Dell’s Crazy Fast Ultrabook - XPS 13 (2018)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
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    On paper the Dell XPS 13 has all the ingredients to be the best thin and light laptop on the market, but does this hold up in real life?
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Comments • 2 797

  • crossandshoot
    crossandshoot 2 days ago

    Huawei mate book pro x review please

  • Jimmy Z
    Jimmy Z 3 days ago

    Why does anyone want touch screen on conventional(not convertible/detachable) laptop?

  • Mangala Sudhan.M
    Mangala Sudhan.M 3 days ago

    Wow he is amazing... Wt a guy :)

  • Deadshotchef
    Deadshotchef 6 days ago

    Please don't waste food for videos, yes entertaining, but we already have a major food problem in the world.

  • Lord Cekrom
    Lord Cekrom 7 days ago +1

    5:20 comic Sense =O

  • S.Galaxy
    S.Galaxy 7 days ago

    Can you keep your videos PG rated because there could be kids watching your videos

  • anmol limje
    anmol limje 7 days ago

    you are reminding me of How south indian people eat food.... Great Video Thumbs up

  • A_Better_World
    A_Better_World 8 days ago

    Dont ever buy a Dell, XPS Laptop at least, mine stopped working right after warranty ended. Repair cost is very expensive to a degree that you can buy a new one. Very disappointed in Dell.

  • Mauri Moore
    Mauri Moore 9 days ago

    obviously comedy is not your thing , but to be honest ... all the rest is perfect

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor 9 days ago

    Linus showing his maturity at 1:45

  • Dr. Frank Meisner
    Dr. Frank Meisner 10 days ago

    Why no 2650x1440 / No Touch / with HDR....
    Never used touch on a laptop
    The resolution looks way better than the "old" full hd but still saves batt + performance
    HDR just for the better picture...
    Am I alone with my choice ?

  • No Edge
    No Edge 10 days ago

    In our country it costs like 1/3 more. Which makes it 1/3 over average month income. Yepee!

  • Lily H
    Lily H 11 days ago

    ‘Not just because someone have the right ingredients doesn’t necessary means that they’ll put them together correctly’
    Nobody it’s appreciating this beautiful piece of Philosophy.

  • lordrockable
    lordrockable 11 days ago +2

    AVOID XPS laptops as they're having problems with their batteries swelling up. Search for it online before purchasing an XPS!

  • Blobfish 101
    Blobfish 101 11 days ago

    I refuse to live the dongle life

  • Blobfish 101
    Blobfish 101 11 days ago

    I don't know if the sponsor of this video knows this, but there are free programs such as f.lux which will lower the blue light coming from your screen without the need to buy and wear glasses.

  • Blobfish 101
    Blobfish 101 11 days ago

    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!

  • Regan Song
    Regan Song 12 days ago

    notice what he draws on he laptop

  • Elias Ali
    Elias Ali 12 days ago

    I'm a photographer/photo editor and im looking for a laptop .. my 2 pics are .. xps 13/15 and macbook 13/15 ..
    Any recommendations ?

    COC FAMILY 12 days ago

    Dell Xps15 8th

  • HB Gaming
    HB Gaming 13 days ago


  • Fræ
    Fræ 15 days ago

    What about an eGPU?

  • drifting dust
    drifting dust 15 days ago

    That camera placement made me laugh so hard. lol

  • Asif Ali Rahman
    Asif Ali Rahman 16 days ago

    overacting!!! as usual.

  • Zach
    Zach 16 days ago

    should i get this or a macbook pro if I’m majoring in computer science?

  • Dave Davies
    Dave Davies 16 days ago

    The XPS 13 security slot is not Kensington, it's a Noble Security Wedge slot.

  • Ayam Mee
    Ayam Mee 17 days ago

    Dell has gone apple.

  • Mohamedilyas Kapadia
    Mohamedilyas Kapadia 18 days ago

    like the Beardyman rip-off!

  • Mubeen Jahangir
    Mubeen Jahangir 18 days ago

    Cake fart 2:42

  • neosrt10
    neosrt10 18 days ago

    No dedicated video gpu and DDR3 ....No thanks...That Thunderbolt external video Dance tho...😂👌

  • liteoner
    liteoner 19 days ago

    I bought one thanks to this video, and it's really _that_ good

    PRATEEK AGARAWAL 19 days ago

    The guy draws a dick @1:53

  • Ally Burgess
    Ally Burgess 21 day ago

    Cakes don't come out the oven ready frosted Linus.....

