Picking Up UBER Riders In A LAMBORGHINI!

  • Picking Up UBER Riders In A LAMBORGHINI!
    You guys asked for it! Lamborghini Uber, The gtr uber did soo good in the last one we had to do it again, except in a Lamborghini performante, we got some funny reactions from the strangers I picked up! Drop a like and subscribe and help me get to 10 million! Comment down below if you want part 3!
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Comments • 80

  • Michael Heymans
    Michael Heymans 18 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the mercialogo.

  • justgot bullied x
    justgot bullied x 18 hours ago

    Did this nigga really called the 911 a panamera tf

  • Lily Pasi
    Lily Pasi Day ago

    Emily is just

  • LogicalHalt - Gaming

    6:03 is the fakest shit I have ever seen

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 2 days ago

    Dude Emily Is so beautiful

  • minion dab77
    minion dab77 3 days ago +1

    buy a Lamborghini

  • Nikitas Lianos
    Nikitas Lianos 3 days ago


  • Ahmad Solihin
    Ahmad Solihin 3 days ago

    I think kawasaki ninja h2r motobike is faster than lambo.It can reach 400 km per hour.

  • evan Den seje dreng
    evan Den seje dreng 3 days ago

    Emiley was also in the last video with pic. Up in the 1000 H.P. gtr she was preg. And now she has the baby

  • F F
    F F 3 days ago

    Si dice Lamborghini cazzo

  • ZakGemmer
    ZakGemmer 3 days ago +1

    The guy yah I trust him. Tanner: revs the engine till it bangs.

  • Romeo Hoes
    Romeo Hoes 3 days ago

    That face of yours when u go fast is amazing

  • Rahul Enmadou
    Rahul Enmadou 4 days ago

    With Mustang GT500

  • 国医志望
    国医志望 5 days ago

    Σ( ´・ω・`)

  • Matty Allen
    Matty Allen 5 days ago

    i cringe every time he waits for it to bounce off limiter before the upshift

  • Shameema Akhtar
    Shameema Akhtar 6 days ago

    I didn't know dredge was with Tanner Fowler instead of funk bros

  • Round_ez
    Round_ez 6 days ago

    That girl emily is the same girl that was pregnant from the prevuis uber video

  • game changers
    game changers 6 days ago

    Bro u get views because your behaviour good perfect

  • williams David
    williams David 7 days ago

    The driver is more scared than the passenger

  • jort t
    jort t 8 days ago

    Hoomen tv had done thuis before

  • Cole Christides
    Cole Christides 8 days ago

    Next do a mclaren

  • Victor Vanhorn
    Victor Vanhorn 9 days ago

    Uber in the new GT

  • Du Hs
    Du Hs 9 days ago

    Dont drive anymore Manuell. Rip lambo

  • Orange Studios
    Orange Studios 9 days ago

    Is this that pregnant lady with the baby we say that other day?

  • jnk juan
    jnk juan 9 days ago

    I bet you guys next time he does this that the same girl Emily. Wil be in his car

  • Mathias Lerche
    Mathias Lerche 11 days ago +1

    Waddup Seizure face

  • Jaylanhyperboy24 Fortnite

    Am I the only one that noticed the gt 40 .... never mind the statted it

  • Thiago Mange
    Thiago Mange 12 days ago

    Emily is the same girl who was pregnant in the video w/ the gtr lol

  • Jamie Kehoe
    Jamie Kehoe 12 days ago +1

    Like if tanner needs a lambo

  • Anes 7
    Anes 7 14 days ago

    At 7:00 it’s the pregnant girl from the uber video in gtr

  • Notdfue
    Notdfue 15 days ago

    So fucking staged

  • Notdfue
    Notdfue 15 days ago +1

    Lol your ten buddy, your more scared then the passengers and stop using your mommas money and get a real job

  • Diego Pubill Fernandez

    3:49 isnt that drage from funk bros?

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 16 days ago +1

    Hold up, that’s the same girl that almost gave birth in the GTR uber rides video

  • Cool
    Cool 16 days ago

    It looks like Jake Paul lamborghini

  • Bernard TheOfficial
    Bernard TheOfficial 18 days ago

    Wait you Can't take the LAMBO tho!!!!

