Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • james evarts
    james evarts 18 hours ago


  • Unreliable Narrator 66

    Since Republicans want to privatize infrastructure, let private companies build the wall and charge toll for users.

  • Joseph Carroll
    Joseph Carroll 2 days ago

    My grandma has a $400 cell phone but she only ever uses her landline.

  • waiotahi52
    waiotahi52 2 days ago

    Ikea will make it?

    I AM SECOND 2 days ago

    FUCK this Faggot I wish a illegal refugee would kill this liberal cocksucker

    • Jimvanhise
      Jimvanhise Day ago

      Again, another comment attacking him for attacking the wall but not disputing any of his actual points. Two years after John Oliver's commentary, Kellyanne Conway announced that Donald Trump "discovered" (her word) that he cannot actually have a two thousand mile wall along the border due to obstacles.

    • bulletproofblouse
      bulletproofblouse Day ago

      He's a cocksucker that's liberal, or is it that he only sucks liberal cocks?

  • Jake Lownds
    Jake Lownds 3 days ago

    I don't know how Mexico's gonna get £23 Billion

    • Jake Lownds
      Jake Lownds 3 days ago

      The Richest Country in the world,China, wouldn't be able to pay for that... ******* Wall

  • Lissie Foxx
    Lissie Foxx 3 days ago

    So I was curious so I just looked up how much dried sea cucumbers cost. $435 to $1,000 per kilogram!

  • inlimboxyu
    inlimboxyu 4 days ago

    Wow, I did not see that Taylor Hicks reference coming! Amazing!

  • You-Know -Poo
    You-Know -Poo 5 days ago

    Don't diss landline, you British squirrel.

  • crippledcommie
    crippledcommie 6 days ago

    captions please!

  • ramo moreno
    ramo moreno 6 days ago

    The only difference between hitler & chump is he hate's all satan is your king

  • Sauron
    Sauron 7 days ago +2

    John Oliver went game theory on Trump’s ass.

  • Kathy Walton
    Kathy Walton 7 days ago

    He'll save $$ by stiffing the smaller subcontractors...

  • AllYourBase
    AllYourBase 8 days ago +2

    Trump supporters who believed this mess are gullible and should be ashamed

  • Arturo RoblesGiveit2me
    Arturo RoblesGiveit2me 8 days ago +1

    Demented Don has a border wall fetish. He should be more concerned about getting Melania a chastity belt. It would be just about as effective. The wall would not keep people out of the country and a chastity belt would not keep dicks out of his whore Melania.

  • Colby Thornton
    Colby Thornton 9 days ago

    Why does it say Last night when it was a year ago from today

  • Finian Blackett
    Finian Blackett 9 days ago

    "Your brilliant plan has been undone by mankind's third invention."

  • Chenelle Travis
    Chenelle Travis 9 days ago

    Why not attach motion sensors to the wall to automatically shoot illegal immigrants. - Trump Logic

  • Smarty Pants
    Smarty Pants 10 days ago

    he asked $38B for the wall guess mexico is not goinh to pay

  • Jimvanhise
    Jimvanhise 11 days ago
    It is official. No two thousand mile border wall.

  • Jimvanhise
    Jimvanhise 12 days ago

    Spoiler alert! In January 2018 Trump started backing away from a two thousand mile wall and is talking about a wall only in certain areas. Only his fans are surprised by this as John Oliver's video spotlighted the obstacles in building an actual two thousand mile wall and those obstacles are not going away.

