Dell’s Crazy Fast Ultrabook - XPS 13 (2018)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
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    On paper the Dell XPS 13 has all the ingredients to be the best thin and light laptop on the market, but does this hold up in real life?
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  • emu emu
    emu emu 9 days ago

    Pls do a comparison between vs this dell xps13 and macbook air,speed,performance,battery and many more....

  • Carson Ng
    Carson Ng 10 days ago +1

    what a waste of cake

  • HK bhatti Info
    HK bhatti Info 12 days ago

    Lenovo best in heating system because its all plastic

  • uzair usman
    uzair usman 13 days ago

    That webcam IS a deal breaker

  • kambaala yashwanth
    kambaala yashwanth 13 days ago

    what's messy doing here

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad 13 days ago

    Metaphor Monday boiz

  • luca gilbert
    luca gilbert 15 days ago

    really man you draw that

  • Max Yehaskel
    Max Yehaskel 16 days ago

    I'm currently in the market for a new laptop, and I'm down to the XPS 13 9370 and the LG Gram 13Z980-U.AAW5U1. You've done a video on both of these or a slightly different model, so if you have a recommendation, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't need too much power so just the i5 will be perfectly fine, I'm mainly looking at the other aspects of the laptops such as weight, build quality, etc. Since you've used both these devices, I'd thought you might have a good recommendation. Thanks!

  • Jericho Perez
    Jericho Perez 16 days ago

    Why does anyone use touch screen on a laptop? 2 in 1's are different but touch screens just seem useless.

  • Aioob Alharash
    Aioob Alharash 17 days ago

    is this video directed by HowToBasic

  • Bollywood Media
    Bollywood Media 17 days ago +4

    Dell XPS 13 or MacBook?

  • David Grove
    David Grove 19 days ago

    Did you just draw cock and balls?

  • book b
    book b 19 days ago

    You shouldnt draw penis on laptop No respect

  • Sayan Sarkar
    Sayan Sarkar 20 days ago +1

    Did anyone notices that he drew dick with that marker on the laptop

  • Sashie K
    Sashie K 21 day ago

    My first time watching your videos. But I thoroughly enjoyed this review. I just ordered this laptop and I can’t wait to get it. Thank you for this awesome review.

  • Raihan Zahir
    Raihan Zahir 22 days ago

    did he just drew a dick

  • DSVerified
    DSVerified 24 days ago

    1:50 wtf is that?

  • Dine Gevgelija
    Dine Gevgelija 26 days ago +3

    Dude,this version of dell is $999!!! Is not $400!!! Why u lie

  • George Shamakhia
    George Shamakhia 28 days ago

    Hey guys i'm sorry that i have to beg but i lost all my dj gear in a fire occurred in the bar i used to work as a resident and i would like to ask you if you can donate any old cable, microphone, laptop, headphones and speakers you might not use at all and probably gonna throw away..? Thank all of you in advance, god bless you all

  • abdul J
    abdul J 28 days ago

    We need 4K screen

  • Ananya Ashraf
    Ananya Ashraf 29 days ago

    What is wrong with you 🤣

  • Ananya Ashraf
    Ananya Ashraf 29 days ago


  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke 29 days ago

    Should I buy one of these now?

  • swaggy gamer
    swaggy gamer Month ago

    linus dick tips

  • William Grey
    William Grey Month ago

    Please Linus ,
    Review the Huawei MateBook X Pro
    Looks like a good laptop, but I need and honest review, not a paid one like every other ...

  • Lilium213
    Lilium213 Month ago

    I'd like to see a review of the xps 15 2018

  • karanashi uchiha
    karanashi uchiha Month ago

    DELL fan rejoice

  • Shutter
    Shutter Month ago


  • William Gum
    William Gum Month ago


  • internallogic
    internallogic Month ago

    Is this nerdy nummies?

  • Lefeon 0
    Lefeon 0 Month ago

    I want one in all white. The lid and everything. A lot of white laptops make the mistake of making the bezels black.

  • Bobby Phillips
    Bobby Phillips Month ago

    Why is there no review on the Dell Inspiron 7472

  • Helena S
    Helena S Month ago

    I'm struggling so much with deciding which laptop I should get for myself...I'm a student so often using word and powerpoint, other than that of course Netflix and - that is the important part - photoshop. Editing photos and therefor having a good display performance is really important to me. Currently the ones I tend to are the Dell XPS 13, the new Macbook Air and the microsoft surface laptop 2. Does anyone have a recommendation for me?

  • Thabiso Maleka
    Thabiso Maleka Month ago

    Micro SD card reader for what?????
    Rather include 4 thunderbolt 3 ports & a Hatechi dongle
    Instead of just increasing the aspect ratio, how about replacing the xps 13 & 15 with...... a XPS 14???😃😃😃😃
    OK the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is the best notebook out right now

  • 00100000
    00100000 Month ago

    *GASP* DDR3!

  • Alidwee
    Alidwee Month ago

    Came for the laptop, stayed for the dick jokes.

