How Can You Control Your Dreams?

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • What if there was a way to control your dreams? Let's discuss lucid dreaming!
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Comments • 16 865

  • ILoveChips
    ILoveChips 3 hours ago

    i rarely get dreams

  • Mystical Gamer
    Mystical Gamer 8 hours ago

    Hey Life Noggin. Are you a lucid dreamer?

  • ruby omg
    ruby omg 11 hours ago

    idk why but in my dreams when i walk i always fall in a hole so weird

  • Lucky Shortridge
    Lucky Shortridge 12 hours ago

    I had a dream I was bit by a black rattler then I turned into a black rattler so weird

    Would I want to kill triangle bob
    (Hell No)

  • Ruthless Rue
    Ruthless Rue 19 hours ago

    I can actually manipulate my dreams.. sometimes I automatically have weird dreams but I can control them

  • Aesthetic Statue
    Aesthetic Statue 19 hours ago

    I would want to dream about... Women...

  • Mistfeather
    Mistfeather 20 hours ago

    I’d want to dream about me having a bunch of fun probably. Or maybe the first dream I had in Canada, which was about me and my family at an outdoor zoo and the animal cages had glass in the front. We were passing a big lion with a head the same size as it’s body that growled at me and pounced to attack me but it hit the glass and when I realised that my family was in front of me by quite a bit I ran to join them and get away from the enormous lion.

  • FireBoom311
    FireBoom311 21 hour ago

    I always have lucid dreams

  • Madison Young
    Madison Young 21 hour ago

    I would dream about be coming a unicorn princess or i would be in descendants 3

  • Star Angel
    Star Angel 22 hours ago

    I can control my dreams and it's creepy what I actually think about...

  • James Olat
    James Olat 22 hours ago

    I can see the future in my dreams, but it isn't working for me anyone, there is o e dream huh isn't happening

  • SVTFOE Crazyfan
    SVTFOE Crazyfan Day ago

    When I have nightmares I know that I am dreaming and me in my dream tries to wake myself up screaming “wake up!” And I’m slapping my arm to try and wake me up. It never works tho.

  • Vera Wang
    Vera Wang Day ago

    I had a dream, and I knew I was dreaming, that I was stuck dreaming and I couldn’t wake up?

  • Adaysia Ken
    Adaysia Ken Day ago

    Honestly I was able to control my dreams since I was little and nobody else in my family could so I just wanted to know if there was something wrong with me. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Christian Dulce
    Christian Dulce Day ago

    I still see your shadows in my room.
    Can’t take back the love that i gave you.

  • AFranklin78000
    AFranklin78000 Day ago

    I would like to dream about: Having the ability to manipulate energy!

  • dee gee
    dee gee Day ago

    If I were able to control my dreams I would dream about action comedy romance and adventure.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith Day ago

    Me, being a lucid dreamer, first, imagine with my eyes closed, next, realise I am still awake. Finally, I realise that I am either awake or asleep using that experience.

  • Haruki Yoshimura メ -Owl-

    I had a Dream about Hentai.

  • pusheen _stormy
    pusheen _stormy Day ago

    i once had a dream, where i was the richest person in the world! and i got thousands of corgis! i want to have it at least one more time!!!!!

  • PkFr Wolf
    PkFr Wolf Day ago

    Don't pee while dreaming, it's a trap...

  • tecrowley !
    tecrowley ! Day ago +1

    Something naughty... ;)

  • Kimed Jones
    Kimed Jones Day ago

    I want to dream about having infinite money, rich forever :D

  • Pinkachu Bolt
    Pinkachu Bolt Day ago

    I'd dream about going to an anime world lol

  • nevergiveup909
    nevergiveup909 2 days ago

    I know i'm lucid dreaming when I don't feel tired. It works.

