How Dumbledore Created The Deluminator | Harry Potter Theory


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  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  11 months ago +993

    I mean Dumbledore doesn't even need one of these things.. why go to the trouble of making something that can slowly turn out lights??

    • TheNinthGeneration
      TheNinthGeneration 2 days ago

      SuperCarlinBrothers it could now actually be credence who ends up being the obscurial with the deluminator

    • Sara Moona
      Sara Moona 17 days ago

      SuperCarlinBrothers Maybe there is some part of a dementor or Obscurus in the Deluminator because in PoA when the dementors come it turns off almost all the lights

    • Novo Eduardo AC
      Novo Eduardo AC 2 months ago

      SuperCarlinBrothers Do you think the dark spell that enables Voldemort to fly has something to do with an obscurial? As if it transmutates the body like the obscurial suffers?

    • Toedju
      Toedju 2 months ago

      hey, about the theory of ron being dumbledore, doesnt the fact that dumbledore knows what will happen with ron in the future and there for gives him this artefact helps this theory? i mean how else could he have known this right?

    • Patrick Jones
      Patrick Jones 2 months ago

      Wouldn't the Ministry of Magic track the use of magic by a person to douse lights? Maybe the Deluminator isn't tracked by the Ministry because it's an object and not a person.

  • John-Paul Zgorka
    John-Paul Zgorka 3 days ago

    Maybe it was a gift to Dumbledore

  • Fallen Shotgun
    Fallen Shotgun 8 days ago

    Why don’t they use rocks

  • Lilipo lollypop
    Lilipo lollypop 9 days ago

    id just like to say the Dementors also put out lights

  • Rosefur Thunder
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  • Clermont Chaplaincy
    Clermont Chaplaincy 10 days ago

    dumbledore knew because he is a time travelling Ron

  • Emma Bartlett
    Emma Bartlett 11 days ago

    Omg just watched this and What if that's how they defeat credence is that they trap him the deluminator and that's how it was made because credence might be Dumbledores "dark twin" (obscurel)

  • Rafi Goldstein
    Rafi Goldstein 11 days ago

    But an abscurial is a very dark form of magic so I think credence going past the light and turning them off might just be dark energy, energy so dark that it takes over other energies such as electricity.

  • Danielle Ross
    Danielle Ross 13 days ago

    Yeah... Crimes of Grindlewald came out a month ago and there is no trace whatsoever of the deluminator.

  • RobloxPro Gamer
    RobloxPro Gamer 13 days ago

    J: he takes out a lighter
    Dumbledore:I’ll take a cigarette out first
    Dumbledore: Oh I DUMBLEdid

  • plantjessie
    plantjessie 14 days ago

    I don't believe it was sending Ron to both Harry and Hermione. I believe it was sending him to hermione alone because he realised that he has fallen in love with her.

  • Tiaam Du Nord
    Tiaam Du Nord 14 days ago

    Well this theory was pretty wrong

  • Legend of the night
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  • Ingrid Melendez
    Ingrid Melendez 16 days ago

    So how would this theory change now that maybe Dumbledore may have his own dark twin?

  • John
    John 16 days ago

    You probably won’t read this but in FB2 DD does use the deluminator. That doesn’t break your theory. Anyway just wanted you to take note of that.

  • hiunicorn2024
    hiunicorn2024 19 days ago


  • clairefm
    clairefm 20 days ago

    yeah dumbledore your socks look nice (one of the first things I thought coming out of fantastic beasts 2)

  • Alexandra Pryplesh
    Alexandra Pryplesh 20 days ago

    It doesn't transport, just makes you know. Plus it's just simply where he wanted to be. But awesome video thanks.

  • James Connolly
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  • Talia E
    Talia E 21 day ago

    6:10 it’s almost like.......credence and dumbledore are related

    • Talia E
      Talia E 21 day ago

      i don’t think ANYONE saw that coming but it’s interesting how this theory accommodates it so well

  • Arjun Alwe
    Arjun Alwe 23 days ago

    Wait, Credence is an Obscurial too right?

