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  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • If we ask you who do you think is the World’s biggest potato exporter, you might answer America or maybe China… Those are big countries, with good soil and favourable climate. But despite all of this, the right answer would be the Netherlands, commonly known as Holland. In fact, they are the biggest food exporter right after the United States.
    This is surprising given that Netherlands is a really small, densely populated, wealthy country. All this features would make a country move away from the primary sector. They almost have no farming land and, having some of the most successful multinational corporations, it is counterintuitive that somebody would choose a job in a farm that one on the corporate world.
    Nonetheless, we can say Netherlands is the Silicon Valley of agriculture. Or, as they like to call themselves, the Food Valley. Thanks to the famous University of Wageningen, this country has combined rocket science with farming.
    But how did Netherlands achieve this success? What are the main keys for Dutch agriculture? What’s the secret of this little country? In this video, we will tell you all of that.
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  • Krakowek1983__
    Krakowek1983__ Hour ago

    I remember buying Dutch tomatoes in UK that only looked like tomatoes ,worst vegetables ever , its like eating plastic. Don't care how cheap they are, will never touch their product.

    • Edgy Edgar
      Edgy Edgar 29 minutes ago

      Damn don't buy so cheap then

  • John Feesey
    John Feesey Day ago

    not bad

  • The Man From Earth
    The Man From Earth 5 days ago

    You don't use dams to reclaim lands. You use them to keep the water out. The Windmills pump out the water (used to, we now have actual pumpingstations!)

    • The Man From Earth
      The Man From Earth 4 days ago

      Technically you redirect the water or it spills over the dam. My point was that the dams didn't make the water dissapear. We used windmills to pump it all out and reclaim the land. I realise I'm being a bit of a pedantic dick...

    • The Forgotten Hero
      The Forgotten Hero 5 days ago

      What happens when you build a dam? You stop the flow of water.
      Which results in the water level of the area supplied by the river getting lowered; in this case, to reclaim land.

  • Allard Freichmann
    Allard Freichmann 5 days ago

    How to improve: "Education, fight corruption and work together".

  • Lobo Feroz
    Lobo Feroz 6 days ago

    Visual Politik español.... ¿¿Porqué borraron la versión en ESPAÑOL de este video sobre Holanda????

  • Jordy Dormans
    Jordy Dormans 7 days ago

    03:38 your talking about the Netherlands but thats a belgium flag on that pumpkin

  • Erik Wijngaard
    Erik Wijngaard 7 days ago

    English dildo!!

  • smartward
    smartward 8 days ago

    Man, please check the data before you sell this to thousands of people

    • Desmondos
      Desmondos 16 hours ago

      I guess the argument here is not the amount but the efficiency and advanced ways of agricultural output.

  • West PT
    West PT 8 days ago

    100 from now who owns siberia then will be the next

  • Hannelore Hofmann
    Hannelore Hofmann 8 days ago

    I live in the netherlands and NONE of this is right!

  • obimk1
    obimk1 9 days ago

    A dutch company is instrumental for almost all computer chips production in the world, ASML..

  • oceej0
    oceej0 9 days ago

    Typically Dutch, understated but extremely effective and efficient. God bless them, where would we be without their input. Respect to the Netherlands.

  • skalanoff
    skalanoff 9 days ago

    Could you forward Ceasar Bravo's contact details as I have recently moverd to Gran Canaria and would like to find out more about goats - please

  • bluerisk
    bluerisk 9 days ago

    And yet they can't play football and win a world cup.

  • Pavel the Fabulous
    Pavel the Fabulous 10 days ago

    Proof that we don't need loads of illegal immigrants to feed America.

  • susan hartman
    susan hartman 12 days ago

    i grew up around farmers and while i life in a city right now, i still miss the farms, due to that i made plans to grow my own vegetables etc. once we save enough money we will go back to the farm lands and start our own little farm with cows, chickens and grow our own vegetables and fruit.

  • Drbob
    Drbob 12 days ago

    Netherland rocks!
    Greetings from Germany!

  • ronzor7
    ronzor7 12 days ago

    We are also the biggest pig exporting country in the world!
    Which leads to an abundance of pig manure ; most crops and grasslands are fed with Pig shit.

  • Gonzales Frederic
    Gonzales Frederic 12 days ago

    600 years ago the carrots were white. The Dutch, by selection over decades, "created" the orange carrots we have now.
    As for the purple carrots, l do not know their origin, but l have eaten some and they are as good as the orange and white and yellow ones, but they are fragile: they wither fast.
    I add that the Dutch were judicious to refuse to ban cannabis when the USA imposed a world-wide ban on it through lies. They are leader in the domain, even though Spain, better and better as years elapse, may soon take the place.

