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  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • If we ask you who do you think is the World’s biggest potato exporter, you might answer America or maybe China… Those are big countries, with good soil and favourable climate. But despite all of this, the right answer would be the Netherlands, commonly known as Holland. In fact, they are the biggest food exporter right after the United States.
    This is surprising given that Netherlands is a really small, densely populated, wealthy country. All this features would make a country move away from the primary sector. They almost have no farming land and, having some of the most successful multinational corporations, it is counterintuitive that somebody would choose a job in a farm that one on the corporate world.
    Nonetheless, we can say Netherlands is the Silicon Valley of agriculture. Or, as they like to call themselves, the Food Valley. Thanks to the famous University of Wageningen, this country has combined rocket science with farming.
    But how did Netherlands achieve this success? What are the main keys for Dutch agriculture? What’s the secret of this little country? In this video, we will tell you all of that.
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  • Thijs Broersen
    Thijs Broersen 20 hours ago +1

    Dabbing intensifies

  • Bontheimer The Greatest

    The reactions of some Dutch people here are moronic and quite insulting to the maker of this video..

  • Andres Achury
    Andres Achury 22 hours ago

    Hi, congrats , why deleted this video in spanish?

  • Lender
    Lender Day ago

    Vsauce 2

  • hefaistros
    hefaistros Day ago

    NOT ALSO KNOWN AS HOLLAND!!! 2 provinces together north and south holland make up 'holland'. those provinces have our biggest cities. the haque, amsterdam, rotterdam. so most tourists visit that part of the country. but it is like calling america 'dacota'

  • Diego Escobedo
    Diego Escobedo Day ago +1

    Why did you privatize this video on the channel that is in Spanish?, I liked that video when it was uploaded, and when I wanted to see it again it said that it had been privatized.

  • dutchy
    dutchy Day ago

    I’m from Wageningen!

  • OtakuOverkill
    OtakuOverkill Day ago

    The pumpkin footage was with the Belgium flag...

  • twigabor
    twigabor 2 days ago

    Great video but one huge annoyance as a Dutchmen:
    The Netherlands is!!
    Holland are just two provinces in the Netherlands
    Actually the two provinces with most likely the least agriculture
    Wageningen is not even in Holland!!!!
    Please watch tvclip.biz/video/eE_IUPInEuc/video.html

  • juuls09
    juuls09 2 days ago

    Tractors dont drive theirself thats not automatic

  • juuls09
    juuls09 2 days ago

    0:55 we dont build dams to claim land back but to stop it take more you idiot

  • Thijs Hofmans
    Thijs Hofmans 2 days ago

    Holland is a province

  • computerhoofd
    computerhoofd 2 days ago

    “United Kingdom. Also known as England.”

  • Berend Boer
    Berend Boer 2 days ago


  • Gopi Toor
    Gopi Toor 2 days ago

    Very nice 👍 farmers are very important for all of us

  • Shubham Karchaudhuri

    Food shortage will be a result of water shortage . To build effective systems we should look at total land left - lands converting back to organic / total population.

    Being from India and working in this segment I can't help but feel what is China and Africa up to . Would be up for doing any research from.india . We need to show people the truth

  • Thomas Westhoff
    Thomas Westhoff 2 days ago

    Another reason for large investments in agriculture research was a big famine(De Hongerwinter) in the Netherlands during the second world war. This let the Dutch realize that it was important to improve their agriculture. This is also one of the reasons that between the cities of The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht(called the Randstad) a large part is reserved for agriculture( it's called "Het groene hart"( green heart)).
    PS Wageningen University is a beautiful university. I am a proud student!

  • Ben V
    Ben V 2 days ago

    Yes we are the smartest people in the world, not only in farming.

  • Robert Mion
    Robert Mion 3 days ago

    please reconcile this report to : Rank Country Potato Production [tonnes]
    1 China 95,987,500
    2 India 45,343,600
    3 Russian Federation 30,199,100
    4 Ukraine 22,258,600
    5 United States 19,843,900
    6 Germany 9,669,700
    7 Bangladesh 8,603,000
    8 France 6,975,000
    9 Netherlands 6,801,000

  • Rocco Rizzo
    Rocco Rizzo 3 days ago

    Could it be because the number one agricultural university it in the Netherlands? Wageningen University and Research does so much to make the Netherlands the number two agricultural exporter in the world. Second only to the US.