  • RageUnicorn
    RageUnicorn 26 days ago

    They dont leave the stone ANYWHERE, they leave it in the Forbidden Forest, a place where _obviously_ no one could ever go, because it is forbidden. Pretty smart. Certainly better than a Gringotts vault or a locket in a potion in a basin in a pond in a cave on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the ocean, or a lake in a not-forbidden forest

  • Tarble The Saiyan Prince

    If I remember correctly, Dumbledore’s brother was also an Obscurial

  • Head Shot
    Head Shot Month ago

    becuse credise is a dumbuldore

  • Vincent Loos
    Vincent Loos Month ago +1

    Cancer is the Awnser

  • Jennifer Franell
    Jennifer Franell Month ago

    You guys make so many cool predictions and every time I really hope its true

  • C. Loh
    C. Loh Month ago

    And, Silly Carlin Brother! Dumbledore did NOT go to Privet Drive to visit 4 Privet Drive or any one else living in that neighbourhood IN PERSON! He only shows up there to PRE-pare for Hagrid escorting Baby Harry to arrive ... any time and to leave Baby Harry at 4 Privet Drive with ONLY A NOTE. THAT, is why he puts out Lights, so that no Muggle would see a bunch of people Obviously from wizarding world.

    Sure, then, ... for all we know ... to Top all he's preparation, Hagrid has to come with that LOUD Magical "Harley-Davidson" from Sirius Black to ruin the Quiet evening a bit! LOL

  • Anna Denys
    Anna Denys Month ago

    You guys should create an audiobook of the books, your vioces are very expressive? idk, but you should!

    IXI KNIVES IXI Month ago

    His reason for turning out the lights on his arrival is pretty easy to figure out if you just think about it. I don’t even think that he put the lights out for himself. It was him thinking ahead. He knew that shortly after his arrival, Hagrid would be showing up with Harry on a flying Triumph motorcycle, complete with side-car. That’s why he removed the lights from the entire street.

  • Emily Rhodus
    Emily Rhodus Month ago

    I think it is more likely with recent trailers that Dumbledore created the Deluminator for multiple uses. The greatest to take him to the person he longed for the most. In the newest trailers we learn when seeing him looking into the morror that it was not his dead family, but Grindelwald. If Grindelwald’s eye is Moody’s and he created it to find at least one Deathly Hallow (the cloak), then there could be untold powers of the Deluminator that also shows Dumbledore these things. But I do rather like the idea of it being his way to find Grindelwald. I would like to note that as it was said Dumbledore probably didn’t KNOW Ron would leave Harry, but that he would always want to return. As in if an event happened that separated them from one another he knew Ron would always try to find Harry. Harry even tries to leave early, but Ron stops him. This being an example of them being separated and Ron always wanting to find and aid Harry. Also, Credence is not the only other place when the lights are doused. They turn the lights off all the time in ways more close to how the Deluminator works. Credence does so in a manor seen that displays his out of control power and rage. Much like when Harry makes the glass shatter in Aunt Marge’s hand. The lights in Fantastic Beast were not so much doused out as they were shattered from out of control anger.

  • Enigma AtTheDoor
    Enigma AtTheDoor Month ago

    So guys listen to this okay? We know that witches and wizards are most probably incapable of turning off only electric lights by magic, because we see Dumbledore put fires out and because we know Moody , who is a skilled wizard, needed the Deluminator. And what do we know of electricity in the wizarding world?? It doesn't work near Hogwarts. Hermione clearly says that electric devices do not work near the school because there is too much magic in the air. And what is an Obsurial? A person who has repressed their magic. And I'm guessing that this is a lot of magic based off of Credence. So this is another fact that can support this theory. This could be the 'how' of the Deluminator's working.

  • Robert Lenahan
    Robert Lenahan Month ago

    yup makes sense to me

  • Futureforward
    Futureforward Month ago

    Another great video. How did Rowling craft this stuff so completely?

  • Anne Taylor
    Anne Taylor Month ago

    How does this change with the knowledge we have from the trailer for FB2 that when Dumbledore looks into the Mirror of Erised he sees Grindewald?

  • Julia Monahan
    Julia Monahan Month ago

    Okay wait but then how does it put the lights back that it absorbs??

  • noodle pie
    noodle pie Month ago

    Albus was CATHOLIC!?!?!

