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  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • If we ask you who do you think is the World’s biggest potato exporter, you might answer America or maybe China… Those are big countries, with good soil and favourable climate. But despite all of this, the right answer would be the Netherlands, commonly known as Holland. In fact, they are the biggest food exporter right after the United States.
    This is surprising given that Netherlands is a really small, densely populated, wealthy country. All this features would make a country move away from the primary sector. They almost have no farming land and, having some of the most successful multinational corporations, it is counterintuitive that somebody would choose a job in a farm that one on the corporate world.
    Nonetheless, we can say Netherlands is the Silicon Valley of agriculture. Or, as they like to call themselves, the Food Valley. Thanks to the famous University of Wageningen, this country has combined rocket science with farming.
    But how did Netherlands achieve this success? What are the main keys for Dutch agriculture? What’s the secret of this little country? In this video, we will tell you all of that.
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  • Etienne Jansen
    Etienne Jansen 23 hours ago

    If the Dutch agricultural techniques are used in the whole world it means the end of hunger and turst. Thereby overpopulation is a myth.

  • Robert Rijkers
    Robert Rijkers Day ago +1

    the only thing that rivals our potatoe export is the export in namecorrecting in the commentsection of youtube.....

  • isokessu
    isokessu Day ago

    Always when I buy vegetables from shop in Finland, everything that comes from the Netherlands is so cheap and for some reason we have lot of their coins here, still I haven't seen any tourists from there so I don't know where the coins come. Anyway, to the point, why is their food so cheap?

  • remco_shoots4u
    remco_shoots4u 3 days ago

    God created the world, the Dutch created the Netherlands.


    What happens with the spanish versión?

  • Marjolein Tomassen
    Marjolein Tomassen 4 days ago

    Why do I see a German pumpkin?

  • Sim Williams
    Sim Williams 5 days ago

    If you have two thousand acres of soybeans infested with corn ear worms you are not going control them a drone

  • Geo mate
    Geo mate 5 days ago

    Wow, today I found out something new.

  • Rubenyoranpc
    Rubenyoranpc 5 days ago

    why show German footage of pumpkins in the background?

  • ArchEnema 67
    ArchEnema 67 7 days ago

    Isn't that the place between Frisia and Flanders?

  • Stegiean
    Stegiean 8 days ago

    Please stop calling it Holland. :(

  • SocialHostage
    SocialHostage 8 days ago

    3:46 That's German... 3:50 That's the flag of Belgium. Wow huge pumpkins that I've never seen before because pumpkins are not common in the Netherlands... WTF is going here! The rest is true though, I didn't even know Wageningen was Food Valley!

  • geheimschriver
    geheimschriver 8 days ago

    The Netherlands has been reliant on food imports during its hayday in the 17th century. During WW1 the Netherlands was unable to import sufficient food, and there was a shortage. During WW2 it was even worse. Many people starved because there was not enough domestic food production. After the war there was a drive to ramp up food production. After a few decades, food production became less viable. Policy makers of the time remembered the famine in the later stages of WW2 and decided to invst huge amounts of money in agro-tech.

    • geheimschriver
      geheimschriver Day ago

      +Richard Hanjeleer In the spring of '44 the eastern part of the Netherlands was already liberated. The west was isolated from the rest. So there was no food coming in (or going out). The fact that there was not enough food being produced was one of the reasons that people starved.

    • Richard Hanjeleer
      Richard Hanjeleer Day ago

      Wasn't the hongerwinter caused by germans being dicks?

  • Aaron Calderon
    Aaron Calderon 8 days ago

    The content is good.
    The zoom in and out drove me mad.

