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FBI vs CIA - How Do They Compare?


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  • Golden Minecraft Gold
    Golden Minecraft Gold 2 hours ago

    FBI OPEN UP!!!
    CIA! OPEN UP!!!

  • Joe G
    Joe G 17 hours ago

    CIA is a terrorist organization. And so is the FBI

  • MatthewPlayz
    MatthewPlayz 19 hours ago

    Department of Justice: keep talking bitches

  • Joseph Van Zandt
    Joseph Van Zandt Day ago +1

    FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS all corrupt and criminal enterprises. All must go.

  • Groovy Paul
    Groovy Paul Day ago

    FBI CIA both have no credibility at all blind puppets dooing what their told to do fire these useless government employee's.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez Day ago

    9/11 was an inside job

  • mirza fateh
    mirza fateh Day ago

    make video about svr vs cia

  • Black lizard
    Black lizard 2 days ago

    Hey patrick what am i, a state organized pro corporation and global capitalism agency that helps and support rigth wing cous over the world
    Patrick: hmmmm CIA?
    SpongeBob: No, Im FBI
    Patrick: Whats the diference? XD xD

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 2 days ago

    the C.I.A has more fun

  • CIA Official
    CIA Official 2 days ago

    Not bad, not bad

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao 2 days ago

    Figure it this way, they do not even know what the truth is. No advantage thinking about them much less talking with them. Little women, little men...

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander 2 days ago

    FBI is better

  • John Javier
    John Javier 3 days ago

    CIA is better they have killed hundreds of people in Latin America.

  • Rich Warega
    Rich Warega 3 days ago

    These animation are cracking me up 😄😄 hilarious stuff

  • Jess Reside
    Jess Reside 3 days ago

    I think its all a bunch of b.s.

  • Christian Hansford
    Christian Hansford 3 days ago

    Knock knock fbi open up!!!!!!!

  • Snowman Rainmaker
    Snowman Rainmaker 4 days ago

    The difference is the FBI tracks down and arrest criminals the CIA they slay dragons! FYI

  • World123 CC
    World123 CC 4 days ago

    To Malaysia

  • World123 CC
    World123 CC 4 days ago

    TQVM TO FBI AND CSI ,FROM : James Kid Amerika

  • Born Again
    Born Again 4 days ago

    Viewed this one also.

  • Launch Pad
    Launch Pad 4 days ago

    What’s the difference between my left and right ass cheeks?

  • Don't expect me to give you orders

    Its obvious FBI is homosexual

  • WhiteFace
    WhiteFace 6 days ago

    4:26 who has a donut burger wtf

  • Patriots 4life
    Patriots 4life 7 days ago


  • slav girl
    slav girl 7 days ago +2

    My dream is to work for the CIA

  • edward mendoza
    edward mendoza 7 days ago

    FBI better more memes

  • SpicyFries2099
    SpicyFries2099 7 days ago +1

    CIA vs FBI
    Top ten anime battles

  • Kyran Myrix
    Kyran Myrix 8 days ago

    Damn pinkertons

  • Random Name
    Random Name 8 days ago

    FBI O P E N U P

  • yomama gamer
    yomama gamer 9 days ago

    Fbi open up!

  • ċօռռɛʀ_ քʟaʏʐ

    their name is the difference

    TIJAN UCIHA 9 days ago

    But why CIA always say you can lose your job if you aresst me.i think CIA is top secret and they are beyond FBI

  • Kayachi
    Kayachi 11 days ago

    good videos. although the requirements of age and education are very incorrect :/

  • Reak Officials
    Reak Officials 12 days ago


  • kt_ 13
    kt_ 13 12 days ago

    Similarity is

    Both form together the ISIS

  • Michael Serato
    Michael Serato 13 days ago

    Scums are no where near MIB.

  • FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation

    CIA sucks.

  • Tommy1
    Tommy1 13 days ago

    And Texas Rangers? 😜

  • Tanvir Haider
    Tanvir Haider 14 days ago

    What is IMF?