  • Jason Nge
    Jason Nge 14 days ago +1

    Cmon guys he just wants the wall so that he can gain the HIGH GROUND

  • undercoverconman
    undercoverconman 14 days ago

    Now it’s 18 billion. From 4billion to 18 billion

  • Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe 16 days ago

    John Oliver is barely a comedian who lacks the ability to discuss this with logic. His one-sided answers to his one-sided questions are not close to being funny. How is billions of wasted dollars funny to you? Oliver is complaining about a 12 billion dollar wall, that is truly a drop-in-a-bucket compared to California’s debt currently over 425 BILLION dollars. Where did that money go John? and why do they continue with policies the state cannot afford. Why should the rest of the country pay for California’s mistakes. If California alone would pay for the wall, maybe in a few decades after their spending rampage, they could afford their own state.
    Why is this John? Could it be the Democrats want voters who will continue to vote them in so long as they get FREE stuff? If we were to allow people in our Country who could speak our language, loved our country and had the willingness to be productive in our society, it would be different. Through tax revenue they would pay, it would be worth allowing them in. However they are nothing more than a tax burden which we cannot afford. They don’t want to live in America, they want to create a new Mexico because they can’t control their own country. Mr Oliver, how much do you make? Do you lock your doors at night? why? How many illegal aliens do you allow to sleep on your living room sofa or even in your basement? I’m sure you lock your doors at night and you don’t allow anyone to take free refuge in your home. If you think it’s a good idea, why don’t YOU pay for them. The taxes you pay doesn’t come close to paying for the amount of these people coming over in one day. Oh but it’s okay so long as “someone else” is supporting them. Your apparently a socialist, so I urge you to move to Venezuela and set up shop. I think you’d like it there.
    There has been NO society in the history of mankind who has allowed people to arrive in their territory for the sole purpose of draining their economy, NONE. Now I’m going to play the liberal card, if you disagree with me, you must be a Socialist. Contribute to our economy by coming here legally or go home. DACA, sorry kids, since when am I responsible for an ignorant parent’s decision? Why don’t you buy me a new car and a house so I can live on your money like you seem to suggest our country does. Never mind that I didn’t work for it, why should I work if someone is going to take care of me for nothing. Where’s the incentive to work? John Oliver is going to support me. I would truly love to have been able to rebuild Japan after the Tsunami, or better yet, Texas or Florida after the floods. why don’t I? Unlike California, I realize I can not afford it. Maybe I should take out a huge loan and have the rest of the country pay for it whether they want to or not. Sorry folks, this can happen no more, California liberals must realize the well is dry and the rest of the country is not willing to help people who won’t help themselves and spreads anti-American propaganda whenever or wherever they can. It’s nothing to do with whether I am a “mean” person or not, the fact is, we simply can’t afford it, simple as that. Listen to yourself at 5:13, “People love it when you make them pay for shit they don’t want”. Then at 6:06, the Mexican President says we should pay for the wall, not that there shouldn’t be a wall, only that they are not going to pay for it. Back to you John, I watched your video but failed to hear you address a serious problem, only half as jokes, your a piece of work.
    I saw a video of an illegal alien stating this country was never great. Hello, We are the envy of the world. Where else on earth can someone be accepted into another’s home and disrespect them on a daily basis? Eat their food, live on their income, enjoy the luxuries and freedom of no other country in the world, yet still talk crap about them 24/7? And we should welcome that? I think NOT.
    I have a great idea for John Oliver, why doesn’t he suggest to his family and neighbors in Erdington, West Midlands, England to spend their hard earned money to pay what he thinks the people of the United States should pay. I think the people in his homeland would welcome draining their bank accounts to ship these people into our country, then pay for them to exist for the next 75 years of their life as well as years afterwords. I think Mr Oliver would not be welcome back home where he should be going anyway.

    • souliaq
      souliaq 3 days ago

      I don't agree with you, but I admire the amount of text you put in this comment.

  • kevin degn
    kevin degn 17 days ago

    I’m still waiting for our free border wall Mexico. You’re on notice Mexico.

    • Luis Lopez
      Luis Lopez 16 days ago

      What are you going to do? Go to war with us, while several american companies own manufacturing plants on this side of the border?

  • Christopher Logue
    Christopher Logue 17 days ago

    Levy a tax on all import trade with Mexico, and impose a hefty "Border Wall Surcharge" on all remittance payments going to Mexico.
    That'll do it.

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 19 days ago

    no audio

  • Inderbir Bal
    Inderbir Bal 19 days ago

    Wow.... John Oliver looks like a Pygmy Owl

  • Ciprian
    Ciprian 22 days ago

    That fella at 1:52, just aboe the cnn debate hashtag... Is he alive? What did he see up there, surely it can`t be a TV with Trump, doubt that speech could be more interesting on tv...

  • Jason Barrett-Fox
    Jason Barrett-Fox 22 days ago +1

    "a trump wall" he has his own wall business now? BANK freaking RUPT.

  • Diego Leva
    Diego Leva 22 days ago +1

    5:10 yeah we will be fucking happy to waste all our money on your plan

  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk 22 days ago

    Why can't the Mexican president do something good for his people that makes all of his people want to stay in their own country at least until the paperwork is done?

    • Ravi Tolani
      Ravi Tolani 20 days ago

      no way it can be done.. it will take years . too many people

  • Atley Meow
    Atley Meow 23 days ago +1

    10k dislikes? lmfao... Trump supporters hate fact and truth, is that why most of them are fake christian neoxenophobic shitlords?

