what happened to Taylor Swift?


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  • Till Pera
    Till Pera 2 hours ago

    I think everyone ruins it every now and then....the thing is with these personas standing in the spotlight is everyone else gets to see the failures more clearly....

  • Amy Aberrant
    Amy Aberrant 3 days ago

    Taylor's public persona(s) are her way of making fun of the fake persona the media gave her, in order for them to make money. She really isn't the man-eating fame whore people think she is, that character is something the media stir up whenever they need to sell a story. Her writing songs like blank space, LWYMMD, and even ready for it, is her way of laughing at the rumours that were designed to hurt her. It is a power move. Showing indifference or humour at things that are meant to be insulting shows strength, and shows the bullies that they won't win.
    It is wrong and also sexist, to say that the reason she's had bad relationships is to use men for song writing. Aside from the obvious victim blaming, an artist does not need to do that in order to create their art, she can write songs whether she's dating or not, and some of her most powerful songs aren't even about relationships or dating. She was 19 years old when she dated John Mayer (who IKYWT is written about), and she is now 29 and more settled and dating better men. Most people have made bad decisions in their youth, and that shouldn't be used to paint a woman as a sad case.

  • Lauren Whitehead
    Lauren Whitehead 7 days ago

    I've never loved Taylor swift that much but this video made me feel so bad for her and what she's gone through even though half of it it seems She Knew it was going to happen 😖

  • Shrinidhi Ghatpande
    Shrinidhi Ghatpande 8 days ago

    I have never listened to any of her songs.

  • R. B.
    R. B. 11 days ago

    This is very rare coming from me, but honestly so much of the hate taylor receives is in fact a result of media's portrayal and societal expectations of women. Like sorry.... but it's pure double standards. Do you see the media scrutinizing artists like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber when they write a million songs about their love life and heartbreak and what not??? And worse.... the amount of hate she receives is like on level with sexual offenders, racist d-bags, etc in hollywood. People act like she fucking murdered someone for maybe being a little fickle in her relationships. At this point it's bandwagon hate and getting really old~

  • Kabelo Choma
    Kabelo Choma 12 days ago

    Background music name please

  • Ikram Ben
    Ikram Ben 13 days ago

    His eyes though ! 😍 oh and the video was great even though I am a bit late 👍

  • Hue Lu
    Hue Lu 18 days ago

    I think she got shot in undergrad for plag.

  • Sayali Kolhe
    Sayali Kolhe 18 days ago

    I don't know who Taylor Swift is so I won't actually talk about her personality or her habits or whatever. What I do care about is music and I find her music is very bland. It is monotonous and after listening to it the first time I would surely never listen to it again. It just doesn't have that spark which differentiates good music from bad. Mostly we just emphasis so much more on the singer and we forget about their work or what their music is about. It is kind of frustrating. I personally think her music is for those twelve-year-olds who like to gossip about cute boys would be willing to listen to anything about princesses and relationships without any sort of meaning behind it.

  • Lisias M Kambindji
    Lisias M Kambindji 18 days ago

    Bullshit. Only a swiftie will know Taylor swift. Leave her alone.

