Shaq predicts LeBron will be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore if he 3-peats with AD | First Take

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Shaquille O'Neal says LeBron James potentially winning one championship in Los Angeles wouldn't be enough to carve himself into the Lakers Mt. Rushmore. Shaq ups the ante by saying LeBron would need to three-peat with Anthony Davis to eclipse some of the greatest Lakers of all-time.
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Comments • 5 530

  • david sanders
    david sanders Hour ago

    3-peat??? Slow da fuq down. Wow

  • metalbowser23
    metalbowser23 4 hours ago +1

    How would lebron even be in the conversation for it for the LAKERS

  • Hefipale Burp
    Hefipale Burp 4 hours ago

    Don't put him near any microphone this guy will lowered anyone's IQ, good grief.

  • BeansMaghenes
    BeansMaghenes 11 hours ago

    People who are small thinkers are the ones who think Shaq is stupid.

  • nico pau
    nico pau 16 hours ago +6

    This is how many times Ryan Hollins got his head dropped by his mom when he was a toddler

  • Ron deezzee
    Ron deezzee Day ago

    Shaq woulda destroyed all these centers in the game!!!!!!

  • Christopher Adragna

    Laker mt Rushmore is shaq kobe magic and Kareem

  • Y2KJericho
    Y2KJericho Day ago

    Shaq makes that mug look like my little sisters tea set

  • Guilherme Medeiros

    How ryan hollins has a job saying the dumbest shits ever said?

  • Diego Caruana
    Diego Caruana Day ago

    can someone kill Ryan Hollins please?. Its for an uni job.

  • Ej StickGod
    Ej StickGod Day ago +1

    Ik this is kinda random but I think the best player in the 80's was Larry Bird

  • Edwin Perez
    Edwin Perez Day ago

    What difficulty with AD? 🤣🤣🤣 stfu bum ass nigga

  • Anthony Danna
    Anthony Danna Day ago

    This fucking guy Hollins needs to be banned from ever talking about sports!!

  • Jason Songs
    Jason Songs Day ago

    Ryan Hollins is cring worthy.

  • Rafael Palacio
    Rafael Palacio Day ago

    Molly is soo sexyy

  • Bullet Ignacio
    Bullet Ignacio Day ago +1

    Shaq should be in Mt. Rushmore, Max I mean c' mon not LBJ. no, disrespect you on DRUGS Ryan? :)

  • Aaron Storm
    Aaron Storm 2 days ago

    Is this the only lightskin guy they can find? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ChrisGetBuckets
    ChrisGetBuckets 2 days ago

    Love u shaq but u wouldnt have “killed” wilt. Keep in mind a 35 year old wilt came back after a major knee surgery and still averaged 47 minutes a game against a 24 year old just comming off a mvp season and championship ring 2 years prior kareem. And litterally ran circles around kareem the entire series. Besides that though yea ryan is an idiot

  • Steph Curry
    Steph Curry 2 days ago

    Saying lebron is going to be there after winning one is so retarded then why are they not making an episode on ad being there because he is in his prime probaly better then lebron by now and if they did win one he prob would get finals mvp and lebron cant with without him. And THEY WOULD HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF 🏆 AS LAKERS

  • Deez Nut
    Deez Nut 2 days ago

    How to be good have a good player and have them leave then become a bad team then get a good player in the draft

  • Arian Tyson
    Arian Tyson 2 days ago

    Lebron will not make the Lakers Mt Rushmore. Sorry, Jerry West is not on the Mt. Rushmore for the Lakers. Their Mt. Rushmore is Magic, Kareem, Shaq and Kobe.

  • Toya B
    Toya B 2 days ago +1

    If lebron pass mike in rings then what they going to have to say 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • haşim atmaca
      haşim atmaca Day ago +1

      Toya B Then they will say it is not about ring it is just numbers

  • Ez Ryder
    Ez Ryder 2 days ago

    You gotta be kidding me the LBJ gets there after one. This dude shouldn't be on this show for saying something so ridiculous. Every day Ryan says something from a brain fart and we're stuck with this moron.

  • Cade Chater
    Cade Chater 2 days ago

    I’m late but I think I agree with Shaq if he 3 peats definitely and also Lebron is on track to beating Kareem’s total all time points if he 3 peats yes and bonus points if he beat most career points of all time nuff said

  • d5o1001
    d5o1001 2 days ago

    The bad part about this if Stephen A. was here this show might not be as good because you wouldn't have an idiot spitting these nonsensical statements.

  • ReMiDi Beatz
    ReMiDi Beatz 2 days ago

    Shaq is 💯. Respect

  • Dahbz1434
    Dahbz1434 2 days ago

    How does Ryan Hollins have a job?

  • Spice 0o0
    Spice 0o0 2 days ago

    I agree with Shaq start defining by era simple!

  • IslangDong317
    IslangDong317 2 days ago

    Define players by there Era thank youuuuuuu.. and Kobe wasn’t in his prime when he 3 peat. with shaq and the lakers Hollins is an idiot.. even with Injury Prob AD and a almost 36 year old Lebron I doubt the lakers win Lebron first real injury just happened and I’m sure he’ll see another one this upcoming season that first thing injury is always the start to next

  • Ski 86
    Ski 86 2 days ago


  • Ski 86
    Ski 86 2 days ago

    Gottta agree with shaq diesel

  • King Pryme
    King Pryme 2 days ago

    Ryan Hollins cappin Lebron top 5 but not better than mj or Kobe

  • Chester Cheng
    Chester Cheng 3 days ago +2

    that's not much of a prediction when your prediction is conditionally based on events that may or may not happen in the future

  • nonamefit Studios
    nonamefit Studios 3 days ago


  • name
    name 3 days ago

    I wonder if Ryan's ass hurt, from dick riding lebron so hard 😂😂😂

  • Ella Sorex
    Ella Sorex 3 days ago

    Ryan Collins should be fired asap! He doesnt know what he's talking.

