Sawdust Bread

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • In which John discusses the quality of 18th century French bread and the nearness of history.
    The books that most inspired this video are Cuisine and Culture by Linda Civitello and Food in History by Reay Tannehill. I also loved this short essay from the Ultimate History project:
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Comments • 774

  • Ellora Mikesell
    Ellora Mikesell 15 days ago

    Wow i love this

  • Katie Fox
    Katie Fox 3 months ago

    Let’s get this bread!!! (I still don’t know what this meme means)

  • Lic021
    Lic021 4 months ago

    this reminds me of the Haitian dirt/mud cakes/cookies that (as of 2014) are still being eaten by the poorest people of haiti.
    literally dirt mixed with water, occasionally a little salt or butter, and then dried in the sun. They have almost no nutritional value but they stop people from feeling hungry

  • Haley Bee
    Haley Bee 6 months ago

    When you said my name in this it felt weird lol
    I pronounce Halley haaalllee

  • Matthew Cecil
    Matthew Cecil 6 months ago

    God damn... I guess I'm just spoiled because I refuse to look at a piece of bread as a testament to human progress and greatness... The way you look at bread is the way I look at a MRI machine... The culmination of nearly all human scientific understanding, collaboration from countless scientists of every background, and nearly unimaginable power. Real power. Not celebrity power were you help someone make "their wish" come true and then they still die.

  • Amy Huber
    Amy Huber 6 months ago

    Who’s Hank...?

    • Amy Huber
      Amy Huber 6 months ago

      Animal dung bread...depends on what they’ve been eating.

  • Ham Fest
    Ham Fest 7 months ago

    When I clicked on this video I thought the title was "sawdust beard" yet, I was not disappointed

  • caprafan
    caprafan 8 months ago

    Perhaps someone else has already commented on this, but there actually is something akin to sawdust in bread and other processed foods--cellulose, which is derived from plant fiber, including wood pulp.

  • IoEstasCedonta
    IoEstasCedonta 8 months ago

    ...what? Sawdust is still a common additive (and not only is it safe, honestly, most of the time it's better for you than the bread), and using the hull? They charge extra for that now! (Animal droppings... well, someone's probably charging extra for bread with animal droppings. Certainly they need to declare that now.)

  • Max Rymar
    Max Rymar 9 months ago

    are you john green

  • Travers Goff
    Travers Goff 9 months ago

    Let them eat sawdust bread!

  • missmcinnes
    missmcinnes 11 months ago

    I am curious about the historic cooking channel. I am in the SCA and my girlfriend is a feast cook. What can you tell me about the series?

  • Crystal Furness
    Crystal Furness 11 months ago

    Change may be inevitable, even though humans in general dislike change in their daily lives. If both are true, how is it humans tend to repeat history?

  • Leonard Greenpaw
    Leonard Greenpaw Year ago

    Your bread is sawdust free? Wow. Mine still contains cellulose for the fiber, cellulose of course being basically sawdust

  • Wref
    Wref Year ago

    Just thinking about the fact that I have to survive to 75 years of age to see it brings a certain anxiety to the table

  • Katrina Eames
    Katrina Eames Year ago

    Anyways, donate to your local food bank.

  • Lauren Steward
    Lauren Steward Year ago

    In the trenches of WW1, they also ate bread with sawdust in them as they began to run out of supplies

  • Wynand Greyvenstein

    The problem with even suggesting this idea of a "lens of time" is that it makes some people think they are entitled to apathy. When those people are in government, they will do less to try and solve problems that really exist. We can't allow the kind of rhetoric that lets them view current problems as being "better" than they really are because of this abstract view of time. I see, let's not give them an inch, let them not get away with apathy on the basis of comparisons.

  • Jana Khabouri
    Jana Khabouri Year ago

    I love vlogbrothers

  • slothfulcobra
    slothfulcobra Year ago

    When you describe what they're doing as "besieging" I think it's pretty safe to say that's a wee bit more than just a protest

  • Takeaki Uemura
    Takeaki Uemura Year ago


  • Grace P
    Grace P Year ago

    Watching this while eating bread 🍞

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green Year ago

    This video is the best thing since...hmm, I can't seem to think of an appropriate analogy.

  • Nadia Enakai
    Nadia Enakai Year ago

    I'm so excited about your cooking history idea!!! Also I relate so much to getting absorbed in reasurch

  • abuliberalee
    abuliberalee Year ago

    Can't smash the like button hard enough on this. This is John at his best. He restated one of the brilliant historian Timothy Snyder's main points about conceptions of history, but in a simpler, more easily digestible form with his point that progress is possible, but not inevitable, and that it depends on human action. Please keep making fantastic content like this, John.

  • wwickeddogg
    wwickeddogg Year ago

    I'm glad you are advocating a French style revolution in the US, I agree it is necessary.