  • KittyPlayz1
    KittyPlayz1 Month ago +2

    Lol every time I click one of your Harry Potter videos, the ad I get is for Harry Potter Legos.

    • KittyPlayz1
      KittyPlayz1 Month ago

      And yes, I liked my own comment.

  • Kesh G
    Kesh G Month ago

    oh the beautiful dramatic irony

  • Kate Fox
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  • the cyan platypus
    the cyan platypus 2 months ago

    is this how they made jack sparrow's compass too?

  • chicha fox
    chicha fox 2 months ago

    I wonder if there is a connection between the chamber of secrets fawkes vs basilisk moment and the deluminator...considering (correct me if I’m wrong) but doesn’t Harry mention Dumbledore right before? Idk possibly a horribly silly’s been a while since I’ve read the books 🤭...either way, Fantastic video!

  • Reece Keimer
    Reece Keimer 2 months ago

    The nox spell🙂

  • chad godsey
    chad godsey 2 months ago +1

    He uses it the first movie at the very beginning when the movie starts he uses it to make the streetlights go out...

  • jeremy jensen
    jeremy jensen 2 months ago

    Magic interferes with electricity, it's in Hogwarts a history.

  • Ethan Otto
    Ethan Otto 2 months ago

    10 points to whoever knew the tombstone quote is a Bible verse before J said it!

  • Puzzlers100
    Puzzlers100 2 months ago

    what about the powder used in half blood prince by Draco Malfoy - the one sold by the Weasly twins ~5min

  • Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh Sharma 2 months ago

    But doesn't Ron also use it to put "on" a lamp in the deathly hallows???

  • Rachel Anne
    Rachel Anne 2 months ago

    Do you think that’s how Dumbledore always kinda knows where harry is?

  • Dean S
    Dean S 2 months ago

    Follow up you see him use the Deluminator in the new trailer for Crimes of Grindlewald.

  • Lazer Stern
    Lazer Stern 2 months ago

    That’s why Dumbledore always kept it with him, it was a piece of his sister and he felt regret till his last day, till he saw her again

  • TheRedMenace
    TheRedMenace 2 months ago

    He had to apparate somewhere he knew he wouldn't be seen. You can't just apparate anywhere you please in a Muggle neighborhood.
    And you can easily turn off street lights with magic: hit the lamps with the reductor curse. No more lights.

  • Rhea Monga
    Rhea Monga 2 months ago

    I think that JK likes to put in tiny details like that in all of her books and movies. Like how time turners came back in Cursed Child, but that was important to the plot line. So I think that it will be mentioned in one of the movies, yeah

  • T1D Rose AG
    T1D Rose AG 2 months ago

    I think that if you are holding the deluminator, and somebody says your name and are talking about you specifically it will bring you to that person if you wanted to

  • Micah The Idiot
    Micah The Idiot 2 months ago

    He doesn't aparate directly in front of the house because just as he explained to Harry it isn't polite and it also makes Noice and he doesn't want the Dursleys to wake up

  • Luka Daniel
    Luka Daniel 2 months ago

    I have all the Harry Potter movies put the 1st part of deathly hallows always Disappears 🤣 like...magic 😶

  • רועי קופמן
    רועי קופמן 2 months ago

    The delluminator looks like a lighter infused with a vape
    Hello IJoy

  • Janice barry
    Janice barry 2 months ago

    I’m catching up on theories before crimes of grindlewald and I wander if the deluminator has something with his love for grindlewald and after they were no longer friends he still loved him since dumbledor sees grindlewald in the mirror of erised (sorry for spelling )

  • Ever Weaver
    Ever Weaver 2 months ago

    The deluminator can let you hear the dead family members you love or else dumboldor couldn't instently transport their. So mabye he was trying to talk to his dead family.

  • Jack Kurtis Productions

    8 years since the last movie, yet all of this is still so popular

  • sIyceth
    sIyceth 2 months ago

    its about thinking

  • Kyle Banister
    Kyle Banister 2 months ago

    Another thing that turns of lights is the dementors.

