[ASMR] Up-Close Face Touching & Gentle Ear Whispers

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Hello hello :) Welcome back to another sort of trigger compilation / ramble as we explore some fun face-touching objects, which quite conveniently naturally adds in some up-close ear whispers C:
    I also noted that I would do an ASMR livestream on TVclip soon... it hasn't been done yet, so keep an eye out!! I also stream quite frequently on twitch (twitch.tv/gggibi) but it's usually NOT ASMR, just a warning hehe!
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  • Steven James
    Steven James 13 hours ago

    Such beautiful eyes.

  • Charlie Gardner
    Charlie Gardner Day ago

    sHoOp ShOoP

  • Vanya Nugraha
    Vanya Nugraha Day ago

    Idk why, i love ur voice❤️

  • Lauren Gon
    Lauren Gon 2 days ago +2

    how learn english?
    studying? no
    watching asmr 💆🏻‍♀️
    ps: im brazilian

  • Keira Oconnell
    Keira Oconnell 4 days ago

    Is your name actually gibi? I’ve been a fan for a while but never actually thought ab it

  • Bullrider
    Bullrider 5 days ago

    Wait, do your classmates know you're a TVclip star? Does anyone in your classes watch your videos?

  • Prettyboy Jay
    Prettyboy Jay 6 days ago +1

    I thought it was gibi like in icarly👀 but it’s gibi( gebe) good enough i guess

  • Jacob Young Pine
    Jacob Young Pine 7 days ago

    Pretend u kidnapped a jacob lovely

  • UnicornLover 4Life
    UnicornLover 4Life 9 days ago +1

    When the comb was close to the camera it felt like my eye was about to be poked 😂😂!!!!

  • Venus Asmr
    Venus Asmr 9 days ago

    Oh my goodness at 6:06 you were so adorable how you laughed at your own sleepiness 😂😂❤️

  • p1x8der
    p1x8der 9 days ago +1

    If you look into her eyes you see pure taping power given to her by Satan

  • FunnyVideos
    FunnyVideos 9 days ago +1

    I am the only saying inside my head “No, dont touch my head”

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy 10 days ago +5

    Gibi: May I touch your face?
    Me: Yes.

    Everyone else: 😱

  • Master. H hassan
    Master. H hassan 10 days ago

    Gibi I will touch your face okay H

  • kinky`• satan
    kinky`• satan 10 days ago +2

    last night I started to watch this and I woke up with my earphones around my neck, then I realized I fell asleep almost five minutes after it started lol

    in conclusion, ur talented

  • Jayden Hill
    Jayden Hill 11 days ago

    ngl her eyes are so beautiful

  • Albert Tarantino
    Albert Tarantino 11 days ago

    1:33 OMG HER EYES😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Angel Trejo
    Angel Trejo 12 days ago

    I feel like you're poking my eyes with that blue comb.

  • prajwal kaware
    prajwal kaware 13 days ago

    Why tf is this getting me hard

  • Star Girl
    Star Girl 15 days ago

    Gibi: Dab, dab, dab
    Me: your haters always
    Me: *dabs*


  • unicorn rose
    unicorn rose 15 days ago

    Bro my add is tictok

  • ••Crazy Violet••

    I don't know if it's my eyes, camera or....do you have Heterochromia?
    You're eyes look like 2 different colors ^°^

  • Rosa Nolasco
    Rosa Nolasco 16 days ago

    you should try to do a eating asmr

  • Dominic Moon
    Dominic Moon 17 days ago

    Y u gotta pic 🤔

  • Mason Tatum
    Mason Tatum 17 days ago

    Very soft plastic

  • the Louisville Wicked Clowns

    Im not even gonna lie, i never understood the hype about these videos. I kept seeing people post about "ASMR this and that" and didnt even know what the hell it was. I must say that im addicted now lol

  • Niamh McGovern
    Niamh McGovern 20 days ago


  • Silly Emma
    Silly Emma 21 day ago

    Gibi: I’m going to be touching your face if that’s okay with you
    Me: um actually that could cause acne and I’m not su-
    Gibi: okay thank you
    Me as she puts the comb on my face: oh okay so this is happening

  • xxkookiejay
    xxkookiejay 22 days ago

    And we still never got another video with the comb 😢💔

  • Cherry Moon
    Cherry Moon 22 days ago +3


  • High On CrAcK
    High On CrAcK 23 days ago +1


  • Peanut gallery :P
    Peanut gallery :P 24 days ago +6

    I don’t know why but face touching is my favorite trigger

  • Ohlen Franks
    Ohlen Franks 24 days ago

    Tu es incroyable.

