The Middle East's cold war, explained

  • Published on Jul 17, 2017
  • How two feuding countries are tearing apart the Middle East.
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    The Saudis and Iranians have never actually declared war on each other. Instead, they fight indirectly by supporting opposing sides in other countries and inciting conflicts. This is known as proxy warfare.
    And it’s had a devastating effect on the region. Countries, especially poor ones, can’t function if there are larger countries pulling strings within their borders.
    And that’s exactly what's happening in the Middle East. The Saudi-Iranian rivalry has become a fight over influence, and the whole region is a battlefield. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • NS360PS
    NS360PS 14 minutes ago

    Historically accurate or Vox accurate?

  • Glen MacPherson
    Glen MacPherson 15 minutes ago

    This is one of the most hypocritical things I've ever listened to.

    • Glen MacPherson
      Glen MacPherson 4 minutes ago

      @NS360PS The massive and overwhelming role played by the United States in all this, and how they directly caused many of the conflicts highlighted in this video.

    • NS360PS
      NS360PS 13 minutes ago

      Which points?

  • Playing Violin
    Playing Violin 3 hours ago

    Aha, so peacefull persians are to be blamed of for all this mess in middle Asia!! We got it, sweat american propagandist!

  • Umme Roman
    Umme Roman 6 hours ago

    We are near to WW3

  • Sacha Borat Cohen
    Sacha Borat Cohen 8 hours ago

    So what I'm getting from this is that Iran is the pro-democracy power in the region and the Saudis -supported by the U.S. are the pro-monarchy powers.
    So the U.S. really isn't trying to spread democracy?
    What the fk man, I was hoping we were the good guys.
    This video is telling me that the U.S. is a bunch of asholes for even being there in the first place.

  • Mohamed rayane Bennani
    Mohamed rayane Bennani 9 hours ago +1

    So technically the U.S made the terrorist after invading Iraq the US made the most deadly mistake by invading Iraq

  • Mohamed rayane Bennani
    Mohamed rayane Bennani 9 hours ago +1

    Why did U. S invaded Iraq? For oil?

  • Mohamed rayane Bennani
    Mohamed rayane Bennani 9 hours ago +2

    I think world War 3 is close

  • Bashy
    Bashy 10 hours ago

    Bottom line US is behined these wars as this CIA officer is saying

  • Aoun Rizvi
    Aoun Rizvi 10 hours ago

    Correction they are not sunni in saudi arabia in majority its wahabi

  • Jesse Bechtlufft
    Jesse Bechtlufft 13 hours ago

    Viva o exército do Líbano. Viva o Hezbollah

  • Krull Ogdan
    Krull Ogdan 13 hours ago +2

    Iraq got the weapons from the crimnal U.S. goverment including the " WEPONS OF MASSDESTRUCTION" and not from Saudi arabia

  • Ishaan Laskar
    Ishaan Laskar 14 hours ago

    This video needs an update!

  • kungfreddie
    kungfreddie 18 hours ago

    If you need to explain the term cold war, who is your target audience? And do u really think someone not knowing that term would ever be interested in this topic?

  • arashk kaviyani
    arashk kaviyani 20 hours ago

    During Iranian Iraq war both ussr and usa supported Saddam Germany sold chemical weapons France sold jets and England sold whatever it could to Saddam while Iranian couldn't even buy simple aks ! And yet Iranian didn't lose!

  • DerSpielfuehrer
    DerSpielfuehrer 20 hours ago

    6:55 The USA have no idea what they are doing.
    that sums it up very accurate.

  • Jonathan Wells
    Jonathan Wells 20 hours ago

    I assume you are keeping it simple for the short attention span of my friend who thinks the last war was 55 years ago. The middle east is rich in oil and now under Trump the US is too. If the middle east goes to peace, we can all work together to win the climate change/CO2 science information war.

  • bingbonga binga
    bingbonga binga 21 hour ago

    I's not a cold war. It's a war to end Iran backed terrorism. When the Gulf State forces can convince the enemy to surender they are cared for. If not they are killed. Captured prisoners are treated with kindness. The Mullahs of Iran will have to surrender eventually. And It Will be due to Saudi Arabia.