  • Sanaa Mariam
    Sanaa Mariam 19 days ago

    This is....such a bad video. I appreciate how you got that conclusion, I guess, but part of the reason that I appreciate her as a writer is that her whole discography (yes 200 songs or so) go on to cover a whole complex range of different mindsets, with different types of relationships. She has songs that have nothing to do with boys, songs about refusing to lower her standards enough to end up relationship that will make her unhappy, songs about growing up, etc and as her career has progressed her views on relationships and the kind of responses she gives to questions about her songwriting have changed too. You've completely misinterpreted the songs you've mentioned. Blank Space was intended entirely as satire, not buying into hyperbole, to show how strange and bizarre the "real" Swift that people have accused her of being is, and I Knew You Were Trouble (which was written as promotion for an album exclusively about a difficult set of relationships she had while writing her Red album) is about her explicitly acknowledging for the first time as a teenage star turning into an adult, that she had her own part to play in a terrible relationship. It just takes fifteen minutes of searching to find songs like New Years Day, Call It What You Want, Clean, Begin Again or even angrier songs like Tell Me Why and White Horse to see her publicly reaffirming over and over again she's not going to put up with mistreatment and wants a healthy, supportive relationship of her own. I don't understand how its a reasonable conclusion that a woman who writes, producers, conceptualises her own music videos, owns stake in her own company and is extensively involved in planning her tours is in anyway inherently self destructive when everything else points to the fact that she's very very determined to be successful and happy regardless of what people say about her. There's already been a ton of interesting literature, especially by young women, about how Taylor Swift explicitly selling herself as this sort of relatable, pg 13 older sister figure means she's held up to this almost impossible standard of purity and how her insistence that being well liked is as important as being successful (since she constantly talks about how she doesn't have thick skin and avoids googling herself, etc) is kind of her downfall because she can never fully commit to the idea of playing the villain even on reputation. But like, I dont understand this obsession with trying to figure out the "real" taylor swift when girly is literally laying everything on the table and presenting this incredibly complicated, multi faceted story about someone who's ambitious and successful but also incredibly hated, and what that means for america and how they see women. I'm over people taking straight up slander (like obviously fake dating rumors) and insisting they're facts to support whatever narrative they feel like that day.

  • Kiki Amore Della Mia Vita

    And trouble and Wildest dreams is about the same person

  • Kiki Amore Della Mia Vita

    I totaly disagree Taylor is amaZing and I love her so please stop talking abaut her when You dont know nothing about her😥😘

  • TheTameDragon
    TheTameDragon 28 days ago

    I have self-destructive tendencies and can I just say I LOVE the editing

  • Samantha Turner
    Samantha Turner 29 days ago

    If Taylor Swift is self destructive then every girl in America is self destructive.

  • Viki Dadsev
    Viki Dadsev Month ago

    Fuck taylor swift

  • James Slappy
    James Slappy Month ago

    Never looked at this situation like this before, Thanks for shaking the tree and giving me a new perspective, Cheers bud 😀

  • Mukhtar "Billy" Vanmali

    People need to realise there's NO such thing as "the perfect life", no matter how much money or fame or beauty you may have. There's just varying degrees of bullshit that you have to deal with regardless. And everyone deals in their own way and eventually learns the best way for them but this usually comes after a lot of fuckups. But I believe those fuckups are necessary evils cos its how you learn and how you know what not to do, and the journey to get from fucking up to knowing better is life, it's gonna be your story and your experience, and without it you wouldn't be who you're meant to be. Your fuckups are what make you better and ultimately what makes you the best version of yourself in the end. On the other side of every storm is a greater sense of joy, you just gotta get there. 👍🏽💙💜

  • sayounara1232
    sayounara1232 Month ago

    No wonder she dumped Tom Hiddleston he was a gentleman and she loves abusive guys and playboys

  • John Carr
    John Carr Month ago

    She makes songs about personal relationships like rappers make songs about killing off the competition.

  • Eila Nusrat
    Eila Nusrat Month ago

    I like your eyes...

  • ania
    ania Month ago

    she's a calculative money hungry pop star who has lived her entire life in leisure, she's the furthest thing from being sad. this has nothing to do with self destructive behaviour which is a serious condition and we can't go around diagnosing some celeb with it just because of a few lyrics, she just seeks guys who seem 'problematic' and the perfect bad guy to the public so when the break up happens (which she knows always happens) according to her plan, she'll suck everything out of that relationship and supposed 'love story' and make her self look like the victim and innocent girl who got used and her heart broken once again.

  • Patricia Santiago
    Patricia Santiago Month ago

    lol people in the comments think she's a heartless hoe, but everyone seems to forget that she's also ONLY HUMAN. what did she ever do to you to talk about her that way? 😐

  • Bryeanna Brazill
    Bryeanna Brazill Month ago

    Still don't like her

  • Claire
    Claire Month ago

    Uhh so what about her crazy copyright strikes on fans? Is that self destructive?

