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  • sam millr
    sam millr Day ago

    Tough to project out to the NBA. Great skillset, low athletic ceiling. Fortunately he's not 7'3" like kristaps, so should have a relatively long, injury free career in which to develop.

  • VaingloryScithiro
    VaingloryScithiro 2 days ago

    His only question mark is his athleticism he was a kid playing against grown men let him grow into his body and he's going to be great

  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 3 days ago

    A lot of people like to disregard physical athleticism when it comes to basketball. Correct, basketball is a very technique and skill driven sport but athleticism is so important in this game. I'd even go as far as saying about 70% of NBA players could of easily became professional track athletes; with the right training of course (Not bashing on Track at all) But just the rawness of these athletes that play in the NBA is absurd...

  • Raphael Sauza
    Raphael Sauza 5 days ago +1

    Hopefully he will be the next superstar for mavs next to dirk. I see yhis guy as a possible harden 2.0/ ginobili 2.0/ gordon hayward 2.0

  • Balthazar
    Balthazar 7 days ago

    KP,Janis,Jokic,Marrkanen and Doncic,new era of euro players.

  • Arguing With Stupid People

    Mark my words, pundits will label him with typical NBA racist stereotype assumptions: "Not very athletic, but has a high basketball IQ." He will ultimately be relegated to a 3-point specialist.

  • Treat Judlin
    Treat Judlin 10 days ago

    Go mavs

  • Dex 23
    Dex 23 11 days ago

    I’m not buying in to the hype

  • Seven Grand
    Seven Grand 12 days ago

    Where'd they get those phony stats? Luka averaged 15 and 5 a game not 22-8-7

  • Seven Grand
    Seven Grand 12 days ago

    If harden was still known as a selfish scorer Luka fans would be like lebron 2.0 lol

  • MrKareem 726
    MrKareem 726 14 days ago

    Mavs get the 8 spot.. Luka plus d Smith and d Jordan looks nice

  • MrKareem 726
    MrKareem 726 14 days ago

    Mavs won

  • Raphael Barreto
    Raphael Barreto 15 days ago

    this guy is going to be insane he has great fundamentals and he is basically a 6'8 GUARD thats amazing he is as tall as Bron like wtf

  • VinBones
    VinBones 15 days ago


  • Hasif Shaikh
    Hasif Shaikh 22 days ago

    He looks like a better Jason kidd with slightly less passing ability which may develop

  • Guy Ben Moshe
    Guy Ben Moshe 26 days ago

    Deni Avdija is going to be the next Doncic of Europe. Take a look on this guy, he's a beast at only 17 years old.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 27 days ago

    This dude going back to Europa land after 3 abysmal years

    • Da Bome
      Da Bome 17 days ago

      Geert Matthys
      Never go full retard!

    • M. Arezina
      M. Arezina 22 days ago

      funny joke.. dude is pure BBall-IQ

  • Zane
    Zane 27 days ago +1

    I think Doncic>Ayton>Bagley III. The reasoning is that Doncic proved at 19y old he can carry a team by being mvp in the euroleague during playoffs. Ayton is very talented but less established and I think Bagley III does not have the same potential as doncic or ayton.

  • DaveItYourself
    DaveItYourself 27 days ago

    How tall is he? I'm not sure he mentioned it

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy 27 days ago +2

    Love people who are hating on this dude. Calling him trash and already labeling him a bust just because he’s from Europe. Wonder where those people went after the likes of Nowitzki and Porzingis blew up.

  • elsipotesal marroquin
    elsipotesal marroquin Month ago +1

    I give him 4 years to win nba championship and mbp garantee !!

  • archyleach
    archyleach Month ago

    Yeah, plays most like Harden but with less wiggle and is bigger and a little slower. But big enough to be more of a post threat and better rebounder, especially if gets a little stronger. Also a bit like magic and bird, should really study those two who excelled despite limited athletic ability. And should keep working on ball handling and shot.

  • HansBricks14
    HansBricks14 Month ago

    Fuse him with Ricky Rubio.

  • Da Mobb
    Da Mobb Month ago

    shit, another 'great white hope' hype!

    • BeingHonest
      BeingHonest Month ago

      i didnt thought there was hype but yea there people hyping this guy up. Which is sad because he would be a good spot up shooter but he is too slow for everything else.

