Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman In 14 Minutes Or Less


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  • Ayesha Tabassum
    Ayesha Tabassum 11 hours ago +1

    Crazy how the mother was so against letting her daughter get trained to fight, but then once she's caught, it takes a few minutes to get her convinced 🤔👏

  • Lord Hephaestus
    Lord Hephaestus 17 hours ago

    Objectively bad superhero movie but a decent WWI movie. Chris Pine's character is the actual hero. Diana meanwhile has the mind of a slow child, the body of a supermodel, super strength, and no personality. There is no danger to her, she doesn't sacrifice anything. That tacked on "Whatever it is, I can do it" is total BS that didn't make any sense except to make Diana seem less selfish.

  • ocularnervosa
    ocularnervosa Day ago

    3:52 You put a lasso of truth around me, while I'm surrounded by hot women in leather costumes (revealing costumes) and I know what I'm going to confess.

  • Alex G
    Alex G 2 days ago

    This video makes me feel like it's still socially acceptable for me to yell "Morpheus is fighting Neo!" whenever anything interesting just starts happening... but based on how everyone reacts I would say that's a wrong feeling.

  • Toast Cat Productions

    Just a friendly reminder that he sinned this movie because DC

  • yasmin7903
    yasmin7903 3 days ago

    The movie was really bad and had a lot of mistakes, many of which you didn't even address. It was probably the worst Superhero movie I ever saw. It lacked historical accuracy, had many plot holes and was really boring in big parts of it despite the action scenes.

  • yasmin7903
    yasmin7903 3 days ago

    Not to mention suggesting that the Germans STARTED WWI or implying they were the only ones using lethal gas...

  • em anne06
    em anne06 4 days ago +1

    "that's dirty Diana" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Master Pierce
    Master Pierce 4 days ago

    Wonder woman place

  • Charles Starks, Jr
    Charles Starks, Jr 5 days ago +1

    you missed a chance at an audio replacement: "There are 4 lights!" during the lasso scene

  • TrueQuality
    TrueQuality 5 days ago

    Sigh... THE MOST IMPORTANT SINS WERE ONCE AGAIN, IGNORED, by this CinemaSins dude, making him sound like a retard.
    1. WONDER WOMAN IS A GREEK "WOMAN", made of the clay, NOT OF PUSSYFAT or SPECIALLY NOT, THE NEO JEW ONE, like this actor is. Giving CinemaSins -1M subs.
    2. WONDER WOMAN, was supposed to be SMART, AGAINST EVIL AND INJUSTICE DONE TO INNOCENT PEOPLE, directly allying herself with the Germans and attacking against the AMERICANS, THE BRITISH, RUSSIANS SPECIALLY... But like a neo jew she is, she allied with Americans, who attacked at GERMANS, TO LIBERATE NEO JEW CRIME MAFIA, THAT STARTED, ORGANISED AND FUNDED BOTH WORLD WARS FFS!!! Giving CinemaSins - 5M subs.
    3. And the last sin, this channel ignored, would just give -10M subs, cause it is just too obvious to ignore. Did you know, that whole WORLD, started to call Germany, as the sick man of EUROPE, DIRECTLY, SETTING A LABEL ON THE NEO JEW CRIME MAFIA = A COUNTRY ROTTING DISEASE.
    So, wonder woman for sure, was supposed to fight against this level of evil and AT LEAST, SINK EVERY SINGLE SHIP, SMUGGLING THE NEO JEWS, IN TO USA, RIGHT AFTER THE WW2. But, this movie is turned UPSIDE DOWN, PISSED ON EVERY VALUES AND HONOR, the supposed demigod of Wonder Woman having, a classic neo jew writing, of hate propaganda, that the neo jews started at 1900s, to get in to CHRISTIAN WEST, AS THE COUNTRY ROTTING DISEASE.

    • wickedpissa25
      wickedpissa25 4 days ago +1

      You have some anger issues.
      Seek help.