  • Bill MC nuggets
    Bill MC nuggets 3 days ago

    Average of 7 hectares ....? Farmers in the north of the netherlands have at least 50 hec , we have 200 🤣🤣

  • Boris de Best
    Boris de Best 3 days ago

    WTF also known as Holland...It is The Netherlands.... it's like calling Scotland a part of England. You just have insulted a lot of dutch people. And.... how plausible is this vid .... if you can't that fact right.

  • Facundo Soto
    Facundo Soto 3 days ago

    ¿Que paso con la versión española de este video?

  • X6P
    X6P 4 days ago

    2:41 that not the truth
    Almost Al farms are being maintained by people and I can't call any farms that use drones

  • peter t
    peter t 4 days ago

    Why did i not know this im Dutch

  • Fadi Fortuna
    Fadi Fortuna 4 days ago

    It all started with the black tulip

  • Real*ARES*
    Real*ARES* 4 days ago

    the netherlands, also known as holland? u fur real bruh?

    EXTOL ZEBULON 4 days ago

    Of course it is the tribe of Zebulun whose blessing it is in the Bible.

  • Salkafar
    Salkafar 4 days ago

    Necessity is the mother invention.

  • The revolutionary empire

    Oh I don't think idoh will be pleased with the Netherlands growing more potatoes

  • Paul van Driel
    Paul van Driel 5 days ago

    Man, is your video full of shit! You totally missed the point of sufficiently answering your own question. Spent a little more time on true research and less on your narcism.

  • The Snark
    The Snark 5 days ago

    And Wageningen University... isn't even that. It is "Hogeschool Wageningen".
    Highschool. But quite a different highschool from other countries.

  • J.M. K.
    J.M. K. 5 days ago

    Still, this year is a disaster for many farmers in our country, we had a drought for weeks and very high temperatures to endure.

  • joris das
    joris das 5 days ago

    "University of Vagenegen" haha

  • Ferenc Martinovic
    Ferenc Martinovic 6 days ago

    But you can't eat office space...

  • Niels Ruiter
    Niels Ruiter 6 days ago

    3:20 airbus isn't dutch, fokker is. And it was a big aircraft manufacturer at its time

  • Kaya.B
    Kaya.B 6 days ago

    Don't forget Heiniken

  • Douwe de Jong
    Douwe de Jong 6 days ago

    I have spoken to several pensioners that worked in the agricultural sector during 70,80,90,2000 three additional things needs to be added to your report. 1) the Dutch worked heavily on the supply chain towards product. Eg. how to help factories produce just-in-time effective yoghurt or potato chips, or supplying pork effectively to all sectors and help them make their product from prosciutto to supplying cuts to supermarket or butchers. 2) the investment in an efficacious sales force in foreign countries. The amount of lobbying, people trained and use of royal influence was a top priority. Because of the language and small population Dutch everywhere network and help find contact and solutions. 3) logistics and transport. With Schiphol flowers (not really fair that this is added to the agricultural numbers) are exported daily and Rotterdam offers a link to Europe and the entire world. A side effect is for example the banana import an export in Rotterdam, although nothing is grown here it contributes to the agricultural total government numbers.

  • Frank Van Der Meer
    Frank Van Der Meer 7 days ago

    I am Dutch and Works in the agriculture business and what i know is that we in Holland produce food for 80-90 million people. We also grow vegetables around the World like USA, Canada...

  • Denise G- Hill
    Denise G- Hill 7 days ago

    The USA has a lot of farmland poisoned by pesticides.

  • MD GH
    MD GH 7 days ago

    After 2018 drought
    They might not

  • Sam Latifi
    Sam Latifi 7 days ago

    126 litres of water V 8 litres of water? That is an amazing saving. These guys are incredible.

  • Michele Dubbini
    Michele Dubbini 8 days ago

    Problem: everything produced in the Netherlands does not even resemble the taste of vegetables and fruit from southern Europe.

  • Tally Boy
    Tally Boy 8 days ago

    Surprise surprise the title gives the answer

  • Chiel Donkers
    Chiel Donkers 8 days ago

    Um tractor dont drive on there own here they can steer using gps but not so many drive on there own

  • Imran Alwageeh
    Imran Alwageeh 8 days ago

    the dutch are aliens from another planet.

  • Lesley Chikava
    Lesley Chikava 8 days ago

    I'm going to study agricultural economics and development in university and I've really found some great information and ideas. Looking forward to more videos.

  • Minecraft And More
    Minecraft And More 8 days ago

    0:46 about 50% of the land in the Netherlands is reclaimed from the sea by building dams. 0:55 why do we have one of the worst armies in the world and don’t even own tanks (we lease them from Germany) if we are one of the richest countries in the world?