  • pixel gamer34
    pixel gamer34 2 days ago

    Once I had a dream when I had trash superpowers

  • Over Lourd
    Over Lourd 2 days ago

    I just wamt to dream im in blocko land

  • Adarable Animations
    Adarable Animations 2 days ago

    I have lucid dreams where I have wings and i can fly as well as having magic powers, also i could sing any song i thought of and be in tune!. Some times i can tell im about to have a nightmare and can Evacuate the dream or manipulate the dream to not have a nightmare, but if i manipulate the dream to much ill wake up.

  • Kill Tumblr
    Kill Tumblr 2 days ago

    I keep having the same dream. I live in Norway so basically we have dark time during the winter. Its dark outside for 2 months. So the dream goes;
    I am at school and school is over. I try to Get to the bus but things keeps stopping me like I cant find my money, my shoe laces keeps opening and messing up and i continously have to tie them. I lose the bus, either i catch it or I don’t. It varies. Sometimes I Even have to walk home. One time i realized I was dreaming when I was «Walking home» all alone in the darknes. I tried lucid dreaming and make an unicorn appear as I felt like it would lighter up the mood. The unicorn appeared but it was this swimming pool floating toy with haunting eyes. Tonight I had the same dream except I actually got to the bus in time. I got home too but as I was walking towards my house I «realized» I was dreaming and it was like the dream made fun of me Because I wanted to make an unicorn. It didnt appear but instead two demonic children screaming, yelling at me and breaking their necks appeared. I felt extremly uncomfortable when I woke up, I have no idea what I should do when I dream these kinds of stuff. I know that the not reaching the bus in time thing comes from when I was younger in elementery school i did not reach the bus but, it was summer and a friendly guy in my class walked me home. I have no idea how it turned into these rather demonic and evil dreams.

  • The Donut Planet
    The Donut Planet 2 days ago

    When I have lucid dreams, the way I have to control it is I have to say it out loud in my dream repeatedly. Like, I wanted to turn this charm into a necklace, so I had to keep on saying “turn into a necklace” until it was made into one. Same with flying, I have to keep saying “fly, fly, fly, fly...” for me to keep on flying. Super weird, but I love those kinds of dreams.

  • Cool make
    Cool make 2 days ago

    One time I had a scary dream where thousands of crickets 🦗 scary

  • Leong Nyet Joon
    Leong Nyet Joon 2 days ago

    For me? Imma go craaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

  • Hyper_Bounce
    Hyper_Bounce 2 days ago

    I rarely dream.

  • dark_wolfey
    dark_wolfey 2 days ago

    I want a dream where I get to meet my game characters and five them real personally

  • Kittenfox_random love

    I always dream about my bf and there was a dream where every one was animals it was funny

  • Gregory Krupa
    Gregory Krupa 2 days ago

    I was Superman in my dream it was scary flying

  • HamzaQadir J
    HamzaQadir J 2 days ago

    I was sleeping in dream and then dreaming that I was slepping

  • A C E • S A N
    A C E • S A N 2 days ago

    There was one time, pretty recently, I was dreaming about the first day of school next year, (since it's summer,) and I was doing something, and running from a teacher. I started yelling that it's a dream, and became aware of what I was doing. Instead of stopping and looking, I kept running, screaming it's a dream. But, I could feel myself being tired of running, and I woke up in sweat, and out of breath

  • Itz_RockinKookies Plays

    This is literally happening to me everytime i dream


  • Shiraz Iqbal
    Shiraz Iqbal 3 days ago

    Hoy lifetheodd1sout

  • Tim Bobson
    Tim Bobson 3 days ago

    I remember when I dreamed about walking in NYC while putting on my new blue scarf then I fell and I woke up and I realized my feet was still up

  • Tim Bobson
    Tim Bobson 3 days ago

    Being a billionaire then making my own game and my own console while eating a broccoli salad for dinner and lunch

  • Aaliyah Mipanga
    Aaliyah Mipanga 3 days ago

    I wanna dream about having powers.