  • Jonh Wick
    Jonh Wick 14 days ago

    If it's so hard to get into the FBI and its got a tuff screening then why did that FBI agent in Las Vegas shoot at a cop .exsplan that.he sead he was thinking people were out to get him if that FBI agent that shot at a Las Vegas cop how dus he got a gun if he has mental health problems he not sapos to own a gun an definitely not sapos to work for the FBI if he's got drinking problems and mental health problems.

  • Sisi Playz
    Sisi Playz 14 days ago

    FBI is better

  • Jimysonzylar Gaming
    Jimysonzylar Gaming 15 days ago

    FBI open up

    CIA open up

  • Dr Richard M
    Dr Richard M 15 days ago


  • Break Beat
    Break Beat 15 days ago

    I think the CIA are a secret agency and the FBI are the ones who *open up*

  • C. I. A.
    C. I. A. 15 days ago

    CIA is better

  • silent phantom
    silent phantom 16 days ago

    FBI is domestic CIA is both domestic and international....morons

  • The Exposer
    The Exposer 17 days ago

    CIA are far more lethal group
    Even apparent of supplying terrorist groups overseas and helping drug cartels smuggle narcotics into the us
    But let’s talk about intelligence and training fbi is more of basic army training with shooting however the CIA is more lethal basically kind of like more highly trained,teach you martial arts,make you intelligent as hell.well that’s what I’ve learned

  • Raimu Trajano
    Raimu Trajano 17 days ago


  • Micheal Rosen
    Micheal Rosen 17 days ago

    The CIA called all your mom’s fat.

  • jason joashon
    jason joashon 18 days ago

    ISI is better than both of them combined

  • wednesday boi
    wednesday boi 19 days ago

    Cia are clowns in america

  • barry mcdougal
    barry mcdougal 19 days ago


  • Andromeda
    Andromeda 19 days ago

    Its not worth it!

  • FBI
    FBI 19 days ago


  • cocoa the dog wolf
    cocoa the dog wolf 20 days ago

    F ucker
    B oys
    I ncorpirated
    C arnage
    I nside the
    A plle store

  • Sophie Noodles63
    Sophie Noodles63 20 days ago


  • Akash P
    Akash P 20 days ago

    FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

  • Anthony McCoy
    Anthony McCoy 20 days ago +1

    None you want looking for you.

  • cow 67
    cow 67 20 days ago

    name's different

  • Gaming Dynamite
    Gaming Dynamite 20 days ago

    3:01 That’s an Arab man.. Not all middle easterners wear, act and do the same things

  • DemonApe
    DemonApe 20 days ago

    CIA does not have it's own meme like FBI

  • stripes cup3
    stripes cup3 20 days ago

    FBI has meme, CIA doesn't end of story

  • Ravatos the pro
    Ravatos the pro 20 days ago

    Cia: *watching sexy alien videos*
    Fbi: FBI open up *slams in door*
    Cia: what?
    Fbi: your copying us
    Cia: i got a little help
    Fbi: *gets sucked in a ufo by aliens*
    Cia: *goes default dance* Victor royal
    (I know its a bit cringy)

  • Muhd Shuhairi
    Muhd Shuhairi 21 day ago

    FBI = Fried Bomb Igloos
    CIA= Cooked in Arse

  • D'Jeet's Da One
    D'Jeet's Da One 21 day ago

    soooo fbi and cia are gay, but their relationship is difficult?

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 22 days ago

    Screw off C.I.A

  • Fardin Rahman
    Fardin Rahman 22 days ago

    How do you enter and become a top agent

  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog 23 days ago


  • Tritide
    Tritide 23 days ago

    CIA has Black Ops, they’re already better than the FBI. Plus the CIA operates only outside the US, FBI doesn’t.

  • As trollphysics
    As trollphysics 23 days ago

    Let me guess, this video is sponsored by SKILLSHAAAAREEE!

