I Found a STRONGHOLD in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
  • the end is near..
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  • Shannon G
    Shannon G 2 hours ago

    get a dog

  • Master Taco
    Master Taco 3 hours ago

    There is lava in the room where the ender portal is

  • danny jonkers
    danny jonkers 18 hours ago

    Dantdm: oh DIMOND armor with unbraking :(
    ME: what I don’t even have Dimond boots in my best world 😭😭😭

  • danny jonkers
    danny jonkers 18 hours ago

    If you’re an og then remember grim and DR trayuras and the lab.

    I’ve been watching since DANTDM had 500,000 subs

  • saif jandal
    saif jandal 19 hours ago

    Tell me what is your seed best seed ever

  • Tman The gamer
    Tman The gamer Day ago

    This was my birthday

  • Game Hard
    Game Hard Day ago

    there are 2 chests in libraries

  • Isabelle Bernardin
    Isabelle Bernardin Day ago +1

    5 years ago he also found a stronghold on jan 5

    F for grim

  • Stephanie Daugherty

    I have been watching you from 2017

  • Carla Kokabi
    Carla Kokabi Day ago

    the title should be: I Traded with VILLAGERS in Minecraft Hardcore! lol

  • What If?
    What If? Day ago

    28:58 his face though

  • Cleo Rowe
    Cleo Rowe 2 days ago

    Dan the expansion could be a battlefield

  • Marta Sz.
    Marta Sz. 2 days ago

    Dan: the are capturing there own kind! (When he saw the creeper in the prison)
    *dan.... monsters cant build*

  • Turtle Kiidd
    Turtle Kiidd 2 days ago

    Dan, you are able to take the lava out from underneath the portal and it will still work. It isn’t needed for the portal in any way

  • iluvcats booyah
    iluvcats booyah 2 days ago

    This is episode 17🥳

  • Sam Chadwick
    Sam Chadwick 2 days ago

    I Am making a comic for my life

  • Lachlan Davey
    Lachlan Davey 3 days ago +1

    Bedrock edition has arms on the armour stand

  • Loony Eclipse
    Loony Eclipse 3 days ago

    who else laughed there rear end off when he said "i can't believe you've done this" XD

  • Omgtv Tv
    Omgtv Tv 3 days ago


  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha 4 days ago

    Your mod is fine dan 😊

  • Jackie Musker
    Jackie Musker 4 days ago


  • thomas van heek
    thomas van heek 4 days ago

    he said hi buddy and had his sword out

  • Alex Vardaman
    Alex Vardaman 5 days ago

    Dan. ''I wanna choke slam you so bad'' is it me or does anyone else wanna seen Dan fight 😆

  • Chill Bleach
    Chill Bleach 5 days ago

    Dan: Resparation I? YOU CHUMP!!!!!!!
    *1 minute later*
    Dan: Resparation I? That's not bad

  • Chill Bleach
    Chill Bleach 5 days ago

    We protecc
    We attacc
    But most importantly,
    We want attacc, protecc, and smacc bacc.
    Wow that rhymes

  • Tanya Brewer
    Tanya Brewer 5 days ago +1

    Dan it really annoys me every single time you do not use your water elevator to go down you just jump into the water you spent all that time making it and you're not even going to use it!?🤔

  • Acnologia Uchiha
    Acnologia Uchiha 5 days ago +2

    Dantdm: Uses mod to get an armor stand
    Me: *Laughs*
    -Has Pocket Edition-

  • Dennis Raghunath
    Dennis Raghunath 5 days ago

    Heeeeeyyyyyy everyooooneeeee Dan here from the dIamONd Minecart

  • Baseball_GuineaPig
    Baseball_GuineaPig 5 days ago +1

    Past Dan: Perfect seed.
    Now Dan: The trade sucks!!!

  • Sister ‘stache
    Sister ‘stache 6 days ago

    The background music does not help my anxiety

  • Dean Foerster
    Dean Foerster 6 days ago

    what does ban of atherpads do?

  • Illumi Gacha
    Illumi Gacha 6 days ago

    The sentence below is false

    The sentence above is true

  • Ning Ren
    Ning Ren 6 days ago

    In Minecraft?or real life?

  • Ukie Heartbreaks
    Ukie Heartbreaks 6 days ago

    16:24 you should have done le break :

  • Tadiwanashe Tongofa
    Tadiwanashe Tongofa 7 days ago

    Wither is bettet

  • David Thibodeaux
    David Thibodeaux 7 days ago

    27:08 kills zombie later I haven’t found any mobs yet.

  • Louise Soltysiak
    Louise Soltysiak 7 days ago +1

    Dan has a magma elevator 😃 dan too has river to jump into 😀 dan doesn't need any of them can jump of 😎

  • Jayinator
    Jayinator 8 days ago

    33:08 when you're a sleep-deprived male organ


    Dan the arms on the armor stand is in Minecraft all ready

  • Feline Friends
    Feline Friends 9 days ago +1


  • Samia Hafeez
    Samia Hafeez 9 days ago

    Your weapons names are

    Le Lame

  • TheLifeIsfun
    TheLifeIsfun 9 days ago

    Shooting stars

  • Erin Connor
    Erin Connor 9 days ago

    Name me a diamond leggings lucky brand

  • Super Gamer!
    Super Gamer! 9 days ago

    Dude,mincfaft....removed the arms on the armour stand? In the old minecraft armour stands had arms.....why minecraft!? WHY?!

  • Sienna DuBois
    Sienna DuBois 10 days ago +2

    Hi, did anyone else here him say "sleepy pepe?"

  • Fruo Games
    Fruo Games 10 days ago

    22:42 say sike right now

  • PooCobra THE ONE
    PooCobra THE ONE 10 days ago +1

    Hello daniel how is the CHILD doing

    POWER DRAGON 10 days ago

    Who trades a diamond for an emerald🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • tonying san miguel
    tonying san miguel 10 days ago

    What Dan you hate bane of arthropods my name is Arth IT'S IN ARTHROPODS

  • Ronald Simorangkir
    Ronald Simorangkir 10 days ago



    Congratulations of Jemma being preggo

  • Kim Sperry
    Kim Sperry 11 days ago

    I Think Dan should take the mode out.

  • Liam Str
    Liam Str 11 days ago

    What does vanilla mean?

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis 11 days ago

    Why do you Name
    Every le

  • Charlie Seymour
    Charlie Seymour 11 days ago

    2 ... wither!!! And lol

  • asteroidben
    asteroidben 12 days ago

    Respiration is about the same as a turtle shell

  • Rosana Cea
    Rosana Cea 12 days ago

    Me:oh man

  • Franco SC
    Franco SC 12 days ago

    It doesn’t matter if you die!!!!! What is hardcore then dan

  • Lori The Unicorn
    Lori The Unicorn 12 days ago +2

    im going to use my villagers to get some more armor

    -Dan 2019


  • DanDoesStuff
    DanDoesStuff 12 days ago

    dan you cant get protection 5. 4 is the max

    • Teh Gundulf
      Teh Gundulf 11 days ago

      He literally realizes that in the video.