  • luth santiago
    luth santiago 3 days ago

    if i can control my dreams.....


    but i cant control my dreams...😢

  • Cally T
    Cally T 3 days ago

    once on a Friday night I went to bed and dreamed about waking up and when I woke up I thought it was sunday

  • Noodle Doodle
    Noodle Doodle 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't have dreams? And I would like to make a dream journal but I can't

  • Manole Rares
    Manole Rares 3 days ago


  • sasha braus
    sasha braus 4 days ago

    I saw a dream of me being a robot,at last a boy from my class kissed me after that I started vanishing slowly just then I realized that I was dreaming but.....I woke up after that

  • Pacifico Batang
    Pacifico Batang 4 days ago

    I dream I'm in a black hole

  • Dot10 11
    Dot10 11 4 days ago

    I can now have a lucid dream whenever i want
    Because of a video I saw but I can't remember the name

  • NO_ username
    NO_ username 4 days ago +1

    I had a dream that I was riding a chicken and something ate the chicken and it pooped me out and I was running then I suddenly fell in a mouth and I woke up... It's rrly wierd

  • Alex The smart kid
    Alex The smart kid 4 days ago

    i controlled my dreams but i cant remember how; making everyone do what i want

  • Alex The smart kid
    Alex The smart kid 4 days ago

    when i dream a nightmare like 2 red eyes watching me from my bed, i would like to scare it by killing it with a sword

  • Robert Eaton III
    Robert Eaton III 4 days ago

    I have very werid dreams

  • Lukas' Arts
    Lukas' Arts 4 days ago

    Once I had a math homework which I couldn't solve. When I slept I dreamt of the answer to the math problem. When I woke up I quickly wrote it before I forgot. Truelly a miracle.
    So that means I still thought about the answer even until I slept. Because I saw myself just writing the answer like in 6 seconds. But in real life it was 8 hours. I'm confused, how did my brain thought about it without me?

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra 4 days ago

    What if you found out you where sleeping so in your lucid dream you go to bed ? #sleepception

  • Eli the guy
    Eli the guy 5 days ago

    I trained my dreams by if it’s a nightmare I just get aware of it.

  • Im just a girl _
    Im just a girl _ 5 days ago

    My dream that earth did not exist and i woke up so scared and i think. That my mom was a killer😥😥😥

  • Hibana
    Hibana 5 days ago

    i want to dream about wet dream.....

  • Ella Powell
    Ella Powell 5 days ago

    I had a dream where i got pregnant and swallowed a spider with you know... that option

  • out for a rip 8726
    out for a rip 8726 5 days ago

    i want to go on a date with Violet Parr in my dream. And fight crime with her family

