Eighty-Eight - B.S., I Love You (Hilarious R rated doo wop rocker!)

  • Published on Sep 15, 2009
  • The flip side of this is a censored version which loses something with the editing of the background singers. I think this record is absolutely hilarious and I hope you find it funny as well. This comes from 1981 but sounds like a throwback to the 1950's. This ranks among the best 45 rpm purchases i've ever made for $5 and under. While the 45 says stereo on the label, it plays in flat mono. I'm betting this 45 is not very common these days! Enjoy it!
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  • Zev Feldman
    Zev Feldman 3 months ago

    rock n roll

  • rod orr
    rod orr Year ago +1

    Jon this song is cool , I like the groove!

  • Vitabrick Snailslime

    I really like you, I respect you, I'll be careful and I promise this won't hurt.

  • Paul A Kosik
    Paul A Kosik 3 years ago +2

    This starts out as a bit of a Rap goes into an Elvis and then gets Funny. Great Soundthough--Long Live Doo Wop-Search You Tube for--(Lonely 1s)--New awesome sound...

  • David Petrie
    David Petrie 5 years ago +6

    I played this with this group at the Troubadour in L.A. in the early 80s We got a standing ovation from a packed house. This was a great band. This song no way embodies the full capabilities of the group. They had MANY songs that could have been hits.

    • Mosux2007
      Mosux2007 8 months ago

      I remember hearing this a few times on KROQ back in the day.

    • TheSixtiesSensation
      TheSixtiesSensation 2 years ago +1

      David Petrie David...This is Hal Singer, co-writer and singer on the tune. I live in Vegas,. still playing. I run a few bands...The Sixties Sensation and Guitars & Cadillac's (country). www.HalSingerBands.com

    • David Petrie
      David Petrie 3 years ago +1

      Which member?

      DAB KING OF TWITCH 3 years ago +1

      +David Petrie I found an old 45 rpm of this signed by 3 members. Do you know any way to contact 1 of the members??? Thanks for any help.

  • The Real Comic
    The Real Comic 5 years ago +4

    The intro means there is none! It goes right into the vocal. My Dad played this song all the time. My Mom had no idea they were saying Bull Shit! I had to tell her it was not PS...... LOL |oo|

  • Ron Neville
    Ron Neville 6 years ago +1


  • GosokuRyuYodan
    GosokuRyuYodan 7 years ago +1

    They are cousins.

  • R. Grout
    R. Grout 8 years ago +1

    I know these guys personally, and they are all awesome, and very talented people. This group had several outstanding original songs too.

  • Matthew Villani
    Matthew Villani 8 years ago +2

    Not sure I'd call this R-rated, maybe PG-rated. Still fun song, though.

  • thecountofbasie
    thecountofbasie 8 years ago +1

    Wondered at first why it was even uncensored...but the backing vocals don't come in till the second verse...and that was the first time I broke up laughing...great rockin' side on top of the off-the-wall lyrics...five stars

  • Pauley H
    Pauley H 9 years ago +2

    what the fuck kind of record is this. seriously. i heard many records in my days. no offense i heard johnny rebel records. before, but this is up there with them.

  • rslitman
    rslitman 9 years ago +2

    Oh, I expected this to be a parody of the Beatles song "P.S. I Love You". Then again, the title, at least, may have been inspired by the Fab Four title.

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop 9 years ago +1

    Funny record. I'm confused over the time listing. Intro: 00... It seems more to me like the intro is 14 seconds long. I don't know why they'd even bother specifying an intro time if it were zero. Weird