  • Rajdip Chatterjee
    Rajdip Chatterjee 25 days ago

    What...? There is no indian in comment list .....i am only? 😲

  • merman Fish
    merman Fish 26 days ago

    Its pronounced g-b (?) I thought it was like gibi -idk how to do pronunciations in a text form-

  • cory duffen
    cory duffen 26 days ago

    i am going to get hate but the ONLY reason i disliked this video was because i needed to make it 999 likes !!!!! I wouldn’t have done so other wise

  • Rajdip Chatterjee
    Rajdip Chatterjee 26 days ago

    You're voice is as like tom hiddleston😂😂.................😊😊😊😊 All over best asmr........ Thank you...

  • Henrik Johansson
    Henrik Johansson 27 days ago

    Fuck me

  • Ñørå Łøvë
    Ñørå Łøvë 27 days ago +2


    Me: Well hun, I need sleep.

  • Harsh Malik
    Harsh Malik 27 days ago

    If a girl does such things to you, wife her, like immediately

  • James Deegan
    James Deegan 28 days ago

    has anyone said how amazing your eyes are!

  • Just chill
    Just chill Month ago +2

    Gibi + Gibby= Guppy
    Happy birthday😂

  • martin sanchez
    martin sanchez Month ago

    I love you so much gibi

  • Regan Welch
    Regan Welch Month ago

    Turbie twists.. wow talk about nostalgia! Lol love it

  • Ashton Case
    Ashton Case Month ago +1

    VERY soft plastic

  • Jaliah Harlin
    Jaliah Harlin Month ago

    Her eyes are so beautiful 😍 I can't

  • Constipated Bowels
    Constipated Bowels Month ago

    The Asmr sounds in ur videos get me all sleepy,but ur big brown eyes keep waking me up...

  • Helghastdude
    Helghastdude Month ago +1

    Gibi: I will be touching your face if that's ok with you.
    ISAC: Transmissions jammed, proximity coverage only. Backup activated. System rebooted.
    Gibi: ok thank you.

  • I jus sunno
    I jus sunno Month ago

    As a dude jawlines on a girl are not one of the most obvious features but she really pulls off her jawline

  • evill popcorn
    evill popcorn Month ago

    3:06 if u pause I'll see a weird pose
    With her face

  • Lilly Kate Turner
    Lilly Kate Turner Month ago +1

    Hey, you! Yeah you the one scrolling through the comments! I think you're really beautiful! I love and need you! Everything will be okay ❤️❤️

  • Skully 16
    Skully 16 Month ago

    Stop! You violated the law. Pay the court of fine or serve your sentence going past the border (aka this comment) you will be shot on sight. And to make you not go any further we have cookies on the other side wait! I mean uhhh poisoned cookies yeah....*proceeds to eat an Oreo* go no further!

  • It's Seeingtreble
    It's Seeingtreble Month ago

    I love her face at 3:18 after saying "I know almost nothing about anatomy,"

  • Timothy Anzalone
    Timothy Anzalone Month ago +1

    Gibi: I will be touching your face if that’s ok with you.
    Me: I’m all set
    Gibi: ok thank you

  • Hayden Rose
    Hayden Rose Month ago +4

    me: *closing my eyes waiting for the video*
    dove commercial: NEW AND UNIQUE-

  • Steven Vallejo
    Steven Vallejo Month ago

    The dislikes are all the people who dont fall asleep

  • sushimiii
    sushimiii Month ago

    fbi open up

  • Eilees
    Eilees Month ago

    For a while I thought I had lost the tingles.... until I found this video! These gave me all sorts of tingles and it’s so calming. I’ve found that I like close up visual asmr over traditional audio.

  • WhErE_aRe_ThE_aVoCaDoS???

    Imagine watching this in VR 😯

  • esra güney
    esra güney Month ago

    Senin bende gönlün var gibi gibi 😂😂😂

  • Edward Monroy
    Edward Monroy Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • St Ty
    St Ty Month ago +2

    Gibi:I will be touching your face if thats okay with you
    Me:well accutaly...
    Gibi:okay thank you
    Me:but I didn't even...
    Gibi:*starts to touch my face*
    Gibi:*still touching my face*

  • Madison Warren
    Madison Warren Month ago

    I’m about to fall asleep

  • ZenonBTW
    ZenonBTW Month ago

    I’m gonna be touching you face if that’s ok with you.
    Me: Who Are You And Why Am I Aroused?
    Gibi: ok...

  • Gachia / Gacha studio/verse, and life videos!