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 18 days ago

    Jesus tanner learn how to shift lambo

  • adzit Mahendra
    adzit Mahendra 18 days ago +1

    Im from Indonesia bro hii subscribe channel im please 🙏

  • Su DL
    Su DL 18 days ago

    How old is this kid ??? Does he have a DL? Hahaha

  • Double V
    Double V 18 days ago +1

    Tanner my guy what were those shifts 😅😂 poor lambo is going to breakkk

  • TRAGICjoker 24
    TRAGICjoker 24 19 days ago

    Emily a b$*ch

  • Lissette Flint
    Lissette Flint 22 days ago

    I love seeing his face when he hits it!!! Lol🤣

  • Nico Las
    Nico Las 24 days ago

    i wanna be like u millionare ;-;

  • vukye
    vukye 24 days ago

    7:55 the man was so chilling xD

  • Firman Dwi Kurnia
    Firman Dwi Kurnia 25 days ago

    You meet emily again? Its a scripted do you?

  • Omar_kadi ._
    Omar_kadi ._ 25 days ago

    Guys stop blaming emily bcuz she was in the last episode and she is an actor

  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj 28 days ago

    Hey Guys!👐👐 Hi
    Hey Guy!👐👐 Welcome!👐👐

  • ECcoasters
    ECcoasters 29 days ago

    Never let Tanner drive your car

  • Hunt it out
    Hunt it out Month ago +1

    Good job on buying a Lamborghini I’m proud of you ✌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Bruno conforti
    Bruno conforti Month ago

    Try The Mclaren F1 T50

  • mexilito
    mexilito Month ago


  • Chad Pelton
    Chad Pelton Month ago

    emily is a prick

  • Hugh Jarsonballs
    Hugh Jarsonballs Month ago

    He needs to learn how to shift ffs

  • I'm going horizontal bro

    Y’all seen when his face did the 🥱😐😩🥴😬🥶12:40

  • fuhjrvr
    fuhjrvr Month ago

    Bruh hope y’all realize Emily has been in tanners videos more then once lol.

  • Maria Bueno
    Maria Bueno Month ago


  • Fendi Julaihi
    Fendi Julaihi Month ago

    How old are u ??? U look really young.

  • HomeFrontV2.0
    HomeFrontV2.0 Month ago

    the guy with the shades and slightly blue shirt his face expression was like i been in cars faster than this.

  • Juzo
    Juzo Month ago

    Oh that’s the same woman that went into labor in the previous video

  • mjrra rams
    mjrra rams Month ago

    incomplete vaccin 👉Tfox

  • mjrra rams
    mjrra rams Month ago

    tfox is sooo sick this guy is crazzy😜

  • Abhinab Saikia
    Abhinab Saikia Month ago

    Every time Tanner drives fast he gives a reaction like he is in a speeding supercar for the first time... 😅

  • Ssenyonjo Sula
    Ssenyonjo Sula Month ago


  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee Month ago

    For a car to have Race Mode is sooooo cool

  • hashir asim
    hashir asim Month ago

    emily is in another video too

  • MrStevo626
    MrStevo626 Month ago +1

    The definition of a 'dweeb'

  • sam -
    sam - Month ago

    Is that the same girl you scared the baby out of 💀😂

  • M.S.K rob
    M.S.K rob Month ago

    who tf hits the limiter on a lambo?😐

  • Famille TSA
    Famille TSA Month ago

    So fake

  • Sebaxtian Feune de Colombi

    Him redlining makes me cringe

  • Gigigi John
    Gigigi John Month ago

    Paddle boy tanner

  • Snapp
    Snapp Month ago

    The fucking delay on the shift paddles man

  • Karagen
    Karagen Month ago

    dude what are those shifts ? hit the rev limiter like 20 times jesus christ

  • Nostyle.444
    Nostyle.444 Month ago

    Poor car tanner was beating the shit outta the rev limiter

  • Bilguun Enkhtaivan
    Bilguun Enkhtaivan Month ago

    Me: wins 100m dollar
    Tanner fox:What a poor
    Me: Why you bully me T.T

  • Hashim Ali
    Hashim Ali Month ago

    Emily is very funny 😂

  • Tristan Garland
    Tristan Garland Month ago

    the pregnant lady is in the GTR uber video

  • Marc Isbach
    Marc Isbach Month ago +65

    Driver: looks like he is 10

  • Champion Gleed
    Champion Gleed Month ago

    all his facial expressions crack me up!!!

  • moe waly
    moe waly Month ago

    I woulda spat on this emily chick