This Rare Stick Insect Is Among the Last of Its Kind

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • This is the black beauty stick insect, a rare species only found in a tiny 12-acre area high in the mountains of northern Peru. Only discovered in 2005, not much is known about these insects, but they are believed to be most active at night when their deep black coloration keeps them hidden from predators. They are also armed with a gland at the rear of their heads which, when threatened, can spray a corrosive, strong-smelling substance. Because their natural habitat is so small, their survival is precarious-thankfully, captive breeding efforts may bring these insects back from the brink.
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Comments • 626

  • Darrick Ting
    Darrick Ting 18 hours ago


    (Cuz I don't like insects)

  • mega aggron
    mega aggron 19 hours ago

    Is it a sycther?

  • X_RealMike_X Highlights

    Normally, I really hate bugs, but I really like this one.

  • EatenRibs i-si-u
    EatenRibs i-si-u 2 days ago

    I saw a small one in the park around my home in Guatemala. In the capital.

  • NotSamuelEJO
    NotSamuelEJO 3 days ago

    Ewww...who the hell can emphasize with that demon?

  • Lucy Spittle
    Lucy Spittle 4 days ago

    He's beautiful!

  • Lucy Spittle
    Lucy Spittle 4 days ago

    Lmao put him back there then

  • arescet
    arescet 4 days ago

    This is what id call my annoying workmate from now on, except the beauty part.

  • C Law
    C Law 4 days ago

    This thing is super cute!!!!

  • toma992
    toma992 4 days ago


  • sanchy panchy
    sanchy panchy 5 days ago

    and fucking terrifying

  • Austin Ramanand
    Austin Ramanand 5 days ago

    I killed this before outside today...

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 5 days ago +1

    Oh plwase let it die out. It looks like a grasshopper paired with a betterfly, cockroach and a scorpian.

  • Milad
    Milad 5 days ago

    Look like scorpion

  • D G
    D G 5 days ago +1


  • Richard Foo
    Richard Foo 5 days ago

    Kamen Rider much??

  • Richard Foo
    Richard Foo 5 days ago

    Kamen Rider much??

  • daniel moreno
    daniel moreno 5 days ago


  • Nathania Benita
    Nathania Benita 5 days ago

    Haha I'm terrified of insects
    Why did I click this

  • Himalayan Ragdoll Cat

    die die die

  • Niko Ništa
    Niko Ništa 5 days ago


  • Kela
    Kela 5 days ago

    Gtfo wierd ass scary bug

  • Amarjeet Paul
    Amarjeet Paul 5 days ago

    its a big nope !

  • Nabataku
    Nabataku 5 days ago

    Hopefully it doesn't have the issue of spraying itself in the face.

  • general of world war toys

    Look like aliens?

  • mritachi15
    mritachi15 5 days ago

    kill it with fire

  • Stanford Research Institute

    I wonder if they like watermelon?

  • resonance voices
    resonance voices 6 days ago

    oh halll nah!!!!

  • Mack V
    Mack V 6 days ago


  • EpicMan136
    EpicMan136 6 days ago

    I don’t care if it’s endangered fuck imma step on it.

  • binh quach
    binh quach 6 days ago

    Looks like it has snake sounds

  • Cosmos Spaceboy
    Cosmos Spaceboy 6 days ago

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 6 days ago

    Something between an ant and a scorpion?! ... intriguing 🤔🤔🤔

  • -King- Leek Tell
    -King- Leek Tell 6 days ago


  • Tryptamine Dream
    Tryptamine Dream 6 days ago

    District 9

  • Lucky 4 Now
    Lucky 4 Now 6 days ago

    No, this is a Pokemon, not an insect

  • voon yao teck
    voon yao teck 6 days ago

    I wonder what is the wings for?

  • ZCirculation GD
    ZCirculation GD 6 days ago

    This insect shall join
    *T H E P I L E*

  • Bart Geerts
    Bart Geerts 6 days ago

    So, it can shoot lasers from its butt, right?

  • Tyrantis Productions

    These people in the comment section saying that it should go extinct because they don't like it didn't kill my faith in humanity, they peed on it's corpse.

  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 6 days ago

    Anyone need any?



  • Hasim Sofaruddin
    Hasim Sofaruddin 6 days ago

    ini kalau ketemu di indonesia udah masuk line today nih, judulnya "geger warga temukan serangga aneh"

  • Circe
    Circe 6 days ago

    Lol. The wings are so cute.

  • jane devera
    jane devera 6 days ago


  • random person scrolling the comments

    Black beauty stick insect?
    Can a name get any randomer

  • Pooping Buffalo
    Pooping Buffalo 6 days ago

    So fake.

  • iiMøchi Infinitəii

    What pokemon is that

  • Pretty Snowflake
    Pretty Snowflake 6 days ago

    GBS promotes pedophilia and the slave trade of women.

  • Sam Thrasher
    Sam Thrasher 6 days ago

    Kill it with fire

  • Jay Park
    Jay Park 6 days ago

    wait this is not made? holy shit looks like a robot

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed 6 days ago

    Interesting creature.

  • Vishal Sewa
    Vishal Sewa 6 days ago

    *Gorgeous* ! ! !❤

  • George744
    George744 6 days ago

    Those wings though, they’re decadent!

  • killer bee gaming
    killer bee gaming 6 days ago +1


  • airanator1212
    airanator1212 6 days ago

    Nothing is hunting it to extinction. If it's going extinct, it could potentially be natural selection weeding it out. I doubt the insect trade is doing anything against it.

  • Tech Videos
    Tech Videos 6 days ago

    It insect can fly?

  • Admiral Cat
    Admiral Cat 6 days ago

    It's wings are beautiful!