  • Mot Egdilra
    Mot Egdilra 9 days ago

    Name one Dutch food Johnny foreigner looks forward to eating?
    just one
    tasteless tomatoes
    crud cucumbers
    piss awful peppers
    deep fried gravy croquettes (bitterballen)
    deep fried potatoes with extra mayo?
    Dutch food is shit

    • Mot Egdilra
      Mot Egdilra 3 days ago

      remco_shoots4u And in regards to the Dutch standard of living, it's no better or worse than any other Northwestern​ European country.
      There are several European countries that are marginally ahead of Holland, and generally From France southwards less prosperous but on the whole contemporary Holland is comparable with its neighbours in every direction, unless of course you are a micro pédant, anyhow I still can't think of anything Dutch I'd like to eat...
      I think Holland's biggest contribution to modern day gastronomy is the Dutch oven...
      or maybe hagelslag sandwiches or Oliebollen or worse still poffertjes
      hahaha, Enjoy counting your Euros, they won't be around very much longer, whilst you gorge yourself on crap

    • Mot Egdilra
      Mot Egdilra 3 days ago

      remco_shoots4u If being rich means eating shit food, good luck with that. Personally I make it a rule never to eat in Holland, nor buy vegetables/fruit/meat/ of Dutch provenance or anything made by Unilever (albeit that's half British).

    • remco_shoots4u
      remco_shoots4u 3 days ago

      We're still fuckin rich. Poor pauper. Our retirementfunds hold...wait for it... over 250 billion Euro. And therefore we all have a good retirementplan.And i won't even start about our top notch healthcare. We Dutch are not afraid to smile, cause we look good when we smile!

  • Mot Egdilra
    Mot Egdilra 9 days ago +1

    Dutch food is industrial tasteless crap.

    • remco_shoots4u
      remco_shoots4u 3 days ago

      How would you know, you can't afford it, poor pauper.

  • Geraldine Franco
    Geraldine Franco 9 days ago

    Comparing the US and Netherlands, 2 agricultural giants, makes you wonder, if given enough time, will netherlands be the sole agricultural Hegemon? There are probably lots of companies in the US with enough land to rival Netherlands as a whole but how come a small country can catch up with this gigantic nation? Makes you wonder the quality over quantity situation and vice versa. One country is just good at mass production while the other one is good at efficient production. What comes next? Agricultural War 1?

  • Corpus Defectus
    Corpus Defectus 10 days ago

    Holland is a region not our country, sais a northern dutchman...

  • letsgetverydrunk
    letsgetverydrunk 12 days ago +1

    Foreigners caring more about whether it's called holland or the netherlands than the actual dutch. Thanks cgp grey, little bitch that you are

  • Secret
    Secret 12 days ago

    kinda funny how u have 666k subs

  • metalmichew2
    metalmichew2 13 days ago

    Portugal is the biggest aggricult power, Holland is using it as a secondary power. if you keep that in mind you can allready see how strong the netherlands really is.

  • tesla1961
    tesla1961 15 days ago

    never trust a bald head .

  • Karl Lober
    Karl Lober 15 days ago

    .. fantastic .. I graduated in Agricultural Economics years ago and I remember the smaller cows in Holland years ago .. but I had not keep up with it .. unbelievable that they beat Poland and Russia in potatoes ..

  • vunderground1
    vunderground1 16 days ago

    Bulk over flavour every time.These techniques are great for weed but terrible for tasty food.Thank you Guys for developing hydroponic techniques :D but keep your veggies, thanks.

  • Renshou Dai
    Renshou Dai 17 days ago

    Having been in the USA for over 20 years, I am a whole-hearted advocate for total private ownership based free market economic system. But after watching your videos on Norway (sovereign fund) and Holland (advanced agriculture), I begin seeing values in the "State Capitalism" economic system. The America-championed free market system is wasteful in terms of resources and can lead to financial crises from time to time (unregulated free enterprises can behave like certain type of dogs who can not control themselves when given food). Being also a Chinese, I have always advocated the American model for China, but now I begin to question myself. Maybe those smaller European countries who truly know how to manage their finite resources and know best how to develop and use the beneficial technologies are the more appropriate models for China. Thank you for those enlightening views and facts.

  • John Q
    John Q 17 days ago

    Too much talking around the bush not coming to the point

  • Patrick EH
    Patrick EH 17 days ago

    The USA is the world leader in ag export. NOT the Netherlands

    • Patrick EH
      Patrick EH Day ago

      It didn't STATE Europe in the title. It STATES, "Worlds Ag leader" Being an idiot must be tough.

