Dell’s Crazy Fast Ultrabook - XPS 13 (2018)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
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    On paper the Dell XPS 13 has all the ingredients to be the best thin and light laptop on the market, but does this hold up in real life?
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Comments • 2 960

  • recrap
    recrap 2 days ago

    The XPS series is NOT the competitor to the Lenovo Thinkpad. Dells proper business brand is the latitude series. When will linus review one?

  • Mr. Uremashi
    Mr. Uremashi 2 days ago

    4:03 as the concept goes you shoulve thrown it

  • thabo jackson ntuli
    thabo jackson ntuli 4 days ago

    Did he just draw a dick on the Dell? 🤣

  • Mandee Z
    Mandee Z 5 days ago

    yay, way to make me look even NERDIER!

  • Abdelaziz G
    Abdelaziz G 5 days ago

    Oh my God! What did you draw?? 1:55

  • colin schabel
    colin schabel 6 days ago

    stop the fluff and get to the point

  • mukherjiambar
    mukherjiambar 7 days ago

    great laptop,great review and great jokes

  • juan paulo dela cruz

    Wait, cake with icing on oven?

  • Thefox MCloud
    Thefox MCloud 8 days ago

    what abaut the gaming performance? can play Pubg at 60 fps?

  • Ethan Shepley
    Ethan Shepley 9 days ago

    How long till they start adding notches to laptop displays??

  • Vincent Fung
    Vincent Fung 9 days ago

    SHIT PRODUCT. paid so much but get shit. so many problems with this. technician came up to our place more then 5 times and there seems to be more and more problems. For the price you pay, this is worst then SHIT

  • tibosee
    tibosee 11 days ago

    Wow, what a stupid intro. Good way of thrashing food. Stupidity level 500

  • Ashiq Ahamed
    Ashiq Ahamed 12 days ago

    He just drew a dick on it

  • Francisco Frias
    Francisco Frias 13 days ago

    I am glad that you liked Dell Cake 🎂!

  • Maks Don
    Maks Don 13 days ago


  • Infernape 79
    Infernape 79 13 days ago

    As someone who has a surface book 2 the xps 13 is canon fodder

  • sumeet sharma
    sumeet sharma 14 days ago

    Did he just draw a dick. Lmao..

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 14 days ago

    Never seen him before praise something so much

  • Rei Fam
    Rei Fam 14 days ago

    This is cute Linus😚

  • Alex Moores
    Alex Moores 15 days ago

    Finally a justification for the kitchen set on a tech review channel

  • Alex phsy
    Alex phsy 16 days ago

    Wallpaper at 4:20 ?

  • Lucas Féres
    Lucas Féres 16 days ago

    Piece of cake! No, wait...

  • Jo Sanchez
    Jo Sanchez 17 days ago

    This dude just drew a penis on the laptop at 1:47 ,Surprised nobody catch this...

  • markspc1
    markspc1 19 days ago

    Fuck the commercial !!!

  • Jaffar Hatami
    Jaffar Hatami 19 days ago

    The 4k screen will make you miserable when you find out how many apps do not support high DPI. Will help you go all day long though if your primary use is staring at text.

  • Dr Din
    Dr Din 20 days ago

    When the oven does icing for you

  • Hdjekso
    Hdjekso 20 days ago

    Is the 8GB of RAM in the xps enough for egpu gaming, specifically gtx 1080?

  • J
    J 20 days ago

    I thought you're also gonna throw that X1 too :)))

  • Muhammad Afief Farista

    is that laptop body a plastic or a metal/aluminum??

  • fourdee4d
    fourdee4d 22 days ago

    ddr3? Sent from my 2 year old i5-65200u ddr4 thinkpad at £500.

  • Ivan Guerra
    Ivan Guerra 23 days ago

    Stupid video...

  • Chick with Knife
    Chick with Knife 24 days ago

    the way he eats that cake makes me anxious

  • Pain_Is_Good
    Pain_Is_Good 26 days ago

    Why does my 2001 Macbook Air have smoother scrolling and more precise trackpad than a 2018 XPS?

  • mhn farmer
    mhn farmer 27 days ago +1

    NO mention of coil whine?!

  • Konayo
    Konayo 28 days ago

    1080p touch option?
    *NO* please don't.
    I own XPSs since 2014 and I was always happy with the 1080p non-touch option because you save battery on the non-touch and smaller resolution! Also the 1080p is anti-glare (as opposed to glossy) because of the non-touch.

  • Cool Pup Gaming
    Cool Pup Gaming 29 days ago

    best baking ever

  • Highlight Techno online

    what is this you amazing crazy review

  • Calci CaCO3
    Calci CaCO3 29 days ago

    NOOOOOO the cake is a lie (; _ ;)

  • techenthusiast
    techenthusiast Month ago

    Touch screen for a laptop is nonsense

  • knulp o
    knulp o Month ago

    Respect food.

