Bella Thorne Slams Whoopi Goldberg’s Response To Nude Photos

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • After Whoopi Goldberg told Bella Thorne not to take nude photos of herself, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O’Neil share Bella Thorne’s teary response on “ET Canada Live”.
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Comments • 1 049

  • shippertime
    shippertime 18 days ago

    Pea brain.

  • Lidia Pimentel
    Lidia Pimentel 19 days ago

    Shame on you Whoopi Goldberg

  • cla mill
    cla mill 20 days ago

    I a huge fan of CeeCee & rocky since Day 01 &nd i've never ....Never in my life Seen CeeCee's actual tears &nd that made me sad asf 💯💯💔

  • For Fun
    For Fun 27 days ago

    Bella is soo ugly she looks like a man , Yukkk 🤮🤮

  • Preah Gill
    Preah Gill Month ago

    I saw the full clip of whoopi speaking about this and she did not say anything wrong she basically said that when you take a nude photo theres a risk of it getting linked and everyone knows this so don't be shocked if they get leaked.

  • R J
    R J Month ago

    You have to be mindful but Whoopies wrong. The blame is on the hackers.

  • B LOGS
    B LOGS Month ago

    Is that carlos from YTV 😂

  • mike
    mike Month ago

    Whoopi is just jealous she's not as good looking as bella and has to make her feel guilty for being white and beautiful.

  • Olivia Hallie
    Olivia Hallie Month ago

    Bella has to listen 👂 because Whoopi said you know you are a celebrity these things happen when you put your life out Whoopi was right when she said if you don’t want it out don’t put out she could have screen recorded the blackmailer and called the police

  • Carolyn Rombardo
    Carolyn Rombardo Month ago

    Bella...suck it up gf..u messed up..dont put it on whoppi..its 2019..u should no better...first ur boohoo tears..then ur nasty comes out...n..of course threaten to not show up..what an epic looser

  • Johanne Lavergne
    Johanne Lavergne 2 months ago

    Victim hood at its worst, let’s all cry together.... do not responsibility for yourself let’s blame everyone else’s

  • Han Han
    Han Han 2 months ago

    Wait a minute
    Phone company?!!?! Knows your passwords and knows what I search and knows what Kinda pictures and videos switched
    Ohh... my ...

  • Han Han
    Han Han 2 months ago

    What the fuck I didn’t know this happen this year??! I thought this happen last year ??!😭 this was 2months Ago.
    .. but I understand what she’s saying I guess
    If you take a sexy picture it deserves to get leaked??
    If you dance on the dance floor looking sexy you deserve to get raped ??
    Uhh understandable

  • Michael Finner II
    Michael Finner II 2 months ago

    Whoopi's just jealous cuz she's a nasty old hag that nobody would want to see nude, let alone fully clothed. That being said, anybody ... I mean anybody that doesn't know the repercussions of taking a nude photo with digital devices, shouldn't be using digital devices. Anybody that wants to take nude pictures and keep them private need to do it with analog. Ie 35 mm, VHS, or Polaroid. You have to be an ignorant individual to think you can take a selfie on a cell phone or any other digital device and not think you are vulnerable.

    RENEGADE MASTERS 2 months ago

    Bella took nude pics of herself and got upset when she got hacked...It as entirely her doing and i agree with Whoopi...if you dont want to be embaressed or humiliated in public dont behave in secret the way you would not in public..People saw our true side and the hacker exposed you ...for exposing yourself..

  • jason royale
    jason royale 2 months ago

    once again brilliant bella proves she's too smart and too hot for Hollywood. by half. bella 1 feminzis 0

  • Saylin yinyang
    Saylin yinyang 2 months ago +1

    I think bella was more hurt that she interpreted whoopi as blaming the victim instead of blaming the hacker. Whoopi was just acknowledging that no matter what there will be hackers and bad people and like this time we should be extra careful cause like what bella said even though your a baby or a nun you could get rape.
    So they are both right and wrong. :)
    Bella is still hurt about what happened this making her emotional or triggering her that she was blamed. For Whoopi since she's old school she knows not to take nudes and she adapted that no matter what happens bad people will do bad things :)

  • XavierAlien
    XavierAlien 2 months ago

    It's the same thing as if she was about to be raped just have sex with the rapist lol

  • Harry Wong
    Harry Wong 2 months ago +1

    She's a tramp who only wanna attention!

