Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman In 14 Minutes Or Less


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  • Kamran Rehman
    Kamran Rehman 16 hours ago

    14:46 had me dying😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chloe Tuin
    Chloe Tuin Day ago

    9:02 the flamish guys are saying did you see that, did you see what she's done

  • ValueOfNothing
    ValueOfNothing Day ago

    Scenes without Gal Gadot.

  • The Bearded Baby
    The Bearded Baby Day ago +1

    Bruh Im belgian

  • jm e
    jm e Day ago

    Fyi they say did you see , did you what she did

  • Megiddo Jones
    Megiddo Jones 2 days ago

    An Israeli actress fighting Germans. -_-

  • Redlock18
    Redlock18 4 days ago

    Hey i have a question. What did you think about the utuber bobvious and his video on how bad ur channel is?

  • The Mango Man
    The Mango Man 4 days ago +1

    How does Ares beat every god?? Like if u agree

  • Cnn is Fakenews
    Cnn is Fakenews 4 days ago

    Such a horrible drab dated war movie. Unplausable, unoriginal.

  • Mable Gracen
    Mable Gracen 5 days ago

    It's WWII not WWI

  • George Emil
    George Emil 6 days ago

    At the trench, the German snipers would have shot her in the head as soon as they saw the top of it. But they let her climb all the way out first.
    If you really want your mission to succeed, you don't bring a sniper who can't shoot no matter how much you like him as a friend.

  • _Echo _
    _Echo _ 6 days ago

    its actually ww2 i think

  • Stroke of Luck
    Stroke of Luck 7 days ago

    14:16 the pen is blue , THE PEN IS BLUE !! XD!!

  • Bob Smithereens
    Bob Smithereens 8 days ago

    Wonderwomans PMS must be out of this world.

  • harshvardhan thapliyal

    how DC logo and NARRATION is sin

  • Gamessenk
    Gamessenk 9 days ago

    Well in the tv show The Flash we get a lot of backstory for barry and the death of his mother I mean the flash is so meta we saw a parallel universe where his mother wasn't killed and had a super serious episode on how he has to accept her death

  • Frijole
    Frijole 9 days ago

    1:00 That slow-mo thing is cool once. Snyder uses it way too much.
    Also, did they not spend even a few minutes of their boat trip thinking about Diana's identity when she got to London? In the same time it took Steve to come up with "secretary" I had "archaeologist," which better explains the languages and the sword. Granted we got a couple of jokes out of it, but that's Day 1 of spy school.

  • Enkhtaivan Tsogtbaatar

    You forget that STEVE is a spy but has no knife to cut himself free from the seatbelt (plane crash)

  • Millie Barnett
    Millie Barnett 11 days ago

    The thing about there only being one pub in England is hilarious! There are 2 pubs within 5ft of each other in this ONE part of Chorlton! 😂😂 it’s actually insane

  • Sally Ho
    Sally Ho 12 days ago +2

    Nothing wrong with this movie.

  • Marcus Fant
    Marcus Fant 12 days ago

    Kamehameha! Hahahahahaha...ahahaha!

  • Michael Moon
    Michael Moon 12 days ago

    How did she passed through the guards unless the guards were drunk or they thought the sword brooch was not a weapon? It must be a collapsible sword brooch because nobody could see a thing behind her considering that it's a sizeable sword.

  • Mike Carlson
    Mike Carlson 12 days ago

    Also if it’s World War One then that single wing plane looks super janky compared to the tri planes the Germans typically used

  • Starcraft5477
    Starcraft5477 13 days ago

    what is the music @14:02 from?

  • Krystof Srsen
    Krystof Srsen 14 days ago

    You forgot a sin... hydrogen based mustard gas XD. Hydrogen can make only one bond and would not be able to play the role of sulphur in mustard gas.

  • Arisson Jyrkkanen
    Arisson Jyrkkanen 15 days ago

    7:59 , 1. Natives were treated just the same in Canada and the U.S. (if not worse in Canada) 2. The native guy is Canadian.

  • chris sto
    chris sto 15 days ago

    The only thing wrong with this movie. No naked Gal Gadot.

  • Viki G
    Viki G 16 days ago

    11:03-Dirty Diana is a song by Michael Jackson.

  • Avery Moss
    Avery Moss 16 days ago

    steve not rogers

  • Jip van Riel
    Jip van Riel 16 days ago

    At 9:00 they say 'heb je dat gezien wat ze gedaan heeft' when you translate it to english it says 'have you seen wat she did'

  • lawrence ing
    lawrence ing 16 days ago

    isnt ares the son of zeus and in the greek myths ares was time and time easily gutted and defeated and even imprisoned?

  • laura Chesher
    laura Chesher 16 days ago

    You get part of iron man's origins in spider man home coming

  • Makenna Cuebas
    Makenna Cuebas 18 days ago

    That song sounds so.... Nvm. Its inception.

  • Seba
    Seba 18 days ago

    The flemish people said "Did you see that?" " -What happened?" "Did you see what she did?"