    • Richard Hanjeleer
      Richard Hanjeleer Day ago

      Technologically they are the leaders tough considering the netherlands are over 200 times smaller than the us.

    • Richard Hanjeleer
      Richard Hanjeleer Day ago

      Hence the ''in Europe'' part.
      Listening is hard.

  • Vancouverman
    Vancouverman 18 days ago

    The constant playing of hard rock and changing the focus on the narrator's face is very distracting and makes this video unwatchable.

  • Rene Goris
    Rene Goris 18 days ago

    Although the Dutch agricultural method is a great way to develop space farming, the biological richness of plants is greatly diminished. Chemically plants get undressed to their biological bare minimum. The result is plants with less taste variety, less taste, less natural fragility, but also less survival chance in case of natural disasters, leaving people behind with guaranteed famine, like in the Monsanto effect. Irony here is that it does feed more people, but it also generates an additional market for people who prefer natural food, which is sold dealer style against higher prices, so not available to the poor. But who cares. In international food laws there is a concensus that if food doesn't kill you within X days it is to be considered healthfood

  • Wonderful Life
    Wonderful Life 19 days ago

    Them tomotoes are fking grim though.......

  • Mubashir Omar
    Mubashir Omar 19 days ago +1

    Hey Simon! Always good to watch your videos. Very informative.

  • m m
    m m 22 days ago

    get another shot of the laser lol

  • MJ NYC
    MJ NYC 22 days ago

    I suspect that a major reason others nations may not benefit from this is that they are not as free of corruption as Netherland.

  • artoru vidal2
    artoru vidal2 22 days ago

    The best farmers in South Africa are also Dutch

  • meaturama
    meaturama 22 days ago

    Wait, if Holland is the Netherlands....THEN WHO ARE THE DUTCH?

    • MrEscen
      MrEscen 18 days ago

      the Dutch live in the Netherlands and in Holland, Holland is a part of the Netherlands, but don't call someone from another part of Netherland a Hollander.

  • Philip Winkelhorst
    Philip Winkelhorst 22 days ago

    This highly efficient way of farming has also a downside. The farmer losses his connection with his suroundings. He is totally focused on his crops. This is a treat for the bird and wildlife around his farm. For bees there is not enough food. SO they can't life any more on farmland. Therefor there are no insect eating birds, because they can't find insects. And when there are no small birds also the birds of pray don't have enough food. This is a big problem. A farm should be very efficient, but should also leave space for wildlife and nature. Because without pollinating insects there is a bigger risc.

  • David Renwick
    David Renwick 23 days ago

    At 9:00 s/be Palmera Goat

  • oev67
    oev67 23 days ago

    for al the fuckers that complain about the netherlands vs holland: most people in the world don't know shit about the name "the netherlands" but they all know holland so get over it you pussies

  • truestory
    truestory 23 days ago

    UNILEVER vriend!!!

  • Ai
    Ai 23 days ago

    Haha your beard is uneven.

    BLIGHTY 23 days ago

    George: What is Holland?
    Jerry: What do you mean, 'what is it?' It's a country right next to Belgium.
    George: No, that's the Netherlands.
    Jerry: Holland *is* the Netherlands.
    George: Then who are the Dutch?

  • Sjaak De Winter
    Sjaak De Winter 23 days ago +1

    Because we are smart.
    Dutch people can even makes the Sahara green.
    It s not a joke, we can do it, because we are also rich enough to pay the technology.
    We are rich because we are smart.
    We are smart because of good schools.
    Every country can be like us, if they wants.
    But they prefer to be a migrant, because we are rich and smart.

  • Travis Norseman
    Travis Norseman 24 days ago

    HOLY cow guy!!! Way to beat around the bush. I've watched 100's of your videos, I've never seen you take so painfully damn long to get to the point!

  • PeachSJW
    PeachSJW 24 days ago

    This channel would be improved if there were fewer closeups of your snot covered beard.

  • Mur Mur
    Mur Mur 24 days ago

    Brilliant video.

