Unboxing STRANGE AMAZON Products

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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  • Itspotaitoe Pie
    Itspotaitoe Pie Hour ago

    I'm going to like this video because the dog was in it

  • Wolfy Twilight
    Wolfy Twilight 7 hours ago

    I bought Lazarbeam merch the other day an I use code Lazar yeyeyey

  • XboxDaMaster •_69
    XboxDaMaster •_69 8 hours ago

    Lacklan tennis racket is actually a bug zapper btw

  • Rocco Azzam
    Rocco Azzam 13 hours ago

    Wait Lazarbeam has friends I thought he was all alone

  • Max Crusher
    Max Crusher 13 hours ago

    lannon has friends?

  • LuLucas_CO0L
    LuLucas_CO0L 17 hours ago +1

    Yeah you have more than 10 million and I have a channel with 12 subscribers

  • The Derpy Gamer
    The Derpy Gamer 18 hours ago +1

    how would you use hydro clothes in Africa if they are also having water shortages?

  • Rubric
    Rubric Day ago

    The joke is because Australians were convicts.
    Convicts stole... just like lazarbum.

  • Mr Boom
    Mr Boom Day ago

    I have that bug sworer

  • Aiden Vallejo
    Aiden Vallejo Day ago

    When v-bucks are free 0:02

  • Mohammed Fagarai

    My play button just joking

  • JohnCarlo Escribano

    Use Code Fresh now or I will ban you

  • JohnCarlo Escribano

    3:00 code Lazar

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark Day ago

    Lazar beam if you see this you should try madden again at least for the lamppost

  • Renee Gill
    Renee Gill Day ago

    The piggy bank got demonized

  • GillieSuit gamer

    Keep going laser

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf Day ago

    Get lufu more now

  • Jackson Phillips

    Jason is so proud of you

  • Teddy The Teddanata

    Btw she is vegan

  • Teddy The Teddanata

    You sound like my cousin when you say melons are vegan

  • TheChubbaDubba Nooba

    I loVe ScIeNcE!!

  • Zen Bailey
    Zen Bailey Day ago

    your the best

  • William.o Gaming
    William.o Gaming Day ago +1

    I am subscribing to my next 5 subscribers comment on my Chanel if you subscribed

  • Icy_hot Playz
    Icy_hot Playz 2 days ago

    Oh shite is tha bib le

  • Juratory List
    Juratory List 2 days ago

    The kids wheelchair is more then my college tuition

  • Random Ruby Mason
    Random Ruby Mason 2 days ago +1

    lol I have a hamster called biscuit

  • H Bowman
    H Bowman 2 days ago


  • Charlene Green
    Charlene Green 2 days ago

    f*** you

  • The bubble Squad
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  • Cribed_by_culture _twitch

    me: searching for knifes on amazon
    looks on TVclip

  • Christine Grande
    Christine Grande 2 days ago

    🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻 I want it

    MANSAS FROM KANSAS 2 days ago

    Melons hurt me it was in a drink and the pip got stuck in my throught

  • AnAverageTerrariaYoutuber

    I wanna sub 30 mil more times now

  • Carter Gass
    Carter Gass 2 days ago

    Play mario games!

  • Logan Gaming
    Logan Gaming 2 days ago


  • XXXyoshi626 Yeeet
    XXXyoshi626 Yeeet 2 days ago +1

    Someone tell me what to search for the thing that eats puke

  • Dylan Shearar
    Dylan Shearar 2 days ago

    I used to say yeet my feet

  • Dylan Shearar
    Dylan Shearar 2 days ago

    I literally commented on the vid that had the yeet sign

    DAVE COOl 2 days ago

    Got shoot in in the leg now in a robot xd

  • Nathan Du Preez
    Nathan Du Preez 2 days ago

    Damn vultures 😂

  • Kooper Hudson
    Kooper Hudson 2 days ago +3

    Well they need water first

  • Jayden Holm
    Jayden Holm 2 days ago +2

    My sister went through cancer 2 times 😭🤧

  • Taylan Narayana
    Taylan Narayana 2 days ago

    What flavour boost u get?

  • sky fawkes
    sky fawkes 3 days ago

    I W's eating my cereal when I saw the vomit and milk came out of my nose my sister was crying she thought it was barf

  • sky fawkes
    sky fawkes 3 days ago +2

    When lannon was ten years old he broke his arm racing a Go kart into a pole his parents didn't belive him for 3 days

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams 3 days ago +1

    La la la la

  • pokershyguy z
    pokershyguy z 3 days ago

    LazarBeam i need one dimand play botton

  • Daniel Lorenz
    Daniel Lorenz 3 days ago +1


  • CheeseCake Plays
    CheeseCake Plays 3 days ago

    Btw the vomiting thing is called gudetama and its and egg

  • Jayden Sammarco
    Jayden Sammarco 3 days ago

    So what else is he getting from mr beast

  • Dimitri 18
    Dimitri 18 3 days ago +11

    does anyone know the name of the toy wich lazar beam called a Chinese toy

  • RLeandry328
    RLeandry328 3 days ago


  • ItzMajik YT
    ItzMajik YT 3 days ago

    U did not even think u were getting a mil

  • r3 vorce
    r3 vorce 3 days ago

    1 month

  • Johnny Venezia
    Johnny Venezia 3 days ago

    I almost pooped my pants watching this video

  • Lucas Ytrøy
    Lucas Ytrøy 3 days ago

    Wait if i make new accounts over and over and subscribe i can get you more subs!😐

  • Brandonlfc W
    Brandonlfc W 3 days ago

    Africans don’t have water to make it useful

  • Csgo SS
    Csgo SS 3 days ago

    3 ads wow

  • Calum McShane
    Calum McShane 3 days ago

    well done ya bloody legend

  • Andrew Kafka
    Andrew Kafka 3 days ago

    wow 1 mil in 1 month never done before