Stephen A., Max agree with Adam Silver's comments on Kevin Durant, Warriors | First Take | ESPN


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  • Irfo Kovacevic
    Irfo Kovacevic 16 days ago

    David Stern > Adam Silver

  • Anthony Harp
    Anthony Harp 20 days ago

    This is the dumbest shit I've heard this wasn't a problem in 2010 or 2015. Adam silver and the media have been doing everything to help Lbj win more championships so that fans will forget about jordan

  • Michael Davenport
    Michael Davenport 21 day ago


  • jevinranks
    jevinranks 23 days ago

    Warriors will be winning 4 more! The comissioner is right. It creates competition with the draft and regular season then the playoffs. The NBA is no longer boring. It ain't KD fault so SAS is wrong about that. ESPN ratings will go down even more if they don't make SAS change HIS narrative. He's annoying.

  • Coco West
    Coco West 23 days ago

    Nobody ever said the warriors was the problem. When they was winning with out KD everybody loved them. KD went to the team that beat him and fucked everything up. Who gives asf about who GS drafted. We are talking about Durant bitch ass

  • Jayson Betorio
    Jayson Betorio 24 days ago

    This is all about KD. For me and majority of the real nba basketball fans (casual and experts) KD forfeited the chance to be called the greatest of all time or be greater than Kobe by joining the warriors. Look he joined a team that already has a number one option on it. He's basically wasting his peak years where he has a chance to prove his weakness by leading a team to win with him as the leader. No kingdom can have 2 kings

  • Chris  Campbell
    Chris Campbell 24 days ago

    If the NBA wanted to deal with parity, they would have denied the Miami Heat when Lebron depleted the East by teaming up with two of the biggest threats in the conference (Miami - D Wade and Toronto - Bosh) so he can have a cakewalk to the Finals for years. That was clearly cherry picking. If the NBA was okay with that, they can't have a problem with Durant in Golden State. Golden State built their team and added one free agent, Lebron cherry picked to weaken a conference and make life easy for himself...

  • Bay Sports Rants
    Bay Sports Rants 24 days ago

    Lol its nice to have a commissioner of a sport who people actually like. I understand what he says. There are numerous defendable stances and his is not a bad one.

  • Conscious
    Conscious 25 days ago

    The decades of the NBA have always been dominated by 1 or 2 teams. This is nothing new, it's just Golden State's time to shine, which they probably will for the next 5 years. I'm a Lebron fan but I enjoy watching the dominance of GS. There is great excitement watching everyone else scramble to figure out how to beat them. This NBA is fun.

  • Qing Lin
    Qing Lin 25 days ago

    It’s about sportsmanship ok? If you can’t beat them you join them? To my knowledge to date only KD did that

  • yoshi gettingdope
    yoshi gettingdope 25 days ago

    That’s his decision ain’t nobody wanna hear you shit.

  • steviefbayb22
    steviefbayb22 25 days ago

    Hate to say it but David Stern stopped CP3 from coming to the lakers because he knew lakers would’ve been how the warriors are rn, unstoppable and the nba would’ve be ruined.

  • God lion
    God lion 25 days ago

    Tell these other niggas to raise there game a good reference to that would be hassan Whiteside players need to get better and stop being so fun scary

  • Final Luminary
    Final Luminary 25 days ago

    Lebron started it. Now everyone wants to ignore the 7 championships miami thought they were going to win.

  • Jim Frank
    Jim Frank 25 days ago

    Max is my bitch

  • London Blaylock
    London Blaylock 25 days ago

    Last time I checked it’s a business he went to a different work environment best fit for him to succeed like any other working person would!

  • trystan avery
    trystan avery 25 days ago

    Other teams are mad because they're not as smart. Sounds like a personal problem.

  • Joshua Dakota TwoAxes
    Joshua Dakota TwoAxes 26 days ago

    max is dead right, durant was drafted by seattle, not okc.....where would you rather live?...and, he was a free agent, emphasis on the 'free' part, not indentured slavery...sorry... and, who the fuck wants to play their whole career with westbrook(shoot 40x to score 40 points)...gtfooh, steven a.