  • Anthony Higgins
    Anthony Higgins 18 days ago

    "My dear I don't want to fight you.""I just want to fuck you

  • Danny Svetlick
    Danny Svetlick 19 days ago

    For a second I thought he was dissing the daredevil Netflix show. I was about to say man, thems fighting words

  • Last name First name
    Last name First name 20 days ago

    ((Singing)) “ Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman! All the world is waiting for youuuuu. And the power you posses. In your satin tights. Fighting for your rights. And the old red white and bluuuuueeee.”

  • Karanjeet Bhopal
    Karanjeet Bhopal 20 days ago

    Do justice league

  • F U B A R methink
    F U B A R methink 20 days ago

    sniper is Scottish not Irish

  • voyagesdedavid
    voyagesdedavid 20 days ago

    Erm, the sniper is Scottish, not Irish.

  • Deb Jones loyal
    Deb Jones loyal 21 day ago

    Irish sniper? This guy could not be more Scottish.

  • stever24
    stever24 22 days ago

    The only reason why this movie rated so high was because of Gal Gadot. They spent too much time on WW and Steve running around. WW was still discovering her abilities and all of a sudden defeats Ares? She literally defeats her toughest arch nemesis with ease. Let's be real the story line was lackluster, CGI was cheesy, and bad/rushed character development. This is why DC movies will continue to fail.

  • Trent 1
    Trent 1 23 days ago

    To be fair, in the MCU Norse God’s are reality so Greek gods aren’t much worse.

  • Fallen Knight
    Fallen Knight 23 days ago

    This movie wrote itself and its franchise into a hole with 1 scene. They mention that Ares killed ALL the other gods except Zeus, who it was implied died from injuries attained after fighting Areas, meaning they can't bring any other Greek Myth gods in for sequels. Guarantee there will be a stupid retcon in a sequel or another Worlds of DC movie. Ding!

  • Zach D
    Zach D 24 days ago

    I have Wonder Woman Emily Thomas mini and dc minis

  • José Manuel Sánchez Gómez

    As this film takes place in the 1910s, please DO DW Griffith's 1916 Intolerance. I thank you.

  • Samuel James_EST
    Samuel James_EST 26 days ago

    Yeah, it's under 100.

  • battleforlife458
    battleforlife458 26 days ago

    why do you even think we can't speak flemish and that is not what they said

  • d carey
    d carey 27 days ago +1

    i cant believe you didnt take a sin off for the fact that Diana aged but no one else around her did

  • KilleRCasper 77
    KilleRCasper 77 27 days ago

    Batman killed zeus

  • TheInvisibleShadow95
    TheInvisibleShadow95 28 days ago

    Zeus is her father in the DCEU, spoiler alter. I mean, not confirmed, but the lightening powers? Really? Do we really need to rip off Thor? You're better than that.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 28 days ago +1

    Man! Auntie Antiope 😂

  • Lambodriver217
    Lambodriver217 29 days ago

    I hope your talking about the Ben afflict daredevil and not the Netflix one

  • HonestlyKyle
    HonestlyKyle 29 days ago

    I’m only a few minutes in to this video, and maybe you’ll address this, but it deserves a sin for everyone on the island having a different accent. Haha.

  • light saberAddiCt
    light saberAddiCt 29 days ago

    CinemaSin made a CinemaSin...He is not Irish, he is Scottish.

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link 29 days ago +1

    I know it's been nearly 10 years and all but David Thewlis has really aged since his years as Professor Loopin. I almost didn't recognize him

  • Mohd Nazri
    Mohd Nazri 29 days ago

    I really wish to see this man face..

  • John Hanifin
    John Hanifin Month ago

    This guy critisizies dc because greek gods actually exist but not marvel because norse gods exist in their universe

  • God of Calamity
    God of Calamity Month ago

    How come Ares having a mustache in the past wasn't a sin

  • FloraKuipers
    FloraKuipers Month ago

    they didn't say that wonder woman is a demon witch they said "have you see that, did you see what she just did?"

  • Jalen M
    Jalen M Month ago


  • Collin Arnold
    Collin Arnold Month ago

    took a sin off for the sword toss but it literally changed the angle it was at mid air lol such horrible cgi

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Month ago

    Am I the only one who sees Diana as like 5 of the Disney Princesses? Seriously. Saving hot guy from crashing into the sea and gazing at him on the beach and immediately falling in love (Ariel). Gorgeous woman trying on English clothes and customs in hilariously awkward way (Pocahontas) Sneaking away to battle and defying your parent only to save the world (Mulan of course) We will even throw Belle and Jasmine in there because Diana is a strong beautiful woman and doesn't shrink in the shadow of a man.

  • Corinna Brown
    Corinna Brown Month ago


  • Sapphire draws
    Sapphire draws Month ago

    Lupin! Finally you’ve decided to Loop-in with movies again eh?