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer 23 days ago +1

    Billions of dollars for a wall they'd fly over anyway

  • eli leavett
    eli leavett 23 days ago +2

    we need this wall look what happened in china and isreal it even says it in the bible about a great wall being built its not about being racist its about keeping usa safe

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 19 days ago

      But it won't keep the country safe. It won't solve anything.

  • Tjbeach
    Tjbeach 24 days ago +1

    If the wall fell down it could make waffles

  • lyomon
    lyomon 24 days ago

    12 billion for a wall ... why not for the people ?

  • Dylan Wedel
    Dylan Wedel 25 days ago

    This was just a plot to get his idiot fans riled up. He was never going to do it. And the wall would only be 4% of the US military budget, so price is not a factor

    • Dylan Wedel
      Dylan Wedel 25 days ago +1

      But of course he wouldn't say he was cutting the military budget, that would've fucked him

  • scrapmetal37
    scrapmetal37 26 days ago

    Make Waffles Exist Again (MWEA)

  • GavinAndersson13
    GavinAndersson13 27 days ago

    Has *anyone* in here commented on 2:51 through 3:05? The first time I saw this, I was laughing more loudly than Monty Python's so-called "funniest joke in the world."
    I feel so bad for the kid being carried by Donald Trump. "WHAT IS THE WALL GOING TO BE MADE OUT OF?!" He's so *terrified!* I can't help but feel sorry for him.

    • GavinAndersson13
      GavinAndersson13 27 days ago

      Greeeeat. I've found something funnier. 6:00
      "I'm not going to pay for that (dramatic pause) *bleeping* wall. *He* should pay for it."
      Well said, sir. Well said. I applaud you for your effort.

    • GavinAndersson13
      GavinAndersson13 27 days ago

      Great. I watched this a third time... and I'm not laughing anymore...

  • Sourav Misra
    Sourav Misra 28 days ago

    Why 10k people dislike the video 😂😂

  • jkh
    jkh 29 days ago +1

    Try to move to Australia without having a trade that the government has deemed needed. Not going to happen...are they labeled racists ?

  • Sir Nigel Montgomery of the Confederate States

    The reason for making the wall is to secure our border. Sure there are going to be ways to get over it, but the point of the wall is to make it harder to get over the wall.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 19 days ago

      It won't make it harder. It'll just increase the market for ropes and ladders while costing us billions.

  • 下佐粉ケイ
    下佐粉ケイ Month ago

    That poor cat-child.

  • SerpentKai
    SerpentKai Month ago

    waffles, waffles!, WAFFLES!

  • C M
    C M Month ago +2

    Trump is a fucking useless moron.

  • Lucas Monson
    Lucas Monson Month ago +1

    The way trump says billon sounds like he's saying biellion

  • The Strategy Gamer
    The Strategy Gamer Month ago +1

    13:41 or picking up the ladder and moving it to the other side

  • mmtot
    mmtot Month ago

    Fucking mainstream media zombies here, You want people to move to the US, do it legally you fucking retards.

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton Month ago

    2:57 What. The. Actual. Fuck?!

  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV Month ago

    As of the end of 2017...nothing happened

  • Faktum Stream1Beatz
    Faktum Stream1Beatz Month ago +1

    A great ladder! A gorgeous ladder!

  • Nopski
    Nopski Month ago +1

    I'm thinking John Oliver had a bad Werner Ladder experience

  • Himes Huhop
    Himes Huhop Month ago +10

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  • anna.o. iizuka
    anna.o. iizuka Month ago

    He looks like a picatchu that has drowned in vinegar

  • uweakminded twit
    uweakminded twit Month ago

    Letting Mexico have all those beautiful Mexican females is not a good deal for the white males in the United States

  • Alex Dragon
    Alex Dragon Month ago +1

    When I first heard of the Wall, I thought Trump was talking metaphorically.

  • MrLewooz
    MrLewooz Month ago +1

    this break down costs should have take place at the beginning of his campaign, not sure though, if he wouldn't have found another crap idea to gather standard idiots...

  • PonPon Doodlez
    PonPon Doodlez Month ago

    For some reason, the image of an 100ft tall Alec Baldwin flinging cars and buses is hilarious to me. Especially if he's angrily screaming, "Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle," with each flung veichle.

  • luis fuentes
    luis fuentes Month ago

    I love how republicans like to use immigrants as a scapegoat instead of thinking about all the money spent on prisons , military spending , being ripped off by healthcare , tax breaks for rich people , government surveillance on citizens, loss of middle class jobs while ceo pay has increased , and police brutality . So yeah you can build the wall but what will it really solve.