  • caseku
    caseku 9 days ago

    The Pumpkin had a Belgian flag, and "Matthias" is really not a Dutch name.

  • DoubleUProds
    DoubleUProds 9 days ago

    Too bad the EU is fucking us over.

  • Ronald de Rooij
    Ronald de Rooij 9 days ago

    There is a price to pay. It is called the environment. Under glass agriculture needs heating in winter. That costs a lot of natural gas (CO2 emission). All the livestock eats food that is made from stuff grown in Asia on a very detrimental way. The soil has so much nutricions in it, we can last for hundreds of years. It is almost burning the plants and spoiling our water. Ammonia emissions is a real problem in some regions (pigs). And pumping away the water from the peat, shrinks it down by 90%, lowering a already sinking country even faster. With sea level rise, the Netherlands will cease to exist with the current technical possibilities in one or two centuries anyway.

    • Dutch Master
      Dutch Master 8 days ago

      CO2 comes (mostly) from (local) industries producing it, so that's a win-win situation: the CO2 isn't released into the atmosphere and also gets used to make money via the agriculture business. Yes, Dutch intensive agriculture has more issues on overproducing unwanted stuff, but one's waste in another one's need and by that, opportunity to make more money! ;-)

  • HexerPsy
    HexerPsy 9 days ago +1

    While i really enjoyed the video, it took like 6min of intros before you got on topic, and then seemingly went on a tangent to another country... You went on and on about the things that were not the case before arriving at the university. Fewer cuts, shorter intro, but the info was good ^^ Subbing for more :)

  • EndlessNightsky
    EndlessNightsky 9 days ago

    "Also known as Holland"... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand fuck you.

  • Rients Dijkstra
    Rients Dijkstra 9 days ago

    Holland / the Netherlands is a LARGE NET CONTRIBUTOR to the EU!!

  • G-U-Z-Z
    G-U-Z-Z 10 days ago

    I googled "what is the leading agriculture country in Europe" and it told me that it was France.

  • Mumeer Saleh
    Mumeer Saleh 10 days ago +3

    If America used the Netherlands optimization process we wouldn’t need rural communities and the product quality and quantity would be out of this world. Too bad my nation isn’t that bright. Short term greed, and conservatism rules our methodology 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • rob vergeer
      rob vergeer 2 days ago

      It is more aboud money i work for a company that makes sorting systems for tomatos apels ...........
      The most of the machines we bild go to the use canada Mexico
      But it is not cheap
      Same gose for other companys in this sector for example look at wps horti systems they make systems witch gives evry plant its own number as wel as food plan all on convayers
      It is easer to put it in use for a smaler green hous then a extremly big one like in the usa

    • Dutch Master
      Dutch Master 8 days ago

      Jup, nail, head, bullseye ;-)

  • Hans Castel
    Hans Castel 10 days ago

    Ik ben een Nederlander

  • Willem Paternotte
    Willem Paternotte 10 days ago

    Stop saying holland when you're talking about the Netherlands. Holland is just a part of the Netherlands.

  • Pentagon1337
    Pentagon1337 11 days ago

    Most of the technology the Dutch use for agriculture have been developed in Japan or other technologically advanced country. Why is it the Dutch are receiving praise for what basically boils down to borrowed technology and creative usage?

  • Roy Hoeksema
    Roy Hoeksema 11 days ago

    The entire country lost over half its crops this year, and it’s not even harvesting season yet.
    It hasn’t rained for at least a month, farmers are doing everything they can with artificial rain and such, but sadly: it’s not enough.

  • Ken de Jong
    Ken de Jong 11 days ago

    "Also known as Holland". This is false. There are 2 provinces within the Netherlands known as North and South Holland. The country isn't holland. I'm Dutch, but I'm not from Holland! I'd never want to be too...

