Sorry, I'm a Slow Eater

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
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    Trapp, Katie, and Ally are ready to go see LEBRON JAMES, but Raph is too busy eating that normal meal that we all love, a large steak and three hardboiled eggs.

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    Raphael Chestang
    Michael Trapp
    Ally Beardsley
    Katie Marovitch
    Director - Arthur Enright
    Writer - Raphael Cheating
    Producer - Francesca McLafferty
    Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
    Director Of Photography - Cooper James
    HMU - Denise R. Valentine
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett of BoTown Sound
    Editor - Nick Rood
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 401

  • Marie-Ann Adae
    Marie-Ann Adae Day ago

    I'm a slow eater too but come on! Somebody should just pack up his food. He can eat it in the car 😂

  • Gaming W/ Nicko
    Gaming W/ Nicko Day ago

    I’m also a slow eater

  • Jeriel B
    Jeriel B Day ago

    just leave him 😂

  • Markytarky YT
    Markytarky YT 2 days ago

    Who can relate?

  • Gray Scrubs
    Gray Scrubs 2 days ago

    im the opposite of this "slow eater"

  • Lorenzo Lizio
    Lorenzo Lizio 3 days ago

    Why is this video getting so much hate

  • Ibrahim Bahakim
    Ibrahim Bahakim 3 days ago

    I can relate.

    Ha relate.

  • Blue Creeper Productions

    Me too…

  • Vima Visuals
    Vima Visuals 4 days ago

    can't win em all

  • Randyy1
    Randyy1 4 days ago +1

    Slow eaters deserve to die of slow death.

  • Heaven Markham
    Heaven Markham 5 days ago

    as a slow eater i relate

  • RandomAtics
    RandomAtics 5 days ago

    What? Did they first know that immortal weirdo when they were newborns?

  • Travis Keating
    Travis Keating 8 days ago

    I'm so unreasonably angry right now

  • JakusMC
    JakusMC 9 days ago


  • JGS Music
    JGS Music 9 days ago

    Wow. I had a friend just like this years ago. He didn't give a shit about anything or anybody when he was eating. He used to make everybody late when he would eat

  • Theo Lumina
    Theo Lumina 9 days ago

    I have a friend who does that. A slow eater. Hates to waste any food (he eats the last pea for F sake). Refuses to skip any meals (even though we are in a hurry). He’d rather stay away from his original schedule for food.

  • Brandon 1954
    Brandon 1954 10 days ago

    Watching this makes me so angery like this happens every time

  • R W
    R W 10 days ago

    Wow nothing like a bunch of girls acting like a bunch of guys

  • IHate Ads
    IHate Ads 11 days ago

    Hey stop forcing him to go faster dude he wants to enjoy his meal CMON

  • Amélie Gagnon
    Amélie Gagnon 11 days ago

    This COULD have been funny...

  • XxEllie Buckingham xX
    XxEllie Buckingham xX 12 days ago

    Can’t relate

  • TheBananaJoint
    TheBananaJoint 12 days ago

    A steak with three eggs, seriously... that's a menu?

  • T. Cobrax
    T. Cobrax 12 days ago +1

    This was amazing! I can relate to that ALOT, these slow eating ppl are super annoying! And they dont even hurry up when you ask them to :D

    • Amélie Gagnon
      Amélie Gagnon 11 days ago

      I can't say if you have bad taste in humour or if your sarcasm is just that much on point?!

  • john Pitts
    john Pitts 12 days ago

    Id smash

  • wingit98
    wingit98 12 days ago

    I relate. A lot.

  • TubeYou
    TubeYou 13 days ago

    well that was shit...

  • Deidra Key
    Deidra Key 13 days ago

    That’s me

  • Elisabeth Heiman
    Elisabeth Heiman 13 days ago

    I relate to Raph on a personal level.

  • Mini Militant
    Mini Militant 13 days ago

    I can relate to this so bad....thats me all the time

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 13 days ago +1

    You saying slow eaters are immortal?!

    Gotta eat slow now

  • Bailshaubee
    Bailshaubee 14 days ago


  • Kay
    Kay 14 days ago

    I actually found this funny.

  • Sanxioned1
    Sanxioned1 14 days ago

    This could have been really funny, especially since so many people really are slow eaters. This seems like it drafted up by a grade 7 drama class, taught by someone who doesn't give the slightest of a shit.

  • Riveriux Phenom
    Riveriux Phenom 14 days ago

    I actually try to eat slow. Still end up with an empty plate faster than everyone at the table.

  • Antares Luna
    Antares Luna 14 days ago

    I'm such a slow eater.