  • Steph Piano
    Steph Piano Year ago

    Only Vlogbrothers could make me really emo over the history of bread

  • EsperSKS
    EsperSKS Year ago

    I watched this while eating toast for breakfast.

  • Emsta
    Emsta Year ago

    I've missed this kind of videos

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago +1

    Why does this video have ads on it?

  • Buddy Light
    Buddy Light Year ago

    Someone should post this to Breaddit. I'm sure some subbreaddit would be appropriate. Now that we're far enough away from the election I think the alt-rye has finally left it alone.

  • Хуй С горы

    Ну чо поцоны Джон Грин?

  • inezbradley
    inezbradley Year ago

    John, your videos always provoke thought, and this one is no exception. My thoughts went immediately to the crisis of true nutrition that is the habituated American diet, and how we have come, in this day & age, to the point of eating for convenience, or a version of "comfort" that is not at all healthy in terms of nourishing our bodies, or for it's entertainment value. Thankfully there are many who are working to improve the situation. It occurred to me that you might like to know of one of those people who you may not be aware of, which I learned about from one of Michael Pollan's books: Craig Ponsford is a dedicated baker whose daily "laboratory" is this amazing little bakery in San Rafael, CA. A place that you & Sarah might enjoy visiting anytime you may visit Marin County.

  • Melissa
    Melissa Year ago

    This reminds me of when I researched why Kinder Eggs are Illegal in the States. And that's basically a 30's law that non food things could be completely hidden in food. IT was made to keep people from Adulterating food with things like Sawdust in bread and such other horrifying things in meat products.
    And that no one really had a issue with the idea of Kinder eggs or the American counterpart the original Wonder ball. But one candy company saw that they were going to be a hit and dragged the Kinder egg and Wonderball through court and pulled up this law meant to keep food from being poisonus and used it instead to smash competition.

  • Jonah C.
    Jonah C. Year ago

    I mean, ask the right person and they'll tell you we all eat sawdust cheese today (shredded cheese contains the anti-caking agent cellulose, also known as wood pulp).

  • Robby Barnard
    Robby Barnard Year ago

    Sawdust In France is going on my band name list!

  • kanyeblessed
    kanyeblessed Year ago

    Halsey's comet

  • Sarah Powell
    Sarah Powell Year ago

    Thank you. I needed that.

  • gjonezy9
    gjonezy9 Year ago

    Dear, Vlogbrother
    As you can see down below...
    I’ve collectively gathered a small list I found on the Internet. And,
    I was wondering if I could share it with your audience for feedback.

    How to Annoy/Trigger a Liberal:
    1) Conservative women are hot.
    2) Refer to their economic policies as “trickle up poverty.”
    3) Tell them to blame crimes on those who commit them, not the victims.
    4) Point out that the worst cities for crime in American have been run by democrats for at least 40 years.
    5) Teach them that lower taxes for the rich help the poor who have a desire to succeed.
    6) Listen to Rush Limbaugh! ;o)

    7) Tell them as they drool at the thought of Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman President that zombies are technically gender neutral.
    8) Despite 9/11 and the dot-com crash, America was trending back toward zero deficit, until Democrats took over in 2006.
    9) Tell them that all people are created equal, but some people choose to be better.

    PS: I’m not a Russian Bot.

  • Dross M
    Dross M Year ago

    No you can't sit back and watch! You have to keep producing videos for me to watch and feel slightly more educated. And yeah, don't worry about the world's problems, inspire someone else to worry, because your gift to us is inspiration. If more of us worry about the small bit where we can excel, some things will get better, and that's probably going to be enough, eventually.

  • Hayley Pond
    Hayley Pond Year ago

    Recently here in Canada there was price fixing guessed it, BREAD. Prices here have been steadily rising for the late 14 years so a loaf of bread is nearly $4. Corporate greed, shitty money grubbing people and the few that screw it up for everyone else. Why does this world suck so bad sometimes.

  • Ivy Marryl
    Ivy Marryl Year ago +1

    Lol hahhahah love your books I did just knew today that you are a TVclipr!!!

  • dark_neverland
    dark_neverland Year ago

    I find history fascinating because it puts the concept of time into a perspective we often take for granted. A couple hundred years seems like a long time but when it comes to progress & betterment of human conditions, 200 years is a blip. Thanks for teaching me something new, John.

  • Nelly Grey
    Nelly Grey Year ago

    I doubt youll see this but john i'm trying to order one of your less popular books from amazon but they are out or something help.

  • Valeria Jimenez
    Valeria Jimenez Year ago

    Hello mr Green just wanna saided what i loved your work and your new book ,turtles all the way down Is awesome thank you for the great book
    And come to México please🤗

  • Ryanatour
    Ryanatour Year ago

    Ich mag das Brot

  • Error 404
    Error 404 Year ago

    Am I the only one who adds sawdust for the smoky flavor?