  • A Message From The King

    Crybabys all through the league. These punks mad because LeSweep got that ass beat again. Adam silver wasnt crying when Wade, LeSweep and Bosh all went to Miami. He wasnt crying when LeSweep joined Kyrie and Love. NBA pissed they put all this stock into LeSweep hoping he would win all the rings they hyped him to win and it failed. The Warriors just have a orginization that knows how to put a team together. Folks all riding LeSweeps dick and like most chumps he came up short. He shot his wad and he is done. Its KD and the Warriors time. Resepct the game and move on. LeSweep and the NBA failed all the King dick riders

  • isaiah anderson
    isaiah anderson 26 days ago

    Warriors shouldn't be broken up but it's hard to tell the league to get better than what the warriors are. Drafted or not it's a team above ask other teams and the addition of KD certainly doesn't help the league. Hopefully some team can do it though.

  • TheReal6God
    TheReal6God 26 days ago

    Fuck the nba, fuck Kevin Durant , and fuck Adam Silver that is all...

    CRIP CUZ 26 days ago


  • The Leap Fitness and Health

    All of this talk of parity....this league has not had parity since the 70s.

    UNKNOWN USER 26 days ago

    Kevin Durant needs to get off that team I want to see more curry

  • Fabian Hernandez
    Fabian Hernandez 26 days ago +1

    Mr. Incredible killed Xxxtentacion in infinity war 🤯🤯🤯

  • Sidney Boddie
    Sidney Boddie 26 days ago


  • Shiroman Singh
    Shiroman Singh 26 days ago +1

    Finally giving the Warriors credit where credit is due

  • Bryon Matthews
    Bryon Matthews 26 days ago

    No they don't want parity. They want LeBron to win every year.

  • Paul Mic
    Paul Mic 26 days ago +1

    This is only a problem for Bron fans

  • rocketfighter8
    rocketfighter8 26 days ago

    A lot of these KD haters ridiculed him for choking away a 3-1 2016 Western Conference Finals lead then turned around and ridiculed the Warriors for choking away a 3-1 2016 NBA Finals lead. Now they're mad the chokers got together. Haters will be haters.

  • marlo219 219GI
    marlo219 219GI 26 days ago +1

    Go warriors

  • MookeeTookee14
    MookeeTookee14 26 days ago

    Silver look like Ebony Maw telling players: “Hear me and rejoice! You have had the privilege of being drafted by the great NBA”

    • G King
      G King 26 days ago +1


  • David Blue
    David Blue 26 days ago

    Max, Brilliant last couple of minutes. ON THE MONEY.

  • Lilscrappy$50cent
    Lilscrappy$50cent 26 days ago

    Kd ruined the nba! Not the warriors, the warriors did it right! Can be mad at that.... but with that being said, fuck kd!

  • D Fella504
    D Fella504 26 days ago

    i totally agree wit max

  • juvard jackson
    juvard jackson 26 days ago

    Fuck da Gayest state whores😂

  • Tar heels 215
    Tar heels 215 26 days ago

    Max what are you talking about... The Bulls were not a super team.... They had Super Mike and Scottie.... And a bunch of roll players and or specialist with Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman....

  • Daivone Hicks
    Daivone Hicks 26 days ago +1

    "Lets celebrate excellence.."

  • D-Wrekz
    D-Wrekz 26 days ago +1

    Those that don’t like the Warriors most likely are fans of shitty teams. 😂🤣

  • tonyusmc1
    tonyusmc1 26 days ago

    There is Nothing wrong with KD going to the Warriors. He went there after he lost to them, SO WHAT! These people and their narratives, if your players suck that is your fault. I am NOT a Warriors fan, but get better players, play better as a team instead of all these damn ISO's or stfu!

  • Wicked Bills
    Wicked Bills 26 days ago

    Adam S knows what to say

  • Anthony Purchas
    Anthony Purchas 26 days ago

    There was a reason lebron said not 1,2,3,4,5. He thought they would destroy the nba for years to come with that team

  • Hubs Drunk
    Hubs Drunk 26 days ago +1

    What Max is really saying is "I'm so mad the Warriors ruined Lebron's legacy. Steph and Lebron have the same ring count. Nooooooooo!!"