  • Random name
    Random name 2 months ago

    I didn't realize you made this video until I saw your face

  • Catherine B.
    Catherine B. 2 months ago +1

    This is exactly what I've been telling people! We'll explained, it's interesting to hear the full history

  • Shannon O'Hara
    Shannon O'Hara 2 months ago +5

    I just think Taylor falls in love quickly and so what if she likes to write about it. So I don't think that she is 'self destructive' so yea that's just me along time swiftie

  • KCuber
    KCuber 2 months ago

    I like your videos but here's my take on this (I'm a fan of her music, full disclosure).
    She doesn't *have* to date a man in order to write a song. She could have easily written "I Knew You Were Trouble" without having to go through the experience she actually talks about. Of course, this takes away from the authenticity of her music but- my point is that she doesn't have to go out and purposely put herself in that situation in order to write a song, she can write it easily without that headache.
    So to say that she actively puts herself in those situations with the men she dates is kind of non-sensical. You're talking about her like she isn't a regular human with regular human emotions. People fall in love without knowing and sometimes get into bad relationships, that's just reality. It happens to everyone. So how come she gets so scrutinized for it? I don't believe she is "actively sabotaging" herself, she is just simply being human and making human mistakes (as we all do).
    I mean to a certain extent, she controls how the public views her. You can also argue that she 'purposely publicizes her relationships' so that her songs seems authentic. But if you've listened to her last two albums and actually heard what she's saying through them, you can tell she doesn't care for that at all. She rather just create music for her fans, who with or without all the media bs, will buy her albums because her writing is just that powerful.
    Her life isn't 'sad' and she doesn't need your pity. She's at a point where she couldn't care less about videos like this analyzing her and pretending to know what exactly is wrong with her life. How would you like it if someone made a video telling you what you're doing wrong, calling you a 'sad' person? Well she has to deal with that literally everyday. She is a celebrity but she is human too and it would be nice of you to acknowledge that.
    Her actions are not a consequence of her losing her mind due to money and fame, she's just being human.

  • Valeria Daneva
    Valeria Daneva 2 months ago

    Either that or she has commitment issues or likes bad boys too much. I mean, how many women are like that nowadays, then later regret it after they've hit 30-35? Taylor ain't exactly far away from that.

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      Nah I don't mind the long read
      And yes, I get what you are saying, and I do think that seeking validation from that type of men is both useless and not needed, but when I say 'no, we are not just practice girlfriends after 30' and 'we can look good when old too' it is not to try and make some man 'lower his standards', it is simply me talking to you and saying my opinion. And thing is, this should be talked about at least a little, since many many women are actually convinced that what society stereotypes claim is true. It isn't, unless you make it true yourself.
      As for looks and relationships... I don't mind too much. I just like to be in control. For an example, my most stable relationship started with a dude whom I met in the gym. We're talking no makeup, sweating like a pig, awful hair. He loved my personality and the first time I actually put effort was when we were already together. Now, I am actually losing weight in order to be attractive because I want to be able to casually start a relationship without a dude having to look deep into my soul. Yes, I will probably land a guy who would only view me as a friend if I wasn't pretty, but that's my choice. I'm in control, and that's what's important to me.
      Although, I am not taking this too seriously but wtf was that about missing father??