  • Philip
    Philip 24 days ago

    Even when putting aside the fact that Holland isn't the Netherlands, Holland itself hasn't been a province in over 2 centuries. I'm not sure but I think it split after the Napoleonic wars.

  • diegoskater626
    diegoskater626 25 days ago

    this video is absolutely amazing, one of the best Ive seen from this channel!

  • Antonie van der Meer
    Antonie van der Meer 25 days ago


  • Nils10Ip
    Nils10Ip 26 days ago

    va ge ne gen

  • Nils10Ip
    Nils10Ip 26 days ago

    no holland here boi

  • Mohamed Bermouna
    Mohamed Bermouna 26 days ago

    Kunnen we trots op zijn

  • Michael DK
    Michael DK 27 days ago

    Interestingly, you've left out two VERY important (and I'd say the most important) factors why Holland is so successful.
    1) Land consolidation laws set in place since 1924 (inspired by the USA!). This combined with perfect conditions (soil, terrain elevation, water etc) created extremely efficient and fertile grounds. Compared to other European countries the Land consolidation has been much more effective - compared to Belgium, France and Spain the farmlands are squarer and easier to access by the owners, as well as perfect draining channels to serve as demarcation as well as irrigation source/removal of excess water.
    2) World War 2 is seen as one of the main reasons that Dutch farmers really became aware for the need of creative farming and extreme efficiency. We suffered tremendous famine and that left it's trauma on the people the years during and after the war.
    Above factors were kick starting the dutch agricultural boom - and the money that came from this initial boom (and the consequent explosion of the Dutch economy providing ample people that could afford ' wonder veggies') helped to provide riches for the farmers that were put to use in further modernisation. And from there on, your video nicely explains how things came to be. However it's a bit sad that you left the start out - Land consolidation and WW2.

  • TheDutchyNL
    TheDutchyNL 27 days ago

    Am i hearing Eagles of Death Metal?

  • Bullen Primus
    Bullen Primus 28 days ago

    I want this teknologi in sweden almost 90% of all the food here is inported.

    • EvilResident
      EvilResident 25 days ago +1

      You Swedes are too retarded to do that.

  • Γιάννης Λάζαρης

    unfortunately all prodacts have no taste like prodacts of big farms all over the world...

  • hartman san
    hartman san 29 days ago

    he look like Vsause i dont like it.

  • David Swildens
    David Swildens 29 days ago

    The farmers are a true curse on the dutch economic and ecological existents

  • Fred Lakota
    Fred Lakota Month ago

    (North and south) Holland is part of the Netherlands.. H
    olland is "not" the Netherlands

  • Adrian Gabriel Gramada


  • PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja

    How about Swiss Coop?

  • Lewis Ticknor
    Lewis Ticknor Month ago

    Um, tomatoes wouldn't normally grow in such a "cold" country? WTF? So quit watching the video after that comment. New York and Germany are much colder and have a fuck ton of tomatoes....thanks for telling me there is a ag college there...

  • Lewis Ticknor
    Lewis Ticknor Month ago

    Wait! Exporting more doesn't mean producing more. So are the thirtieth in production?

  • arcross4682
    arcross4682 Month ago

    omg! I'm actually shocked. this needs more attention

  • Pax Delgado
    Pax Delgado Month ago

    Thanks for the knowedge :D

  • Kris Oluich
    Kris Oluich Month ago

    Instead of all that chatter, you should have talked about their transition to controlled environment greenhouses. Even unheated , they give farmers four months of season extension which at most latitudes can double income.

  • Joris MP
    Joris MP Month ago +1

    Over here in Noord-Brabant air and soil are also tremendously polluted because of factory farming. That's one of the many downsides to trying to feed the world being such a small country.

  • NeofelixNebuloza
    NeofelixNebuloza Month ago

    The high outputs of food production has taken its toll on biodiversity and soil quality in the Netherlands. Inputs of fertilizers and pesticides are in these systems are high. There is a huge nutrient surplus in the country because of the intensive livestock production that is dependent on feed imports from mainly Brazil. Political discussions are now focused on how to mitigate these problems, shifting the focus from higher production towards better production, in alignment with natural principles, by implementing new technologies such as robotics. The current Dutch Agricultural model is far from ideal.