  • AJC Tiger 2000
    AJC Tiger 2000 Day ago

    Ik that Iran might have access to nuclear weapons. Idk about Saudi Arabia. But regardless of whether both or at least one of the two countries have access to nukes, it’ll make matters even worse in the Middle East, considering how much damage that even a single nuke can do to a certain area, depending on the location.

  • Firas Abid
    Firas Abid Day ago

    don't give followers false facts . I'am from Tunisia and plz don't invove us next time. If you have really know tunisians you will know that we hate so much both saudi arabia and iran , not the people but theirs kings . So try to make deep reaserch next time before jump to false conclusion

  • Deno Moto
    Deno Moto Day ago +1

    Most of the actions by the U.S. and later Russia and even pressure from China is left out of this video. You cant take it very seriously.

  • G Lazarus
    G Lazarus Day ago

    So why did the US invade Iraq? There wasn't really an explanation why in the video.

  • AAA141414 A
    AAA141414 A Day ago +1

    There you have it, everyone blaming Saudi for being violent, oppressive, etc when in fact it is IRAN!

  • lord netsplits
    lord netsplits Day ago +1

    The israeli "Greater Israel Project" is the source.

  • Кат Амаri
    Кат Амаri Day ago

    "Nobody could have predicted"... seriously?

  • is me
    is me Day ago

    This is a proxy war Inside a proxy war

  • Sanjula Jayakody

    HAM vs BACON !!!

  • Cipher
    Cipher Day ago

    Algeria just be like: shhhhhhh

  • Vlado Atanasow
    Vlado Atanasow Day ago

    Protestant - catholic split - never mention anything about orthodox Christians

  • Henk Boshoff
    Henk Boshoff Day ago +1

    'Dictator' of Syria who was voted into power with over 80%. ...?

    • Carlo A
      Carlo A Day ago

      Hitler was democratically elected too..disctatorshil is a mode of governing not necessarily of election

  • بنت التميمي

    We arabs best we lion of asia king asia arabs we arabs ok allah with arabs

  • Great Heat
    Great Heat Day ago

    I'm really sorry for those who trusting this nonsense documentary , you guys just rewriting the history because of money

  • mohamad amiri
    mohamad amiri Day ago +1

    Obama and Clinton created isis. says Trump.

  • mohamad amiri
    mohamad amiri Day ago +8

    Wherever U.S goes, insecurity goes. But finally the loser is U.S and its Arab followers.

    • Bob Bee
      Bob Bee Hour ago

      Ummm... No, pretty sure Saudi or America have not lost.

    • Anoop Kumar
      Anoop Kumar 7 hours ago

      how is US the loser

  • javedakhtar javed

    Mehmod qureshi lekhon tu mtlb Imran Khan ka wo khas bnda jin ny ppp sy khob traning hasil ki sayasat krny ki

  • javedakhtar javed

    Sudia ki trha Mehmod qureshi tery ko kn c gadi chaheye lalchi Yamen etc

  • Brotha Rame
    Brotha Rame Day ago

    Man this video really leaves out the USA's involvement in creating the tension between the countries in that region of the world

  • John D
    John D Day ago

    07:48 "the Saudis who are the ultimate status quo power" .... LOL

  • farman ali
    farman ali 2 days ago

    The main causes of these war is behind US, she doesn’t want to uplift Muslim countries the main objective is to indulge war each other. We as a Muslim be united and to fight with real enemies.

  • Joe Flanagan
    Joe Flanagan 2 days ago

    This video is a comedy.

    America/Isis/NATO the evillest terrorist group this planet ever witnessed. History cannot be erased even if these fools control the media.
    Al-Assad in Syria is a pure gentleman.

    • The Icean
      The Icean Day ago

      I mean, America and NATO arent evil. NATO helped keep the West together in the face of adversity from the growing threat of communism. The means they would use to contain such was indeed questionable at times, but they ultimately had a good intention to their actions; to maintain relative peace, stability, and balance in this chaotic world. Assad is a millitant leader propped up by the Russians to supress opposition to the reigime that Assad wants to create. If Assad manages to get Syria to himself, he will probably become the next Sadaam Hussain, brutally supressing his opposition or at least doing a plethora of extremely shady things. Assad is one of the reasons why Syria is extremely divided to the point of Civil War. Not everything is America's fault. The more you use scapegoats, the harder it will be to actually make progress to hopefully one day make the middle-east a more decent place to live.

