[ASMR] Up-Close Face Touching & Gentle Ear Whispers

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Hello hello :) Welcome back to another sort of trigger compilation / ramble as we explore some fun face-touching objects, which quite conveniently naturally adds in some up-close ear whispers C:
    I also noted that I would do an ASMR livestream on TVclip soon... it hasn't been done yet, so keep an eye out!! I also stream quite frequently on twitch (twitch.tv/gggibi) but it's usually NOT ASMR, just a warning hehe!
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  • moonturkey 11
    moonturkey 11 2 hours ago

    I almost drowned in my soup watching this

  • semutmerah1987
    semutmerah1987 9 hours ago

    for me this is your best asmr video... i watch this when insomnia attack...

  • Sergeant Reapor
    Sergeant Reapor 19 hours ago

    *about to fall asleep

  • Yusuf Kundan
    Yusuf Kundan Day ago

    I love you Goobmoringgibiasmrilickyouokikissmeoksurinderuae

  • abed stars
    abed stars Day ago

    I love you gibi

  • Vijay Yadav
    Vijay Yadav Day ago

    Can i kiss ur pink lips

  • CreeperSpartain
    CreeperSpartain Day ago

    I don't need to worry about falling asleep in class bc I can sleep with my eyes open and the bell wakes me up when class is over

  • Paradox Engine
    Paradox Engine Day ago

    Anyone else just come from blasting Slipknot into their ears? No? Just me? Never mind then.

  • Teagan Anderson
    Teagan Anderson Day ago

    Loud ads on asmr, wonderful, yeah thanks I didn’t need my eardrums

  • Colin McPherson
    Colin McPherson Day ago


  • Emerson Boettcher
    Emerson Boettcher 2 days ago +1

    Gibi, you animal! Almost shot my eye out!

  • sophie armstrong
    sophie armstrong 2 days ago +2

    if you love gibi then like

  • Rurthles Haze
    Rurthles Haze 3 days ago

    Who ealse is one of the few ppl that dient konw to tap instaed of rubing water of your skin

  • Dominic Bingley
    Dominic Bingley 3 days ago

    hello everybody... !

  • Max bradly
    Max bradly 3 days ago

    Gibi eyes are so pretty and her smile

  • abdou gamer games
    abdou gamer games 4 days ago +1

    What the fu#k

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 days ago

    shOOP 🤤

  • Macie is Me
    Macie is Me 5 days ago +1

    my brother thinks it’s weird that I watch these videos but I think it’s weird that he doesn’t 😂

  • 13din
    13din 5 days ago

    Yaaaass touch my face girl

  • Gacha Cat
    Gacha Cat 5 days ago

    Gibi-A very gental...rake
    That doesn't sound relaxing but...
    me-no, no, no, I love being hit on the face with rakes

  • Assassin21bro
    Assassin21bro 5 days ago

    Fist five seconds and she already poked my eyes out R.I.P

  • TheKhenXassonProjektOfficial

    I almost kissed the screen... :O

    NO SAYIN 7 days ago

    Love asmr especially your 🤩😍

  • Lexi Marie
    Lexi Marie 7 days ago

    just asking! did anyone else notice her eyebrows were like black and brown and one of them was half black and half brown

  • Perpetual Insomniac
    Perpetual Insomniac 8 days ago

    Yes, girl! The twistie turbie is amazing!!

  • Kb Cheerleader
    Kb Cheerleader 8 days ago +1

    I love how happy she got when she was talking about feeling the name brand brushes

  • Nohelani Goldie
    Nohelani Goldie 9 days ago

    Girl that’s a pik

  • الوليد صالح
    الوليد صالح 10 days ago

    I wish you good luck, you are really wonderful and beloved, I wish you good luck😊👌🏻

  • Omar The Gamer
    Omar The Gamer 11 days ago

    Y r u so pretty like that? ❤️

  • Sweet Fingers ASMR
    Sweet Fingers ASMR 11 days ago

    Me gusto mucho el vídeo! Muy relajante!

  • Dahxey
    Dahxey 11 days ago

    Why u so fcking beautiful?

  • Allison Gookin
    Allison Gookin 11 days ago

    Ahh I'm really glad to hear I'm not the only one who lightly scratches/touches my arms when I listen to ASMR I thought I might just be weird

  • RuinisGaming
    RuinisGaming 11 days ago

    I think the arm touching helps focus on the asmr and limit distractions.

