How R. Kelly almost ruined Aaliyah's life. Plus his sex cult allegations (2017)

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • I had reservations posting this, but I had to shed light on the situation in the wake these new sex cult allegations against R. Kelly.
    Unfortunately one of the alleged victim claims that nothing is wrong. This is classic Stockholm Syndrome
    R. Kelly's Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Blasts Father for Embarrassing Her
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  • Empressive
    Empressive  2 years ago +584

    I will leave this public for a little while and put it back on private...I want people to see this,
    0:04 R. Kelly sex accusations and Joycelyn Savage's captivity
    4:14 R. Kelly abuse toward Aaliyah
    11:33 R. Kelly needs to be locked up

      BLESSED BY THE BEST Month ago

      @Grace Johnson they all are lying.

    • don't worry bout it
      don't worry bout it Month ago

      raymension protect your women and children better that's your job as a man whatever color you are, no mercy for pedophiles in every color.

    • Brenda Bishop
      Brenda Bishop 2 months ago

      thx for posting but Kelly denied it w Gayle king he said he's only in trouble when they cry fowl if nothing is go in their way but they don't say a thing when he's giving them money clothes shoes etc or so he says a sex cult??? WTF MAN??!! AND why isn't his ass locked up yet? wait he has money to buy him time and silence

    • Lisha Marlar
      Lisha Marlar 5 months ago

      @Sherri Solomon it doesnt matter if your African american or mexican. Doesn't matter this is wrong! And how the fuck did us white people get involved in this! This subject has nothing to do about race! Its about abuse. With these girls!

    • Rose Danna Joseph
      Rose Danna Joseph 6 months ago

      @DaNgEr88GiRL that a good question

  • Omari lacey
    Omari lacey 14 hours ago

    Did you just try to blame R Kelly’s mother’s death on his pedophilia. I think not. Bye boy

  • C Ali
    C Ali Day ago

    What's crazy is this was allowed with Aaliyah. We all watched this, we knew she was a baby. They made her look older an WE allowed the f*ckery.

  • Diamond Starr
    Diamond Starr 2 days ago

    He ran a cult, the ones who distributed these girls r even worse as they took the money to run their scandal.... . How many more girls did the franchise because Kelly was the buyer... Y r the distributers aren't serving 195 years

  • RadiantRuby93
    RadiantRuby93 3 days ago

    Wow and 2 years later. Crazy!!

  • ELLE R
    ELLE R 3 days ago

    I wanted to post today because his chickens have come home to roost!!! #NOBOND

  • Marvelous Maya
    Marvelous Maya 4 days ago

    Why is Wendy yelling like that

  • NetSunJin
    NetSunJin 4 days ago

    So the mom said “everyone knows what he has been doing for years”..., b**** YOU knew too!! The mom is disgusting. She knew what would happen to her daughter. The video when she did confront her daughter was disturbing and annoying. Who would want to go back home to that? Not that it’s better with Kelly. Hoping for her sake she can distance herself from that toxic man AND her toxic, attention whoring family.

  • pinky Harris
    pinky Harris 4 days ago

    First of all I swear everybody needs at least go to one-on-one law school if they got a divorce they had a legal marriage if anything that was illegal about that marriage they came and got it and all being that it wasn't at all it was an illegal it was a legal marriage.. so how can a 15 year old get a legal marriage maybe if her mother and father helped her. The reason why they went and got the record field stop playing games stop listening to the media

  • Janice Green
    Janice Green 5 days ago

    Just 😞 😅😂😂

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker 6 days ago

    So I think that R.Kelly needs to be put away he needs extensive psychiatric help because something is very wrong with this man he's been getting away with holding women hostage for years enough is enough and I truly believe Aaliyah was one of his earlier victims as well God Bless her Soul🙏R.Kelly is a pedophile a sick & twisted child predator who preys on young girls & women i'm extremely disgusted by all of the allegations against him & i'm sure there is a lot more that we don't know,SMH😮