  • Seira Areub
    Seira Areub 3 months ago

    Its like don't play with fire inside the house because there's a possibility that your house will turn into ashes but you still do it.. Prevention is better than cure.. and THAT is what WHOOPI's meant you dumb stupid BELLA!!!

  • Carmen Sepulveda
    Carmen Sepulveda 3 months ago

    Whoopi dint Say nothing wrong giving you advice bella get help.

  • Karolina Wilk
    Karolina Wilk 3 months ago

    This woman was right. I also understand Bella. You know this was a difficult situation.

  • Robert Macachek
    Robert Macachek 3 months ago

    Nothing about Bella Thorne is real. Her hair (she finally admitted that she wasn't a redhead but then lied again by saying she is a natural blonde...LOL), her nose, her lips and her breasts...ALL FAKE!!Bella Thorne is a pathological lair. She has a book out and all of a sudden, what ever is the flavor of the month, she has it. She can’t communicate without using vulgarity which is the last refuge of the uneducated. I am certain she thinks it makes her sound like a rebel but its just another clue to the reality that this person is a fraud. Every picture she takes she has to stick her disgusting tongue out which is another sign of just how insecure she is and again thinks it makes her look edgy.
    Actor - complete failure. Anything she has led has gone down in flames. Go to IMDB, most of her "movies" are either 'shorts" of some disgusting video that involved Mod Sun or some other industry heavy weight like snoop dog. The others went straight to streaming after being in “post production for years. The only movies (which are few) are those that she were those in which she was a bit character. Dancing - complete failure. On Shake It Up, they had to run the same dance every show and dumb it down because she really couldn't do that well. As for her current status of her dancing talent, just pull up any of her recent attempts...its really sad. Modeling - complete failure. All of her endorsements seem to have dried up. Her refusal to take a shower seems to have had a negative impact on this profession. Her lack of interest in hygiene in general and that DISGUSTING hog ring seems to have drove a permanent stake through the heart of that option. When she goes out in public now, she seems to have lost all concern regarding her appearance. Her hair is greasy, unwashed and usually pulled in a pony tail. She is often wearing a baseball hat, an oversized jacket and sweatpants. I can just imagine all the agencies just lining up to sign her. Singing - complete failure. She tried and tried to release song along the "pop" genre but her voice is so bad, it truly defies description. They have tried every piece of hardware related to 'auto-tune' and haven't found one yet that can make it work. Her attempt to rap with Mod Sun never got off the launch pad. Her voice is just bad, even when spoken. It is monotone nails on the chalkboard. I would rather set my hair on fire and stare at the sun then listen to a full song rapped by Bella Thorne. Author - complete failure. By all accounts (direct interviews, social media and third parties) Bella Thorne appears to have stopped formal education after the third grade. By have own admission, we are to believe that she TAUGHT HERSELF how to read and write by reading scripts /eye roll. Think about that statement. Now we are to believe that as a young teenager (with all her other projects going on at the same time) she was able to bang out not one, not two BUT three novels for her adoring fans...sure thing. Something you also won't hear from Bella these days is that she used a ghost writer. The following is a direct quote from Bella in an article in Yahoo Celebrity released on Nov. 12th, 2014 by Breanne Heldman, "Bella was open about her work with ghostwriter Elise Allen." On her latest book, she claimed that two weeks before her draft was due to the publisher, she lost TWO COMPLETE books on a Delta airlines flight (inside the plane). Of course these two complete books were hand written and there were no back up copies of them. That happens all the time right? Authors hand writer their books and don't bother making copies of them. She actually blamed Delta Airlines LOL. So of course she had to bang out this Wannebe Mogul crap in 2 weeks...sure thing, lol. She said that all the mistakes and misspellings in the book are left unchanged on purpose as part of her ARTISTIC style…it wouldn’t have anything to do with that fact that she waited until two weeks before the deadline to start…right? Beauty Supplies, Fashion Designer and Merch peddler - Complete failure. This doesn't require much explanation. Really a bit of research on goggle will take you on a tour of some of the most pathetic attempt to be edgy and it just left me feeling sad. The best piece of merch was a neon t'shirt that "Bitch I'm Bella Thorne" scrawled on it. Music Mogul - Complete Failure. She started her own record label. I shouldn’t rag too much about this as she does have an “artist” signed; herself. She really picked an edgy title for her label…Filthy Fangs, LOL. Who wouldn’t want to be rep’d by Filthy Fangs.
    I am staying away from other topics as they are probably too sensitive for some people to read about and the last thing I want to do is dredge up drama but make NO MISTAKE, Ms Thorne is a class A-1 Attention Whore. Throughout her life, if something is "in the news" Thorne has it, had it, done it, doing it or is about to do it.
    I hate to say it, but almost any project Ms Thorne have been involved in has failed, gone down in flames and rarely led to any long term success. Sadly, as you look through her career and the many relationships she has been a part of, few have led to any long term alliances or collaboration on future projects. Many projects have led to many hurt feelings or burnt bridges. I do feel sorry for Ms Thorne as in many ways her life seems to be spinning out of control and I don't think she has anyone responsible to turn to for real help. I do hope that she takes a break and focus' on herself. First and foremost is getting sober and second is to learn the basic life skills that she should have learned a decade ago.

