3D Sound - WEAR HEADPHONES - Virtual Reality Audio - WWI

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  • One Touch Man
    One Touch Man 18 hours ago

    earrape without trying

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  • CreatorSs
    CreatorSs Day ago

    The fuck up thing its that that it’s literally the end

  • FourEyed Gamer
    FourEyed Gamer Day ago

    This video is copied off of a different channel

    • SOZO 3D
      SOZO 3D  Hour ago

      FourEyed Gamer Hi - I did the sound for this video with the filmmaker Joe Higgins. If you found this somewhere else, it’s the copy. This is the original.

  • Aidan Mercer
    Aidan Mercer 2 days ago

    Who's here from Battlefield 1?

    HITLER ADOLF 5 days ago

    Omfg.... Im scared😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Костя Ким
    Костя Ким 5 days ago

    Я опсерился на 0:34

  • Эльдар О
    Эльдар О 6 days ago

    Вот это да

  • Noah greatest
    Noah greatest 6 days ago

    who else had to think about bombs flying over there heads and stuff as there sleeping?

  • Dennzz1991
    Dennzz1991 7 days ago

    There is only stereo sound in youtube. Nice video dough

  • Kale Aalto
    Kale Aalto 8 days ago

    yeah uhhhh........... I dont think the trenches are made out of concrete.................

    • Kale Aalto
      Kale Aalto 8 days ago

      oh ok

    • SOZO 3D
      SOZO 3D  8 days ago

      Kale Aalto hahaha... we did our homework. The Germans made their with concrete, and the British would use them when they took them over.

  • Sam Elzaim
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  • Ancient Blades
    Ancient Blades 10 days ago

    2:57 WOOOO

  • Gavin Guy
    Gavin Guy 10 days ago +1

    Well hello PTSD.

  • GhoulSphere
    GhoulSphere 10 days ago

    The whistle is music to my ears.

  • Phanfah Suwannaboot
    Phanfah Suwannaboot 11 days ago

    China number1

  • Imran Ir
    Imran Ir 12 days ago

    Nice PRESENT

  • AL1V3
    AL1V3 14 days ago

    Im kind of shaking

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown 14 days ago

    Should I close my eyes?

  • Minnietv
    Minnietv 15 days ago

    โครตเทพขนาดหูฟังพังข้างนิํงยัง 3d

  • Deanser Gaming
    Deanser Gaming 16 days ago

    3:12 It was at this moment he knew, *he fucked up.*

  • Comm Unist
    Comm Unist 19 days ago

    A M A Z I N G

  • LEO 414
    LEO 414 19 days ago

    How to trigger someone with PTSD

  • Yura Kadul9k
    Yura Kadul9k 19 days ago

    GG wp soldier

  • xander mallari
    xander mallari 21 day ago

    Trench warfare is scary as fuck

  • Lillipup TheYorkiePokemon

    *turns up to full volume*
    *hears loud explosion*
    nope nope nope nope nope nope

  • Kallista Metropoulos

    My earbuds are an entire GDX 10 theatER LMFAO

  • Kallista Metropoulos

    My earbuds are fuckin amazing

  • Horrormaus
    Horrormaus 22 days ago

    0:36 I had an heart attack

  • Lemon Boy
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  • Pastel Jelly
    Pastel Jelly 26 days ago

    Ok I'm dead

  • The Minecart Pro
    The Minecart Pro 27 days ago

    The graphics are really good.

  • sinan açıkgöz
    sinan açıkgöz 27 days ago

    Kulaklık ile son ses gece vakti izledim bu kadar gerçekçi olacağını beklemiyordum videonun sonunda irkildim korkmadım desem yalan olur.

  • Серый Волк
    Серый Волк 28 days ago

    в конце типчик отъехал?

  • Abraham Jhon
    Abraham Jhon 28 days ago

    Guys check out this
    tvclip.biz/video/qACG-9qot7U/video.html this is playing in my head

    • Aradhya Ashok
      Aradhya Ashok 28 days ago

      Yaaa,. u r true it's playing in my whole head...

    • Abel Abner
      Abel Abner 28 days ago

      Hmm it's amazing ... Thank u for sharing..

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  • Gaming Ft. IOS
    Gaming Ft. IOS 28 days ago

    I wanna see the part 2

  • AvaBlogger Nargiz
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  • adarsh pipraiya
    adarsh pipraiya 29 days ago

    is that real

  • Zackey Hassan
    Zackey Hassan 29 days ago

    soldier of One Direction bands...

  • Dreadnaught VCN
    Dreadnaught VCN Month ago

    All that white male privilege. Am I right?

