I Live in a Dollhouse

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
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  • shgurr
    shgurr  Month ago +935

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    • Stealerex 877241
      Stealerex 877241 7 hours ago

      When is a salty fight coming out

    • Alex Guzman
      Alex Guzman Day ago +1

      What is your opinion about the anthem of Brazil?
      What kind of foreigners have you encountered?

    • Mags311
      Mags311 2 days ago

      The best youtuber in the world is shgurr and now you have a cute cat and that makes you 10 times as cool well you were awesome before......i am saying you have a super cute cat....ps your super cute

    • Paper Kid
      Paper Kid 2 days ago

      Every story time animation.its about almost over.

    • •chibie fufer•
      •chibie fufer• 3 days ago


  • Furrylover99 Killer
    Furrylover99 Killer 7 hours ago

    Hay shgurr I love Your five Night at Fred’s song do more stuff like that please

  • Death Waltz
    Death Waltz 7 hours ago


  • Julián Restrepo Moreno

    Is she a JW ?

  • Engibeer
    Engibeer 11 hours ago

    I see why I unsubbed.

  • Engibeer
    Engibeer 11 hours ago

    God this video was all over the fucking wall. Bad.

  • derly rivera
    derly rivera 13 hours ago

    2:31 how they ring they don't move in not complaining or your lazy I'm just confused 🤤

  • Natalia Sholtz
    Natalia Sholtz 17 hours ago

    Your cats adorable.

  • Jacob M
    Jacob M 17 hours ago

    Congrats on 2 mil

  • de_derpykitty08
    de_derpykitty08 18 hours ago

    I know I’m probably late but congrats on 2 million!

  • 5JLazerMan YT
    5JLazerMan YT 18 hours ago

    dis a good vid!
    *+1 Sub*

  • challenge kid
    challenge kid 18 hours ago

    Not to be rude i saw your draw my life but its been 1 12th of a year A. K. A 1 month it Kinda alot but tak your time

  • Thekra Slaman
    Thekra Slaman 21 hour ago

    I want a house tour of this doll house now

  • Carmen Martín
    Carmen Martín Day ago

    Where is part 2 of your draw my life?
    Because i cant wait

  • Timelappse The Monkey BOI

    (Pause) at 3;59, this is milliseconds till disaster strikes

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia Day ago

    Can we have a tour

  • Splitastic !
    Splitastic ! Day ago

    But I’m a guy and I like doll houses and I like dressing up like a cat how convenient
    Not joking dressing as a cat is comfortable usually I’m alone but who cares if I share it

  • Carlton B
    Carlton B Day ago

    I will pronhub you

  • Alex Guzman
    Alex Guzman Day ago +1

    What is your opinion about the anthem of Brazil?
    What kind of foreigners have you encountered?

  • dani y pablo LTE

    I'm a new subscriber but i'm sad about those doritos

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes Day ago

    *How to live in a actuall doll house*
    1: have wifi in it
    2: make sure you have a ac
    3:have the worlds smallest food and tv and other stuff
    *Have fun!*

    4:32 just like when i tell someone my age they just act like they want to say
    how The FU-

  • Savage cat267 ;-:

    Pls can you show us your home

  • echo winter
    echo winter Day ago +1

    SHGURR I make stuff.com
    “We give you entertainment and stuff”

  • Mr. Creper
    Mr. Creper Day ago +1

    Your cat is so cute. Если вы согласны тооо... С вас Like ок?????

  • Mohamad Nasir Sanusi

    Ok new Video from Shannon Gurr

  • Tobias Berger
    Tobias Berger 2 days ago

    She rich

  • Tad C
    Tad C 2 days ago

    Most people get a house bc they want to get married or start a fam “I wanted a cat” the difference?

  • JabezOnWeeekEndz //Jabez Jimenez

    Draw my life a salty fight im waitinnngggg

  • Agiri
    Agiri 2 days ago

    Your art style is soooo cute! I can't believe I've never seen your channel before!

  • tonyhawks14
    tonyhawks14 2 days ago

    Jaiden animations it's that you?

  • Mike Elizardo
    Mike Elizardo 2 days ago

    Do you have a dog or a cat

  • EthanD R
    EthanD R 2 days ago

    Deku: breaths baccugo: deku u basterd!!

  • Pipe Silva
    Pipe Silva 2 days ago +2

    You need see the thing (1982)and the prequel (2011)

  • Mr Bleach 9/11
    Mr Bleach 9/11 2 days ago

    The housing crash never recovered

  • saik Marti
    saik Marti 3 days ago +1

    Hola como estas? Dibujas bien

  • Mini Nightmare
    Mini Nightmare 3 days ago

    Remember when shgurr animated die in a fire lmao

  • Maurice Houston
    Maurice Houston 3 days ago

    Yall remember she did fnaf animations

  • golds fake & real love hurts


  • Tyrone Parrish
    Tyrone Parrish 3 days ago

    I loved your foxy vid shgurr

  • Emily Devouge
    Emily Devouge 3 days ago


  • Roma Jor
    Roma Jor 3 days ago


    ну и история

  • Bucket Raider
    Bucket Raider 3 days ago +1

    If your cat starts to constantly purr it means they want a mate.