    • Valeria Daneva
      Valeria Daneva 2 months ago

      Stefan Makara Wait, so you're a woman? Your writing made me suspicious, but I didn't want to assume anything because of the name. Anyway, mind you, I said men and women being attracted to each other for shallow reasons wasn't exactly ideal. Hell, I've had issues with getting guys to find me attractive back in high school and throughout most of my life. The only time when, suddenly, they paid attention to me, was when I wore a more revealing and loose-fitting dress (a very well-made one, mind you, a night gown of sorts, not worn simply to look slutty), put make-up on and let my hair down.
      I did get lots of compliments, as well as a guy who largely didn't care about me and whom I used to have a crush on beforehand suddenly be interested. But I honestly got more annoyed at it than not, because it just proved to me that everything I had experienced up until that point was all because of petty bullshit and me simply not tickling their cock in the right direction. So I said fuck it, and never wore make-up on a casual basis, just like I did before, the only exception being the start of my freshman year (I put on some foundation to look clean). I also still wear maternity bras (they're more comfortable) and never wear anything revealing unless I need to. I basically make no effort to look attractive unless it's necessary for a formal party or something, even though I very much could.
      I just don't see the point of attracting someone who only values you for something that will largely be gone in 20 years, and whom I will resent constantly because of it. But I don't try to convince men out of it like other women seem to want to do, because I don't consider myself entitled to a guy's love or affection, and if they're the type to reject me for my looks, I probably won't want them around anyway.
      Like, I don't really get most women in this way. I mean, on a rational level, I know why they do it, but intuitively it doesn't make sense to me. They seem so dependent on validation, they still want men whom they claim "uphold patriarchal standards of beauty" and even if they rage against make up or revealing clothing, they STILL FUCKING DO IT, as if every guy suddenly has to stop liking pretty women, even if said women still expect six packs and six figures. Same thing goes for women who date assholes whilst expecting them to change, rather than _*just stop dating the motherfuckers*_. But no, said men get their pussy wet, so they just HAVE to have them, thinking their vagina is all that's needed for their asshole-ishness not to be targetted towards them at some point down the line. But that's a different story...
      And yeah, you not wanting to be with those types of men is fine. Again, I actually agree with that. But I'm just generalising what typically happens in relationships. Heck, I agree that the best outcome is to have someone with a moderate, but stable income. Plus, the whole businessman stuff usually requires the guy to be absent most of the time, and I'd prefer that he have some time to spend with the kids. 'Cause absence of fathers isn't exactly healthy.
      As for the aging gracefully thing...yeah, it's not out of question for women. Especially if she doesn't have any bad habits like drinking, smoking, doing drugs, being promiscuous, or doesn't have a missing father. Or, in some cases, gave birth early. But again, it still happens more rarely than it does with men. Especially since said negative characteristics seem to be becoming more and more common nowadays.
      (Sorry to write this much. I typically become a novelist when it's a topic I'm familiar with. lol)

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      Also, it really is possible for a woman to age gracefully, mostly many need to do is watch their diet and stay away from extravagant plastic surgeries. Sophia Loren, for an example, or that chick that was 'primal instinct' or whatever it was (the one that had the leg crossing scene) Also Audrey Hepburn. Oh, and Adriana Lima, reaching 40 and still looking flawless.

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      Listen, I don't read many articles about women who cannot date. I do not doubt that gold diggers are bitter that their chances grow slimmer every year they age.
      However, if a man only wants me for my beauty, I don't want to be with him. And if I was a guy, I wouldn't want a woman that wants me only for my money.
      I am talking about real love, healthy relationships based on kinship and respect. That can be found at any age. Me? When it comes to money, I don't care how much he makes, I just want that he is not a lazy slob, but that is a personality change. I would rather be with a teacher of very modest income who makes less than I do than with a dude who lives off of mom's pensions and lives in her basement. And I would rather be with the teacher than with a successful businessman who buys me expensive jewelry but treats me like an object.
      So if that is what we are talking about, love, not relationships based on money and looks, I do not think that women wasted their youth if they haven't married by thirty. Some may have wasted their chance of marrying Donald Trump, but to me, that is not much big of a sacrifice. But that's just me, wanting relationship that works on more than one side delivering beauty and the other side delivering money. And yes, such relationships are possible and they happen often.But you know, you don't have papparazi filming them all over.