  • awtrace87
    awtrace87 26 days ago

    Nobody’s questioning the Warriors success without KD but adding him was ridiculous and should’ve been prevented that was just common sense.

  • MRhoodmoney20
    MRhoodmoney20 26 days ago

    This niggah viewings is high

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor 26 days ago

    Kevin Durant bitch move

  • Joesay Canseco
    Joesay Canseco 26 days ago

    It’s funny people hate on golden state for putting together a great team that plays basketball the right way. Drafted the right way, plays team ball the right way, but still gets hated on. You wanna hate on somebody because the league is “unbalanced”, then hate on the shitty ass franchises like the Phoenix suns, Orlando magic, and Kings, who constantly trade away their best players, can’t draft for shit, and continue to be ok with putting a crap team on the court.

  • Barack Mueller
    Barack Mueller 26 days ago

    thing is all this debate does is blow up Durant's ego. People are saying how great he is and that is why he shouldn't have gone to a 73 win team. When people say that it makes him feel better about himself.

  • Barack Mueller
    Barack Mueller 26 days ago

    Just imagine Wilt Chamberlain deciding to join Bill Russell in Boston to get easy rings

  • Joesay Canseco
    Joesay Canseco 26 days ago

    Adam silver looks like nosferatu

  • Xipen
    Xipen 26 days ago

    Yo KD comeback to Thunder

  • Jay Montana22
    Jay Montana22 26 days ago +1

    Why wasn’t CP3 allowed to join Kobe then?

    • Joshua Dakota TwoAxes
      Joshua Dakota TwoAxes 25 days ago

      the nba owners 'owned' the team, so they had to vote on any trades.. all he had to do was wait until he became a free agent, but his dumb ass couldn't wait....

  • cheeeefa
    cheeeefa 26 days ago

    in short all star team goes out and can somehow add a top 2 nba player too a fully loaded team. * team for me

  • Chris Burnett
    Chris Burnett 26 days ago

    Thank God honesty and wisdom from the commish love it! Bronsexuals are going to definitely cry that it was all rigged against lebron now though LOL!

  • Daivone Hicks
    Daivone Hicks 26 days ago +1

    Or the Celtics, or the Heat or the Cavs.. cry Kobe said.. beat them

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez 26 days ago +1

    It’s been like 2 years now people stop complaining cause you’re team is ass and can’t do shut

  • CheddarBoy Gaming
    CheddarBoy Gaming 26 days ago

    Max DNT bring up Jordans team... When you listen to The analyst back than speaking on the present at the time of course They used to say Jordan is CARRYING A TEAM... Obviously at this point now those players than they said Jordan was carrying Are called hall of famers .. Go back and watch a documentary or something you ill see

  • CheddarBoy Gaming
    CheddarBoy Gaming 26 days ago

    KD was always my man .. Never was a Golden State fan always liked individual players they had their through history... I'm just happy KD got another ring.

  • Bleaveland Bavaliers
    Bleaveland Bavaliers 26 days ago

    “I have no problem w kevin Durant” how many fucking times does Stephen A flip flop on issues. He literally made countless videos on how he ruined the league

  • Cliff  Davis
    Cliff Davis 26 days ago

    Omg dude NEED to get off air. Stop saying the bulls was a super team it's a big difference from stars teaming up to play together and players just developing into all star players. Wtf...

    • Barack Mueller
      Barack Mueller 26 days ago +1

      Bulls signed Dennis Rodman as a free agent

  • Cliff  Davis
    Cliff Davis 26 days ago

    Bout time sumbody said it that team was drafted not a super team.

  • Rogue Sniper  Gaming
    Rogue Sniper Gaming 26 days ago

    The league is so unbalanced, it’s not even fun to watch anymore

    • Joshua Dakota TwoAxes
      Joshua Dakota TwoAxes 25 days ago

      blame the owners, not the players... revenue-sharing is killing the league, not players

  • HennDogg & Black n Milds

    Why are folks still on this KD to the Warriors nonsense? Did this just happen? No it didn’t it was two years ago and people still on this man’s dick. Damn get over it already 😤

  • Tá Ligado ?!
    Tá Ligado ?! 26 days ago

    Max and adam silver both on the money with their points

  • Bucks
    Bucks 26 days ago

    Rarely do I ever...... agree with Max.