  • Ginny Buller
    Ginny Buller 3 months ago

    Honesly voldemort is making us slytherins look bad

  • Marina Metzger
    Marina Metzger 3 months ago

    I don't know if you've already been made aware of this, but I am currently rereading The Goblet of Fire and there is another example of lights being doused by magic. In the chapter "The Dream," page 575 in my copy, Professor Trelawney does this : "She waved her wand and the lamps went out." I read that and immediately remembered this video.
    Edit: having just read the section in Order of the Phoenix in which Moody uses the Deluminator outside of Grimauld Place, it struck me that perhaps it is a way of avoiding problems with the Statute of Secrecy? Removing the lights without using detectable magic?

  • Cheyenne yeet
    Cheyenne yeet 3 months ago

    Didnt Dumbledore tell Harry he saw socks in the Mirror of Erised

  • Tavas
    Tavas 3 months ago

    wait this is hans mirror

  • Raccoon Residence
    Raccoon Residence 3 months ago

    Dumbledor used the time turner and went forward in time. The deluminator I think could be a means of connecting with the people thinking of the holder.

  • Tomaszeksiwy gh
    Tomaszeksiwy gh 3 months ago

    lol the lights went out because Credence burned out the bulbs, he didn't "suck it in" like deluminator did xDDDDDDD

  • Richard Hindley
    Richard Hindley 3 months ago

    There is another example of lights going out...including the stars. The presence of Dementors

  • MoonStarInc!
    MoonStarInc! 3 months ago

    So I wonder if there are wizards and witches who have religions even after learning of magic, like was Dumbledore a Christian

  • Mike Koh
    Mike Koh 3 months ago

    its just so convenient, everytime Harry shout dumbledore, he can show up

  • GargaGaming
    GargaGaming 3 months ago

    About the Deluminator scene with Dumbledore: Hagrid was using the road to land his motorcycle. He would cast a shadow in people's windows.

  • Naþan Ø
    Naþan Ø 3 months ago

    A question you forgot around 2:30: What if Harry and Hermione are discussing, like, Ronald Reagan? Does Ron still get to teleport then?

  • Aaron Lachin
    Aaron Lachin 3 months ago

    Magic interferes with electrical devices

  • Marcus H.
    Marcus H. 3 months ago

    Two things. 1> It has seemed to me throughout the entire world, that the very smart, very prepared wizarding types always made devices to mimic their own powers. That way, they could hide some parts of themselves more effectively. And should they get into a spot of 'bother' (Death Eaters return and start killing folk again, say), they would be able to use most/all their own reserves of strength without having to worry about leaving a bit to apparate away or deflect some errant bit of curse or the like.
    2> Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Newt say his Obscurial was what he took out of the boy he encountered which ended up killing the child?

  • Gilad Eshel
    Gilad Eshel 3 months ago

    can the Deluminator be how Dumbledore knows about things that Harry Ron & Hermione do or say in places like the Chamber of Secrets or on there way to where the Philosopher's stone is hidden?

  • Super Fish
    Super Fish 3 months ago

    Just use Lumos and Nox

    QUARTERMASTER_EMI6 3 months ago +1

    _"the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”_
    - Matthew 4: v. 16 (NIV)

  • Maggie Mothe
    Maggie Mothe 3 months ago

    Whenever youre confused about something in Harry Potter- just think "how does love potentially fit in to this"

  • 6 henny
    6 henny 3 months ago

    the time turner explains everything

  • axion
    axion 3 months ago

    he needs to walk because it would make him look more like a old man out for a midnight stroll

  • Saltwater Bum
    Saltwater Bum 3 months ago

    Uh, in the books and movies wizards or witches would wave a hand and put out or dim lights. And the obscuri don’t put like back, the deluminator does.

  • Stefan Hurlimann
    Stefan Hurlimann 3 months ago

    I think, the deluminator was used by dumbledore when harry was in the chamber of secrets. He sent the speaking hat and fawkes to harry. Harry said: dumbledore is the greatest wizzard of all time. Also dumbledore said in hagrids house when ron and harry were there in the invisible cloat: anyone who needs help in hogwarts gets help. So dumbledore loved his students and thats how he could help them.

  • Samuel Fitzgerald
    Samuel Fitzgerald 3 months ago

    dementors also put out lights...

  • gamezoneifictation
    gamezoneifictation 3 months ago

    Where can I find this cool Slytherin-Shirt? :-)

  • james hamaker
    james hamaker 3 months ago

    I would think so. I find it disturbing, that there would be, a demon, in that world, that is nothing more, then an emo wizard or witch, with an attitude problem.