    • Valeria Daneva
      Valeria Daneva 2 months ago

      Stefan Makara Most men evidently do. Again, just like most women base their attraction to a man on how much money a man makes. A man being over 30 is actually a plus for most women, because he tends to make more money at that point. I mean, how many instances can you think of of men marrying or having girlfriends that are 20-years-olds when they're 50+? Plenty of Hollywood actors have that kind of relationship. Because guess what? They have the finances for it.
      There's also the fact that men age more gracefully. Again, how many instances are there of male actors who are 50 looking pretty much the same as they did when they were 20? Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, etc. How may women do you know that have achieved the same, and don't have to cover up their age with heavy make-up, plastic surgery, or Photoshop filters in their films? Just compare Donald Trump Jr and his wife's photos from 20 years ago to how they look now. He looks like he hasn't aged a day, she looks like a completely different person.
      And again, I know there are countless variables, but if we're talking about the vast majority of people, most of them want kids. Specifically, around 80%. And even if they don't - again, differences in attractiveness. You seem to believe the vast majority of people somehow don't base their attraction to others on very petty and shallow reasons, and largely don't care about personality, or consider that a secondary factor. If one factor is a priority, you'd have to have a shining example of everything else in order to attract attention, and most people don't.
      Women want status and men want beauty. Not every single one, obviously, but the majority do. I'm not saying they SHOULD, I'm simply describing how things are. Personality is definitely a factor, but it's a comparatively minor one. When you first meet someone, you're hardly going to be fully capable of understanding their personality, so all you have to go off of is the superficial aspects of a partner you want. And if they don't have them, chances are you're not going to be motivated enough to continue.
      And when it comes to women specifically, even if they could still get a partner that doesn't want kids and is fine with them being not all that attractive, they're largely too entitled to go through with it. Like, how many times have you seen articles about how women think men are intimidated by their success, hence why they don't wanna date them, when it's pretty obvious that the actual reason is either that they're too old to have kids, only care about how much money the guy makes (and thus limit their dating pool to only the men who are more successful than them, which can be very few), or act like a total cunt? Like, there was one older woman who thought guys were "intimidated" by her, but when she actually started acting pleasant to be around, suddenly she got some, albeit minor, male attention (she got a date). Very, very few women both have a personality, don't care about money too much and are still single in their old age, so it's unlikely a man would find one even if he did look for one.

  • Roze Pyracantha
    Roze Pyracantha 2 months ago

    She hardly has any talent. Her material is of the same shit, over and over again. She is manipulative and highly egotistical. Ratchet and laaaaaaaaaaaame.

  • Kaya Jansen
    Kaya Jansen 2 months ago


  • LilaThe Real
    LilaThe Real 2 months ago

    Beautiful editing, very impressive. I don’t know if you’ve done this. But maybe you could make an editing video. Showing those of us who don’t know how, how to edit lol....please

  • Spongebob Sucks
    Spongebob Sucks 2 months ago +1

    "what other stars know *ALL TOO WELL*"

  • Christian Prayer USA
    Christian Prayer USA 2 months ago +1

    You are rumored in ohio to get copyright striked. So lookout. She writes lyrics like I do. Find a beat, and write what I feel, going on, etc., most singer, song writers, and musicians have sad social, family, love, personal, and professional lives. Some young ladies, like I was believe you can "change " or "turn " a person, or that they will have mutual feelings like you have. These days, most millennials have trouble socializing.

  • Renee McTume
    Renee McTume 2 months ago

    I had to watch TWO ads before this. one was 15 minutes UNSKIPPABLE!!!

  • Lucy
    Lucy 2 months ago

    I'm just saying, it's pretty common for girls to go out with a guy even if he seems like trouble or something, because most girls like "bad boys" and sometimes, in some way, think that they can "change a guy" or something similar so they make these mistakes. I don't think it's an example of "self-destructive behaviour", but I could be wrong, this is just based off my own experiences.

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      That or they just think it is worth it to cry a bit when it is over if you at least get that experience. I agree that it isn't a necessary sign of self destructive behavior. More so when Taylor really, in practice, isn't self destructive at all. One of the least problematic celebrities today, her only 'sins' are cat fights that she really only takes out maybe BRIEFLY in interviews or in her music videos- and one twitter post. No drugs, no alcohol abuse, no public stripping, no stealing... just doing her thing.

  • Jason Boaden
    Jason Boaden 2 months ago

    Taylor Swift might be this generation's Courtney Love. Problem is, Courtney Love never dressed up her train wreck life like some pretty rite of passage.

  • Dysth Ymia
    Dysth Ymia 2 months ago

    smart, he adds his own commentary at the end along with bloopers to extend the video past the 10 min mark

  • metademetra
    metademetra 2 months ago

    Remember when she was a meek girl with a country guitar? That feels like such a long time ago...

