Female Chinese Names VS Male Chinese Names

  • Published on Mar 5, 2017
  • Recognizing the gender from Chinese characters can be hard, but there is a way. So here is a guide on how to tell the gender of a Chinese name.
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  • أسد
    أسد 5 months ago

    No chili oil in this video! Hahaha

  • أسد
    أسد 5 months ago

    Lol the girl's with the name snow are the frigid ones

  • Fomalhaut
    Fomalhaut 7 months ago

    Thought that boy is korean

  • paul signac
    paul signac 8 months ago

    I met a chinese girl who said her name was, 'Happiness two swallows.'

    Fortunately for me I found out later that translation was not quite right

  • Xenia __
    Xenia __ 10 months ago

    Who's Luhan? :/

  • 金云
    金云 11 months ago

    why do I feel like luhan is there because most westerner who wouldn't know would think he's a girl

  • Kim Ngân Hoàng
    Kim Ngân Hoàng Year ago

    tfw my name has the metal radical despite being a girl, it's "银"

  • Kahlila Cassandra Vee

    lu han

  • FatBestialSwan
    FatBestialSwan Year ago

    Can a native Mandarin speaker lemme know if 陶朱丽 is a believable name?
    I'm Vietnamese and 陶 is the character for my surname Đào before our writing system switched over to Latin characters. My first name is Julee so my mandarin professor assigned me 朱丽 for my given name.

    • Super Butter Lion
      Super Butter Lion Year ago

      Yes, 朱丽 sounds similar to Julee. It's a nice girl name. 朱 means 'red' and 丽 means 'beautiful'. Or 茱莉, more commonly used to translate from western name Julie. There are tons of Chinese characters have the same pronunciation but with totally different meaning though. It's best to ask your parents or grandparents about what your name means by each character.

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan Year ago

    My profile name is my chinese name and I am Chinese and I can speak Chinese

  • Ven Dejamos
    Ven Dejamos Year ago

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  • Cud Midas
    Cud Midas Year ago

    Well, we all know asians do everything better

  • Co_okie
    Co_okie Year ago

    My sur-name is 王

  • Scarlet Mason
    Scarlet Mason Year ago

    Isnt 1:51 a korean celeb?

  • delloda
    delloda Year ago

    The middle character of 3 character names is the generation character and there is a different one for each generation. The used character is recycled every 12 generations. It had its uses in the old days that, If you meet a person with the same surname and you know the generational names, then you can tell who has more seniority. Its use in mainland China is mostly lost due to the Communism while in Hong Kong it is still very common (probably Taiwan too I suppose).

  • Xo Dream
    Xo Dream Year ago

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    and so did you

  • Fat Shiba
    Fat Shiba Year ago


  • Melan' Toy
    Melan' Toy Year ago

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  • Steven Cai
    Steven Cai Year ago

    Wow no one is talking about the attractive girl on the front

  • Yumei111
    Yumei111 Year ago

    While everybody is talking about Luhan and I don't know him, here I am clicking on this video because of Zheng Shuang

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  • L O L I T A
    L O L I T A Year ago

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  • GucciTalien ;-;
    GucciTalien ;-; Year ago

    Me: *Sees Luhan* UMAYGHAD LUHAN *clicks video faster than Usain bolt and Flash*

  • RonLarhz
    RonLarhz Year ago

    Lol.nope 安&玉can be dude's name e.g.伟安 or 玉杰

  • 晓梦暗夜、
    晓梦暗夜、 Year ago


  • 0m31as
    0m31as Year ago

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    "AHa Luhan"

  • Song Bird
    Song Bird Year ago


  • Erik Zhu
    Erik Zhu 2 years ago

    Chen dynasty did u born in your own country or foreign countries?

  • Autumn's Latest
    Autumn's Latest 2 years ago

    Wow this video was quite useful. Believe it or not, I've been told before to look at a character's basic radicals before asking its meaning directly, but have never thought to do so to guess a name's gender. That is definitely something to keep in mind. And of _course_ you are talking about Chinese guys so u have to put Lu Han. I see you, Mike.

  • Ee-Lynn Loong
    Ee-Lynn Loong 2 years ago

    So I'm a boy?? Coz my name 龙怡琳 has two 木

  • Büsra Halime Süheyla

    I think mike is the only one who can put so much info in such a ahort video. He is so fast in talking and cant even wait until he fully said "bye" befor the video gets cut and thats the end 😂😂😂

  • MasterBloxx _ed
    MasterBloxx _ed 2 years ago

    what about 伟萱??????guest what I'm transcended but my Chinese name is male so I'm trans male 11 .....

  • Happy
    Happy 2 years ago

    im chinese and my parent gave me a chinese name that means "fat dick"...

  • Chin Zhi Lien陈紫恋

    My name is literally 'a purple crush'

  • OGSmallkaiser
    OGSmallkaiser 2 years ago

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  • Viddah Santiago
    Viddah Santiago 2 years ago

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  • Nynx aj
    Nynx aj 2 years ago

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    • Nynx aj
      Nynx aj 2 years ago

      half the comments are about luhan XD

  • Alicia Costello
    Alicia Costello 2 years ago

    true story: I worked as a receptionist for our university's writing center, which a lot of international students frequented. one day I told a student "your tutor is Amy"....she didn't know if it was the male tutor or the female tutor...and that's when I realized...just like I have a really hard time distinguishing asian genders, they have the same struggle with western names. 😊

  • Jennifer Do
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  • Test Test
    Test Test 2 years ago

    1:54 Is that Uee?

