Stephen A. to Jalen Ramsey: 'If you're gonna talk, talk!' | First Take


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  • BionicEdit
    BionicEdit 19 days ago

    NFL boring now

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man 19 days ago

    have your coach to call Tim Tebow I'm sure he in game Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow

  • Dwight Wilkerson
    Dwight Wilkerson 20 days ago

    I love these clips just Cuz I dont gotta hear molly big mouth 😂😂😂 who tf care wat she she talkn bout 😂😂😂 just sit there look pretty n shut tf up

  • Sacramento King
    Sacramento King 21 day ago

    He didn’t know.

  • Bobby Tenor
    Bobby Tenor 21 day ago

    Steven A Smith, “you’ll never find...a hairline like mine...”

  • Devil0027
    Devil0027 21 day ago

    Plain and simple, humbled

  • YeazyNation
    YeazyNation 21 day ago

    he been getting smoked by everyone this year every elite wr smh overrated

  • John Tovar
    John Tovar 22 days ago

    Is it just me or does the girl seem like she doesn't get screen time 😂

  • Brady Morin
    Brady Morin 22 days ago

    He actually had good thinks yo say about Watson so he didn't have to talk. He is staying consistent

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer 22 days ago

    Not playing good? Even more reason Molly should shut up, she can’t speak proper English.

  • john williams
    john williams 22 days ago

    Yall forget he was asked his opinion and he gave it

  • Hardgrits
    Hardgrits 22 days ago

    Why Ramsey look like a mix of Westbrook, Kyle Lowry and Chris tucker

  • gor9027
    gor9027 22 days ago

    Ramsey tried to be like Sherman but forgot that his QB is awful and that their offense is so bad they’re the 3rd best team in their division.

  • Rocky Bidur
    Rocky Bidur 22 days ago

    The next phase is complaining.

  • bugatti bay
    bugatti bay 22 days ago

    Keep talking bro... still top 5 cb... he can't do more than his job

  • sonny Malangski
    sonny Malangski 22 days ago

    Stop talking. Just do your job, let your action do the talking,

  • Joe medeiros
    Joe medeiros 22 days ago

    I like skip and sharp much more than these clowns

  • Michael Blanc
    Michael Blanc 22 days ago

    He wants to talk, he was told NOT to. There are HUGE problems right now. The team had a meeting today WITHOUT coaching staff. Yannick was fighting with coach Marion Hobby on the sideline and in the locker room(NOT A PLAYER). There are problems he REALLY wants to talk about!!

  • ItzDJ
    ItzDJ 22 days ago

    It’s funny Max was suspiciously quiet and surprised after Stephen A gave his reaction;explaining exactly what max was probably thinking.Seems like max came up with whatever bs he said on the spot to not seem cognitively inferior to Steven.

  • El Americano
    El Americano 23 days ago

    SAS looking rough here. Might want to cutback to a 7 day espn working week.

  • money king
    money king 23 days ago

    Hahahaha 😂😂😂 Jalen Ramsey lost for words now, got that ass humbled

  • Wavy Jones
    Wavy Jones 23 days ago

    Man y'all are analyst it's y'all job to talk shut the fuck up it's a free country he can talk or not it's his mouth he's not the QB do for its so much he can do

  • Afro Nubian
    Afro Nubian 23 days ago

    surprise surprise soon as ass getting kicked you can't talk smack anymore and it seems these fools comprehend that

  • The ignorance Of wisdom

    My bears and jaguars are losing to much media coverage. Just play.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 23 days ago

    Maaan J RAM is smart asF😂😭 y'all job is to get quotes to run with, you want him to talk shit when they losing so y'all can tell him to shut up and play😭NAWL he doing the right thing💯💯

  • ShokusApolloTV
    ShokusApolloTV 23 days ago

    It's funny cause during the offseason, Calais Campbell said he didnt like the how everyone including themselves were overhyping the Jags coming into this year. Looks like he was right to feel that way

  • David Goff
    David Goff 23 days ago

    When he gets burned......he's QUIET! Week after week! Ha ha ha , I love it! Keep talking shit!

