Shangela Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • Drag queen Shangela visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make a churros with bittersweet chocolate sauce with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only?
    Check out the recipe here:
    In addition to A Star is Born, her new netflix series SUPER DRAGS is launching globally Nov 9. And she is on tour in over 180 cities throughout the rest of the year. Dates here:

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    Shangela Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  3 months ago +236

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  • Commander EJ
    Commander EJ 2 hours ago

    Is she trans?

  • Sandra Ledesma
    Sandra Ledesma Day ago

    A littlle tip... pour the dough as a spiral . It easier to turn it over and the you can cut it.

  • Dixie Rae
    Dixie Rae Day ago

    Hoping she doesn't get the one with the piece of shell that Shangela decided to leave in. Hallelu.

  • Dixie Rae
    Dixie Rae Day ago

    Shangela: " I'm good at fishing." HALLELOO

  • Matt Redding
    Matt Redding 2 days ago

    I feel like Carla started to say "the vanilla from dumping the whole bean in for a while was actually an improvement."

  • Jasher Clark
    Jasher Clark 2 days ago

    I can tell that they have never cooked before

  • Align Chiropractic Acupuncture

    bruhh lol shangelas stove top isnt even on xD

  • BC
    BC 3 days ago

    17:12 "Come through, tray" I died Shangie is a gem

  • Tony
    Tony 3 days ago

    "Oh the pot goes on the burner........" LMAO! i love it!

  • Bunny Tsukino
    Bunny Tsukino 4 days ago

    When she said lift it up lol

  • George Smith
    George Smith 4 days ago

    Patience of a saint that chef haha

  • Joshua Luke
    Joshua Luke 4 days ago +1

    'Put your speed...that you already experienced...'
    'Eheheheh...yes I did...'
    Bone apple teeth, Shangela!

  • Mr PancakeZ
    Mr PancakeZ 4 days ago

    I was dying 😂😂😂

  • David Smock
    David Smock 4 days ago

    Could Shangela be more annoying?

    • David Smock
      David Smock 4 days ago

      +Art Absolutely! :)

    • Art
      Art 4 days ago +1

      Could you be more of an as*h"le? :-)))

  • Joel Gonzales
    Joel Gonzales 4 days ago

    Funniest episode ever!

  • Alondra P
    Alondra P 5 days ago

    did she leave that egg shell in there?

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 5 days ago

    I love this

  • Adriana Devine
    Adriana Devine 5 days ago

    I just discovered this series and I am LIVINGG

  • Fraser Prentice
    Fraser Prentice 5 days ago

    love shangie

  • Sofía Munoz
    Sofía Munoz 6 days ago

    did she ever turn on the heat im crygng

  • Chelsea Petersen
    Chelsea Petersen 6 days ago

    She is the best ! more drag queens please!

  • encanta411
    encanta411 6 days ago +3

    Shangela, baby, how are you alive??! How do you feed yourself?! ...Or do you order out a lot?

  • Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson 6 days ago

    2.5 million for Miz. Cracker yet 1 million for Shangela racism is real. These fans really arent here for black queens

  • Dutch Guy
    Dutch Guy 6 days ago

    ''Chef Depardu'' from the movie Last Holiday with queen Latifah xD I died

  • M Wall
    M Wall 6 days ago


  • Ice and Heart.
    Ice and Heart. 6 days ago

    This video made me love Shangela

  • Anjora Khatri
    Anjora Khatri 6 days ago +1

    "If you're eating it and you're still alive, I'M A TEN" me.

  • tdeladeriere
    tdeladeriere 6 days ago

    I'm mostly focusing on the cameraman 🧡

  • Omar Cossio
    Omar Cossio 7 days ago

    i have not laguhed so hard asjdfsja fshangela trying to melt the butter

  • Eric MacLean
    Eric MacLean 7 days ago

    Shangela is the only Queen.

  • Mark Kolk
    Mark Kolk 7 days ago


  • nocolopa28
    nocolopa28 7 days ago

    More drag queens, please!