  • Some One
    Some One Month ago

    Then how come I have never seen the stamp, "made in Holland," or "from the Netherlands" on my food labels, or anywhere in the the grocery stores at all?

  • jim dee
    jim dee Month ago

    where is the origin of the NEW WORLD ORDER.... PRINCE OF ORANJE = THE NETHERLANDS... evil family plotting to cull the world

  • ai caramba
    ai caramba Month ago +1

    It's funny how Philips is always mentioned as a dutch technology company, but ASML, which is worth twice as much and has a MUCH bigger influence in global tech, is never mentioned. Maybe research it. You'll be surprised how important that company is for global technology.
    Love the video's though.

  • Jesse21
    Jesse21 Month ago

    Awesome video!

  • 4dRi4n Wielki
    4dRi4n Wielki Month ago

    GMO ....NETHERLANDSE vegatables are shit ..taste like water .....west europa = gmo (growing fast )
    East europa = natural

  • Snakesborough
    Snakesborough Month ago

    Being from the Netherlands (but not from Holland btw, my father is Saxon and my mother is Frisian) I am very proud to work in the agriculture business. I love our farmers, who belong to the best educated people in our little but very beloved Kingdom. We honour our farmers here outside of Holland in the 'fly over' part of the Netherlands!

  • Gary Hills
    Gary Hills Month ago

    And so as a nice thank you to that dutch cock who was in charge of Philips in the 50s and who was instrumental in the creation of the corrupt EU that we hate today...bit like a golden handshake as a thank you .. tossers

  • Gary Hills
    Gary Hills Month ago +1

    What a twat ..conveniently forgot to mention the Dutch agricultural market was given it's control and domination over european fruit/veg products courtesy of the EU. Secret deals were made to ensure that Holland had a monopoly over supplying EU countries produce by firstly killing off global fruit/veg flowing into Europe by adding tariffs that made it far too expensive to import perishables from abroad/outside EU..then the EU created pages of rules/regulations/laws (for instance it became illegal for shops to sell wonky cucumbers and stated they ALL have to be straight..why? Because the Dutch had developed perfect growing moulds within hydroponic environments that grew perfectly straight cucumbers which Mr self employed uk farmer or other european farmer could never hope to grow in the fields that he plows every year ..Holland is miles and miles of Hydroponic farms growing produce on shelves not fields ..in huge huge greenhouses able to grow 365 days a year regardless of the fruit or veg required.. not outdoors like everyone else )

    • The Forgotten Hero
      The Forgotten Hero Month ago

      Dunno what kind of BS you're spewing, plenty of cucumbers in Dutch stores are not straight at all. Likewise, there are a great many products that are still foreign; coming from countries like Chille, Argentina, the USA, Spain, Turkey, etc.

  • gudda jerry
    gudda jerry Month ago

    too much talking not showing aney thing

  • Dave Horne
    Dave Horne Month ago

    I've lived here for 24 years and admire the Dutch way of doing things. They address the problem and attempt to solve it.
    It should also be noted that the Dutch, per capita, are the tallest people on the planet.

  • Wayne Mabe
    Wayne Mabe Month ago

    But Who s the biggests in the world. USA

    • EvilResident
      EvilResident 25 days ago +1

      You mean fattest in the world, right?

  • Ordinary Mevaker Edwin

    Vertical farm.

  • Johan Sterk
    Johan Sterk Month ago +1

    A large part of Dutch farmers are not from Holland but from Friesland, Groningen, Gelderland, Brabant, etc. Calling The Netherlands "Holland" is calling the United Kingdom "England". Lots of Scots, Welsh, etc. disagree.

  • EnigmaDrath
    EnigmaDrath Month ago +1

    "The Netherlands, also known as Holland"
    *tosses bike into canal and wishes cancer on someone's mother*

  • Sofia Thomaidou
    Sofia Thomaidou Month ago

    And what about the taste and the quality of the tomatoes? They just taste like water, it's better to keep some things real!

