days ago

    He will

  • Rebecca Goulart
    Rebecca Goulart 7 days ago

    I wondered

  • Pc Co
    Pc Co 7 days ago +1

    Its impossible that odin has the soul stone.. coz in the movie.. they went back in time to get the soulstone where odin was still alive..

  • Germán 998
    Germán 998 8 days ago

    So thanos isnt that powerfull? I mean, isnt he half ethernal or something like that? Why hes weaker than odin? and well if thor was powerfull than odin "in the movie" Without mjolnir as in ragnarock he was weaker than hela ?

  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 11 days ago

    He was waiting to find out where the soul stone was...makes perfect sense! It would be unwise to begin collecting the stones when you didn’t know where one of them was, because everyone would be after you the moment you started decimating planets.

  • Joe Dettmann
    Joe Dettmann 12 days ago

    you weirdo

  • Kaydan Phillips
    Kaydan Phillips 12 days ago

    The Yes

  • Karen Sledge-McDonnell

    Did you give the sheald away yet

  • Sei Verseicle
    Sei Verseicle 13 days ago

    I like that shield

  • Gab N.P.M
    Gab N.P.M 13 days ago


  • Sam Amery
    Sam Amery 13 days ago


  • Yorayma Arias
    Yorayma Arias 14 days ago

    He could make a new one

    HAMADSAEED ALFSI 14 days ago +1

    Yes thons will make a infty golty

  • Asael Exseus
    Asael Exseus 14 days ago

    No he won't change the infinity

  • Tj Carter
    Tj Carter 14 days ago

    Thanos will make a new infinity gauntlet

  • Panther Brix
    Panther Brix 14 days ago +1

    Well that Odin having the soul stone theory can’t wrk. Cause Red skull was sent their when he held the space stone back in WW2 & as he said “ I even held one in my hand, but it cast me out, guiding others to a treasure I can not possess “ & before that he was saying he was cursed to know all who journey there, which means that the stone has been there for a long time. Odin passed maybe a week or so before infinity war. Long after Red skull was sent to Vormir

    IRFANA SHAIKH 14 days ago


  • Cesar
    Cesar 14 days ago

    Endgame spoiler:

    Since we know you can transfer stones across dimensions of time, the question is what would multiple sets amount to? For example, double handed infinity gauntlets.

  • Cesar
    Cesar 14 days ago

    Anyone think it would be a bad idea if Marvel pulled a George Lucas and went back and updated Thanos’s looks in the earlier films?

  • Culton Duckett
    Culton Duckett 14 days ago


  • Samoor LK
    Samoor LK 15 days ago

    odin vs thanos??
    come on guys
    odin is fucking told

  • Varodyz
    Varodyz 15 days ago +2

    “It’s an interesting theory, but I have a simpler one, you all are not worthy”

    • Unknown
      Unknown 11 days ago +1

      "I understood that reference"

  • Faizan rashid
    Faizan rashid 15 days ago

    Tony will make a new gauntlet to defeat thanos

  • Rose lin
    Rose lin 15 days ago

    No thanos did not

  • Chino Angeles
    Chino Angeles 15 days ago

    Mean while malekith attacks asgard. Malekith:Am I a joke to you?

  • Death Rider the pop guy


  • Poison Amelia
    Poison Amelia 16 days ago +1

    11:55 “Having to sacrifice their ONLY daughters...”
    Nebula: am I a joke to you

    SHADOW GAMEING 16 days ago

    I think thanos will

  • RagnarTheRed
    RagnarTheRed 16 days ago

    "Before we start the video subscribe and like"
    Lol, no. Why would one subscribe to a channel they know nothing about and like a video they have yet to watch? Bitch, please.

  • Turtle and avengers Lover_plays YT

    Me- thanos threatens siblings for infinity stones!!!!!

  • Nspueb Cuhbduhrec
    Nspueb Cuhbduhrec 16 days ago


  • Andrew Prime
    Andrew Prime 16 days ago

    What if we got a thanos vs odin fight

    • RagnarTheRed
      RagnarTheRed 16 days ago

      Thanos would lose pretty quick unless he had the gauntlet.

  • Sonic the Hegehog
    Sonic the Hegehog 17 days ago +1

    Well that explains everything

  • Wodinn
    Wodinn 17 days ago

    I am SO GLAD the Russo's handle the avengers the way they did. I mean, imagine the mcu being like the DCU! Odin's name that's a dismal thought. Sure there are SOME plot holes. But over all, They were able to pull together various stories from across all of the mcu's multiverse comics to put together a fucking amazing, mostly based on original sources, MCU series that an obviously keep going for another decade to come. Hopefully the earth lasts long enough for us to get to see the full MCU in its entirety.

  • zamasu Supreme God
    zamasu Supreme God 17 days ago

    Odin>>> thanos

  • Jack Crump
    Jack Crump 17 days ago


  • Jacob Rebello
    Jacob Rebello 17 days ago

    The only daughter of thanos...
    Perhaps i was to hard on you.

