Diamonds 101: How They Form and How They're Found

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • Diamonds have been coveted for thousands of years; in fact, there is evidence that diamonds have been collected and traded in India as early as the fourth century BC! Comprised of just one element-carbon-diamonds are considered to be the hardest substances on earth. Natural diamonds are ancient-some specimens have been proven to be have formed three billion years ago.
    Two representatives from Lucara Diamond-William Lamb and CEO Eira Thomas-join The Balancing Act to share their diamond knowledge. Diamonds 101 includes information on how diamonds form, how they are mined, how they are cut and, most importantly, what makes a naturally occurring diamond so unique.
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  • SavedbyGrace
    SavedbyGrace 3 days ago

    Belongs to Botswana.

  • 14 days ago

    Not much about it..

  • xR&OxBrosX
    xR&OxBrosX 16 days ago +1

    If I were to work at the mine I would steal some

  • Drfrog JZ
    Drfrog JZ 18 days ago +1

    Minecraft is smart cause it thought us that u can only find diamonds near lava

  • Jenna 29
    Jenna 29 27 days ago +2

    All the diamonds the Hollywood stars are wearing are fake

  • Salim 90
    Salim 90 Month ago +1

    Yeah I don't see how compressed transparent carbon would be rare. Didn't really offer any explanation as to why 🙄

    • Itz Trex- 2.0
      Itz Trex- 2.0 13 days ago

      Salim 90 plus it will need tremendous pressure and will take years to form

    • Itz Trex- 2.0
      Itz Trex- 2.0 13 days ago

      Salim 90 it’s hard to find and plus it’s very deep into the ground, have some common sense and watch the damn video🥳

    COMBINE Ltd Month ago +1

    Actually you those kind of people too much thinking of money become crazy.

  • S 6 V 9 N
    S 6 V 9 N 2 months ago +2

    They aren't rare.

    • Opaque Motives
      Opaque Motives 13 days ago

      Yeah there is a vault filled with diamonds, so common. Retards such as Nkunzimana Evrard are, and quite successfully led into believing that they are rare.

    • S 6 V 9 N
      S 6 V 9 N Month ago

      +Nkunzimana Evrard I have a few jewels with diamonds, but, way back when faggpta started mining out diamonds, they had over thousands in just one week, they didn't want to sell all of them at once so that the price wouldn't fall.

    • Nkunzimana Evrard
      Nkunzimana Evrard Month ago

      you surely don't have any

  • Matthew Pezzimenti
    Matthew Pezzimenti 2 months ago

    William Lamb in this clip seems extremely passionate about the industry, product, and cause. You can see him get amped when talking about the good the mines do! Interestingly, when I first saw the part in the clip where they show the diamond mine, I felt saddened they were using the earth. As a result, I felt detractive towards the decision to mine and anyone associated to it. While I experienced a fleeting moment of self-righteousness, I quickly realized that this is no different from what we do to our own land. As of October 2012, Australia had 405 mines. If I accept mining in my own land to support my requirements of power and water, how am I to see the practice any different elsewhere. Thank you, Africa, for helping me realize the truth. While I don't know the details about the impact both positive and negative of mining, I am eager to learn more and would appreciate if anyone has any good resources?


  • TreeFiddy
    TreeFiddy 2 months ago +1

    They are talking about jewelry quality diamonds here. They are quite rare, if you go above 2 carats and add some color into it. The large one shown here is EXTREMELY rare.

    Small diamonds, under 1 carat, not jewelry quality are pretty common. That's the confusion for more people. As of now, it is cheaper for industrial to use lab grown diamonds than actually mining their own diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are gaining ground, but that is another topic for another day.

  • heroine clouds
    heroine clouds 2 months ago +1

    150 kilometers deep? time to start digging i be old till i reach out but at least i be rich.

    • byte01010101me
      byte01010101me 2 months ago

      But they said in the video that the way diamonds get from 150km deep to the surface is by volcano eruptions. So it seems like the place to find diamonds would be at the base of volcanos.

  • shermdeazy
    shermdeazy 2 months ago +18

    The diamond industry wants people to think diamonds are super rare, that's a ploy to drive prices up. This video doesn't give any information more than what is common knowledge. Click bait

  • Husaif Mohd
    Husaif Mohd 2 months ago

    I many daimond call n whatsup

  • renownedfear187
    renownedfear187 2 months ago

    "Incredibly rare" go fuck yourself bitch

  • Aristides Gonzalez
    Aristides Gonzalez 3 months ago +8

    i still don't know how they are able to profit if they have to pay all this money for mining equipment and pay employees and whatnot. if they were so rare they would cost more money

  • Douglas Meyer
    Douglas Meyer 3 months ago

    this is a crock of horseshit. diamonds are not "rare" compared to many things they are actually quite common in the earths crust. gigatic companies like de beers since the 1800's have looted raped and pillaged everyone else out of the market and tightly control the supply to artificially increase the price of diamonds to astronomical levels. diamond gems are a scam. but your wife something cool like a beautiful opal. fuck diamonds.

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez 4 months ago +5


    • J.P
      J.P Month ago


  • Maria E Medina Diaz
    Maria E Medina Diaz 5 months ago +4

    I get it that geologist want to get these diamonds but I don’t see how right now it’s so poor but there are those people whom are just greedy they forget about the people who live in Africa this their home 🏡 and who gives anyone that right to basically pay the president n it’s other corrupted government partners off just to go and dig in someone else’s back yard just to get rich and forget about the millions of Africans who call it home and then to turn around and tell them you can’t dig here cause this company claimed it and so on,,. My point is time for a new president because the motherland shouldn’t be for greedy companies to make millions while the people of Africa are still living in those horrific conditions what some of these companies should do is give back to them and help them build homes,streets, teach them build their own homes, build schools and proper health care better hospitals 🏥 hospitals because we are all brothers and sisters 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡🤨🤨🤨🤨 you don’t have to like my opinion but wrong and right is right at the end of the day the Bible says you reap what you sow.

  • Twenty Seventeen
    Twenty Seventeen 5 months ago +1

    What are diamonds good for?

    • SkyGFC GT
      SkyGFC GT 17 days ago


    • Alex Afa
      Alex Afa 3 months ago

      They only scratch the surface of what they can do with diamonds and they put it on a ring to show it off, how typical of humans.

    • Eric Martinez
      Eric Martinez 4 months ago +3

      Big Chungus

    • Fernando Valdez
      Fernando Valdez 4 months ago +4

      Brandon. I’m pretty sure you are using the term monopoly incorrectly.

    • Forest Widow
      Forest Widow 4 months ago +1

      a monopolized industry, thats only good if you're a part of the company that owns it or else you'll get destroyed trying

  • ViiV Creations
    ViiV Creations 6 months ago +43

    diamonds are actually more common than quartz, diamond companies just dont want people to know this since they monopolize the industry. sad people they are

    • Rocksmith Pdl
      Rocksmith Pdl 24 days ago

      how are they sad? Theyre just thinking for themselves and their families. Everyone is doing that in a way.

    • bitTorrenter
      bitTorrenter Month ago

      Diamonds may not be rare. But large diamonds with good clarity, and with lack of colour and fluorescence are quite rare.

    • bcxw24 79
      bcxw24 79 Month ago

      Only 1 out of 10 diamonds can be used to make a diamond as we know them so i dont think thats fair to say

    • Fernando Valdez
      Fernando Valdez Month ago

      0451 Shodan. Who is correct and why?

    • Salim 90
      Salim 90 Month ago

      +Fernando Valdez actually he is correct