• Published on Aug 7, 2017
  • Recess - whether it's fighting over the good balls, secret trades, or more, this is EVERY RECESS EVER!
    Ian Hecox
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp

    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by: Ryan Finnerty, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, Luke Barats
    Created by Joe Bereta & Ryan Todd
    Produced by Ryan Todd
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    Art Assist: Laura Buffington
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
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    Script Supervisor: Talia Brahms
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    Behind-the-Scenes: Phil Mohr, Richard Keith
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
    Colorist: Mike Burton
    Production Assistant: Jake Sperling, Mark Raub, Aaron Hluch
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  • Gwyneth Olep
    Gwyneth Olep 23 hours ago

    How long is your recess? Our recess is 15 minutes long.

  • Pym100 McpeMelon

    โ€œHALF FUNโ€

  • Eleanor Aronin
    Eleanor Aronin Day ago

    This is unrealistic. Why? Boys never play with girls and girls never play with boys

  • Tony The Gamer 673

    i want anthony back plus its my name!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • ethan mould
    ethan mould Day ago +1

    Don't take your kids hopedale that school is shit and abusive

  • Ida Nystedt Beauty

    the one with the not allowed to do things is kinda true literally our school didnt allow us to play tag

  • XZOM 198
    XZOM 198 2 days ago


  • Miguel Boss
    Miguel Boss 2 days ago

    At .45 she says half fun

  • Auri Fackrell
    Auri Fackrell 2 days ago


  • awsom vid part 1 ponce


  • Rosie the cute bunny with Makayla Sierra

    Iโ€™m in 2nd Grade and I now that

  • Rosie the cute bunny with Makayla Sierra

    That means sex

  • Rosie the cute bunny with Makayla Sierra

    You are disgusting with a handshake look what you did๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  • Prakash Choudhary
    Prakash Choudhary 2 days ago

    I miss Anthony pls bring his back pls pls at least bring him in a video

  • Eugene the School Shooter

    Can you actually burn calories from wiggling, cuz if so I'm gonna have abs from wiggling so much.

  • cupcakefuncakes _XD
    cupcakefuncakes _XD 3 days ago


    COURTNEY PHILLIPS 3 days ago

    Every school picture ever

  • Weird Toonz
    Weird Toonz 3 days ago

    When its raining in my school we go out side longer

  • Dabb_Master123 Gaming Playz

    In my school it the same thing as this

  • Lola McNamara
    Lola McNamara 5 days ago

    Wendy:half ball donโ€™t even bounce
    Me:ha ha ha
    My mom:whatโ€™s so funny
    Me:nothing (acting suspicious)

  • Mistaken_Halo
    Mistaken_Halo 5 days ago

    Ian looks like an actual teachet

  • Noah Stehlik
    Noah Stehlik 6 days ago

    I give out 5 hr energy at recess for 10 caps

  • I don't know 278
    I don't know 278 7 days ago

    F good Paz kayo Lemmy Karl

  • Ameer Hamza
    Ameer Hamza 8 days ago

    Shane really rocked the Logan Paul haircut

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 8 days ago

    This is so true

  • john mark nykaza
    john mark nykaza 8 days ago

    if I had a bloddy nose I would share it

  • Flex-GamingPro
    Flex-GamingPro 8 days ago

    Nice half - fun pun i enjoyed that

  • Andrew 07
    Andrew 07 8 days ago



  • Kiril Filip Nacevski

    U kamon icsou sad

  • Raquel Low
    Raquel Low 8 days ago

    The recess balls are so stupid

  • Layla Garcia
    Layla Garcia 9 days ago

    The educational movie part is so true๐Ÿ˜‚ i used to hate that.

  • Parker Brady
    Parker Brady 9 days ago

    I love your video's

  • Lisa Hale
    Lisa Hale 9 days ago


  • Beyolf
    Beyolf 9 days ago

    Lol I donโ€™t have recess

  • P
    P 9 days ago

    "Are we in the class right now? Then it's not my problem." Get lost kids no one cares about your feelings. The grown-ups are talking.

  • KindaFunny Productionz

    Kid 1: I HATE YOU!
    Kid 2: I HATE YOU MORE!
    *the next day*
    Kid 1: hey! You wanna play hide and seek *best friend* ?
    Kid 2: ok *best friend* !
    (They then hold hands and skip away together)

  • **Ok Ashley**
    **Ok Ashley** 9 days ago

    Half Ball donโ€™t even bounce๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Amean Abdelfattah
    Amean Abdelfattah 9 days ago

    Back in 1st grade, I was playing tag qith friends. When suddenly I looked back while running and my friend did as well and we before we know it went on a collision course and headbutted each other directly. He cried I didnt but because of us and our scene, running was banned and even to this day. Recess was never the same because of me.

    GAMERBUB 4 9 days ago

    I wish uh a was here it's just not the same this was my favorite channel but I drifted because a always mayed it better

  • Five Times
    Five Times 9 days ago

    Mr applebum lol

  • Five Times
    Five Times 9 days ago

    Half fun

  • ii universalii
    ii universalii 10 days ago +1

    I cant experience recess any more :(

  • Kitty Cat Kylie03
    Kitty Cat Kylie03 10 days ago +1

    Omg so relatable lol

  • ida ida
    ida ida 10 days ago

    Jenkins is my surname!

  • Sharky Slayer
    Sharky Slayer 10 days ago

    I remember the recess days

  • Hadyn Emmett
    Hadyn Emmett 10 days ago

    My name's hadyn

    DARK GOD 11 days ago

    Why can't they pump the balls back

  • Irish user
    Irish user 11 days ago

    Every Purge Ever?

  • Robin Citroen
    Robin Citroen 11 days ago

    Bit top vote single civilian rate feature can consider border force.

