Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • Wonder Woman was one of 2017's best summer movies. There... I said it. (pause). Now onto its sins...
    Thursday: A 2017 movie nowhere near as good as Wonder Woman.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 14 172

  • No Name
    No Name 11 minutes ago

    who the fuck says Gal Ga-Goat?
    its GA DOT

  • Dat Robloxian Hb
    Dat Robloxian Hb 6 hours ago

    Another sin: Diana is the Roman name for the Greek goddess Artemis so.....

  • Broplaybro
    Broplaybro 17 hours ago +1

    8:55 What the Flemish people are saying is
    Man: "Did you see that?"
    Woman: "What happened?"
    Man: "Did you see what she did?"

  • vinSGTvanthelion 26
    vinSGTvanthelion 26 23 hours ago

    Bro didn't you get copyright issues ?

  • vinSGTvanthelion 26
    vinSGTvanthelion 26 23 hours ago

    The most stupid movie I've ever seen.

  • Madelyn Li
    Madelyn Li Day ago

    when it says 14 min or less, the actual vid says 15 min 🤣

  • Casey Marlow
    Casey Marlow Day ago

    14:06 what’s the music during the first outtake it’s so familiar.

  • Dar dar Binks
    Dar dar Binks Day ago

    GOTG 1 not 2

  • Steve Lazzarus
    Steve Lazzarus Day ago

    Gardians of the Galaxy

  • Dolly7542
    Dolly7542 Day ago

    Well Norse gods exist in marvel so I guess DC is allowed their set.

  • Red Dog UK
    Red Dog UK Day ago

    Know its not true there's not only one pub in England?! What you trying to say mate! ;)

  • History & Stuff
    History & Stuff Day ago

    DC knows basically nothing about WW1.

  • chris hayes
    chris hayes 2 days ago

    Yes zues could kill him but the law of gods that zues made up stop him lol. Yes Greek gods had laws

  • Wilhelm Eberhardt
    Wilhelm Eberhardt 3 days ago +1

    There were so many more sins than that. They could've just sinned at least 20 times when Germans were talking English to each other. I mean they let Diana talk around 7 different languages throughout the movie, but every German character who is somewhat important doesn't even get an accent.

  • Ch3zter
    Ch3zter 3 days ago

    I do speak flemish and the flemish in the movie is really bad and barely understandable.

  • Ohheyezz
    Ohheyezz 4 days ago

    lol the flemish part

  • Jake nardo
    Jake nardo 4 days ago

    The sniper is Scottish

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 5 days ago

    Daredevils childhood wasn’t forgettable at all? I’ve never read a single daredevil comic, I’ve only seen the daredevil movie when I was a kid, now I’m 20 and I still remember that shit

  • Ivan Vitkov
    Ivan Vitkov 5 days ago

    You are not right about the plane, there are planes that can elevate in under 3 meters, check it out! :)

  • BVaZz
    BVaZz 6 days ago


  • MRbossman1982
    MRbossman1982 8 days ago

    2 sins you missed a woman 👩🏽 fighting a whole army and not dying? Another sin doesn’t she get a period she bleed she dies!

  • luggi lu
    luggi lu 8 days ago

    The fokker takeoff sin is not valid. Those planes usually took off after just a few dozen of meters. Doesn't take more than a few seconds.

  • Ender Fox
    Ender Fox 9 days ago

    Honestly... I'm disappointed that he never even mentioned that there's a Harry Potter actor in this movie.... 😣😥😭

  • James Slick II
    James Slick II 9 days ago

    This JUST curtailed before the 100 sin mark... That means it's a damn good movie. And it is, so watch it.

  • Saya Angel
    Saya Angel 10 days ago

    She is glorious

  • Suicidal Bunny
    Suicidal Bunny 10 days ago

    DC's only good film is Aquaman (Shazam was eh)

    • Suicidal Bunny
      Suicidal Bunny 8 days ago

      +Todd Edwards compared to marvel and DC Dark Knight they sucked. but alone they were good

    • Todd Edwards
      Todd Edwards 8 days ago

      Both those movies sucked. Aquaman was generic as balls, forced, retconned and way too long. Shazam was cute, but not good.

  • JacobTV OBrien
    JacobTV OBrien 10 days ago

    4:15 i dont really think thats how ammunition explosions work.. ammunition doesnt really explode in a huge fireball..its a amped up fire the only way that an explosion like that could happen is if every single one of those looking to be early war anti tank rounds are high explosive..which i highly doubt. another thing. the aircraft steve rogers was flying would've caught on fire. but movie logic. one other thing, the bomb he dropped wasnt actually on aircraft..what it looks to be as an early version of a mortar round but i could be wrong they sort of look the same yet i highly doubt it would be on that certain aircraft.