  • Maddie R.
    Maddie R. 3 months ago

    3:43 "skipping rocks down by the crick" 😂😂😂

  • ethan0248910
    ethan0248910 3 months ago

    Taylor Swift can do no wrong

  • peaches
    peaches 3 months ago


  • Lyvia Marcus
    Lyvia Marcus 3 months ago

    Here i won't support u coz I love Taylor

  • SwiftiePotterhead
    SwiftiePotterhead 3 months ago +1

    Taylor Swift doesn't only write about boys. She's not all dating and drama and fame-hungry. Boys aren't the only thing in her life. People have crushes and people date and people brake up, okay? It's just a normal love cycle in life and Taylor just happens to find writing songs as a coping mechanism. She's not dating for money.
    And she's not successful because her family is rich, she's successful because she's super talented. Do you know how rare it is to find an artist that can create world-selling albums that she writes herself?

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      Like, her marketing and pr is great. She clearly has a great team behind her and there was a lot of work put into making her a star, both by her and her staff. But the greatest burden is on her, to sing well and write good songs, which she does, as you said, all by herself. She is a song writer as well as a singer, and she can also play both guitar and piano, so there is both talent and work there~ Her music talent would have taken her nowhere if she did not have patience and dedication to sharpen it by working on it and improving herself.

  • Leelalaland
    Leelalaland 3 months ago

    taylor need to go to therapy ASAP

  • Viewer 816
    Viewer 816 3 months ago

    The thumbnail looks a lot like IfEeLfAnTaStIc

  • Shere De
    Shere De 3 months ago +1

    I enjoyed this exposition very much so. It's very amusing watching her fans attempt to stand up for her.

  • S V
    S V 3 months ago

    Was this video sponsored by Taylor Swift? 🤔

  • R H
    R H 3 months ago

    You are wrong

  • Kawaii Dere
    Kawaii Dere 3 months ago +1

    Is this a video on maisono swift, the *yandere*
    Edit: I am referring to her songs. She kills her boyfriends, right.

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      Nah she just tortures them I mean once you kill them that's it you're done no more boyfriend
      Torture can go for a long long time

    • Kawaii Dere
      Kawaii Dere 2 months ago

      She tries to kill them tho

    • Stefan Makara
      Stefan Makara 2 months ago

      Dude that was Bart Baker's parody on Wildest Dreams, remember? She kills no one in Blank Space, they all just run away~

  • Areen Aftab
    Areen Aftab 3 months ago

    i don't agree with 90% of this but don't worry you're not getting a dislike. meh, opinions.

  • Eliza Fischer
    Eliza Fischer 3 months ago +1

    I always thought Wildest Dreams was about a summer fling, and that she's saying maybe it will hurt when it's over but at least they will both have wonderful memories to take with them. I think that's beautiful, but that's just my interpretation of the lyrics. It doesn't seem self destructive like I Knew You Were Trouble.

  • PuppyWaffle Cat
    PuppyWaffle Cat 3 months ago

    Im worried

  • Andriana Holubka
    Andriana Holubka 3 months ago

    8:59 We have to go back to the beginning... Dinosaurs :D

  • NJGuy1973
    NJGuy1973 3 months ago

    Todd In The Shadows does a much better analysis of Taylor Swift's wrong turns.

  • HeirOfGlee
    HeirOfGlee 3 months ago

    First video I saw your face in and its so adorable

  • Precious make up stories

    i really can't stand her she annoys me and she comes just across as a psychopath and pathological liar and a bit of a sociopath

  • Kei Luvva Lighthouse
    Kei Luvva Lighthouse 4 months ago +1

    I'm probably gonna get tons of hate for this, but I find her voice quite pretty on her more melodic songs like Begin Again. I just think she doesn't care all that much about putting out vocal pieces these days. She knows the public want catchy pop a la Britney Spears so to speak, so that's what she makes.

  • Catalyst - D B
    Catalyst - D B 4 months ago

    Bloopers at the end: LOL Thumbs up

  • Eminem Show
    Eminem Show 4 months ago +1

    Alex please make a video on EMINEM.....