  • I M A QYN
    I M A QYN 3 months ago

    Bella is a little thot that craves attention, she has mental issues, so bipolar. Anyone can access your pics, get a grip. She post herself almost naked everyday, stop virtue signaling.

  • Nathan Patrick
    Nathan Patrick 3 months ago +2

    Bella Thorne is the embodiment of the millennial mindset

  • v dolan
    v dolan 3 months ago

    Also, Bella is saying some dumb ass shit. She compared taking photos of her body and getting them leaked and going to a club and getting drunk and getting raped. Basically, she's saying that Whoopi said that if any girl takes a photo of her body, it should be leaked. Whoopi never even fucking said that. Bella also said that if she goes out clubbing and gets drunk and decides to get on the dance floor, should she be raped, too? That is just really fucking stupid and idiotic for her to say. She's also a crybaby bitch.

  • v dolan
    v dolan 3 months ago

    What does kids committing suicide have to do with this? I really don't get why the fuck Bella said that. I'm a kid. If a kid commits suicide, oh fucking well, that's their fault. They took their own life. And if I say that's sad, I mean that that's sad that they're not strong and did something so stupid and idiotic.

  • pharell kevins
    pharell kevins 3 months ago

    Well well well,, for the first time this older presenter is being positive, i must say I'm surprised

  • Shivani
    Shivani 3 months ago

    If you MUST take nude pics of yourself, then have the common sense to block your face out.

  • dxddy pnut
    dxddy pnut 3 months ago

    mann I’m tired of y’all talking shyt bout Bella for takin tha photos.. it ain’t her fault.. it’s tha hackers fault! she can do what she want the hacker shouldn’t have done that period. if it wasn’t for the hacker nobody would even know about it and everything would be all sunshine and rainbows and shit. the only thing that went wrong was the hacker. it’s his/her fault. leave Bella alone.

  • GrimmmX6X
    GrimmmX6X 3 months ago

    I have to say what Whoopi said wasn't fair, unjustified for Belle considering she had threats possibly countless times

