Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Guess that prayer didn't do anything.
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  • iZaheed Ahamed
    iZaheed Ahamed 2 hours ago

    They should link the complete episodes in the description...

    KONO DIO DA 7 hours ago

    It’s 12:00 PM. Why am I here?..

  • ImScaredOfToasters
    ImScaredOfToasters 7 hours ago


  • Crippled N Crazy5150
    Crippled N Crazy5150 17 hours ago

    Just microwave it.
    From the get go!

  • Nobel _
    Nobel _ Day ago

    She a disappointment can’t cook basic homemade food🤦‍♂️shit pitiful

  • GrnXnham
    GrnXnham Day ago

    "Everything is cooked to perfection!" Then you see scene of macaroni and cheese looking like rubber cement being pealed off some wax paper!

  • Dorothy Aboagye
    Dorothy Aboagye Day ago

    Chef : everything is cooked to perfection.
    Editor : really? hold my drink *shows scene of them taking all that gunk to reheat it *

  • Dorothy Aboagye
    Dorothy Aboagye Day ago

    Producer : Gordon is going to come in and order from your menu.
    Chefs : sure *still put everything in the microwave*
    Like ARE YOU DUMB?!

  • Z3R0
    Z3R0 Day ago +1

    Its soul food alright...

    *Cuz it will send you to an early grave*

  • The Super Joeski

    "before i do taste them, id like to pray to- NINO"
    -Gordan ramsay 6:03

  • The Super Joeski

    look at me in the profile pic and tell me that DOES NOT look like a dog went up, and just shat on it...

  • LittleParade
    LittleParade 2 days ago

    The server doesn't look like she's wearing anything but her apron

  • Kiryama Thadison
    Kiryama Thadison 2 days ago

    I thought that was cat poop in the thumbnail

  • Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen 2 days ago +1

    Grandma about to kick his ass

  • Lui Monarch
    Lui Monarch 2 days ago

    What's with the Minoo?! 😂

  • James Flagg
    James Flagg 2 days ago

    These ladies are hilarious. Love how happy they are serving that stuff. No way would I eat any of that. lol

  • A Queens World
    A Queens World 3 days ago

    He's A brave man for eating what people cook for him without seeing how they made it. I know I have to see how people are living before I eat anything that they cooked.
    If I can't see you cook it....I won't eat it!

  • Snekers Says
    Snekers Says 3 days ago

    Some of the food looks like actual shit, but the old lady is so cute

  • Alexa Dawson
    Alexa Dawson 3 days ago

    Mother Mary gon save the restaurant

  • Dbrianni Cooper
    Dbrianni Cooper 3 days ago

    The cake looks moist compared to the food

  • ThatBoulTep
    ThatBoulTep 3 days ago

    Is that a fucking penis

  • jayden Callaway
    jayden Callaway 3 days ago +1

    2:09 face of despair 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • yoda gaming
    yoda gaming 3 days ago

    I swear man, they trynna kill ramsay

  • Obergruppenstuppensuperduperuberfuhrer thicc boye

    Did it just come back up?

  • Andreanne Ceme
    Andreanne Ceme 4 days ago

    Before I taste them I would like to pray to NINOOOOOOO

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese 4 days ago

    It looks like a sea cucumber's dick

  • Atheer Alhatilah
    Atheer Alhatilah 4 days ago

    “Before I taste them I’ll pray to-NINO”

  • Theo McBride
    Theo McBride 4 days ago

    "everything is cooked to perfection"

  • Ranju pratap
    Ranju pratap 5 days ago

    What’s funny in a world known chef throwing up over your food!! Thee lady who cooked the cake is so sweet

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 5 days ago

    hopefully that wasn't accually shit that he ate it looked like cat shit

  • RevolverOcelot2008
    RevolverOcelot2008 5 days ago

    Everytime I hear the beeping of a microwave in this show I expect Gordon to break through the wall like the Koolaid Man and give them shit

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 5 days ago

    You know mother marry be beating everybody’s ass after those cameras go off for embarrassing her like that

  • Aries Nyuratik
    Aries Nyuratik 5 days ago

    "Finally, some good fucking food."

