Carla Makes Granola Cluster Cookies | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  • No Body
    No Body 23 days ago

    I really like her lol

  • Angela Nicholas
    Angela Nicholas 24 days ago

    I really like Carla. Her videos are funny n laid back. I love me some Brad but it really gets irritating coming to the comments and seeing nothing but things about him on a video that isn't about him. Stop it! It's rude. I dont even notice Brad in the other Chefs videos. You guys need to chill out.

  • Colin Harding
    Colin Harding 27 days ago

    Lol Carla u so sassy gurl

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Month ago

    Omg! Those look wicked good. I'm gonna try that. I definitely want some. X D

  • Malal Ghafar
    Malal Ghafar Month ago

    You are so dirty wash u hand after using coconut oil on hands Yao Yao

  • Ket Met
    Ket Met Month ago

    Carla and brad are my two favs

  • Chase Fasbender
    Chase Fasbender Month ago

    These could be made vegan with aquafaba! Can't wait to try them!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    she's hilarious. love her!

  • Jeremie Glen Dela Cuesta

    Oh my this looks really delicious! Perfect tea snack as well

  • Maddy Broedel
    Maddy Broedel Month ago

    Carla is phenomenal at her job.

  • Jessie Whelchel
    Jessie Whelchel 2 months ago +1

    Carla seems like the best kind of aunt in your family. She's quirky and she always has the best treats with her. You love her almost more than your mom.

    • Gothique Zombie
      Gothique Zombie Month ago

      Jessie Whelchel IKR! That's why I love her so much ❤

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 2 months ago

    Carla might just be my new favorite at BA!

  • cultusdeus
    cultusdeus 2 months ago

    What if you're cooking and the oil you layered on your skin ignites? Just wondering.

  • Noah Fick
    Noah Fick 2 months ago

    I have honestly fallen in love with this woman! Her attitude is phenomenal, and her commentary is quite delightful :-)

  • Katelyn Mitchell
    Katelyn Mitchell 2 months ago

    Consistently because monument practically fund story matter at corporate peel chief.

  • Emily Harris
    Emily Harris 2 months ago

    My favorite part of this video is Brad's behind.
    Sorry Carla. Still love you.

  • Mahmoud Bachir
    Mahmoud Bachir 2 months ago

    I like to imagine that Brad, Claire, Carla and Vinnie (if he's real) are all best friends.

  • ladythumpr
    ladythumpr 2 months ago

    Should you use roasted or roe nuts for this recipe?

  • Sang Lee
    Sang Lee 2 months ago

    Brad needs to come back it's been over 16 days without a Brad video

  • Megan Goldman
    Megan Goldman 2 months ago

    I saw Brad for a sec..thank you!

  • daniel
    daniel 2 months ago

    Marry me carla

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 2 months ago

    You cannot fool me! I see the green screen.

  • Hammock Hiker
    Hammock Hiker 2 months ago

    I saw Brad!!!

  • Joe W
    Joe W 2 months ago

    I'm a big fan. She's hilarious and this recipe will be made by me.

  • prahlada Stanley
    prahlada Stanley 2 months ago

    The oil on your hand will inhibit the formation of meringue

    • prahlada Stanley
      prahlada Stanley 2 months ago

      Do you have a source for that information? As a qualified chef and a qualified pastry chef I'd like to hear the science behind your claim.

    • Chemeleon15
      Chemeleon15 2 months ago +1

      prahlada Stanley
      No, it won’t. that’s been proven false only the yolk can stop the meringue.

  • Jokuh Goes Raw
    Jokuh Goes Raw 2 months ago

    What can you do with the eggyokes?

    • Chemeleon15
      Chemeleon15 2 months ago

      Jokuh Goes Raw
      Custards: ice cream, crème anglaise, crème brûlée.
      Also lemon curd.

  • Готовим Легко!

    Cool recipe,thanks!
    follow me I have many different recipes!)

  • Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell 2 months ago +1

    finally someone agrees with me on how to say pecan!! thanks Carla!

  • James Nee
    James Nee 2 months ago

    Can brad show us how to make eggnog

    LTRAN 2 months ago

    Carla, can you give brad a cookie plz

  • Ankita Desai
    Ankita Desai 2 months ago

    Love it!

  • xIFez
    xIFez 2 months ago

    brad is the main man with who ever is doing the editing that guy or girl knows what they are doing

  • Amie Carrick
    Amie Carrick 2 months ago

    I came here for Brad, but Carla is the next best thing 😂

  • Dave Perry
    Dave Perry 2 months ago

    "2/3rds of a-cup'a sugar!" xD

  • William Hernandez
    William Hernandez 2 months ago

    any egg replacements recommended​ for this recipe?