  • Thug Dely
    Thug Dely Month ago

    is it 360 flip? pls answer

  • Karim Younes
    Karim Younes Month ago

    Lmao this is soooooo cool!

  • Brett Johnson Jr
    Brett Johnson Jr Month ago

    Why do reviewers say 4k, when true 4k is 4096x2160 and not 3840x2160? Just curious

  • Who Games
    Who Games Month ago

    When people use Microsoft Edge: To download Chrome

  • Arjun Neupane
    Arjun Neupane Month ago

    did you close that window

  • Chris Leyda
    Chris Leyda Month ago

    I"m looking at a 2-in-1 for my last few years of school because of all the math equations. Can ya'll do a student 2-in-1 review? Maybe panel style...

  • AirScholar
    AirScholar Month ago

    Track pad on Windows is still crap. "Precision" ... laughable.

  • BillyBob
    BillyBob Month ago

    Ultrabooks have become more practical.
    I was blown away with the speed and battery life of Intel's 8th Gen CPU in the XPS.
    Yes, Intel HD graphics GPU is still the grandma in a wheel chair on life support.
    But the quad core CPU is about as fast as my Macbook Pro from 2013.
    Still not much good for games or TVclip video editing, but Javascript infested web pages are now tolerable.
    So all those self taught wannabe programmers out there can now litter the web pages with outrageous lines of bloated Javascript code.

  • Es Gee
    Es Gee Month ago

    anyone have experience using this one with proxy files in premiere pro cc 2018? how many tracks were you able to layer? adjustment layers?

  • Andrew Szabo
    Andrew Szabo Month ago +1

    retarded :D in a good way of course :D

  • Robert Evangelista
    Robert Evangelista Month ago

    i bought one because of this video

  • Technical Taqi
    Technical Taqi Month ago

    Can you please give me a gaming pc. I shall be very thankful to you

  • Daniel Littlefair
    Daniel Littlefair Month ago

    All the blind throws bought this video to the next level. Very Smooth, very sexy. Also.. Please upload the real video showing us all the times Linus missed.

  • Mario Muracao
    Mario Muracao Month ago

    you allways get away with the best styel

  • Maik Lok
    Maik Lok Month ago

    You are weird as fuck

  • Fa23had Ahmad
    Fa23had Ahmad Month ago

    You mess up the cake 🎂 bitch

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    Hey, does anyone know how to clean behind the bezel on the non touch model? I have some dust that I can't reach with a microfiber cloth... Any advice would be appreciated!!!

  • brainsapper
    brainsapper Month ago

    5:15 How long did you sleep on the couch for that quip?

  • Allen lifts weights

    The fan makes a lot of noise

  • Dave Sondergaard
    Dave Sondergaard Month ago

    This thing totally sucks!

  • tejas_jj
    tejas_jj Month ago

    No that’s not how you eat cake!

  • logicfreedomz
    logicfreedomz Month ago

    did he draw a penis?

  • Hailey Hunt
    Hailey Hunt Month ago

    Did you guys notice that he didn't throw the other laptop? 😑

  • Melannie
    Melannie Month ago

    this or macbook pro?

  • Juicetin
    Juicetin Month ago

    Know I'm late but just a quick tip, get the 1080P panel. Compared to 4K it destroys in in terms of battery life, reaching even MacBook Air battery life for a much cheaper price. This a great buy if you can get a good deal with little to no deal breakers, I just wish they added a USB a port for a mouse.

  • naveen reddy
    naveen reddy Month ago

    Dell xps15 vs surface 1060 which one was best & beast...

  • Crazy Clown
    Crazy Clown Month ago

    *Dell pays their so called techs $18AUD per job to come out & fix ya Dell piece of shit. Michael Dell stop ripping your workers off. Gee your technicians must be shit quality when they don't speak proper english & u pay them that shit*

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy Month ago

    Can the iPad Pro 10.5 be a laptop replacement?????
    Check out my review on this subject

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Month ago +2

    Your funny dude.

  • Mikhail Tag
    Mikhail Tag Month ago

    Did he really have to draw a penis on the laptop tho? Very professional.

  • SeeTheKarma
    SeeTheKarma Month ago

    that intro lmao.

  • Nick Raleigh
    Nick Raleigh Month ago


  • Big Rock
    Big Rock Month ago

    1:46 ruined touch pad with red marker lol

  • Nimo Kali
    Nimo Kali Month ago +14

    That sad moment when you want to buy this laptop, but the camera placement is SO horrid that you can't buy it. Dell designers should be punched in the face for doing such a moronic decision. Frustrating.

    • Mukesh Singh
      Mukesh Singh 19 days ago

      What about that moment when you can't even buy it cause you are broke ?

