How Can You Control Your Dreams?

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • What if there was a way to control your dreams? Let's discuss lucid dreaming!
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Comments • 17 685

  • btcmr123
    btcmr123 8 hours ago

    I had a lucid dream once, it happened to me when I am like, half awake half dreaming

  • Ian McNinch
    Ian McNinch 19 hours ago

    Whos Richard nixon lol

  • laner Sterm
    laner Sterm 19 hours ago

    I want to dream about sotp sign

  • Playingameswhitjam
    Playingameswhitjam 23 hours ago

    I will dream for being in attack on Titan it's a anime personnel stuff ok blocko k.

  • Czygamer 7188
    Czygamer 7188 Day ago

    I got 4 nightmares in 1 night, some dude followed me everywhere. I got an M16 and killed him.

  • L.I.C. Butterfly
    L.I.C. Butterfly Day ago +2

    I had one lucid dream, and I created a baby turtle pet. That’s it. Nothing else.

  • Manesh Narwade
    Manesh Narwade Day ago +1

    I have 2-3 lucid dreams yet and one stongest reason to realise it's dream was Magic. Magic doesnt exists but happened in my dream and i instantly got aware that is was dream😎
    Another one was current reality. Means at that time i was in Different school but in my dream i came to home from a school in which i was 4 years ago. So i got to know that it was dream😎

  • SirOldenough
    SirOldenough 2 days ago

    Anyone else able to wake themselves up from a dream?

  • SirOldenough
    SirOldenough 2 days ago

    I really control my dreams yet but I can force myself to wake up

  • Pokémon Sarah
    Pokémon Sarah 3 days ago

    I have Lucid Dreams. It's fun, I met my favorite youtuber TheOdd1sOut and kissed my crush. And sometimes it feels very, V E R Y real.

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 3 days ago

    I’m a lucid dreamer.what helps me is when I wake up I try to fall back to sleep and then when I do I’m still conscious in my dream it so dope I always do a kamehameha

  • Alex Ratonul
    Alex Ratonul 4 days ago

    Sometimes i have nightmares my brain makes me know i am in a nightmares
    I am romanian so it's possible to write somethings wrong.

  • Julious_2016
    Julious_2016 4 days ago

    I had a dream of my friend kissing my crush

  • Cloud9
    Cloud9 6 days ago

    i lucid dream once i was at home than i said oh im dreaming then i teleported myself ina blue room and then i appeard simon cowell XD

  • Luis Salvador
    Luis Salvador 7 days ago

    i want to dream about fridday the 13th

  • anti massacre
    anti massacre 7 days ago

    Ill dream that im spiderman and ill web swing

  • Jannatul Mohammed
    Jannatul Mohammed 7 days ago

    I always have this dream where I have powers and I can fly, but this time I controled myself not to wake up from inside my dream and it worked.

  • Noah Salmon
    Noah Salmon 7 days ago

    I can control my dreams. But only sometimes

  • Zire Fire plays
    Zire Fire plays 9 days ago

    I'm able to make my own dreams I just want to know how I do it and why my mom can't

  • Sirius031
    Sirius031 9 days ago +1

    In my childhood i had lots of nightmares. Now? I can stop my dreams at will. Here is What i do.
    Step 1 i realize that Im having a nightmare.
    Step 2 i go to a sleeping position.
    Step 3 i relaxe and close my eyes.
    Step 4 i can feel my real body while asleep, and proseed to try open my eyes
    Step 5 there is about 90% chance that i will open my eyes irl
    Step 6 if my eyes open i wake up in the same sleeping position i was in my dream.
    If ANYONE has this kind of ability please let me know. I want to know if i am the only one
    (Sry if my English is bad. It’s my second language)

  • gaming elijah 23
    gaming elijah 23 9 days ago

    im 10 and im lucid dreaming i can control my dreams i was dreaming i have super powers

  • Random Cow
    Random Cow 9 days ago +1

    I dreamt once that I was with the girl of my dreams, I woke up and was mad that it wasn't real

  • Rachel welsh
    Rachel welsh 9 days ago

    Whay do you do if you don't have dreams but still wanna have lucid dreams?

  • deadpunisher madison

    Talk more about dreams please and thank you

  • Juucie
    Juucie 9 days ago

    If i was a licid dreamer and I had a nightmare, I would give myself a gun, sword and torturing equipment and absolutely make the monster regret his LIFE.