  • Mitula
    Mitula 11 days ago

    Also the so called german accent totally sounds like a french accent...

  • unicorn sprinkles
    unicorn sprinkles 12 days ago +1

    When I heard the name the first time I thought it was The Mascara.

  • Antman_Annal _Grow
    Antman_Annal _Grow 12 days ago

    Minus half those sins because gal gadot is hot

  • This man exudes sex
    This man exudes sex 13 days ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that she killed a god... a god that is IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL??? like all major gods are impossible to kill and she just does it with SUCH ease bitch, please

  • Freedom Anderson
    Freedom Anderson 13 days ago

    God from Christian mythology has a following in real life, so Ares existing in Wonder Womans universe isn't that surprising.

  • Ethan Rodriguez
    Ethan Rodriguez 14 days ago

    Before i saw this video..let me point out a few things.. 1.. The planes in this movie look world war 1 era..but somehow the german soldiers are wearing nazi uniforms during the village battle.. 2..why do the germans look like russians soldiers... 3 again.. It seems as if rhis is done during world war 1 time line..but why does it have updated world war 2 uniforms and certain army scenes look world war 2.. ???????? 3 world war 1 was not the biggest war to end all wars as that spy guy qouted when he was questioned by the amazons

  • Andreas Strauss
    Andreas Strauss 16 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks this movie would have made more sense in the 2nd world war?

  • xd Frosty the snowman
    xd Frosty the snowman 16 days ago

    Is she Thor now? Sorry but that Mjolnir belongs to Wonder Woman and the lasso. Bye Steve rogers

  • Cathy Tanio
    Cathy Tanio 16 days ago

    You're just a huge hater of wonderwoman. So shut the fuck up

    • MysteriousGold
      MysteriousGold 16 days ago

      He hates everything, there’s no personal vendetta

  • Tiny Freckle
    Tiny Freckle 17 days ago +1

    Wonder Woman. Eg: Ancient Greek Moana

  • Kyle Kendrick
    Kyle Kendrick 18 days ago

    The "she's taking all the fire!' part that you sinned, I am now sinning Yu. Steve's meaning behind that phrase is "she's the only target, let's go give them more." Which is what yu said and sinned them for as if they were oblivious to that fact? When that was his whole point! Lol. Cinema Sin Count: 1 (DING!)

  • Grey The Wolf
    Grey The Wolf 19 days ago

    What about the wrong greeck myth things?

  • Marc Scott
    Marc Scott 20 days ago +4

    Unpopular opinion:
    Captain Marvel was better than this movie.

  • Deepak Deek
    Deepak Deek 21 day ago


  • John Cunanan
    John Cunanan 21 day ago

    But Thor and Loki are both from Norse Myth tho...

  • Paty O’s
    Paty O’s 22 days ago

    I mean the superhero herself is cool at least

  • Bryan Myers
    Bryan Myers 22 days ago

    Okay, the kamehameha got a laugh worthy of a post. Lol good job.

  • Lia Palmer
    Lia Palmer 22 days ago

    He is Scottish, how dare you! Should be a sin right there

  • haruka-usagi-forever23 sm

    Steve-not-Rogers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christopher DiNunno's
    Christopher DiNunno's 25 days ago

    That Kamehameha was a legendary add on...

  • We3arefamilysee BushHamilton

    It is in 15 min also Wonder Woman is amazing

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit 29 days ago

    That was where I shut the movie off.
    It just got beyond ridiculous at that point.

  • magaa
    magaa 29 days ago

    No sin for the different dresses in the forest scene and the celebrity? The dress Diana took certainly had glitter and other fancy stuff on it while the one Diana wears at the party is plain blue .... I'm disappointed ...

  • Improv Plus
    Improv Plus Month ago

    Ok. The fact that halfway through the video there’s only 60 sins is amazing. If this movie had more than 100 at that point I would rant about it. But because it’s less than 100 I’m saying how happy I am.

  • silverblade357
    silverblade357 Month ago

    Sin 20: I get the impression others have discovered the island, but the amazons just murdered the crap out of them!

  • Daniel Zuk
    Daniel Zuk Month ago

    It was of course historically inaccurate

  • Some Degree of Sundown

    why not greek gods? Lucifer is a DCU character.