  • Jennifer Rosa
    Jennifer Rosa 6 days ago

    I don't trust or believe the Savage family

  • Bigg B
    Bigg B 7 days ago

    Black ppl are just bout the dumbest ppl out there no offense but cmon men those parents sold there kids to the devil

  • Kenya Walls
    Kenya Walls 8 days ago

    Who career has r kelly helped? He don’t have artist like that so why you even go to him🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ariyana Cole
    Ariyana Cole 16 days ago

    The thing is, y'all knew he was a child predator, but y'all send y'all daughters to his place to have a music career and is ok with it, but when y'all realize something is wrong, she isn't talking to you or anything, it's a whole problem. It's more of the parents fault because they knew the kind of person he was and still sent their daughters to him. I'm confused asf and don't understand why they did that

  • oko mabasa
    oko mabasa 17 days ago +1

    Reporter: Do u LIKE teen age girls?
    R.Kelly: Wat do u mean by TEEN GIRLS
    Me: Nigga answer the FUCKING QUESTION!!!.
    DEAR Mr R.Kelly LET THESE TEEN AGE GIRLS GO!! and don't use them to SEXUALLY PLEASE yours wit their BODIES. Let them be FREE they have their whole life ahead of them. You lived your life now let us live own lives. You have no right WHAT SO EVER to keep 14 and 15 YEAR OLD in your big house and have them ask PERMISSION to do their DAILY ROUTINE. Your true colors MADE ME SAY EW and from someone who GREW UP listening to your music this was a total BOMBSHELL for me and everyone else who listens to you. These types of ppl set VERY VERY BAD example to young GIRLS and BOYS in the WORLD who look up to them like ME and my BROTHER. By a 12 YEAR OLD girl. Really hope you get this comment. I AM SERIOUSLY SHOCKED AND UPSET 😤😤!

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 26 days ago +2

    He did ruin her life. She's dead.

  • rose biff
    rose biff 28 days ago


  • Alexis beaird
    Alexis beaird 29 days ago

    R Kelly really needs to chill. I hope he goes to jail for a very long time

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Tired of THESE Videos give it rest, YOU CAN show ALL YOU WANT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE ANYONE turn against RKELLY, because YOU don't KNOW ANYTHING about THEIR relationship, JUST bits and pieces OF gossip FROM PEOPLE WITH AND agenda

  • Serah Olivia
    Serah Olivia Month ago +1

    The fact that some dumbass fans paid for his bail and child support...the fact that actors like Taraji P Henson spoke out in his defense...this shit in the Black community is toxic and it needs to go. People still supporting Chris Brown as well...this needs to stop.

  • Bria Bonner
    Bria Bonner Month ago

    All of her videos iconic fAshion,dance moves 😇

  • Me Me
    Me Me Month ago +1

    12:01 what part of that is attractive? Over there looking like a chromosome mutation victim

  • Taleaha Fogg
    Taleaha Fogg 2 months ago +1

    It’s just so funny how we mind controlled we talking about shit that happened over 20 years ago and we just now hating him obviously that spirit working a lil bit more

  • Brenda Bishop
    Brenda Bishop 2 months ago +1


    HORDAK SKELETOR 2 months ago +1


  • mauriciowilson42
    mauriciowilson42 2 months ago

    Lol funny as hell . Them girls could had just walked away ..just like Aaliyah did

  • susie b!tch
    susie b!tch 3 months ago +2

    She was so pretty and very laid back
    She not like the other pretty girls they all stuck up and rude and shit !

  • clark6546
    clark6546 3 months ago


  • raidersofmy lostnut
    raidersofmy lostnut 3 months ago

    he thinks about it every night and day

  • Toya Smith
    Toya Smith 3 months ago +2

    Creep ass R Kelly in the background of her album cover😒

  • zemzem Trade
    zemzem Trade 3 months ago

    One reason we should be fearful of committing oppression is that Allah will always answer the supplication of an oppressed person.
    The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
    "Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah."

