Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Inferno Dragon
    Inferno Dragon 10 minutes ago

    You always have to pray to NINOOO

  • MistyPool YT
    MistyPool YT 11 minutes ago

    That whole menu was RANK apart from mother Mary’s red velvet cake of HOLYNESS

  • SgtBock 242
    SgtBock 242 21 minute ago

    0:36 Excuse me, but WTF is this haircut/beard combination?

  • Survivrs
    Survivrs 22 minutes ago

    I can't even stand to look at that without throwing up in my mouth. The mac and cheese along with the pork chop is just nasty!

  • Blackcat9388
    Blackcat9388 24 minutes ago

    Just watched this to get out of my recommended

  • Pro Bow 47
    Pro Bow 47 39 minutes ago +1

    5:52 memeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    NO HATERS IN THE CLUB 44 minutes ago +1

    I legit thought the thumbnail was dog poo

  • Pro Bow 47
    Pro Bow 47 45 minutes ago +1

    When you get spicy beef Taco Bell

    J. FRIZZLE Hour ago +1

    How u going to complain then sit right back down

  • Elijah crump
    Elijah crump Hour ago

    Yall are a disgrace to black women every where scince when cant yall season some shit my grandmother would roll inher grave if she knew of this

  • Emmarina
    Emmarina Hour ago

    5:47 This is where it all began

  • renee gayle
    renee gayle Hour ago


  • MannyBot
    MannyBot 2 hours ago

    Really thankful for the ending. He puts his foot down, but also praises quality when he sees it.

  • Mina Radcliffe
    Mina Radcliffe 2 hours ago

    I thought that was a pile of shit

  • Zippy
    Zippy 2 hours ago

    Maaaaaaybe pick a different thumbnail?

  • flans whoppy
    flans whoppy 3 hours ago

    No seasoning? *disappointment in black*

  • See Jarls
    See Jarls 3 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Hannah Britton
    Hannah Britton 4 hours ago

    The chitlins look like shit

  • S_akuura
    S_akuura 4 hours ago

    "Ah you'll be fine"

    *Throws up in the bathroom*

  • Memememe 1
    Memememe 1 4 hours ago

    Lol. So dramatic

  • Lennox Jackson
    Lennox Jackson 5 hours ago

    Bitch I eat rats for dinner

  • Mello Ghoul
    Mello Ghoul 6 hours ago

    Yooooo the clickbait got me I thought I was seeing shit on my recommendations

  • Water pillow
    Water pillow 6 hours ago

    Those chillers looked like pieces of shit name shitlers they went straight through him

  • Adis Babaca
    Adis Babaca 7 hours ago

    this wall record and hole in wall was made exclusive for kitchen nightmare and it is made for purpose 2 look real but isn't 2 look real and records music on wall 2 look cool what's next wood on wall and restaurant made off rock so old is falling apart like hell on earth lol

  • Yodama soto
    Yodama soto 8 hours ago

    4:34 he's probably wanting to say that the dish looks like a cat threw up and then took a shit on it.

  • Rahim Jones
    Rahim Jones 8 hours ago

    How did I get here I was just listening to Ariana grande seven rings

  • heavenlybeast12
    heavenlybeast12 8 hours ago

    Bring this show back AND To Hell & Back In 24 Hrs!

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 10 hours ago +1

    3:46 his beard goes around his forehead?

  • MrDuffy81
    MrDuffy81 10 hours ago

    Excuse me, miss, Um...I think someone shit on my plate. Was it something I said?

  • 신하라
    신하라 10 hours ago

    At least they are hopeful 🙃

  • Keego's Cards
    Keego's Cards 10 hours ago

    When is Gordon happy about the food he gets served!

  • Umaroth TheDragon
    Umaroth TheDragon 11 hours ago

    D R U Y

  • Valk King
    Valk King 11 hours ago

    Rip Gordon

  • Black Heart99
    Black Heart99 11 hours ago

    Shouldn't the Chief taste food first instead of laughing about it .

  • Poop7878 Plays
    Poop7878 Plays 11 hours ago

    Is that a picture if his shit?

