How Can You Control Your Dreams?

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • What if there was a way to control your dreams? Let's discuss lucid dreaming!
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Comments • 14 635

  • Lil Kunt
    Lil Kunt Hour ago

    When i have lucid dream i go smash girls

  • Stylish Star AA channel

    I'm gonna dream about being Thanos

  • Liquid Martijn
    Liquid Martijn 2 hours ago

    dream of me with my crush doing stuff together. Imma hug her because it didn't happen in real life. (^~^)

  • Ghost🎧Slayer
    Ghost🎧Slayer 12 hours ago

    I had a head injury, and am currently unable to dream for some reason, or I forget

  • Toxic Catastrophe
    Toxic Catastrophe 12 hours ago

    Everything i dream about are always things that happened in my life before mixed together, and then it just goes on and on everyday.

  • Edelyn Estrella
    Edelyn Estrella 14 hours ago

    I am going to derem of my crhus

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 14 hours ago

    I once dreamed of Mario trying to murder me. Don't ask me how I got that nightmare. At least I was able to get a sword from the legend of Zelda and destroy that mean Mario. Is that controlling my dream?

  • Asupahman Dudexp
    Asupahman Dudexp 14 hours ago +1


  • Rachel :D
    Rachel :D 15 hours ago +1

    I can control all the dreams I have and what happends in them idk how I learned how to but I can, thought others could to ;-;

  • Regino Conrad Vilches
    Regino Conrad Vilches 18 hours ago

    I'd want to dream something nice but what I usually dream is the future possibility that literally happens.

  • Lucas the Demon
    Lucas the Demon 21 hour ago

    Technically, LIFE is a dream.

  • Xzavierre Suarez
    Xzavierre Suarez 21 hour ago

    I have one weird dream 4 snakes jumping up and down 😆

  • Termi / Jannik
    Termi / Jannik 22 hours ago

    I would dream about peace and adventures with my Friends

  • OmegaWolf 5
    OmegaWolf 5 23 hours ago

    I can

  • Savage Smoothie
    Savage Smoothie 23 hours ago

    Often i know im dreaming but can't control it

  • Dabouwss Youtube

    I've found whenever I have a nightmare lights basically stop functioning so if I'm not sure I'll turn on a light see it made almost no difference slam my head against a wall and wake up

  • Mihailo Radovanović

    i was doed that!

  • nice song
    nice song Day ago

    I am gonna dream about a girl I like

  • Lassoh MLG Diamond

    I was controlling my dreams before, it was only 1 time, I don't know, but I was controlling my dreams by thinking, I was only able to control my dreams while I'm not even dreaming asleep. The only thing I like dreaming is apprently having free robux and unlimited Outrageous Builders Club on Roblox. *( Roblox is a game if you didn't know. )*

  • Llama Love
    Llama Love Day ago

    Eek I'm a lucid dreamer! I've been doing it for two years, and another thing to help is hearing. In some dreams, people speak gibberish and dogs meow. So yeah, there's my tip!

  • Kenji Lescara
    Kenji Lescara Day ago

    I can control my dreams and know I'm dreaming it's super trippy

  • Ryan Boswell
    Ryan Boswell Day ago

    When I'm asleep I think I'm dead no literally

  • The Black Rider
    The Black Rider Day ago


  • epic flower
    epic flower Day ago

    I wanted to dream about me and my crush hanging out... and maybe go on a date... -_-

  • Samuel R
    Samuel R Day ago


  • Lizard Girl
    Lizard Girl Day ago

    im too absorbed in my dream to remember to do these things

  • Springtrap Games

    I would like to dream about being a wolf, animatronic....kissing my crush...SHHH DONT TELL ANYONE

  • GoldenCreeper316

    What if we are dreaming that we can control our dreams?

  • Rosebird
    Rosebird Day ago

    I once realized I was dreaming by breathing underwater, then remembering a dream weeks ago where I was able to breath underwater. That was a fun dream.

  • kowladMC
    kowladMC Day ago

    Spending time with my crush

  • CrazyMonkey 0117

    I can easily dream of what I wany and control them, pretty cool feeling. I like dreaming better than reality hahaha, I hope that's not a bad thing

  • mrblue302
    mrblue302 2 days ago

    Am I dreaming now?

