MY 3 YEAR OLD TODDLER tells me what to DRAW!?

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
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Comments • 7 433

  • Neon Red and Blue
    Neon Red and Blue 5 minutes ago

    Can i be honest for a sec
    Why did you put blood on the sharks teeth?

    Just asking...

  • iiCxctusii
    iiCxctusii 9 hours ago


  • Zigon VLOG
    Zigon VLOG 12 hours ago

    How adorable 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Tuionuku Afu
    Tuionuku Afu 18 hours ago

    Your son is very smart

  • Patton the smol bean
    Patton the smol bean 18 hours ago +1

    MJ is really cute!

  • Niko Omilano
    Niko Omilano Day ago

    Awww so cute

  • Dragonex LT
    Dragonex LT Day ago

    What a cute video

  • beybladepro riner

    Your son is so adorable

  • Pramath Hoskote
    Pramath Hoskote Day ago

    he is sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuutttttttteeeeee

  • KyberKat_ 05
    KyberKat_ 05 Day ago

    He is so cute! His dad is okay, too, i guess

  • loogann da gamer
    loogann da gamer 2 days ago

    to this day i know that 310 people are monsters and dont like kids

  • Jacqueline Morgan
    Jacqueline Morgan 2 days ago

    He’s a leftie like me! ❤️

  • Wolf_Girl
    Wolf_Girl 2 days ago

    6:21 jazza talking to his kid and this puppy is just sitting between them staring at jazza with unblinking eyes

  • black guardian
    black guardian 2 days ago

    He says creature a lot🙂

  • Lynx
    Lynx 2 days ago +1

    Which toddler right or left I can’t tell?

  • Toxic Towers
    Toxic Towers 2 days ago

    I know this is rude but this video makes my mad because of the 3 year old toddler.

  • Blue
    Blue 2 days ago

    So cute 😍

  • another Victim
    another Victim 2 days ago


  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 2 days ago

    The dolphins were supposed to be white

  • CloudFalconPlayz !
    CloudFalconPlayz ! 2 days ago

    The toddler on the left is so blessed to have the toddler on the right drawing for him! Jazza my heart melted when he was so happy that you made it for him, I’m experiencing art trauma right now, I can’t find my art style ;^:

  • Iguanadrama Dieru
    Iguanadrama Dieru 3 days ago

    He is lucky to look like his mother.

  • The Drawing Gamer
    The Drawing Gamer 3 days ago

    My heart melted
    Mini Jazza is just like Jazza Obnoxious BUT Consistent because he made a detailed and hard to draw drawing but he was consistent with the theme

  • Hannah Noble
    Hannah Noble 3 days ago

    3:06 that was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard...!!

  • Isaac Axisa
    Isaac Axisa 3 days ago

    I want more of this

  • KawaiiShrip_Studios :3

    Awe hes adorable hes such your type Jazza

  • phantom boy
    phantom boy 3 days ago

    crabs are actually gray they're orange when they're cooked

  • Angharad Cat
    Angharad Cat 3 days ago

    He’s so cuteeeeeee pls, MJ why u so cute?

  • Akasha Siebold
    Akasha Siebold 3 days ago

    He is one happy boy. I can’t wait to do that for my son.

    DOGGO FILMS 4 days ago

    He knows how to count to 10 at 3 wow when I was three I thought that it went 132456798 lol

  • Hanna Wilson
    Hanna Wilson 4 days ago

    I thought he said "lettuce" hehehehe

  • Elle Vaniti
    Elle Vaniti 4 days ago

    Omg this is so precious please do more of them!

  • depression 100
    depression 100 4 days ago

    throughout this innocent video, i was drawing a loli ;3

  • Dumpling216 3
    Dumpling216 3 4 days ago


  • Waylon Muirbrook
    Waylon Muirbrook 4 days ago

    i like how its just a cute little crab then you suddenly see a VERY vicious shark with bloody teeth attacking it. LOL good work Jazza and Mini Jazza!

  • rustaroundtherim_ on ig

    Ahh it's my two favorite toddlers on TVclip

  • Captain Artist
    Captain Artist 5 days ago


  • Alien Animations
    Alien Animations 5 days ago

    YOUR dad can draw

  • DeadAngel 82
    DeadAngel 82 5 days ago

    Why are you so amazing ._.
    I love it

  • Isabel Chetwood
    Isabel Chetwood 5 days ago

    Oh my gosh he's gotten so big so adorable 😊😊

  • 911V3N0M
    911V3N0M 6 days ago

    That is one smart 3 year old. Very epic! My niece didn’t talk till she was five.

  • pubg travel
    pubg travel 6 days ago

    Cutest child ever

  • E. Afton
    E. Afton 6 days ago

    Awww, so adorable!! You are a really good dad!

  • Félicia Wellignton
    Félicia Wellignton 6 days ago

    Great emitation of a dolphin

  • ll 5
    ll 5 6 days ago

    That's adorable

  • Jon-Tabby Piper
    Jon-Tabby Piper 7 days ago

    You guys are too cute. I love the relationship you have with little Jazza its great.

  • Claw Master
    Claw Master 7 days ago +2

    Jazza:What is your creature?
    Lil Jazza:A crap!
    *weird look

    Jazza:A crab?