  • TheAceXtra
    TheAceXtra Year ago

    My dad grew up during the 30s and 40s in Sweden, when Sweden was still fairly poor. Especially during the war, with the rationing, making bark-bread was widespread among the poor classes. So I through circumstance am one generation removed from members of my family having to grind down bark to fill out bread. Damn.

  • Debo Datta
    Debo Datta Year ago

    and Yet French people nowadays get mad over chefs not wearing gloves (even though no good chef worth his salt would wear gloves)

  • issy goddard
    issy goddard Year ago

    It kind of amuses me how the French revolution was caused, or had it's effects heightened, by breaf

  • Jackie Pierson
    Jackie Pierson Year ago

    I am proud to work for an American bread company, and happy to report that our bread tastes more like clouds and sunshine and not at all like sawdust!

  • Lea Zoeph
    Lea Zoeph Year ago

    One of my favorite shockingly-recent facts is that photography was invented before slavery ended. I was utterly bewildered to find out we have photos of actual slaves.

  • RememberTheTrees
    RememberTheTrees Year ago

    This feels old school for some reason, can't quite figure out why. I like it.

  • Nicole Telford
    Nicole Telford Year ago

    Okay what's mad is that there was a women's march in Russia in February 1917 which led to the abdication of Tsar Nicholas ||, and a famous quote from historian Orlando Figes states: 'it all began with bread'. Similar stories 🤔

  • Jemima1377
    Jemima1377 Year ago

    Very nice video, insightful and interesting - thanks! ^_^
    (But I kept thinking: biting into a slice of bread could be so much more delightful for John, if it were proper european bread - probably german or at least french - americans have weird stand-ins for bread (In my experience, they are all very soft, not very nutritous and oddly enough all slightly sweet?! O.o) - maybe try that in the future?)

  • Zedi gan
    Zedi gan Year ago

    The fact the the American civil war was only two lifetimes ago and the french revolution was only three, makes me wonder; in hundreds of thousands of years, if we've died out will some other intelligent species will see humanity in the fossil record seeing stone and wooden tools for a few thousand years, then bronze then maybe steam engines? then BAM computers. Because of the speed that we are/have advancing/advanced and because of how much information gets lost over time (due specific pressures needing to be in place for fossilisation/preservation) in fossil records/archeological records I'd imagine it'd look like humanity went from bronze, iron and steel to computers overnight.
    It's amazing to think of just how fast humanity has advanced and that we're only advancing faster and faster.

  • zoe leigh
    zoe leigh Year ago

    i both love and hate thinking about the idea of these "far off things" being actually quite close to current times. it's weird that the us is a relatively young country but 1776 seems so far away.

  • San Fels
    San Fels Year ago

    Does life from 2014 and on just feel more dull?

  • Jillian Adele
    Jillian Adele Year ago

    I've finally finished "turtles all the way down" omg I loved it..

  • Julia Taylor
    Julia Taylor Year ago

    Read the title as "Sawdust beard" and when you started talking about sawdust bread I /still/ was convinced you'd bring beards into the mix...

  • Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart Year ago

    Your bread can still contain up to 40% saw dust and be considered legally to be (1) GMO-free, (2) organic, (3) edible and (4) bread. Have fun with that knowledge.

  • Lauryn Hanley
    Lauryn Hanley Year ago

    Last summer I was on an archaeological dig in Tuscany, and on our first night there, our program director asked if we noticed the "crapy-ness" of the bread. It was tasteless and was extremely tough. He told us why- in the middle ages, a ruler placed a large tax on salt, which the people of Tuscany didn't want to pay. So they protested by not buying any salt at all, while going on with normal business, making bread, etc. The result was salt-less bread.
    Centuries later, there is no more salt tax, but the little towns in Tuscany still make their bread this way out of tradition. And while the rest of the food from Tuscany is some of the most delicious in the world, the bread is absolutely awful.
    We quickly realized that the best use for these loaves of bread was to prop up uneven tables at dinner. There was also the rumor that someone once cut themselves on the crust of a slice of Tuscany bread and that it was possible to use the crust as a razor blade.
    Since our American/British dig has been in the same town for 50+ years, occasionally they will now through in a bit of salt to the copious amounts of bread we buy, to satisfy American tastebuds.

  • Sarah P.
    Sarah P. Year ago

    I love history, in part because of the lessons it teaches, and the way it changes my perspective on life. I'm just thankful that I don't have to eat bread with animal dung in it.

  • tyaeyu14
    tyaeyu14 Year ago

    Bread? Let them eat cake

  • Ian Reed
    Ian Reed Year ago

    Yessss balancing despair complacency and hope complacency is such a good thought. And speaks to the dissatisfied nature of human existence in a way that's very comforting to me.

  • Grayson Melita
    Grayson Melita Year ago +1

    my global teacher likes to talk abt being feminist but we ain’t never learned this?

