How Sugarfina Makes Its Birthday Chocolate Bars

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Sugarfina launched its birthday-inspired chocolate bar. Its chocolate is made in Paris and then flown to the Sugarfina factory in California to be melted and made into bars. Here's how the birthday bars are made.
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    How Sugarfina Makes Its Birthday Chocolate Bars
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Comments • 146

  • Serafina Penubothula

    Lol my name is SERAFINA😂

  • aashna dange
    aashna dange 4 days ago

    It is very beautiful and I like it 🍫🍫🍫

  • shirish kurekar
    shirish kurekar 12 days ago

    I love food insider💗💗💗

  • Birb Little sister
    Birb Little sister 18 days ago +2

    It looks good but the price is expensive

  • Everhirst Seyt
    Everhirst Seyt 27 days ago

    Overpriced bullcrap from pissing nozzles. Enjoy, consumerist cucks!

  • Bry Vlogs
    Bry Vlogs Month ago +1

    Wow white chocolate with *sprinkles*

  • Sazzorak Skills
    Sazzorak Skills Month ago

    The chocolate looks like gak, ew.

  • Rose Greenstone
    Rose Greenstone Month ago

    Lot of Asians in the kitchen

  • rudy hik
    rudy hik Month ago

    What's so special about that?

  • Loli popxx
    Loli popxx Month ago

    I don't know if I'm color blind but didn't they say blue dye... I see green

  • Spring Nash
    Spring Nash Month ago +3

    *"And blue colouring is mixed in"*
    Oh, that's blue, huh. I didn't know that.

  • BrooklynYT
    BrooklynYT Month ago

    My dad got a package from sugarfina and he was really excited cause it was his birthday

    *Until he figured out it was gummy bears*

  • JJ the weirdo prinsess

    Really White chocolate food coloring and sprinkles like what?

  • Arna Hoffmann
    Arna Hoffmann Month ago +8

    I like how the workers are all just staring at the 2 people actually mixing the bars

  • Snow Wraith YT
    Snow Wraith YT Month ago

    That's green.

  • Noobie Potato
    Noobie Potato Month ago

    Birthday cake gone bad.

  • Ngọc Phan
    Ngọc Phan Month ago

    Even the music is boring too😭😭😭

  • S l e e p y
    S l e e p y Month ago

    Not that special lol just white chocolate and sprinkles I could make that at home lol

  • Oboe26 Boboe
    Oboe26 Boboe Month ago

    White chocolate with blue coloring mixed in
    *turns green*

    • Oboe26 Boboe
      Oboe26 Boboe Month ago

      I know but ehh

    • Lively Maya
      Lively Maya Month ago

      Yellowish chocolate and blue would make a greenish color

  • M. Hashmi محمد هاشمي

    What’s so special about this. There’s zero creativity, they could have added so much more to make it taste like birthday cake.

  • stan deimler
    stan deimler Month ago +2

    I'm going to a shop
    I'm seeing the birthday chocolate
    Me: Oh, I have never eaten birthday chocolate. Let's buy it!
    At home. I'm tasting the chocolate
    Me: Are the just kidding me right now?! It's just white chocolate, but colored in blue. That's a shame!

  • I’m addicted to Twice

    Here’s a tip:
    1. Get a plain chocolate bar
    2. Melt it
    3. Pour it into a mold (maybe add food colouring)
    4. Add toppings
    5. Freeze
    6. Eat

  • 无名
    无名 Month ago

    The bar is so thin too

  • 无名
    无名 Month ago

    White choc is not even real choc

  • liwaza Memon
    liwaza Memon Month ago

    White chocolate with some dye and sprinkles? That's it?

  • Leslie Nicole
    Leslie Nicole Month ago

    They aren’t saying the bars are supposed to be blue, they just said blue food coloring is added to the white chocolate. Food coloring turns more pastel when you mix it with white chocolate or white food coloring which is why the bars don’t turn out “blue”.

  • Bowlondon XD
    Bowlondon XD Month ago

    I wish I was a insider person thing

  • Bessie
    Bessie Month ago +10

    Nothing impressive but expensive. Just paying for the brand. But their champagne candies in the square boxes look good for gifts though

  • Caligula Longhbottom

    Groundbreaking...they melt chocolate and put sprinkles on it...