  • M
    M 3 months ago

    Almost? Man he did ruin her life. There's even speculations that he had her murdered. He deserves to fry. I hope they leave his ass in gen pop so he can catch some stiff ones himself

  • chantilly dee
    chantilly dee 3 months ago +1

    I like his music but this man is sick

  • Kim Chahan
    Kim Chahan 3 months ago

    Do you do podcast?

  • Nombali Candice
    Nombali Candice 3 months ago

    I'm sure that fvken pervert is the one who came with the Age ain't nothing but a number album tittle for Aaliyah........because that's what he lives by

  • Venus M Brown
    Venus M Brown 3 months ago

    BYE GIRL!!!

  • M GH
    M GH 3 months ago

    to all the stupid who use race card
    idiots the rapist and the victims are black
    It is about money and power
    The system is do not punishment men specially who with money and fame if they commits sex crimes
    and this man raped 14 years girl in a video married underage girl
    Slaved underage teens for sex and he is not in jail

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    What can I say about Aaliyah my life is cut too short they're seen as harmful to get me on producers in a second album but she got some help from DMX cuz you had a little bit of an acting career Romeo must die and Queen of the Damned Queen of the Damned wasn't that great of a movie I will make that but I guess when we almost died what's been better and she didn't that plane crash you still be alive today

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    Ladies I see your comments in the bottom I got to take it out but I'm not a fan of her was a fan of r.Kelly maybe I only have like one hit song that was bump and grind although songs are lame as hell the down-low is pretty bad and don't even get me started I Believe I can fly shit I f****** hate that song

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    As he's brainwashing girls that's on them be smart and rise above stupid

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    If the girls are 18 is not a pedophile

  • Mrs. Vampire girl30 Hudson

    Her family knew all about R.Kelly & made them get a divorce in a snap her family didn't trust him @ all & I don't blame them for not wanting her to be involved with him anymore

  • Wrupps Raps
    Wrupps Raps 4 months ago

    the time Rob was paying them they never complain and he ain't got money now!! old stories starts and they need the world to support them..

  • Kim's life Authentic
    Kim's life Authentic 4 months ago

    Stephen Darby

  • La diabla
    La diabla 4 months ago

    R Kelly probably killed her

    • Jaffie Peters
      Jaffie Peters 8 days ago

      La diabla y'all just said some dumb shit why rkelly going kill AALIYAH rkelly fly AALIYAH air plane

  • Terrence Allen
    Terrence Allen 4 months ago

    Just wondering, if Aaliyahs parents didn't approve of what happened why didn't they press charges

  • joseph wright
    joseph wright 4 months ago

    Aaliyah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 4 months ago

    Aaliyah's mom & uncle molested her as a kid before R. Kelly.

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 4 months ago

    They scapegoated Aaliyah, saying SHE lied on the marriage certificate. Why don't people see that someone set her up?

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 4 months ago +1

    Sad how he's STILL running free, & people helping him be bailed out, & 1st thing he does is go to Satanic FakeDonald's!

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 4 months ago

    Joycelyn's mom looks like Aaliyah's mom, Mrs. Diane Haughton.

  • tiffany rance
    tiffany rance 5 months ago

    Age Ain't Nuthin' But A Number is the shit, but still...
    I fault him though...
    I wish she was still here to confirm or deny this...
    I was a little girl when then the alleged marriage happened, why would he try to have her blackballed?! I'd make her famous to keep her quiet!😡😡😡😡😡

  • vanessa phillips
    vanessa phillips 5 months ago +1

    They need to lock up the parents too. How tf do you give your child to a known pedophile and now your upset because of what happened.. he is a pedophile what did you think would happen? Lock up every single adult involved in this.!