  • Dia H
    Dia H 4 months ago

    First of all , Bella is not a victim in any shape way or form except of being beguiled by whomever supposedly 'notified' her of their agenda to blackmail. The definition of shaming is to make a person feel ashamed , Bella should feel ashamed for irresponsibly posting her own nudes amongst a public platform with underage children viewing , she posted her own nudes onto twitter ; thus is not pornhub , and if anyone thinks it's acceptable to violate Twitter's guidelines concerning porn with children under age of 18 viewing is very narrow-minded into the ideology that ' shaming anyone for anything is wrong when it's a woman'. To be a slut means to be sleeping with multiple partners , that's the issue with these feminists ,everytime someone gets exposed or in Bella's case exposes themselves in nudity , when people shame them for such people like to stamp these labels onto it that incredibly makes absolutely no relevance to the scenario. Whoopi did not body/slut shame anyone , but since we're in an era where opinions and statements have to be took down a notch to please our liberal feminists , we aren't allowed to shame anyone even if the person that deserves to feel shamed is nit the victim. Bella intentionally posted porn onto a platform with underaged viewers and fans ,going against Twitter's rules , she then expects pity because she was deceived into thinking that the suspect obtained her nudes. When you take porn of yourself ,it's nobody elses fault except yourself if you allowed this situation to unfold by posting it . If the 'suspect' did post it, ,it'd be a whole nother story ,but in this case Bella did this to herself ; she took the nudes ,she posted it ,her actions were disgusting to show it to underaged fans on twitter and she should be shamed for the scenario that took place. Whoopi said what everyone else is afraid to say to pathetic pity party feminists who like to victimize themselves for situation they put themselves in , be more intelligent in your decisions ,and in this scenario Bella should've taken responsibility for her actions because beguiled or not...she leaked it herself. I don't feel sorry for Bella at all , because it isn't proven that the suspect even had her nudes ,her dumbass posted it herself and she allowed herself to be beguiled. She put herself in the situation she is right now ,women in this era need to start taking responsibility for their actions,learn that public opinions and criticism is needed,and people should be shamed when they're wrong . "All girls in my situation watching this" difference is that sure they took some responsibility for even sending it ,but whomever obtained it ACTUALLY exposed the porn. Whoopi's statement was not an 'opinion' as a whole ,it was factual based on common sense. Be smarter girls ,learn to take responsibility ,and stop playing pity parties when you could be making a change for once. Would be different if Bella was a minor ,but she's a grown woman , she put herself in this scenario and it's her responsibility to get out of it. Also, this pathetic bitch literally has posted WORSE more REVEALED photos of herself ,she wasn't forced to post anything she was just STUPID and that's the truth. She's doing this stunt for publicity , this is obviously a lie. If she's sobbing about a breast pic which she has taken more pics more nude than that , it's obviously an act for attention to add onto the little feminist agenda of 'empowerment' and 'metoo' movement as she proceeded to falsely accuse whoopi of shaming her for being a "slut" or her "body"--- whoopi made no comment on her sexual partner count or her body physique ,only her decision to take it and POST it where underage kids are viewing .
    This was all a stunt to fuel the metoo movement and try to be a figure of 'EMpOWeR' .First go around I felt bad and was on Bella's side,but as you actually begin to think originally for once and considering other factors begin to realize the true bs . "saying if you take a sexy photo it deserves to be leaked" the same'ol bs feminist bring up when they do some stupid shit and wont take responsibility; make irrelevant claims that no one indicated or said. That's the real shit here boo PERIODT.

  • James Barlow
    James Barlow 4 months ago

    She's crying so hard the slut's gonna rust her nose ring. Moo.

  • CHR15 S.
    CHR15 S. 4 months ago

    How does he not see a comparison to rape? Obvi not as aggressive but just as degrading

  • Ruthie
    Ruthie 4 months ago

    Let's just be honest, Whoopi is not the issue. It's obvious Bella needs help because it looks like she's not all there. So Bella, shame on you for trying to justify your nonsense and blame others for your stupidity. Ok!

  • Catherine Muldet
    Catherine Muldet 4 months ago

    i see the point of what whoopi says but the thing is you shouldn't threaten bella and make sexual harrasments and its her choice she is a person in control of her device....

  • Tanetta johnson
    Tanetta johnson 4 months ago

    Whoopi didn't say anything wrong

  • Blew
    Blew 4 months ago

    Both Bella and Whoopi are right.