  • Charles van der Hoog
    Charles van der Hoog 11 days ago +1

    There are two factors overlooked. There is no reason why other countries would not be big in agriculture also. In Spain, Italy, France and Greece, the natural circumstances are more advantageous than in The Netherlands but in those countries there are landlords, landowning families and criminal organizations that destroy every incentive to do something fruitful. Add to that the intense corruption and the disdain for technology and trade in Italy and Spain and the backward way of thinking in Spain and Greece, and the disastrous political gridlocks in France, and you have a different explanation.
    Also, in The Netherlands, people cooperate and billionaires and old families do not control the country. Compare that to Spain, potentially the richest country in Europe in an agricultural sense, but held firmly into 16th century backwardness by families like Santander and some idiot good-for-nothings in Madrid. Italy does not really exist as a whole. Italy has competing areas. The south is totally different from the north and its backwardness is financially compensated by the various mafia groups. The revenue of the criminal organization called Ndrangeta in the area of Naples alone is only surpassed by the Italian oil & gas company ENI. The governments in Italy do nothing effective to fight criminal organizations, only a couple of honest crime fighters do. In such areas, one cannot achieve anything in agriculture because agriculture is highly visible and therefore vulnerable to people with criminal intent.

  • Cristan Meijer
    Cristan Meijer 11 days ago

    I'm Dutch and a friend of mine works at a plant where bio ethanol is made and CO2 is a waste product. Instead of letting the CO2 get into the air, it is actually sold to agriculture plants. The thing is: some crops grow so fast, that normal air doesn't contain enough CO2 for them :O

  • kitiowa
    kitiowa 11 days ago

    In the United States no Liter of water is ever used to grow a Kilo of tomatoes. Gallons of water are used to grow pounds of tomatoes.

  • Rocksparadox From the blocks

    10:27 The Netherlands is not a ''cold'' country, (it might be freezing in winter but *FUN FACT* : ) our summers allow for the growth of tomatoes outdoors, we just can't grow them all year round!

  • master bates
    master bates 11 days ago

    tasteless food you can compare dutch food with greek food have you ever eaten a greek tomatoe or a dutch tomatoes is chalk and cheese (chalk the dutch)

  • Dutch Royal Army
    Dutch Royal Army 11 days ago

    So proud to live in this country!

  • Dutch Man
    Dutch Man 11 days ago

    We do not have silicon valley, but 'we' invented WiFi and Bluetooth and ....

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 11 days ago

    Oh my god. This would be perfect for third world countries.
    And Netherlands is slowly becoming one of my top three favorite countries.

  • Niklaus Zbinden
    Niklaus Zbinden 12 days ago

    I think that if the market were open people would have to adopt this sort of stuff and Europe could be a huge food exporter.

  • just a guy who loves chees


  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 12 days ago

    Drones do not prevent initial infection, the are used to speed up the discovery of the disease before it spreads and treat accordingly. What most arable farmers do is true prevention they spray for the disease before they even get it. But that increases cost but it solidifies yield potential and income.

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 12 days ago

    Oh my dear God. I know for a fact that antibiotic use is governed very strictly in the Netherlands but not because farmers don't require them, they just aren't allowed to use them. They are trying to develop cows less susceptible to udder infections by basically letting cattle with higher susceptibility to die out or be culled off. And even then there is no guarantee a cow with a lower chance of developing infection won't get one. the rest of us play it safe and use antibiotics to safeguard against a life threatening infection. Once you've seen a dozen cattle die from e-coli from not using long acting antibiotics to protect them over the dry period you won't do it again.

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 12 days ago

    That's great except in the case of say dairy products the Netherlands have a much higher cost of production. They are the most in debt dairy farmers in Europe on a per cow basis. It's nearly 10000 euro per cow average in debt. They are great innovators but we'd all be if we didn't care about making money.

  • Milan Clefas
    Milan Clefas 12 days ago

    The first stock market was in Bruges/Antwerp?

  • You 2
    You 2 12 days ago

    Er zijn veel factoren die meespelen hier in. Je kunt niet domweg ja of nee zeggen.
    Wat dacht je van staatsschuld? Belgie heeft 105,7% staatsschuld als percentage van het BBP, tegenover 61,8% van het BBP van Nederland.
    Gaat Nederland akkoord met deze schuldovername?...In Hoeverre wordt de schuld verdeeld over Wallonie en Vlaanderen als deze uit elkaar gaan?
    Waar komt de regering...Den Haag?..Bussel? en de 6 regeringen van Belgie? Opheffen?
    Wat doen we met beide Koningshuizen?
    Wat doen we met het wietgedoogdbeleid van Nederland...willen de Belgen dat ook in hun steden?
    Wat doen we met de belastingen..gaan die omhoog voor de Belgen of omlaag voor de Nederlanders?
    Wat doen we met het woningbouwbeleid van Vlaanderen...daar zijn veel minder regels als het gaat om het bouwen van een woning...

