Don't Trust Your Hotel Room Safe

  • Published on Sep 6, 2011
  • The safe in our hotel room can be opened with all zeros.
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  • eaglesmgc
    eaglesmgc Month ago


  • Gianni Riquelme
    Gianni Riquelme Month ago

    I seem to be fiddling around with it a little bit, you do know is that the passcode will not always be 0000. Although that is the correct passcode, once you push clear, it will ask you for a new passcode. In which the case, it will not be 0000. It will be a passcode of your own, in which, you cannot unlock because it used to be 0000. I did not put anything in mind however, however, I did like it to see how it worked because if I thought it was out of order or not working, I couldn’t use it for hours until I found this.

  • Young_heart _break
    Young_heart _break 2 months ago

    After this video so much stuff has been stolen πŸ˜‚

  • mansa musa
    mansa musa 4 months ago

    I tried all 0000 on hotel password didnt work Jvd safe

  • Al
    Al 5 months ago

    That was a eye opener.....I had no idea,but I do now.Thanks

  • Frits van Schuttingen
    Frits van Schuttingen 6 months ago

    @Stupid Nature stuff Haha, nice. You forgot to put fish in there. ;P

  • Jouse001
    Jouse001 6 months ago

    Bruh, A lot of safes need a gadget plugged in then type the default password there. Did a kid outsmart you?

  • StarBerryStudios
    StarBerryStudios 8 months ago

    My 3 year old brother locked his shoes in a hotel safe XD
    So if anyone finds small shoes in a Florida hotel safe, that’s his

  • Matt Lennie
    Matt Lennie 9 months ago

    A lot of hotels in Thailand don't secure the room safe to anything lol

  • Britmatt
    Britmatt 9 months ago

    What about if you put a safe inside another safe. Once you got into the safe you could have a key. That key is for lock on a door with a safe behind it. In that safe you could have a password for a computer. But thats been stolen coz the safe aint safe.

  • Ely portillo
    Ely portillo 9 months ago

    Keep it up man

  • dade
    dade 10 months ago

    Then once again camaras outside will show who was the person that clean ur room cuz other ppl wont be able to enter they will need a card only u have soo

  • CanadianAviatorRBX
    CanadianAviatorRBX 10 months ago

    Hilton has a KEY safe. Lock and key. Not electric

  • Special Sub
    Special Sub 10 months ago

    dude that's a massive security safe where can i get one

  • Artur Martins
    Artur Martins 10 months ago

    It was safe until you said the default password

  • You have a pet llama
    You have a pet llama 10 months ago

    That’s not a safe, it’s a microwave xD

  • Joe Milton
    Joe Milton 10 months ago

    It seems pretty obvious to me, even without this bit of specific information, that you should never put anything valuable in those safes.

  • Γ…ne Sahl
    Γ…ne Sahl 10 months ago +1

    Β«Its not that safeΒ»

  • Stupid Nature stuff
    Stupid Nature stuff 10 months ago

    I changed the code on a safe and put a cup of milk in it

  • Ross Andonov
    Ross Andonov 10 months ago

    There is really no point in safes. It means you have something to hide. You are better off using a chimney or something.

  • Nutcase201
    Nutcase201 10 months ago

    How can you forget 123456?

  • Tom Hood
    Tom Hood 10 months ago +1

    The fact that staff can open your safe means its definitely NOT secure.

  • Johnson Wang
    Johnson Wang 10 months ago

    Ayeee Markham that’s where I live

  • That Guy Who Does Stuff
    That Guy Who Does Stuff 10 months ago

    Why did you tell us!? Now people are gonna break into our hotel rooms and steal our stuff!

  • vihainen hiiri
    vihainen hiiri 10 months ago

    Wth, never even had to use one of these safes in my life

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 10 months ago +1

    ..."you hit the lock buddon." ?

  • Christian Young
    Christian Young 10 months ago

    Introducing... THE NOT SO SAFE SAFE πŸ˜€

    DLC ENERGY 10 months ago

    this is like the primary school computers passwords just being "password". heck, just don't have one. lol

  • Leo2410 no
    Leo2410 no 10 months ago

    Damn canadians were not so nice in this time

  • Singing Psycho's
    Singing Psycho's 10 months ago


  • BoldExploring
    BoldExploring 10 months ago

    People dident know about this, but now they do

    NO NAME 10 months ago

    lucky i am poor :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • The Alpha Wolf of Solice
    The Alpha Wolf of Solice 11 months ago


  • Zniahs Stuff
    Zniahs Stuff 11 months ago

    Thx for giving thief's ideas πŸ™„

  • Toria_ 63
    Toria_ 63 11 months ago +2

    I live in Ontario

  • Lucas Fernandez
    Lucas Fernandez 11 months ago

    You can never trust those things. One time I put a pizza in put in 20 minutes for the time and it locked the pizza in the microwave. I don't get why they make microwaves lock in hotels. It's like who needs a locking microwave?!?!?

