Crash (1996) - Trailer 1

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  • Kayla M.
    Kayla M. 11 months ago +1

    This movie was literally porn lol

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer Year ago +1

    Is it any good, you guys?

    • Creepy Dude
      Creepy Dude 11 months ago

      question if you have watched this: does this movie show the masochistic or sadistic approach of this unusual fetish?

    • Dylan G
      Dylan G Year ago

      I started to watch it but got bored. Try another Cronenberg flick instead, like Videodrome or Maps to the Stars.

    • Ryan Pfeiffer
      Ryan Pfeiffer Year ago

      +Savoury Elbow Well actually it's all kinds of different movies, they're not all like this one.

    • Savoury Elbow
      Savoury Elbow Year ago

      yeah 1000+ movies like this one

    • Ryan Pfeiffer
      Ryan Pfeiffer Year ago

      +Savoury Elbow My watchlist?

  • MSmart19
    MSmart19 Year ago

    Cracked brought me here. I am so aroused.

  • Shiri Zinn
    Shiri Zinn 2 years ago +2

    Sexiest movie EVER

  • lalakuma9
    lalakuma9 2 years ago +6

    I like this movie for all the wrong reasons

  • Algis Kemezys
    Algis Kemezys 3 years ago +2

    A wild ride into the unforgettable.

  • ozn ebn
    ozn ebn 3 years ago

    great film, the book was

  • thehoosierfortheUK
    thehoosierfortheUK 4 years ago

    I would love to see this movie! Original NC-17 version uncut! :D

  • roidesdamnes1
    roidesdamnes1 4 years ago +2

    it's Decade by Delerium

  • X-IMG
    X-IMG 4 years ago

    so fitting that the trailer sound track is a lot of Canadian bands :) :)

  • Dean Flaco
    Dean Flaco 5 years ago

    DIE all

  • Ariel Castiglione
    Ariel Castiglione 5 years ago +1

    the new flesh

  • customcartoons
    customcartoons 5 years ago

    Never heard it so delicately put! ^_^ Agreed!

  • Kuupoju
    Kuupoju 5 years ago +1

    Clarkson voice: This movie... is the best movie, ever

  • Alz53784
    Alz53784 5 years ago

    11?? Dude!!

  • d1353lp0w3r
    d1353lp0w3r 6 years ago +1

    this film is ABSOLUTE SHIT!

  • Gazadaman86
    Gazadaman86 6 years ago +11

    That awkward moment when you watch the 2004 film Crash all the way through and realise that it was actually this that you wanted to see...

  • Jonathan Prieto
    Jonathan Prieto 6 years ago

    Esse filme foi fera!

  • Valentine Dex
    Valentine Dex 6 years ago

    That's Lee from Desperate Housewives! :D

  • Chester Martin
    Chester Martin 6 years ago

    this is a properly weird film like everybody has mentioned, I also watched it when I was like a kid in school and thought WTF, but I also thought it was quite like a porno and I enjoyed it for that.

  • beyazguc
    beyazguc 6 years ago

    what is that song begins with 0:22 ???

  • hundhun17
    hundhun17 6 years ago

    is this film about sex addiction. constantly trying to get a more dangerous exciting rush??
    I saw this on T.V when i was 11 years old lol. Remember thinking it was the most bizarre film ever. Fucking odd. But interesting.

  • Forvin
    Forvin 6 years ago


  • Straightsix76
    Straightsix76 6 years ago

    Deborah Unga is one very very sexy creature, I bet she knows hot to love and satisfy a man

  • schlumbl84
    schlumbl84 6 years ago

    A weird movie about weird people with weird attitudes...but still kinda entertaining.

  • Alan Ramsden
    Alan Ramsden 6 years ago

    @dcanmore Great, going to spend time checking out those vids. Fascinating studying the influences of the masters and their masters' masters! I recommend you viewing " JG Ballards dies vid " here on YT. Its short but highly engaging and you've got a bit of Amis jnr thrown in too + original version of "Crash" made in the early 70's. Happy viewing and thanks again for the info.

  • dcanmore
    dcanmore 6 years ago

    @alfriendo2008 ... Found it! Cheers for that :) If you ever catch the BBC documentary Synth Britannia on YT it references Ballard (rare footage) and Anthony Burgess quite a lot on the influences of the early electronic bands of the late 70s. Dystopia rules! Also check out the two docs on Philip K Dick must see on YT.

  • Alan Ramsden
    Alan Ramsden 6 years ago

    @dcanmore Thats for sure dude!
    Have you checked Ballard's vid here on YT....its a must watch.

  • Loolee
    Loolee 6 years ago

    @dcanmore If that's what the book is about, then I suppose I should thank the director of this garbage for keeping me disappointed for only an hour and a half as opposed to the time it would take to suffer its entire novel form.