  • Sky Battler
    Sky Battler 5 days ago +1

    If i lucid dream and freddy kruger was in it i would be terrified

  • vemuru sai ganesh
    vemuru sai ganesh 5 days ago

    There are three types of dreams, unconscious conscious lucid

  • Kylie Nielsen
    Kylie Nielsen 5 days ago

    I can

  • RainbowOcean
    RainbowOcean 5 days ago

    Ever since I was little I have had crazy(on a scale from 1-10 my weird dreams score a joke) dreams I remember many and I see things as if they are real I used to try to run but I couldn't for some reason turns out that is why I kick in my sleep...I kept trying to physically move and ended up getting no where that fast because I was physically moving in my sleep. Just lately I have been at least been able to control my movements but I can't completely change the entire dream I can just barely change actions of what happens...the ironic thing is last night I had a dream that mixed a lazy river with my old school and then...Jurassic world (probably because I saw the movie 2 weeks ago...but there were only 5 different dinosaurs and they were you had to act different ways depending on the dinosaur like one particular one in order not to be eaten or killed you have to act playful like a dolphin...another you just have to duck underwater...but...there was one dinosaur the only thing you could try to do is run and hide and pray you wouldn't get caught...and after going around for 3 times I was wondering what would happen next and when it will be over but then there were dinosaurs taking people out of the water killing them I was freaking out and got out of the water and then they were all looking at me I was trapped but then a friend of mine came and grabed me taking me to like some one else's house and there was a lab there and then people were screaming and running because the dinosaurs were multiplying...and then it felt like temple run and we were running jumping and dodging...but that is where the dream ended because I was waken up...this was a dream I somewhat could control is a step up I suppose from...having a grave yard in front of my room window with zombies in my room with me under the bed(I think I was maybe 8), my school church filling with water and the the entrence blocked leaving me trapped inside(had that when I was 6), or the the one where my school parking lot was a lake or pool of some sort where I had had like midevil wood cuffs on my wrists and ankles where everyone was just looking at me trying to not drown(had that when I was also 6), then the one where the playground was a swamp and there were alligators and crocodiles and I jumped up to the swing set but had my leg bitten off(that was when I was maybe 9) and one where I was in a Chillies restraunt and then I wind up in a tank in my ballet clothes and was freaking out because I got holes in my tights and I knew my mom would be angry about that then wind up climbing out of the tank and then little hot potato sort of thing was going on with a weird tiny shark tank that went after me and so I ran to the entrence to find that the parking lot was so far down and then it became an ocean and then the shark reeled me in with a fishing rod getting me by the leg(that was when I was 5) then this one where I was a mermaid for some sort of place under a coffee table and then I was swimming in a stream that was the best and coolest one but...then it got crazy because I was in Africa based on the location looking like the Savannah. And then there were these guys shooting me and then it showed a mermaid skeleton with a large red ruby in the tail fin and then I pop out and and then I laughed and then the other people laughed HECK THE FRICKEN SKELETON LAUGHED!(I had that when I probably 12)and then there was Weirdmaggeten just after Weirdmaggeten part 1 on Gravity Falls I was in Weirdmaggeten and came face to face with Bill Cipher...that was when I was also 12...yeah...I could keep going but it might go on and on...and then I had some pretty dark twisted ones as well...I am not going to get into it...I don't even keep any kind of dream journal yet I remember my dreams clear as day...yeah...I think it have something wrong with me...I think I might need help...

  • Orlando Melvin
    Orlando Melvin 5 days ago


  • Destroyer 348
    Destroyer 348 6 days ago

    I would want to ride a dragon

  • A Hat
    A Hat 6 days ago

    I had a lucid dream once
    once I became fully aware I took complete control of the dream, basically becoming the god of that dream

  • Leo The Lion123
    Leo The Lion123 6 days ago +2

    I have always been a lucid dreamer from the age of 4.I can actually control my dreams and so can a lot of my family. Can this be a genetic thing or not? Also I can read in my dreams even in other languages.

  • UnityGamingTV
    UnityGamingTV 6 days ago

    I dreamed, but it was incredibly realistic because I watched a video on lucid dreaming.

  • Marie Khalil
    Marie Khalil 6 days ago

    It's weird but i have this "power" to control my dreams and it's cool accually!!

    Like if you're like me plz so i know i'm not alone

  • High Voltage / Lilo
    High Voltage / Lilo 6 days ago

    I once had a dream...where my crush kissed me...😳😳😳
    I wish it would have been real...😅😅😅

  • Gavin Ortega
    Gavin Ortega 6 days ago

    I’m tryna dream about meeting Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • Alexander perkins
    Alexander perkins 6 days ago

    I once had one of those I’m naked at School dreams, realised I was dreaming, and still couldn’t manage to get any clothes on...

  • Mireeyy
    Mireeyy 6 days ago

    I had a dream that somebody was choking me and i couldnt breath in my dream and in real life while i was sleep. Then when i woke up it was bcux my face was in my pillow

  • Ace Locke
    Ace Locke 6 days ago

    if i know im dreaming, i wake up. WHY!

  • Sailor Ceres
    Sailor Ceres 7 days ago

    i was controlling my dream until I got sleep paralysis IT WAS SO SHIT I WAS GETTING READY TO BE WITH MY CRUSH I WAS SO CLOSE then stupid paralysis.