  • Charlie Bell
    Charlie Bell 14 days ago

    Hey, like what you like but I'm not quite sure why everyone hates this skit so much. I mean I wasn't belly laughing at it but it wasn't that awful, was it?

  • Yandolito
    Yandolito 14 days ago

    The sketch started great and then went downhill within seconds. wow.

  • Derpy Drey
    Derpy Drey 14 days ago

    i clicke him and he suddenly moaned wtf

  • Jan Klöbener
    Jan Klöbener 14 days ago

    As a slow eater, I am offended.

  • king of snowman`s
    king of snowman`s 15 days ago

    Wtf is this

  • Lauren Russell
    Lauren Russell 15 days ago


  • Mandogy - Games
    Mandogy - Games 15 days ago

    I've eaten ab entire large two topping pizza for $10.99 thanks to Honey in less than five minutes.

  • Ron Charvon
    Ron Charvon 15 days ago

    Well if u think this is forced....i am a slow eater as well

  • GameBreak
    GameBreak 15 days ago

    videos are trash

  • Thegamingcactus
    Thegamingcactus 15 days ago

    I'm a slow eater and I'm proud of it

  • Julianne McLaughlin
    Julianne McLaughlin 15 days ago

    I feel personally attacked

  • LazilyQualityTale
    LazilyQualityTale 15 days ago

    Okay but this is me

  • Mr. Funko
    Mr. Funko 15 days ago

    It’s jabron lames

  • aahelo
    aahelo 15 days ago

    The setup was not bad, but I feel like it was missing a punchline.

  • Michelle Tabisz
    Michelle Tabisz 16 days ago

    So like, I have inherited my slow eating habits from my grandpa, who got it from his mom. Apparently my great grandma ate so slow it took her about an hour and a half just to eat the main course. My grandpa's family was VERY proper. What's funny, when I was at boarding school we only had a half an hour to eat, and everyone complained about it because I was always the last to finish. However, every time I came home my grandparents would complain I was eating too fast, so like... I just couldn't win.
    Also I seriously was hoping this to be A LOT funnier than it was. Like damn.

  • DrawDeath
    DrawDeath 16 days ago

    I can relate to that
    I really eat slowly, like really, and I don't know why
    so I feel good that u made sketch about it :)

  • Michelle Sudarsono
    Michelle Sudarsono 16 days ago

    I'm a slow eater... but I don't purposely slow eat. I love savoring my food but ... I don't season each bite. I don't scarf my food but I do get anxious when I'm the only one left eating, it's awkward!
    Moral of the story: I like the song the used for extra intensity.

  • Xander
    Xander 16 days ago

    I've got one thing to say
    "Meh. Raph was never that funny."

  • Marie Strömberg
    Marie Strömberg 16 days ago

    that is me

  • Putra Trip
    Putra Trip 16 days ago

    help so that I can penetrate 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours through

  • Citizen 1
    Citizen 1 16 days ago

    Go ahead, take your time. I'm OUTTA here!!

  • Nerdling
    Nerdling 16 days ago

    Somethings different about you Sam. Did you get new glasses?

  • Nikke
    Nikke 16 days ago

    Had a girlfriend who was like that. I felt all the time like the trio. It's infuriating when we were in a hurry, it's awkward when I ate slowly and finished before her. To every slow eater: try to organize yourself around the problem. Have an "emergency" sandwich ready to go or something, so you can avoid problem like these.

  • Dinidu Samaranayake
    Dinidu Samaranayake 16 days ago

    Didn’t laugh much it’s like watching a yt vid

  • Shinies Sparkles
    Shinies Sparkles 16 days ago

    I have a friend that takes an hour to eat a small dish of rice.. We were at her party and she said she'd take 20 mins and we ended up sitting there for an hour :/

  • José Eduardo Cuevas Navarro

    Slow eaters are skinnier

  • Suzanne Z
    Suzanne Z 16 days ago

    Ok so this isn't their best sketch. But on college humor's site they described it with "...Raph is too busy eating that normal meal that we all love, a large steak and three hardboiled eggs." And for some reason I've been laughing for three days at that.

  • Hey U
    Hey U 17 days ago

    Isn’t this already a vine

  • Konoka Tachibana
    Konoka Tachibana 17 days ago

    Can relate

  • Luna Wylf
    Luna Wylf 17 days ago

    I actually relate to Ralph. I eat slow af

  • S.C. Girl
    S.C. Girl 17 days ago

    Compared to other sketches.
    This isn't that great.
    And Raph has made better.

  • Chris Wright Variety Show

    Literally me

  • bosgotnojams
    bosgotnojams 17 days ago

    Ally at 1:27 on repeat

  • CorporealOS
    CorporealOS 17 days ago

    Who peels egg?

