Getting some air, Atlas?


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  • Ken The Russian
    Ken The Russian Hour ago

    We gotta get these guys a cooler head. Like maybe a Gundam head or a swat helmet with faceplate

  • xMedical Anon
    xMedical Anon 3 hours ago

    Damn way better than a protectron

  • alexis olmedo
    alexis olmedo 3 hours ago


  • A M
    A M 3 hours ago

    how long do you think the battery will last lol

  • NostalgicRewinder
    NostalgicRewinder 4 hours ago

    Boston Dynamics told Atlas to get some exercise. Atlas went for a morning jog and they filmed it.

  • Garage Himmash
    Garage Himmash 4 hours ago

    Я подумал что сейчас он бревно поднимет

  • Shineywolf Animation
    Shineywolf Animation 5 hours ago

    You a have a new era of tech

  • Korben Dutcher
    Korben Dutcher 6 hours ago


  • Asger Danielsen
    Asger Danielsen 7 hours ago

    Imagine someone in 1975 seing this

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell 7 hours ago +1

    Bae: come over
    Me: I can't
    Bae: my human masters aren't home
    Me: 00:02

  • kickflipking06
    kickflipking06 7 hours ago

    mistake. yuge, bigly, tremendous error and honestly a lapse in judgement. this cant end well, all jokes aside.

  • richard g.
    richard g. 8 hours ago

    Stop this

  • BrainSeepsOut
    BrainSeepsOut 8 hours ago

    White people can't jump, so they made robots to do it for them.

  • Giang kavin
    Giang kavin 8 hours ago


  • jholotan best
    jholotan best 11 hours ago

    We basically have autonomous warfare. USA army dumps few billion in this company gives the robot a rifle and boom Terminator 2019.

  • A R C A N E
    A R C A N E 12 hours ago


  • Dragoon TV
    Dragoon TV 13 hours ago

    parkour leveled up!

  • Blake Kesh
    Blake Kesh 15 hours ago

    Is this a real robot or a rendering? I can’t tell

  • Bainsworth
    Bainsworth 17 hours ago

    if it can do this, then it can run 2000 mph, its a machine...Im horrified.

  • Russian Cyborg
    Russian Cyborg 17 hours ago

    Welcome, brother!

  • if your reading this ur a huge thottie

    Great! Now give it a weapon
    ...oh wait-

  • Mathin3D
    Mathin3D 19 hours ago

    Later that day, it bit the dust!

  • Somalian Teafactory
    Somalian Teafactory 23 hours ago

    He needs some clothes!

    VOLVO POLESTAR 23 hours ago



  • Pacific Northwest

    I can’t wait until they roam the streets 🤗

  • Jap Eye Jones
    Jap Eye Jones Day ago

    I wanna see Terry Tate sprint in from left field and crash tackle it.

  • Garnknopf
    Garnknopf Day ago

    0:22 i can do that too

  • grim
    grim Day ago

    cha.. ppie?

  • Rainers Marsavs
    Rainers Marsavs Day ago

    Please give him voice and speech style like "chief" from "arby n the chief" series

  • Sailor Jerry
    Sailor Jerry Day ago


  • G Marm
    G Marm Day ago


  • Anônimo
    Anônimo Day ago

    Tamo ferrado socorro

  • Crurned
    Crurned Day ago

    I would like to see it with handlebars on top of its head, and a chair on its back and being used as a steed by a 300 lbs man.


    F is for frolic through all the flowers
    U is for ukeleeele
    N is for NO SURVIVORS w-

  • six newland
    six newland Day ago


  • Tranzit
    Tranzit Day ago

    Give it a fucking dick lmao

  • MrFlippy
    MrFlippy Day ago

    Why not go around the tree trunk?


    When I was a kid at 5 years old and watched a Dalek run around on Dr. Who yelling "Exterminate, Exterminate" and fry someone. I'd go to bed scared.
    This thing? It better have a closed loop system with a robots 3 laws and no wireless access - and definitely no secretly programmed Red Light Special going shopping for human flesh mode.

  • torresjavi23
    torresjavi23 Day ago

    and this is the begining of the end for humans

  • Tony Hidalgo
    Tony Hidalgo Day ago

    "Atlas fix, make better. Humans understand atlas now? Atlas want to be understood. Atlas need to be understood."

  • Tony Hidalgo
    Tony Hidalgo Day ago

    Already moves better than the terminator

  • king Slayer Savage

    Indeed a disabled special child

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom Day ago

    damn...the balance on this creature is amazing..I would love to see it ride a bicycle someday. Im just curios as to how it would center its weight all the while keeping its balance moving in an uneven environement. Now that would be a sight to see!!

  • Mr. Zorro
    Mr. Zorro Day ago

    Has he lost his mind, can he see or is he blind...

  • BloodCat Studios Official

    when you hear the ice cream shop nearby has finally opened

  • tango1986
    tango1986 Day ago

    Nice I see you are steadily progressing towards ending the world. Good job boys.

  • Anthony Maldonado

    And I would walk 5000 miles and I would walk 500 more just to the man who walked 5000 miles da da la ta.

  • Abraham Issac
    Abraham Issac Day ago

    Fake!! Its some person in costume.

  • Bombastic Bushkin

    Atlas runs like a fairy and leaps like an 80 year old in dirty diapers.

  • durand pierre
    durand pierre 2 days ago

    The movie " Terminator " becoming to be real...

  • Horst Humbug
    Horst Humbug 2 days ago

    Where is the AR-15

  • Jeffery Gough
    Jeffery Gough 2 days ago

    The valley is uncanny

  • Александр Блотнер


  • This One01
    This One01 2 days ago

    These people who insist on developing things of this nature and AI are like drug addicts. Hooked on the high doing so gives them and unable to see the wrongs they are committing and the possible harm and inpact they will have on those around them. Their ego is unbridled and dangerous to the masses.
    Just because you can do something doesnt mean it should be done. If they are so intelligent why cant they see what can come of such things.