    I don’t want to be rude in anyway I’m just curious every single time you do a video where you touch our faces I always notice that your fingers are slightly bent and don’t go perfectly straight up
    edit: maybe I’m just seeing things but I don’t know

  • llama
    llama Month ago

    I don’t know why but whenever I watch her videos I keep thinking it’s my sister

  • Patrick Lion
    Patrick Lion Month ago


  • Food & Travel
    Food & Travel Month ago +1

    I want to kiss her lips

  • Loui Hernandez
    Loui Hernandez Month ago

    I never thought I like asmr .

  • Emily Danielle
    Emily Danielle Month ago +3

    Who else is lying in bed and reading the comments? 😆

  • Tiny Panda
    Tiny Panda Month ago +1

    I wish she was my mom

  • Zara Jones
    Zara Jones Month ago +1

    I just have one question? I love Gibi and all but why does she have a pick? Instead of touching my face with it, she should be using it to pick out my curls.

  • Rory hall
    Rory hall Month ago +1

    Something to help you fall asleep tot his is to lay your phone down and close your eyes and then tickle scratch yourself you will fall asleep faster😊😴 gn people you wanna know who is amazing read the first word

    • Seth Carter
      Seth Carter Month ago

      The best person in the world is something? Oh, ok

  • ZEROex Mack
    ZEROex Mack Month ago

    Gibi: ... brush, rag and my hands ...and I always really like them
    Me: what hands? Ok...
    Gibi: hands touching videos
    Me: Oh... Right (^_^;)

  • dead
    dead Month ago +1

    Your teacher must of thought you were on something lmao

  • Waca Drawing
    Waca Drawing Month ago +1

    You are so beautiful,,,,, those brown eyes are just gorgeous.

  • Chiara visconti
    Chiara visconti 2 months ago

    Gibi please do more face touching like this xx

  • FiresKnight
    FiresKnight 2 months ago


  • Christian Missey
    Christian Missey 2 months ago +1

    Someone tell me why this white girl has a pick
    Love the video anyway

  • Smack
    Smack 2 months ago

    Sounds a bit sickly!

  • Strikerwes
    Strikerwes 2 months ago

    Gibi touches herself to asmr videos. Lmao. Only in our community is that not dirty. Ha ha

  • Outstanding Innovation
    Outstanding Innovation 2 months ago

    Why a pick though 😂

  • flex on broke whiteboy
    flex on broke whiteboy 2 months ago

    That rag that she is holding was filled with my kids

  • Hshsud Ydhdhs
    Hshsud Ydhdhs 2 months ago

    *Sideshow Bob:* _ehhughehuh_

  • Kaitlyn Brace
    Kaitlyn Brace 2 months ago

    I was trying not to fall asleep because I wanted to listen to the asmr

  • Hannah Star Alfred
    Hannah Star Alfred 2 months ago +1

    If I get 123 likes I will dye my hair blue💙💙💙

  • 200 Angry Toads
    200 Angry Toads 2 months ago

    I got a nosebleed while watching, right as you said “blot”. It sounded for a second like you said “blood”. Your videos are so mesmerizing you can just command my nose to start bleeding at it will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 10/10 very relaxing video :)

  • JBkicksbooty
    JBkicksbooty 2 months ago +1

    I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes with my arm straight up in the air, and I'm running my fingers up and down my forearms, tickling in my sleep.

  • JamJam
    JamJam 2 months ago

    my name is gibi and your watching disney channel

  • #epic kidz #
    #epic kidz # 2 months ago


  • Trinity Danielle
    Trinity Danielle 2 months ago

    I would die for you.

  • Vanessa Milano
    Vanessa Milano 2 months ago +1

    When i See her i smell Chicken wings

  • Samantha Rowland
    Samantha Rowland 2 months ago

    we have the most nerve endings in our fingers, to increase our sense of touch.

  • Timmy Winters
    Timmy Winters 2 months ago

    The first “shoop” got me

  • Joel Cambizaca
    Joel Cambizaca 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only-one that wants to click out of this but can’t like if u agree.

  • Zell dincht
    Zell dincht 2 months ago

    Am I in love?

  • Hayden Schultz
    Hayden Schultz 2 months ago

    There are more nerves and nerve endings in the face because it has all your senses except touch and the nerves hq the brain is next store

  • Puddle Duck98
    Puddle Duck98 2 months ago

    You're my favorite asmr person

  • Affy YT
    Affy YT 2 months ago +3

    This is how many inches gibi s forehead is

  • Angry Rat
    Angry Rat 2 months ago +126

    I went on TVclip to listen to some German heavy metal but wound up here instead. I’m not even mad about it.