Where Are The Asian Borders? (part 1)

  • Published on Feb 19, 2017
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    Asia is the largest of all continents, covering an area of 44,579,000 square kilometres, that's 30% of the Earth's total land area.
    It has given rise to many of the world's first civilizations, and has long been home to the majority of the human population.
    But have you ever wondered what actually counts as Asia? Where exactly are the borders?
    Do they sit nicely in between countries, or can a country be divided?
    This video is part one of a three part series. We cover the specific Asian borders following the coastal regions from the Tumen River between North Korea & Russia to the Suez Canal in Egypt.
    In between, we go over Japan's Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands, the Malay Archipelago, Indonesia's border with Papua New Guinea, the Wallace Line, the Weber Line, Asian continental shelf, the Middle East, Yemen's Socotra Archipelago, Afro-Eurasia, Egypt's border, and more.
    Part two will cover the messy Europe Asia border, Russia's continental status, and the North America Asia border that isn't as simple as you might think.

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  2 years ago +522

    Where Are The Asian Borders (part 2): tvclip.biz/video/uVZQDYhsLRA/video.html
    - There are many viewpoints for what counts as Asia (some even consider Australia to be part of Asia...it's not), so this video is less about what's 'right', and more an overview of different perspectives.
    - There's a lot of debate in the comments whether to use 'Australia', 'Australasia' or 'Oceania' as the continental terminology. I won't get into the details here, but Oceania doesn't come close to being a "large, discrete, continuous mass of land" (it's also more-so a region) so geographically it's hard to call it a continent. But geopolitically, it's another story.
    - I used the term 'Sea of Japan', but I know many Korean people prefer 'East Sea'. Right or wrong, I went with Google Map's terminology (note the ONLY country where Google labels it East Sea is in South Korea's Google Maps).
    - Likewise, many Arab countries would prefer 'The Arabian Gulf', rather than 'The Persian Gulf' that I used.
    - I pronounced Timor-Leste wrong. It's said 'Timor-Lest-ay' like 'cafe'. [Edit: apparently I was right?]
    - I also pronounced 'Weber' wrong, crap. It's said 'Vay-ber' not 'Web-ber'
    - Most, but not all, of Yemen's Hanish Islands is considered part of Asia.
    - Different countries teach a differing number of existing continents. Many parts of the world teach 7 continents including China, India & most English speaking countries. Japan, Russia and Eastern Europe go with 6 continents. And France, Italy, Spain & Indonesia go with 5.
    *If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized.
    ★ We are currently looking for a general assistant, video editor, motion graphics editor, assistant illustrator, & script editor. Familiarity with our style is crucial. If you're someone who's passionate about 'Asiany' topics, above the age of 22, fluent in English & with great attention to detail (perfectionist personality!), send a short introductory email and samples of your relevant works to kentobentoworks@gmail.com with the position, age & desired start date noted in the email title. (If above conditions are not met, you may not get a response)
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    • SixPack Shakur (Rep5281)
      SixPack Shakur (Rep5281) Month ago

      +Plains of Dura Anyone from the entire continent of Asia is Asian. Idiot.

    • SixPack Shakur (Rep5281)
      SixPack Shakur (Rep5281) Month ago

      +John Martle Fucking moron.

    • Big brother
      Big brother Month ago

      The Persian gulf will always remain the Persian gulf no matter how much the arabs cry about it

    • Maryam Aftab
      Maryam Aftab Month ago

      You used a map that described Palestine as israel .

  • aXios
    aXios Hour ago

    I consider all of the Malay archipelago to be Asia.

  • saksağan
    saksağan Day ago

    asia and europe doesnt exist there is only eurasia

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 3 days ago

    I'd say: Asia & Africa: Suez Canal. So a part of Egypt is in Asia.
    Asia & Europe: Ural mountains + River, Caspian Sea, Caucasus mountains. For cultural reasons, the countries south of the Caucasus and north of Turkey & Iran can be included to Europe. Turkey should be a part of Asia, because the word Asia Minor where the whole Asia gets its name, is that Anatolian part of Turkey. But a small part of Turkey is in Europe, including the major part of Istanbul, their biggest city.
    Asia & Oceania: Well, New Guinea Island is the problem. Indonesia maybe wants it called Asian, Australia likely wants it to be Oceanic. How about the peole of Papua - New Guinea?