  • Anderson Sousa
    Anderson Sousa 7 days ago


  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes 8 days ago

    Shangela funny as always, would watch a whole series of Shangela trying to cook different things. (≧▽≦)/~┴┴

  • Kenya Fleming
    Kenya Fleming 8 days ago

    That's why I tell E'er body I do not know how to cook 😋😋😃

  • Jaded Gypsy
    Jaded Gypsy 8 days ago

    She said what's a beaver lol. Shangela baby gurl I am dead! Lmbo

  • Sin Alma
    Sin Alma 8 days ago

    17:20 Churrs !!!

  • lizzfrmhon
    lizzfrmhon 8 days ago

    Shangie girl. Have you never been in a kitchen?! 😂

  • Kawther Alqallaf
    Kawther Alqallaf 8 days ago

    “Because it gonna be a mixer” shangela i know why i love you 😂😭

  • Wolfie Boy44
    Wolfie Boy44 9 days ago

    Remind me to never eat anything that Shangela makes 😂😂

  • Remy K
    Remy K 9 days ago

    Damn auto text said Angela sorry Shangie

  • Remy K
    Remy K 9 days ago

    Anyone else think she Angela should be the new Vanna white?

  • die
    die 10 days ago

    the girl sneaking a picture at 3:35 skhsgjhsadgfjh

  • andrés
    andrés 10 days ago

    we dont deserve shangela... her personality is out of this world

  • alley hidalgo
    alley hidalgo 10 days ago

    Shangy is not bad following direction, so funny! I can’t believe the chef ate her churros with egg shell and licked vanilla Bean i died! 😂 pro pro pro professional! Uh Is the bus still running? Said what!!! Death drop!

  • Josephine Madolo Bergquist

    *"That's a lot of white"*
    Mig Cracker is *SHOOK*

  • Elizabeth VA
    Elizabeth VA 11 days ago

    It's like me and my mom together my name is Shelby and my mom's name is Angela 😂

  • Maggie Dott
    Maggie Dott 11 days ago


  • Rose Jones
    Rose Jones 12 days ago

    I love Shangela. I am so happy to see her work at anything.

  • GeT oFf ThE iNtErNeT !!!

    She is iconic and a whole mood

  • Felicity Rose
    Felicity Rose 12 days ago +1

    Her two butter chunks not melting in that pan are my last two brain cells

    Idc if that makes no sense they just are

    • explo sion
      explo sion 10 days ago

      it makes sensee, and it's my current mood too :D

  • Whimsicalayla _
    Whimsicalayla _ 12 days ago


  • Μαίρη Δαμασκηνού

    Gurl when shangela turned on the mixer without locking it, and started screaming.. Im lost it there LMFAO

  • Lo afOfBread
    Lo afOfBread 12 days ago

    now i wanna cook with shangela

  • Jazmin Luciano
    Jazmin Luciano 12 days ago +1

    This was so cute and entertaining!! Shangela did an amazing job! ☺️ 💕

  • Squizree
    Squizree 12 days ago

    "Crystallized" LOOOOL

  • The Incredible Squeak
    The Incredible Squeak 12 days ago +2

    *atleast she wasn't robbed with this*

  • Artist Temple
    Artist Temple 12 days ago

    Will flip this recipe into a vegan masterpiece! Halleloo!!

  • profswazy
    profswazy 13 days ago

    That chef is so done lmao

  • Izzy V
    Izzy V 13 days ago +2

    shes cute and sounds like oscar from shark tale

  • shiroi201
    shiroi201 13 days ago +1

    I can't with so much cuteness XDDDDD

  • —‘agneyastra
    —‘agneyastra 13 days ago

    5:22 shangela describing the drag hall of fame

  • Lucas Chhim
    Lucas Chhim 14 days ago


  • Majo E.
    Majo E. 14 days ago

    I want kimora in this😂😂

  • Alraune
    Alraune 16 days ago

    *Ok, but can that Camera Man stir my pot?*

  • bluejt77
    bluejt77 16 days ago +9

    Shangela: Well, when is the butter gonna melt?
    Chef: As soon as soon as the pan gets up to temperature...
    Shangela: **lightbulb goes on** Oh the pot goes on the burner!