  • Shmanxcylinglingricรจ

    Every 5th grader ever

  • Geneveive Hill
    Geneveive Hill 12 days ago

    'Kenny' had the least injuries and he got the good ball, and 'Wendy' had the worst injuries kinda and she got the half ball. THAT'S WEIRD!

  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia 12 days ago

    They only allow some classes go on the play ground on some days and don't allow tag

  • Grimm Wrath
    Grimm Wrath 12 days ago

    I sold porn for money at recess

  • Becca lea
    Becca lea 12 days ago

    ive never had recess because I live in England, I have break and lunch

  • Mary Is Chubby
    Mary Is Chubby 13 days ago

    We call recess in break time lol

  • Sir21 dank
    Sir21 dank 14 days ago

    Half fun

  • Vjekoslava Potiha
    Vjekoslava Potiha 14 days ago

    pusi govno

  • Jessie Cunani
    Jessie Cunani 15 days ago

    Wait is Anthony back!?!?

  • Edward Feng
    Edward Feng 15 days ago

    The school cant afford new balls

  • FlaregamerB3
    FlaregamerB3 15 days ago

    Every Gamer Ever

  • That Random Chick
    That Random Chick 15 days ago

    Schools in other places: itโ€™s raining you canโ€™t go outside
    My elementary school: unless itโ€™s -27 with wind chill youโ€™re going outside

  • pandaking
    pandaking 16 days ago

    Smosh is shit now that they brought new people into it

  • MidgetIdiots
    MidgetIdiots 16 days ago

    At my school, when you get ker-plopped; you were executed by the school janitor.

  • Red Games
    Red Games 16 days ago


  • Red Games
    Red Games 16 days ago

    n ษ”ษn'ส‡

  • Red Games
    Red Games 16 days ago

    ษ”ษn n undวษนsส‡ษnd?

  • Catbug
    Catbug 16 days ago

    This channel is a lost cause

  • Debi Haskey
    Debi Haskey 16 days ago

    Too short!

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 16 days ago +1

    Omg when it rained I remember having to stay inside this is so funny

    • Santiago Garcia
      Santiago Garcia 12 days ago

      Sometimes if we earn time we have some time of "Free time" and we can go on TVclip and stuff

  • Alex k
    Alex k 17 days ago

    Looks like you get half ball, half fun

    get it?

  • CorporalAden 12345678
    CorporalAden 12345678 18 days ago

    If you wanted the good ball you shouldn't have said SHE'S PASSING OUT BALLS

  • shadow master
    shadow master 18 days ago

    shane with the hair flip up look like jake paul

  • TurtleTaygan
    TurtleTaygan 19 days ago

    I got my tooth knocked out at recess.

  • SNIPESxxGoLd
    SNIPESxxGoLd 20 days ago

    Yo tbh smosh isnโ€™t really the same with out anthony ๐Ÿ˜ช

  • Dylan Scales
    Dylan Scales 20 days ago

    Every army ever

  • Man Rubs
    Man Rubs 20 days ago


  • Dat Little Seagull
    Dat Little Seagull 21 day ago

    when it rains for me i can play on the computer or watch youtube

  • NativeGuy
    NativeGuy 21 day ago

    O god the lava

  • NativeGuy
    NativeGuy 21 day ago

    This vid sucks

  • LatinaLoca
    LatinaLoca 21 day ago


  • the red Totodile gaming

    Tag is banned at my school because someone broke their leg playing football

  • Sean Stanton
    Sean Stanton 21 day ago

    Those poor balls

  • Mlg Weedle
    Mlg Weedle 22 days ago

    In the first one all of their names were from South Park expect 1

  • We Remotely Low
    We Remotely Low 22 days ago

    I always preferred inside recess. We got to draw and shit and talk all we wanted.

  • Catherine Jimenez
    Catherine Jimenez 22 days ago


  • R U S T
    R U S T 22 days ago


    • R U S T
      R U S T 22 days ago


  • Francine Mansinadez
    Francine Mansinadez 23 days ago

    do every person ever

  • The Illuminati
    The Illuminati 24 days ago

    Shayne would make the most dickish teacher lmao.

  • BigFatPotatoHead
    BigFatPotatoHead 24 days ago

    I would kinda like to learn how cross walk paint is made... I may be a nerd cuz I some times find school very interesting.

  • Lord Yi
    Lord Yi 24 days ago +1

    Legend has it Noah and Olivia are still looking for Hidden Bug

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 25 days ago

    โ€œHow about the shack where the janitor criesโ€ -Olivia. GOLD

  • Supersonicstella
    Supersonicstella 26 days ago

    You passed up 60 bucks??

  • Crystal StarLight
    Crystal StarLight 26 days ago +8

    I would actually want all the balls
    Good ball: you can do lots of things
    Mushy ball: you can pass ball
    Pancake ball: you can play football
    Half ball:it can be a hat and you can HALF fun

  • John Konieczski
    John Konieczski 26 days ago

    Hey ghggvfdydtyxyxycufyptsuffddggthcgbgggggggggggggcfhcgh Yuchi fhcghvfuggffhgfchgfffffc ffhjhgvvgffvvvffcccffggsartgftgggggggjjjiijhhgfddcfufdypxritsstkstksdtdtsutdyltdd

  • m.n.m beast
    m.n.m beast 27 days ago

    I don't get want the curploped girl did

  • i want to die
    i want to die 27 days ago


  • ViewzTV
    ViewzTV 27 days ago

    Ian should be in the video more

  • Kenneth Nava Lota Jr
    Kenneth Nava Lota Jr 28 days ago

    half ball = hat

  • Radio Crash
    Radio Crash 28 days ago

    I like the part we're Olivia says half ball don't even bounce

  • Michelle's Price
    Michelle's Price 28 days ago

    The beginning of the video is so true