  • gabriel trujillo
    gabriel trujillo 26 days ago

    Hate the warriors hate kd.

  • caveloc
    caveloc 26 days ago

    KD is a straight up bitch & everyone including the Warriors' GM knows it.

  • Jackie Parker
    Jackie Parker 26 days ago

    KD is a grown ass man damn and grown ass men I thought do what the fuck they want to do. Damn I dont see no one coming in y'alls households telling y'all don't work at certain places or telling y'all " oh you shouldn't have married your wife cuz she been ran through. Grown ups make their own decisions for their own lives I thought. Who cares where he took his employment services hes a grown ass man & I find it weird for other grown (so called) men to be so engulfed over decisions another grown ass man makes with his very own life. That's his life and his decision. Damn

  • Turbo9987
    Turbo9987 26 days ago

    Adam Silver is right. Don’t complain about GSW. Play up to their level.

  • Kyle Lawler
    Kyle Lawler 26 days ago +1

    Silver right

  • melman turner
    melman turner 26 days ago

    Fuck ugly god, ugly god a hoe

  • Dog of War
    Dog of War 26 days ago +2

    I like the loyalty and pride of the old school.... " I dedicated my life to the Boston Celtics" - Larry Bird.....Back then for players it was about us, our team, our city. Today it's all about me, myself and my money. Shallow people. Plus the game is so soft compared to the way it used to be. I rather go to the park by where I live and watch local guys ball than the NBA. People go harder out there making no money while these NBA guys bitch and moan about everything and flop.

  • chuckyleftduck
    chuckyleftduck 26 days ago

    GSW was lucky .

  • CJ Chewjore
    CJ Chewjore 26 days ago

    Adam Silver > David Stern

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson 26 days ago +1

    Please STOP CRYING over the Warriors! Man, ENOUGH! Nobody cried when Lebron merged with Bosh and Wade. Nobody cried when Garrnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen got together. GSW just played the SAME game and did it better. Go GSW to 5 "golden" rings...

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 26 days ago

    Max, on point as usual.

  • Jimmy Bocanegra
    Jimmy Bocanegra 26 days ago +1

    Nba is dog shit so predictable

  • CWfan4life
    CWfan4life 26 days ago

    I'm a warriors hater but even I will give them props. We had dynasties like the Bulls 2 three-peats. Lakers and Celtics with their multiple championships over the years. Dynasties form and dynasties fall. It's just their time.

  • Andrew patrickm4
    Andrew patrickm4 26 days ago

    Kevin Durant better then LeBron James.

  • Jason U
    Jason U 26 days ago

    there is more restrictions on a GM then there is on a player(s) to form superteams, in fact there is no restriction on players outside of Salary negotiations.
    Draymond had been talking to Kevin Durrant for 2 years before he signed, NO GM would be allowed to do that and if word got out he had they would be fined and the deal would be annexed (as in the NBA would bar the Warriors from signing a free agent in Durrant).
    For example
    Chris paul could call GSW and tell them "get rid of Livingston and ill sign for the Veteran minnimum"
    Lebron could call GSW and tell them "get rid of Bell and ill sign for the Veteran minnimum"
    now the issue isnt that Lebron and Chris paul wouldnt do that, its that Lebron and Chris paul CAN do that, and they could all call each other to assure arrangements. That is something the league has no rules in place to stop (how can you really) because all sports leagues are designed with rules in place to hamper owners and GMs from designing teams like this, it was never considered the players would have this type of power.