  • Dusty151
    Dusty151 Month ago

    I’m excited about seeing him but I don’t expect too much for the first few years. 15 points 7 rebounds and maybe 4 assists a game would be a good rookie performance. He’s still really young.

    • Francisco Prieto
      Francisco Prieto Month ago

      I think he can average more assist and less rebounds. Only I miss a true shooter in Dallas. But Dirk opening the 4th and Smith creating with drible...maybe Luka should play P&R, P&P with Dirk and Jordan...good opportunity to increase his assit potential

  • Gabriel Miramontes
    Gabriel Miramontes Month ago +1

    This past draft was a horrible draft class. I do not believe anyone from this draft will be relevant in 4 years. There is a sad downward trend in 🏀

    • Francisco Prieto
      Francisco Prieto Month ago

      Not. Knox, Sexton, Ayton, Young...maybe none will be All Star in 2-4 years, but surely great players with talent and great roles in their teams. I guess Knox and Luka fight for ROY

    • Gabriel Miramontes
      Gabriel Miramontes Month ago +1

      Luka might be the only exception. Maybe.

  • Jomanro
    Jomanro Month ago

    Now, the Mavericks have him, Deandre Jordan AND Dennis Smith Jr. The NBA just got a lot more interesting.

  • wow956
    wow956 Month ago

    He just needs more athleticism.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Month ago

    Better than lonzo hands down

  • Tyler Sykes
    Tyler Sykes Month ago +4

    So he a white lebron 😂..nice. this kid has a good future ahead. I hope his defense increases. Dirk will help him get better also.

  • Sam H
    Sam H Month ago

    DeAndre Doncic

  • t_goat
    t_goat Month ago +1

    Take away the traditional athleticism from Lebron and put in a perfectly balanced shot and threat beyond the arc, you have Doncic. The court vision and bball IQ are very very comparable.

  • Sport School
    Sport School Month ago +3

    It's so funny how people say Doncic is gonna be a bust... anyone that says that clearly is ignorant of the game of basketball... NO ONE WITH GREAT FUNDAMENTALS IS EVER A BUST... And to those geniuses that say that he's a bad athlete... he's not... he's an average athlete... so is Harden... but he's the MVP I think... hmmm... I guess Harden must have cheated...
    Anyway, the point is, whoever says Doncic will be a bust has no idea what basketball is and how it's really played...

  • Eric Jefferson
    Eric Jefferson Month ago

    Darko looked great also and that was per Joe Dumars.

    • Francisco Prieto
      Francisco Prieto Month ago

      In the past, the Gasol's and Dirk's hype made a disaster. Every 7 ft that can shoot was the next big thing...Nikola Thisisbilly (¿?), Milicic, even Bargiani...In Spain for example, the teams are very polite to give the team keys to a younger promise in this skills, Gasol was a risk when Barcelona decide to turn him into the starting five, he was gold, but a risk. Also his brother has to pass through a smaller team like Girona to show the Barsa staff that he can be a good spanish Sabonis, as he shown in the last 6 years, creator, rebounder and defender in the post position.

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago

      Not really darko didnt do that much in europe. And it was the pistons fault not europe

  • treyla502
    treyla502 Month ago

    let him get on a NBA regimine workout..speed and handle drills...and he will probably get ROTY

  • Yeral Yamil
    Yeral Yamil Month ago +3

    Phoenix and Sacramento will regret passing on him

  • Doubletake Broom
    Doubletake Broom Month ago +1

    Natural athleticism is always preferred but you can change your body and make yourself more quick and smooth in your movements. He should also strengthen his core and focus on explosiveness and handling. He could be a very good player.

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago

      A lot of other players have to work on those things too. And doncic has a good base, 6'8-230, decent speed and hops.

  • Djasko M
    Djasko M Month ago +4

    Looks like Drazen Petrovic got reincarnated.

  • TheNewOskaMusic Journey

    They need some music to T-Up to instead of that Bs they played

  • Texas Cat
    Texas Cat Month ago +2


  • The Black Wing HQ
    The Black Wing HQ Month ago

    Doesn’t box out but he’s an “elite” rebounder? Struggles against athletic and long defenders? Gee... I wonder what type of players are predominantly in the L???? 🤔 He can’t stay in front of Euro league top talent.... and he’s going to somehow do that now vs NBA level talent???