  • yung professional
    yung professional 11 months ago


  • TheAlecPowers
    TheAlecPowers 11 months ago

    "How to break into hotel safes" would have also been an appropriate title

  • DIYS Girls
    DIYS Girls 11 months ago

    Phone at 1% for like 20 mins

  • Soulz Laced
    Soulz Laced 11 months ago

    Just leaked how to open a safe at a hotel for robbers lol xD

  • Username Taken
    Username Taken 11 months ago +33

    Once I found a frozen pizza in a safe (wasnt frozen anymore lol)

    I think the last person thought it was a microwave

  • Jan Biester
    Jan Biester 11 months ago

    How can you forget 123456? lol

    • UnderWreck
      UnderWreck 10 months ago

      Jan Biester i think that was an example lol

  • Slavic Pepe
    Slavic Pepe 11 months ago

    curb your safe

  • Agul
    Agul 11 months ago

    Wow now everyone knows the code thanks

  • TheNinJustice
    TheNinJustice 11 months ago +12

    Wait people actually *USE* those things???
    I mean I get the tiny
    refrigerators but not the safes...

    • largol33t1
      largol33t1 4 months ago

      Why do you find that strange or surprising? The purpose is to have SOME protection for vital documents (especially your passport) while you're away from the room. It isn't always smart to walk in a city you're unfamiliar with with your wallet, car keys, passport and $500...

  • Zackneb
    Zackneb 11 months ago

    No one would know u could use all 0s until you just shared it to the world

  • All Type's OF Stuffs
    All Type's OF Stuffs 11 months ago

    This actually a good things.
    I got my laptop 3 phones and my wallet locked in the safe
    I got heart attack
    Then they tell me I will open it in a jiffy

  • Derek A
    Derek A 11 months ago

    Four zeros... 4+0= 0

  • 0hQae
    0hQae 11 months ago

    Why’d you post it now people can steal from the safe...

  • Soysause767
    Soysause767 11 months ago

    Fuck you

  • T L
    T L 11 months ago


  • clutchLEGEND135
    clutchLEGEND135 11 months ago

    Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee stuff jk

  • yo Alex
    yo Alex 11 months ago +2

    I remember waiting one morning for the maid to come, of course i don't stay in the room when she does her job, so I left and she comes running out telling me I left the safe door open πŸ˜‚ I asked what happens if people forget their password, she told me about the default code being so easy. I was kinda shocked

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 11 months ago

    Now 2 million people know about it so it wasn’t a problem till now

  • a a
    a a 11 months ago

    Its just an unsafe safe

  • challenge everyday
    challenge everyday 11 months ago

    Is your wife's name riley reid

  • JF47
    JF47 11 months ago

    2M views. Not even 700 subs. This is the new god

  • killingSkyENERGY
    killingSkyENERGY 11 months ago

    thanks to this video all robbers are now planing hotel robberys what a dick move to make this video

  • MasΓΈn VlΓΈgs
    MasΓΈn VlΓΈgs 11 months ago +5

    Thanks I thought a cleaning lady stole my iPad but she put it under my suitcase for some reason

  • iNREEk
    iNREEk 11 months ago

    It was safe, until some dumb ass told the world what the unlock passcode was for the manangers. Smdh

  • 2ndmerrik255
    2ndmerrik255 11 months ago

    Note to self:

    *Bring a safe for the safe*

  • Fat Black Auto San Andreas

    Good thing the most I've ever left in the hotel safe was a pepsi so yeet

  • Mike Hawk Boi
    Mike Hawk Boi 11 months ago

    Well thanks for telling us how to steal

  • Person Man
    Person Man 11 months ago


  • Steffan Griffiths
    Steffan Griffiths 11 months ago

    Wanted to get you closer to 600 and u were on 599 so I subscribed to ur channel so I have 600 well done

  • Mellow Misst
    Mellow Misst 11 months ago +3

    Happy 600!!!

  • Jake Shumway
    Jake Shumway 11 months ago

    Aren't those safes there to protect your room from cleaning ladies with bad intentions? If they are why would they know the password?