  • EmmaBrightly
    EmmaBrightly 2 months ago

    You're right, Carla, it's puh-cahn. Trust me...I'm a Texan ;)

  • dj steed
    dj steed 2 months ago +2

    This video is adorable Ive watched it 4 times and i would never make this recipe

  • Janneke Tenbroek
    Janneke Tenbroek 2 months ago

    Would any sweetener be a substitute for white sugar? Or does it have to be granulated?

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 2 months ago +1

    I see Claire in the back!!

  • Lee Loves Food
    Lee Loves Food 2 months ago +9

    Pe...can ;D

  • justin wadahara
    justin wadahara 2 months ago +3

    yessssss love it! feels like they've become more lax with the edits.

  • elireycard
    elireycard 2 months ago +7

    Carla, Andy & Brad are seriously the coolest people I don't know but I want too❤

  • Egor Trubnikov
    Egor Trubnikov 2 months ago

    Why everyone keeps adding kosher salt, even if it tastes same as any other salt?!?

    • Mara Valdecasas
      Mara Valdecasas 2 months ago

      To measure accurately, that's all. Use the same salt every time do you know exactly how much you add with every teaspoon.

    • Emily Devereaux
      Emily Devereaux 2 months ago

      Egor Trubnikov its granules are bigger so it packs much looser in measuring spoons and results in the right amount of saltiness. If you ever read a recipe that says “1 tsp salt” it almost always means kosher, it’s pretty much used universally in cooking and ESPECIALLY in baking! If you’re baking and you see 1 tsp of salt but don’t have kosher, use 1/4 tsp of regular salt, since the grains are so small and it’s much more concentrated 😁

  • Gregor Miller
    Gregor Miller 2 months ago

    Appalachia's Homestead with Patara granola clusters are just as good, plus she has a more vibrant personality:)..but your almost as cute Carla.

  • Julian Munoz
    Julian Munoz 2 months ago

    Cold eggs = easy to separate
    Room temp or warm eggs = best for whipping *

  • Desert living & gardening

    Easy recipe, gotta try it 💯

  • SecretLars
    SecretLars 2 months ago +3

    Hey Vinny!

  • Allie Shepherd
    Allie Shepherd 2 months ago +4

    I love how everyone at BA has a quirky sense of humor

  • Shut up, bob
    Shut up, bob 2 months ago

    she didn't let the eggs say goodbye to each other!!

  • TomiLovely
    TomiLovely 2 months ago +1

    Carla for President

  • Mrs.Auriel
    Mrs.Auriel 2 months ago +1

    Lol entertaining and informative. Thanks!!!

  • Joao Vasco Rodrigues
    Joao Vasco Rodrigues 2 months ago

    You have >750K subscribers, not all in the US. PLEASE, put also the quantities and temperature degrees in the metric system. PLEASE!!!
    BTW, love your videos!!! (except when you use imperial quantities...)

  • Jamaul Bivins
    Jamaul Bivins 2 months ago +46


  • whyilee
    whyilee 2 months ago

    Best recipe eve
    r. I love the way pec
    ans and the sliced almon
    ds taste together

  • maxx steele
    maxx steele 2 months ago

    Dear god, that's a simple, fast and awesome recipe. I'll make some for my daughter.

  • angel parra
    angel parra 2 months ago +7


  • Sean Buckland
    Sean Buckland 2 months ago +1

    Do these people get paid to just hang out in the kitchen and make food all day? Are you guys hiring?

  • kanish161
    kanish161 2 months ago +1

    But could you dip them in some kind of glaze or chocolate?

  • coolgirl
    coolgirl 2 months ago +2

    i missed you

  • Gamze Ayaz
    Gamze Ayaz 2 months ago

    Thanks for this amazing granola recipe

  • Amandaxxcastilho
    Amandaxxcastilho 2 months ago +2

    Carla is certainly my lost best friend... she's so fun

  • ilias 2405
    ilias 2405 2 months ago +1

    I love carla

  • GreenDrank82
    GreenDrank82 2 months ago

    Hey where is Vinnie?

  • SoNGY 8
    SoNGY 8 2 months ago +15

    YO, is that BRAD IN THE BACKGROUND?!?!