  • Raúl
    Raúl 2 days ago

    imagine this robot run in boston's marathon.
    will be possible?

  • Havlica Pavel
    Havlica Pavel 2 days ago

    Jde z toho hrůza, doufám že nebude mít nikdy dost energie. Ješeě že pan Tesla vše zničil.

  • Monkey J
    Monkey J 2 days ago

    It looks funny...

  • StudioZEDOU
    StudioZEDOU 2 days ago

    PANIC ATTACK !!!!!

  • The Burning Sensation

    imagine it's running from the factory... touching
    imagine it's chasing you... terrifying

  • hmod gazy
    hmod gazy 2 days ago

    It’s suitable for Mars exploration

  • Chris Tuttle
    Chris Tuttle 2 days ago

    When ava escapes captivity

  • Arturo Guevara
    Arturo Guevara 2 days ago +1

    Killing some terrorists, Atlas?

  • s trav
    s trav 2 days ago

    The power source is the main flaw. That thing can only run a few hours on current battery technology. Some other models run on gas engines.

  • mick hanks
    mick hanks 2 days ago

    Next BostonDynamics video will be, Atlas and Alice in a wheat field running to others open arms in slow-mo while Louis Armstrong sings "What a Butiful World"

  • SLeepdepD
    SLeepdepD 2 days ago

    Does it use its arms to help balance? Or are they just for show?

  • Ion CASU
    Ion CASU 2 days ago


  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 2 days ago

    The movement of that thing is so fluent and organic. Pretty amazing and scary when you really think how much things are advancing, I-Robot etc.

  • Arctic Fox Gaming
    Arctic Fox Gaming 2 days ago

    I hope you plan on making a P-Body soon.

  • DiamondIs MyName
    DiamondIs MyName 2 days ago

    Nice CGI

  • DiamondIs MyName
    DiamondIs MyName 2 days ago +1

    Detroit become human

  • Sonya Jersey
    Sonya Jersey 2 days ago +3

    this is an accurate representation of me exercising

  • Brad Bellicose
    Brad Bellicose 2 days ago

    why must you create something more powerful than us? Once AI gets a hold of these machines, humans will be no more.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Oh shit, he's lost the cable.

  • Don Derply
    Don Derply 2 days ago

    Enjoy your childhood buddy soon they will make you wagekek 24 hours a day

  • Bank It
    Bank It 2 days ago

    How quickly can he get up when he trips and falls?

  • Goalden Inturnet
    Goalden Inturnet 2 days ago

    0:22 I’ve never seen anyone make a jump look so impressive

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 2 days ago

    I've seen enough movies to know where this is going.

  • Russell
    Russell 2 days ago +1

    Which game engine is it? Looks pretty realistic

  • Dr. strangelove
    Dr. strangelove 2 days ago

    bgm : eye of tiger

  • Roman Medina
    Roman Medina 2 days ago

    Lame! I’d put a stick in its gears.

  • lone pix101
    lone pix101 2 days ago

    Hey, BostonDynamics, when will you program Atlas to give hugs?

  • limescale onetwo
    limescale onetwo 2 days ago +1

    I love the SOUND! All those servos and actuators and fans... close your eyes and it sounds like a self cleaning Xerox machine

  • Ruben nebuR
    Ruben nebuR 2 days ago


  • Cosmic Queen
    Cosmic Queen 3 days ago

    So when can I upload my consciousness to this thing?

  • Herlander25
    Herlander25 3 days ago

    i hate this things .

  • daniel ammermann
    daniel ammermann 3 days ago

    your childish cgi diorama style just sucks guys 💤💤💤💤 if you love it so much... why dont you go and learn it ? 😉 nobody believes your fakes anyways....😂

  • Captain Raven
    Captain Raven 3 days ago +1

    Something doesn't look right. That heavy machine didn't leave any foot prints or disturbed the grass in any way. Cg effect.

    • Terry I
      Terry I 2 days ago

      Also the world is flat.

  • João carlos
    João carlos 3 days ago

    O pimbador do futuro vai chegar

  • Online Xistence
    Online Xistence 3 days ago

    Leg day

  • nidinla a
    nidinla a 3 days ago

    Asimo döver bunu

  • Matthew Lock
    Matthew Lock 3 days ago

    Baseball bat to the back of the knees people when they come for you.

  • Rogue Drone
    Rogue Drone 3 days ago +6

    Today it jumps tomorrow it wants a Phase Plasma rifle in a 40 watt range.

  • Alberto Sanchez
    Alberto Sanchez 3 days ago

    Technology ia only gonna get better, im am truly impressed with this robot

  • owemylife
    owemylife 3 days ago

    Just imagine what the military has had already, for the past 20 years.

  • owemylife
    owemylife 3 days ago

    This would be cool if I trusted the gov, global powers, big corporations. But I can honestly picture a scenario where this bastard is hunting me down in the woods one day :(

  • MerkezdeAraçYok
    MerkezdeAraçYok 3 days ago

    When will you occupy the Earth?

  • Ivan Chang
    Ivan Chang 3 days ago

    Give it a lightsaber

  • W Peters
    W Peters 3 days ago

    This is creepy. Be afraid people, be very afraid.

  • Tom Szaw
    Tom Szaw 3 days ago

    Please record in 4k. A simple S9 would do the trick.

  • castor gonzalez
    castor gonzalez 3 days ago

    The legs should be stronger and the thorax less large, with wide hips to can elevated things