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 3 days ago +1

    Oceania is the continental term, where Australia belongs to.
    So, Oceania: Australia and the Pacific Ocean Islands

  • Tiana Nanae
    Tiana Nanae 3 days ago

    Indonesia ; java,sumatera,borneo = asian mailand by race ,geography and culture ....central indonesian is asian half australasian ....east indonesian not asian but similiar melanesian and australasian ..

  • peachess;ー
    peachess;ー 4 days ago

    Middle East Asia is left out (Iraq, Syria, Iran etc...) They are Asian people too.

  • ronel channel
    ronel channel 7 days ago

    Asia should re work a new asia dont execpt india etc etc that dont look to the real asian make a new asia with (china,korea,japan,brunie,indonesia,philippines,malaysia,thailand,cambodia,taiwan,hongkong,singapore ) the look a like content

  • Green CatGurl
    Green CatGurl 8 days ago

    Just go to 5:29 that pretty clearly defines the border between Asia and Australia in my opinion. As such I prefer the Lydekker Line.

  • japascho
    japascho 10 days ago

    You can tell the parts were no white man draw a line on the map and shot everyone not respecting it

  • casual sun
    casual sun 10 days ago

    At the other side of the ural mountains and the part of Turkey were the black sea and medatrain sea meat and a soon as the Thailand border ends your now in Oceania plus the Suez canal I know its man made but to me contintants are separated by Ethier a large ocean or borrow land masses if Suez and southern central America I don't see Asia as containent but a truly massive region but ya that's it

  • Shadow girl
    Shadow girl 11 days ago

    1:53 oh how wonderful that first ever city to be nuked came to see us XP

  • Volvirth
    Volvirth 11 days ago +5

    I propose a new 4 continent system:
    The Americas: South and North America.
    Antarctica: That big blob of ice on the bottom of your average world map.
    Afroeuroceasia: Africa, Europe, Oceania and Asia.
    Easter Island: ... I mean why not.

  • Volvirth
    Volvirth 11 days ago


  • Veneranda Enad
    Veneranda Enad 13 days ago

    no the Egypt is asia

  • Vish Bk
    Vish Bk 13 days ago

    In Britain Asia= South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh)

    In America Asia = east Asia (China, Japan, Korea, etc)

  • titi thongjen
    titi thongjen 13 days ago

    Sumatra to Papua is Indonesia

  • DrewIsSharing
    DrewIsSharing 15 days ago

    why is nobdoy talking about how you're saying japan is intercontinental because of russia? Russia is in asia?mat least that part is? What continent is it supposedly also in?

  • X.T. music
    X.T. music 18 days ago

    As an Australian even we think Australia isn’t a continent, we are part of Oceania

  • Destroyer crusher
    Destroyer crusher 20 days ago

    fuck. u no egypt should be as it is

  • Hussein Sabah
    Hussein Sabah 20 days ago

    Australia is not a continent

  • Jeyva Nesh
    Jeyva Nesh 21 day ago

    Shut up u bitsh!singapore is connected to malaysia by tuas and woodlands

  • Leone Salvatore
    Leone Salvatore 26 days ago

    You assholes treat me like an idiot in an impossible stupid situation! Fuck you all! It's enough now! Do you want a better world or not? Do you want justice or not? People are suffering! Do you really want to help or are you been selfish for your interests? We can create justice and create a perfect world system for humanity and the Earth and it will be perfect for the People even millionaires will be a paradise experiencing in a perfect system! And the Bad people will live in a well human organized prison system where they too will find happiness there!

  • random pokeguy 2957
    random pokeguy 2957 26 days ago

    australia is not a continent

  • Ashray Sinha
    Ashray Sinha 26 days ago

    just a 2 km bridge between little and diomede will make this world single unit

  • Ernesto is Awesome
    Ernesto is Awesome 27 days ago

    The island of New Guinea and Papua New Guinea looks like a sea creature

  • e kw
    e kw 27 days ago


  • Korean Fried Chicken
    Korean Fried Chicken 27 days ago

    Asia is too huge. And actually western and eastern asian countries don't share cultural similarities that much. Western asian countries had fought with Greeks and Romans for thousands years, but it was only few hundred years ago that eastern asian countries encountered European navy 'in earnest'.