  • Cerulean Skigh
    Cerulean Skigh Year ago

    Marge Simpson cut Homer's meatloaf with sawdust. Does that make it a new take on the French bread recipe?

  • Ian Maurer
    Ian Maurer Year ago

    John, it sounds like you just read At Home by Bill Bryson :)

  • lydia toy
    lydia toy Year ago

    You mention protest vs riot depending on perspective. Love to know you thoughts on the perception of BLM and superbowl victory "riots/celebrations" in Philly? Think you guys could have interesting thoughts.

  • Eric Birchfield
    Eric Birchfield Year ago

    "Cooking history Videos"
    Going to need some more info on this

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez Year ago

    I love how optimistic your videos have been lately John

  • zaria caprio
    zaria caprio Year ago

    Wasn't Subway accused of putting couch foam in their bread?

  • Spencer Twaddle
    Spencer Twaddle Year ago

    Sooooo... are you going to be making animal-poopy bread?

  • Bella Curcio
    Bella Curcio Year ago +4

    A Good Video

    • Wynand Greyvenstein
      Wynand Greyvenstein Year ago

      The problem with even suggesting this idea of a "lens of time" is that it makes some people think they are entitled to apathy. When those people are in government, they will do less to try and solve problems that really exist. We can't allow the kind of rhetoric that lets them view current problems as being "better" than they really are because of this abstract view of time. I say, let's not give them an inch, let them not get away with apathy on the basis of comparisons.

  • Chordeiles Major
    Chordeiles Major Year ago

    i bet good american toast is about as nutritious as sawdust bread :D

  • Nastya Antipova
    Nastya Antipova Year ago

    Hello, John green. You're just a great writer and video blogger. I just don't have words.... I've read almost all of your books,and the impression is this....they're great!

  • Chaggit
    Chaggit Year ago

    Your sawdust-free slice of bread has more sawdust in it than you think...

  • UTborn22
    UTborn22 Year ago

    Always love these videos that remind us that, despite what all of us may think, history says that the future will be better than the present

  • lucy M.
    lucy M. Year ago

    You need to do pemmican for your cooking show!

  • Laateedoe
    Laateedoe Year ago

    Still subscribed to these guys after all these years. John and Hank... well done.

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell Year ago

    Research mud pies in Haiti. They are so hungry they’re eating dirt...

  • julia
    julia Year ago

    I didn't know what to expect from the title but this was a really good video

  • Karina Schink
    Karina Schink Year ago

    New The Anthropocene Reviewed topic??

  • Anti-social Butterfly

    “Research rabbit holes” THATS THE TERM I NEEDED IN MY LIFE! Its a much more specific term than surfing the internet

  • HaileyBubs
    HaileyBubs Year ago

    I am now extra appreciative of the sawdust-freeness of this toast I’m eating.

  • Talyta Barcelos
    Talyta Barcelos Year ago


  • rebelbandman
    rebelbandman Year ago

    I was watching this while eating bread.

  • Quin Does Stuff
    Quin Does Stuff Year ago

    Hey John and/or Hank, can one of you do a video about how to buy a house? It's relevant to my current situation and there's a lot to know. It's a little overwhelming

  • Jesse Brunet
    Jesse Brunet Year ago

    Does anyone else just genuinely want to have a conversation with John Green?

  • Tyler May
    Tyler May Year ago

    This is good stuff

  • Peter Medeiros
    Peter Medeiros Year ago

    Basically resisting the lure of complacency is what liberals and progressives need to do, especially when there's so many systems trying to encourage such complacency.

  • Erszabet
    Erszabet Year ago

    Video is relevant because Canadian bread price fixing that just came to the attention of the public

  • The Expert
    The Expert Year ago

    We wuz revolutionaries

  • General Ablon
    General Ablon Year ago

    1:17 ;) Lost it at: "Oh my god, it's morning." Should it become a problem, I would recommend using an alarm on your telephone/clock to signal when you have to go to bed.

  • Isaac Tsui
    Isaac Tsui Year ago

    Speaking of bread I was reading about how, in the former Soviet Union, farmers would feed their pigs with bread because it was literally cheaper than animal feed. The more you know.

  • crimsontaints
    crimsontaints Year ago

    protesting or rioting depending on perspective? im going to go out on a limb here and say that anything that ends with a man's severed head being put on a pike and paraded around has crossed a line from every perspective.

  • Calicido
    Calicido Year ago

    Now I want to listen to Charlie's Bread

  • Aleksander K
    Aleksander K Year ago

    I really love your research rabbit holes

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Year ago

    Guess crackers won’t be making an appearance in this video. They didn’t rise to meet the expectations.

  • Anniina Jalkanen
    Anniina Jalkanen Year ago

    Huomenta! It’s Good morning in finnish 😃😃