I found an invisibility glitch in Fortnite Season 9...

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • I found an invisibility glitch in Fortnite season 9...
    This lava glitch makes you invisible...
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  6 months ago +1283

    It's literally 6am uploading this... tired as hell 😴 Hope you all enjoy

    • Imloul Safiye
      Imloul Safiye 2 months ago

      @Pinky terri stop si do Di tu to tu tiburon
      Deep fistfight

    • The dong
      The dong 3 months ago

      Pinky fuck blacks am I right

    • HI Dud
      HI Dud 3 months ago

      U raw fam al lam

  • Pj Saunders music
    Pj Saunders music 21 day ago

    06:27 me to

  • Gdplayer876
    Gdplayer876 24 days ago

    6:42 TOXIC ALERT

  • Cheryl Patris
    Cheryl Patris 2 months ago

    I miss the shadow bomb

  • OG RED
    OG RED 2 months ago

    Hi pink eye

  • Lazy /oofman48ree
    Lazy /oofman48ree 2 months ago

    yeah we do its awsome thaks can you friend me in fortnite

  • Omar Izquierdo
    Omar Izquierdo 2 months ago

    Thx for showing me this video because in duos me and my teamate got flipped up from this 1 invisible dude

  • Gdplayer876
    Gdplayer876 2 months ago


  • Cra 3kzy
    Cra 3kzy 3 months ago

    how did u lose when u were invisible no offence

  • HARRISON Capes
    HARRISON Capes 3 months ago

    Also me epic is Mountaintop1290

  • Skull
    Skull 3 months ago


  • chronic vapid
    chronic vapid 3 months ago

    Can i plz have some subs

  • Ecclevenson Saint Fleur

    Oh no No

  • Tyler Costello
    Tyler Costello 3 months ago

    Reply if your watching this in season x

  • Mercedita Antonio
    Mercedita Antonio 3 months ago

    I like wacking floors LOL

  • Aronno Khondaker
    Aronno Khondaker 3 months ago

    Yo thanks buddy

  • tybtw?
    tybtw? 3 months ago

    you already know when if pinky has ‘rawrfamalam’ its going to be bad.

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W 3 months ago

    ..I think that was me getting clapped in the thumbnail

  • Jennie Carmichael
    Jennie Carmichael 3 months ago

    Man it is season 10

  • Ronith Lahoti
    Ronith Lahoti 3 months ago +5

    Smash like if you are watching this in season 10

  • Kristin Deeken
    Kristin Deeken 3 months ago


  • Sinister 99
    Sinister 99 3 months ago

    Season 6

  • HoHoHoVids.E.X.E
    HoHoHoVids.E.X.E 3 months ago +1

    48 hours till season 10 watches video of season 9 to look back hears Its finally season 9 me:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Egg With names
    Egg With names 3 months ago

    You didn’t find this

  • A1fa Grintavy
    A1fa Grintavy 3 months ago

    2000 years ley-tah!do you remember

  • Walted.
    Walted. 3 months ago

    Fortnut ded. Yet we still clek

  • Trey Tube :
    Trey Tube : 3 months ago

    Fuckkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuu bitchhhhjjjjj

    • World Explorer
      World Explorer 3 months ago

      I do. AfgggkCvad.kaefK.hfcae.khcfk.sdgAdjgclkgAfd.kuwefw
      AedFledAljyaedcilywadcyLideclitdawflif xiydsyukxc&EDCAjsrsdLCZXZ&CCDZYI

  • Abbelle Aiken
    Abbelle Aiken 3 months ago

    I love your vids

  • Elie Cassir
    Elie Cassir 3 months ago +1


  • Gillian Uzuntok
    Gillian Uzuntok 3 months ago

    Does it have to be a Serrano house or just any house

  • Destroy HD
    Destroy HD 4 months ago +1

    Like if pinky is better than ninja

  • Cole Wright
    Cole Wright 4 months ago

    Can u do this on all the game modes like playground and creative ? And Good Vid 👍🏿

  • Rado_ TheKillerBoy
    Rado_ TheKillerBoy 4 months ago


  • Donnacha McDonnell
    Donnacha McDonnell 4 months ago +1

    Fuck off

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis 4 months ago

    Duos? My epic is my username for yourube

  • Kid kool*-_
    Kid kool*-_ 4 months ago


  • Gloomy Days
    Gloomy Days 4 months ago

    I hope you got banned

  • 4gility
    4gility 4 months ago

    Use code NoahsNoah

  • Super Toad logan
    Super Toad logan 4 months ago

    You suck your a bot

  • Christina Boykin
    Christina Boykin 4 months ago

    I can’t see anything above 3:45

  • tubitub
    tubitub 4 months ago

    Who’s better
    I like pinky

  • Andie R
    Andie R 4 months ago

    Da face cam plzzzzz

  • Nida Khan
    Nida Khan 4 months ago

    Rip his pinky

  • Onome Okotogbo
    Onome Okotogbo 4 months ago +1

    How bad do you have to be to die invisible

  • JM YT
    JM YT 4 months ago

    Your fum Nales are all ways the best 👍

  • Tracy Finnon
    Tracy Finnon 4 months ago +1

    Epic please don’t patch I won’t to try it to get a win

  • Andy Park
    Andy Park 4 months ago +5

    Epic patched the glitch by just adding a floor on the ground

  • Zack
    Zack 4 months ago +1

    I literally subbed as soon as you said the word 'new'

  • Jordy Warden
    Jordy Warden 4 months ago


  • Some dele fornite Noob
    Some dele fornite Noob 4 months ago +1

    👍If your god it fortinte

  • MP
    MP 4 months ago +1

    FBI Open Up

  • LikerBoss XD
    LikerBoss XD 4 months ago

    Can you get banned from that ?

  • Riichi David
    Riichi David 4 months ago

    At time stamp 1:46, there was a llama

    • 2FAST
      2FAST 4 months ago

      Riichi David it was creative just to let you know

  • RealmDrowner
    RealmDrowner 4 months ago

    Invisibility Glitches:
    Season 6: Shadow Stones
    Season 8: Shadow Bombs
    Season 9: Reboot/Shadow Bombs

  • Loula Mihalopoulos
    Loula Mihalopoulos 4 months ago

    I liked all of your videos and I subscribed so I used stinkypinky as my creator code in Fortnite

  • Worm 26
    Worm 26 4 months ago

    Ik u because of kaidios

  • Garou
    Garou 4 months ago

    heyy some dbz music 0:02

  • MemeMan357
    MemeMan357 4 months ago

    FBI wants to know your location

  • Jill Warr
    Jill Warr 4 months ago

    You’re the best TVclipr

  • Jill Warr
    Jill Warr 4 months ago +1

    You’re the best TVclip