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow 2 months ago

    When you need to make a video and want to eat but it is 2 am and you are high as a kite

  • me shaq
    me shaq 2 months ago +21

    I'm here for Brad in the back.

  • TheYetiGaming -Minecraft

    AMZING VID!!!!!!

  • Sous Vide TV
    Sous Vide TV 2 months ago +26

    Great recipe, looks like it would be good snack during hiking!

  • Aaron Copperberg
    Aaron Copperberg 2 months ago +58

    Brad! Get over here and ferment this granola!

  • RoseOfHizaki
    RoseOfHizaki 2 months ago

    *Just curious* -- Rather than using the sugar mix at the end before scooping them up and putting it on a baking tray. Could you not use some syrup or maple syrup and turn it into a flapjack??? Im sure you could easily turn this recipe into a flapjack. add some honey or maple syrup. throw in some dried fruits that have been put through a food processor or berries (or both) and you have yourself a pretty amazing flapjack right there.

  • phsyckomantis
    phsyckomantis 2 months ago

    I just love the way she says the ingridients. Those cookies must be delicious! 😀😀😀❤❤💐

  • Gavriel Nestlebaum
    Gavriel Nestlebaum 2 months ago

    That's a great video. But the highlight was definately seeing brad

  • Tosh T
    Tosh T 2 months ago +55

    Carla having a great hair day. 👍 Breakfast cookies...mmmm, mmmm.

  • Profesor Qwertius
    Profesor Qwertius 2 months ago

    Who's actually peeking what's Brad up to?

  • stormbob
    stormbob 2 months ago +2

    I don't understand why people use so much coconut oil and why it's so trendy right now. As oils go it's pretty much the worst you can eat--it's super high in saturated fat.

    • maria aurangzeb
      maria aurangzeb 2 months ago +1

      Saturated fat has been unfairly demonised

    • stormbob
      stormbob 2 months ago +1

      Fascinating. Perhaps you could explain what it is that I don't understand. Or are you just here to score ego points by being a jerk?

    • Couch
      Couch 2 months ago +2

      you dont understand nutrition very well

    • ilias 2405
      ilias 2405 2 months ago

      stormbob neutralised doesn't really have a taste which is great for vegan cooking and it a light oil so doesn't make you feel bloated after eating

  • Shayan Givehchian
    Shayan Givehchian 2 months ago +311

    Carla is the remedy for the days without Brad.

    • MonsefMA
      MonsefMA 2 months ago

      Claire too

    • Trading My Sorrows
      Trading My Sorrows 2 months ago

      Braaaad.... come back Braaad. Come back.... 🤣 He is soo close. Yet soo far awaaayyy. Lol
      Oh ..!! Make for us a soicey Kimchi Dude. His Pickles looked soo BOMB ..:)P. Mmmm

    • David Blinn
      David Blinn 2 months ago +2

      *The Brad

  • jeb tweebance
    jeb tweebance 2 months ago +122

    Carla is the intellectuals Brad

    • Keystrokes
      Keystrokes 2 months ago


    • isaac
      isaac 2 months ago

      omg im so different and smart because i like another person than this person

    • cloggedb
      cloggedb 2 months ago +8

      Brad is the intellectuals Brad

    • Vincent Cross
      Vincent Cross 2 months ago +5

      "Carla is the intellectuals' * Brad." ;)

    • Imaad Majeed
      Imaad Majeed 2 months ago


  • Jena
    Jena 2 months ago +23

    Looks delicious. Love Carla and her recipes! Utilizing bulk bins is a plus!

  • Miguel Sermeno
    Miguel Sermeno 2 months ago +26

    How is brad still the best part of this video?

  • noobinator Simelane
    noobinator Simelane 2 months ago +7

    Where’s Brad.?

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo 2 months ago +26


  • Fort Yort
    Fort Yort 2 months ago +22

    Carla's great! Yet another cool chef within the Bon Appétit ranks.
    (Also, I bet these would be so rad with some craisins in them if you're into that sort of thing.)

  • RBuckminsterFuller
    RBuckminsterFuller 2 months ago +9

    I prefer pee cans.

  • SpinkieWar
    SpinkieWar 2 months ago +16


    WYNOLLO TV 2 months ago +1

    I only have oatmeal

  • Infinite Athletics
    Infinite Athletics 2 months ago +41

    Needs a bit of bacon in it.

    • Daniela Rossi
      Daniela Rossi 2 months ago +1

      and miso instead of salt

    • Twelve20two
      Twelve20two 2 months ago +3

      And I wash thinking chocolate.
      Maybe both?