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago +1

      He was 18 playing against guys who were 30 and 260 pounds ofcourse its gonna be hard to box out. In college he would have had an easy time rebounding. And he doesnt really struggle against athletic/long defenders, he had one game where he didnt play well and ppl like to point to that. Everyone in the draft have had bad games and against way worse players than doncic. And he can stay infront of people.

  • Mad Wired 1
    Mad Wired 1 Month ago

    Got a very good basketball mind but his quickness ain't great, no way he play point in the NBA. Like his size and weight but it's going to be difficult to separate from NBA players. Not as great in this era, would have been more dominate in Dirk's era, if you can't defend in this NBA you are getting exposed badly. Talented bud the lack of athleticism and lack of foot speed are huge red flags.

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago

      Yea but so did every guy in college you wont beat your man every time. And the thing with him is in a lot of those clips he was 17, 18 playing against veterans with way more experience, so at times he will struggle against them. I honestly believe if you had put him in college, he'd been one of the better defenders because his IQ translates to defense too, and he's got good size, can steal/block and stay infront of most.

    • Mad Wired 1
      Mad Wired 1 Month ago

      Moritz Sk No I like his game a lot I think he is mad talented but I'm a defensive guy just as much as I'm a offensive guy. Honestly I don't see the quick first step and at times he struggled against some Euro player of the dribble. Yes in transition he picks up a lot of speed but he also got burned quite a few times in iso situations. Let's just see what happens but he's a great offensive player with a high IQ!!

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago

      Luka doncic doesnt have a bad first step for someone who's 6'8. We have to look at the plays he goes full speed not when he goes slow and looks for a pass. And he's made so many defensive plays in his career already, and has shown that he can move his feet. Because of his size and good hands he can switch on multiple positions too. And I wouldnt say harden is a supreme athlete. And curry definitely isnt. They get past defenders with handles not speed. To me the defense criticism is mainly because you ant really find much else to criticise him for, I guarantee he wont be a defensive liability moreso the opposite.

    • Mad Wired 1
      Mad Wired 1 Month ago

      Moritz Sk Curry doesn't have great top speed but his first step is actually very good. Harden is a supreme athlete with one of the best 1st steps in the leauge, just doesn't have defensive skills. Also being 6'8 he needs to have quick feet and unfortunately he doesn't, he might get better if he trims down but at this point it looks like he might struggle a bit on defence.

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago

      Not true. Curry, Harden, Kyrie and a bunch of other guys are a lot worse defenders than doncic and mvp candidates. And he doesnt really lack athleticism, if you watch him in transition you can see he's fast for 6'8-230, faster than a lot of nba players, and he can jump too.

  • Alper Ozcan
    Alper Ozcan Month ago

    As much as I love to see Luka play, "does things never done before in Europe" is much far fetched. Drazen (RIP), Sabonis, Naumoski, Bodiroga comes to mind very quickly and countless others have been equally if not more successful at his age and his level. Let's wait and see, but I would love to see him grow into the best European PG ever.

  • Carefreeblues
    Carefreeblues Month ago

    Consider that porzingis, who is now an all star, did not perform anywhere near doncic’s level during his time in Europe.

    • Jan Bremec
      Jan Bremec Month ago

      He played for Sevilla which is not in Euroleague and he was in B team.

  • will carter
    will carter Month ago

    A 6”8 point 🤔

  • Gareth Baker
    Gareth Baker Month ago

    Mario Hezonja

  • J
    J Month ago +1

    From these clips Luka looks to be just fine athletically...yea he’s not Russ or Lebron out there but who is?

  • jord9308
    jord9308 Month ago +2

    The Hawks trading this guy is the main reason NOBODY will go to their games. Shoddy organization- no star NBA players want to come there.
    Plz sell the team to somebody with brains AND $$$

  • 1891 Hoops
    1891 Hoops Month ago +4

    We think Luka's going to be ROY.

  • GeneralEY 23
    GeneralEY 23 Month ago +2

    With athleticism being truly his only question mark, I can see him immediately making an impact in Dallas. Will be in the top 3 for ROY, predicting averaging around 16/5/6 a game.

  • LQI
    LQI Month ago

    trim a little fat, develop some muscles, try to remove his habitual stepbacks

    CHRISPY68 Month ago

    everyone listen to my new song its on my channel !!!