  • FunOrb 7
    FunOrb 7 10 days ago

    I still see your shadows in my room...
    (Continue the song)

  • RayRay OuO
    RayRay OuO 10 days ago

    I dreamed that I went on a date with my crush.

    That’s how I knew it wasn’t real :,)

  • Gladys Patingo
    Gladys Patingo 11 days ago

    When im uncomfortable with my position in sleeping i can lucid dream cuz im half asleep and half awake. I always say to myself "please dont wake up, please dont wake up" 😂

  • Saffron Crowley
    Saffron Crowley 11 days ago

    Can you substitute dream journals for telling people about your dreams? Like instead of writing it down, say it out loud? I often forget to journal, but I talk about my dreams every morning with my boyfriend and it makes me think about them a lot more during the day....just wondering if it's kind of the same thing. I always tell myself I'm dreaming but then I forget once stuff starts happening..

  • Kitty Girl54321
    Kitty Girl54321 11 days ago

    2:01, hey, Triangle Bob, why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.

  • Lode Runner13
    Lode Runner13 12 days ago

    Had my 33rd lucid dream recently

  • The Beanie Babies Collector, Emily Robin

    I’m a very lucid dreamer, always have been.

  • The Beanie Babies Collector, Emily Robin

    Have a massive belief of life, it’s a bit different to other peoples.
    I think, before you are born there a storks in the clouds that work in factories and create a little baby with all its personalities and everything, choose the couple to have it and then the couple makes the baby and has them. The stork also picks a animal that will be connected to the child and also a guardian animal\angel, like a magpie as the guardian and a wolf as the connection, the connection is what the child will turn into when they die, and they’ll go to this place called “spirit animal world”, where all the people who have died are now animals and can talk to other animals and live a peaceful life. People who are mean and cruel during their life, will not go to spirit animal world but just...Die and that’s it. There’s also a guardian animal\angel world, where all the guardians live together to make sure everyone is given a hard path, but will soon enough be given a enchanted one and whatever guardian angel\animal has a particular human will give that human his\her choices, life, voice, personality, thoughts, dreams and emotions, and will give them fate. The guardian animal is a animal you’ll also see around a lot near you, and that will be a sign that that is your guardian. Also, if someone in your family meant a lot to you and they’re still alive but you have died, you will be moved to the guardian animal world and will protect that person in your family that you love and care about. Now, if you made one mistake or were a bit cruel once or twice during your life, yeah you’ll still go to spirit animal world...But if you killed or hunted for ages, then no you’ll probably or defiantly will not be going to spirit animal world. Now, you can have one or more spirit\guardian animals, but when you die the storks will choose one that fitted you mostly throughout your life. Usually, the destined to be mean people {like murders}, will be made by the evil dark red storks {which are like devils}, they are monstrous and try to make very cruel people...But obviously the great storks take over them. f the person who is a spirit animal in the spirit animal world is starting to be forgotten about in the real world, they will get grey fur\skin, but won’t fade away...They will forever live, but if they are remembered they’ll be strong, lively and have very bright skin\fur in the spirit animal world.

  • PumpkinSpice gamez
    PumpkinSpice gamez 13 days ago

    I had one and for some reason I turned my sister into a cat xD

  • 바나
    바나 13 days ago

    i have dreams that i dream twice, but the endings are always different, different versions. for example, i was kidnapped in my dream, like 8 years ago and in the dream i couldn’t run away, i saw a window but i was pretty slow and the person just pulled me back. but like a year ago i had the same dream but with a different ending. when i dream twice the same dream, i can control what i do coz i know that i have already experienced this so i know everything. so in this second dream, i didn’t do the same mistakes i did the first time and i ran away outta the window.
    yesterday i had a dream that i was in prison.. i had this dream exactly a few years ago.. the ending was different too.. idk what this means, i always have the same dream twice and its always with a different ending

  • Drippy ON DA MIX
    Drippy ON DA MIX 14 days ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • Zage
    Zage 14 days ago

    I controled my dream last night i checked if im dreaming by pinching myself so i went to my school and saw my crush and kissed her 😂 i consider that my first kiss

  • Man utd fan
    Man utd fan 14 days ago

    I tried lucid dreaming once and i was scared to sleep for a week.

  • Nsjsjwowjs
    Nsjsjwowjs 14 days ago

    Why do people say controlling you're dreams is so hard? U litterally do it all the time!