  • Fred Gusta
    Fred Gusta 6 days ago

    Charlie didn't get his pay off shot cause hes a man and the movie was entirely about raising women up and putting men down lol

  • Fred Gusta
    Fred Gusta 6 days ago

    I've tried watching this movie 3 or 4 times now and once in the theater but fell asleep every single time..movie is beyond boring feminist bullshit shoved in your face over and over lol forgettable

  • george whyte
    george whyte 7 days ago +1

    mistaking the Scottish for Irish thats racist

  • KingCosworth
    KingCosworth 8 days ago

    At 8:40 a period perfect Eddystone M1917 rifle. They didn't have scopes though, very nice attention to detail however having the right rifle for the Americans in WW1

  • Talmon Soares
    Talmon Soares 9 days ago

    The major problem I had with this movie is that Greek Gods exist-but they can be brought down by mortals
    ex) Superman > Wonderwoman, so SuperMan>Ares !

  • jonny jonjon
    jonny jonjon 10 days ago +1

    I'm not grabbing her hair whilst DEEP DEEP DEEEEP INSIDE HER.

  • Pogo
    Pogo 10 days ago +1

    The Germans were probably not the first men to stumble upon the island.
    The Amazons did to them what they did to the Germans.
    The Germans were not armored, nor were they a "division", it looks like they landed a company of marines.
    No body armor, machine guns, just bolt action Mausers.
    The German destroyer was busy sinking after hitting the reef that surrounds the island.

  • 1SaG
    1SaG 12 days ago +1

    WW1-fighter-planes - such as the Fokker E.III depicted in the movie - had ridiculously short take-off and landing runs. They weighed next to nothing and generated quite a bit of lift.

  • Joel Louzy
    Joel Louzy 12 days ago +1

    I hope you throw in one sin for there not being a single pile of horse crap anywhere.

  • HeyItsKiing
    HeyItsKiing 13 days ago +3

    Makes me annoyed how off the Greek mythology is in this film

  • Mary Esser
    Mary Esser 13 days ago +1

    "Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman In 14 Minutes Or Less"

    ExCuSe YoU

  • Will No
    Will No 13 days ago +1

    she was said to be a god killer, thats how she defeated Aries

  • blackknightreturns1
    blackknightreturns1 14 days ago +1

    99 sins removed cuz..gal gazing for coupla hrs.

    • wickedpissa25
      wickedpissa25 4 days ago +1

      Couple of hours???
      Gimme six, maybe seven minutes.
      That's all I'll need.

  • samuel gardner
    samuel gardner 15 days ago

    My main point...REAL WW fans know what happened with the lightning and the bracelets. In the comics, Zeus unlocks the ability for her bracelets, made from pieces of his indestructible shield, to channel his lightning. And that's what you see happening when she able to project lightning back at Ares.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 16 days ago

    In the alley fight, she only puts the Lasso of Truth on the guy who took the cyanide pill. What about the other 3 guys they knocked out? No point putting the lasso on them? Too concussed to talk?

  • TG R.
    TG R. 16 days ago +1

    The only one true sin is Gal Gadot not spinning to turn into Wonder Woman.
    Please patty Jenkins, give us a Wonder Woman spin for Wonder Woman 2!!!

  • Stuart-Chanley Muir
    Stuart-Chanley Muir 16 days ago

    7:30 “the Irish sniper guy” who’s actually Scottish!

  • Renae Kalish
    Renae Kalish 16 days ago

    Why the hell does hades always have to be the bad guy in movies the only bad thing he did was tie two guys to a chair after they broke in and tried to steal his wife

  • Max Evans-Nolan
    Max Evans-Nolan 18 days ago +1

    You missed a good amount of cliches. Plus, you didn’t hit the “the gas mask won’t work! But they don’t know that!” I’m disappointed

  • juju ju
    juju ju 18 days ago

    Only 99 sins you weren't looking hard enough ! Another mess up of a movie with a woman in the lead!! I know it's the script and continuity failings ...... but really !!