    • The Forgotten Hero
      The Forgotten Hero 5 days ago

      Spain is a poor country, and should look after fixing its economy and serving the needs over the people rather than recreational drug use.

  • Emily C
    Emily C 13 days ago

    Hi Simon, we were wondering why your beard is strobing throughout this video? It was very distracting.

  • Ray Indra
    Ray Indra 14 days ago

    Your analysis is one-sided. What are the environmental effects ?

  • Luuk Leunissen
    Luuk Leunissen 15 days ago

    Lekkere krieltjes jonguh.

  • Panzer Pjotr
    Panzer Pjotr 15 days ago

    Average farm size just 7 ha!!!!!! I think not! It must be more like 40 ha. Granted...greenhouse farms are usually just a couple of ha, but arable farms are usually much larger (60- 250 ha) and dairy farms usually are about 40 ha! Check your facts Simon. And another thing. Not all the food exported from Holland has been produced in Holland. A lot gets imported, sometimes processed and then exported again. A good example is the flower auction in Aalsmeer where not only Dutch produced flowers, but also flowers from all over Europe and even Africa are sold to European buyers and thus have to be exported again. Flowers aren't food, but they do count as agricultural produce.
    Finally Wageningen Research, as my alma mater is called nowadays, also offers other than agricultural studies. Sociology, Landscaping, Forestry etc. And I got my MSc in biology there.

  • Ruud Hop
    Ruud Hop 16 days ago

    Awesome Video. But also realize that many Dutch farmers emigrated to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and set up there large farms (because the Netherlands was too small to expand). The Dutch farmers in the USA crossed the cow Friesian and Holstein into the best milk producing breed.
    But their development to produce meat with stem cells is really incredible. With 1 cow you can produce all the needed meat in a country.
    The cooperation between Dutch and foreign students gives them the power and knowledge to do miracles. Wait and see.....

  • Rik van de Panne
    Rik van de Panne 16 days ago

    "the Netherlands, also known as Holland". let me guess, "US, also known as New York" and "Japan, also known as Tokyo?"

  • David Rosner
    David Rosner 17 days ago

    I didn’t realize that the Dutch export more food than the biggest western European countries including Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Dutch are among the most industrious and entrepreneurial people in the world! Now they’ve built the Silicon Valley of agriculture to bring farming into the 21st century!
    Dutch agricultural engineers should help teach the rest of the world feed over 10 billion people. They should apply their techniques to help construct greenhouses for future colonies on the moon and Mars where managing scarce resources like water and nutrients will be crucial.

  • David Rosner
    David Rosner 17 days ago

    I didn’t realize that the Dutch export more food than far bigger European countries like Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Dutch are among the most industrious and entrepreneurial people in the world. Now they’ve built the Silicon Valley of agriculture!
    Dutch agricultural engineers should help teach the rest of the world feed over 10 billion people. They should apply their techniques to help construct greenhouses for future colonies on the moon and Mars.

  • Wilco Bosman
    Wilco Bosman 18 days ago

    We're not also called Holland, we have two provinces called Noord- and Zuid-Holland, but the country is called The Netherlands.

  • Peter Rkrs
    Peter Rkrs 18 days ago

    Fake News.

  • deuffage
    deuffage 18 days ago

    got tired of all the stupid musical interludes and had to stop

  • Wilco Van Poll
    Wilco Van Poll 19 days ago

    3:46 the text you show is written in German, not in Dutch, big difference

  • Timo
    Timo 19 days ago

    Vine aqui, por que la version en español no aparece, o esta bloqueada.

  • ash games
    ash games 19 days ago

    Is he wearing lipstick or his lips just that pink

  • Hans du Bois
    Hans du Bois 20 days ago

    English speakers trying to pronounce Dutch placenames makes me cringe

  • Fred Kroket
    Fred Kroket 21 day ago +1

    No offence but 6:13 : "The university of Wakenakken" Whahah im dying here!

  • B4audi
    B4audi 21 day ago

    could you do some research.. or at least read China study (dr Campbell) and Proteinaholic (G. Davis)

  • Deva Prakash
    Deva Prakash 22 days ago

    How about showing some shooting of Holland successful agricultural fields, is that too much to ask?

