[ASMR] Up-Close Face Touching & Gentle Ear Whispers

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Hello hello :) Welcome back to another sort of trigger compilation / ramble as we explore some fun face-touching objects, which quite conveniently naturally adds in some up-close ear whispers C:
    I also noted that I would do an ASMR livestream on TVclip soon... it hasn't been done yet, so keep an eye out!! I also stream quite frequently on twitch (twitch.tv/gggibi) but it's usually NOT ASMR, just a warning hehe!
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  • Sheri You Tube
    Sheri You Tube 13 hours ago


  • Alisha Casey
    Alisha Casey 16 hours ago

    Gibi: "Under Your Jaw Line"
    Me: I...I don't have a Jaw Line

  • Polaroid _
    Polaroid _ 23 hours ago


  • The Medic
    The Medic Day ago

    Gibi I really hope you don't read your comment section...

  • JustAnAverageYouTuber

    I never realized how loud Espn notifications are until I turn my volume up for asmr

  • Yeet ASMR
    Yeet ASMR Day ago

    Stop hitting me with an afro comb😂

  • Arianna Anthony
    Arianna Anthony 2 days ago

    Your ASMR is A M A Z I N G and I am so grateful for you! Keep doing what you're doing!

  • Nova Nimbus
    Nova Nimbus 2 days ago

    Love her eyes! You can just get lost in them!

  • Rich Cohen
    Rich Cohen 2 days ago

    I enjoy ur whispering vids best🤫
    Very soothing 🌊

  • Triinu Õllek
    Triinu Õllek 3 days ago

    Am I the only one, who keeps looking person`s eyes, though I should look these visual effects like brushes etc ? :D

  • Revelation 73
    Revelation 73 3 days ago

    I am not into female ASMR so much, but I like your way... it‘s very pleasant. Thank you, Gibi, you‘ve got a new subscriber!

  • Nora Farahat
    Nora Farahat 4 days ago

    can you upload on Tingles?

  • Crazy kid
    Crazy kid 5 days ago

    I love asmr because it helps me fall asleep😂

  • john Nancholas
    john Nancholas 5 days ago

    I wasn't able to sleep cause I am going on Holliday tomorrow but I said after 5 mins

  • TheGamingAsian
    TheGamingAsian 6 days ago

    Ok, I’m falling asleep but I’m staying awake because I can’t stop staring at your eyes, they’re so beautiful

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorld 6 days ago

    Some times I pretend you're my girlfriend and that I enjoy coming home from work to hear about your crazy day

  • soussi ilyess
    soussi ilyess 7 days ago

    this is so cool

  • Major RaZe
    Major RaZe 8 days ago

    Chinguen a su puta madre

  • •Angie•
    •Angie• 8 days ago +1

    Gibi literally puts me to sleep every night and I'm so greatful for her uploads :')

  • A Wargame TV
    A Wargame TV 8 days ago


  • Asmr WaterFall
    Asmr WaterFall 9 days ago

    Can you do a Asmr face touching but no talking?

  • Chloe Crossman
    Chloe Crossman 9 days ago

    Your eyes are beautiful omg 😍😅

  • Jõjõ Emad
    Jõjõ Emad 9 days ago

    I love you Gibi

  • Diss_track god1
    Diss_track god1 9 days ago

    it's called a pic ... Not a comb😂😂 ,but great video 😇

  • Abominable Skiman
    Abominable Skiman 9 days ago

    I hope that women like you continue to do ASMR when you’re older like in your 40’s and such, because I’m gonna be watching this stuff forever and I would so watch that

  • Jeffrey Wilson
    Jeffrey Wilson 10 days ago

    You are just wow😋

  • Darion
    Darion 10 days ago


  • Brittany DeWidt
    Brittany DeWidt 10 days ago

    Instant tingles!

  • Avy Lilac
    Avy Lilac 10 days ago

    1:40 Comb
    7:27 Towel
    12:24 Brush
    17:51 Touching face

  • Saucy Anime
    Saucy Anime 11 days ago

    Just realized i have same color eyes as her 😊

  • Saucy Anime
    Saucy Anime 11 days ago

    Im slowly dying of cringe but loving it at the same time 😭

  • Hero Little
    Hero Little 11 days ago

    This is the best foreign video هذا افضل فيديو اجنبي

  • Christopher Resseguie
    Christopher Resseguie 11 days ago

    Gibi is the best!! My absolute favorite.