  • adedsfsdedasewdaww
    adedsfsdedasewdaww 23 days ago

    FBI focus on domestic ops. CIA deals internationally

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 24 days ago +1

    We are superior

  • Luciano Filho
    Luciano Filho 24 days ago +2

    NCIS is the better

  • FBI - Federal bureau of investigation

    I em better

  • Sly White Wolf
    Sly White Wolf 24 days ago

    So FBI is single states but CIA is America as a whole

  • Silas En Sven
    Silas En Sven 24 days ago

    FBI screams that you have to open up ;D

  • Kai West
    Kai West 24 days ago

    Fun fact: They both have awful website and agent security. Same with the NCA.

  • Rodi1o1
    Rodi1o1 24 days ago +3

    9/11 was an inside job

  • Frankie Costello
    Frankie Costello 25 days ago

    Interns working for CIA bank just shy of 200 Gs a year. That's a lot of dough.

  • Deep singh
    Deep singh 25 days ago +2

    CIA vs KGB

  • memes :p
    memes :p 26 days ago

    Cia is better

  • ki daniels
    ki daniels 26 days ago

    President, writer, behavioral analysts
    Bring it

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 27 days ago

    Both Gangsters in suits

  • Plainjupiter724
    Plainjupiter724 27 days ago

    FBI OPEN UP!!!!

  • Sudhish Bangarusamy
    Sudhish Bangarusamy 28 days ago

    "CIA OPEN UP!" just doesn't have the same ring to it you know?

  • Anas Baloch
    Anas Baloch 28 days ago +1

    I love FBI more than CIA.

    C.I.A AGENT 28 days ago

    I found this when I search how to run from fbi

  • Shel Ski
    Shel Ski 28 days ago

    They're both way too big, they're both corrupt!! They are both part of the deep state!! I believe I would have to add the Department of Justice to this sick revelation!! The biggest disappointment is finding out how corrupt they are!!! Rest assured everyone of you corrupt officials will go down in history as the most despicable, disgusting, downright physically horrific to even look at non-human beings!! Shame on you and your families!! You represent the absolute worst in the human race!!!!!❤️🇺🇸❤️ TRUMP

  • Ulqcifer
    Ulqcifer 28 days ago

    "Intelligence agencies that fear intelligence, historically not awesome." - genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist

  • FBI
    FBI 28 days ago

    We are better of course.

  • mujaheed vai
    mujaheed vai 29 days ago

    I really love your staffs. I will contribute to you

  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 29 days ago

    Both organizations introduced crack & AIDS to the ghettos in attempt to wipe out black communities, of course it backfired when it spread to the suburbs so they attempted to contain the situation by instituting awareness programs along with the War on Drugs during the Reagan Administration. Allegedly of course.

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 29 days ago

    *C I A OPEN UP*

  • Introverted retard
    Introverted retard 29 days ago

    The difference? Oh, the FBI has black suits and the CIA has gray suits.

  • gp and ssk
    gp and ssk Month ago

    1:25 Thompson SMG , no scopes ;_;
    5:39 awm, everyone favorite sniper from drop ♥️

  • Clint Gibson
    Clint Gibson Month ago

    4:57 work experience what do you mean? Like military? Cop?

  • junrung sritrakulchang

    I guest the first top secret agency were ThE PiNKerTOnS

  • Andrew Dodds
    Andrew Dodds Month ago +1

    I'm English but gathered
    FBI = Domestic Police investigates and protects US citezens and Nationals against crimes against National Security and against poeple living In America (Normally only serious Domestic crimes though) will help other agency's and even police when needed.
    (Works closely With American Law Enforcement normally. And usually only investigates Serious Major crimes.)
    CIA= International Secruity and Gathering Intelligence on foreign poeple governments or criminals Is bothered about homeland secruity but more of foreign Intelligence and International Secruity (For the US government and It interests works closely with American Millitary and Specail Forces.)

    NSA= The eyes and ears of Telecomunications and the Intenernet. They gather all Infomation coming and going out and then hand it over to the CIA or the FBI or If not classified or top secret I can imagine the US Police.

    (Works for the US government works closely with the FBI and CIA. Main job to gather Intelligence that could harm US government Intrests or anyone who Is wanting to harm anyone In America.)

    SHIELD Month ago

    We know they both suck and that we are the best

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    The Hell, I Tought I Was The One