  • Velha Guarda Tricolor
    Velha Guarda Tricolor 18 days ago

    More CRAP from Hollywood yet again. What a surprise.

  • PokeMageTech
    PokeMageTech 18 days ago

    4:20 - no Diana! What are you doing?!? According to the piles of animated Justice League (TV) series (plural), your bae is supposed to be BATS. Y’know, BATMAN!!!

  • Paul Charles Morris
    Paul Charles Morris 19 days ago

    The Irish Sharpshooter is SCOTTISH!!!!

  • Tom F
    Tom F 20 days ago +1

    So what, jedis deflecting blaster shots is okay, but bouncing bullets when you're a damn godess is wtf ?

  • Violet Winchester
    Violet Winchester 20 days ago

    I really hate this film. -__-

  • Destiny Ann Foxx
    Destiny Ann Foxx 20 days ago +1

    The most important sin here was not pointed out: ARES WAS THE PATRON OF THE AMAZONS. Also, Diana is the daughter of Zues, Diana being the Roman form of Artemis, so WHY ARE GREEK ARES, AND ROMAN DIANA IN THE SAME MOVIE, NOT TO FORGET THE MENTIONS OF GREEK ZUES.

  • mojomasterplays
    mojomasterplays 21 day ago

    8:34 Ironically it might well be a Storm Trooper as those were the names of some soldiers in the German army lol

  • 10k subs with No video challenge

    Themascira is not a hard name to learn.

  • Madison H
    Madison H 23 days ago

    One sin for re-enacting the little mermaid rescue scene. Beautiful princess watches a coincidentally timed disaster and saves future love interest from the ocean. Then proceeding to lean over him while he is unconscious and stare at him intently

  • Spice
    Spice 24 days ago

    I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of this movie, but I was a BIG fan of Man of Steel, so fuck me I guess.

  • EmoCxt
    EmoCxt 26 days ago

    Half these sins are just shit excuses. You criticized it because you saw a weird creature, it's called setting the atmosphere of the scene and to add suspense.

  • atljazzman
    atljazzman 27 days ago

    origin stories are great for movie goers that are not familiar with the DC or Marvel super heroes.

  • KittyINFERNO 21
    KittyINFERNO 21 29 days ago

    Storm troopers are ww1 German solders

  • Trailblazer 12
    Trailblazer 12 29 days ago

    You killed my father lol

  • Amanda Mowery
    Amanda Mowery 29 days ago

    F@ck you Wonder Woman is a Character of her own...

  • lifeofcarrot
    lifeofcarrot 29 days ago

    That Inigo Montoya at the end killed me!

  • HelpfulVader99
    HelpfulVader99 Month ago

    12:00, it’s not entirely unlikely since she’s part Greek god and they are shown to move things and control things with they’re minds like Jedi.

  • Sophie Kraus
    Sophie Kraus Month ago

    The sniper guy is Scottish..... kelt = Scott!

  • Kostas P
    Kostas P Month ago

    Why this guy ruins every epic movie? Let it go man. It was such a kickass movie. #ww

  • Nelson Muz
    Nelson Muz Month ago

    Lol didn't know wonda fck up the Germans to :D

  • Ken Hasibar
    Ken Hasibar Month ago

    I love the irony in these "Everything Wrong With" videos. I'll never watch one, but they are humorous. Hey dipshit, no-talent, douchebags... What is the name of the best movie you've created so far? How much box-office revenue did you bring in? Funny, I recognize the names of a lot of these people, but I'm guessing that aside from your mommy (how's her basement?) and your cat and your three friends, no one has ever heard of you. Everything wrong with a movie? Go read a book. Maybe get some sunlight. Exercise. Critics who try to "publish" their opinions are usually virgins. Bugger off or make your own blockbuster.