  • Wiggo
    Wiggo 12 days ago

    I have watched this vid 53 Times' now and i Love it

  • Mr Sebastian
    Mr Sebastian 12 days ago

    Do you let me f*ck you?

  • Lennard Dewit
    Lennard Dewit 12 days ago

    sweet baby jesus this is the best thing i ever saw

  • ItzBrooke 21
    ItzBrooke 21 12 days ago +3

    Here are my main triggers: face touching, hair brush and lipstick tapping, and people eating honeycomb (I have more triggers but these are my mains)

    • JPKMiller
      JPKMiller 2 days ago

      ItzBrooke 21 omg the last one killed me 😂

  • OzTrapid 6394
    OzTrapid 6394 12 days ago +2

    I have An app that tells me what videos I’ve watched and how many times and I’ve watched this video 94 times is this sad dislike if yes and like if no

  • Wojtek Ch
    Wojtek Ch 13 days ago +1

    - she's pretty
    - smiles at you
    - seems nice and friendly
    then keep your distance and be careful, you can trust no one (especially the ones you'd love to trust to)*
    *verified info

  • Danny Brockman
    Danny Brockman 13 days ago

    This was soo sooothing Gibi!! Thank you so much💓💗💞💖 and your skin looks incredibly soft🙈🙊😍

  • Stephy Orona
    Stephy Orona 17 days ago

    I wish i could pay Gibi to come to my house and do all this to my face in real life 😌🤤

  • TheHunter Seeker
    TheHunter Seeker 17 days ago

    You can touch my face

  • Brody Richard
    Brody Richard 18 days ago

    So beautifull I can't even close my eyes to go to sleep ..And also what mic is this?

    • Matthew Bergamini
      Matthew Bergamini 14 days ago

      Brody Richard she has two I think she said she prefers the rode microphone

  • bankop4
    bankop4 19 days ago +5

    Who else keeps coming back to this

  • Obexmortem
    Obexmortem 20 days ago

    Girl I swear u look different in all this videos

  • Francois Tremblay
    Francois Tremblay 20 days ago

    And who is this person she keeps talking about? Sidori something?

  • kelsey Haas
    kelsey Haas 20 days ago

    She looks like Emma Roberts

  • Elise Elise
    Elise Elise 21 day ago

    jibi?? i thought it was gibi

  • Kaveron Tobias
    Kaveron Tobias 22 days ago +140

    Gibi: “I’m going to touch your face if that’s okay”
    Me: “Nah, actually”
    Gibi: “Okay!” *proceeds to touch my face*
    Law and Order: DUN DUN

  • Voodoo Kitty
    Voodoo Kitty 22 days ago +1

    Gibi's eyes are so pretty oml

  • S3 Panda
    S3 Panda 22 days ago

    This helps my really much and I rely on your asmr to get me through tough times but I love face touching asmr keep it up 🤗🔥🔥

    SOPHIA SLAUGHTER 23 days ago

    graceanne does asmr

  • Valessia
    Valessia 23 days ago

    the best

  • Mar. Mary 24
    Mar. Mary 24 24 days ago

    One of my favorite Videos..!

  • Lillie Quesinberry
    Lillie Quesinberry 25 days ago

    I love you but may I ask what soft plastic is

  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 26 days ago

    the only thing these videos trigger is my sexual arousal tbh

  • Adrian 420
    Adrian 420 27 days ago

    WTF is this shit.Wierd fuckin fetish for strage fat cunts xd

  • Labyrinthian Reviews
    Labyrinthian Reviews 27 days ago

    It’s that powerful I felt it through my screen

  • Michelle Rosas
    Michelle Rosas 27 days ago


  • Dahbz1434
    Dahbz1434 28 days ago

    Those Eyes😵🤤

  • John Renaud
    John Renaud 29 days ago

    Are you married and if so does your husband help you with your videos?

  • Francois Tremblay
    Francois Tremblay Month ago

    Gibi: "I'm not good at makeup"
    Me- looking back at the mermaid videos: ???