  • Zatorith
    Zatorith 22 days ago

    idk if im alone in this, but i really dont care where webcam is or if the laptop even has one, and i hate touch screens on laptops. they always seem to break and have issues and it never feels natural to touch my laptop screen. also finger prints. idk those 2 things seem like big issues for linus and i dont mind either lmao

    • Alfa Q
      Alfa Q 21 day ago

      You are definitely not alone, I wish it was entirely bezelless without a web camera. But for business people who have Skype meetings frequently it is definitely important, as it does look fairly awkward.
      It's still a fantastic laptop, the best laptop (for non gaming purposes) that I have ever owned.

  • Roxel Barroso
    Roxel Barroso 22 days ago

    Very useful when people use to draw big dicks on your laptop... heheheheh.... 1:48

  • aryan Iyer
    aryan Iyer 22 days ago

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly

    the glasses PROSPEK

  • michaelsvlog
    michaelsvlog 22 days ago

    Really TVclip is not on my side today my little one is watching and even tech videos are showing stuff he can't watch. First a scary mask in a gospel video now the special drawing on Ultrabook.

  • JimboLogic
    JimboLogic 23 days ago

    $400 touch screen upgrade, I’m out.

  • Gerardo III Payno
    Gerardo III Payno 23 days ago

    Did he just draw a dick? Hahaja

  • Edddie
    Edddie 23 days ago

    DONT BUY THIS CRAP. I bought the 4k white version of the XPS 13 over 2 months ago. The speakers start showing crazy annoying clicking/popping and sometimes cracking sounds whenever i play music, sometimes even when the speakers are muted. No solution whatsoever, Dell support was completely useless and the most important thing was that it passed return period. Now I'm stuck with a $2000 machine that drives me crazy lol. just DONT BUY IT.

  • slaindevil
    slaindevil 23 days ago

    The 16:9 aspect ratio kills it for me :-(

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star 24 days ago

    the Asus q535 is the same

  • Ankit Agrawal
    Ankit Agrawal 24 days ago

    Only way I can have this laptop is if Linus gifts me one

  • Cameron Hanks
    Cameron Hanks 24 days ago

    Funny im watching this on my 2018 XPS 13. As a Landscape Photographer, this laptop is everything i could ask for. its light and extremely portable. has more then enough grunt for photo and video edits on the go. and the 4k is almost a must for creative content.

  • Max S
    Max S 24 days ago

    Fingerprint reader combined with the power-button... hmmm where have i seen this before ^^

  • runnereatscow
    runnereatscow 25 days ago

    Did Linus draw a penis on the laptop? 1:48

  • esparda07
    esparda07 25 days ago

    Sponsored by Rogers.

  • mkj 100
    mkj 100 26 days ago

    What if they gave it.... A notch.?? DUN DUN DUN. (Actually a legit question though.)

  • J.Jarvis
    J.Jarvis 26 days ago

    how are you getting stronger?.

  • Zi Ye
    Zi Ye 26 days ago

    Huawei Matebook X Pro is better

  • Jeff_Is_My_Name
    Jeff_Is_My_Name 27 days ago

    Is Linus how to basic?

  • Cristian Chaves
    Cristian Chaves 27 days ago

    They DO have a 1080 touchscreen option with higher specs for around $1000 at Best Buy. I'm not sure if it was on promotion, but this was back in March

  • Aniket Kambli
    Aniket Kambli 27 days ago

    that drawing though 😂😂😂

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 28 days ago

    divine argument bitter storage musical settle maybe effect stand.

  • westhumber96
    westhumber96 29 days ago

    stupid start up with bad acting. NO thanks

  • J. Ward
    J. Ward 29 days ago

    Cringey intro is cringey

  • Elly J
    Elly J 29 days ago

    What did i just watch....

  • TheMightyMedia
    TheMightyMedia Month ago

    this or the X1 Carbon Gen 6?

  • Mike Riccardi
    Mike Riccardi Month ago

    You'll never beat the Asus X330UA for the price. 3200*1800 pixels. Core i5 performance and real 12-14 hour battery life. Aluminum chassis, only 2lbs. And only $750

  • Jeremiah Gavin
    Jeremiah Gavin Month ago

    2:56 WTF

  • Jabed Ahmed
    Jabed Ahmed Month ago

    huh! I got the brand new XPS 13 2018 i7 4k touch with 8gb memory and 256gb Rose gold for exactly $1291.94. beat that price!

  • Tracey Claver
    Tracey Claver Month ago +2

    Yes, a cake with icing straight from the oven. Yes, much sense.

  • Carl Leo
    Carl Leo Month ago

    What is up with that 225 sad come people twits 2018 I need way more space mobile games take support more space than that

  • Sean Patterson
    Sean Patterson Month ago

    No dgpu, no dice

  • maccollectorZ
    maccollectorZ Month ago

    That's why you get a MacBook. I'm always slightly less productive on non-Apple laptops because their proportions are always slightly off and their keyboards and trackpads are either terrible or just merely decent. (And, of course, they run Windows.)