  • Jayden SweetPotato
    Jayden SweetPotato 4 months ago

    Whoopi is definitely right tbh cause obviously it is Bella's fault and ya sure if you get drunk and stuff still like it's still your fault and you should still know what could happen

  • cinder bettencourt
    cinder bettencourt 4 months ago

    While what Whoopi said made sense and was reasonable it’s Bella’s life her reputation it was gonna get leaked anyway and it was probably hard for her to do but the fact that she got ahead of that hacker it was gonna get leaked either way at least she did it her self and in a way that’s what she needed to do and what made her feel better

  • #Life 101
    #Life 101 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought Bella looked like she was high or on some type of drug when she recorded the response she made?

  • marika goeritz
    marika goeritz 4 months ago

    whoopi was expressing inner reality behind minds of her hackers because in live time she had learn on how not take schmucks to serious and think before taking action that hateful schmucks could have over her so she would not follow thru and this what is referred as learning to think before acting. By publically crying and behaving as tormented VICTIM in such dramatic way if any of her hateful and dirty minded hackers has any fantasies that is classic of potential rape offender, her over the top drama that she is now presenting public is capable of increasing any secret rape fantasy have. Whoopi has loving passion for all sisters regardless any race to evolve into knowing of feminine strengths that many modern day women have forgotten or is mistaken power that female roles of fairytales or exotic roles ancient egypt but many of present are struggling to get out the small box of masses!!! As old school white woman who is very hard on some young and insecure fellow white sisters who are easily brainswashed by stereotypes that they 100 % try to live up in though even though it means not being one 's truthful self . For the longest time there some white woman who try to advertise being sweet push over, submissive and obedient to their man especially phony white sisters who did try to get win over unsuspecting black man who ends up learning that these phony white ladies are crazy cause these women could not behave in a way that is not them. When I had lived in the east oakland ghetto in early thirties and was living in shelters for a while the black sisters when I told them about how frustrated I use to get on military bases when some black GI's use try to pick me by saying things that insecure bimbles not standing up for themselves but pretending to be so trashy and stupid were not upset and had comfident in stating the root source why i am frustrated which they were justified in pride by truthfully stating that I do not like to be address being weak in reference to being submissive pushover and they barely knew me at the time but they had been target more than moma with this and they end up having friendly relatiponship with me were respect was more than the whites grow up with would assume cause other than my best friends German born mother got many sisters as close in friendship than many whites assume cause she was a character like Mae West with german broken dialect than when said shit in english she is only one that is being classy cause it defines her individual style from that of Mae West and my stepgrandma best friend was her churchie black bible thumping twin. By being right these sisters had made it for to come up with facts that eliminate being stuck with ignorance that prejudice traps people and look at the view point of party responsible one's making me frustrated with more epathy. Lately since move to California in 1999 to the present I got very impressed that the black men that had been with phony white bimbos had gotten wise to there ways very quickly and ended up many times feeling sorry for these dudes when they had gotten to the point in there relationship that their meek white woman was not so meek but very dramatic, erratic and insane .

  • marika goeritz
    marika goeritz 4 months ago

    Whoopi did not to me comes across as someone thinks deserves Bella to be rape but rather acting as instrument needed in
    dispirit in a major way, tough love by sharing old time common sense and wisdom is gold that mature individuals have acquired

  • M N
    M N 4 months ago +1

    This bitch loves attention (Bella Thorne).

    • M N
      M N 4 months ago +1

      She gave EVERYONE a guilt trip because of shit that SHE DID.

  • Charlotte MacDowell
    Charlotte MacDowell 4 months ago

    The person who hacked Bella should be at fault! Bella has bank cards credit cards etc on the cloud is that her fault for putting that there?? Of course it’s not Bella’s fault

    • Charlotte MacDowell
      Charlotte MacDowell 4 months ago

      Like what if she went out wearing revealing clothes, is it her fault if she gets cat called?