  • D E F Y
    D E F Y Month ago

    He’s basically Lonzo and y’all hate Lonzo for the same exact reason you love him.🤔🤦‍♂️Only getting this press is because he’s white🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Andre Darden
    Andre Darden Month ago

    Another Ricky Rubio.

    • Francisco Prieto
      Francisco Prieto Month ago

      With better shooting skils. For sure. And less ath. skils, bigger but strongher.

  • Skip Bayless
    Skip Bayless Month ago

    and hes really a big body at 6'8 nearly 230 pounds. big body? 6'8? 230 pounds? excuse lebron James 6'8 280 pounds BIG BODY

  • Michael O
    Michael O Month ago +2

    he gonna go captain america on you guys

  • Meen Balla
    Meen Balla Month ago

    LETS BE REAL, he cant get past a Black man, he's food

  • Meen Balla
    Meen Balla Month ago

    NBA is gonna expose this lil boy, 1st of all he wont be a PG, hes gonna be a SF 2nd of all hes not athletic so he wont even be able to guard Justice Winslow let alone a Otto Porter Jr or a Giannis Antetokounmpo...We're looking at an 11 5 and 5 player...DiVincenzo would bruise him

    • andz c
      andz c Month ago

      Meen Balla haha same thing they exposed curry? do u understand team defense? dirk was not known one on one defender but when he is in the game team plays more defense

  • lil Coolio
    lil Coolio Month ago

    he's about to get killed

  • Michael Boluso
    Michael Boluso Month ago

    Better than lonzo🤐🤐🤐🤐

  • TheLongWind 1984
    TheLongWind 1984 Month ago

    Are we sure he's not just good against Porzingas?

  • Ernesr Ekajja
    Ernesr Ekajja Month ago

    if this kid fails in the nba, he will make nba teams think harder on euro players

  • Niel Magat
    Niel Magat Month ago

    more like lebron but not that athletic

    • andz c
      andz c Month ago

      yup more of a james harden

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago +1

      Nah if he pans out he's going to be James Harden 2.0

  • stevon1977
    stevon1977 Month ago

    Once he hits the court against some real players he won't look as good. He's in for a rude awakening. He might eventually develop. But he will have to work very hard.

  • RJ Buckets
    RJ Buckets Month ago +1

    Luka The Euro MVP 🇸🇮 Wonder Boy ✨

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper Month ago +2

    Plenty of good guards have been great without amazing athleticism, if that’s your one concern of him than you know he’s going to be special, no guard in the league has his size and not many have his overall skill, Mavs got a steal

  • Adonis Willis
    Adonis Willis Month ago

    NBA totally different from European league he beta be ready

    • Francisco Prieto
      Francisco Prieto Month ago

      In complete disagree. In Europe the rivals are made with vet and fresh mans, the principals of the teams waste the money in buy the players and the leagues are the first show of basket in their nations. NCAA are like a sencond division for european comparinsons. Like Dirk in 1998, he was playing in second division in Germany. Draft players were playing in a league of develop...Dleague second division...with respect

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago

      NBA is COMPLETELY different from Euro league fam. It's a big jump. Not as big a jump as college to NBA though

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Month ago

      College is totally different to the Nba too

  • Leovíng Martínez
    Leovíng Martínez Month ago +1

    Best player in the draft. Future MVP.

  • Ross Best
    Ross Best Month ago

    Interested to see his skills translate to the NBA.

  • Ross Best
    Ross Best Month ago

    I think he will have a TOUGH first year but will be decent player after.

    • andz c
      andz c Month ago

      Ross Best nope. he has the best place to be in a tough position, carlisle will enhance his game have a look

  • Sssaga Benches
    Sssaga Benches Month ago +7

    Where are my _Mavs Fans_ at!?

  • magron1987
    magron1987 Month ago +1

    He is Lonzo with a jumper, a post up game and a superstar mindset. Also instead of a crazy dad, he has a superhot mom. So that´s pretty good.

  • Roberto Guevara
    Roberto Guevara Month ago +4

    I love Dirk Nowitzki and my mavs. I hope doncic is up next to take the reigns for the next two decades for the mavs.

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone Month ago +2

    Just like Dirk, Mavs acquired Luka Doncic via trade

  • austin polete
    austin polete Month ago

    Why is porzingoz or how ever you spell his name playing over seas when he has an NBA contract?

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago +2

      that was the FIBA Euro championships all the european NBA players were playing.