  • Ta BruC
    Ta BruC 4 months ago +1

    I've never been a giant fan of her, I really liked Come in With the Rain and Red, and I enjoyed a lot of her Style album, but I went to her concert recently because my sister asked if I wanted to go with her/her friend the ticket was free and it was an impressive performance what with the fire and the giant cobras, but her new 'hardcore/badadss' image is so hard to believe.... like Blank Space, alright, I can see that kind of persona, but Taylor Swift is not a badass and it just comes off as awkward/weird to see her that way. I think possibly it's just that all that dark makeup is weird on her, maybe the music would convey better if she just didn't have that kind of outfit? Which is really shallow to say, but I don't know, I can't really put my finger on it, the whole new image she's trying to promote just felt really weird during the show

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 4 months ago

    I don't like the way she acted with the whole Kanye thing.... I don't like Kanye but I REALLY don't like liars

  • Sam Wells
    Sam Wells 4 months ago

    I feel like you didn’t get the point of LWYMMD

    • Maine Lyn
      Maine Lyn Month ago

      Some people just don't get what satire is.

  • Maria Rita Xavier
    Maria Rita Xavier 4 months ago +2

    dude your got a lot of time to spend

  • Marla Nasseh
    Marla Nasseh 4 months ago +1

    “Her father owns a large part of big machine records” 3% he own ONLY 3%

  • Stoutaragua
    Stoutaragua 4 months ago

    Meh, who cares?

  • XtraNormalVideos888
    XtraNormalVideos888 4 months ago

    A video essay about Taylor swift?? Uhmmm yess?!!!!

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby 4 months ago

    Woah, wish someone made a video series of doing this to singers.

  • Bruce Banner
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  • Fafkaesque 15
    Fafkaesque 15 5 months ago +1

    to be honest if you see how she is on social media you'll notice she has no real intetion on seeming edgy and killing off her old self. im pretty sure everyone expected something like the LWYMMD music video and song so she took it to extremes to kind of make fun of the whole idea

  • Dominique Harris
    Dominique Harris 5 months ago

    Her music was better when she first started out

  • inferno0020
    inferno0020 5 months ago

    Taylor Swift should perform Buck Dich with Rammstein in their next tour

  • Hey Its me
    Hey Its me 5 months ago +3

    You forgot that songwriting can be fiction. Taylor Swift said her idea for Blank Space is how the media made her like a man-catcher. She’s actually smart about using her catchy songs as singles but the album contains meaningful songs. Like Never Grow Up, Delicate, New Years Day. The Best Day, Clean, All You Had To Do Was Stay, All Too Well, Last Kiss, Mean, Spark Fly, Fearless, Starlight, Stay Stay Stay, The Outside, A Place in This World, Tim McGraw. Etc

  • The book Wyrm
    The book Wyrm 5 months ago

    I think sadly society places a lot of importance on love and especially true love and the idea of the one. And this message is targeted to young girls. While young boys are taught to fight and hide their feelings and that love isn’t something that they should really care about. This is a toxic combo since the girl is looking for a love that will last while the guy doesn’t know how to give her that. You see this a lot in super hero movies and Disney movies. I don’t think love is meant to last.
    It’s a journey and both people have to work on it. It’s a feeling it’s not bad or good and it is possible but it’s not this magical thing.

  • Nelster
    Nelster 5 months ago

    But Taylor Swift is still pretty successful. Maybe even her self-destructions are designed so her image keeps evolving to stay competitive and in the spotlight in order to make more monah.

  • Xerathiel vi Darquise
    Xerathiel vi Darquise 6 months ago

    This video has ads from. Musically

  • Julia Gostenik
    Julia Gostenik 6 months ago +1

    This person is ruining my life with all this truth yet I still love this channel. Why?