  • Harshiv Patel
    Harshiv Patel Month ago

    13:43 , Diana's "what were you god of again brother?" moments

  • camuswilde
    camuswilde Month ago

    In reply of sin in 3:37 in 3:00 you can see the German destroyer sinking...

  • Mike Xu
    Mike Xu Month ago

    Has anyone else noticed that this movie unusually lacks close-up shots? Is it because she can't put them up?

  • Bas Welters
    Bas Welters Month ago

    I can speak Flemish, let me translate: Man:Did ya see that? Woman:What happened? Man:Did ya see what she did?

  • Daniel Crecca
    Daniel Crecca Month ago

    Only downside to this movie for me was the ending.

  • kevin mcglynn
    kevin mcglynn Month ago

    Ye are the funniest channel ever i love yere vids

  • Nura Gießmann
    Nura Gießmann Month ago +1

    What about the terrible german accents or the fact that they portrayed germans as nazis in fucking WW1.

  • JackVader 10
    JackVader 10 Month ago

    I couldn't take ares seriously because of him being in inspector calls

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark Month ago

    Gre... Uh
    "Good" movie
    But completely predictable

  • Trey Williams
    Trey Williams Month ago

    I was still questioning why Diana couldn’t do the plane since she is apparently resistant to explosions and immune to the gas as seen from the town scene lmfao

  • Kick Ass Videos
    Kick Ass Videos Month ago

    @ 9:00 the belgians saying in flemish "heb je gezien wat ze gedan heeft?", wich means "did you saw what she has done?"

  • Ace
    Ace Month ago +1

    9:49 you said she tossed a tank, when if you actually looked at the vehicle you would have seen it was an armored car, and not big enough to be a tank +1 sin.
    Sin Count:1

  • [Outlaw]MadPatStreaming

    8:34 you confused me since a stormtrooper is an actual German WW1 soilder

  • The Dark Lord Darth Fang

    So does this mean Aquaman is Poseidon or is Poseidon just a myth

  • SamtheClam
    SamtheClam Month ago

    Mmmm sins less than 100.

    SYNTHIA Month ago

    This movie is amazing and I don't care what everyone else says

  • Jack H.
    Jack H. Month ago

    How many syns would you have given if her mother's name with Martha

  • ClassixGaming
    ClassixGaming Month ago

    If you look in the background of the fight the German destroyer is sinking for some reason

  • Jesse Fulton
    Jesse Fulton Month ago +3

    I love Patty Jenkins interpretation of wonder woman FOR THE MOST PART. I do dislike that Zeus is her legitimate father as it does take the mystique away from her character. Secondly I was confused by the new powers and abilities they were trying to introduce. For instance when she puts her gauntlets together where does her glowy power come from? Her bracelets or her?? Where did this idea come from? Can she fly? Hover? Wtf is with the lightning? Zeus is the god of thunder and lightning.. and Ares sucked as in this movie.. he is the god of War.. zack Snyder had a better idea of ares in justice league. All gods do not possess the ability to create lightning. And please stick to the powers and abilities wonder woman has already been established with. Then you won't have to think so hard for plot convenience' sake.

    • Jesse Fulton
      Jesse Fulton Month ago

      Oh and at one point it looked like her body created a force field around her while she walked slowly toward ares, the explosives and metal shards stopped a foot away from her before she hurled them back at him by some unforseen power she seems to possess. What is this ability?

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    14:09 Laughed a good five minutes at this, good one sir. 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Preda
    Gabriel Preda Month ago

    8:56 I can cus I’m Dutch😂😂😂
    Btw they say:”Did you see that? Did you see what she did?

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman Month ago

    6:20 I can understand the almost immediate of the glasses, the lampshade already having been hung on them, and Gal Gadot is of course gorgeous anyway, but she is *insanely* cute in glasses!

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown Month ago

    Because Mexico and Canada were just as racist towards their native population.