  • S .McNeal
    S .McNeal 5 months ago +2

    Who in the world would send their child to R Kelly

  • S .McNeal
    S .McNeal 5 months ago

    He runs this for the elites. These kids are used for more people than R Kelly

  • #Life 101
    #Life 101 5 months ago +2

    Aaliyah was naive, aaliyah parents were stupid, and R.Kelly is a pedhiphile, and control addict. If aaliyah was my child, I would never leave her in the studio alone with a 40 or how old year old man? That's just bad parenting. You can't just think " oh, it's R.kelly!!Just because he's a celeberty, he can be trusted with my 14 year old daughter, alone at night in the studio, even tho R.Kely is like a 40 year old man" Like, are yal high? People in the family can rape you, and munipulate you. So, why would they think R.Kelly wouldn't do that?They stupid man

  • Free Way
    Free Way 5 months ago

    Didnt she get preg by dame dash then turn around and start fucking Jay Z. Ctfu. She was no different from the other young whores

  • Crystal Schiro
    Crystal Schiro 5 months ago

    Look at that makeup job.. Daddy suit.. Not cheap.. Somebody being paid

  • ForeignYetDomestic
    ForeignYetDomestic 5 months ago

    BUT AALIY in 2001 requested a DJ to play an R KELLY SONG while partying with MTV and her Crew OVER SEAS.... don't believe me watch this video and fast forward to 2:07 "Why R. Kelly Sued Jay-Z for $75,000,000" ........... SO YEAH I SUGGEST HER FAM BEGIN TO SUE THIESE BLOGs.....

  • Trash Bhabie
    Trash Bhabie 5 months ago +1

    Who's here after Surviving R Kelly?

  • MrDeadserious1
    MrDeadserious1 5 months ago +2

    Aayliyah was an angel. R kelly basically killed her

  • Capital Black
    Capital Black 5 months ago

    He started her career lol no r kelly no aaliyah

  • Alex Peace
    Alex Peace 5 months ago +2

    Aaliah was manipulated. Sad.

  • Crack Yo
    Crack Yo 5 months ago +1

    Put him on death row

  • Netochukwu
    Netochukwu 5 months ago

    Can't listen to Age Ain't Nothing But a Number ever again! He impregnated her? Omfg🤢

  • Jennifer Durant
    Jennifer Durant 5 months ago

    I was that man fan can not believe this

  • Jennifer Durant
    Jennifer Durant 5 months ago

    I was that man fan can not believe this

  • Alexander Zichem
    Alexander Zichem 6 months ago

    Bs..her mom and aaliyah were in a threeway relationship🤷🏾‍♂️
    Plus police entered his hotel without notice and asked the ladies there if they were forced and they said they were not..they may be underage..not ain't right what he do..but they there voluntary

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power 6 months ago

    Aaliyah was whacked because she was beautiful and could’ve destroyed people’s around her sexuality most men don’t understand you must always choose the less of two evils.. real men know be a pedo or play with it... and R-jello needs to learn leave little girls a lone... Mr Dick can get you in trouble bitches...fame in jail ain’t fame ... ok you’re out of control wtf... you miss with my daughter yous a dead 💀 ass

  • Jacquelyn S
    Jacquelyn S 6 months ago

    Where is the Black Community when it comes to these girls? A lot of people looked the other way, to make money off Rapist Kelly, including: Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Foxy Brown, Ja Rule, Chamillionaire, Wyclef Jean, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Robin Thicke, Usher, Kid Rock, Lil Wayne, Future, Nelly, Lil Kim, I can keep going, but you get the picture. Everyone knew this guy was a POS, but if they could make a buck, hell, why not? Fuck that! We need to take care of young women of all color from all kinds of abuse! It is absurd that articles were written about the Pied Piper, but no one cared! #MuteRKelly #BlackGirlsMatter

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 6 months ago

    No victims in the making. A xxx industry own by those sick Jews and R.kelly is the one who pulls them in. No real angels non of them. Aaliyah dresses like him because she was he's sexy for no other man only him.