  • stijndbr
    stijndbr 12 days ago

    Great vid, unfortunately, the crops in the netherlands now are dieing in front of our eyes.... its tooo dry now and too hot, farmers cant irrigate the crops enough and maybe they it will be forbidden in 2 weeks...

  • Timo184
    Timo184 12 days ago

    I love this to hear this about my country 👌🏻

  • Erik Urmanov
    Erik Urmanov 13 days ago

    In Netherlands no one believe in god, I`m very happy for them

  • Bart Broekhuizen
    Bart Broekhuizen 13 days ago

    To add something to this: Rabobank is founded by farmers, meaning farmers have also direct economical influence within the Netherlands.

  • Grand Theft Auto Expert

    He looks like VSauce

  • Erik van der Veen
    Erik van der Veen 13 days ago

    The dutch are also good in satire tvclip.biz/video/ELD2AwFN9Nc/video.html

  • John Krols
    John Krols 13 days ago

    I don't get the connection the Netherlands and Airbus...

  • Nic Jansen
    Nic Jansen 13 days ago

    "they had to build dams to reclaim land from the sea" 0:48
    yep, that's us and we're proud :P

  • Jagoff Johnsonsdottir
    Jagoff Johnsonsdottir 13 days ago

    I expected a Psyclon Nine video.

  • Gwen Celtiic
    Gwen Celtiic 14 days ago

    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
    holland is a protege of ilu termonator bastards. Ripped of the german zech and put it in the dumb ass.
    tje result you can still see when tje changed all public traffic busses to the moneyless payng and navigation system ...
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    • Gwen Celtiic
      Gwen Celtiic 14 days ago

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      yes ... there are some writingmistakes ... but I care more about TRUTH AND REAL LOVE ... and not only a fake shit ..
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      is that not a sign of significant liberality?
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  • B
    B 14 days ago

    Back. Away. From the camera.
    It's obnoxious.

  • Devil Killer 666
    Devil Killer 666 14 days ago

    It's not also know as Holland. It's Netherland

  • la bestia
    la bestia 14 days ago

    Ja jonge fuck spanje Frankrijk en Duitsland vooral Duitsland

  • Dimitri Petrevski
    Dimitri Petrevski 14 days ago


  • dominic k
    dominic k 14 days ago

    Hahahaha this is a joke,the Dutch has been bougth out by the Americans,all the smal tomato,cauliflower,asparagus growers has been taken over by big American company,s like the Greenery,Red Star,Monsanto exetra exetra.
    The Americans are telling us how to grow vegatables,under wich conditions and we don,t have much to say anymore.
    He who pays,he decides,America controling the world of food and especially in the Netherlands!

  • Mike Hoogstraaten
    Mike Hoogstraaten 14 days ago

    Everybody going on about "The Netherlands is not the same as Holland", but when we play football with the Dutch national team, the whole country is singing "Hup Holland Hup, laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan" and NOT "Hup Nederland Hup"... so funny... we only seem to bitch when foreigners call it Holland... FYI I'm from the province Zuid-Holland in The Netherlands... so yeah, I'm from Holland :P

  • LegoLad
    LegoLad 14 days ago +1

    This Video makes me proud to be Dutch

  • Martijn Dingenouts
    Martijn Dingenouts 15 days ago

    Wie is hier gewoon om te zien wat andere landen van ons denken?

  • Cegorach
    Cegorach 15 days ago

    I feel slighty tilted. As a lab worker i feel you do not know the sheer volume of what farmers and factories send in to the privatised labs.
    To give an idea of how extensive we check the soil, cattle food or even manure. We can point out what a crop might lack in the soil. What hay will give in expected growth in cattle. Or even what kind of dung will be produced based on its hay and water.

  • laartje24
    laartje24 15 days ago

    That first pronunciation of Wageningen was so terrible that it was hilarious XD

  • Suicidal Forest
    Suicidal Forest 15 days ago

    thats because greece is bankrupt and get money from the european union what the european coutnries pay. we the netherlands payed the most. we always pay the most. also farmers get almost nothing from the stuff they grow. Farmers almost cant live from the agriculture anymore. its becoming harder and harder. its the companies they sell it to that earns the most. its really sad.

  • G. J. Arends
    G. J. Arends 16 days ago

    as a student at Wageningen, it is great to hear this, although the pronunciation hurts my ears

  • Sheldon Gregward
    Sheldon Gregward 16 days ago

    Videos like these that make me believe that Mondialism isn't a curse but a huge chance.

  • laurenstm1
    laurenstm1 16 days ago

    vo voor wageningen