How GOOD was Georges St-Pierre Actually?

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
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    How GOOD was Georges St-Pierre Actually?
    George's St-Pierre is a living legend in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. But to my surprise, many people don't know about his legacy, aside from winning the Middleweight Belt at UFC 217. So the question is, how good was Georges St-Pierre actually?

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  • king bibibear
    king bibibear 56 seconds ago

    All I can think about is how many top dudes did Micheal bisping fight with that one eye...

  • king bibibear
    king bibibear 11 minutes ago

    I love gsp and agree hes one of if not the best mma fighters ever but I hate when they call peoppe a double champ when theyve only got one single win at one weight classes....I mean yeah they won both title but one fight/double champ? Puts a bad taste in my mouth

  • Mathieu Lafreniere
    Mathieu Lafreniere 18 minutes ago +1

    Your opening statement alone takes away from the entire credibility of this whole vid...
    Who didn't know about Georges until the Bisping fight, WHO??!
    Every genuine MMA fan knew exactly who he was.
    Maybe someone who was 10 years old back when GSP was in his prime.
    But GSP, was in his prime, during the PINNACLE OF THE SPORT. He was a large reason the sport hit it's peak.

  • Louis Rus
    Louis Rus 22 minutes ago

    Gsp vs Khabib +1 if you want this

  • Jimmie Jan Alforque
    Jimmie Jan Alforque 25 minutes ago

    Goat. The reason got hooked to mma. When he retired stopped being a fan of mma haha
    Some say his fights were boring, he made it look boring even against dangerous opponents. He tamed those beasts inside the octagon.

  • William Montfort
    William Montfort 38 minutes ago

    No one knew who he was?? Wtf are you talking about ?

  • Tom A
    Tom A 51 minute ago

    If you never heard of GSP until 2017 you weren't an MMA fan

  • Richard Booth
    Richard Booth 53 minutes ago

    Never failed a drug test either 👀

  • Ubong Udoh
    Ubong Udoh Hour ago

    GSP is good but overrated in my opinion.

  • MrDahl
    MrDahl Hour ago

    The real GOAT!

  • B Lindsey
    B Lindsey Hour ago

    Who didnt know GSP again?!

  • Bilal Mughal
    Bilal Mughal Hour ago

    Great video bro

  • David Mallon
    David Mallon 2 hours ago

    Errr one of the greatest to ever do this. Legendary!!

  • MattyYoungcloudsArt
    MattyYoungcloudsArt 2 hours ago +1

    Some people didnt even know about GSP before Bisping????? WHO??

  • Gama Isora
    Gama Isora 2 hours ago

    Goat, nuff said

  • Lake Cooper
    Lake Cooper 2 hours ago +1

    GSP was as dominant as any fighter, ever. He defeated every man he ever fought. He revolutionized cross-training and athleticism in MMA. He was the most complete MMA fighter since Marco Ruas. And he was as classy of a "person" as anyone can be. He is the perfect example of what a champion is....what an ICON is. You can easily debate him as the GOAT. favorite all time 🙏👊💥🐉

  • Tiniest Violin
    Tiniest Violin 2 hours ago

    Extremely good. Guy was legit.

  • ExtremeBeast360
    ExtremeBeast360 2 hours ago

    Hendricks beat GSP, but he was on roids

  • Noone
    Noone 2 hours ago +1

    0:43 how good actually his backflip was?

  • Movies&&Highlights!!!
    Movies&&Highlights!!! 3 hours ago +1

    One of the greatest of all time.
    One of the legends of the 2000’s era.

  • Ghettociety
    Ghettociety 3 hours ago

    The Greatest of all time and the ONLY fighter in the history of the sport to walk away ON TOP!

  • Melchor Nunez
    Melchor Nunez 3 hours ago

    I had him as my number one on my top eight on Myspace 😂

  • GixxerJim
    GixxerJim 3 hours ago

    Respect for that video.

  • Spanish Inquisition
    Spanish Inquisition 4 hours ago

    Boring coward. Fake ronda rousey type fighter. Pure marketing. 7 Billion people, Th e UFC protected him. Steroids?????? Really?????

  • Dogo1
    Dogo1 4 hours ago

    He wouldn't of done shit if the aliens hadn't juiced him up.

  • Derek V
    Derek V 4 hours ago

    Great Video Bud !👍

  • Fulguro Geek
    Fulguro Geek 4 hours ago

    Sad that the fight vs khabib did never happened that would have been great!
    Im From Quebec and GSP is the real deal!

  • MMAPastor
    MMAPastor 5 hours ago

    He is the reason I started watching MMA, I love the fact that he lets his skills do the talking.

  • Sergio Aguinaga
    Sergio Aguinaga 5 hours ago

    You never got back to us on why gsp bruises up so easy

  • Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Why do you keep reminding us how you watched this the other day on youtube.

  • DarkbyDesign
    DarkbyDesign 6 hours ago

    Best ever? Maybe..... Maybe not. Debatable.
    Top ten for sure for sure. Arguably even top five.

