I Was Forced to Be Friends with the School Bullies... | Roblox Royale High Roleplay

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  • Jing Gahunia
    Jing Gahunia 6 hours ago

    No bullying

  • Chanreaksmey Leng
    Chanreaksmey Leng 17 hours ago

    I’m poor

  • Indira IndiraPH
    Indira IndiraPH 5 days ago +2

    Bullies minds: Who is this nerd?!
    My mind: I. WANT. CHOCOLATE.

  • shiloh theyoutuber1
    shiloh theyoutuber1 6 days ago

    My name's mal

  • Fer
    Fer 7 days ago

    Is ok wen you or a dork fery

  • lama Roses
    lama Roses 11 days ago


  • Senioleen David
    Senioleen David 14 days ago +3

    Your a dark fairy so be friends with them ok OK

  • N Day
    N Day 17 days ago

    alex:OH SNAP

  • M Manson
    M Manson 20 days ago

    Is this real Alex and I have a crush on your bf

  • Coco Coco
    Coco Coco 23 days ago +1

    no peoples at all need bully

  • jahmil gray
    jahmil gray 25 days ago

    :o Ammo is me in royal high wait THAT’S ME :O OMG I’M IN HER video omg yass

  • makayla toler
    makayla toler 29 days ago

    You should tell her the truth amd tell her you are actually a dark fairy

  • Bob Peters
    Bob Peters Month ago

    Just say you were Pretending to be a dark fairy 🧚‍♀️

  • Flutter Shy
    Flutter Shy Month ago

    If this was me I’d say “NO DARKS!! I AM ON MEH WAY TO BE AN ANGEL!!”

  • Leena Alsukh
    Leena Alsukh Month ago


  • Kittykat Sweet show

    Alex you can't do that that's not nice to be mean to angels ☹️🙁😮😣

  • Taiya Babych
    Taiya Babych Month ago +1

    Do it

  • james plays
    james plays Month ago

    Why are that scared just bully her

  • Amy Shipley
    Amy Shipley Month ago

    I love you so much dove is an edit

  • Amy Shipley
    Amy Shipley Month ago +1

    Do a 31st yes to

  • jun chongko
    jun chongko Month ago +1

    Don't lisen to those mean dark fariys!

  • Sarah Gannon
    Sarah Gannon Month ago

    1 like =praying for dove to be ok with this

  • Min Sleepy
    Min Sleepy 2 months ago


    AGAIN :/ LOL

  • Meli Favela
    Meli Favela 2 months ago

    Tell dove

  • Ayanah Hanaya
    Ayanah Hanaya 2 months ago

    Just tell the truth don’t lie

  • Neijata Gideon
    Neijata Gideon 2 months ago

    don't do it alex

  • Hina Nasir
    Hina Nasir 2 months ago +1


  • Hina Nasir
    Hina Nasir 2 months ago +1


  • azizah q
    azizah q 2 months ago

    save offline!

    SAJID HOSSAIN 2 months ago

    pls keep Zachary out of the video!! X(

    SAJID HOSSAIN 2 months ago

    I think u should tell her the truth

  • Holly Younger
    Holly Younger 2 months ago

    Alex why did you do that

  • millie chapman
    millie chapman 2 months ago

    Mr paws ate my cereal

  • Miss Gallagher
    Miss Gallagher 2 months ago +3

    Eat chocolate everytime Mal says


  • E O
    E O 2 months ago

    You should’ve said that the dark fairy’s made you paint your wings

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz 2 months ago

    Tell Dove the truth and you really have to say sorry to the angel that you bullied please you already made her cry

  • Sheila :
    Sheila : 2 months ago +1

    "I'm gonna run away! I'm going to run away!" *_flys away_*

  • Geneva Onomakpome
    Geneva Onomakpome 2 months ago +1

    Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    I love inquistermaster
    And zarckary
    So do you

  • Tina Shakley
    Tina Shakley 2 months ago

    Don’t bully Alex please alex

  • Sarah Coppock
    Sarah Coppock 2 months ago

    you could of said that they did it again that them bullies sprayed your wings again awwwww don't cry

  • Shamukcham Gyaneshowri
    Shamukcham Gyaneshowri 2 months ago +1


  • Yip Chun Foo
    Yip Chun Foo 2 months ago

    I hate this video. 😤😤😈😠😠

  • Adriana McCafferty
    Adriana McCafferty 2 months ago

    Don’t bully an angel that’s a way you won’t get friends love your channel

  • Emily Sullivan
    Emily Sullivan 3 months ago

    If you know dove you should do a vid with her

  • Kitty Belle Aimee
    Kitty Belle Aimee 3 months ago

    Sorry for that i dont know you are

  • Kitty Belle Aimee
    Kitty Belle Aimee 3 months ago

    Im mal

  • Izzymlptoys5 Price
    Izzymlptoys5 Price 3 months ago

    Say that dove is sooooooooooo ugly

  • Kate Moffatt
    Kate Moffatt 3 months ago

    Poor Alex

  • Myrna Toralba
    Myrna Toralba 3 months ago +1

    Can you add me in robox I'm unicornreinbowlove10

  • Ella Gaming XD
    Ella Gaming XD 3 months ago

    Alex u should say ur dad angel and mom dark fairy

  • Deon Mckenzie
    Deon Mckenzie 3 months ago

    thta was super impresive

  • Kayla Shafer
    Kayla Shafer 3 months ago

    Tell her the truth u are not mean Alex

  • Dazee Love
    Dazee Love 3 months ago +1

    UGH MAL FROM THE SAME PLACE AND WHEN SHE SAID "your just the WalMart version of me" UGH I HATE her