  • Jack Vlogz
    Jack Vlogz 3 days ago


  • •chibie fufer•
    •chibie fufer• 3 days ago


  • animelover 3919
    animelover 3919 3 days ago

    Wheres part 2 to tge draw my life Video

  • TMeister2008
    TMeister2008 3 days ago

    Trash Bag isn't a Pokémon but... Whatever...

  • Cleeb
    Cleeb 3 days ago


  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 4 days ago

    You haven't made a video in a month

  • Chaos Commentz
    Chaos Commentz 4 days ago

    Shannon, the lady who buys a house for her Dominant little ball of fluff also known as a cat just because she deserves extra space. (Salutes in cat lover)

  • Ratchet Gladi
    Ratchet Gladi 4 days ago

    your voice is the same as heyimbee

  • Joseph Crapse
    Joseph Crapse 4 days ago

    Owning over renting, never thought of that. Might have to do it myself now

  • Young Majin Buu
    Young Majin Buu 4 days ago

    Speaking of Church, Are you a Latter Day Saint (Mormon)? If so, you should talk about that experience, people would really be interested in that.

  • PokeLA
    PokeLA 4 days ago

    i love your videos shugrr . im considering on animating

  • Rudy_ Draws
    Rudy_ Draws 4 days ago

    Where's draw my life part 2

  • Adrian Villafan
    Adrian Villafan 4 days ago

    I have 3 cats Barry zoey and mofosa

  • Cat Power7
    Cat Power7 4 days ago

    Do animation tour of your place

  • dream
    dream 4 days ago

    Ohhh your not a woman but a waman

  • Pizza lol 1020 Poop master 55

    MCDONALDS Kyle with his switch at MACDONALDS using MacDonald's wifi playing fortnight then his mike talking to his friends his voice:ha* G*y# l00K @ miN*y his friend: dude are you at MACDONALDS him: Y@ friend: bru i herd get the homeless man out of the basement him: 0H m@* 0 c*@P ge* 0FF m* d0* y*o cr@Zy h0M11es m@* ahhhhh (leaves game) friend 1:what happend to Kyle freind 2: idk i was afk (later that day) news : a homeless man atacts a local MACDONALDS and kills a hole fam with a stale french fry the fam members that died are one kid named kyel (kid 1 turns off tv calls freind 2 ) friend 1: mydoriya did you here what happend freind 2: ya im never going to MCDONALDS ever agein

  • J .G
    J .G 5 days ago

    She said a single wamen

  • KapZz Gaming
    KapZz Gaming 5 days ago +1

    2:20 rip headphone users

  • Akio
    Akio 5 days ago

    Got a Twitter, I’ll follow.

    SCOOBIS 5 days ago

    *D O L L H O U S E*

  • Jacob Michal Burger
    Jacob Michal Burger 5 days ago

    You know my boy Tel Oet right

  • Cherry Plum
    Cherry Plum 5 days ago

    Hi my cousin made you, she Loves your videos, tvclip.biz/video/7xslyW99Qg8/video.html

  • scaly raptor 1944
    scaly raptor 1944 5 days ago


  • Jose Chavira
    Jose Chavira 5 days ago



  • No and yes Yes and no

    Man: um is your mom home?
    Shugger: *stares*
    Man: it's just that we need an adult 18 years and older
    Shugger: I'm 23 and this is my house

  • Cat lover Tanya James

    Yeah cats sometimes make weird noises own one so yeah
    Expect a lot of broken meows like this

  • lulu and Alex
    lulu and Alex 5 days ago

    It's been two months I miss you why did you stop making videos

  • Shane's Anime
    Shane's Anime 5 days ago

    omg your animations are the best always leave me wanting more. i just recently made my first animation plz check it out tvclip.biz/video/j6_4Y_Sh3Us/video.html

  • Equiilia
    Equiilia 6 days ago

    Yeaaa it’s total normal they make a lot of noises like those. Hahahah

  • Fragile Turn
    Fragile Turn 6 days ago

    make a new fnaf animation

  • Random is I
    Random is I 6 days ago +1


  • rinnikinn
    rinnikinn 6 days ago

    But hiding a cat in a no pets apartment is easy. They dont bark everytime someone knocks on the door

  • Jigme Thinley
    Jigme Thinley 6 days ago

    Just last day a kitten randomly came into my house. My dad shooed it away after a bit, but it was in the house roaming around. It was cute