  • Cole English
    Cole English 23 days ago

    Facts but still... fuck you Stephen A😂

  • Adam Bray
    Adam Bray 23 days ago +1

    Stick a fork in the Jags they're done

  • Sid Howard
    Sid Howard 23 days ago


  • Razor Jerzey.
    Razor Jerzey. 23 days ago

    Dont Let Distract You From The Fact.. Kevin Durant Ran That Nigga Lehelp Outta Cleveland!! Back2Back King Destroyer Finals MVP KD! 🏆🏆

  • Razor Jerzey.
    Razor Jerzey. 23 days ago

    Max Got Some Top B4 This Episode.. His Voice Is Like Extra Calm.. No Homo.

  • Lauranntinia Levi
    Lauranntinia Levi 23 days ago


  • Blue dust
    Blue dust 23 days ago

    He's overrated fuck him!

  • Clinton Stewart
    Clinton Stewart 23 days ago

    Shit hes no better now, anyone that talks that much shit, knows when to shut down, if you lost the last 3 games. Shit hes saying we suck.

  • Big One
    Big One 23 days ago

    The man was a jackass in the summer talking all that shit about qbs in the summer and he still is a jackass. And these media people incite all of this.

  • Big One
    Big One 23 days ago

    Smith saying someone ELSE talks too much?

  • Matthew Negrete
    Matthew Negrete 24 days ago

    Molly, stfu!

  • OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs
    OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs 24 days ago

    Bruh hop had 3 reception 😂

  • OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs
    OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs 24 days ago

    Bruh stfu if blake wasn't so ass this team would be undefeated

  • Vick Pre
    Vick Pre 24 days ago

    Max puts me to sleep when he talks

  • John Conor
    John Conor 24 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey is nothing but a big mouth talk...

  • Low Life
    Low Life 24 days ago

    Dude just wasn't in the mood he'll be back

  • Low Life
    Low Life 24 days ago

    Man stfu if he don't feel like talking he don't have to athletes are not slaves He's a human being we have moods no one should be forced to put on a face to satisfy others that aren't contributing to their familys well being espn should be used to spread the actual knowledge of sports let people know the difference between cover 3 and 2 man deep or some shit im tired of the Maury Povich Steve Wilkos bull shit

  • brandonwayne80
    brandonwayne80 24 days ago

    I luv this show.... Hoping u guys last and even do some games together!

  • Futurestar
    Futurestar 24 days ago

    Yea u can’t talk Shit like how did before he he season started & Blake Bortles is your QB but keep that same energy throughout the year dnt act like a Bitch when Shit goes sideways🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  • Tater Tot
    Tater Tot 24 days ago


  • Tim Lincecum
    Tim Lincecum 24 days ago

    these are the same guys that would be crucifying him if he talked...they would say why are you talking if ur team is 3-3

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 24 days ago

    Everytime he talk they get blown out!!!

  • Sachin L
    Sachin L 24 days ago

    *you comparing him to deion sanders aka the receivers nightmare?* sas got some problems man

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez 24 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey a bitch nigga

  • Jaylen Brown
    Jaylen Brown 24 days ago

    lol at the top boston is by far the best sports city. LA has like 17 teams in each sport lol.

  • Branden Tillis
    Branden Tillis 24 days ago

    I guess the problem is they're not winning.

  • Jamal K
    Jamal K 24 days ago

    Humble shit....only a dummy keeps talking himself he is a dog, that defense is still good but when your offense can’t get a first down let alone a touchdown why would you keep talking...

    AARON B 24 days ago

    Dallas exposed ramsey

  • Pocket Infinity
    Pocket Infinity 24 days ago

    At 0:51 he says " personar " am I really supposed to take this seriously?..