  • YoBoiRubberQUACK Haxorboi

    Look, i am a lucid dreamer and well i can have a controlled a lucid dream when awake and yeah its awesome

  • Crazy Life
    Crazy Life 15 days ago

    مصادر الدحيح 😂😂😂

  • XxEliteJxX
    XxEliteJxX 15 days ago

    I use to have slight control of dreams along side I always know that I'm dreaming plus I can wake my self up any time

  • Bao Tran
    Bao Tran 18 days ago

    do you ever dream that you want to fly but then you just can't like you jump but nothign happens

  • Mr. Gazing
    Mr. Gazing 18 days ago

    so one time i had a lucid dream. so my friends were in my dream and i was trying to explain that they werent real and i was dreaming it was really wierd

  • Draw Everything
    Draw Everything 19 days ago

    I want to dream about me buying an iPhone x

  • Caleb 26gaming
    Caleb 26gaming 20 days ago

    When I find out I'm in a dream I wake up

  • Naomi Cornett
    Naomi Cornett 20 days ago +2

    I have a lot of dreams about my crush and I would LOVE to have more of them.

  • Wolfs Draht
    Wolfs Draht 21 day ago


  • sam piral
    sam piral 21 day ago


  • Filip Natalia Dobrowolscy

    I can control my dreams

  • TheMazZT
    TheMazZT 21 day ago +1


  • Princegeorge28
    Princegeorge28 21 day ago

    When I dream I die :(

  • hey
    hey 21 day ago +1

    I would dream about my crush...😍

  • Amazing Amelie
    Amazing Amelie 22 days ago +1

    Somehow I always wake up when I’m at my happiest

  • Natsucool_ 12
    Natsucool_ 12 22 days ago

    I don't dream 😢

  • Emily Ave.
    Emily Ave. 22 days ago +2

    I w
    I wa
    I wan
    I want
    I want t
    I want to
    I want to f
    I want to fl
    I want to fly
    I want to fy
    I want to f
    I want to
    I want t
    I want
    I wan
    I wa
    I w
    Please like this took me a little bit.

  • Lazs Sas
    Lazs Sas 22 days ago

    My Favorite Dream is Oasis Like I Just Want to Play The Game Because it's Lot Less Fun To Play With!

  • turker akkus
    turker akkus 22 days ago

    I would dream about how to train your dragon

    • i like cheese
      i like cheese 18 days ago

      I would dream about star wars and Jurassic world mixing togheter

  • AsianFailMLG
    AsianFailMLG 23 days ago

    I can control my movement when I dream and I feel things as well

  • TwoFace Lps
    TwoFace Lps 23 days ago

    I would want to dream of swinging on a swing

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge 23 days ago +5

    baldis basic is what I want to dream about (spank me daddy)

  • Angel Madrigal
    Angel Madrigal 23 days ago

    I’m a lucid dreamer already why am I watching this

  • Kane Burns
    Kane Burns 24 days ago

    Last night I realized I was having a lucid dream and was so hyped and I was at school, Then I saw my crush and ran over to her and tried to kiss her and I woke up. I was so mad I didn't talk to anyone the next day.

  • Sienna Elstob
    Sienna Elstob 25 days ago

    I just woke up from lucid dreaming, and I only got to do one thing in my dream that i really wanted to do - Call my crush on a phone 😂 Oh well, at least i got to do something! I have wanted to lucid dream for a while :D

  • Robin
    Robin 25 days ago

    I would control what species i am
    I would be a wolf

  • Elliott Wood
    Elliott Wood 25 days ago

    I'd like a video on astral projection

  • haithem
    haithem 26 days ago

    when i know im dreaming i panic and rowll everything on dream , idk why
    but i alway afrade to know if im dreaming
    and thats another problem
    i wanna fix

  • Fire Storm
    Fire Storm 26 days ago

    Nangyayayri sakin toh nung bata ako pero syempre di ko pa alam un kasi bata pa ako kaya ko rin gumising sa panaginip ko kung gusto ko pero isang bese nung sinubukan kong gumising nakita ko sarili ko nakahiga tapos ung ako rin nalutang bago pagkatapos nun nagising ako

  • Alma Paczko
    Alma Paczko 27 days ago

    What is your favourite dream? And what is your dream? My favourite dream was when I hugged my idol 😣💞💞💞 I'd love to see it every night.. and my dream is to meet her ❤

  • Ok Ko
    Ok Ko 27 days ago

    When I know I'm dreaming, I wake up.