  • JAmes Ooi
    JAmes Ooi Month ago

    4:24 --> WW : u let this little thing tell u what to do?
    Me: does gal gadot say this with the purest intention?? Hmmm....

  • 南雲Haruya
    南雲Haruya Month ago

    The German ship was disabled by the magical barrier, but it remained whole thanks to the steel's resistance. I'm assuming that centuries back, when ships were still made of wood, that magic kept them out completely.

  • Sam The Lion
    Sam The Lion Month ago

    This movie was absolutely AMAZING when I went to see it in theaters! Made me cry and everything! Having a new live action super hero movie with a woman as our main protagonist was so important to me and many other women/girls/people out there. But I have to admit, having her have some super power inside her all along but it only came out when a guy she was interested in died was honestly kind of annoying. You make a super hero movie about a strong and impressive woman (finally!!) But she needs a man (of course) to unlock her true potential. Great. Can't one movie just leave out the whole "every woman must find her man" thing for once? She could easily have acquired the same outcome if Steve was just a friend that she loved or something like that.

  • Hsitimuh
    Hsitimuh Month ago

    She went through the entire movie as some sort of warrior bad ass from an elite demi God universe to being a lost puppy moron with no logical assertiveness throughout the weak story. Such a lack luster story.
    And the sword scene in the store was fucking dumb. Where's the sheath, and does she not have any common sense or basic training with when to deploy her weapon? Her running around all naive like, oh just take me to this evil God, as if she didn't understand the vastness of a 27 Nation war and 100 of kms of frontlines.

  • xxFandom Girlxx
    xxFandom Girlxx Month ago

    12:52 😂 lol

  • Muse White
    Muse White Month ago

    He keeps saying forgettable daredevil but I actually liked it XD

  • Joshua Duran
    Joshua Duran Month ago

    This movie sucked

  • Stavros Kodjapashis

    I am Diana of the Amazons, daughter of Hippolita, Queen of Amazon, the Unburnt, Mother of dragons, The rightful heir to the Iron throne, Protector of the realm and the seven Kingdoms. Bend the Fu****g knee!

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez Month ago

    11:48 mustard gas

  • Sean Mullins
    Sean Mullins Month ago

    At 12:04 it says go drunk movie your home and why is there a scene from dunkirk

  • Savannah Rodgerson
    Savannah Rodgerson Month ago


  • rajendra prabhu
    rajendra prabhu Month ago

    The only problem in this movie is a sCinema sins told.. Showing wonder woman as a greek god 's daughter, a wonderful warrior and highly educated woman of her age and not only that of any age and still show her as a typical pointless confused woman in the men' s world. If its not for Gal Gadot i would absolutely hate this movie.

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts Month ago

    Gal Gadot is a God and I truly worship her, every night I go to bed :)

    • Daniel Zuk
      Daniel Zuk Month ago +2

      With a box of tissues and lotion huh?

  • Jerry Lay
    Jerry Lay Month ago

    Not to mention the fact that the Amazons have been hiding for countless thousands of years from the rest of the world, yet they speak several languages which didn't exist 1000 years ago. English didn't exist then, not in it's current form. English, like most languages has evolved drastically in just a few centuries...so much so that, if you travelled back 500 years ago, English speakers wouldn't understand a word you are saying, and you wouldn't understand them. Even King James style Old English, although we can read it easily, wouldn't sound anything like the way we read it.
    This could be a foreshadowing of the comic book storyline when Wonder Woman found out the terrible secret that the Amazons used to take to the seas to capture sailors to rape and become impregnated by to produce female children (after killing any baby boys born). As I recall, this story arc caused Diana to disown her mother and the Amazons for a time. This scenario might also explain why there was combat training continuing in Diana's time. They might be training their daughters born from the rape and murder of captured sailors. It doesn't make sense that Amazons are still training after they've been warriors for thousands of years. You'd think they've already learned and perfected every martial art known to exist.

  • Duncan GOLDMAN
    Duncan GOLDMAN Month ago +1

    Gal gadots bad acting and too skinny look.....

  • Lord Blackheart
    Lord Blackheart Month ago

    i find it so hard to take this nazi dude seriously when he's literally stryker from x-men origins

  • datriplem
    datriplem Month ago

    15:08 Kamehameha I died 😁

  • SuperSaiyan Mel
    SuperSaiyan Mel Month ago

    “What the **** is this ****?”😂😂

  • Life on Two Wheels
    Life on Two Wheels Month ago

    Like for magellan reference

  • Roman Schlichter
    Roman Schlichter Month ago

    how dare you add a sin for the cute armadillo

  • Game Hunter Neoluce
    Game Hunter Neoluce Month ago +2

    9:00 I do speak Flemish, the translation is,
    Man: "Did you see? did you see what she did?"
    Woman: "what happened?"