  • Sarah Trachtenberg
    Sarah Trachtenberg Month ago

    Send the waffle irons to Mexico... it'll get them started on a wicked cool waffle industry... fix their economy so they will no longer want to illegally emigrate to the States. You're welcome!

  • Colonel Pepper
    Colonel Pepper Month ago +1

    Great, now I'm hungry for waffles.

  • RedLighting Animation


  • Soldier333
    Soldier333 Month ago

    After hearing jon's counter-proposal to trump's wall, I not only laugh at it, I'm completely fucking on board with it.

  • Patrick Meyer
    Patrick Meyer Month ago

    Reminds me of Bathurst, where that Correctional Facility is right next to the golf course.

  • Megan Henderson
    Megan Henderson Month ago

    your examples of ladders were stepladders! not. actual. ladders!

  • J S
    J S Month ago +3

    "* Orange Moron T is NOT MY PRESIDENT !!! * It's time to take an action before losing our Great Nation. Sign the petition for impeachment on this link Please add this link to your message like me and spread this link. We have to save ourselves. No one will do it for us. Take an action for your future. I’m white republican but I did not vote for orange moron T"

  • Scott Jewett
    Scott Jewett Month ago

    Remember when we thought that comment at 14:52 would sink his chances? Such an innocent time.

  • Joel Ayoub
    Joel Ayoub Month ago +2

    Donald Trump is a moron.

  • leonie lambert
    leonie lambert Month ago

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  • inspire734
    inspire734 Month ago

    It would be cheaper to pay the Mexicans to stay on their side of the world.

  • DemonAlchemist
    DemonAlchemist Month ago

    The wall would be the single biggest waste of money in human history. It will cost an insane amount of money and accomplish absolutely nothing.

  • ConcertsLiveHD
    ConcertsLiveHD Month ago

    this show is trash

  • Jonah Harris
    Jonah Harris Month ago

    He says condom weird

  • j g
    j g Month ago

    and are the waffels of the waffle iron better than belgian waffels because if they are, you are a disgraceof humanity. PS: I am from Belgium

    • j g
      j g Month ago

      hint the anwser is NO

  • Novailer Pdraer Cnoti
    Novailer Pdraer Cnoti 2 months ago +1

    It feels like trump was elected because he is a good comedian sometimes '-'

  • David Boorer
    David Boorer 2 months ago

    Fucking genius

  • William Vincent
    William Vincent 2 months ago

    Hell yes. #MakeAmericaWafflesAgain.

  • ElfHighMage
    ElfHighMage 2 months ago

    To think that so many Americans bought into this wall concept with full support. Damn.

  • Cant Touch This
    Cant Touch This 2 months ago


  • Steve Sievers
    Steve Sievers 2 months ago +2

    I'm hoping he builds it. Watching the cartels blow huge holes in it will be awesome. *grabs popcorn*

  • luis fuentes
    luis fuentes 2 months ago

    name one wall in the history of mankind that has worked well Hadrian's wall , Great wall of China , 38th parallel , Berlin wall, walls of jericho , simpson's springfield wall , i ran out of walls but you get the idea

    • luis fuentes
      luis fuentes 2 months ago

      lol your just mad americans are lazy and cannot compete with other people , why overpay a lazy incompetent american when someone else can do a better job cheaper . Its ok your too lazy to compete

    • TPW737
      TPW737 2 months ago

      That we don't allow illegal immigrants in, as they destroy society and culture as well as ruining jobs (why pay an American minimum wage when you can pay Jose from Mexico virtually nothing). If they want to go into the USA, or any other country, they have to do it legally through the UN or immigration, or fuck off.

    • luis fuentes
      luis fuentes 2 months ago

      if you think my idea is stupid what would you suggest russian troll

    • TPW737
      TPW737 2 months ago

      I have seen comments from Neo-Nazis, Communists, Japanese Fascists, anti-Semites, gun owners, feminists... But i have never seen a comment as stupid as yours. How do you expect me to reply to such a thing? You want to flood the USA with illegal immigrants because some people from the USA did bad things?

    • luis fuentes
      luis fuentes 2 months ago

      I think most people in the world should have a right to come to the US legaly or illegaly just because the US and its companies have fucked up many countries of the world with its actions and policies a good example is how a banana company started a Civil war in Guatemala

  • roland booker
    roland booker 2 months ago

    Gorbachov, take this wall down!