    • Nimo Kali
      Nimo Kali Month ago

      Depends which one you want, i5/8gb ram/256gb ssd/intel graphics is $1169 and i7/16gb ram/512 ssd/2GB dedicated graphics is $1499. But here's the important part: they both come with an amazing 3k 3:2 ratio screen that no other laptop offers. They both have USB-C and USB Thunderbolt 3 which is future proof. High build quality as well on the case. finger print scanner like others. Good speakers. And windows 10 signature which means no bloatware. To me it was the screen that made the decision very easy. When you have that much screen real estate it will make browsing, writing, programming, or anything much more enjoyable. Dell asks for $400 to upgrade to 4k, but the funny part is a 3k 3:2 ratio screen will still be better than a 4k 16:9 ratio screen. here's a pic of comparing the screens: Keep in mind, don't only look at the top of the screens, because at the bottom the dell doesn't start until after a thick bezel, while the huawei is full screen basically (91%).

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones Month ago

      Nimo Kali what are the specs and price for the matebook

    • Nimo Kali
      Nimo Kali Month ago +3

      Yeah because you get something valuable in exchange for that bad camera placement: A 3:2 ratio high quality screen that no other laptop in the market offers, including dell which asks for a $400 upgrade for 4k, and it's still 16:9 ratio which has less screen real estate. Therefore the Huawei Matebook comes on top and u can look past the bad camera placement, however dell doesn't offer anything valuable in exchange for their bad camera placement, it's simply a bad placement. Next time try to use your brain a little bit before you post something.

    • Agnostic Realist
      Agnostic Realist Month ago +2

      so you're whining about the cam placement on the Dell, then you go out and get a Matebook which is placed just a few inches to the right of where Dell places their camera, but in the same lower region....that's quite the logic. lol


    Can I know the keyboard backlit difference between the rose gold edition and the black edition, please do let me know about this.

  • Aurimas Macevičius

    Liked, Carbon :-) angliukas, but price if i can would push -. Both buttons... Like and dislike... Yes and No pushed in words :-)

  • Nicholeli
    Nicholeli Month ago

    A tunnel bear is just a big mole.

  • Fandom Fox
    Fandom Fox Month ago

    This vs the HP spectre 360 13.3 4k
    Lemme hear

  • Anime Master
    Anime Master Month ago

    How pink is the rose gold?

  • Aaron Andrews
    Aaron Andrews Month ago

    Wait.....did you bake the cake with the frosting already on 🤔.

  • Kassidy Matheson
    Kassidy Matheson Month ago

    I bought an xps13 2-1 and I HATE IT. Motherboard has gone twice in 8 months... got it for school and missed a whole semester cause their CS team sucks and there is so much back and forth in the span of 5 months I had my laptop for 1 month

  • Misael del Río
    Misael del Río Month ago

    2:21 hahahaaahahaahahaahaaaaaaaaaa I felt represented

  • Flower Love
    Flower Love Month ago

    Wtf am I watching

  • Didaka D
    Didaka D Month ago

    Linus is How 2 Basic

  • Swapnil Bhartiya
    Swapnil Bhartiya Month ago

    You are funny /s

  • Ajeevan
    Ajeevan Month ago

    Can anyone tell me how I can use the @ symbol on the XPS 13? I cant type the @

    TARUN GOPI Month ago

    Did any one noticed the dick he drew on the laptop with the marker

  • Long Duong
    Long Duong Month ago

    wasted a cake for the intro. nice

  • Rock Smith
    Rock Smith Month ago

    Nice video editing. Shoot a tutorial which shows how to edit and make cool effect like in this video.

  • Melvin Alvarez
    Melvin Alvarez 2 months ago

    You are the delicious cake Linus

  • Ben Stacey
    Ben Stacey 2 months ago

    On paper, sure great. Just popping in to mention how terrible an experience I've had with my XPS 15 9560 18 months in. The 100% worst experience with a computer ever. I'd rattle off all the issues I've had with it but I'd be typing all day. Let's just put it this way, if you want to use anything other than notepad it'll melt. On paper, great specs. In reality, volatile space heater with worst in class performance.

  • Aaron Lecciones
    Aaron Lecciones 2 months ago

    yeah without touchscreen kills it, my mom likes a touchscreen.

  • Shady
    Shady 2 months ago

    5:14 blasphemy

  • Marco Mark Productions
    Marco Mark Productions 2 months ago +1


  • Bryan Cui
    Bryan Cui 2 months ago

    Don’t ever waste food , and make sure you eat those shit even if you do.

  • RCmies
    RCmies 2 months ago

    Why don't these come with a dedicated GPU? I'm wondering if I should wait for intel 9th gen, they might have a really good integrated GPU which seems to have become the trend in these ultrabooks.

  • World Hello
    World Hello 2 months ago


  • Saiyad Mohammad Ali
    Saiyad Mohammad Ali 2 months ago

    i appreciate your creativity👌👏 !

  • June
    June 2 months ago

    What cake goes in there with frosting already on it

  • Eithanol
    Eithanol 2 months ago

    Who else agrees the white model is ugly af?