  • Curtis Carpenter
    Curtis Carpenter Month ago

    In the UK with our highly efficient agriculture we should use the same tech, we waste too much food and we need to make more of the food we can make in our climate to meet domestic demand.

  • jan van duinkerken
    jan van duinkerken Month ago +1


  • mindwis3
    mindwis3 Month ago

    And we're so dumb to let the Canadians and some states in the USA run away with the cannabis goldmine..
    Well, all the best to you Canada, well done. we're still stuck in this retarded 'legal front, illegal back' coffeeshop regime.

  • Throwaway1234
    Throwaway1234 Month ago

    Your videos would be a lot better if they didn't have the face close ups every 5 seconds.

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks Month ago

    12:48 so your saying that they don't want GMO since they don't deal with the same need for pesticides since they prevent disease or other blight on the crops. If that is the case then they should make a public campaign explaining that to the US public which might pressure the US to adopt similar strategies but maybe, just maybe, they don't want other nations, especially the US or Ukraine or some place with a high yield capacity to adopt such agribusiness models as they have. It would not put them in such a competitive and 'sustainable' position but then the whole Go Green and sustainable preaching by people who inherently can do this and others cannot is sort of standing on a false moral high horse. You are not better or more more moral you simply leveraged and researched your way into a position but if others did in fact adopt your way of doing things your special nature would dwindle and your competitive advantage would vanish.

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks Month ago

    I want to see the Agribots. What you need human migrant workers? Nope, you can use agribots.

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks Month ago

    Here's a thought since I think weed is legal there, and they are all about agriculture I'm guessing the push to legalize marijuana in the US which really means investors who will operate factory farms (run in interior spaces) either use technology from the Netherlands OR investors who will benefit push for this. There is some connection there. It also might have to do with why they have so much money. They turn a profit not only making food you eat but cash crops like marijuana (but also for medical purposes too and all the related products you can make). Am I close on this?

  • Schwanzel Stock
    Schwanzel Stock Month ago

    tvclip.biz/video/lJ3N-UsidFE/video.html It's why they scratch their crotch and have time to spare to do shit like this since they somehow have a hard time finding a suitable wife.

  • Fjalar
    Fjalar Month ago +3

    I don't get why people buy Dutch tomatoes. I'm from Sweden myself, and most of our tomatoes are from the Netherlands, at least during the winter. But they don't taste much more than water does. Spanish tomatoes are so much better, but for whatever reason (cheaper perhaps?) we almost only get Dutch ones.

  • Borisje Boef
    Borisje Boef Month ago +7

    Those 10 billion subsidies to France doesn't go to farmers. But to big French agro companies. France sucks the blood out of tax paying Europeans. France is a salope and Macron the madame of the brothel!

    • EvilResident
      EvilResident Month ago +1

      The French are hustlers, always have been.

  • remco lamain
    remco lamain Month ago +1

    Air bus? You mean Fokker?

  • Dezire 4Lust
    Dezire 4Lust Month ago

    Waow.. GG Nederlands I am amazed by there hard work intelligence n dedication government n ppl wise.👏👏
    My Fiance is Never gona let me live this down 😥
    Lol he's Dutch im American lol

  • Dezire 4Lust
    Dezire 4Lust Month ago

    The netherlands #2 .

  • webeskimo
    webeskimo Month ago

    university of WAGENINGEN loool

  • Kiril Dinev
    Kiril Dinev Month ago

    9 January 1464. Why? I consider the question to be superfluous.

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera Month ago

    The shots with the huge pumpkins is from Germany, not the Netherlands.

  • nacho libre
    nacho libre Month ago

    It's because we always work hard, always honour our deals, always innovate and always pay our debt!
    Just give us your money and we'll feed the world!!! (And yes we really REALLY love money ;) )

  • xkguy
    xkguy Month ago

    Why irritate just half of the American voters? Do a similar opening montage with Obama as the brunt of the joke. Come on, you can alienate everyone if you try even though it does not seem relevant to your programing.