  • Akira Watari
    Akira Watari 3 days ago

    At 1:37 Max about to have an orgasm defending MJ

  • Thee Micheala
    Thee Micheala 3 days ago

    He getting annoying now

  • John Powell
    John Powell 3 days ago

    The light-skinned dude is trippin...big time!

  • Lidickey Ball
    Lidickey Ball 3 days ago

    Ryan hollins dumb and max hella extra like a female

  • Lidickey Ball
    Lidickey Ball 3 days ago

    Bro they not fina 3peat he gone get 1 maybe 2 probably not back to back at that

  • assibey steven
    assibey steven 3 days ago

    Max is wrong Shaq won 4. The only reasons why he doesn’t make Mount Rushmore are.
    1. 2004
    2. 2002 was a series the lakers just should not have one, and that slightly invalidates a ring.
    3. He played on 5 different teams, and couldn’t beat any real contenders with his original.
    4. His game was One dimensional and that makes it harder to evaluate his overall impact relative to the other guys.
    Shaq def has a case though. 4 championships in 6 finals tries. 3 finals MVPs that were consecutive. 8 First team all NBA selections. 2 second team and 4 third team. 14 in a 19 year career. 1 reg season MVP. 15 time all Star and 2 time scoring champion.
    In my opinion Shaq is the leader of all second tier arguments in the NBA goat conversation, then Kobe follows.

  • Steel City Red
    Steel City Red 3 days ago


  • Robert Diaz
    Robert Diaz 3 days ago

    Dude is a fckin CLOWN Lebron just popped up he's on the Mount Rushmore? lmmfao idiot

  • Justice Earkywinr
    Justice Earkywinr 3 days ago

    Why Ryan changing the conversation for

  • Malcom Alvarez
    Malcom Alvarez 3 days ago

    I totally agree with Shaq we need to start defining players legacies by eras cause lebron never played Jordan so why compare them I kno it’s for fun but niggas take it seriously why they will never compete against each other now yu can compare Jordan an Kobe why cause they played against each other Kobe might not have been in his goat prime yet tho but still they played each other but I will say this I will always hate that Kobe an the lakers never played lebron and the cavs yes we kno who probably would have won but still would have been great to see

  • Jaleel Sobers
    Jaleel Sobers 3 days ago

    People really believe LeBron will be 5th year LeBron in year 21.

  • MBF
    MBF 3 days ago

    This is why Hollis shouldn't be on the show

  • MBF
    MBF 3 days ago

    For the Lakers Mt Rushmore I have Magic Kobe Kareem Shaq

  • carlos vega
    carlos vega 3 days ago

    Lehelp wont three-peat.

  • LJTowers
    LJTowers 3 days ago

    Fire Ryan Hollins please!

  • Guest Useraccount
    Guest Useraccount 3 days ago

    RH is sick in the head. This man should show up in a straight jacket and his mouth should be sewed up. Scrub and a nuthead.

  • Shelly Edwards
    Shelly Edwards 3 days ago

    Ryan dude is retarded frfr

  • Shelly Edwards
    Shelly Edwards 3 days ago

    Hold on max said shaq not on it

  • Vincent Alvarez
    Vincent Alvarez 4 days ago

    Ryan Hollins a uncle TOM!

  • somali 101
    somali 101 4 days ago +2

    When kawhi win on the clippers they gonna build a new mountain 🏔 in La

  • Doug Pete
    Doug Pete 4 days ago

    BIGGER....STRONGER....FASTER....QUITTTER...YOU ASK dirk, tim duncan and then the splash brothers on that...there's no room in mt. Rushmore for a quitter.

  • javier vladimir
    javier vladimir 4 days ago

    Wake up ppl stop disrespecting shaq... Wilt 100 was in phi. Bill had 11 ring prolly 17pts per game stop wilt vs shaq best one on one ever then magic n mj but shaq learn from wilt how to do all kobe eating applejacks just luck n market DESIGN WILT VS SHAQ 2K 2020

  • javier vladimir
    javier vladimir 4 days ago +1


  • Duane Custer
    Duane Custer 4 days ago

    My brain shuts off when Hopkins talks

  • slc9800gtx
    slc9800gtx 4 days ago +4

    I agree with Shaq, LeBron will be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore if he 3-peats with AD, but not with just one championship

  • slc9800gtx
    slc9800gtx 4 days ago

    Shaq's point about comparing eras is a great point.

  • RedHood
    RedHood 4 days ago

    Molly needs to shut up

  • Collective239
    Collective239 4 days ago +1

    If they 3 peat... they would have to make the playoffs three times.

  • You Suck
    You Suck 4 days ago

    Ryan Hollins is an idiot

  • CallMeTony
    CallMeTony 4 days ago

    Hahaha LeBron threepeat with the Fakers? Get the fuck outta here!

  • Requix
    Requix 4 days ago

    Get Ryan Hollins off the show dog....

  • 1000Kbaby
    1000Kbaby 4 days ago

    Too bad he won't get 1 title in LA so a 3peat

  • C MayR
    C MayR 4 days ago +2

    MJ is the one and only GOAT, Lebron James not even close

  • TheKYRw
    TheKYRw 4 days ago

    People hate on Ryan hollins but he’s giving a younger point of view. 90% of these sports shows are like 40-50 year olds who grew up with Jordan as the greatest and stuff and will always say Jordan is 1000x better than anyone and will always hate on today’s generation. Today’s nba gets a lot of hate because of this people saying it’s soft and bad cuz players shoot more threes it’s getting old we need younger and newer ideas instead of the same opinions that have been set in stone since like the 80s