  • 엘리김 / 김예슬ellykiim


  • andré van der lugt

    The flemish is not even flemish it is more a weard kind of german

  • bc057
    bc057 Month ago

    15:07 ROFL for the Kamehameha

  • TheMercsAssassin
    TheMercsAssassin Month ago

    "That mo could never be too slow!" That was the funniest thing I've heard in my life. Remove a sin from yourself, please :)

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. Month ago

    “No. No.” :D

  • EMK
    EMK Month ago

    I always thought this movie was overrated. Yeah had some great moments but I feel like people were putting it on that same pedestal as Black Panther; yeah it was good but it wasn't movie of the century.

  • Gilberto da Paz
    Gilberto da Paz Month ago +1

    14:35 Bazelgeuse?

  • Aljan Donker
    Aljan Donker Month ago

    As a dutch guy i was surprised about all the flemisch in this movie and how (most of the time) how correct it was. Sometimes a little cringe but still well done.

  • William Higgs
    William Higgs Month ago

    5:20. I seem to recall an episode of the Justice league from back in the day where the Justice League do, in fact, fight hades.

  • Banter Bus
    Banter Bus Month ago

    spud has moved up in the world

  • Dicho Kusarov
    Dicho Kusarov Month ago

    the main problem is that they casted model instead of an actress. Gal Gadot is hot and has horrible acting skills .

  • Justice Fox-Roper
    Justice Fox-Roper Month ago

    In 1918 native Americans could not go anywhere we where a disease in the sights of a lot of people so being in the war is a way to protect our lands

  • Heather Reagan
    Heather Reagan Month ago

    You're sinning Wonder Woman for mentioning the Greek Gods as real in the DCEU? Marvel does the EXACT SAME THING but you don't think you've ever sinned them for it. Plus, Wonder Woman actually was sculpted from clay and brought to life by Zeus. That's her legitimate comic book origin. Also, while not having put them in the MCEU, Marvel Comics have shown the Greek Gods occasionally.

  • coolundbidda
    coolundbidda Month ago +6

    That destroyer you sinned at 3:41 sank. It is clearly visible at 3:00

  • Jack Starnes
    Jack Starnes Month ago

    The amazing spider-man spent a lot of time on the childhood of Peter Parker.

  • thomascanread
    thomascanread Month ago

    1 point off for the corny dragon ball refrance

  • James Neave
    James Neave Month ago

    IRISH sniper?!?

  • James Neave
    James Neave Month ago

    Red headed snow board what now?

  • Phil Ingrouille
    Phil Ingrouille Month ago

    What i want to know is: did Ares kill ALL the gods. If you know Greek myth, there's a fuck ton of gods, and spirits and such. All the Olympians are dead after Ares gets wasted (spoilers) but what about Persephone, Hades, Phobos, Deimos, Hecate etc; Ares said he lost his power when Zeus banished him before dying, so what about them? Will WW84 show us unused gods or will it mainly just be giving us what's left of her villain roster, minus the gods?

  • Pizza Boss
    Pizza Boss Month ago

    Everything Wrong With AQUAMAN

  • Kang Ruckus
    Kang Ruckus Month ago

    So she can jump 80 ft in the air, toss a tank and your shocked she can accurately deflect a bullet? Go drunk cinema sins, your home

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Month ago

    your work will live on for centuries gentlemen. Bravo!!! lol

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Month ago +1

    5:16 To be fair DCEU didn’t start the Greek Gods. DC Comics had already established Greek Gods exist in their universe. But you can still sin the fact that they chose to include everything from the comics even if they didn’t make sense

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Month ago

    1:39 Also it is proven early on that Diana ages super slow since she looks the exact same today as she did in the photo, so when they skip to her being 7-13 years old, that could be 100s of years. Possibly thousands if the Amazons are from Ancient Greece and never age

  • Sam Nelson
    Sam Nelson Month ago

    Thank god they never had a superman in world war1 or 2 its just stupid to do a history buff pics wen your changing her gifts and powers from the 51 rebith! Anyone agree