  • Real PotatoKinq
    Real PotatoKinq 6 days ago +1

    The Last Insect

  • RiCEcooker Escada
    RiCEcooker Escada 6 days ago


  • Anh Kiet Nguyen
    Anh Kiet Nguyen 6 days ago

    But what do the wings do?

  • Tiramisu Khalabib
    Tiramisu Khalabib 6 days ago

    I wanna see it in the dark damn it

  • jjbrown16
    jjbrown16 6 days ago

    How do they know it's one of the last of its kind if they only discovered it 18 yrs ago?

  • Captain Lolburgers
    Captain Lolburgers 6 days ago

    Does it look like i care

  • Andy Rodriguez
    Andy Rodriguez 6 days ago

    It's for the best.

  • Suraj's Opinion is Better

    But in China this is their finest delicacy!

  • i Yambar
    i Yambar 6 days ago +1

    Sucks how many species have went and or are currently going extinct.....

  • Joe Steen
    Joe Steen 6 days ago

    Yuk. Nuke it.

  • madamefistos
    madamefistos 6 days ago

    i saw this beauty at the zoo in berlin

  • Mario Mosqueda
    Mario Mosqueda 6 days ago +1

    Death by black beauty

  • claro1
    claro1 6 days ago +1

    Can I put it in my bong and smoke it?

    • Tactical Mustache
      Tactical Mustache 6 days ago

      I don't know man, but we used to pull the wings off of flys and smoke their wingless bodies...does that count?

  • Dark :3
    Dark :3 6 days ago +1

    All aboard on the nope train!!😂

  • Sofia Sorongon
    Sofia Sorongon 6 days ago

    It’s beautiful

  • Obligated orb
    Obligated orb 6 days ago

    Kill it anyway

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago

    It’s the clover field monster rar rar rar.

  • u p
    u p 6 days ago

    Thank god that thing is terrifying

  • MixMatchM1ke
    MixMatchM1ke 6 days ago

    We need a bigger animal version of this, like an elephant, lion, eagle hybrid

  • Scott Wales
    Scott Wales 6 days ago

    A very rare bug found in a few acres
    * Keeps it in a room and out of it's habitat preventing him from finding Becky*

  • seadooman o
    seadooman o 6 days ago +2

    Looks like president Obama

  • Mona
    Mona 7 days ago

    Kill it

  • salustio vargas
    salustio vargas 7 days ago

    so beauty and rare

  • contracide
    contracide 7 days ago

    Monster Hunter make me want to take a sword go it...then eat it.

  • KingIceHunter
    KingIceHunter 7 days ago +1

    An animal of biblical attributes. Close but I don’t think it gets a cigar yet.

  • Retro Plus
    Retro Plus 7 days ago

    Ewww, KILL IT! it's not hard to see why they're the last of their kind.

  • Morte
    Morte 7 days ago

    Feast your eyes to the insect that poops over its head.

  • Puerto Rican Papi x
    Puerto Rican Papi x 7 days ago

    Kill it with fire 🔥

  • RNDS 24
    RNDS 24 7 days ago

    **pulls out can of Raid**

  • Yo
    Yo 7 days ago +1

    Can we eat it?? - Chinese and Korean people

  • Supreme Etnel
    Supreme Etnel 7 days ago +1


  • Eva MZ
    Eva MZ 7 days ago +2

    Bug collectors round the world probably drooling at the thought of getting their hands on one of these😄 pretty bad ass bug👌

  • mastergunzz
    mastergunzz 7 days ago +3

    Relocate about a thousand of them to south Florida and watch their population take off like a rocket.

  • Hero brine team
    Hero brine team 7 days ago +1

    I saw one of them in Colorado USA

  • Susie Cummings
    Susie Cummings 7 days ago

    I’m gonna put that in ur bed hehehehehe

  • Martin Thuku
    Martin Thuku 7 days ago

    So goth

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 7 days ago

    The eyes remind me of locus and the legs are like grass hopper.
    The tail is like scorpion with under developed stinger.
    It's likely it is food for a variety of species.
    Since it's a night crawler it could be a service insect for a local plant.

  • sunicarus
    sunicarus 7 days ago +16

    Who tf wants an insect as a pet

    • ladybugcutie
      ladybugcutie 6 days ago +1

      sunicarus me! Don t assume that everyone is the same as you. 😠 get a life and actually be different than everyone else!

    • Sam Evans
      Sam Evans 6 days ago

      Get one, there great pets that can be very easy to care for

    • Reginaldo Hernandez
      Reginaldo Hernandez 6 days ago

      sunicarus - Because they Stoopid !!!!

    • sunicarus
      sunicarus 6 days ago

      Reginaldo Hernandez I like mice too but I don't really understand insects unless it's an ant farm. Or maybe you're growing food for your pets that eat insects and you don't want to pay for them.
      Why do people keep roaches as pets? Jw :)

    • Reginaldo Hernandez
      Reginaldo Hernandez 6 days ago +1

      sunicarus - Shit im Mexican American and we love our roaches n mice !!!!! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Many will call that offensive but I have a sence of humour now a days every one is so sensitive !!!!

  • Miraculous Night
    Miraculous Night 7 days ago

    My favorite animal now 😅

  • Fabian Sisalima
    Fabian Sisalima 7 days ago

    Son los últimos jajajajaj yo maté a bastantes que llegaron a mi casa we

  • yoyohe2006
    yoyohe2006 7 days ago

    0:10 “Oh hi guys, I didn’t see you. Did you know I’m *Spooder Man* ?”

  • Aztec Athletics
    Aztec Athletics 7 days ago

    No lies...his close ups freak me out...but I can't stop looking🙈 Nature knows how to make you look😳