  • Ashleykian Horny
    Ashleykian Horny 29 days ago

    asia borders 3 continents:

    what happens when the all 4 continents were united?

  • Salvatore Escoti
    Salvatore Escoti Month ago

    Actually Afrika , Asia and Europe is just one large Supercontinent. Like the two Americas are one large Supercontinent.

  • aboelsof alabed
    aboelsof alabed Month ago

    When people gonna learn about the real Middle East it's just 4 countries which are Palestine Syria Lebanon and Jordan that's it. Now if you asked yourself why the answer is because it's the region between the Roman and the Persian Empires which is the Roman gave it this name long time ago

  • SpinachKorea '
    SpinachKorea ' Month ago

    0:37 This is East Sea WTF why it is Japan Sea

  • dj possum
    dj possum Month ago

    the Asian border
    middle east: the Indus river is the start of the border and will be the border until the Kashmir region and will follow that border until the Chinese border and will follow the Chinese border until the Afghanistan border and will follow the Amu Darya river until the Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan border to the Caspian
    Europe: the border starts at the Ural river then follows the peaks of the Ural mountains until the Ob river
    Oceania: the islands in the Malay arch. are Maluku islands Papua Timor Trangan Yamdena Alor and Wetar
    that is in what my opinion is Asia

  • Sung-Ling's Family NZ

    Sea of Japan (a. K. A east sea of korea)

  • Crap can't be holy
    Crap can't be holy Month ago

    Instead of calling Australia Australasia, you could've called it Oceania as some people call it that

  • Irma Nurul
    Irma Nurul Month ago

    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INDONESIA IS BOTH ASIA AND AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ibrahim alkaabi
    ibrahim alkaabi Month ago

    Its called Arabian gulf not persain

  • rungPHilo
    rungPHilo Month ago +1


  • rungPHilo
    rungPHilo Month ago +1

    It's TIMOR LESTE bitch!!

  • Afifa
    Afifa Month ago

    Theres a very clear difference between Americans and Europeans especially within the UK as those in the States seem to refer to central and SEA as Asia compared to South and West Asia commonly accepted as Asian here
    Its a huge, beautiful, and diverse continent

  • Divided
    Divided Month ago

    wrong, the Arabian peninsula is actually its partly its own tectonic plate, but it also has a small extension (the Sinai) that connects it to the African plate. So geographically, it is not part of Asia, but due to European intervention, is anyways still considered Asia, probably for some racially motivated reason. Edit: Also think of the Arabian plates connection to Asia as how the Indian plate crashed into Asia creating the Himalayas and the Indus River. Which has the same effect in the Middle East.

  • Ola Gisnås
    Ola Gisnås Month ago

    The definition needs to chance ASAP :)

  • Tubmaster 5000
    Tubmaster 5000 Month ago

    Geologically, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. are part of Africa.

    • peachess;ー
      peachess;ー 4 days ago

      Tubmaster 5000 Saudi Arabia and Israel are not in Africa

    HJG HJG Month ago

    Fine line between interesting and way too long............. you passed that fine line waaaaaay back....

  • Noah Hood
    Noah Hood Month ago

    Very good video. I love geography.

  • SeasideDetective2
    SeasideDetective2 Month ago

    This is all fascinating to me. I'd like to see a video about the criteria for determining a person RACIALLY Asian. I've done research on human DNA and discovered that many Russians, Ukrainians, Afghans, Iranians and Arabs are genetically Asian. Does that make them also racially Asian?

  • matija sevaljevic
    matija sevaljevic Month ago

    nooo you cant just trow a line true the island and say this side is asia and this side is australia!

  • Timidsoul 07
    Timidsoul 07 Month ago

    Rip the Hmong

  • 조용복
    조용복 Month ago

    EAST SEA not SEA of Japan

  • Fairuz Azmi
    Fairuz Azmi Month ago

    its not australiasia
    it is oceania
    and Timor lest e and papua new guinea are oceanian

  • Taufiq Suleyman
    Taufiq Suleyman Month ago

    Excellent. I really enjoy this.

  • Dom Dom DoR
    Dom Dom DoR Month ago

    Indonesia 🇲🇨

  • Doubting Rich
    Doubting Rich Month ago

    Asia is an artificial, political continent. Geologically it is part of Eurasia.