  • Sodio Clawkus
    Sodio Clawkus 27 days ago

    I need to dream about how to build a time machine so i can erase fortnite out of existence

  • The mangle_ fnaffer
    The mangle_ fnaffer 28 days ago

    I haven these lucid dreams
    Where I can't move a thing
    Thinking of you in my bed

  • Roark is the best Navra

    I would wanna dream about a lmamma that was a superhero that would be epic and it’s side kick was a puffin bird

  • 정진주
    정진주 28 days ago

    I’m here cause I wanna dream of bangtan

  • kamizuki shina
    kamizuki shina 28 days ago

    This happen a lot to me

  • Mya Satcher
    Mya Satcher 29 days ago

    I tried to control my dreams or lucid dream, then I had sleep paralysis....
    Never gonna do that again, but can anyone tell me why?

  • Aiden Snicker
    Aiden Snicker 29 days ago

    I can’t control what my dreams are about, but I can control myself. Everyone else in my dream is like an NPC with foxes telling it what to do.

  • Tomy Thomas The Tank Engine

    when my owner was dreaming when he realised he was dreaming the whole dream became blurry and he woke up
    i know that because he knew that

  • Reapinit
    Reapinit 29 days ago

    I once fell asleep when I was in the middle of masturbation and experienced a dream where I had sex with the person I was thinking about when I was masturbating but I wasn't covered when I woke up. So that was pretty awesome.

  • Gamer4 Life
    Gamer4 Life 29 days ago

    Yeah but if u know your dreaming won’t u panic in your sleep

  • Jordy Montelongo
    Jordy Montelongo Month ago

    *_Lucid Dreams_*
    Gives me a idea

  • Rxiny
    Rxiny Month ago

    I was able to read and think in German in my dream and I never knew the language now I know some German???

  • GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarth


  • WinterMelody X
    WinterMelody X Month ago

    is it weird that i like my nightmares and is it normal for me to force my eyes to go back to reality. when you have a dream think of your self opening your eyes then you'll wake up, that works for me but i like to keep my nightmare so you do you

  • WinterMelody X
    WinterMelody X Month ago

    is it weird that i like my nightmares and is it normal for me to force my eyes to go back to reality. when you have a dream think of your self opening your eyes then you'll wake up, that works for me but i like to keep my nightmare so you do you

  • Saucy Sausage :v
    Saucy Sausage :v Month ago

    My old nightmare is this
    ( btw this is real i still remember it)
    *A naked lady, headless holding a hot clothed ironer chaseing me around my own house, untill i wake up*

  • The unpredictable dude 2

    And I can cool dreams

  • The unpredictable dude 2

    I control my dreams I can’t sleep talk sleepwalk sleep dance practically sleep anything

  • -JayLlama21-
    -JayLlama21- Month ago

    To wake up from a nightmare or lucid dream make it feel like you are squinting your eyes very very hard

  • Both1122 GT
    Both1122 GT Month ago

    I wanted to dream about having sex

  • Makayla Hall
    Makayla Hall Month ago

    I had a dream I was flying around my house but when I woke up I was highly dissapointed it wasn't real😂

  • The Busy Bee
    The Busy Bee Month ago

    I want to dream that I’m in the adventure time universe and be in the stakes sieries

  • Hidden Figure Unknown
    Hidden Figure Unknown Month ago +2

    I can control my dreams and read in any language in them. Also sometimes (barely) in the middle of the day, I get signs of things and then I assume something happened to someone I care about and it actually happens. :P

  • adam fry
    adam fry Month ago

    Ik everyone wants to lucid dream to bang that one girl 😂

  • Miro Ala-aho
    Miro Ala-aho Month ago

    I once saw a dream that a dinosaur with its head replaced with flag chased me

  • Hey Jomel
    Hey Jomel Month ago

    I have these lucid dreams where I can’t move a thing thinkig of you in my bed..
    Continue please!!

  • Michael F
    Michael F Month ago

    I would drive a Bugatti

  • dawn sarnie
    dawn sarnie Month ago

    Unicorns please please please please please please

  • Drip_ Replayz
    Drip_ Replayz Month ago

    0:49 someone’s been watching shark boy lava girl to much

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    This is how I don’t get any bad dreams; I think of all the weird creepy things I’ve witnessed in the day before I sleep and forget about the good things. Then the good things pop up in my dream!