  • Randy Whitewater
    Randy Whitewater 11 days ago


  • Abominable Skiman
    Abominable Skiman 12 days ago

    I did appreciate the obvious tip. I didn’t know it

  • Tej
    Tej 14 days ago

    Hey are you ever gonna join tingles app?

  • May Winson
    May Winson 14 days ago

    Your eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL!! Your'e beautiful!

  • Rovix
    Rovix 14 days ago

    I didn't know Echo did ASMR. Is Bellamy ok with that?

  • Mobile Gamez
    Mobile Gamez 15 days ago


  • Animalsrule9090
    Animalsrule9090 15 days ago

    *turns volume up to listen to video*
    *starts to fall asleep*
    *jumps and falls out of bed*

  • The Alton Warrior
    The Alton Warrior 16 days ago +1

    I used to only watch ASMR darling then I found you

  • Red Falcon
    Red Falcon 17 days ago

    Okey Gibi is my favorite

  • Tyler Grimmett
    Tyler Grimmett 18 days ago

    Wut is dis

  • I'm watching you sleep

    The pornhub version is a lot better.

  • دربس رمسيس
    دربس رمسيس 18 days ago


  • دربس رمسيس
    دربس رمسيس 18 days ago


  • دربس رمسيس
    دربس رمسيس 18 days ago


  • دربس رمسيس
    دربس رمسيس 18 days ago


  • دربس رمسيس
    دربس رمسيس 18 days ago


  • Laney Broder
    Laney Broder 18 days ago

    chapstick sweetie

  • Kerrena Frost
    Kerrena Frost 19 days ago

    Y she have a pick? Those r used for afros.

  • BrownBoy 69
    BrownBoy 69 19 days ago

    Its a pick not a comb😭 i have one for my afro

  • Entity
    Entity 20 days ago

    I love how she asked for consent

  • evanminiman
    evanminiman 20 days ago

    That’s not a comb that’s a pick

  • Autumn ASMR
    Autumn ASMR 20 days ago

    I don’t get triggered by whispers but Gibi has that magic

  • Horn kjell
    Horn kjell 21 day ago +1

    Well sometimes its good to rub your skin with a towel, to remove dead skin.

  • Journey Deep
    Journey Deep 21 day ago +1

    That opening "shoop" tingles me everytime.

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. 21 day ago

    I love your eyes they are so pretty

  • Chase Williams
    Chase Williams 21 day ago

    Still one of my favorite Asmr channels of all time.

  • you nonce
    you nonce 21 day ago +1

    this video really helped me on my roadtrip so i could actually sleep this time. thanks gibi! 💕

  • Simon
    Simon 22 days ago

    Hi Gibi, i'm french, sorry for my bad inglish write.
    I listen often to you and i like looking your beautifull face.
    You have a good energy !
    Keep going, thank for your work !

  • dominick davis
    dominick davis 23 days ago

    your hands, feet, and lips are the most sensative parts of your body

  • Superdooper Spooper2006

    Asmr doesn’t give me tingles. But it makes me fall asleep

  • CARRnegie
    CARRnegie 24 days ago

    Pause at 19:00 lol

  • jakub gondkovsky
    jakub gondkovsky 24 days ago

    u know who wore those necklaces in history dont u? :DDDDD

  • Gene u.u
    Gene u.u 24 days ago

    Yo aquí, viendo un vídeo en el que no entiendo NATHING 😂😂 ⓟⓔⓡⓞ ⓔⓢⓣⓐ ⓑⓞⓝⓘⓣⓞ 😁❤

  • UtopianHero
    UtopianHero 25 days ago

    "Dare I say, *dab dab dab*."
    I like Gibi even more for poking fun at that craze lmao.

    TESSNIM 25 days ago

    what is this she is stupied

  • Romanian Patriot
    Romanian Patriot 25 days ago

    Youre so beautiful oh my god 😍😍😍

  • big nibba seazon
    big nibba seazon 25 days ago

    i felt that last brush

  • oh my jimin
    oh my jimin 26 days ago

    gibi : i’m going to touch your face. it’s that okay with you?
    me : no it’s not
    gibi : thank you;)
    me : what i don’t say ye-
    *start touching your face with the comb*
    me : okay i think i’m okay with that

  • Jenna Feliciano
    Jenna Feliciano 26 days ago +1

    im desperate for another video like this😫😫

    • BreadGenie
      BreadGenie 18 days ago

      Jenna Feliciano deadass this video is awesome!! 😩

  • Ana Helene
    Ana Helene 27 days ago +1

    Is this illegal

  • The Erf Queen
    The Erf Queen 27 days ago

    The entire time I was listening i kept sayin in my head “ugh I love you”

  • seth quigley
    seth quigley 27 days ago

    Gibi. You look absolutely gorgeous in this video. I love how the light reflects off your brown eyes. 👁 👁

  • Neena Borril
    Neena Borril 27 days ago

    8:18 dab on those exfoli-haters

  • Hi I’m Pete Wenz From mcr

    12:01 I love that sound so much! That should have been longer☹️❤️

    • Never
      Never 26 days ago +1

      Stanky Person Agreed.