  • Geta Münch
    Geta Münch Month ago

    Seriously. It took two videos and 20 minutes to explain this? Too long and boring. Get to the point.

  • Umair Umair
    Umair Umair Month ago

    worlds most ancient civilization Mohinjo daro and Indus civilization is in Pakistan

  • Broken Crotales
    Broken Crotales Month ago

    I wouldn't consider Oceania a continent

  • syxmim
    syxmim Month ago

    Where is Palestine?

  • Jovial Jibber Jabber

    Sundaland! When "maritime" se asians were a connected land tribe, and helps explain the physical, morphological and linguistic similarities in that region once Sundaland
    Lower sea levels due to glaciation in the northern hemisphere, but still a lush jungle environment in Sundaland, unaffected by the ice
    What survives now, the highest elevations of land, an overall archipelago of 25K that looks severely flooded

  • Alexander Willman
    Alexander Willman Month ago

    Siberian power!

  • ahmed zahir
    ahmed zahir Month ago

    love you man, for not forgetting Maldives :-)

  • justThat
    justThat Month ago

    also there is no Israel its Palestine so u get a dislike

  • justThat
    justThat Month ago

    I think we arabs are the middle ground of every race we got mixed with europens Asians africans ..n we in the center of the world middle east middle of each content but we are mother fucker ASIANS u dumb bastard amERICUNTS

  • Mou Jakub
    Mou Jakub Month ago

    Australia isn't a continent. Oceania is the name of the co called continent. Australia is just big island part of AfroEuroAsiaOceania. On Earth are only 2 continets AfroEuroAsiaOceania and AntaAmerica. Because Antarctica is just a group for islands covered by ice. It just looks like 1 small continent or big island.

  • PCFilms
    PCFilms Month ago +7

    I just can’t call an Indian or middle eastern Asian. It’s just weird 😂

    • PCFilms
      PCFilms Month ago

      HiHai Lah dida Some Americans are stupid, but not all. You only hear the bad shit we do through the media.

    • PCFilms
      PCFilms Month ago

      justThat Well don’t you just love being racist. If I were to say you fucking love math, and you eat dogs for dinner (this is if you’re Asian) you’d call me racist. Hmmmm

    • HiHai Lah dida
      HiHai Lah dida Month ago +2

      But yet it's perfectly okay for most of you White Americans to call or claim yourselves as "Native American," much like your lying leaders like Elizabeth Warren. rofl

    • justThat
      justThat Month ago +1

      ur americunt no wonder

  • yohan beck
    yohan beck Month ago

    Wallace line - mind blowing stuff. Also FYI geography geeks randomly reading my comment. An effect between Chile and Argentina called the rain shadow. Makes the two countries having complete opposite/mirrored desert and tropical landscapes. Chilean northern deserts and southern tropics. Opposite on the Argentinian side. Pretty neat shit.

  • Thom G
    Thom G Month ago

    What about the term "Oceania?" ...

  • CH Lim
    CH Lim Month ago

    Ching Chong Chang

  • Anton Skrobotov
    Anton Skrobotov Month ago

    If you dispute the ownership of Kuril islands then you should as well dispute the ownership of Hawaii

  • Definitely a George Soros funded bot

    there are none, because borders are fake man-made illusions

  • Pablo11
    Pablo11 Month ago

    Australia is not a continent! Australia's continent is called Australasia or Oceania. It is formed by many more islands
    I love your remark

  • Bharadwaj Gadepally

    Land of Australia is from India. so Australia should be part of Asia.

  • Bharadwaj Gadepally

    Russia has 95% land in Asia.

    • 88 jlj
      88 jlj Month ago

      not 95 but more like 70%

  • brontosaurus world
    brontosaurus world Month ago

    100% as indonesia i agree with u.

    it same like i learn in the school

  • brontosaurus world
    brontosaurus world Month ago

    as indoensian i 100% agree with u.
    east indonesia and mid indonesia isn't asia.
    just west indonesia is asia.
    animal of east indonesia 100% like animal of australia.
    mid indonesia have a uniqe animal. i cant see animal of indonesia in west indonesia and east indonesia.
    sorry for my bad eng

  • Akaky Bashmachkin
    Akaky Bashmachkin Month ago

    It's called Oceania man

  • whatawaste
    whatawaste Month ago +1

    Literally the Middle East is in Asia, geographically it is

  • yona is lekker
    yona is lekker Month ago

    ur stupid australia is not even a continent its oceanië

    • Kento Bento
      Kento Bento  Month ago

      Oceania is a region. Australia is both a country and continent.