    SUZY LANGERMAN 17 days ago

    He will because he'l be stronger

  • J F
    J F 17 days ago


  • Sed Hepburn
    Sed Hepburn 18 days ago

    what if storm breaker had a slot for an infinity stone for example the power stone since it was made with uru

  • Minecraft Meme boi
    Minecraft Meme boi 18 days ago

    I wanna win it

  • The Physic Mushroom
    The Physic Mushroom 18 days ago

    i think iron man will make one

  • wow wow
    wow wow 18 days ago


  • rigo vallejo
    rigo vallejo 18 days ago


  • James Scott
    James Scott 18 days ago


  • Sajeev Vargese
    Sajeev Vargese 18 days ago

    Who collects the mind stone in endgame

  • Daymon Rondino
    Daymon Rondino 18 days ago

    That's the only thing with the MCU, alot of great & POWERFUL characters got merged. Odin is fucking OP & had they presented him the way he is in comics it would have caused major plot holes

  • Hyab Abrahan
    Hyab Abrahan 18 days ago


  • Romi Sidhu
    Romi Sidhu 18 days ago


  • super bandwagon
    super bandwagon 18 days ago

    So wait how did tony die from the snap if he had the soul stone?

    SL_ SKOLLZ 19 days ago +5

    Thanos: wipes out 50% of the population
    Galactus: hold my beer

  • Elian Gallo
    Elian Gallo 19 days ago +1

    Your video is the best video in the world

  • yongda mei
    yongda mei 19 days ago

    idts i dont think so

  • Paul V
    Paul V 19 days ago

    Odin was so idiotically wasted in the mcu. He's considerably more powerful than thanos

    • RagnarTheRed
      RagnarTheRed 16 days ago

      To be fair, it's not like he does much in the comics either. More often than not he's in the Odin sleep just because if he was awake there'd be no conflict at all. I don't remember him being any part of the infinity gauntlet event in the comics.

  • Lewis Hammond
    Lewis Hammond 19 days ago

    The real reason was because he was afraid of facing agent Nadeem without all of the stones

  • Ayen Majok
    Ayen Majok 19 days ago


  • Mr Harkn
    Mr Harkn 19 days ago +74

    Why all ur vids say confirmed but don't confirm anything

  • SilentxProficy
    SilentxProficy 20 days ago


  • ' Bert
    ' Bert 20 days ago +1

    If Thanos sent me to go get a stone, I'd keep it, whoop his thick purple @$$, and be like "WHO'S THE MINION NOW, BIATCH!!!?"

    • ' Bert
      ' Bert 19 days ago

      Oh. Whoops.

    • hello
      hello 19 days ago

      Well ronan tried that.. and failed

  • Ryan June Anzures
    Ryan June Anzures 20 days ago

    Thanos, thanos

  • Anthony Sherman
    Anthony Sherman 20 days ago

    Can I win this?

  • Flávio Monteiro
    Flávio Monteiro 20 days ago

    How about Ego?

  • ljts
    ljts 20 days ago

    Didn't Loki wield two stones though? He had the mind stone in his sceptre and the tesseract in either a pocket dimension or well his hand.

    • RagnarTheRed
      RagnarTheRed 16 days ago

      To be fair, it's not the same to have a stone in your hands as to wield a weapon that has a stone. Remember in guardians of the galaxy the Accuser had trouble with the stone until he jammed it into his hammer. About the tesseract, for all we know the cube surrounding the space stone acts in a similar way, harnessing the power of the stone without much risk for the wielder.

  • Ismael Ortiz
    Ismael Ortiz 20 days ago


  • Dumb Football
    Dumb Football 20 days ago +1

    I believe he will make a new infinity gauntlet

  • Josh
    Josh 20 days ago

    Sorry but where is Dormammu?? Dormammu and Doctor strange don't have a bargain anymore so yuno where is he at? And where is Death? and Galactus? And what about Adam Warlock? I think Korg should be able to defeat everyone

  • Ryan Holliday
    Ryan Holliday 21 day ago

    Even if he didn’t know where one stone was, I thought Thanos with 2 or more stones was plenty strong enough to become “unbeatable” which was why I thought Dr Strange willingly gave up the time stone. Which was integral in endgame.

  • Abdul Khadir Abdul Karim

    that means have 2 human hand have 2.

  • Toxic Melody
    Toxic Melody 21 day ago +3

    Thanos wasn't about that life when Ancient One, Ego, and Odin were alive

  • Toxic Melody
    Toxic Melody 21 day ago

    TF when did TVclip add two ads in one

  • misti white
    misti white 21 day ago +1

    How Wild would it be if Thanos and Odin had the same mother

  • Nathanyel Haney
    Nathanyel Haney 21 day ago +1

    So little theory here. If thanos was protected from the snap and was teleported to the soul stone to be protected and visit gamora one last time what if Hawkeye snapped the gauntlet instead? I know he probably would have died but it is an interesting thought since he was the true holder of the soul stone at that time. What if he just didn't die. And he would have saw Nat one last time. RIP Black Widow

  • CAP Battles!
    CAP Battles! 21 day ago

    Epic! Thanos is the real All Father

  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn 21 day ago

    Because only a god could?

  • hhh2585
    hhh2585 21 day ago +1

    10 minutes later...

  • Gage Busby
    Gage Busby 21 day ago

    Sweet video

  • 5 21
    5 21 21 day ago

    Great video

  • Cowsrcoolio
    Cowsrcoolio 21 day ago +1

    The video ends at 2:03. You don’t need to drag it on for 10 minutes 🙄🤡