  • Esmee Wu
    Esmee Wu 3 months ago

    Fined the 🙂


  • Ephraim Ugarte
    Ephraim Ugarte 3 months ago

    2:01 2:06 2:014 ITS ME ROSE IM IN THE VIDEO EEKKKK

  • ivy marya
    ivy marya 3 months ago

    Eve is mean

  • نهى عبد الرحيم


  • Cupcake Sprinkles
    Cupcake Sprinkles 3 months ago

    Mr paws ate my cereal

  • Ariana salaysay
    Ariana salaysay 3 months ago

    Can you can you make a video

  • Ariana salaysay
    Ariana salaysay 3 months ago

    i Draw up u n your boyfriend add me i love u video I'm your pan yay

  • senecry _yt
    senecry _yt 3 months ago

    Pls pls stop wearing that outfit, it creeps me out.....

  • Nahun Martines
    Nahun Martines 3 months ago

    Alex I'm going to get your mreh yay

  • Madeliene Espiritu
    Madeliene Espiritu 3 months ago

    It’s ok alex she already knows ur sweet and she might not care about u being one because your nice

  • NYM fun land
    NYM fun land 3 months ago

    U should do the next part

  • Ysabel Espinosa
    Ysabel Espinosa 3 months ago

    I wach your video alex you have friends are dak mean girls soo do it

  • Hailey Squad
    Hailey Squad 3 months ago +1

    Would have told her they made you paint your wings black

  • Matthew Prichard
    Matthew Prichard 3 months ago +1

    oh no Alex!

  • Matthew Prichard
    Matthew Prichard 3 months ago +2

    DON'T BE FRINDS Alex plz 😑

  • the Wolf family
    the Wolf family 3 months ago

    Mr paws ate my cereal

  • Emily Shepherd
    Emily Shepherd 3 months ago


  • Joann Plays
    Joann Plays 3 months ago

    I know you already made the next part, but say that you spray-painted your wings black to make the dark fairies be friends with you so they don’t bully you anymore! xd

  • Carole Mims
    Carole Mims 3 months ago

    I like angels NOT DARK FAIRIES

  • Vivienne Teoh
    Vivienne Teoh 3 months ago

    My did you lie to your friend Alex?you have to do something before she's mad A srry or leave I don't no that,s all I have for you😄😄😄☺

  • Julie Rodriguez
    Julie Rodriguez 3 months ago

    make up a story

  • Frankie Mai
    Frankie Mai 3 months ago


  • Nina Stefanovic
    Nina Stefanovic 3 months ago

    I love alex but that dark fsiris are mine thear boling angels so sed cries

  • gacha hadya/gacha sahra missy potato

    You should be thankful that you are yourself.

  • pardeep kumar lahot
    pardeep kumar lahot 3 months ago

    1234 COME ON

  • pardeep kumar lahot
    pardeep kumar lahot 3 months ago


  • Nabiha Tahsin
    Nabiha Tahsin 4 months ago

    Love uuu

  • Gacha with Millie
    Gacha with Millie 4 months ago


  • Itz_niyaaa
    Itz_niyaaa 4 months ago

    My friend stop watching cause she said if you didn't want to do it then don't do it xDDD

  • Aleena Javed
    Aleena Javed 4 months ago

    alex tell dove that u have to pretend to bully her so the dark fairies will believe u are bullying angels!

  • lucia Dickinson
    lucia Dickinson 4 months ago

    It's ok Alex don't do it

  • Emily :3
    Emily :3 4 months ago

    i feel bad for the angle she was crying

  • Cameron Gent
    Cameron Gent 4 months ago

    ur the best

  • Kayla Beale
    Kayla Beale 4 months ago

    I LOVE YOU💖💖💖

  • TayTay Buckley
    TayTay Buckley 4 months ago

    What is your phone number.

  • Kayla_Smiths XO
    Kayla_Smiths XO 4 months ago


  • Lucia Rincon
    Lucia Rincon 4 months ago

    yeah just tell the truth

  • Dexter Smith
    Dexter Smith 4 months ago +1

    who this girl calling a nerd she dont look like a dark fairy

  • Aremzy Ramirez
    Aremzy Ramirez 4 months ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh omg 😮

  • Malachai And Kota Rocks
    Malachai And Kota Rocks 4 months ago +1

    my name is mal :O

  • Brissa Indalecio
    Brissa Indalecio 4 months ago

    Haha the dark people have the same dorm as the teacher

  • Master f Emily
    Master f Emily 4 months ago +1

    I m your fan

  • Sheliahj jjAhlum
    Sheliahj jjAhlum 4 months ago

    I just found ur videos yesterday and I love them

  • Angelit
    Angelit 4 months ago

    Hi alex im your bigis fan

  • Saja Zreik
    Saja Zreik 4 months ago

    Alex im your biggest fan and your the best youtuber im like you biggest faaan!!!!!and now im more then that!!!🙂🙂🙂☺☺

  • Farayola Oseni
    Farayola Oseni 4 months ago

    Lol your videos are amazing

  • MadyUnicorn 28
    MadyUnicorn 28 4 months ago

    Are dark fairies basically demons???