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  • CLPastones
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  • Selena Mendoza
    Selena Mendoza Year ago

    You make me laugh. I love it.
    New Fave, and now subscribing

  • HIT Aries
    HIT Aries Year ago

    I'm sorry but GodDamn!

  • Camyll
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  • boi boi
    boi boi Year ago

    her eyes are like sssniperwolf I don't why

  • Joficris Tuzon
    Joficris Tuzon Year ago

    SHE IS SO CREATIVE FK i love her

  • Hollie Cira
    Hollie Cira Year ago

    Your makeup is amazing! Please make a tutorial

  • KenyaJade
    KenyaJade Year ago

    Please teach grace !!!!!!!!

  • Okward Stranger
    Okward Stranger Year ago

    lightbulb 💖💖

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  • Doug M
    Doug M Year ago

    So amazing

  • Doug M
    Doug M Year ago

    Megan, you are cute beyond on all imagining!!!! OMG that low battery SQUEAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • Timothy DeLaGhetto
    Timothy DeLaGhetto Year ago +14

    I loooove it and i loooove youuuuuu

  • YourBoyChad
    YourBoyChad Year ago +7

    Hi Megan

  • oKathiio
    oKathiio Year ago

    hey megan! i am new to your channel and i wanted to ask you what type of dance lessons or whatever you took to dance the way you do? or are you self taught? greetings, love you

  • Ikaika eek-kai-ka

    Lol. That is not how you use that adhesive. It is supposed to be mixed together before applied. It turned out looking great though.



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  • Bertrando Gunawan

    she looks like sandra bullock

  • Shannon Fernando-Cole

    Can you choreograph a piece to Bad Things?

  • Louise Backlund
    Louise Backlund Year ago

    Where/when can one find the dancing videos?? Very excited! Also lightbulb.

  • Paula Kroll
    Paula Kroll Year ago +5

    dear lord jesus christ, why do you get more beautiful every day???

  • Eddy Garcia
    Eddy Garcia Year ago +1

    I love your content, but I hate that you vlog while you drive...

  • Rod Restoule
    Rod Restoule Year ago +1

    I'm sorry I couldn't watch this all the way through. I just can't watch when your driving with your phone 😕

  • Ivan Joven
    Ivan Joven Year ago

    megan can now audition for female wookie 🤣🤣🤣

  • TasShuffler
    TasShuffler Year ago

    You looked INSANE in the first few clips.
    Like your old look ;)

  • Kelsey Perez
    Kelsey Perez Year ago

    MEGAN YOUR SKIN 😱😱😱 hope to see a skin care routine soon

  • DefectiveNathe
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  • Erika De Castro
    Erika De Castro Year ago

    am I the only person who thinks of the sims whenever I hear the bg music of the vlogs?😂

  • Santilla V.
    Santilla V. Year ago

    The gift is great.

  • Maro Benipayo
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  • Sara Amélia
    Sara Amélia Year ago

    I wanna to record "how to Dance" with u plssss

  • Adam Christopher Smith


  • Vienna Rose Navarez

    hello megan, you look so gorgeous on your intro look

  • Jonger81
    Jonger81 Year ago

    You're the prettiest girl.

  • Esther Wong
    Esther Wong Year ago +3

    You should do a TVcliprs dance with phil!

  • Tanya Latcham
    Tanya Latcham Year ago

    love you Megan!!! :*

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  • Shan Khrizel
    Shan Khrizel Year ago

    you are hilarious.. lol

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  • Nadine Yang
    Nadine Yang Year ago

    Lightbulb (:

  • Zaphiel
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  • Franchesca Arcilla

    still pretty despite the frustrated version of your face. 😍

  • Jesse
    Jesse Year ago

    Wow thanks, you uploaded on my Birthday! Too bad its raining but this makes my day better for sure! (still love the rain though!)

  • Hugo Valentin Gaming

    You made that look great ... you are so talented girl

  • Caroline Rode
    Caroline Rode Year ago

    Elliott Morgan YAS!! Can't wait to see that dance video! :)

  • Treasured Dust
    Treasured Dust Year ago

    Nooo!!! You used the glue wrong on the ornament. You're suppose to mix the two together-THEN use! Noooo

  • Paul Byers II
    Paul Byers II Year ago

    I love that guy you taught to dance. I'm a big Philly D fan and he used to do SourceFed. You should Philly D to dance. That would be awesome and you'd pick up sooooooo many new subs. Think about it. Get Lindsey in there while you're at it. :o)

  • Nicole D
    Nicole D Year ago

    Megan lives in the same building as Jess & Gabe too 👀 like a TVclip apartment building. Glad they're all gonna be my neighbors 😂

  • santanaoutlaw
    santanaoutlaw Year ago

    I go shopping in my Nike slides too.

  • mintea
    mintea Year ago

    did your retractable aux cord work okay? I looked it up and some reviews say it doesn't sound as good

  • The Lean Subscriber

    I just love how Megan is so thoughtful and very creative. Thats why i love her so much. ♥️

  • Slash /
    Slash / Year ago

    classic video by Megan

  • Jordan DeFreitas
    Jordan DeFreitas Year ago

    Of all the you tubers in all the world... Elliot Morgan is the last one I expected to show up lmao, but it made me happy haha

  • Hello I'm weird And you are

    Light bulb

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez Year ago

    Where'd u get that cap Megan?

