Marion Reneau Expects Dog Fight With Bethe Correia at UFC Fortaleza

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  • Grandsport2010
    Grandsport2010 10 months ago

    My point is to hire an interviewer who can speak both languages fluently u fucken dumbsses

  • Joe Baggerly
    Joe Baggerly 10 months ago

    Tie by Majority Decision by Corrupt Judges in Brazil.
    Marion WON that fight 29-27
    Bethe won the second round by a little.

  • Igorfun
    Igorfun 10 months ago

    Instainlove !

  • Matt Skylar
    Matt Skylar 10 months ago

    Reneau's body was looking good at the weigh-ins. I can't wait for this fight as well as the other main fight to see where, Vitor is more so than Gastelum.

  • Melvin Thornton
    Melvin Thornton 10 months ago

    Mild alert 😳

  • James Ervin
    James Ervin 10 months ago

    This interviewer seems more concerned about her age than both fighters.

  • Tara Trevelyan
    Tara Trevelyan 10 months ago +2

    She is very pretty.

    • JLW
      JLW 10 months ago

      Vc tbm é linda.

  • S D
    S D 10 months ago

    They think you're brazilian???????? You sound straight WHITE to me!!!! No charisma in your voice. You've lost yourself somewhere.

    • S D
      S D 10 months ago

      Fantasy Flight its quite clear jerkoff.

  • Rodrigo Ferraz
    Rodrigo Ferraz 10 months ago +3

    I'm Brazilian and the interviewer made me cring so badly.

  • jiahkong96
    jiahkong96 10 months ago

    I think she'll win

  • Madolo
    Madolo 10 months ago +10


    • Pan Cyans
      Pan Cyans 10 months ago +1

      maik lola She'll be a GAPER after Bethe is done with her. Possible PROLAPSER too.

    • Frankie Gonzalez
      Frankie Gonzalez 10 months ago

      maik lola I'm not surprised...

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 10 months ago +8

    If you can't beat Bethe I don't think the UFC is for you I think Bethe is AWFUL I've got Marion definitely!

  • Hindered Bender Esquire
    Hindered Bender Esquire 10 months ago +7

    She is going to get her ass eaten by Bethe Correia!

  • Denise Noles
    Denise Noles 10 months ago +2

    She looks rough. Not trying to be rude. Just an observation.

    • Mr. Hyde
      Mr. Hyde 10 months ago +1

      Well, she is a professional fighter...

    • kopxpert
      kopxpert 10 months ago

      Cutting weight too

    • Kozmikōcēlōtl
      Kozmikōcēlōtl 10 months ago

      lol she's pretty old and a fighter. so yeah

    • Denise Noles
      Denise Noles 10 months ago +1

      +Hohum WOW!

  • Prince
    Prince 10 months ago +1

    she seems a little small for the devision

  • That1Dewd
    That1Dewd 10 months ago +9

    id rather see them make out and scissor than fight js. #UncleJoey #SniffThatMuffler #EatThatMonkey #BAM

  • Grandsport2010
    Grandsport2010 10 months ago +13

    The interviewer is a stuttering idiot

    • TheEnvelope
      TheEnvelope 10 months ago

      The one and only Guilherme Cruz? You must be new to the sport.
      You don't need to be a level 10 Scholar to interview people, you just got to know how to ask questions without pissing people off, get off your high horse, gimp.

    • Angel Guerra
      Angel Guerra 10 months ago +1

      He is a Brazilian that speaks English as well. He is not an idiot.

    • Christopher Kit
      Christopher Kit 10 months ago +1

      G Cruz is the man!!

    • taqueroman91
      taqueroman91 10 months ago +1

      Hohum he is good and reporter. it's just his English that needs work but he essential for the Brazilian market and relationships

  • Lincoln Osiris
    Lincoln Osiris 10 months ago +15

    Shes pretty. She does look stoned though.

    • Charlie_Willie
      Charlie_Willie 10 months ago +7

      Prolly just got off a long flight, cutting weight, and a ton of interviews

    • Agnostic Monk
      Agnostic Monk 10 months ago

      Jon Reuna After Pitbull trashes her, we'll see how she looks!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 10 months ago +1

      Lincoln Osiris She looks nothing close to being stoned....

    • Agnostic Monk
      Agnostic Monk 10 months ago +2

      She looks like she was *stoned?* I see what you mean, man, she's got the scars to prove it!

  • gjh gyjdg
    gjh gyjdg 10 months ago +6

    Assume the position lady!
    🖑8===D💦 ( )( )

  • Luke Alexander
    Luke Alexander 10 months ago +2


  • Wrong Whey
    Wrong Whey 10 months ago

    Two dog face girls....

    • Wrong Whey
      Wrong Whey 10 months ago

      That1Dewd know you? Which part of my comment did your inferior mind interpret as me making assumptions about you?

    • Wrong Whey
      Wrong Whey 10 months ago

      Vince Miller thank god id be afraid they turn around at some point.

    • LuckyDrumming PcP
      LuckyDrumming PcP 10 months ago

      They got big asses and you couldn't hit em

    • Inline Downhill Vancouver
      Inline Downhill Vancouver 10 months ago +1

      And a child commenting on TVclip. They're fighters, dumbass.

    • That1Dewd
      That1Dewd 10 months ago

      Dang bro you know me so well. I bet you know my social security # and address too huh?

  • TheSolidus909
    TheSolidus909 10 months ago +5

    thumbnail is deceiving

  • Kai
    Kai 10 months ago +4

    All i'm expecting is Face down Ass up action