  • Dimi619_ Ab
    Dimi619_ Ab Month ago +1

    *O C E A N I A*

  • Ferenc Nagy
    Ferenc Nagy Month ago

    Europe ia Asia

  • YoshiBroccoli
    YoshiBroccoli Month ago

    Some people are stupid and think that asia is just another word for chinese

  • Inseo Park
    Inseo Park Month ago +1

    0:37 it's east sea, not sea of japan...

    • N Z
      N Z Month ago

      it is sea of japan except korea.

  • Death Atlantic
    Death Atlantic Month ago

    P.S. all those countries including Yemen should be considered to be the Mid-East rather than Asia.

  • Death Atlantic
    Death Atlantic Month ago

    I'm confused by one thing: Are Indians Asians, technically?

  • S izayoi
    S izayoi Month ago

    afro eurasia that sound cool

  • 니비루
    니비루 Month ago

    Fuck Sea Of Japan / Sea Of Korea

    • N Z
      N Z Month ago

      it is sea of japan except fuck korea.

  • Leopold
    Leopold Month ago +1

    Buddhism = Asia, is good enough for me.

    • Arhayo Youmole
      Arhayo Youmole Month ago

      Muslims and Bhuddism, only Philippines are Christian.

  • Micheal Kasey
    Micheal Kasey Month ago

    "SeA oF jApAn NeEdS tO bE eAsT sEa" Look, I dont think it really matters that the Koreans call it the East sea since every country has their own endonyms and exonyms, but just dont force it onto other people. Also, just because no one calls it "East Sea" DOES NOT mean that its incorrect. That's like saying American English is a slang of British English or African American Vernacular English is a slang language of general English. (E.g Every country calls Finland as "Finland" in their own variations, however, Finland in Finnish is "Suomi") (another e.g literally no language except the English language refers to Germany as Germany)

    • Micheal Kasey
      Micheal Kasey Month ago

      +maximaldinotrap Exactly. Endonyms and Exonyms usually differ between languages. Another example would be that Japan refers to China as "Chugoku" meaning middle kingdom while in English we refer it to as China based on the ruler who first unified the country, Qin Shi Huangdi.

    • maximaldinotrap
      maximaldinotrap Month ago

      Japan calls their country Nippon (pronounced Nihon)

  • Frosty Flame
    Frosty Flame Month ago

    Eufricasia duh

  • William Chapman
    William Chapman Month ago

    my mom ran a boarding house and at one time we had 4 Asian borders. Boy did they eat a lot!

  • EcoDimension
    EcoDimension Month ago

    in the US east-asians are referred to as "asians" and west-asians are referred to as "terrorists"

  • Vettel
    Vettel Month ago

    I guess this video is for US citizens,because whole world knows where are borders of Asia.

  • Mik Hail
    Mik Hail Month ago

    this video is dumb.

  • MelodicNostalgic
    MelodicNostalgic Month ago

    World needs 2 New Continents - Middle East & Russia..

  • Jonathan Bell
    Jonathan Bell Month ago

    It’s Oceania for fuck sake

  • Amir Zarif
    Amir Zarif Month ago

    This is a pretty good video. I was quite captivated. Well done.

  • 황제코비
    황제코비 Month ago

    한글로 제목 따면서 잘도 Sea of Japan인 화면을 차용했네요. 0:50
    I am sorry to bring political issue here, but it must be East Sea, instead of Sea of Japan. 0:50.

    • N Z
      N Z Month ago

      it is sea of japan except korea

  • Efuii
    Efuii Month ago

    Why not call it Oceania instead of Australia or Australasia, as it is standard in most romance language countries.

  • Squirt Reynolds
    Squirt Reynolds Month ago

    Your video is shit

  • J
    J Month ago

    *This entire mess is, in its simplest nature, a mistake from antiquity no one has corrected as a consensus.*
    As time went on, people everywhere just came to accept it, and here we are.

  • Scott Andrew B L
    Scott Andrew B L Month ago

    this really was pointless