  • Tramaine Smith
    Tramaine Smith 6 months ago +2

    I always love Aaliyah r i p to her 12 Page Letter still goes through my head thank you for the message Aaliyah

  • Leslie Mangum
    Leslie Mangum 6 months ago

    surviving r kelly!

  • Lizzy xo
    Lizzy xo 6 months ago +3

    I was in elementary and middle school when I jammed to Aaliyah. Never knew she was underage. I always thought she was at least 19. All these songs are super inappropriate for how young she was. I only wonder what her story would of been if she was still alive. But seems like after the marriage was annulled she didn’t want nothing to do with R.Kelly. Aaliyah was groomed at a very young age by her mother sexualizing her saying she was “hot” and had sex appeal at the age of 10. RIP beautiful soul♥️ There will never be no one else on this planet like Aaliyah.

  • PrettyLady AshMoDigga
    PrettyLady AshMoDigga 6 months ago

    All the hos and their parents should go to prison

  • leo sema
    leo sema 6 months ago

    If all these people have spoken out already, plus Aliyah's Marriage Certificate which gives more proof. There're clearly bigger forces at work. This madness.

  • jhunzio dionzkie
    jhunzio dionzkie 6 months ago +2

    The reason R.Kelly is not yet imprisoned is that he did NOT bang White Chick yet. IF he did, no questions ask, he will be shot on site. R.Kelly knows this & it is a fact!

  • Maggie Pooh
    Maggie Pooh 6 months ago

    So Aaliyah had herpes too?

  • Camilia
    Camilia 6 months ago +3

    Heartless is the person who takes the God given innocence of a beautiful child 😢

  • rj c
    rj c 6 months ago

    What they all fail to understand all these girls choose this life with dude

    • Jasmine Lee
      Jasmine Lee 6 months ago

      @rj c Have you not been paying attention? That's exactly what the parents are trying to do and it's not an easy process! They did not choose to be misled. They were promised something but receive something else. It is not choosing if you are misled.

    • rj c
      rj c 6 months ago

      @Jasmine Lee like YOU. These girls got caught up in this because they wanted to. Kelly has been accused of this shit for years and still went there. The parents the video are dumb. If what they said is true all they have to do us go to court and have them declared a vulnerable adult and the police would remove them and 3 of the so called victims where at his concert so they know EXACTLY what they are doing and are no victim's. Is he a scum bag? Seems to be but these chicks wanted fame now crying they got pimped

    • Jasmine Lee
      Jasmine Lee 6 months ago

      As I'm watching the video, one girl just said she did not agree to the behavior going on with R Kelly. Why do you want to believe that these girls choose to be a part of this lifestyle?

    • Jasmine Lee
      Jasmine Lee 6 months ago

      How do you know that? You'd have to know them personally and know how they think. Some people are purposefully misled.

  • Zoily Fern
    Zoily Fern 6 months ago

    Didn’t we just recently just have a recent Aaliyah and R.kelly situation? Didn’t Kylie Jenner and Tyga have the same age gap, no one says anything there either. That so sad. These young girl are not being patented right and these men are taking advantage

    • Jasmine Lee
      Jasmine Lee 6 months ago +1

      Tons of people spoke about Tyga and Kylie. It was all over the internet for years.

  • Cookie Walker
    Cookie Walker 6 months ago

    Where are they parents doe

  • Kierra Haynes
    Kierra Haynes 6 months ago +1

    I like r kelly music but I do believe he should be locked up hell his music will still be here🤷🏽‍♀️