  • Anee Hugo
    Anee Hugo Month ago

    I bought this. This sucks except the great service .it is not fast and not good performance

  • Jack Callahan
    Jack Callahan Month ago

    How's the xps 15

  • Omeng Bee
    Omeng Bee Month ago

    Did he draw a penis? lol

  • Kaling Kalar
    Kaling Kalar Month ago

    I have the one with 1080p and without touch screen, but there are 2 issues i have with it.
    The right speaker rattles some time after sound is being played.
    The WLAN of my Latitude XT3 back from 2011 was much better.

    MAF USA Month ago

    Wow u know so much about pc did you study pc

  • MrWanted000
    MrWanted000 Month ago

    Is this laptop great for 3dsmax rendering and autocad, revit work??

  • Jan De ei man
    Jan De ei man Month ago

    but how does it game?

  • xXGIMpL0rdXx
    xXGIMpL0rdXx Month ago

    0:41 das pretty gud

  • Charlie Kempf
    Charlie Kempf Month ago


  • Daniel Kam
    Daniel Kam Month ago


  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel Month ago

    The Dell xps 9360 was much better

  • P0531D0N
    P0531D0N Month ago

    Why i have xiaomi mi notebook pro and my battary life in web browsing on 50% brightnes only 4 Hrs? :(( CPU 40* only and usage 10%

  • Samuel Diche
    Samuel Diche Month ago +1

    1:51 is that a dick?

  • LadrilloRojo
    LadrilloRojo Month ago

    P90? It should have a p90 pic

  • Fire Phoniex
    Fire Phoniex Month ago

    Dell xps still has a ddr3!!!!

  • Billy Heriachandra
    Billy Heriachandra Month ago

    shook on 0:15

  • Jordan Coleman
    Jordan Coleman Month ago +1

    I don't really like thin and light laptops. Personally I like laptops with some thickness to them. I'm 16, and carry around my favorite laptop every day and use it as much as I can through out the day at my high school. The laptop I use is a Dell Vostro 1540, with an i3 370m, and integrated graphics, I get about 2.5 hours of battery life, and it works perfectly. I game, use auto cad, and code for my robotics team, and it works perfectly, also its running Windows 10 Pro.

  • Visvesh Narayan
    Visvesh Narayan Month ago

    How do you increase the TDP of aan ultrabook because the Dell XPS 13 is very expensive.

  • Danny Tahiraj
    Danny Tahiraj Month ago +2

    Why isn't there an option for not having a webcam, then if you want one just pay for it additionally... I mean you would have a garter screen real estate and an even sexier device, right? Cause let's be honest, who the f is using a webcam from a XPS 13/15' !? Cmon DELL

  • Jonathan Anderson
    Jonathan Anderson Month ago

    Eww linus... I always had weird feelings about you and your wife but cracking jokes about how you "wish" she was taller is kinda lame if you ask me...

  • Stoyan Denkov
    Stoyan Denkov Month ago

    Fk dell, have a look at HP Spectre and Zenbook

  • Happy Craft Design
    Happy Craft Design Month ago

    "Is A Lie" Lol

  • EdithHead
    EdithHead Month ago

    I clicked the Dislike button and shut this off after 1:30 because it was so fucking annoying. Switched to the Mobile Tech Review clip.

  • 通关文牒
    通关文牒 Month ago


  • Durga Teja Yadiki
    Durga Teja Yadiki Month ago

    You got a nice watch. Can you tell me brand and model of the watch please?

  • Max Mikkelsen
    Max Mikkelsen Month ago

    5:15 don't think we didn't catch that one Linus

  • David Saunders
    David Saunders Month ago

    With DDR3????????????

  • nickie banchou
    nickie banchou Month ago

    no USB A, no HDMI, meh
    the 2017 model was so great, why dell! why!!

  • Raul Rohjans
    Raul Rohjans Month ago

    Can you leave the ingrediants for the cake in the description? pls

  • Shantanu Sharma
    Shantanu Sharma Month ago

    Great. Can you also review the newest XPS 15 9570? Thanks.

  • Clayton Rennie
    Clayton Rennie Month ago

    It is a very nice laptop. No need for the 4k, the 1080 screen is beautiful, clear, and bright.

  • William R
    William R Month ago

    XPS 15 2 in 1 with the Vega M GL graphics please!!!!!!

  • timothy Alvarado
    timothy Alvarado Month ago +1

    What a waste of an egg..

  • Geo Sebastian
    Geo Sebastian Month ago

    Good job, Linus! Great work, team :)