  • honey peach
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  • Ahmad Mustafa
    Ahmad Mustafa 2 years ago

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  • lucy-ferprofiler
    lucy-ferprofiler 2 years ago

    great video !!! You should do more videos like this !!!!

  • dxlirium
    dxlirium 2 years ago

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  • Anna Ren
    Anna Ren 2 years ago

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  • Yoli Z
    Yoli Z 2 years ago

    钯 鈑 鋇 in names??? LMAO are you serious?

  • Raketemensch 00000
    Raketemensch 00000 2 years ago

    You say that a given name with a 女字旁 character is 'usually' a girl's name... but is it not even more than just very likely? I mean, would you *ever* come across a guy with that radical in his given name (I'm guessing maybe 安 could be an exception? For some reason my intuition says that a 女字*旁* is more feminine)?
    Also, w/r/t "luckily in chinese the word for saying him or her has the same pronunciation, so when you speak about the person you won't really embarrass yourself by confusing their gender" -- I dunno man, it seems like the 'ta1' thing only invites more embarrassing or awkward situations, like you're a few minutes into an anecdote that seems to be about creepy sexual harassment at the office but then it turns out to be completely innocent.

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty 2 years ago

    you can be a professor in Chinese language you still can't figure out my gender base on mu name

  • Jimin Mochi
    Jimin Mochi 2 years ago

    OMG Luhan!!😻😻😻

  • Zachary Chin
    Zachary Chin 2 years ago

    In Japanese, when 子 (ko) is placed at the end of a name, it's almost always a girl's name which surprised me when i saw this. Good video btw!

  • harryginnyalways
    harryginnyalways 2 years ago +3

    This was very useful!! Thanks! I'm probably the only one who didnt come for Luhan (whodat). :P

  • fingerling54
    fingerling54 2 years ago

    When the tips are based on the Chinese characters of the names, they fail to be useful at all since let's say more than 90% of non-Chinese people who actually need to have such tips encounter the Chinese names in the form of Latin letters. It would be only a really useful tip if it distinguishes them phonetically.
    However, of course this one is rich of our culture and would be quite informative for those who learn Chinese characters.

  • K- Fun
    K- Fun 2 years ago +2

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  • jktaeh
    jktaeh 2 years ago +3

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  • Ai Xiao yu
    Ai Xiao yu 2 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if 芮伊 is an alright Chinese girls name? someone suggested it to me because it sounds like rinny (which it does) but they used a lot of smiling emojis so I don't know if it's a bad name

  • negrimaru
    negrimaru 2 years ago

    +The Chen Dynasty -- Mike, THANK YOU for this introductory guide in learning Chinese names. This was a good presentation.

  • Albert Valencia
    Albert Valencia 2 years ago

    I'm so radically confused...

  • Natalia Arlovoskaya
    Natalia Arlovoskaya 2 years ago

    I just remembered when my Taiwanese teacher laughed because my name was apparently a "guy's name" =-=

  • Selene Nguyen
    Selene Nguyen 2 years ago

    Dear Mike, UEE is a Korean singer and model. She's not Chinese:))
    Love Hanyu anyway:D

  • Jenny Li
    Jenny Li 2 years ago +1

    .....I don't comply to any of these...黎雁君

    • Jenny Li
      Jenny Li 2 years ago

      Nusret Bextiyar I'm just saying because I'm chinese, it doesn't apply to me.

  • Sabrina Li
    Sabrina Li 2 years ago

    那不是鹿晗吗 (isn't that luhan)

  • Positive Learner
    Positive Learner 2 years ago

    interesting video :)

  • 蔡爱雪KpopMultifandomLife

    蔡爱雪 that's my name in Chinese, my dad came up with that name when I was born.

  • igot7-lu
    igot7-lu 2 years ago +2

    lol for chinese "girl names" the pic is Uee from After School, and shes korean;P haha
    and yes i clicked cause i saw Luhan on the thumbnail

  • RivesEpicx
    RivesEpicx 2 years ago

    btw if yall wanna know my Chinese name is 陈威 aka Chen wei

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett 2 years ago

    I wish I had a gender-neutral name.

  • Jack Ji
    Jack Ji 2 years ago

    Hey how did you get mike as a name? I feel that Shane would have been better from Xing

  • nimi m
    nimi m 2 years ago

    Yay! Thank you for posting!!! :)

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  • mrkuang88
    mrkuang88 2 years ago

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  • p a s t e l . d a y s
    p a s t e l . d a y s 2 years ago

    Im a girl and my chinese name is this ....毕王佳

    • Nusrət 努斯热提
      Nusrət 努斯热提 2 years ago

      You have an uncommon surname and it's the same surname as Korean-Taiwanese singer Bii

  • Is Not a Genius Oikawa
    Is Not a Genius Oikawa 2 years ago +2

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  • Hetbasile CF
    Hetbasile CF 2 years ago

    Very interesting :)