  • lovexoxo
    lovexoxo 11 hours ago

    Awee the end was so sweet 😇

  • Lego Builder268
    Lego Builder268 12 hours ago

    Says food is fresh immediately shows mac n cheese raw in a bowl, the cheese is not even melted.

  • aleena patrick
    aleena patrick 12 hours ago

    4:03 i'll pray with you Gordon.

  • Aneesa H.
    Aneesa H. 12 hours ago

    Ramsey is so iconic, he knows a good soul food restaurant is supposed to have dope Mac n Cheese and collard greens 😂👏🏾

  • Mia England
    Mia England 13 hours ago

    Idk what’s messier, the food, the owners sanity or her wig on her head. I think it’s safe to say all of the above 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mae Puengton
    Mae Puengton 13 hours ago +1

    Pray to mother marry

  • Aaliyah Walker
    Aaliyah Walker 13 hours ago

    ewww yall food probably taste LIKE SHIT IN THE CAN

  • Aaliyah Walker
    Aaliyah Walker 13 hours ago


  • Kenton Channer
    Kenton Channer 13 hours ago

    Soul food my ass

  • MoxyTails Fox
    MoxyTails Fox 13 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this - thank you!

  • Salty ArtBoi
    Salty ArtBoi 13 hours ago

    5:52 I found the

  • Nora Salinas
    Nora Salinas 13 hours ago

    I think the clothes the waitress is wearing is not very sanitary; like her armpits are just out and about-.- and the auntie doesn’t have her hair up that’s like one of the most important rules in a kitchen; she looks very nice and how she was trying to be positive but this is the real world of cooking honey; I wouldn’t want to eat any of that food T - T

  • no one likes madi lol
    no one likes madi lol 13 hours ago

    "it looks like someone shat on my plate..."

  • Golden Gaming
    Golden Gaming 13 hours ago

    2:09 i love that face

  • FBI
    FBI 13 hours ago

    The Okra looks like poop of a dog..

  • Zane Monstoro
    Zane Monstoro 13 hours ago

    When they said "microwave it" i knew they fucked up

  • Rozo Carter
    Rozo Carter 13 hours ago

    When she leaned in for the kiss😍😍😍🙏🏾

  • Exotic. cxctus
    Exotic. cxctus 13 hours ago

    The thumbnail looked like what is in my lawn

    JACK ALS YT 14 hours ago

    I wouldn't eat any of that shit🤢🤢

  • Infxmous Gxmer
    Infxmous Gxmer 14 hours ago

    0:16 2:08 R.I.P. xD

  • Cheeser Power
    Cheeser Power 14 hours ago

    That chitlin thing made me puke

  • Lil’ Pancakezz
    Lil’ Pancakezz 14 hours ago +1

    Is it me or is the thumbnail looking exactly like poop?

  • Sarah CP
    Sarah CP 14 hours ago

    “Just go microwave it” that’s the sign that Gordon will criticize the food because it was frozen/microwaved instead of being fresh.

  • The Destroyer 1014
    The Destroyer 1014 14 hours ago

    Wow, they made fun of him for getting sick because of their trash food.

  • xSavannahMsp
    xSavannahMsp 15 hours ago

    was I the only one who thought the thumbnail was gordans ummmm poop

  • Tommy BRo
    Tommy BRo 15 hours ago

    They look crap.

  • chadergeist82
    chadergeist82 15 hours ago

    "He AX me"...LOL!

  • GearGrindzGaming
    GearGrindzGaming 15 hours ago

    That food looks fucking vile. I could do better.

  • TPS Vapor
    TPS Vapor 16 hours ago +1


  • Chrom
    Chrom 16 hours ago +1

    I just saw this one on tv

  • Kylie Howard
    Kylie Howard 16 hours ago

    gordon ramsey is so rude lmao

  • PauW101
    PauW101 16 hours ago

    Oh Yeah

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu 16 hours ago

    Before I do taste them, I’d like to pray to Nino

  • Taurus 03
    Taurus 03 17 hours ago

    *sees the thumbnail, thinks it's poop*

  • Cahil Robinett
    Cahil Robinett 17 hours ago +1

    So much for the food being phenomenal.