  • Jimmy Gambino
    Jimmy Gambino 7 hours ago

    He's also the most boring fighter I ever watched

  • Dave J
    Dave J 7 hours ago

    Who the hell didn't know gsp existed before 2017? The guy was the face of the UFC for years

  • Israel Gonzalez
    Israel Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    The all time welter weight king in a era where the whole division was stacked with mlnsters. Hands down the best mma wrestler ever. And possibly the best fighter ever.

  • damien skyz
    damien skyz 7 hours ago

    greatest not all time dont know about that one top 10 of all time maybe not the greatest

  • Da GingerBread Mane
    Da GingerBread Mane 7 hours ago


    DARKDYNASTYK9S NC 7 hours ago

    GSP also has an absolutely incredible book called “the way of the fight”

  • MystiCalBEING89
    MystiCalBEING89 8 hours ago

    1:36 only cuz bj penn didnt fucking bleed ever

  • MystiCalBEING89
    MystiCalBEING89 8 hours ago

    the GOAT the best the superlative the unmatched the unrivaled the second to none the unexcelled without peer without parallel the incomparable simply the best

  • Mike Vega
    Mike Vega 8 hours ago

    GSP was one of my favorites because he was a martial artist and humble and always respectful. Trained everything wrestling, boxing jujitsu

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson 8 hours ago

    He was really fuckin good, enough said

  • Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev
    Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev 9 hours ago

    Thanks i didnt realise how great he was until now

  • Gregory Michaels
    Gregory Michaels 9 hours ago

    GSP sense of timing was something to behold. He'd be put in cages with collegiate division one wrestlers and then man handle them on the ground, out point them on his feet.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 10 hours ago

    In a honesty and respect to every fighter out there, GSP is the reason UFC is where it is today. GSP could start a league of his own with the ethics that he practices and would out class UFC. He’s the only one that could pull this off. That being said... He is the Michael Jordan of MMA... GOAT, nobody can truly say different without an obvious biased insight to this fact.

  • MercuryCircuit
    MercuryCircuit 10 hours ago

    Totally agree mate. GSP got me in to watching MMA. He never ducked a fight come what may and was a great Champion and role model for anyone interested in MMA. Absoloute legend :)

  • Eduardo Alegre
    Eduardo Alegre 10 hours ago

    He's the GOAT

  • AlmeidaBesterMann
    AlmeidaBesterMann 10 hours ago

    There is only ONE GSP! f the rest :)

  • RandomKid• PapaFranku

    The human backpack "GSP"

  • Hobo 01
    Hobo 01 11 hours ago

    Thanks for the Nostalgia. I miss GSP. The G.O.A.T

  • Rich Pearce
    Rich Pearce 12 hours ago

    Great Vid.. GSP is the goat in and out of the ring.. it’s a shame other fighters don’t have his level of respect, it’s spoilt the sport

  • Chris Petrill
    Chris Petrill 12 hours ago

    GSP was the greatest P4P fighter of all time: he literally had no weaknesses, could out strike strikers and out wrestle wrestlers.

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins 13 hours ago

    The most overrated MMA fighter is GSP. Dude cut a lot of weight and laid and prayed on small fighters. I am glad the bum ran away, twice. Once after Hendricks beat him up and made it close and after beating a lame champ bisping the wimp retires instead of faces Yoel.

  • Tony thalocc
    Tony thalocc 13 hours ago

    This guy schooled my fighter nick

  • ExtremeDeathman
    ExtremeDeathman 14 hours ago

    One sentence: Far better than JBJ!

  • Alaide Gio Mendes
    Alaide Gio Mendes 14 hours ago

    Amazing job mate .

  • John Holton
    John Holton 14 hours ago

    Lot of nerve saying people didn't know who GSP was until he fought Bisping.

  • Duke Rocket
    Duke Rocket 14 hours ago

    Ufc promote him until his last match qwith Bisping. Ufc promote him on his title win, when they robbed Hendricks. Many afterfight tests has shown what Gsp truly is! Hahahah fake legend. Just to make money for the company!

  • Ray c
    Ray c 14 hours ago

    GSP ran from the UFC when he heard USADA was coming in. GSP needed vaseline to nuetralize BJ Penn. GSP got his ass handed him to him so bad by Johnny Hendricks that he started seeing aliens. GSP did beat Michael Bisping , the weakest champion in UFC who got his ass beat ny a 50 y/o Dan henderson. #overated

  • Delft Dirk
    Delft Dirk 14 hours ago

    I see a lot of people using terms like “he WAS the best”.
    This guy is 38 and in phenomenal shape.
    He came back and defeated michael bisping who was the middleweight champ.
    Thats a division higher then his usual welterweight division.
    Dont talk about gsp in past sentences, he will be back.
    Imo gsp is still one of the best and i think he is looking for 1 or 2 more challenges.

  • El Capitan
    El Capitan 15 hours ago