  • Andrew Christmas
    Andrew Christmas 7 days ago

    Sex and racecars

  • Immohortal Magic
    Immohortal Magic 7 days ago

    i had a dream that i have power like on steven universe.

  • jibanyangamer 162456


  • yardino
    yardino 7 days ago

    I wanted to tie lucid dreaming I couldn't even fall asleep

  • Adriana Zipserová
    Adriana Zipserová 8 days ago

    I can control my dreams

  • IsaiahPlayz
    IsaiahPlayz 8 days ago

    What if dreams were reality and reality were dreams?

  • IsaiahPlayz
    IsaiahPlayz 8 days ago

    I would dream of having a girlfriend and doing stuff with her *wink wink*

  • Skrraa Trump
    Skrraa Trump 8 days ago

    So I had a lucid sex dream where I was at school chilling in my Math class then suddenly randomly look at my fingers which looked funny so I was like “OH SHIT IM DREAMING”
    I looked for the nearest hot chick and fucked her real good for a bit then woke up because I got too excited 😔😒😒😣

  • BlazingBlace
    BlazingBlace 8 days ago

    in my whole life i only lucid dreamed two times (im 10)

  • Laron Harris
    Laron Harris 8 days ago

    I can apparently change my dreams whenever I'm having a bad dream I wake up say fortnite or whatever and I dream about it

  • BabyKoala _1525
    BabyKoala _1525 9 days ago

    I kept on dreaming about snakes 🐍

  • Ashlee Starr
    Ashlee Starr 9 days ago

    Id like to dream about pokemon

  • codo four
    codo four 9 days ago

    Actually, I don't know If I even could lucid dream. Sometimes, I'll be dreaming, then something happens to make me think even a little bit, before I realize I'm already awake.

  • codo four
    codo four 9 days ago

    Call me a weirdo as you wish, but I had a dream in the 3rd grade where I walked out my front door, Into our driveway, & held up a quarter. I then shout fairly loudly, "I SUMMON THE POWERS OF THE UNDEAD DEMONS." Then there are ocean noises & a litteral tidal wave of slime erupts from our woods. I have no Idea where that came from, but If I could choose what happens In dreams, I might dream about that a little, just for fun.

  • brixel bish
    brixel bish 9 days ago

    I dreamed that I was hugging my favorite singer...the hug felt so real I don’t understand

  • Grax lag
    Grax lag 9 days ago +1

    I had a dream that I was in a progressive commercial it was weird.

  • Korol
    Korol 9 days ago

    I had a dream that I murdered Kermit the Frog in cold blood. We were on a train, and Kermit was singing while sitting on an open windowsill. It annoyed me to no end, and that’s how I pushed a popular cartoon character off of a moving train.

  • Yafavv_Nevaeh
    Yafavv_Nevaeh 10 days ago

    I had a Dream that I was in a house and there were trolls and the trolls couldn't touch salt so i surrounded the house with salt and the trolls eventually got in I put salt in the oven and it exploded and killed some trolls there was a tiny guy there too and till this day I still don't know whether it was a just dream or whether it was an actual movie

    Edit:It's a movie! It's called the spiderwick Chronicles

  • Patrick 07
    Patrick 07 10 days ago

    I'm kinda a lucid dreamer, but i can't control what I dream about. Instead I can control if I have dream or not.

  • Patrick 07
    Patrick 07 10 days ago

    Once I had a dream when I was in an airpalne. It was about to crash. Then I realized it was a dream because I would never travel by airplane.

    So I stood up and said: "everyone calm down this is just a dream"
    I was 5.

    SRN DA NOOB 10 days ago

    Friggen had a nightmare
    This guy trying to kill me and i woke up at 2am

  • Rorin Eaton
    Rorin Eaton 10 days ago

    Ask the people in your dream if you are dreaming. If they answer yes, then you can consciously control your dream.

  • Abdulaziz Kabbara
    Abdulaziz Kabbara 10 days ago

    I would bang my crush