  • Loolee
    Loolee 6 years ago

    Here's a movie I restlessly stumbled upon at 2 in the morning, and when it finished, I understood its designated time slot. Crash is ridiculous in every way. A destitute plot. Laughably outlandish. If the mannequins they chose to act in this film showed half as much emotion as they do skin, the audience may have an interrupted yawn or two. The movie spins its wheels as much as a movie about cars can. Summary: Undeveloped characters repeatedly crash cars and have disconnected sex in the wreckage.

  • dcanmore
    dcanmore 6 years ago

    @meanbrew ... I take it you've never read the excellent novel from which this movie is made from?

  • Ciarán Mac an Iarla
    Ciarán Mac an Iarla 6 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 i scrolled excessively to read your post & it was worth it!

  • Sabrina Ferguson
    Sabrina Ferguson 6 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 THEY SOULD REPORT YOU FOR BEING DUMB and stupid... u had 3 movies with this title... think... first.. report with no reason later... the poor teacher probably loose his job cause you are stupid and not able to read the dvd cover

  • LunaSeaSane
    LunaSeaSane 6 years ago

    It's about SnM. Except the masochism comes from the sadist.

  • Carlos Perón
    Carlos Perón 6 years ago

    This is it.

  • Paleface
    Paleface 6 years ago

    @Nanpiper the arousal people get from being in car crashes. It's a movie about being sexual empowered with a force in nature that you can control. Destruction!

  • Paleface
    Paleface 6 years ago

    @ciyoduhkriter what dying?

  • Paleface
    Paleface 6 years ago

    @corinne1990 this one is way better!

  • Amandamoo73
    Amandamoo73 6 years ago

    @Trustworthyalma too right!i wouldn't mind a bit of him!

  • TheHightower92
    TheHightower92 6 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 Maybe youre class should teach a unit on reading the descriptions on the backs of movies instead

  • ciyoduhkriter
    ciyoduhkriter 6 years ago

    what the fuck, people dying while having sex in cars?

  • Kira Forgetmenot
    Kira Forgetmenot 6 years ago

    i was acually looking for this... wtf is going on with everyone else? lol

  • tamahomesoumya
    tamahomesoumya 6 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 LOL..u made that up didnt u :D..if its true then thats true comedy material..lolzz..omg !!! :P

  • Nancy Piper
    Nancy Piper 6 years ago

    what the hell is this movie about?

  • wreyoG
    wreyoG 6 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 FAIL

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez 6 years ago

    James Spader is so hot

  • beyazguc
    beyazguc 6 years ago

    Best Trailer Ever.

  • DWarrior666
    DWarrior666 6 years ago

    This is the better Crash.

  • daniyellismad
    daniyellismad 6 years ago

    what is the name of the song playing from 1:10 to the end?

  • Jake Longg
    Jake Longg 6 years ago

    This movie is so hot, I can masturbate to the sound track.

  • shogunblade
    shogunblade 7 years ago

    @brindyboo True Story, I worked in a video store and I actually cleared that one up. We had Crash on VHS and Crash (The Bullock one) on DVD. No one could ever find Crash on DVD (That's the James Spader one here), and needless to say, I cleared the discrepancy. But still, it was pretty awesome to figure that all out.

  • Jeovanna Mobley
    Jeovanna Mobley 7 years ago

    looks like its about sex and crashing.

  • TheBlackLagooner
    TheBlackLagooner 7 years ago

    "You comin'?" I just did, Casey Jones. TYVM

  • d1353lp0w3r
    d1353lp0w3r 7 years ago

    @totaLybeetLeJuice whats not to understand?

  • Zee96969696
    Zee96969696 7 years ago

    im not watching this shit movie

  • d1353lp0w3r
    d1353lp0w3r 7 years ago

    this film is absolute shit, one of the worst and stupidest films ever made

  • fabianalfredo
    fabianalfredo 7 years ago

    this movie is so awesome!!! i turned on many times!!

  • * *
    * * 7 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 Don't worry, I appreciate your troll

  • Brett Edman
    Brett Edman 7 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 lol, pwnt.

  • Georg Trakl
    Georg Trakl 7 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 lololololololol!!!

  • Evan Marois
    Evan Marois 7 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 that's hilarious! wrong movie

  • Bebkins
    Bebkins 7 years ago

    @Peaceandlove787 you're an idiot.

  • DG Lloyd
    DG Lloyd 7 years ago

    Cool movie. The novel is even better. If you haven't read it yet ... do so!

  • DG Lloyd
    DG Lloyd 7 years ago

    Cool movie. The novel is even better. If you haven't read it yet ... do so!

  • YemenHistoryBC
    YemenHistoryBC 7 years ago

    this very stupid move james spader talk about himself that he is a GAY

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 7 years ago

    @Recycleplease27 ok Thank you very much. I appreciate you actually responding and not being rude like others. =)

  • CitySkin09
    CitySkin09 7 years ago

    @M80sgirl -- Can't describe it. Track it down and watch it for yourself.