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 24 days ago

    3:50 The pumpkin had a Belgian flag on it?

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 24 days ago

    A lot of the farmers in Ontario Canada are of Dutch decent.

  • jet flaque
    jet flaque 26 days ago

    well...if they're ever going to be a nexit this should be a good bargaining position.
    gib us good deal or no fud brussels!

  • Faisal Maghreb
    Faisal Maghreb 27 days ago


  • Joshua Carbajal
    Joshua Carbajal 28 days ago

    Guess I have to look up the word “hectare” after this...

  • Machinee
    Machinee 28 days ago

    You forgot to mention that we have a long tradition of farms going from father to son. Because we have limited land we learnt to use it to the fullest and in these family farms knowledge gets passed on and since the young farmers also have to go to school to become a farmer they also learn new things to make their production even better.
    Our soil is very fertile, wich also helps obviously.
    All the black and white cows you see all around the worlds on dairy farms are half dutch. In the early 20th century americans came here to buy the very best of our Frisian cows. The dutch breeders were taking it to far with the breeding on looks instead of production. The americans crossbred the Frisian cows with Holsteins and in the 50's and 60's the dutch bought them back because they gave alot more milk than our small Frisians. The breed is now called Holstein-Frisian and there is no breed that gives more milk on average.
    We also dont use GMO's and antibiotics in food are illigal.
    Fun fact: farmers in the Netherlands are not looked upon with pride by a part of the population. If you see this video you would think we would be halla proud of our achievments, but no. Dairy farmers are being labeled as rapists(for insiminating cows with their arms) animal abusers and much more, and that while we are the best in the world when it comes to animal wellfare.

    • The S
      The S 26 days ago

      Also a significant amount of your major money making exports are not actually large in quantity and are instead higher profit goods like flowers, tomatoes and chilis.

  • robert petty
    robert petty 28 days ago

    Great video on farming but if that cartoon in the beginning is mocking Trump then you can kiss my ass. Also The Netherlands needs to cleans itself of third world scum. Same to you baldy, thats right I am a racist, oh I feel sooo bad.

  • Bertel Ingmar Bertelsen

    airbus is not a dutch company.!

    • Samplesurfer
      Samplesurfer 2 days ago

      In legal terms it is.
      From the Airbus.com website:
      Where do Shareholders’ Meetings take place?
      Shareholders’ Meetings are held in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam or Haarlemmermeer (Schiphol Airport) in the Netherlands. The Board of Directors may decide that Shareholders’ Meetings may be attended by means of electronic or video communication devices from the locations mentioned in the convening notice.

  • candelas31
    candelas31 29 days ago

    Certainly Dutch produce more food but is it truely better ? It's all artificially pumped up with fertalizers and chemistry in their greenhouses. Whatever it is, pear, tomatoe or pepper it tastes the same, it's all industrial zombie foods. If you want healthy fruits buy Polish or Romanian stuff, it's not industrial agriculture yet.

    • candelas31
      candelas31 5 days ago

      I don't have to prove it, I worked in german and dutch agriculture during my summertime breaks while studying and I have my own perspective based on my experience. You follow your choices, I will follow mine

    • The Forgotten Hero
      The Forgotten Hero 5 days ago

      Prove it.

  • Veritas DanBoruMan
    Veritas DanBoruMan Month ago

    This sounds really PRly. There is something missing here, maybe like, EU import restriction.

  • collin huey
    collin huey Month ago

    u should do comparative analysis between UC Davis Agriculture vs Wag university

  • Misypo
    Misypo Month ago

    Dutch people getting upset about calling it Holland are so fucking retarded, we call it Holland ourselves all the fucking time. Get off your high horse idiots.

    • Misypo
      Misypo 27 days ago

      Hey dumbass, our official page for tourism is called Holland.com. What do we say when we cheer for our national football team? Hup Holland Hup. Why is that? Because normal people that don't like to stroke their dick correcting people on the internet don't care which one you use because they are both accepted. People abroad shouldn't have to know the official difference between the Netherlands and Holland because it doesn't fucking matter.

    • D Gray
      D Gray 28 days ago

      No we don't. Speak for yourself. The rest of the country says Nederland. Which is what it is called. Uneducated foul person you are.

    • Misypo
      Misypo 28 days ago

      We call it Holland ourselves all the time fuckface. Imagine being triggered by something so trivial.

    • D Gray
      D Gray 28 days ago

      Says the Ajax twat. Amsterdam is in Holland, Rotterdam is in Holland, The Hague is in Holland. More than 70% of the country is not.