  • Ernst Jünger
    Ernst Jünger Month ago

    Evry German boat would have a MG 08 and destroy anything in their way

  • Fallen Knight
    Fallen Knight Month ago

    I would like to point out that the sin at 5:25 is deserved but part of the information it goes on is incorrect. In the weird painting bedtime story it is mentioned that ALL the gods except Ares are killed as Zeus "died" from his wounds. I do find it stupid that the Greek Gods are just dropped in and then never really mentioned again. I expect to see this retconned in Wonder Woman 84 though just for sequels.

  • Joost Hooyberghs
    Joost Hooyberghs Month ago

    I CAN speak flemish... yay

  • bitch pudding
    bitch pudding Month ago

    actually thor, iron man 2 and winter soldier all give us a glimpse or two into the hero’s childhood.

    AEGON TARGARYEN Month ago +1

    tell whatever you want about marvel movies but FUCK OFF from DC!!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    I use to like this guy..but its like he does not even watch the movies. Diana did not discover a new power. Her bracelets can simply absorb whatever force is directed at her and shoot it back out. She supposedly killed Ares with the force he shot out at her.

  • XokX
    XokX Month ago +2

    Funny how u should mention DC using Greek mythology but never mentioned Marvel using Norse mythology! did u not sinned Thor and Thor dark world? and avengers? plenty of opportunity :) . is it just because u don't like DC? i'm pretty sure it's just because u don't like DC. DING!!!

    • XokX
      XokX 7 days ago

      +999SickBoy666 I do!!!BUT i guess YOU don't.... since i was just kidding obviously!! hence the use of" im pretty sure its because of the dc thing"like jeremy says in a few vids and the DING at the end....i've been seeing cinemasins since the very begining so maybe next time if you don't know what you're talking bout perhaps shut the fuck up? just a suggestion :)

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 26 days ago

      I'm pretty sure you don't understand the point of this channel nor the actual meaning of that comment.


    Kamehameha 😂🤣😂🤣



  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia Month ago

    Fuck Chris Pine lol

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt Month ago

    Everything is wrong with this movie should've put her in a porn movie would've made her even more famous

  • Arthur Ballinger
    Arthur Ballinger Month ago

    Only thing wrong with Wonder Woman is her fighting her desires for me to fuck the shit out of her too much! But eventually she will finally lose one battle! All woman want me what's makes her any different? So she's a God? I get that but I'm the man who makes things new again! Shell give in and its like that!

  • Niklas Karlsson
    Niklas Karlsson Month ago +2

    Please do:
    professor marston and the wonder women, to tribute to the story. .

  • Rob Taylor
    Rob Taylor Month ago +1

    when you watch anything DC on your computer and keep turning the brightness up because you can't see anything and then realize..."oh, its fucking DC."

  • bloatedman
    bloatedman Month ago

    bigger warheads

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago

    wait no wtf did the pilot guy say

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun Month ago

    Thor's got a bit of a flashback. Not much but still. Ang Lee's hulk is basically a flash-back childhood orgy. Cap has a bit (spoiler alert he was a wuss). But Marvel does it less because their hero's are less godly so DC throws in the childhood stuff to show when they actually were human and vulnerable.

  • soccer Nick50 Nick Iannacone

    “Questioning your sanity or worshiping her as a god right now”
    Greatest thing I’ve ever heard

  • RezAzu
    RezAzu Month ago

    Its No Man's land..oohhhh

  • Ro2008sie
    Ro2008sie Month ago


  • alici googoo
    alici googoo Month ago

    Do Aquaman!!

  • J_E B
    J_E B Month ago

    He's not Irish, he's Scottish.

  • Elijah Spitze
    Elijah Spitze Month ago

    Even Marvel knew to SOMEWHAT respect the gods that exist in their universe, here ARES kills EVERYONE, the other 11 in the main circle, Hades, there are well over 100 gods and Demi-gods (pretty sure Ares himself is a Demi-god)

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito Month ago

    3:49 you didn't show the part where he did fight.

  • Alex Wyffels
    Alex Wyffels Month ago

    8:55 Did you just assume my language?!?!