    I’ll see myself out now

  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto Month ago

    Wonder Woman has got to be the most sexiest woman ever in justice league n in this movie

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Month ago

    This was a decent movie, it’s a shame the DCEU was just shoehorned in and not gradually expanded upon before hopping to TJL

  • Akwolf06
    Akwolf06 Month ago

    They used Greek mythology, Diana is the Roman equivalent to Artemis. Artemis has a twin brother Apollo! (Idk what Apollos name was in Roman mythology) this means that if we are actually going by some sort of Greek\Roman mythology Diana must have a brother. #unansweredQuestions

  • Sakina J
    Sakina J Month ago

    this movie was horrible an the actress that plays wonder woman isn't pretty 😲

  • Alana Corbella
    Alana Corbella Month ago

    "14 minutes or less"

  • Peter Gruhn
    Peter Gruhn Month ago

    Wonder Woman (this film) has a beautiful nose. How stupid Wonder Child noses became that elegant prow, I do not knows. Maybe I just haven't watched enough noses grow up.

  • Isaaic Reyes
    Isaaic Reyes Month ago

    Isn't wonder woman bullet proof I mean she took a punch from that cave troll and seemed unphased

  • Christopher Kelly
    Christopher Kelly Month ago

    Does wonder girl wear that tiara to cover that big ass forehead. Or is it a fivehead

  • Mae Standley
    Mae Standley Month ago +9

    I have been a huge fan of cinema sins for a long time now that when I watch a movie I actually sometimes find myself saying stuff like roll credits when the name of the movie is said or blank is not my boyfriend in this scene or let’s have him eating an apple to make himself look like more of an asshole 😂😂

    • Budy Boy
      Budy Boy 15 days ago

      I hear those dings constantly in my mind

  • uranusimploding
    uranusimploding Month ago

    #1 ... She's NOT wid ME !
    #2 ... I'm NOT Batman .... 😝

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr Month ago +2

    Good movie, but it makes me angry when people make superhero movies about real events and wars. It takes away from the real heroes, most of which lost their lives, who had no super powers, just bravery and a rifle. Captain America Civil War. That movie was excellent, and it wasn't supposed to be a real event. It was *A* civil war, but not *THE* civil war.

  • Primrose Petals
    Primrose Petals Month ago

    *Every time you brought up Ares and his "dumb" plan, keep in mind that according to most myth and modern literature, this is **_exactly_** the kind of thing Ares would do.*

  • Jade Storm
    Jade Storm Month ago

    so, i saw my now 9-year-old sister watching this channel awhile ago. this must be where she learned the swear words from.

  • Ernesto Jerezaguilar

    No man's land due to the fact it took Germans 5-7 seconds to change the barrel god dammit

  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi Month ago

    Who else realized that 99% of the movie is a flashback?

  • PH4NT0M _ H4CK3R
    PH4NT0M _ H4CK3R Month ago

    So then how does she kill ares someone who even zues and the other gods can't kill but she struggles with Stephen Wolff and humans and Amazon's drove Stephen Wolff away .movie logics

  • jorge_paiva1178
    jorge_paiva1178 Month ago

    It's Vasco da gama not de gama

  • Castian Brydd
    Castian Brydd Month ago

    Eww of Infinity War

  • Darcel Versailles
    Darcel Versailles Month ago

    WW: "Kamehame...HAAAAA!!!!"
    It may be the last few seconds of the video but that blast was over 9000! lol

  • Meike Noordijke
    Meike Noordijke Month ago

    8.55 "heb je dat gezien?" "Wat?" "Heb je dat gezien wat ze gedaan heeft" it is dutch, translates to "did you see that?" "What?" "Did you see what she did" so yeah, they are thankfull.

  • Kelly Beutnagel
    Kelly Beutnagel Month ago

    Should’ve done an action woman slo-mo bonus round

  • Antonio Lora Jr.
    Antonio Lora Jr. Month ago

    She *DUMB T H I C C*

  • Sir Troll
    Sir Troll Month ago

    7:59 Mexico was in the middle of a civil war in 1914-1918
    Take one sin off

  • Roger Da Illegal Alien


  • Jelley
    Jelley Month ago

    Do justice league and infinity war already!

  • Michael Lynch
    Michael Lynch Month ago

    Song at 14:03 ?

  • Max Errico
    Max Errico Month ago

    I hate how much this movie ripped off the first Captain America movie

  • Joey Youn
    Joey Youn Month ago

    I wish that they would have used women that looked stronger.

  • Xavier Blanc
    Xavier Blanc Month ago

    Tried to finish this movie 3 times, fell asleep with every try.
    Terrible movie, poor acting.
    CGI are okay-ish.

  • Angus Pollerd
    Angus Pollerd Month ago

    Do the princess bride

  • King Plunger
    King Plunger Month ago

    the last third

  • Satty LolZ
    Satty LolZ Month ago

    12:02 it's actually go home movie, you are drunk

  • Adrian Benningfield

    X men focus on heroes childhood

  • termyt
    termyt Month ago

    Since you sin DC for using Greek mythology as color and backdrops, did you sin Marvel movies for gratuitous use of Norse mythology for actual main characters or are you waiting for Hercules to pop up in the MCU?

  • Olivija Strandjord
    Olivija Strandjord Month ago +2

    I love the sin removed. I love his laugh for sin 22. I love his voice for sin 37. I love his voice for sin 59. I love sin 60. I love the sin removed. I love his voice for the beginning of sin 74.