  • Asad Uz
    Asad Uz Month ago +2

    How to make it at home for less:
    Get white chocolate 50p
    Get sprinkles 50p
    Put sprinkles on chocolate
    Total spent : £1

  • jxblaze
    jxblaze Month ago

    This is basically a paid ad, there's nothing special about this at all

  • uwu syu
    uwu syu Month ago

    Well that was boring

  • Mert Yildirim
    Mert Yildirim Month ago


  • JNK
    JNK Month ago +9

    $12 for that chocolate bar, hell naw...

  • Chocolate Girl チョコレートガール


  • Alex Zattas
    Alex Zattas Month ago

    Ads, ads everywhere

  • Salama Nasser
    Salama Nasser Month ago

    What is the name of the music background?

  • joek money
    joek money Month ago +2

    So it’s just food coloring 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • joek money
    joek money Month ago

    So it’s just food coloring 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Ujjval Patel
    Ujjval Patel Month ago +1

    Deeply Unsatisfying.

  • Val L
    Val L Month ago +10

    Sugarfina is so expensive and they use blue food dye? 🤨😑 No thanks.

  • Pinky Ong
    Pinky Ong Month ago +29

    Is it really "special" though?

  • Vienna Nguyen
    Vienna Nguyen Month ago +1

    These are like $14

  • Filipino Archmage
    Filipino Archmage Month ago

    It's pastel green right?

  • Mouranette ùwú
    Mouranette ùwú Month ago

    I thought it was green

  • Saige Pilgrim
    Saige Pilgrim Month ago

    Would love it if you guys featured Compartes

  • Jessika Austin
    Jessika Austin Month ago +1

    So its just overpriced white chocolate and sprinkles

  • Ravina Naranjo
    Ravina Naranjo Month ago +1

    Wait hold on it said then blue coloring is mixed into it then how come its green ?

    • Dani Hunt
      Dani Hunt Month ago

      Ravina Naranjo No problemo! I think a lot of people were thrown off by it tbh

    • Ravina Naranjo
      Ravina Naranjo Month ago +1

      @Dani Hunt thank u for telling me

    • Dani Hunt
      Dani Hunt Month ago +1

      Ravina Naranjo yellow chocolate + blue colorant =green. White chocolate is more yellow than actually “white” 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • H E L L O M Y D A R L I N G S

    Looks good but its just white chocolate and sprinkles. not even good quality chocolate or sprinkles.

    JUNE ASMR Month ago

    a toothpaste-flavored cake😫😫

  • Lucky123Penny
    Lucky123Penny Month ago

    The colour of the chocolate is slime green, definitely not blue.

  • Suzu Petals
    Suzu Petals Month ago

    That tone of green causes me depression.

  • Miss Dee
    Miss Dee Month ago

    Either I'm going color blind or those chocolate bars are green not blue

  • Llama_ Gaming
    Llama_ Gaming Month ago +1

    It sorta reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Stupid
    Stupid Month ago +1

    They could ATLEAST put some cake in the chocolate.

  • The Official Queen of Chickens!

    Umm, it’s just normal chocolate with sprinkles on in fancy packaging
    And that colour doesn’t look too appetising

  • The Derp Knight
    The Derp Knight Month ago +2

    *is Sugarfina any relation to Awkwafina*

  • Jerusha V
    Jerusha V Month ago

    9.95 is it worth it?

  • Leaf47
    Leaf47 Month ago +1

    Looks like something a Precure would eat

  • The Critic
    The Critic Month ago +1

    Sprinkles make everything taste better to me

  • Nhek Zero
    Nhek Zero Month ago

    It’s kinda funny how they say it’s made in California, but on their website they say it’s imported from France. Also one bar will set you back $9.95.

  • Az4212 knowledge thirsty

    wow, so inefficient, i can see that this industry is ripe for automation, specially in the sprinking sector, i hope they stop wasting so much human potential

  • mslily
    mslily Month ago +1

    Why buy it when you can do it at home lmao

  • Lily The Spring
    Lily The Spring Month ago +1

    Literally,just a boring af chocolate bars with sprinkles

  • temten gm
    temten gm Month ago

    what s particular in this😑

    • temten gm
      temten gm Month ago

      @Captain Lollipop عن جد طب فيك تشرحلي اكثر

    • Captain Lollipop
      Captain Lollipop Month ago

      temten gm Everything.

  • Depressed Kermit
    Depressed Kermit Month ago +1

    No views

    410 like

  • Peri
    Peri Month ago +1

    Eww it's just white chocolate with sprinkles

  • Reign Delacore
    Reign Delacore Month ago

    I want 1:09 of my life back

  • Sinaeb
    Sinaeb Month ago


    THATONE KIDISBACK Month ago +1

    Hiring illegals I see