  • Incorrect6472
    Incorrect6472 2 months ago

    its not that we don't like Mexicans here its that we don't like them here illegally

  • No one Important
    No one Important 2 months ago

    No need for a wall just tighten up on immigration laws and we can save a fuck ton on taxes

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard 2 months ago

    5:50 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Strange Kat
    Strange Kat 2 months ago

    Not heard anything about the wall in a while.

  • Logan Macdonald
    Logan Macdonald 2 months ago


  • Kaleb Brandhoe
    Kaleb Brandhoe 2 months ago

    i have nothing intelligent or interesting to add to this conversation, but I'm from Dubuque and I can guarantee you that everyone here is in fact stupid enough to think that a wall would work

  • Lews Therin Talamon
    Lews Therin Talamon 2 months ago

    Walls always work! The Berlin Wall... Wait, no. Well, the Great Wall of China.... not really. Hmm. Take a hint.

  • Cbdog 1997
    Cbdog 1997 2 months ago


  • madeline hoffman
    madeline hoffman 2 months ago

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  • Peggy Jenkinson
    Peggy Jenkinson 2 months ago +1

    Well, here we are, 1 year after election. Today, 4 companies are building walls. What is going to be the price? After this summer's catastrophes, where will the money come from? More taxes? Watch out for the reducing credit for 401Ks and the IRA. I'm from San Diego where several tunnels have been built-for drugs. We already have a wall. My sister-in-law lives in Baja California. She has to cross the border 2 times every day. She and her husband own a company is San Diego. American Citizens.

  • FascistAnarchist999
    FascistAnarchist999 2 months ago

    I'd love to punch this liberal sob. he sounds like he's talking with a mouthful of shit.

  • bison yea
    bison yea 2 months ago

    First off the border wall is needed to stop foreign troops from bringing in weapons sleeper cells to cause mass shooting, they could be bringing nukes into usa etc

  • Manil Bhalla
    Manil Bhalla 2 months ago

    John oliver looks like a pigme owl 24/7

  • Zachary McDonald
    Zachary McDonald 2 months ago

    -I'm cool with just completely opening the doors to the whole world.
    -Let's use our tax money to fly anyone who wants first class straight to any place in America they want. No back ground checks because that's just profiling them for being poor and foreign right?
    -I want to see 200 million more foreigners here.
    - I want a mosque on every street.
    - I want whitey to be such a minority and hated that we end up at the back of the bus like the Africans back in the day
    - I want white blonde woman to have to dye there hair like in Switzerland to avoid being raped or assaulted because of there race.
    - I want the educational standard lowered so all the uneducated can have a better chance.
    - I want the police off the streets and only allowed to respond when they are called. No more safety patrols.
    - I want white hetero men to have %50 of there gross income go to blm and the Indians for the sins of our fathers.
    - I want non pc behaviour punishable by prison.
    - I want to give the world everything it wants.
    - I want to watch there faces as it all burns down.

    • Zachary McDonald
      Zachary McDonald Month ago

      Patrick Daniel Also im cool with gays and womans rights so i guess traditionaly that makes me a liberal. Just not that hard alt left all humans are equal because there not. All souls are worth the same but unless im mistaken id still choose your soft life over a friggon rapists.

    • Zachary McDonald
      Zachary McDonald Month ago

      Patrick Daniel that white privilege sure didn't save poor Justine Damond. Guess she wasnt white enough. Also i agree that officer should have waited but damnit he said DONT PULL OUT THE GUN. Victims like nope i gotta. No mf you dont. Darwanism

    • Zachary McDonald
      Zachary McDonald Month ago

      Patrick Daniel you wouldn't like my sources. It's not from CNN or fox news so you would just say it's lies.

    • Patrick Daniel
      Patrick Daniel Month ago

      Zachary McDonald And hey, you conservatives are the ones that tried to ruin our education standards with electing Betsy DeVos and tried to deny climate change and evolution.

    • Patrick Daniel
      Patrick Daniel Month ago

      Zachary McDonald And may I say, Vetting in the US is one of the tightest in the world what I don't like is we are racist enough to let them stuck in a war we created.

  • DmonHiro
    DmonHiro 2 months ago +1

    Mexico will not pay for the wall. Anyone who thinks they will, even "one way or another" are delusional.

  • Areknerm
    Areknerm 2 months ago

    I mean I'd rather have a wall than a waffle iron

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 2 months ago

    Does Donald trump know ANYTHING about security or architects of any kind.