  • tcntx
    tcntx 2 days ago +1

    nuke iran

  • SuperStriker7US Team Name:The Last Bosses

    Fun Fact: Americans discovered oil in Saudi Arabia in 1938. Not the Saudis.

  • hashem shibani
    hashem shibani 2 days ago

    Do not believe any American. False report

  • hashem shibani
    hashem shibani 2 days ago +2

    Saddam hussian is not dictator
    Bush is the real dictator

    • Nsm S
      Nsm S 2 days ago

      You are telling americans loot oil rich countries then what is the real reason Saddam invaded Kuwait.

    • Nsm S
      Nsm S 2 days ago +1

      But Bush didn't use chemical weapons on his countries own citizens. Even adolf Hitler didn't do that. Iraq is not as rich as its neighbours because it is producing 2 billion barrels of oil with 39 million population and Saudi Arabia produces 3 billion barrels of oil with 33 million population and was not involved in any conflict on its homeland.

  • Anonymous desu
    Anonymous desu 2 days ago

    capitalism vs anti-capitalism

  • Our Stuff
    Our Stuff 3 days ago

    Pakistanis must see.and.make.peace. with India elss they are just on the edge

  • Mankar Camoran
    Mankar Camoran 3 days ago +5

    Worst explanation ever, so many important details were just ignored, shame on you

  • Ghalya kd
    Ghalya kd 3 days ago

    خرا عالسياسة والسياسيين والمصالح وعالاعلام المصلحجي. احتارو كيف بدهم يفجرو الكوكب
    ودمتم سالمين ☺💔

  • DangerousDavies2008
    DangerousDavies2008 3 days ago

    What about Israels role in this chess game?

  • محمد التميمي Mohamed al_tamimi

    I'm shia in Basra from iraq hate iran and love Saudi Arabia

  • SayanSTR CE
    SayanSTR CE 3 days ago

    Vox it is 😏

  • Mr. Tey
    Mr. Tey 3 days ago +1

    Its a strange world we are living in... Iran and the U.S are more suited to be partners rather than with Saudi

  • Keaikitse Modise
    Keaikitse Modise 3 days ago

    Gaddafi said 80% of the gulf are the Iranians & the wealth is contrlled by 1% of the familly

  • flameout12345
    flameout12345 3 days ago

    How we miss Saddam Hussein

  • Pedro Henrique Linares Gil

    You can include the Brazil in the roll of the countries that were the USA plotted a coup of state, which creates the 1964 ditactorship here in Brazil

  • Portland Bubba
    Portland Bubba 4 days ago

    Too simple an explanation and not well thought out.

  • Queen Tara
    Queen Tara 4 days ago +3

    How come you didn’t mention the Kurdish People? The Kurds suffered the most from this cold war.

    • The Joker
      The Joker 13 hours ago

      Not most but yes they suffered very much

  • XxpauldadudexX
    XxpauldadudexX 4 days ago

    Saudi Arabia and Iran, both ruled by primitive, hateful, inhumane, superstitious, old men in beards n dresses. NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION, HAVING NO RELIGION, OR ANY PROGRESSIVE THINKING. Fear, intolerance, and terror is never far away.
    God or no god help these ppl ruled by fundamentalist, tyrannical, dictators when oil runs out...then the dark ages will be just around the corner.

  • Action for Yemen
    Action for Yemen 4 days ago

    Please check out @actionforyemen on Instagram, Twitter and fb. The ActionforYemen project is a grassroots movement to encourage people to give money to the UN Humanitarian Fund for Yemen at Christmas and birthdays. This is in lieu of a physical gift and a way to honor a loved one by empowering those in need.

  • felipe35475
    felipe35475 4 days ago

    Didnt explained US suport for Israel and 9/11 motives. Lame.