  • _Maddie_is _Trash_
    _Maddie_is _Trash_ Month ago

    Gibi- "Today I will be *chuchuchu* touching your face, if that's alright with you?"
    Me- "I'm sorry but no please. Thanks anyway."
    Gibi- "Okay, great." * starts touching my face*
    I love you gibi and thank you for always asking for consent. I love and appreciate it.☺☺☺

  • infinitÿ //
    infinitÿ // Month ago

    I always thought your name was pronounced like Gibby of Icarli

  • Benjamin Bowling
    Benjamin Bowling Month ago

    My favorite asmr channel

  • ana_marjanovic_
    ana_marjanovic_ Month ago


  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez Month ago


  • Sasa Sasa
    Sasa Sasa Month ago

    العربي لايك والي فاهم حاجه لايك

  • Tyrone Pree
    Tyrone Pree Month ago

    Camera: I think the comb is hurting my eyes.
    Gibi: :/

  • Gabriel Zenteno
    Gabriel Zenteno Month ago

    I.cant believe that you are so perfect

  • Mc Scraggs
    Mc Scraggs Month ago

    So I've been picking my nappy ass head this whole time with something that could get me to sleep? Shiiiiiittt time to go to bed lol.😴

  • Marta Mei
    Marta Mei Month ago

    Your face definitely has more nerves in it; think of how many different senses are there (sight, smell, taste, etc)! Your fingers and toes are also very sensitive and your body becomes less sensitive in relation to your fingers and toes the closer you move to the torso.

  • Press start
    Press start Month ago

    I love gidis eyes every time i look in her eyes i see she is warm hearted and pleased to see us fall asleep to her

  • Israel Stewart
    Israel Stewart Month ago +1


  • Rabz
    Rabz Month ago

    You are gorgeous!

  • Danica van der Berg
    Danica van der Berg Month ago +59

    Parents: Let's see what you do on your computer all day.
    Me: Plz, no.
    *History* 8:00AM - 6:00PM - ASMR
    Parents: What is wrong with you.

  • The ArabStep
    The ArabStep Month ago

    This really felt nice after getting pepper sprayed 😂😂 really like face brushing

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming Month ago +1

    She’s amazing

  • Neels Beltran
    Neels Beltran Month ago +2

    Is this porn hub

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    John Morrisson Month ago

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    battyclout Month ago

    Bitch get that afro comb out yo white ass

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    Critz Month ago

    Oh my gosh she is beautiful

  • nessly2425 Animations

    Her voice is very soothing ☺️ thx gibi for helping me sleep!

  • DEMi
    DEMi Month ago

    1:57 *poke* "AAH FUCK, MY EYE!"

  • GalaxyJazzGirl
    GalaxyJazzGirl Month ago

    I suffer from Migraines, depression, stress, high anger ( ahhhhh i’m so sorry telling you this 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Landon Errington
    Landon Errington Month ago

    Her eyes are beautiful

  • Shelby Grace Miller

    This is one of my fav Gibi vids and I just noticed that you posted this the day after my 13 bday

  • Zak the ZAVAGE!
    Zak the ZAVAGE! Month ago

    If you what some thing random click this 11:39 or 17:06

  • Justin Gathright
    Justin Gathright Month ago

    👍!👍! Great job, as always!

  • Aron Carrillo-Garcia

    Why does she always rub the dead skin cells off her hands before she starts whispering?

  • Lacy Lee
    Lacy Lee Month ago

    please make a makeup tutorial on this. it's so soft looking and natural for your face, it would be great with asmr! ❤️

  • Jaydon Hammock
    Jaydon Hammock Month ago

    I’d battle 100000 Spartans with my hands tied behind my back for a 0.00000001% chance of you making eye contact with me

  • riceball
    riceball Month ago

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    Deloon Month ago

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  • Icxnic Rxses
    Icxnic Rxses Month ago


  • Neil WHAT! FEELS
    Neil WHAT! FEELS Month ago +1

    When did a Afro pick become a comb. I just anything is possible with Gibi

  • Mr Pate
    Mr Pate Month ago

    I put the phone close to my face. It looks and feels like your really here in my room.

    • Ariede
      Ariede Month ago

      Mr Pate If possible try watching this with a VR headset, I bet you its LEGENDARY!

  • Mr Pate
    Mr Pate Month ago

    You my fav on TVclip ❤️

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Month ago

    I read like a 100 comments and no one mentioned lightly touching your own arms for bonus tingles
    But I definitely do that like Gibi does