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 7 years ago

    @CitySkin09 Uncomfortable? Um if you don't mind my

  • CitySkin09
    CitySkin09 7 years ago

    @M80sgirl -- It's more of everything. It is David Cronenberg's vision fully unleashed. There are some pretty uncomfortable scenes that come up in it.

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 7 years ago

    @CitySkin09 Is it that much better? Or is it just more sex?

  • Joe Gorser
    Joe Gorser 7 years ago

    How many indie films are named 'Crash'?

  • CitySkin09
    CitySkin09 7 years ago

    @M80sgirl -- Yeah. There's a regular R-rated version and an NC-17 version. Got to go with the NC-17 version.

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 7 years ago

    @Recycleplease27 haha Thanks. Would you say it's worth my time to watch?

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 7 years ago

    @CitySkin09 there's more than one version?

  • MrPato61
    MrPato61 7 years ago

    looking how trashy this trailer looks, and seeing how the movie is really, I can only say one thing (and hope someone get it): cronenberg is what shitty tarantino dreams to be, in his most hallucinatory wet dreams.

  • CitySkin09
    CitySkin09 7 years ago

    NC-17 version all the car-fucking way!!!

  • madsketcher
    madsketcher 7 years ago

    A bizarre movie with an equally bizarre score. This trailer is inappropriately using "action" music.

  • stapgnosirve
    stapgnosirve 7 years ago

    @M80sgirl is a "psychological trama" movie... is a very good film, you have to watch it

    HCBSUCKS 7 years ago

    @cinephilefromhell I like it very much I think its great.

    HCBSUCKS 7 years ago

    @pervychika666 Yeah I did NOT get horny either but there is a similarity. Think about it. Have you ever had a really hard great feeling orgasm? It rocks your world like a car crash! LOL No I understand what your saying. I dont get hard over a car crash but some people apparently do...

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 7 years ago

    This movie just looks like its full of sex and cars? Is that it or is there any substance to the film?

  • Tom Britton
    Tom Britton 7 years ago

    @RWDtech Just what I was thinking

  • Tom Britton
    Tom Britton 7 years ago +1

    @mr0glass bloody hope so

  • RWDtech
    RWDtech 7 years ago

    what a dumb looking movie

  • MrChrisHermes
    MrChrisHermes 7 years ago

    @cinephilefromhell FEAR!

  • pervychika666
    pervychika666 7 years ago

    @HCBSUCKS WTF??? I've been in an accident car, well I was in a bus whose tire exploded and lose control and I was too fucking scared to get horny, all in my mind was "oh god please don't let me die!!!"

  • pervychika666
    pervychika666 7 years ago

    @rahmani15 hahaha I also saw Crash (2004) in a class too, I think the Cronenberg 's Crash would be too outrageous to watch in a class

  • folladordeprostis
    folladordeprostis 7 years ago

    Legendary canadian movie,ellen page is missing

  • folladordeprostis
    folladordeprostis 7 years ago

    Looks there are hot whores in this movie

  • Alan Ramsden
    Alan Ramsden 7 years ago

    "Love in the dying moments of any century"
    Cronenberg movies don't age, they are timeless.

  • Lucas Chance
    Lucas Chance 7 years ago

    this has to cronenberg's most confusing film. not confusing as in plot (car fetishers ) but in terms of liking it or not. lol. i have never met anyone who enjoyed this filom but i certainly do like it. it's very well exectuted but it's just so harsh and so true that it's hard to see as real. i like it but i can see why a vast majority don't.

  • Paleface
    Paleface 7 years ago

    @Molsita i love his movies especially naked lunch. He was really the only person who could have directed that movie.

  • CreekdeTorrens
    CreekdeTorrens 7 years ago

    I've never been to see a movie before where people had left the cinema until I saw this. Wish I had done so too.

  • CaptainPommby
    CaptainPommby 7 years ago

    Ima go steal the book from Barnes & Noble! Be right back!

  • X-IMG
    X-IMG 7 years ago


  • Christ Ramos
    Christ Ramos 7 years ago

    extraños placeres

  • AllBrushed Models
    AllBrushed Models 8 years ago

    way better than that new crash movie, croenenberg should've fought for the title

  • Kaiju Jaeger 54
    Kaiju Jaeger 54 8 years ago

    As a teen i just watched it for the erotic themes, but as I watched it again all together like a movie it is very well done, disturbing but intriguing at the same time.
    Very good cast, and I loved Deborah Unger and Holly Hunter.
    Good film!

  • VoiceOverBerlin
    VoiceOverBerlin 8 years ago

    I dig the Front Line Assembly soundtrack in this vid.

  • David
    David 8 years ago

    ballard + cronenberg = THE BEST!