    SUSAN BARTLETT Month ago

    The Dutch are great engineers to make money, but buy a bag of lovely looking potatoes in Lidl from Holland and you’ll find out that they start to rot in 4 days. So much for Dutch smarts.....

    • D Gray
      D Gray 28 days ago +1

      Those are actually a German product... So much for internet smarts....

  • wvhaugen
    wvhaugen Month ago

    All dependent on cheap oil. Oops! I am a retired farmer and in the process of moving to France. High in agricultural productivity, low in oil-intensive technology. Still cheaper food.

  • Maurice Hoogstrate
    Maurice Hoogstrate Month ago

    He looks like Vsauce

  • Maurice Hoogstrate
    Maurice Hoogstrate Month ago

    Well hate to break it to everyone but, holland is only 2 provinces and the Netherlands is not a country, because it is the kingdom of the Netherlands bcz we still have colonies

  • tim kat
    tim kat Month ago +1


  • Frank Molenkamp
    Frank Molenkamp Month ago

    Great video, but.... producing enough food for the world is not a problem, even with 10 bilion people. But if you live by 1 dollar a day you can´t buy enough food. Not even Dutch food which has the lowest cost price.

  • Diedert Spijkerboer

    To illustrate the situation in 1970s Netherlands further : the cold war was still going on and in WW2, we had the 1944/45 hunger winter.
    It was seen as crucial that our country could become self-sufficient if war should break out.
    The crucial element of food supply is still why so many countries, including the US, protect and financially support their farmers.

  • Hanny Fenwick
    Hanny Fenwick Month ago

    Brian Fenwick Airbus is not Dutch. I think you may mean Fokker, who no longer exist. Brian Fenwick Oosterbeek Netherlands.

  • BlueAngel209
    BlueAngel209 Month ago

    Dutch are amazing! 🌷

  • Sagen Sagita
    Sagen Sagita Month ago

    As much as I enjoy the content of your videos, I feel uncomfortable with how close you put your camera to your face

  • Ben Hadfield
    Ben Hadfield Month ago

    The camera keeps zooming really really close to Simon's face. Please stop that

  • Sebas NL
    Sebas NL Month ago

    Love the question at the start... with the title..

  • Nikolas Maes
    Nikolas Maes Month ago

    Not Vageningen, it isn't german
    They export their cowscheisse to germany hahaha
    Oranje boven!

  • Real Estate Agent Turkey

    Please make a video about genetically modified food industry😉

  • Kees Postema
    Kees Postema Month ago

    Not a thing to be very proud of. Our agriculture is to intensive and is environmently unfriendly. Our country might look green and natural. It is in fact becoming more and more an ecological wasteland. With fewer animals and flora then ever before. Even the minister of agriculture has recently pointed this out.

    • D Gray
      D Gray 28 days ago

      There is a difference between looking green and actually being able to feed all the people. Wageningen U research does benefit the people. Btw old ways of doing things are not always the best. Or would you feel nostalgic if everyone stopped smoking too?

  • noor1991hb
    noor1991hb Month ago

    Syria has a suitable climate and soil... I think this strategy will have a superb results if it was applied here

  • burger king
    burger king Month ago

    And here I thought they export pussies instead...

  • Javier Mauricio Sánchez Rodríguez

    Sorry, Why did you remove it from Visualpolitik in Spanish?

  • Tjerk Heringa
    Tjerk Heringa Month ago

    Who knows the difference between The Netherlands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands? The first one who gives the right answer receives a fresh potatoe. :)

  • JackThatMonkey
    JackThatMonkey Month ago

    Cool video
    Face too close though
    I'm Dutch and I didn't know we were this big

  • Kans Loos
    Kans Loos Month ago

    I love netherlands everyday party everyday dance

  • Tiwaking Tiwaking
    Tiwaking Tiwaking Month ago +1

    They also export the most amount of Muslim Terrorists

  • Ferry Important
    Ferry Important Month ago

    But why use a clip with Belgians and huge pumpkins?

  • Manu Singh Chopra
    Manu Singh Chopra Month ago

    Great videos, each one of them is a job well done. Keep it up.

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    My guess is that there are more people here with the name Hector

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    donde esta en espÑol que no lo consigo?

  • brabandindezon
    brabandindezon Month ago

    Erp Where I live is the best place in Holland to be! In Erp there ar still people who walk on wooden shoes ( clogs) My little apple farm is between Erp and Veghel, very exclusive 15 types of old and new apple's.