  • DJ HypeBeat
    DJ HypeBeat Month ago +5

    This guy is the white LeBron

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago

      yeah that's like saying someone is jordan without the athleticism. so he isn't jordan then lol

    • Meen Balla
      Meen Balla Month ago +2

      Lebron w no athleticism is no lebron

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago

      James harden

  • lyn lyn
    lyn lyn Month ago +2

    Luka handsome 😍😘💘ilove you luka😂

    ANONYMOUS GUY Month ago +5

    great pick for my mavs #MFFL

  • ZhiTao Loh
    ZhiTao Loh Month ago +1

    Wayyyyy better than that overrated lonzo ball

  • PullinFromDeepGang
    PullinFromDeepGang Month ago

    good size smooth shot, bad ballhandling not a crazy playmaker, bad athleticism liability in defense, all he has is a slow yet good jumpshot not worth a top 5 pick

  • Hunter Richards
    Hunter Richards Month ago

    The only good league over seas is in Lithiwayneja

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya Month ago +4

    actually plays like harden

    • Izuku Midoriya
      Izuku Midoriya Month ago

      yeah i know but hes playstyle is similar like harden in OKC days. have vision and jumpshots

    • Meen Balla
      Meen Balla Month ago

      Harden can dribble and is unstoppable when driving unlike this big baby body havin white boy

  • tvwatcher90
    tvwatcher90 Month ago +2

    lets gooooooo #MFFL

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles Month ago +3

    Only thing I'm thinking about is his athleticism but everything is else is golden

  • Sports_Grinder
    Sports_Grinder Month ago +1


  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago +1

    Best case scenario is a new magic Johnson with a better jump shot, worst case scenario Doug McDermott, either way he’ll be a solid nba player no matter what

  • Irish Baller
    Irish Baller Month ago

    Should have been no1... beast

  • Edouard Sankare
    Edouard Sankare Month ago

    This guy is the future 😏

  • Jarrad Blackshear
    Jarrad Blackshear Month ago +2

    The top knock on Doncic is his athleticism. No one is for sure that Doncic will get more athletic, however there is the chance that having just turned 19 hard work can improve his athleticism. He will have a chance to improve athletically but it will be up to how hard Doncic wants to work and specialized training. We'll definitely see... #GoMavs

    • Jarrad Blackshear
      Jarrad Blackshear Month ago

      AlphaDwg For the Mavericks sake they better hope he is star.

    • Jarrad Blackshear
      Jarrad Blackshear Month ago

      AlphaDwg I agree with the Harden comp athletically, and I don't think he'll be a superstar but I think he could definitely turn into a "star" with the right kind of players around him. But if Doncic can improve his 3pt shooting to 40% and continue to rebound and pass like he has in EuroLeague then he has a chance at superstardom. I have great doubts about that though lol...

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago +1

      he looks like he has james harden like athleticism so he should be fine to be honest. My only question on him is whether or not he's a star. I know he's going to be solid but is he a star?

  • Justin Hooker
    Justin Hooker Month ago

    There is many players doing a exactly what he's doing

  • gwpyto jan
    gwpyto jan Month ago +3

    this guy has a 7 sense 😂

  • hectore casaus
    hectore casaus Month ago +3

    Reminds me of Magic Johnson, not fast, not a jumper or a scorer but can do all

  • Nobunaga Takanaga
    Nobunaga Takanaga Month ago

    this guy just hype

  • Ericson Javier
    Ericson Javier Month ago

    maybe he should stick to shooting...he is not explosive enough to blow by nba defenders..

  • Jemapelbulgarel
    Jemapelbulgarel Month ago

    Reminds me James Harden at Arizona State, a lot.

  • George Fears Jr
    George Fears Jr Month ago +1

    I can't believe people are believing this hype. I'm not trying to hate but this guy is overrated. He will not be able to compete at a high level in the NBA. I just dont see what's so special about this guy. Darko 2.0

  • Rik Rynolds
    Rik Rynolds Month ago +5

    Welcome at Dallas

  • xXSpizzyXx
    xXSpizzyXx Month ago +1

    He looks clunky af and runs heel to toe. He'll prolly end up being a short forward

  • Ghost Ghost
    Ghost Ghost Month ago


  • Arwind Santos
    Arwind Santos Month ago +2

    He gonna be a bust