  • Tayla Hirst-Wilson
    Tayla Hirst-Wilson 5 days ago

    Chiclets more like shitlets hah dead.x😅😅😂

  • Islam Rana
    Islam Rana 5 days ago

    Granny rules.

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor 5 days ago

    Shit on plate of diarrhea lol.

  • Farrel PC
    Farrel PC 6 days ago

    Why is there Nino on the ending??

  • TBoy205
    TBoy205 6 days ago

    the fking NINOO at the end holy fuck 😂😂

  • Chloe Lavender
    Chloe Lavender 6 days ago

    Not even my school cafeteria lunches are that bad! 🤢

  • sheik Macrohon
    sheik Macrohon 7 days ago

    When I heard the microwave in the kitchen I said
    *they just woke the demon*

  • Nate V
    Nate V 7 days ago

    Shit restaurant serving shit food, big surprise. Shut it down, light a match on the way out the door.

  • Gold Anubis
    Gold Anubis 7 days ago +1

    "before I do taste them I'd like to pray to Ninoooooo" best edit

  • Megan Dulaney
    Megan Dulaney 7 days ago +1

    Owner: Our food is perfection
    Also owner: Yea we put the food in the microwave

  • Aleezey
    Aleezey 7 days ago

    “chitlins?..... *sHiTLiNs* ”

  • Salad Dressing
    Salad Dressing 7 days ago

    The disk was so funny 😂

  • TwentySeven Gamer
    TwentySeven Gamer 8 days ago

    I hate women they are so stupid

  • Rhonda Hillegers
    Rhonda Hillegers 8 days ago

    this is the same place that accused Gordon and his crew of planting a dead rat at the front door!!

  • Natalie Holley
    Natalie Holley 8 days ago

    God: "man I ain't helping you you got yourself into that mess."

  • Shut up Tanya
    Shut up Tanya 8 days ago

    Mom Mary needs to take over.

  • Aqua
    Aqua 8 days ago

    “Craparoni and cheese”

  • The Arrow 4K
    The Arrow 4K 8 days ago

    When I heard her say just microwave it I already knew they fucked up

  • Vxrok
    Vxrok 8 days ago

    Obviously scripted.

  • jakeb 569
    jakeb 569 8 days ago

    gordon is a microwave-detecting master

  • Rosecoloredpools
    Rosecoloredpools 8 days ago


  • life time
    life time 9 days ago

    heck is that shitlins

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 9 days ago

    5:50 finally some good fucking food

  • Addy Klein
    Addy Klein 9 days ago

    Actually laughing that he is throwing up... 🙄

  • nubiansnowchic
    nubiansnowchic 9 days ago +3

    Microwaved chit’Lins?!?! *mud butt has entered the chat room*

  • lnnyazi Paradox
    lnnyazi Paradox 9 days ago +1

    And mother Mary very sweet lady!!!

  • lnnyazi Paradox
    lnnyazi Paradox 9 days ago

    She seems wicked including that laugh of hers, but her business is on TV and people who are watching and go there to eat might not wanna go there after watching this episode. Just craziness.

  • Lia Sieradzki
    Lia Sieradzki 9 days ago

    Ok, I would run and call the exterminator. Then the cops. Then ask my dog if he pooped on that plate.

  • كنت سأنجب منك قبيلة

    I admire his courage for two reason:
    - He eats stuff that not even edible.
    - he get passed the look to give an honest judge.

  • key Bradley
    key Bradley 10 days ago

    For a lot of kids nowadays we need ramsey in our mom kitchen

  • RemixMemories - ROBLOX! And more!

    You can’t have a perfect meal, not when you’re not even impressing a master chef

  • nik erlah
    nik erlah 10 days ago

    when i ame watching his epizodes he always says -its dry

  • izac ._
    izac ._ 10 days ago

    "The food is phenomenal"
    Few seconds later "Just microwave it."