  • Navdeep Chohan
    Navdeep Chohan 3 months ago

    Maybe dumbledore took out the street lights surrounding privet drive to protect harry from being detected by a similar device?

  • Arlene Wagner
    Arlene Wagner 3 months ago

    Interesting it!

  • Billy Joe Bob the Unicron

    I was re reading the first book yesterday, and it actually isn’t called the Deluminator in that scene on Privet Drive. It’s called the Put-Out-er.

  • Archer Cheney
    Archer Cheney 3 months ago

    It’s called the de-luminator. It literally means take away light

  • TheHobgoblyn
    TheHobgoblyn 3 months ago

    I am a bit surprised that you didn't tie the effect into Voldemort.
    Think about it-- this is a magic where if you say someone's name, they can hear a bit of the conversation about what you were talking about and transport to them... and no one wants to say Voldemort's name. Although it seems Voldemort doesn't have that ability, at least not in the books after his resurrection, for whatever reason.... people seem to suspect he might have that ability and want to be super cautious about it.

  • Vold Ravenclaw
    Vold Ravenclaw 4 months ago

    The deluminator is meant to turn off lights. Deluminator, illuminator. It deluminates lights.

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 4 months ago +1

    He watched a TVclip life hack video and it didn't work (they never work) but ended up with his own kind of gizmo.

  • Mala FireBringer
    Mala FireBringer 4 months ago

    Doesn't the spell "Nox" turn out lights?

  • Brandon of the Bloody Blade

    The deluminator was built by Ron in the future. Dumbledore is a time traveler

  • Tyto Alba
    Tyto Alba 4 months ago

    Why would Mad-eye use the deluminator then? How did the deluminator benefit Mad-eye? what other powers could the obscurous give Mad-eye(or was Barty Crouch impersonating him at that time, so Barty needed it? I don't remember the timeline of when Mad-eye used it....)?

  • Jeremy Dingman
    Jeremy Dingman 4 months ago

    I didn't see a comment about this, but I didn't scroll all the way. However in both the book and the movie Ron removes a light from. Inside the protective tent. What if he is only able to hear and subsequently teleport to them from this one act. The deluminator pulles the light source of an object into it. But until the final books it's never mentioned what happens to the light. I propose that the deluminator, an invention of Dumbledore, has duel purposes. While light in a dark place is nicffty, a way to find hidden comrads would have been up Dumbledores Ally what with tom riddle and all. The deluminator while able to block out light sources could also have provided a way to transport to a otherwise hidden location

  • JundlandBanshee
    JundlandBanshee 4 months ago

    There is also the possibility that the Deluminator was created to help find the Deathly Hallows. This follows the theory that Moody's Eye was originally used by Grindelwald, so that he could see the Invisibility Cloak. Dumbledore's greatest desire to be reunited with his family meant the Resurrection Stone would be the Hallow he coveted most. We know Grindelwald stole the Elder Wand and that the Potter family had the Cloak and that eventually Dumbledore would come to possess both, but (presumably do to events that will be revealed in the Fantastic Beasts series) ultimately does not seek out the Stone... at least until it happened to correspond with being one of Voldemort's Horcruxes.

  • Barry Mc Kinney
    Barry Mc Kinney 4 months ago

    I think the deluminator was dumbledores attempt at making his own deathly hallow.
    I think how it actually works is that it takes you to your hearts desire or treasure, the mirror of Erised shows you what you want the most and the deluminator takes you there. Unfortunately for Dumbledore and Harry their hearts desire is not material and Dumbledore's deathly hallow was quite useless to him.
    He gave it to Ron not on some premonition that he would leave them but instead he knew Ron's greatest desire was to help his friends and it would be a useful tool finding horcruxes.
    Let me know what you guys think, I watch these videos a ridiculous amount but this is my first post.
    Edit to clarify: I think Dumbledore made the deluminator to physically gain what the mirror of Erised shows.

  • pace mckenna
    pace mckenna 4 months ago

    Doesn't a lot of magic in one area mess with electricity? so wouldn't the obscurus seen putting out the lights just be it's magic messing with the electrical lights?