  • Rana Sam
    Rana Sam Month ago

    Thank God I got Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 .. Surface 2 look more beautiful look and thinner

  • FlashOneFilms
    FlashOneFilms Month ago

    😂😂good presentation

  • Kun Mengkhorn
    Kun Mengkhorn Month ago

    It's more expensive when it's thinner.

    • Abhishek Nair
      Abhishek Nair Month ago

      If you're looking for thinner laptops lenovo ideapads are the best options and they ain't expensive either with the best features

  • Rafeal Jaral
    Rafeal Jaral Month ago

    Am I the only one that cringed knowing that they had a very fine piece of tech getting dirty?

  • Anant Partap Singh
    Anant Partap Singh Month ago

    can i play high end games with this. if yes please suggest me an external gpu best suited for this.

    LHONG Month ago

    Should I buy for video editing?

    • Rishabh Mehta
      Rishabh Mehta Month ago

      Lenovo IdeaPad 510-15IKB for video editing so much better

  • Cooper Laforge
    Cooper Laforge Month ago

    Touch screen is tacky anyway

  • Shiv17 Kapoor
    Shiv17 Kapoor Month ago

    You can't make a good cake with egg shell inside the batter Linus!!

  • Animentral
    Animentral Month ago +1

    I want cake now...

  • mufuliramark
    mufuliramark Month ago

    Sorry, I started to watch this but had to stop at 2:00. Not a good voice for this kind of thing. It really irritated me, just like The Beatles.

  • active247
    active247 Month ago

    what an idiot.

  • Itzak
    Itzak Month ago

    Or just a 1440 would be nice

  • Salman Saleem
    Salman Saleem Month ago

    What do you say about soectre 13t or 15t 2018

  • Ronald Valles
    Ronald Valles Month ago


  • Bart M
    Bart M Month ago

    Move the camera, don’t need the touchscreen, give me USB A, and would it kill you to have a full size SD card slot?

  • Chas Sheppard
    Chas Sheppard Month ago

    I loved the hardware on my XPS, but the endless software and firmware issues made it next to unusable.
    Whilst these modern dell laptops are exceptional when working correctly, they almost never are.

  • Calvin
    Calvin Month ago

    Nice cake on Amazon btw

  • Tarek Midani
    Tarek Midani Month ago

    The comparison to the LG Gram had worse battery life I believe? And pleeease don't tell them to include a touch 1080. Cuz what a big company like Dell will do is get rid of the non-touch screen which is something I really want to stay :(

  • cop con
    cop con Month ago

    1:51 reported for pornographic. It's 100% a penis

    • Rishabh Mehta
      Rishabh Mehta Month ago

      Had he done this for Lenovo laptop he'd be screwed they take such things seriously

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 2 months ago

    Just bought the Lenovo ThinkPad X280 and now I realized I chose the wrong laptop :(

    • Kriti Shah
      Kriti Shah Month ago

      Wow i'm using Lenovo Thinkpad X280 and it works great i haven't had any problems.

  • Abdelhak Marouane
    Abdelhak Marouane 2 months ago

    Did he just draw a penis?

  • Jorge Cevallos
    Jorge Cevallos 2 months ago

    4:02 Mmmm. OK, I'm not throwing this

  • Sebastien L.
    Sebastien L. 2 months ago

    Lol...really... the first thing you though of drawing is a dick 😔

  • Chamera Dharmappa
    Chamera Dharmappa 2 months ago

    Ur wifi speed is .......40kb/s

  • Thomas O'Duffy
    Thomas O'Duffy 2 months ago

    This review is hillarious and brilliant

  • Leslie Solorzano
    Leslie Solorzano 2 months ago

    The only thing I didn't like was the cake part

  • Tylor Miranda
    Tylor Miranda 2 months ago

    Epic intro

  • Thunder Kat
    Thunder Kat 2 months ago

    I wish a chiness company would make the perfect notebook oneday to stop all this expensive hardy perfect notebooks...
    Only time I seen good notebooks they charge you doble the price. We allready live in an era where you could squish enough power and battery life to do all you dayly things extremly fast and with more than 12hours life battery but they refuse to make the perfect combination of components.

  • Syeda Fathima
    Syeda Fathima 2 months ago

    Such wastage of food. First the batter then the cake 😔😔😔. He didn’t have to do that

  • Ma Living
    Ma Living 2 months ago

    i love your random azz

  • R.a. Wheeler
    R.a. Wheeler 2 months ago

    As many know who follow me here I own all Dell hardware and that's because the stuff is just good. But the good stuff doesn't come cheap. I tend to stick with Precision and Latitude series laptops because I can order them exactly the way I wish and very few gotchas. Key point: Very few. The XPS line is much better then their Inspiron line. But then again your not shelling out only $2 or $300 bucks here, your spending much more. So you should demand more. One of the things that keep me from buying an XPS '13 is that dang webcam. Because with what I do, I need it. Luckily my more business leaning little monsters don't suffer from that issue. Mine are in their proper place. While I am not a shill for just one vendor in fact I would rather build my own or go with System 76, but sometimes to get the things you need you must make some compromises. Dell just offers the best compelling options. Especially if your needing consistency.