  • Hoodxo Calum
    Hoodxo Calum 17 hours ago

    Record falling off the wall: exposed. You are exposed! I’m gonna expose you💁🏽‍♀️


  • Cahil Robinett
    Cahil Robinett 17 hours ago

    That macaroni looks good

  • Kwill3ms14
    Kwill3ms14 17 hours ago

    5:49 for the meme you’re welcome

  • Daze
    Daze 17 hours ago +1

    1:16 when you know your in trouble

  • Račman Dominik
    Račman Dominik 17 hours ago +1

    Did this get reccomend just because of the meme or what?

  • Gaming finn
    Gaming finn 17 hours ago

    0:29 but what she didnt know...

  • she's shøøk
    she's shøøk 17 hours ago

    “Just microwave it”

  • Leah'Marie Sweetlove
    Leah'Marie Sweetlove 17 hours ago

    Eww shitlings! Wit a peaice of shit! On the top y'all suck!!!!!!

  • Leah'Marie Sweetlove
    Leah'Marie Sweetlove 17 hours ago

    Ewwww😫😭🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮😷 none cooking ass's

  • star cloud
    star cloud 17 hours ago

    Chitlins stink badddd

  • star cloud
    star cloud 18 hours ago

    O god it all black people I'm black but no office I know there food is bad sometimes

  • Double-Bone
    Double-Bone 18 hours ago

    00:25 You know tho, there’s a thing called too many cooks in the kitchen.
    00:26 some people didn’t even wear hair nets and had no gloves, that’s disgusting.
    00:36 if you want good food, you don’t slop it all into the microwave, she should know better
    00:58 And they say they’ve never seen the record, yet it’s clear that the hole was there.
    1:46 when it comes off as a whole piece, you know it’s probably either too cooked or has been reheated
    2:50 did they really put Doritos in there?!?
    4:05 that is literally disgusting, like it looks like sh*t
    5:57 atleast the other cooks are nice and know what’s up

  • S.A.M Unknown
    S.A.M Unknown 18 hours ago

    It bothers me that a lot of people on this show dont take gordan seriously.

  • Chanel Shemyr
    Chanel Shemyr 18 hours ago


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 18 hours ago +2

    Just because they're black they title it like that.

  • kkarls1
    kkarls1 19 hours ago

    Am I the only one who finds Gordon irresistibly sexy as fuck?

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie 19 hours ago

    He know damn well that hole was in the wall before Gordon found it 😂🤣

  • Daniel Gordon
    Daniel Gordon 19 hours ago

    Grandmas know how to bake!

  • Jack Lycett
    Jack Lycett 19 hours ago

    f i n a l l y s o m e g o o d f u c k i n g f o o d

  • Ernestine Sohna
    Ernestine Sohna 19 hours ago

    Finally, a guud facking feud.

  • JazzyJessieJ MSP
    JazzyJessieJ MSP 19 hours ago

    Thsi thing fucking shit

  • Akari Sakurakouji
    Akari Sakurakouji 19 hours ago


  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 20 hours ago

    He does a good job. He tells the restraunt how bad it is and helps them fix it

  • Sogeking
    Sogeking 20 hours ago

    Sorry but the thumbnail looked like a no.2 🤢

  • Carissa Baxter
    Carissa Baxter 20 hours ago

    This don't look like good soul food. It's lackluster if you ask me.

  • Clementine Everett-illegally adopted

    This is funnnnyyyy omlll

  • Lo Chicago
    Lo Chicago 20 hours ago

    mama marys red velvet cake look 🔥 but the rest of that look like some shit from a hungry man microwave dinner

  • sodium
    sodium 20 hours ago

    5:50 is where a meme was born

  • ha8838jdjnskoxi71183
    ha8838jdjnskoxi71183 21 hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Levi Equals Trash
    Levi Equals Trash 21 hour ago

    this woman here laughing even though ramsey is bout to close her down for good