  • Only Revision
    Only Revision 2 days ago

    *I am gonna dream about getting 10 thousand subscribers*

  • Rabib Jaman
    Rabib Jaman 2 days ago

    Sex drim😀😀😉😉

  • BirdieCutie Playz
    BirdieCutie Playz 2 days ago

    I will dream of me getting popular :D

  • Noisybüy{JG52} Jagdeschwader 52

    I had a dream of meeting Donald Trump in a weird color violet place. I think we talked about politics and after the conversation, my dream brought me to like a weird elevator thing and brought me to the normal world in the city and got a sausage for free. This is my weirdest dream I had

  • Ølivia Kelley
    Ølivia Kelley 2 days ago

    Ima dream of Benedict cumberbatch and death the kid xD

  • Sweet Rose Neko
    Sweet Rose Neko 2 days ago

    I'm a lucid dreamer I narrate controll and creat my dreams I'm 14 and have done it since I was 7 because I used to have night mares that scared me so bad I wanted to controll my dreams

  • Mikaeruda - Gaming and Drawings

    I once controlled my dream where i nearly i nearly died and i thought of having powers lol

  • Jennifer McPherson
    Jennifer McPherson 2 days ago

    I controlled it once

  • Jhoanne Fitzgerald
    Jhoanne Fitzgerald 2 days ago

    I lucid dream

  • Primus03
    Primus03 2 days ago +1

    I did have a dream where I was at the mall doing the normal stuff I would usually do with my parents irl. But when I was going going home in my dream I it took 40 seconds to get back home. I wondered how I was home so quickly I looked at the top left of my window and saw the mall (because the mall was so far away from my home in real life) I quickly realized I was dreaming and woke up.
    To this day I still remember that dream

  • Anula Menetric
    Anula Menetric 2 days ago

    I have only controlled my dream once and I was stupid to only want my garden to be perfect and not want a dragon or mansion or something cool 😑

  • Lizy Rubio
    Lizy Rubio 2 days ago

    I can lucid dream lol

  • Crazy Tube
    Crazy Tube 2 days ago

    My brother can control his dreams and he can switch dreams if he see any nightmare so he can switch to another dream + he can fly on his dreams but its hard as he says

  • Terri Kennedy
    Terri Kennedy 2 days ago

    1:29 IT SAYS "Reading is apparently suprsingly hard in dreams"

  • Libby & Noahs's fun tv

    My favourite dram is loving a girl in my class called Ava

  • #GamingWith Talitha
    #GamingWith Talitha 3 days ago

    0:24 freddy spotted

  • #GamingWith Talitha
    #GamingWith Talitha 3 days ago

    I need dis video xd

  • Tony Bend
    Tony Bend 3 days ago

    Well I can controll my dream sometime.

  • Chhen Va999
    Chhen Va999 3 days ago

    im gonna dream about control the world.

  • All About Gaming
    All About Gaming 3 days ago

    This one time I dreamed of my family being zombies and I KNEW I was dreaming because I hid in the truck then I was like standing still to wake up and moving my hands saying please wake up

  • kerrie juarez
    kerrie juarez 3 days ago

    _I had a dream my senpai loved me_

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 3 days ago

    Once I had a dream I was a loser and had no life lol............wait, thats everyday....

  • Caleb Washington
    Caleb Washington 3 days ago +1

    Focus on realizing you are dreaming

  • Rocio Gutierrez
    Rocio Gutierrez 3 days ago

    I can control my dreams I usually fly

  • Caleb Washington
    Caleb Washington 3 days ago

    It is easy to do

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy 3 days ago

    One time I was dreaming while dreaming in my dream xD seriously

  • Penquin
    Penquin 3 days ago

    I have lucid dreams, once I was in a hospital and I could move around and control when the doctor was like fixing me.

  • Chicken P
    Chicken P 3 days ago

    Im 16 and I can control my dreams and I try to use them productively, for example I think of a issue I faced with my computer woke up and was able to fix it because I knew what to do.

  • Paul Stevens
    Paul Stevens 3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that when you dream you (in that current state) are basically mad.

  • Brice Barajas
    Brice Barajas 3 days ago

    I am a lusid dreamer I can control objects and things I can fly and do whatever I think of think of this as a musel as u lucid dream u get stronger and do more things like making a objects appear out of no where I got a tip go around a corner in u lucid dreaming and think of something u want to be there it works every time

  • Fish
    Fish 3 days ago

    i once ever dreamed that i received a message that a donut seller came my school with their shop but when i came to the school they where selling burgers =P

  • Abhinav Chandra
    Abhinav Chandra 4 days ago +1

    Become a super sayain

  • paneris aggelos
    paneris aggelos 4 days ago

    yea one day i was lucid dreaming and in my dream i stole a tank but i crashe it a few metres away and then i woke up

  • Hello M8
    Hello M8 4 days ago

    i wanna dream about going invisible and scaring my friends

  • ultra magnus
    ultra magnus 4 days ago

    I dream a nightmare i have infinite guns i cool zombies and many more my mom wake me and i sed die you zombie i speak that that im realy wake up now so lol it

  • Ethan’s Channel
    Ethan’s Channel 4 days ago

    I once had a dream where I knew I was dreaming, there was a bunch of weird shapes and everything, and another Ethan said, "Your dreaming Ethan." THANKS A LOT OTHER ETHAN, but sadly, I couldn't control it.