  • LadyHavokk
    LadyHavokk 16 days ago +17

    *shangela stirring the pot without heat* WHENS THE BUTTER SUPPOSED TO MELT 😂

  • Jethro Aranas
    Jethro Aranas 16 days ago +2


  • Julián Ramz
    Julián Ramz 17 days ago

    Every time she says churros I want to kill my self

  • Dawson Grunzweig
    Dawson Grunzweig 17 days ago +1

    Shangela is a good drag queen but god she’s dumber than a box of rocks

  • Alan Pereira
    Alan Pereira 17 days ago +2


  • apelz911
    apelz911 17 days ago

    I cannot even watch this lady- so sloppy and overly prioritizes the wrong principles! Clearly hasnt been on the line or on stage.
    I want her job- better chef (16 years)/teacher AND a pretty good drag queen too!

  • Carolina Hidalgo
    Carolina Hidalgo 18 days ago +1

    Alyssa edwards please

  • XxKJxX
    XxKJxX 18 days ago +4

    Sis got me dead first couple of seconds : what’s the pan ?!
    😂 💀

  • Natalia Cruz
    Natalia Cruz 19 days ago +3

    I need to see Vanessa Vanjie Mateo do one of these PLEASE!!

  • Bella Scala
    Bella Scala 24 days ago


  • Ricky Soliz
    Ricky Soliz 24 days ago +1

    More drag queens!!!!! Trixie Mattel, Willam and Alyssa Edwards would be AMAZING!!!!!

  • Ay'ana Gaddies
    Ay'ana Gaddies 25 days ago

    Lol yes ms comedy queen

  • Dylan Osbrey
    Dylan Osbrey 26 days ago

    This is the only video that matters

  • W A R R I O R
    W A R R I O R 27 days ago +2


  • Lawrence Abolencia
    Lawrence Abolencia 28 days ago

    I died when the pan is not in th burner, then i live when shangela realized it

  • Clara K
    Clara K 29 days ago

    I love Shangie so god damn much

  • Brandon Molina
    Brandon Molina 29 days ago

    The wink at Andy. Same girl, same

  • razrv3lc
    razrv3lc Month ago +4

    anyone else think of Kennedy Davenport

  • Ricardo Gurgel
    Ricardo Gurgel Month ago

    nice crazy thing ! Need to do it.

  • cate foxx
    cate foxx Month ago

    *which ones the pan*

  • Ray Roses
    Ray Roses Month ago

    If you’re eating and you still alive then I’m a ten😂😂😭

  • Amanda Sutton
    Amanda Sutton Month ago

    You can do it, Shangie!!

  • julekxmetin123PL
    julekxmetin123PL Month ago

    I love how she doesn't wear shoes

  • Mr. Gay Butt
    Mr. Gay Butt Month ago

    When she started running away from the mixer I started dying- she was so freaked out by a MIXER.

  • The last one
    The last one Month ago


  • Magui Amarilla
    Magui Amarilla Month ago

    Is she really saying "churros" like that?

  • Link Freeman
    Link Freeman Month ago

    me, seeing the thumbnail: "she looks like she would be really annoying"
    me, after watching the first 5 seconds: "oh god it's worse than I thought"

  • Tasha Woods
    Tasha Woods Month ago

    I saw shangela in the title and I nearly broke my phone from clicking

  • Millennial Igorota
    Millennial Igorota Month ago

    Oh the joy of making something out of scrap. You go girl!

  • Sai Swetha
    Sai Swetha Month ago

    'Kardashian tries to keep up with Carla' but they'll be rather unpleasant..

  • Katarina Dragasević

    I love how she thought the sugar was the salt
    We love a salty qquuueeennnn

  • Hdjd Bdjd
    Hdjd Bdjd Month ago

    This is way too annoying

  • lola holic
    lola holic Month ago

    This makes me realize that I have nothing to be afraid of when I make churros. I've been too daunted because of the dough but.I think it's not impossible. Woot! Thanks Carla and Shangela!