  • sei
    sei 6 months ago

    it'd be pretty cool if you kind of "analyzed" is the weeknd - especially looking in his earlier works

  • Lizzie Hastings
    Lizzie Hastings 6 months ago

    I think Taylor just likes to play the victim card whenever she can to get sympathy but now people understood

  • TaylSwift 13
    TaylSwift 13 6 months ago

    Bro bro wanna go

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    Michael Tinker 6 months ago

    I do love the background music chillhop stuff, but it doesn't fit the video. I do like the video and the editing tho.

  • Byte Me
    Byte Me 6 months ago

    Alex, you apparently don't know most girls think just like Taylor.

  • All Too Swift
    All Too Swift 6 months ago

    Actually, fun fact, the lyrics "Knew he was a killer, first time that I saw him" was about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn's movie, which, he plays a killer. And "first time that I saw him"? She met him at a screening for that movie. So, it's more than just saying she was going for the relationship anyway

  • Kala K
    Kala K 6 months ago

    I totally agree with your opinions. But to add another dimension, I genuinely believe she's gay and this is all her covering it up. Can you imagine the kind of stress it would to be one of the most watched people on earth with a HUGE secret??? Poor girl. No wonder she has a tough time. It's kinda shocking how well she's doing, especially since clearly her parents made up a persona for her. It would be horrible to know that you have to be this person your parents made up and you can't deviate from that. Idk her or her parents, so maybe they're great. But it seems really fucked and sad that they've done that to her

  • TalonXI FG
    TalonXI FG 6 months ago

    Do what happened to Avril Lavigne

  • MisterTutor2010
    MisterTutor2010 6 months ago +4

    Bart Baker parodies summed it up.

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    Otto Halbhuber 6 months ago

    How did you make these little animations? Please tell me, I love them!

  • Dho Tilabs
    Dho Tilabs 6 months ago

    Nothing happened

  • Mars _The_Spooky_Martian

    Truly a shame that her new music ain’t that great. I grew up on her country albums but started to kind of fall away from her music when Red came out. I loved 1989, but reputation is bad. Catchy but bad

  • A_hamburger
    A_hamburger 6 months ago

    dislike for pathetic 10 minute ploy

  • Elise The Cat
    Elise The Cat 6 months ago

    It’s a nice theory, but the evidence you used isn’t backed up properly. First of all, you can’t really judge a person’s personal life through a few songs, especially the promotional and popular ones. Taylor Swift is a genius when it comes to the music industry. When she released Look What You Made Me Do, it got so much buzz going around it because of how dark the song is and how she claims the old Taylor “died.” However, the rest of the album was nothing like LWYMMD. Same thing with I Knew You Were Trouble. These songs are used for promoting the album. They may be based on life experiences but that doesn’t mean that Taylor feels that way all the time. I don’t think that Taylor is self destructive. Miley and Justin have done some pretty bad things. It’s like they changed into an entirely different person overnight. However, Taylor stayed relatively the same, even though she claimed the old Taylor was “dead.” I think you should’ve waited until the entire album was released before assuming that she is self destructive. No doubt about it, Taylor was in some toxic relationships and some were definitely used for publicity, but now she learned from her mistakes and is in a great and healthy relationship. Fans who attended the Secret Sessions even said that Taylor was doing better than she ever was. You shouldn’t assume how a person is doing based on a few songs or how the media looks at her. I don’t want to assume how she’s doing either, but you could’ve put some more research into this.

  • Hey It’s Me
    Hey It’s Me 6 months ago

    "All to well" I see what you did there😉

  • Milo Dixon
    Milo Dixon 6 months ago

    Can you analyze who Julio is and why Bruno Mars is always bossing him around?

  • Tickety Blue
    Tickety Blue 6 months ago

    I didn't know her family was rich, her old image was not portrayed in that way. Did her dad buy her career?

    • 13リナ
      13リナ 4 months ago

      Tickety Blue nope lmao

  • William Caler
    William Caler 7 months ago

    She lacks G-d. She's looking but does not even know what she's looking for. She'll never find real happiness with fame or fortune or another person. It's an illusion. Until she finds the truth, she's going to be lost.

  • because _snickers
    because _snickers 7 months ago

    She became a god

  • Shogo Yamada
    Shogo Yamada 7 months ago

    money and power and possibly illuminati