  • Lori Jackson
    Lori Jackson 4 days ago


  • Swat3185
    Swat3185 4 days ago

    i has a few dreams where thing from other dreams reoccur, its weird

  • TheAndres 679
    TheAndres 679 4 days ago

    I dreamed about fighting titans on Attack on Titan

  • TheAndres 679
    TheAndres 679 4 days ago

    Who dreams in being Anime

  • Marshmallow Cupcake
    Marshmallow Cupcake 4 days ago

    That's why I have lots of nightmares,because of my brother (he farts)

  • VelocirapGirl
    VelocirapGirl 4 days ago

    I'm gonna dream of owning a bird lol

  • will 192837
    will 192837 4 days ago

    Someone tell me if this actually helped them lucid dream

  • Cati Mations
    Cati Mations 4 days ago

    I sometimes

  • WolfyGaming235
    WolfyGaming235 4 days ago

    I can only control myself in my dreams ;-;
    Like, I can fly....

  • WolfyGaming235
    WolfyGaming235 4 days ago


  • ItsEphie
    ItsEphie 4 days ago

    I can sometimes control what I do but not what other people do nor how the dream come apart.Actually I seem to be able to know I’m dreaming sometimes.

  • Jenny Stanley
    Jenny Stanley 4 days ago

    I had a Harry Potter fantastic beasts dream where I was fighting a beast from the movies twice
    Died by basilisk won against a weird nose noodle horse

  • Red Dragon578
    Red Dragon578 4 days ago +1

    When I'm dreaming, I always wake up at the good parts. Then I try to think what would happen next. It's less fun.

  • bartolomeus bartu
    bartolomeus bartu 4 days ago

    I want to have a dream where im on a date

    KAY NINES 4 days ago

    Wet dreams....

    KAY NINES 4 days ago

    Thanks I wanna dream about a hot girl in my class she’s gorgeous.....🤤🤤

    GROWINGFUNGUS 5 days ago

    Lucid nightmares?

  • Aadith Krishnan.R.S
    Aadith Krishnan.R.S 5 days ago

    Today I dreamt of me as an assassin who has full control over the apple of eden and I killed a dinosaur sized chicken with it.... It was weird when I woke up

  • Pillral Garden
    Pillral Garden 5 days ago

    I dreamed that I am a maid and was walking up all the guests in there rooms for breakfast 😂 and than I opened the door of one of the guests and saw a hot sexy naked man on his bed 😱😱😱 I was shocked and I was like ehhhhh RUN!

  • Rowin Brouwer
    Rowin Brouwer 5 days ago

    soms tunes i wake up half in a dream and then i want to know whats going to happend so i theorize about or and then i actualy dream about that sorry for my bad engelish

  • Holly Jackson
    Holly Jackson 5 days ago

    I dream about flying, and dogs. Lol dreams are great

  • Sketch Kat
    Sketch Kat 5 days ago

    I can know that I'm dreaming because I always dream about the same/similar thing... AKA Harry Potter, Minecraft, and anything I have read/played recently, so I always know what I'm going to dream about and it's easy to control it.

  • Sir buttgameing
    Sir buttgameing 5 days ago

    I. Would dream about diveing into a pool of chocolate

  • Summer Rose121
    Summer Rose121 5 days ago

    Imma dream about meeting the one and the only MARKIPLOOP

    OCTO ZAPPSTER22 5 days ago

    anyone else dream of smash 5 early releace

  • Fox Girl
    Fox Girl 5 days ago

    I would dream about me controlling all elements of nature and flying on a glider with my best friend

  • yuan yuan friend
    yuan yuan friend 5 days ago +1

    Yo, I like dream I in an adventure with my friends to fight the force of the evils.😆😊 I wish I never wake up😎😙😬😇😰😙😲😲😪😪😪😪😪

  • Wild Kobra
    Wild Kobra 5 days ago

    I wanna dream about riding a farting unicorn 🦄+💨🌈=epic

  • CoolPug24 AJ
    CoolPug24 AJ 5 days ago

    I have dreams about my crush a lot

  • William Plush991
    William Plush991 5 days ago

    I've had some dreams that predicted the future and happened exactly how they were in reality because I'm a licud dreamer but controlling what happens ruins the element of surprise

  • gamaman 628
    gamaman 628 5 days ago

    Im gonna dresm of me and my crush kissing

  • Alpha Dragon Game Design

    I know this sounds out of place, but I've always wanted to control my dreams and make them like a video game. basically making my dreams into a epic 1 VS All battle where I'm a one man army vs like Zombies and other video game enemies. the imaginary games I used to play as a little kid where like this and I enjoyed it lots. I don't know why, but that's what happened.