  • Greg Chan
    Greg Chan Year ago

    But spray paint can dry in 20 min...

  • Kasper The Guy
    Kasper The Guy Year ago

    I want the old outro back!! It was soo perfect

  • LonelyMind
    LonelyMind Year ago

    "check out the new sminning pool" xD

  • texasroper
    texasroper Year ago

    Ba Ba beautiful Megan did look like a pretty in life....Kent, Texasroper

  • Nadia A
    Nadia A Year ago +1

    Megan's skin is amazing

  • Aleksandar Markovic

    I guess lightbulb is the right thing to say 😊

  • Diana Reyes
    Diana Reyes Year ago

    oooooooooooooooooooooh, that new intro though..............i appreciate it megan. Looks good!

  • Hano Ali
    Hano Ali Year ago

    Aye Elliot Morgan! og sourcefed

  • 93Mischief
    93Mischief Year ago

    Dude!!!! I cannot wait to see Elliott C Morgan dance

  • Parfum de Sentiment


  • Kyle Ali
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  • Angelina Novales
    Angelina Novales Year ago

    Someday I'll be a part of your vlogs

  • JoJo B.
    JoJo B. Year ago

    give me your teeeeeeeeeth.

  • LifeOnMarz
    LifeOnMarz Year ago

    OMG Elliot!

  • Its Tastic
    Its Tastic Year ago

    can you teach megan nicole next! :)

  • Deanna Moes
    Deanna Moes Year ago

    Love it love it looooooove itttt!!!!! 💕

  • maneylorbid
    maneylorbid Year ago

    She is so damn gorgeous and smart and funny and crafty.... I need to take lessons from her personally. PLEASE teach a class on how to be like megan and I will be front row

  • itsmeValdo
    itsmeValdo Year ago +1

    I would love to swim in your pool! :D

  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza Year ago

    💡 Oh I loved this vlog!:D

  • Megan
    Megan Year ago

    I never would've guessed elliot Morgan!

  • Marybeth Oliver
    Marybeth Oliver Year ago

    "5, 6, 7, maybe 8 hours later"

  • Rhione Bravo
    Rhione Bravo Year ago

    Megan!!! can we vlog together por favor

  • RicardoOballe56
    RicardoOballe56 Year ago

    Please stop vlogging and driving!

  • A Slytherin
    A Slytherin Year ago

    your humming is me when i'm late for class

  • Brenden Booth
    Brenden Booth Year ago

    Holy shit. That fire Lido merch. :) I got the same hoodie!

  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Vanessa Ramirez Year ago

    Do you ever respond Megan?? Ilysm

  • anna
    anna Year ago +39

    megan your skin looks so beautiful here!! like more than usual. literal heart eyes

    • Ceee Ceee
      Ceee Ceee Year ago

      anna right

    • anna
      anna Year ago +23

      her skin always looks fucking amazing, its just more apparent. stop trying to twist my words thats so stupid

    • S1r Tob153r
      S1r Tob153r Year ago +5

      It's weird how that's low-key an insult.🙄🤔

  • Taymanator0051
    Taymanator0051 Year ago

    That lightbulb... cover... gift.. was so awesome! I liked seeing the BTS to The Right Now Show gift. :D

  • Geraldo Rivera
    Geraldo Rivera Year ago

    Why or how are you so pretty??

  • Nonameslol
    Nonameslol Year ago

    I found you recently ... I have to say you are great lol and in the least creepiest way you are very good looking haha.

  • Torsee
    Torsee Year ago

    That's not how you mix epoxy... that bond may not hold.
    Press the contents out on to a paper plate, mix with toothpicks or equivalent. Then spread on thing.
    Otherwise great as always!

  • Ida Öwrin
    Ida Öwrin Year ago

    Also SC you haven't posted anything so I'm making this up💕

  • Ida Öwrin
    Ida Öwrin Year ago

    That one person out of 200 that has to dislike, bro u feelin' frozen out yet?😂

  • TeriyakiDavid
    TeriyakiDavid Year ago +8

    Can't wait to see the final product of Elliot Morgan dance. Is it going to be on your channel or Elliot's?

  • Komada
    Komada Year ago +4

    Elliott Morgan! Love that man's witticisms.

  • Hannah Rowlett
    Hannah Rowlett Year ago +18

    Elliott Morgan tryna learn how to dance, what

  • Kevinlie619
    Kevinlie619 Year ago

    your are my favorite person ever!!!

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago +3

    Very impressive gift

  • Michael Carlo
    Michael Carlo Year ago +5

    Still can't get over your broken shower caddy (is that how you spell it?)

    • MeganBatoon
      MeganBatoon  Year ago +32

      Trust me, me neither. That's why it's in the corner. To think about what it's done.

  • Crys
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  • Wilber Aquino
    Wilber Aquino Year ago