  • theresa cooper
    theresa cooper 4 months ago

    I side with Whoopi and that analogy Bella used shows her age she don’t have a clue

  • Musical Raven
    Musical Raven 4 months ago

    I see nothing wrong with what Whoopi said, I get it sucks but at the same time no one talked about your body or your sexuality nor did she call you disgusting. She literally said if you're getting hacked they're getting everything you personally posting your nudes isn't hindering anything nor is it making who ever hacked you back off. It's putting yourself at an even higher risk of some maniac attacking you, so the melodramatic act was stupid. This girl clearly needs help

  • Fila Baxter
    Fila Baxter 4 months ago

    Didn't everyone blame Blac Chyna for rob leaking her pictures to the internet? but now since it is a white woman she's automatically a victim. I feel bad for her but when are women and girls going to learn that you cannot store these type of things on your phone nothing on your phone or social media is private people can hack you at any time and exploit you. This is just the world that we live in and once people accept that everyone would live better lives. I am not sending pictures of myself Ever!!! not to no girlfriend, or anybody for that matter. Whoopi spoke the truth and that cannot even be argued. People are just mad at her because she was blunt, her entire point stemmed as a broad generalization to all women and men to stop doing this. No one singled out Bella at all. I would also like to ask how was this victim shaming? Now I can see it if the young lady was sexually assaulted, verbally abused, or forced upon without her consent, but she willing sent naked pictures of herself across the internet that is accessible to every hacker in the world. It is 2019 and people are too old and grown to be doing this type of stuff. I just don't understand why this white lady is a victim, but god forbid if this was a black woman who's nudes were hacked, y'all would be slut-shaming and telling that woman how stupid she was I don't get it. People need to be careful. You not only have to worry about people hacking into your stuff, but y'all better becareful of these boyfriends and girlfriends who y'all sending your pictures to because if you make them mad then it is a possibility that they might release your shit. Also, how do she know that her boyfriend didn't have anything to do with it.

  • Amiyah Rice
    Amiyah Rice 4 months ago +2

    Look all she’s trying to say is be careful and all y’all people that believe what she’s believing then watch the video over again

  • Amiyah Rice
    Amiyah Rice 4 months ago +3

    She is going to cancel the interview over that grow up Bella you don’t even have to say anything about it just grow up

  • Brenda Rivera
    Brenda Rivera 4 months ago

    “SHAME ON YOU” she’s deaf dumb shame on her for taking those photo🤮like love your body it’s to conserve and not show ❤️

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor 4 months ago +2

    She literally dresses half naked and shit yet she’s mad bc someone called her out for taking nude photos.

  • Betty Betty
    Betty Betty 4 months ago +2

    why would you be taking nude photos of yourself anyway?.....

  • Kitty James
    Kitty James 4 months ago

    The person she upset with is herself and she's just ranting and taking out on Whoopi. It's sad that this happened to her but take it as a learn from it bring it to other girls awareness and move on.

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King 4 months ago

    This is the perfect example of "listening to respond, rather than to understand!" Whoopi hasn't shamed her nor has she said she had it coming to her. Bella says she doesn't want to be "beaten down by a bunch of older women" and is playing a victim, because she doesn't want to admit that she was irresponsible. After the mass hacking of icloud dubbed the Fappening, any celebrity that uploads nudes to their cloud is being stupid and should rightly expect this to happen (which is what Whoopi has said) No one shamed your body, no one shamed your sexuality and no one told you not to take the damn pics or that you were disgusting to have taken the stupid pics. And don't pull out the rape card, because that has nothing to do with what she said, and she's just gaslighting by equating the two and twisting her words.
    If everyone in TVclip COMMENTS has agreed on something, you really done screwed up Bella.

  • Kelli W
    Kelli W 4 months ago

    Whoopi is correct. If you want to take a sexy photo, DO NOT take it with a phone or something that can be hacked. It’s common sense. You can use an actual camera.

  • Mariyah Ali
    Mariyah Ali 4 months ago

    I’m side-eyeing this bitch right now. I don’t buy this hacker story now. That was such an overreaction. I’m getting Jussie Smollet vibes.

  • Eve
    Eve 4 months ago

    Did she just compare willingly taking naked pictures of herself that were used as blackmail to rape? Like what? The gaslighting it so intense right now. #iwontdrinkthetears

  • Daniel Brant
    Daniel Brant 4 months ago

    Whoopi needs to shut up about young women. This is worse than her sit down and shut up to AOC and sorry but if Whoopi has any empathy for young women it doesn't show.

  • YaBoiSkullio
    YaBoiSkullio 4 months ago +1

    Whoopi is the only one with common sense I swear