  • Faith Morris
    Faith Morris 11 days ago

    Chitlins are not suppose to stink after cooked, they were not cleaned right

  • earthrocker 48
    earthrocker 48 11 days ago

    It just falls

  • Unreal gamin
    Unreal gamin 11 days ago +3

    Food exists
    Gordon: I T ' S B L A N D!!

  • SpeedFanatic
    SpeedFanatic 11 days ago

    "Before I do taste them, I'd like to pray to NIIIIIIINOOOO!!!!!!!"
    -Gordon Ramsay

    • LordStarscream100
      LordStarscream100 11 days ago


  • HaveSeveralSeats
    HaveSeveralSeats 11 days ago

    Chitlins? It looks more like two pieces of turds on top of throw up. Nasty.

  • Rebekah’s World
    Rebekah’s World 12 days ago

    Who puts macaroni in the microwave? My mom cooks better than that and she doesn’t own a business

  • Agent 4W
    Agent 4W 12 days ago

    I love it when he likes the food
    Just the utter happiness in everyone there

  • Denver_ 5280
    Denver_ 5280 12 days ago

    They laughing and all but they won't eat it...

  • natalialol _1
    natalialol _1 13 days ago +1

    Waiter: How was the restroom?
    Gordon: IT’S RAW

  • 1234 Hi
    1234 Hi 13 days ago


  • Lex Vape
    Lex Vape 13 days ago +1

    To whoever adds the “Nino” sounds clips to the end. Stop. Please. It’s not funny. You’re ruining good videos.

  • Ray Brunson
    Ray Brunson 14 days ago

    Gordon just need to eat all together, if he ´ll eat all together then...

  • Rory Rockchild
    Rory Rockchild 14 days ago

    no one even talking about the dudes face beard at 0:36

  • Aidan Sparks
    Aidan Sparks 15 days ago

    Gordon finally liked something

    GYU LKRCA 15 days ago

    "Shitlins" 😂

  • Variix
    Variix 16 days ago +1

    3:44 my man got a lasso around his head

  • Regina Hagel
    Regina Hagel 16 days ago

    I wanna aunt mary..shes God in her

  • Regina Hagel
    Regina Hagel 16 days ago

    Use a potato and boil n milk alott lmfao

  • Regina Hagel
    Regina Hagel 16 days ago

    Imma throw the fuk up micro shitlins..nope!

  • MaxxCoyote
    MaxxCoyote 16 days ago

    "He's not used to that soul food huh?"
    Lady, Gordon's Scottish, which means that he's undoubtedly familiar with Haggis. You know, the original gross ass food that people shouldn't eat.
    Chitterlings...fuck you.

  • biano
    biano 16 days ago

    The cake looked very good though

  • A C
    A C 16 days ago

    Crap food, that ain’t soul

  • Lonelyheartsclub
    Lonelyheartsclub 16 days ago

    The ending is cute

  • chaotic black bow
    chaotic black bow 16 days ago

    God bless mother Mary! That red velvet looks to die for!

  • S Torres
    S Torres 17 days ago

    Mmmmmmm...doesn't that thumbnail just make your tummy rumble?

  • Cnw#8701
    Cnw#8701 17 days ago


  • Hrenn2006
    Hrenn2006 17 days ago +1

    Before I taste them I’d like to pray to NINO!! 🤣

  • joshua obot
    joshua obot 17 days ago +3

    Thats not how okra is supposed to look, oh my goodness 😷

    VFSCHANTZINATOR 17 days ago

    Before I taste them, I would like to pray to NINOOOOOO!

  • vonnie love
    vonnie love 18 days ago

    I've never seen collard Greens with chips inside of them, like, it's not a dip, so why are you putting chips with them and how I was raised on collard Greens was neck bones inside the collard Greens

  • simon
    simon 18 days ago

    not to be dramatic or anything but I'd die for Mother Mary

  • Enia Chao
    Enia Chao 18 days ago

    Oh just another female nino

  • GertySaurus
    GertySaurus 18 days ago

    Mother Mary we love you

  • Sarkis Samuel
    Sarkis Samuel 18 days ago

    3:43 ...this lady crazy