  • Peeper
    Peeper 11 months ago +4

    Oh I thought this was a funny video when the safe was a microwave and they burned their valuables

  • Ric
    Ric 11 months ago

    Why was this recommended to me?

  • mr. Flint stone vitamin gummies

    I thought it was a microwave

  • Chunkz's Mum
    Chunkz's Mum 11 months ago

    how do you forget "123456"

  • Terminator_3773
    Terminator_3773 11 months ago


  • Bread snake
    Bread snake 11 months ago

    not to S A F E

  • Odd gamingTV
    Odd gamingTV 11 months ago

    I'm default welcome to my club

  • Luke mcgahern
    Luke mcgahern 11 months ago

    a safe that's not safe wow

  • Nascent Space
    Nascent Space 11 months ago

    Not a safe safe? Gasp

  • ChamCho124
    ChamCho124 11 months ago

    people use those?

  • Caleb Fifer
    Caleb Fifer 11 months ago

    Wow thanks so much now every thief knows how to get into your hotel safe

  • Deja Kordei
    Deja Kordei 11 months ago

    Who the fuck even uses those anymore

  • BlueFingerz
    BlueFingerz 11 months ago

    Idk why but us viewers love it when ordinary people out of the blu (blue bloo blew) discover life hacks or exposing stuff. God Bless

  • Dhananjay Deshmukh
    Dhananjay Deshmukh 11 months ago

    Lol imagine you forget the password then what, you gonna take the lock with you. Just like hotels have a master key for evey room, same way it is only common sense for them to have a default password.

  • kurblaNS
    kurblaNS 11 months ago

    lol stupid americans

  • soph
    soph 11 months ago

    The hotel that I visit has small keys

  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 11 months ago

    This is BULLSHIT!
    I would sue the manufacturer and the Hotels for FRAUD!
    They lie to the public making us feel 'safe' when in fact we are not.

  • DetailedGuyman
    DetailedGuyman 11 months ago


  • TurboJake
    TurboJake 11 months ago

    Or just lock your door

    IDEKWTFTOPUTHERE 11 months ago

    This is just one specific safe tho

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 11 months ago

    Just like the old US Nuclear codes that apparently were all 0s

    SKEWEY 11 months ago

    It's the guy from what's inside

  • Firery Wither
    Firery Wither 11 months ago

    You know, my time working at the Monte Carlo; they also have four 0s as their safe default key.

  • Slozo
    Slozo 11 months ago

    Well shit I thought that was a microwave in the thumbnail

  • MyNameIsMaybe
    MyNameIsMaybe 11 months ago

    *goes to a nearby hotel*

  • Certified
    Certified 11 months ago

    ahahah that is the factory default password ... they just didn't change it ... pretty sure they are suppose to change it

  • heatscore 94
    heatscore 94 Year ago

    also try 9999 for other models

  • Roman
    Roman Year ago

    thank you

  • John Bryant
    John Bryant Year ago

    Thats the same code for the DNC email account!! Carlos Danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thai Tastic
    Thai Tastic Year ago +208

    The irony is, he's not in his own room. LOL

    • Jaddoo Mohammud Abdool Alim
      Jaddoo Mohammud Abdool Alim 9 months ago

      If the safe is not change battery down please let me know

    • Gappie Al Kebabi
      Gappie Al Kebabi 10 months ago

      Sarcasm or irony, it all fit in our butts and we shall keep it there rather than using the safe which is not safe as funny man James; still waiting for someone to like his comment so he won't feel like he failed, already gave it away in a punny sentence which comes close to a joke but not very close at all at the same time.

    • Jamestube 8439
      Jamestube 8439 10 months ago

      No, the irony is that the safe shouldn't be called a "safe"!

    • Grace Trujillo
      Grace Trujillo 10 months ago

      Thai Tastic I

    • Markis
      Markis 10 months ago


      (im being sarcastic)

  • CALIFAS 5150
    CALIFAS 5150 Year ago +3


    • Γ…ne Sahl
      Γ…ne Sahl 10 months ago

      Well you have the whitest name on earth Β«BrendanΒ»

  • Miza Rahman
    Miza Rahman Year ago

    locker series Bangladesh 01719524358 mizan,gulshan-1, dhaka

  • Lagger Onesixfour
    Lagger Onesixfour Year ago +108

    Wow, lazy idiots. The default password is supposed to be changed in the setup, but the default from factory is all dem zeroes.

    • accursedCursive
      accursedCursive 10 months ago

      I've never seen a router I couldn't configure with "admin admin", people don't bother changing default settings for anything.