    FaZe PINEAPPLEZ 7 days ago +3

    *B R U H*


  • Spicy
    Spicy 7 days ago

    How dare you make such a grusom scene

  • Swirl gaming
    Swirl gaming 7 days ago

    At 1:11 his kid said I want to draw a crap

    GAY GOC 7 days ago


  • Sammy Lawrence.276#
    Sammy Lawrence.276# 7 days ago

    Oh my God your son is absolutely adorable

  • Lps Jukebox
    Lps Jukebox 8 days ago

    Make more with your son!!! It’s so wholesome 🥰

  • W o l f i e
    W o l f i e 8 days ago


  • Kiara S
    Kiara S 8 days ago

    0:04 his kid knows more math than me oof

  • Vannah’s Playworld

    Ooool soooo cute

  • Adam Hussain
    Adam Hussain 9 days ago

    He's so cute

  • Fili
    Fili 9 days ago

    But why does the crab look like it's got a moustache?

  • Ice Bagel
    Ice Bagel 9 days ago +1

    Dad jazza: Cute sea animals
    Not dad jazza : *No there’s not enough blood on it you bastard!*

  • SinonChan
    SinonChan 9 days ago

    How cute is your son

  • Blob Brothers
    Blob Brothers 9 days ago +2

    ill be back in 30 years when hes running Jazza's channel.

  • Madame Marianne
    Madame Marianne 10 days ago

    AWWWWWWW such a Cutie!

  • ilove piggy
    ilove piggy 11 days ago

    the're so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ awwwwww

  • Kylie Alcantar
    Kylie Alcantar 11 days ago +1

    This is giving me so many emotions at once. It reminded me of when i was little because the way my dad tried to get me to sit down was watching him draw his freelance work for his workmates and such. Twas cool.

  • NalaLove AJ
    NalaLove AJ 11 days ago

    I only just realized you have a son!!!

  • Darth_Mochi Suketchi
    Darth_Mochi Suketchi 11 days ago

    i wish my dad could make me art...

  • Maja Madża
    Maja Madża 11 days ago

    U have a kid?!

  • Thrasher 2121
    Thrasher 2121 12 days ago

    He's intelligent

  • Aiferapple
    Aiferapple 12 days ago

    Really intelligent little guy :) Bless him

  • Bella is a Nickname
    Bella is a Nickname 13 days ago

    When your baby girl gets older you should do this again

  • Captain Artist
    Captain Artist 13 days ago +1


  • Bryce Tan
    Bryce Tan 13 days ago

    Your son is soooooooo cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Heather B
    Heather B 13 days ago

    Does anyone else appreciate 7:52 +

  • Cheeto Beard
    Cheeto Beard 14 days ago

    The part of this is when the kid says *”oh boi”*

  • Dabby Cat
    Dabby Cat 14 days ago

    congrat on be a father

  • Theblue windows
    Theblue windows 14 days ago

    I’m jealous of his wife 😩😩😭😂

  • The Cubing Warriors
    The Cubing Warriors 15 days ago

    Oh, C'mon, you were supposed to play under the 🌊 sea from Ariel as the background music

  • Rohan Acharya
    Rohan Acharya 15 days ago

    He is so cute.😍

  • Flappy Penguin
    Flappy Penguin 15 days ago

    That kid is a future mayor I would say crab go PEW PEW pew

  • Mikkel Hansen
    Mikkel Hansen 15 days ago

    He Got his dads nose

  • schwesterherz Von wem?

    Kawaii owo

  • gilanocoolsEvilTwin gfs

    AWW cute

  • A_Sucide_mission
    A_Sucide_mission 15 days ago +1

    You should draw him

  • Síłvër-Głađe š
    Síłvër-Głađe š 16 days ago

    This adorable. Especially when y’all counted.

  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman 16 days ago

    Did anyone notice there wasn’t an intro

  • aryn E.G
    aryn E.G 16 days ago

    O boi :D

  • Mathaines Hain
    Mathaines Hain 16 days ago +2

    Everything was fine until you added the blood. Yikes.

  • ManThatMemes
    ManThatMemes 16 days ago

    1:10 crap

  • Lillie Bailey
    Lillie Bailey 16 days ago +1

    I don't know what it is about guys with kids/babies that is so sweet and adorable.

  • sugarpawsxx
    sugarpawsxx 16 days ago

    “ bye daddy! “ *heart melts*

  • victoria 5.0
    victoria 5.0 16 days ago

    how cute

  • Kalli  Breton
    Kalli Breton 16 days ago

    Hes so cute 😍

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 16 days ago


  • YZF PlayZ
    YZF PlayZ 16 days ago


  • YZF PlayZ
    YZF PlayZ 16 days ago


  • YZF PlayZ
    YZF PlayZ 16 days ago

    I thought he said crap 💩

  • Harley Smith
    Harley Smith 17 days ago


  • ShadowMAB11
    ShadowMAB11 17 days ago

    Do you have parakeets?

  • Docmeister
    Docmeister 17 days ago

    he's lovely jets

  • TheChungusDerps
    TheChungusDerps 17 days ago

    Omg that outro XD

  • KitttyCat Lover
    KitttyCat Lover 17 days ago +1

    0:01 cHiLd AbUsE