This Rare Stick Insect Is Among the Last of Its Kind

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • This is the black beauty stick insect, a rare species only found in a tiny 12-acre area high in the mountains of northern Peru. Only discovered in 2005, not much is known about these insects, but they are believed to be most active at night when their deep black coloration keeps them hidden from predators. They are also armed with a gland at the rear of their heads which, when threatened, can spray a corrosive, strong-smelling substance. Because their natural habitat is so small, their survival is precarious-thankfully, captive breeding efforts may bring these insects back from the brink.
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Comments • 837

  • Wolfgang Seyfert
    Wolfgang Seyfert 11 days ago

    lmao got 3 of these little guys sitting next to me in a terrarium

  • Fleecast
    Fleecast 25 days ago

    I think thats super gay

  • pine cone
    pine cone Month ago

    What a beautiful set of wings! Prolly a nightmare for camoflage tho, maybe its a warning about its defense mechanism.

  • Eetu The Hunter
    Eetu The Hunter Month ago

    I have pet beetles originally from Cameroon. They had babies and the babies hatched to beetles from their cocoons

  • Caligula_Magno The Prince


  • rhianna Hilger
    rhianna Hilger 4 months ago

    i killed one of those... oops!

  • Micah Bakker
    Micah Bakker 4 months ago

    I own 8 of these, and I'm in love with them. They are so curious and adventurous, and they are very nice pets. Easy to sustain, and they can take quite a lot in term of temperatures. I received one of them (I got them from someone who also breeds them in captivity at a larger skill) and he missed two legs, but after 3 sheddings, they are almost completely regrown which I found very interesting. He went from two legs missing, to two little dangling feet on his side, to longer legs that he can finally use. I'm so glad he recovered :D I really recommend these as pets.

  • ZNgoldenvision 1
    ZNgoldenvision 1 4 months ago

    Look like it’s waiting to transform with bigger wings and fly off if it does do a update I really wanna see

  • Locust2003
    Locust2003 5 months ago

    Reminds me of a full grown female blistered pygromorph

  • G H O S T V I D E O
    G H O S T V I D E O 5 months ago

    I have these as pets

  • OrangeBurrito
    OrangeBurrito 7 months ago

    Nightmare fuel

  • Tan Siong Loong
    Tan Siong Loong 7 months ago

    no wonder its the last of its kind,who would not want to kill it when u see that

  • Dylan Geltzeiler
    Dylan Geltzeiler 7 months ago

    I hate hearing the word like "The last of it's kind".

  • The Chiggle
    The Chiggle 8 months ago

    When a scorpion and grasshopper have babies...

  • imam suryadi
    imam suryadi 8 months ago

    I see kamen raider in real world

  • SnowXy
    SnowXy 8 months ago +1

    Looks like a female jungle nymph

  • Harley Davis
    Harley Davis 8 months ago

    Oh shit I think I killed one of these things not sure how it got here but it looks vary simaliar to these 2 bugs I killed late into last summer

  • Sharomu17
    Sharomu17 8 months ago

    ready your masterballs everyone.

  • اللاعب العربي
    اللاعب العربي 8 months ago +1

    إن هذه الحشرة مزيج من : (عنكبوت ، صرصور ، جرادة ، عقرب ) في نفس الوقت !

  • Lord Bolton
    Lord Bolton 8 months ago +1

    So many anti-nature comments in here. We need a new black plague NOW.

  • Ice Age
    Ice Age 8 months ago

    Perivians lied to you.

  • Xtraior 37
    Xtraior 37 8 months ago

    That looks like an alien with those eyes man

  • Romantic Outlaw
    Romantic Outlaw 8 months ago

    have you considered: kill it with fire

    • Charizard S
      Charizard S 8 months ago +1

      Romantic Outlaw have you considered: getting some balls

  • Airil Zainal
    Airil Zainal 8 months ago

    It look creepy

  • Ilove India
    Ilove India 8 months ago

    doesn't it kinda look like a pokemon?

  • SuperPaperLuigi
    SuperPaperLuigi 8 months ago +1

    What type of dog is that?

  • Kiwi lily19
    Kiwi lily19 8 months ago

    Imagine if you squished a bug that was the last of is species.

  • Raphael Rodriguez
    Raphael Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Have you ever been pranked?

    Read more

  • laurentiu iliescu
    laurentiu iliescu 8 months ago ofc yes i see...honey bring me the flamethrower!

  • Dank
    Dank 8 months ago

    its weird how i just found a bug who looks like that in my back yard

  • C N123
    C N123 9 months ago +1

    These are very common. (In Captivaty)

  • God spelled backwards is doG

    Did a grasshopper and a scorpion do the fusion dance?

  • Ink Bendy
    Ink Bendy 9 months ago

    I CHOOSE YOU ummmmm ummmm stink scorpion thingy with stick nvm PICKACHU I CHOOSE U

  • Garfield himself
    Garfield himself 9 months ago


  • Neillusion
    Neillusion 9 months ago

    no thanks

  • vin 950
    vin 950 9 months ago

    coercive? Like it can make other insects do what it wants? Or did you mean corrosive? Like acetic acid maybe?

  • Amy Sperry-Foster
    Amy Sperry-Foster 9 months ago +1

    U know u can keep it as a pet

  • 0R1G4M1
    0R1G4M1 9 months ago

    Clone it
    Clone it
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    Clone it
    Clone it
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    Clone it

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams 9 months ago +1

    I actually had a colony of about 9 of these guys (Peruphasma). My friend has that group now they reproduce almost weekly in captivity but can be tricky to hatch out. I had no idea they had such a restricted locality in nature. Thanks for this video, I'll make sure we continue to breed this species so that there's no need to remove anymore from the wild. You should make a vid of the males defense display. Again awesome video keep up the good work.

  • Vincent Cardona
    Vincent Cardona 9 months ago


    sorry i had to

  • Green CreeperHD
    Green CreeperHD 9 months ago

    Looks Venomous

  • JonnyGaming
    JonnyGaming 9 months ago

    Poor beautiful creature, let’s hope it and it’s wonderful species live!

    *BTS* JIMIN 9 months ago

    Scorpido I choose you!

  • Abhisar Rawat
    Abhisar Rawat 9 months ago

    First time in life I liked an insect

  • Kevin Rhodes
    Kevin Rhodes 9 months ago

    Id never touch it but it's so cool

  • AO•Сallie
    AO•Сallie 9 months ago

    I want one. They're good bois.

  • Sleepybones
    Sleepybones 9 months ago

    thallus from xenoblade?

  • Briana Isawesome
    Briana Isawesome 9 months ago

    Pet trade? Why the fuck would you want that in your house.

  • *___*
    *___* 9 months ago

    I’m glad it’s going extinct! Goddamn!

  • Ur MomNice
    Ur MomNice 9 months ago

    They shouldn't expose the location now stupid ass people might wanna get it as a pet