  • FA Trickster
    FA Trickster Month ago +1

    %100 survived

  • Suraj Dowarah
    Suraj Dowarah Month ago

    Oooo shit😬😬😱

  • Factrikz
    Factrikz Month ago

    wow 5.4m

  • Crystal
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  • Niyaz Ansari
    Niyaz Ansari Month ago

    very good

  • ALSHB7
    ALSHB7 Month ago

    اذني راحت ماصرت اسمع شيء

  • Kavv
    Kavv Month ago

    God damn that's some long ass hair! Enemy could win the war without ammunition

  • Jeffrey Tan
    Jeffrey Tan Month ago

    That ending killed me

  • TheCraftinFluffy
    TheCraftinFluffy Month ago

    0:18 Wait, is that, Pewdiepie?

    well hitler was in wwi so

    please dont hurt me

  • Amssou 78
    Amssou 78 Month ago

    Oh no i died

  • I Bara
    I Bara Month ago

    10/10 ill definetly buy this

  • That Guy You Saw in Space

    *_G E T U P T H A T L A D D E R N O W_*

  • 덕후슬라임
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  • destruidor12
    destruidor12 Month ago

    me on the war

  • Christo Slowrider
    Christo Slowrider Month ago

    thats the ladder to their death, they knew it all very well. Old men were tough, new ones..oh well only behind a keyboard.

  • Orange Vroom
    Orange Vroom Month ago

    If only it worked with VR....

  • Manda Tjsaik
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  • Nelson Olivo
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  • Aazam Chattha
    Aazam Chattha Month ago

    this gives me hope for a future of virtual reality. you really stepped your game up. amazing.

  • abhishek mishra
    abhishek mishra Month ago

    Watched it with the sony mdr xb9501. Fuck, felt like I was there.

  • Praise Worship
    Praise Worship Month ago

    Wow. The 3D sound made me very glad I wasn't there. I don't think any war movie has quite the same realism.

  • Feared Beard GT
    Feared Beard GT Month ago

    Daym. Vommiting Gold.

  • That’s Phantasic
    That’s Phantasic Month ago

    That’s pretty good.

  • TheGallopingGhost Gaming

    My fucking ears at 1:40 are gone

  • einfach nur Leo
    einfach nur Leo Month ago

    Don´t worry guys.. I bet hes fine.

  • Your Karma
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  • Esther Coffin
    Esther Coffin Month ago

    I had the sound up full the first shell hit and I yelped , closed my eyes and hit the floor . Sooo yea my friends think I’m a crazy now .

  • Dictator Arren
    Dictator Arren Month ago

    it felt real with headphones I was literly ducking

  • Lebanese Mapping
    Lebanese Mapping Month ago

    R.I.P.Random soldier 1894 -1917

  • gachiBASS Clap gachiBASS Clap gachiBASS Clap

    i need this in VR, HTC VIVE or sum

  • MLFreese
    MLFreese Month ago

    Nice dynamic range! When I adjusted my volume so that the men's voices sounded about right, the mortars sounded believably loud.

  • Weekly Memes
    Weekly Memes Month ago +1

    MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felix Hansen
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  • Down Beat Entertainment

    3:08 sounds familiar.
    COD Road to Victory

  • gab xy
    gab xy Month ago

    a m a z i n g

  • Hrvat Hero
    Hrvat Hero Month ago

    Ive been a volounteer in the Ukraine war, the Croatian ''Sons of death'' division.. Stuff ive seen you wouldnt even believe. But hey im 25 now, got myself a wife and a kid and planning for a nother kid soon.
    War is hell

  • Mass a'uel
    Mass a'uel Month ago

    waaow ,, gigalan tai manuk yaaa

  • Highscores withpat
    Highscores withpat Month ago

    I wasn't in ww1 but I'd assume a lot more gunfire and explosions would be going o .

  • Saul Ramos
    Saul Ramos Month ago

    Well easy to see why vets get ptsd.

  • F B I
    F B I Month ago

    The British sounded really fucking gay

  • Bob Jumper
    Bob Jumper Month ago

    3d audio my ass

  • Dandelion 01
    Dandelion 01 Month ago

    Verdun 2?

  • Fr0stySkull
    Fr0stySkull Month ago

    Nice with Sony xb950b1 headphones

  • Rubens Barrichello
    Rubens Barrichello Month ago

    It's not 3D...it's only stereo effects.

  • SOSMinecraft1
    SOSMinecraft1 Month ago

    Is this real?

  • Bruno Poblete
    Bruno Poblete Month ago

    Que falzo ese vídeo es un vídeo aparte

  • dat dude Antonio
    dat dude Antonio Month ago

    Idk y i thought this was asmr at first

  • Durmus Samet Toslu
    Durmus Samet Toslu Month ago

    Bomb directly coming on top of me.
    Commander: Soldier! Take cover!

  • Alex Tang
    Alex Tang Month ago

    If he climbed that ladder asap he might have survived longer. Anyway both killing and being killed are soldiers' jobs. If u don't want to do it, fuck the country then shoot the comrades and fight ur way out. If u do want to stay, do ur jobs then.

  • Nicolas Tyler Doyle

    world war 1 brought the machine gun into the battlefield. I would love to see a revisit of this with more that the artists wanted to but i think couldn't under constraints. Either way this is brilliant.

  • Yariee Moore
    Yariee Moore Month ago

    2:55 NO SCOPE

  • Cogitatio Obscura
    Cogitatio Obscura Month ago

    GG WP

  • Death Wish
    Death Wish Month ago

    I could feel the vibrations damn dude ounce the first explosion started I thought World War 3 started... or it might have been my really good headphones. Damn fine video!

  • Muhammed Ali Pasha
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  • Dawn Quade
    Dawn Quade Month ago

    My ears rip headphones

  • Pete Jones
    Pete Jones Month ago

    Uhh so is this reall footage of ww2?