  • Fizz Leon
    Fizz Leon 17 days ago

    I've been hoping if Bender from Futurama would showing up from behind the wall and tell to everyone "LET'S GO ALREADYYY!" 🤣

  • Filip Miljkovic
    Filip Miljkovic 17 days ago


  • KnownAsJack
    KnownAsJack 17 days ago

    this was a poor sketch

  • Nicolas Gil
    Nicolas Gil 17 days ago

    When you have eosinophilic esophagitis and you literally can’t swallow large pieces

  • Avishek Dutta
    Avishek Dutta 17 days ago

    I read it as Soul eater

  • Avery Knowling
    Avery Knowling 17 days ago

    When is someone gonna tell allie her hairs terrible

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody 17 days ago

    I'm a slow eater and I feel like the rest of the world moves way too quickly and is therefore mentally unwell, relative to the way the human gastrointestinal and nervous systems evolved. People should slow down in general, why does everything have to be completed *right* *this* *second* all the time? Why is humanity racing to achieve so many goals? Life is not a competition. Life is short, but one shouldn't race through it, or you risk laying on your death bed thinking "I never slowed down enough to savor the present moment, my mind was always fixated on the future". Going too fast is unhealthy, no wonder the slow eater's friends all died from poor health in less than three minutes! Don't be idle in life, but don't rush so fast you miss out on the beauty of now, live your life like a tortoise who just nibbled some amphetamine, be like the tweaking tortoise, not too fast and not too slow, just right, and you will live to be as old as a tortoise! ;)

  • Moon dust smells funny

    This is funny dunno what y'all haters are going on about

  • John D
    John D 17 days ago

    Who in your office thought this was funny? You should be ashamed.

  • anyjen
    anyjen 18 days ago

    OMG the "popping it in the microwave because it grew cold" bit. I have a relative who does that, and everything else in this video. Drives me nuts. Particularly because in my culture it's impolite to leave the table until everyone's finished eating. We are all just sat there in front of our dirty dishes with slowly congealing food remains, watching that person chew.

  • Inky Frog
    Inky Frog 18 days ago

    Wasn’t funny

  • Thedarkslender
    Thedarkslender 18 days ago

    I am exactly this person

  • Legends Always Die
    Legends Always Die 18 days ago

    I'm feeling attacked right now

  • fermangürleroğlu
    fermangürleroğlu 18 days ago

    If you have pshycologic swallowing proplems, it is a big problem in your daily life

  • Is a bell
    Is a bell 18 days ago

    Nope I scarf mine down probably why I'm fat lol

  • Blue Hoodie8
    Blue Hoodie8 18 days ago

    Slow eaters have long life spans... or they time travels???

  • The Amazing Gible
    The Amazing Gible 18 days ago +1

    I would’ve left his ass.

  • kazzu63
    kazzu63 18 days ago

    Slow eaters annoy me so much that this skit was legit pissing me off. lol

  • Can Keser
    Can Keser 18 days ago

    Chewing part is true, some people chew much more than other people. Other than that it is forced.

  • Mr Chameleon
    Mr Chameleon 18 days ago

    Im a slow eater myself..cuz I want to chew and taste every bit of flavors of the it helps your digestion systems properly

  • Prosper Waldmann
    Prosper Waldmann 18 days ago

    Ooooooof fell super flat

  • مجد النعيمي
    مجد النعيمي 18 days ago


  • Jhon Mcbob
    Jhon Mcbob 19 days ago

    I know I've heard that music before and I can't remeber what it's called, anyone know what the name is?

  • Lu A
    Lu A 19 days ago

    Actually, i can relate this. I'm a slow eater IRL, it just feels like it can't digest lol

  • Me AndMeToo
    Me AndMeToo 19 days ago

    When you're in France and everyone takes at least an hour to eat.

  • Liam Barrett
    Liam Barrett 19 days ago

    Just leave him. It's not like you are obligated to wait for someone if they decide to do something else when it's time to leave. He should have eaten earlier.

  • Ecstatic Dolphin
    Ecstatic Dolphin 20 days ago

    I’m that slow eater. Except I don’t take that long to like cut and season and joke around. I just honestly eat slow. Like I chew my food a lot and it takes a long time no matter how fast I try.

  • ArcheAine
    ArcheAine 21 day ago

    i liked this alot.

  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee 22 days ago

    RIP Cleveland

  • Bon Hitashi
    Bon Hitashi 23 days ago

    This describes my life

  • Ayamaru !
    Ayamaru ! 23 days ago

    yeah, this is funny, but if they are growing older, shouldn't he as well?