  • Marz_00 •
    Marz_00 • 24 days ago

    Literally wouldn’t be shocked if jalen is a bisexual lol

  • Champagne Toon
    Champagne Toon 24 days ago

    Yeah but when he talks the media makes him out to be this loud mouth player who can’t back it up even though Ramsey Locke’s up Tyreke Hill all you heard the next day was how great he was and how the chiefs are the best team even when Ramsey plays amazing the sports media will fault him for having confidence ITS NOT HIS FAULT HE HAS A TERRIBLE QB
    YOu guys always cry on air when players give boring answers to question you guys criticize them for not being HONEST an just saying what they have to say but now when a player is not afraid to talk you guys criticize him into not talking then when he doesn’t talk you criticize him more for NOT TALKING Lol I swear man Only in America 🙄

  • Shabberplasm 32
    Shabberplasm 32 24 days ago

    Absolutely, right there with Stephen A

  • MarylandMan77
    MarylandMan77 24 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey is a great player with a shit personality

  • Al Quilantang
    Al Quilantang 24 days ago

    I thought it was Westbrook in the thumbnail 😂

  • Stevie Dee
    Stevie Dee 24 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey is the best corner in the game. His offence ain't doing a lick. He's just picking and choosing his battles

  • Jadian Hoffman
    Jadian Hoffman 24 days ago +1

    Ramsey is gay...sweeter than.project kool aid

  • Matadorstudio
    Matadorstudio 24 days ago

    The media has blu balls from Ramsay’s silence

  • backslashintheforth5
    backslashintheforth5 24 days ago

    Put him on an average or bad defense see how much quieter he gets...bitch ass

  • Ali Haji
    Ali Haji 24 days ago

    Yall stupid, team sucks so he's quit . No one is out playing so what's the issue.

  • Whitelavender66
    Whitelavender66 24 days ago

    steven a. stfu. u are by far the worst sports analyst ever.

  • Jamais
    Jamais 24 days ago

    Bruh if he got something to say he gone say something, if he don't he wont. It's called keeping it real SAS!

  • Quis Mac
    Quis Mac 24 days ago

    😂😂😂 the Ramsey haters couldn’t wait to come out 🤦‍♂️ make sure y’all keep that same energy

  • Matthew Grice
    Matthew Grice 24 days ago

    Shut the hell up now,youngster,you ain't done shit in the NFL,and you start flapping your blue gums,now what!!!

  • Gregg Popovich
    Gregg Popovich 24 days ago

    Let’s be honest here, CBs “talking trash” and “trying to get in opponents heads” is played out. Sherman did it and did it well. It’s nothing new. Nothing original. No1 falls for that anymore lol.

  • Judah Is Rising
    Judah Is Rising 24 days ago +1

    I can remember after the Patriots game..."THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME GONE BE IN JACKSONVILLE" 😂😂😂😂...that crow ain't tasting so good right now

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 24 days ago

    And to think just a couple of weeks ago this kid actually exclaimed all he needs is 6 months of training and he could make an NHL roster. Never mind he has never tied on a pair of skates. LMAO

  • Thanos Etsitty
    Thanos Etsitty 24 days ago

    Come on Jalem. Keep that big mouth going. Did the boys shut you up?😂

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 24 days ago +1

    "If you're gonna talk, talk."
    "If you're gonna walk, walk"
    A wheelchair mute: 😶

  • Sean W
    Sean W 24 days ago

    Hell have a lot to say about why he didn't have anything to say..

  • James Batenko
    James Batenko 24 days ago +3

    Jalen Ramsey looking like Russell Westbrook with dreads in that thumbnail

  • Dubem28
    Dubem28 25 days ago

    Jalen, can talk about my mama, my papa, my sister and all I have to say to him is Blake Bortles is your QB.

    • Bmb Lafamilia
      Bmb Lafamilia 24 days ago

      Blake's our QB he sucks we know it but still has more playoff wins than half the leagues starting QB's

  • AJS,jr AJS,jr
    AJS,jr AJS,jr 25 days ago

    SA, how can u even mention PrimeTime's name and JalanRamsey's name in the same breath. J.R. hasnt done a god damn thing to be worthy enough for u to even hint at the idea of PRIME TIME, come on SA.