  • mikeynewPFF
    mikeynewPFF Month ago

    Good video, but it is in my protocol to dislike a video when The Netherlands are referred to as 'Holland'

  • J. van der Knaap
    J. van der Knaap Month ago

    You some how managed to forget to mention the Glass City in your breakdown of why The Netherlands leads in agritech. No love for the area of Het Westland?

  • Jeroen Wubbels
    Jeroen Wubbels Month ago

    The world is my country and science my religion. Hugo Grotius, early 17th century

  • Rod Kerkhoven
    Rod Kerkhoven Month ago

    Is what happens when students are allowed to smoke Hashish. The dialogue intensifies into symbiotic rapid communication that results in clear focus and direction. Every other university is Mafia controlleded with corrupt lawyers and police. Australia is no exception. Mafia legislators rule but water scarcity will be their undoing The driest continent in the world exports water and live stock while in perpetual drought. Brainless.

  • Metalhead 1918
    Metalhead 1918 Month ago

    i life in a small town called Gasselternijveen its a shit hole surrounded with farm of potatoes only most isn't for food mostly goes to a giant factory that doesn't give a fuck about the people living nearby. they work 18 - 20 hours a day and every year something explodes and everything becomes white of dust and powder made out of potatoes. they are getting rich while she are getting sick and whe stink because of the shit they use, and the mayor doesn't do shit because he is in their pocket they can do what they want

  • Armando Loos
    Armando Loos Month ago

    Holland, North and South Holland are just 2 of the 12 provinces that forms the Netherlands. I am not from Holland and i am happy about it, specificly in this time period.

  • Wilman Romero
    Wilman Romero Month ago

    Could upload the spanish video again please. The link appears broken. Thanks

  • Osmosis
    Osmosis Month ago

    Imagine that we aren't even fully utilizing all available agriculture ground nor farming capacity.
    I think we currently only use 2/10th of what's available

  • Alex Stefan
    Alex Stefan Month ago

    They brought all lands from ukraina

  • Naomi Monney Yankey
    Naomi Monney Yankey Month ago +1

    Hurray...NL..I love my people

  • Janfrans Zuidema
    Janfrans Zuidema Month ago

    The Netherlands will give you food if you pay for it.

  • San Htun
    San Htun Month ago

    why? herbicide, fertilizer and GMO

  • mike hans
    mike hans Month ago

    calling the netherlands holland is just fine. some people are just whinning cause its not the official name, however whenever the netherlands football team is in the worldcup i hear all these dutch people singing "hup holland hup" i guess their just cheering for the holland players, and none of the other players.

  • Frahamen
    Frahamen Month ago

    3:47 why do you show a German panflet and a Belgian flag on a video on the Netherlands?

  • danmar007
    danmar007 Month ago

    Did you misplace the 'is'? :)

  • Tim Summers
    Tim Summers 2 months ago

    People should learn more from the Dutch! It's a shame there aren't enough of them in the rest of the world. I wished the Dutch territory were as big as Russia's or China's! Can you imagine how much better the world would be?

  • daniël beer
    daniël beer 2 months ago +1

    Well there are still problems we have Way to few farmers so there is still work to to in fully automatic farms.

  • Fianne Bakker
    Fianne Bakker 2 months ago

    3:45 So, why is there a Germain vlag?

  • Alfredo Barrios
    Alfredo Barrios 2 months ago

    This sounds good, really, until the point where we found a question...what happend with the excess of production of Netherlands?????????
    This is the problem, they sale this excess to the 3th world countries, mostly in Africa, and so, what happend there? well, the problem is that the products from Netherlands are cheaper than the products from the local producers, and then they cannot sale their harvest, it generates poverty, it generates violence, lords of war...of course!!! once it happend then the great white people will send a lot of help (from the hell).
    The white people are so nice.
    Thank you for the mini docu, I am a fan of VP, I am sorry by the critic.

    CHEZCO TV 2 months ago

    por que no esta en español y los presentadores originales del video donde estan necesito el video original

  • MDW
    MDW 2 months ago

    In fact they reclaimed land from the sea not to grow crops in it, but to live on it and save the sweeter dry land for farming.

  • Aye Captain
    Aye Captain 2 months ago

    Great short documentary. Thanks.

  • Amin Zaibi
    Amin Zaibi 2 months ago

    Seriously, you guys need to work on your editing. This whole video was frustrating to watch.