  • DasiaaVinshà
    DasiaaVinshà 6 months ago

    He made good ass music it’s crazy family do you worse then people out on street rkelly just had it bad if you ask me people need to try and understand and put they feet in his shoes but they still don’t give him the right to do what he did you know them girls parents sold they kids to rkelly they wanted to be on tv that’s why they just now saying something now they in they 30s now and just saying something now stupid af them young girls not dumb they fast and they young they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into rkelly didn’t put a gun up to they head smh rkelly made some good ass music people around him used and manipulated rkelly cuz they knew he couldn’t read it was always about the money just like he payed them young girls money to do what they done they could have said “no I’m not doing it” but they did just like you know right from wrong idc if you ask me they dumb af and if you ask me the whole story fucked up. I don’t want to hear nun else about this shit cuz his rkelly baby momma is fucked up as well not letting him see his kids and get mad cuz you ain’t getting payed your job is to take care of yours kids no matter what happens there is single moms out here everyday there is shit happening in world as I speak then they have a nerve to name the documentary “surviving rkelly “ like he a tsunami or tornado or sum I’m not saying rkelly right for doing what he doing but god damn they really destroyed his image and everything rkelly needa serve time for what he done though idc 💀💯‼️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Escada Latina
    Escada Latina 6 months ago

    keep Aaliyah name outv your fucking mouth you pig. you're full of shit

  • Sy Holliday
    Sy Holliday 6 months ago

    So ur telling me that Jocelyn parents wasn't alive in the 1990s💁. i remember R kelly been a pedophile before he met Jocelyn. Thats just like putting a thief in a bank and say ok dont rob it 💁idk common sense💁

  • erique jones
    erique jones 6 months ago

    Be Disgusted that lifetime network put on a six series event of families with missing kids living with a alleged sex Predator it is not our job is the black community to judge lifetime is a reality show they get paid so who’s the nigga now and they got all you Niggas to help so be disgusted with that all the shit that’s happening that’s Unsolved your pick of shit it everybody know about

  • erique jones
    erique jones 6 months ago +1

    Nigga that what I mean you disrespectful motherfucker fuck you and your page I understand you want to report but get all the facts you basing this on what you’ve heard and what was put out there I didn’t say he Was in a say He was innocent. I see it’s not your job, And for your information I do know some of the families and their kids and I know for a fact they’re not telling the truth. So before you start disrespecting other people motherfucker get your facts straight disrespectful bitch I never disrespected you so don’t do it to don’t even know the man who is family stop talking about shit that you’ve heard get the real facts. All you young motherfuckers like drama

    • andres pace
      andres pace 6 months ago

      Did you watch the documentary?
      All three parts of it?. if the answer is No And No.. Then shut yo Dumb ignorant Ass up! ..I'm guessing that you haven't seen ANY of it, I could be wrong. Going only by the rediculous Ass ignorant shit you are spewing in your comment..Again Shut up Shit

  • Kenia Downing
    Kenia Downing 6 months ago +6

    Why did her parents fail her so badly? My heart breaks.

    • Ali Lara
      Ali Lara 6 months ago

      Most definitely sold to the industry by them!

  • Marvin Scott
    Marvin Scott 6 months ago

    Why No one's Did not put hand on nasty ass R-Kelly

  • Dineo Mokgosi
    Dineo Mokgosi 6 months ago +1

    If black people stopped defending their criminal "Heros/celebrities", R.Kelly would be in jail! Let's stop blaming whites for our own self-sabotage!

  • Beautiful Burlesque
    Beautiful Burlesque 6 months ago

    Love ya

  • Cam Esther G.
    Cam Esther G. 6 months ago +5

    I am here after the document surviving R.Kelly. I tell you Aaliyah was definetly a victim and especially the way people turn the blind eyes and the industry are distusting !!

  • Denise Hawkins
    Denise Hawkins 6 months ago

    black people

  • Denise Hawkins
    Denise Hawkins 6 months ago

    I loved some rrrrrrrkelly~♥~

  • Denise Hawkins
    Denise Hawkins 6 months ago

    leave that man along these girl are grown

  • Denise Hawkins
    Denise Hawkins 6 months ago

    it all about money

  • Anthony West
    Anthony West 6 months ago


  • Gee Cee
    Gee Cee 6 months ago +2

    “When you say teenage, how old are we talking?”
    WOW, wrong answer!!!! 😑😑😑