  • Dru Schmidtknecht
    Dru Schmidtknecht 25 days ago +1

    Please stop adding any remarks. Period. Thank u molly

  • Jay Mil
    Jay Mil 25 days ago

    Wait it’s a team sport I wouldn’t know
    Seems like when the teams wins QB’s get all the credit but when it comes to any other player it’s a team sport lmao
    I legit hate NFL QB’s their not even football players

  • Doug Dimadome
    Doug Dimadome 25 days ago +1

    Just here for my daily shut up molly comments don’t mind me

  • King Flacko
    King Flacko 25 days ago

    Stephen A . stfu

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams 25 days ago

    Lol jags aren’t gonna make the playoffs
    Jalen is weak minded pussy

  • rod2467
    rod2467 25 days ago

    Twice the pride, double the fall.

  • Brynny211
    Brynny211 25 days ago

    Stephen A sometimes gets annoying cause he always thinks he’s right but man is he usually ON POINT !

  • Sammy0071993
    Sammy0071993 25 days ago

    He went from Trump to Low energy Jeb

  • Matthew Harper
    Matthew Harper 25 days ago

    Who else thought that was Westbrook for a quick second based on the thumbnail

  • shouders1
    shouders1 25 days ago

    Ramsey is a waste

  • golden79
    golden79 25 days ago +4

    The Jags aren't an elite defense, Seattle is the last elite defense

  • The Future of Money
    The Future of Money 25 days ago

    He's a fair-weather punk ass MOFO

  • KingKintaro
    KingKintaro 25 days ago

    What the hell is that on Max’s lip!?

  • Mel
    Mel 25 days ago +1

    Lil bitch is scary now that he's been humbled. He simply doesn't kno how to respond. #JacksonvillePussycats

    • Scotty Drippin
      Scotty Drippin 25 days ago

      hell yeah bro bout time jalen shut the fuck up he be talkin way too much

  • Donald Pace
    Donald Pace 25 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey lost his swag...

  • rickt1951
    rickt1951 25 days ago

    There's trash talk and talking shit and Ramsey talks shit.

  • Philly Phillnatic
    Philly Phillnatic 25 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey didn't keep that same Enery!!!

  • Elite_ P
    Elite_ P 25 days ago +1

    Pride before the fall😂😂😂😂

  • Dixon Cider
    Dixon Cider 25 days ago +208

    Jalen Ramsey tried to take the Richard Sherman approach to fame but forgot that he doesn’t have a Russell Wilson at quarterback to back him up 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • raiders86 54
      raiders86 54 21 day ago

      Blake Bortles is ass

    • ShinefortheCam
      ShinefortheCam 22 days ago

      Or a good enough defense

    • Clinton Stewart
      Clinton Stewart 23 days ago

      Hell yeah he realizes now bortles is fiction. I think ramsey talks just to make him self feel better since hes aggressive, I think that motivates him until now.

    • Cain Butler
      Cain Butler 24 days ago

      +Spyro The PC Slayer that's sad to imagine😂😂

  • macpumperkinz
    macpumperkinz 25 days ago +1

    Man people love to hate on Jalen, there are a TON of talkers around the League playing much worse than Jalen, still dont understand why an interview where he's asked to give his opinion is being held against him (other than the Blake comment, Blakes gotta go lol)

    • Scotty Drippin
      Scotty Drippin 25 days ago

      you know why ! because jalen really be talking shit he not trash talking he mean everything he says and that rubs people the wrong way.. you like it cause thats your team but other people dont like their team being talked about in a disrespectful manner when most ppl usually give jalen his credit but his ego will be his downfall

    JAMES DAVIS 25 days ago

    I agree keep that same energy u can’t go from talkative extrovert to quiet introvert because u losing