  • tomasbartos
    tomasbartos 2 months ago

    wtf is that intro wtf is that intro wtf is that intro

  • Tony me
    Tony me 2 months ago

    Did you seriously draw a dick on a Dell?

  • Shantanu Sharma
    Shantanu Sharma 2 months ago

    Did Linus just draw a penis on the laptop?? Hmmm.....

  • RainDiamond
    RainDiamond 2 months ago

    The fuuuuuck. hahahahaha why is he in the kitchen all of a sudden... kekekeke

  • Heulerado
    Heulerado 2 months ago

    Damn you!! I wanted to buy Amazon cake!

  • Corwell
    Corwell 2 months ago

    I need a gif of Dennis dancing in my life...

  • TechGeekWarren
    TechGeekWarren 2 months ago +6

    If you are considering to buy the Dell XPS 13" base model, go with the HP Envy 13" 2018 base model instead. It has a 1080P touch screen, a webcam placed on top of the IPS screen, and Bang & Olufsen quad-speakers, which are the best speakers in the world. Also, it is full metal with a Corning Gorilla Glass NBT screen, along with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, although it does not have IR face recognition. At least the fingerprint sensor makes up for it. Also, it is still using the same Intel Core i5-8250U processor.

  • Albert Cortadella
    Albert Cortadella 2 months ago

    No comprar!
    Tengo un Dell xps 15 del 2015 y mi decepción es total.
    Cuando compras un producto de casi 2000€ esperas calidad y en este caso es muy mala. Tengo dos problemas. uno de los cuales proviene de una mala elección de materiales por parte de Dell.

    Problema 1: salen burbujas en toda la superficie cerca del teclado. es como si se degradara por dentro.
    Problema 2: una mancha blanca en la pantalla que impide y molesta retocar bien las fotografías.

    Los dos problemas van en aumento. y he tratado el portátil entre algodones...
    Como esta fuera de garantía pasan de todo.

  • Amelia Laughlan
    Amelia Laughlan 2 months ago

    Wow so thorough. Thanks so much for the review!

  • Max Lay
    Max Lay 2 months ago

    Haha if you liked this video "thumbs down👎👎" 🤣

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    7030 deals 2 months ago

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    TVclipr TechLeae said it was not comparable to his 5 years old Mac for programming

  • lifematch
    lifematch 2 months ago Linus is the culprit in american vandal!!!!!!

  • 汤晨
    汤晨 2 months ago

    1:50 what the hell this that? 8==>

  • Pramod Kunwar
    Pramod Kunwar 2 months ago

    I just subscribed to your channel within 5-10secs..Hello! from Nepal.

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 2 months ago

    1:51 did he just draw what I think it is?

  • Raihan Zahir
    Raihan Zahir 2 months ago

    Thats how u eat cake??😂😂😂 me tooo😂😂😂😂😂

  • Darwin Bodero
    Darwin Bodero 2 months ago

    1:51 that's a penis

  • iready4life
    iready4life 3 months ago

    The XPS series is NOT the competitor to the Lenovo Thinkpad. Dells proper business brand is the latitude series. When will linus review one?

  • Mr. Uremashi
    Mr. Uremashi 3 months ago

    4:03 as the concept goes you shoulve thrown it

  • thabo jackson ntuli
    thabo jackson ntuli 3 months ago

    Did he just draw a dick on the Dell? 🤣

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 3 months ago

    yay, way to make me look even NERDIER!

  • the Lion
    the Lion 3 months ago

    Oh my God! What did you draw?? 1:55

  • colin schabel
    colin schabel 3 months ago

    stop the fluff and get to the point

  • Ambar Mukherji
    Ambar Mukherji 3 months ago

    great laptop,great review and great jokes

  • juan paulo dela cruz
    juan paulo dela cruz 3 months ago

    Wait, cake with icing on oven?

  • Thefox MCloud
    Thefox MCloud 3 months ago

    what abaut the gaming performance? can play Pubg at 60 fps?

  • Ethan Shepley
    Ethan Shepley 3 months ago

    How long till they start adding notches to laptop displays??

  • Vincent Fung
    Vincent Fung 3 months ago

    SHIT PRODUCT. paid so much but get shit. so many problems with this. technician came up to our place more then 5 times and there seems to be more and more problems. For the price you pay, this is worst then SHIT

  • tibosee
    tibosee 3 months ago

    Wow, what a stupid intro. Good way of thrashing food. Stupidity level 500

  • Ashiq Ahamed
    Ashiq Ahamed 3 months ago

    He just drew a dick on it

  • Francisco Frias
    Francisco Frias 3 months ago

    I am glad that you liked Dell Cake 🎂!

  • Maks Don
    Maks Don 3 months ago