    ENCHANED GAMER 28 days ago

    Like your vids they help me relax and go to sleep

  • George Hobson
    George Hobson 28 days ago

    You would make a great elementary school teacher gibi.

  • omar Balooshi
    omar Balooshi 29 days ago

    Is it only me or does anyone else feels like a tingle or ticklish feeling on his ear and neck while watching this video .?

  • iCriscolo
    iCriscolo 29 days ago

    my biggest trigger is GIbi's face.... she's by far the most beautiful ASMRtist in my opinion

  • xXslimexQueenXx xx
    xXslimexQueenXx xx 29 days ago

    Rubbish it didn’t give me tingles it help me sleep

  • cost.guert
    cost.guert 29 days ago


  • ZiggyZaggy Brand
    ZiggyZaggy Brand 29 days ago

    Great video. What is the shirt you are wearing? Could you take a pic or tell where you purchased it? Thank you.

  • KaraAsmr
    KaraAsmr 29 days ago


  • monica trejo
    monica trejo Month ago

    Her: I'll be touching ur face if you want me to?
    Me: Yes please.
    Her: Okay!
    Me: YAY 😀😂😁

  • Jimmy Calvin Gomez
    Jimmy Calvin Gomez Month ago

    Gibi your so beautiful 😍 big fan love your smile 😍 and your videos

  • soussi ilyess
    soussi ilyess Month ago


  • ايسل احمد
    ايسل احمد Month ago +1

    Love you so much gibi ! „¶

  • TZM Snipz
    TZM Snipz Month ago

    8:17 hold my beer

  • Veronika Sigutova
    Veronika Sigutova Month ago

    I don’t normally write comments, but I need to thank you - usually I only watch ASMR for relaxation and don’t tingle much, but this video was one huge trigger, so thank you!

  • tatum limke
    tatum limke Month ago


    THE FORTNITE GOD Month ago

    The blue thing is a pick not a comb

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen Month ago

    Gibi, you could play a vampire if they put paler makeup on you. Slightly pronounced canines and a nice angular face.


    Her smile is so beautiful, i love her eyes too.😊😊😊❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Deba R
    Deba R Month ago


  • The Dominator
    The Dominator Month ago

    When she said your chin at 2:51 I legit said *which one?* 😂

  • Fire_ Wood
    Fire_ Wood Month ago

    My brother watched this with me.
    Brother: *wide awake and is screaming*
    Me: *falls asleep in beginning of video*

  • Igor
    Igor Month ago

    pocket = vagine?

  • bg millet
    bg millet Month ago +3

    0:00 - majestic finger fluttering
    0:05 - gibi removes fabulous hair accessory from hair & brushes us with it
    0:09 - gibi greets us
    0:21 - gibi gently stabs us with comb
    0:25 - gibi asks for our consent to touch our face
    0:35 - gibi tries to runaway
    0:37 - gibi was caught
    0:49 - gibi confirms she’ll be brushing us with her “hams”
    0:55 - gibi likes her face being touched
    1:00 - gibi tries to break the innocent comb
    1:10 - gibi keeps stabbing us with the comb 😢
    1:17 - gibi admits her combs are artificial
    1:31 - gibi says hello again but trying to do a french accent
    1:35 - all she wants to do is shhhhhhhooooooop
    1:47 - gibi brushes herself
    1:53 - gibi wants to stab us with a rake
    1:57 - her plastic is kind
    2:18 - gibi stabs her face
    2:29 - gibi admits she’s been stabbing us with teeth
    2:42 - OWWW THATS MY EYE!!!
    3:21 - gibi is a fraud???
    3:46 - gibi scratches herself
    4:22 - “*it facilitates the tingles*”
    4:57 - gibi falls asleep in class
    6:46 - gibi’s profession is sleeping
    7:15 - gibi likes being stabbed
    7:30 - gibi introduces her friend the purple rag
    8:06 - gibi is a hypocrite
    lol i cant finish