  • Dr LazerFangz
    Dr LazerFangz 26 days ago

    Nba is a parody

  • Tony Lugo
    Tony Lugo 26 days ago

    4 reasons why HARDEN,CP3 and Lebron will NEVER get another RING 1. Durant 2. Curry 3. Klay 4. Draymond #dropsmic #getwoke

  • Dugg Lyfe Entertainment
    Dugg Lyfe Entertainment 26 days ago +2

    Everybody hating cuz KD was successful with this move. If he didn't win any rings with them everyone would be ok with his move,"ha ha you joined a good team and still lost" but because he had success with them ppl hate on him even more. No matter where he went OKC would have hated him regardless, but the fact that he won 2 championship 2 mvps, ppl can't swallow that. Westbrook is an issue in OKC if he doesn't straighten up he will go ring less... and if you actually watch Westbrook play in person you will definitely see he is a selfish player. And now Carmelo is there too? He will be ringless too lol he would rather score 50 and take an L then have a 20 and 10 double double and win. You need team players and KD is a team player Superstar which you rarely see and he plays defense! He earned these rings, the warriors made it easier yes but he deserved the rings.

  • Erica D
    Erica D 26 days ago

    What did a 73 win team need with another Olympic player?

    • Joshua Dakota TwoAxes
      Joshua Dakota TwoAxes 25 days ago

      they didn't win that year, in fact, chasing that total hurt them for the playoffs..people have short memories

  • Offixial Murph
    Offixial Murph 26 days ago

    No cuz he stop trades

  • Funked Up
    Funked Up 26 days ago

    Silver out here spitting facts on KD's bitch made weak ass move to the Warriors

  • ddj0615
    ddj0615 26 days ago +1

    Agree with max. The nba has had super teams forever. People think it’s a new thing

  • Trayveon Williams
    Trayveon Williams 26 days ago

    Real shit I hate KD but love him at the same time💯💯I hate the move to the warriors but I love his playstyle. Tbh I kinda like the warriors minus kd, I really just hate the fans. Where tf was they at during Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson?? Or in 2014 even?? Absolutely nowhere to be found.... Me myself, I didn’t even know about many of them niggas until 2014/15 and ik im not the only one

  • Damien Singer
    Damien Singer 26 days ago

    Next lebron team is going to murder this snake

    STR8 UP DIRECT 26 days ago


  • Roland Mclane
    Roland Mclane 26 days ago

    Fuck the warriors and nappy head ass Kevin Durant he will never be top ten going to a team you couldn't beat puss

  • WBfroggy09
    WBfroggy09 26 days ago

    But you stopped cp and Kobe app why didn't you stop this?

    • Joshua Dakota TwoAxes
      Joshua Dakota TwoAxes 25 days ago

      can't stop free agents fom leaving, they voided a trade(the other owners)

    STR8 UP DIRECT 26 days ago


  • John Ocampo
    John Ocampo 26 days ago

    What about when the nba stopped the chris paul move to the Lakers? Kobe was finally gona get some help but nope they didt let it happen

  • uraidodot
    uraidodot 26 days ago

    NBA has become predictable. However, I have to apply the same thought line as I do with my child and schooling. I want my child being recognized for excellence. If my child doesn't do well they should know it. There is a first, second, third place in competition. It's not everyone wins. Society is diluting excellence to save feelings.
    If an NBA team is smart, use a system effectively, hire the right way, why should they be punished. People just don't recall the dominance of teams like Boston, Lakers, Chicago, etc from times past. There wasn't a big outcry for equity back then. It was enjoy watching excellence.

  • Richard Philbert
    Richard Philbert 26 days ago +1

    People are mostly upset because KD going to the warriors meant the best player in the league (Lebron) would not win any more championship. There’s over 15 teams in the NBA who had no chance of even going to the conference finals let alone winning a championship no matter what team KD went to. For the nba to have actual parity the league needs players and GM’s to step up their player development and make better decisions. Why is it that some teams best players aren’t even all star caliber players. Why do teams like the nets trade all of their first round draft pics for 4 years in row or the suns get first round draft pics and still stink.

  • Vernon Gray
    Vernon Gray 26 days ago

    How did I get here?🤔 this show is boring 😏😏

  • Michael Acuna
    Michael Acuna 26 days ago

    We all forget KD took a paycut so the team core could stay together...Lebron should take note but nah LeBron wants to give max contracts to trash players then trashes his teammates. Let's not forget lebron started this but let's blame KD

  • Sir Toastman
    Sir Toastman 26 days ago

    KD winning a championship is the same as winning 50v50

  • Dominique Lane
    Dominique Lane 26 days ago

    In the 1980s and 1990s the league was stacked there were no need for super teams