How The Internet Turns Your Mugshot Into A Creepy Business - Cracked Explains

  • Published on Oct 30, 2016
    The internet never forgets, and will actually find a way to make money of your miserable experiences.
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Comments • 671

  • Aaron R
    Aaron R Month ago

    Looks like there are 112 mugshot websites out there judging from the 112 dislikes. I just can't see how any, any red-blooded American could give this a thumbs-down. WTF is there to disagree with?

  • Doctour Two skull
    Doctour Two skull Month ago

    One of the other problems with this is that, when your surfing what ever dating cite you use, it makes it more complicated to tell the difference between the actual criminals and the people who just made a bad decision, didnt know the law well enough to know that what they did was illegal (i didnt know that skateboarding in subway stations was illegal, especially considering how many people do it regardless or how little people actually walk between subway stations underground), or the got a mug shot for some bullshit reason like a racist or power hungry cop.

  • TheKaz911
    TheKaz911 Month ago

    I also find it funny that people claim The DPRK is a dictatorial hellscape on earth yet there's an active police state acting like an imperial power (ever since settlement in North America) - the hypocrisy is deeeeeeeep

  • TheKaz911
    TheKaz911 Month ago

    Great content Daniel, came back to watch this following the recent debate point on voter rights where presidential candidates have been pitted with in terms of allowing felons such as the Boston bomber to vote (clearly trying to evoke a very specific Us good folk vs Them who deserve to be punished with fury narrative). I remembered just how fucked up the prison industrial complex has worked to incarcerate 2.2 million people (with POC being overrepresented), with places like SC having the worlds largest prison population and even Democrats like Biden and Kamala Harris who are responsible for sponsoring some bills which rose the numbers.

  • Maya Miles
    Maya Miles Month ago

    I've been arrested during the throws of a mental disorder as well and let me tell you, I'm a good person but my mugshot might say otherwise 😞

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger 2 months ago

    Americans aren't free unless they're rich. Land of the dumb, home of the slave.

  • Anonymity
    Anonymity 3 months ago

    Fun fun new way for a human being to be ground up into profit

  • Goof Nerdenson
    Goof Nerdenson 4 months ago

    So I spit out the wine I coincidentally had in my mouth already with absolutely perfect comedic timing, but the only one who saw it go down was my cat. He was definitely startled, but not at all amused. Literally & figuratively went right over his head. Which would have made it even a tad bit funnier had another human been present. I just... needed to share my sadness over this. Thank you.

  • D Dman
    D Dman 5 months ago

    We have a justice System written by the Private Prison Lobby!!!

  • D Dman
    D Dman 5 months ago

    Mugshots dont deter cops from
    -doctoring or planting evidence
    -Making false reports
    -beating the hell out of people for no reason
    -Arresting just to meet quotas

  • Tate Winter
    Tate Winter 6 months ago

    it's like a mini LastWeekTonight with John Oliver.
    you should work for LastWeekTon- oh wait

  • Ren
    Ren 8 months ago

    *Julkisuudessa* means 'in publicity' in Finnish

  • Reaper's Scribe
    Reaper's Scribe 8 months ago

    I was just bailed out a few days ago and this seriously worries me I didn’t even do anything it’s was misunderstanding

  • TheJPKaram
    TheJPKaram 8 months ago

    Isn’t America great ? :D

  • Bubba
    Bubba 8 months ago

    Sounds like a job for Anonymous.

  • morphman86
    morphman86 9 months ago

    And THAT is why EU implemented GDPR. Mugshots over here is NOT public property, it is NOT publicly available information and you need consent from the person depicted to distribute it. And even then you may only distribute it within the parameters set up within the agreement with that person and only for the purposes you claim it is for. If any of that is broken, you may face fines of up to £1.6 million (around $2.1 million), depending on scope, severity and frequency of the trespass.

  • Ithlini Ellyan Senah
    Ithlini Ellyan Senah 9 months ago

    This is outrageous!!

  • Benjamin G
    Benjamin G 10 months ago

    how the hell is this legal, the people who run these websites are total maggots

  • Milk Bread
    Milk Bread 10 months ago

    "google x and you will immediately see a mugshot" creepy how accurately he predicted that future

  • matthew styles
    matthew styles 10 months ago

    Charges are always different from convictions but alot people dont bother to think that hard about it. Looks like im gonna start my own website

  • Christine S
    Christine S 10 months ago

    "The internet was a mistake."
    -A guy on the internet, who makes his living on the internet and relies on the internet

    • Milk Bread
      Milk Bread 10 months ago

      not since cracked fired their whole video team

  • Daynger Kat
    Daynger Kat Year ago

    Thank you for exposing this

  • B Wolff
    B Wolff Year ago

    Neoliberalism will be our downfall

  • Jon Campbell
    Jon Campbell Year ago

    33% ??????? Wow

  • RickSanD99
    RickSanD99 Year ago

    I've periodically searched for my mugshot, still can't find it..... Found my friends alcoholic wife plenty of times though lmao

  • romel casillas
    romel casillas Year ago

    I wonder, what will happen if people start not giving a fuck about the "humiliation" and move on. If someone follows you about it, sounds like your life means alot too them.....and they are asking for a punch in the face. Thats harassment.

    • romel casillas
      romel casillas Year ago

      Zephyr Nace-Beach Then hacking should be taught in school so we could find these assholes and give them that punch. Our culture is too damn passive to these assholes.

    • Zephyr Nace-Beach
      Zephyr Nace-Beach Year ago

      romel casillas hard to punch through the internet

  • Peggy Weisenstein

    I know a hacker that can help you expunge your criminal records and delete/erase unwanted online content,he helped me with mine a few months ago and i'm free as a bird now,you can reach him at won't be disappointed!

  • Bijan Sheibani
    Bijan Sheibani Year ago

    can you count?!

  • joey alfaro
    joey alfaro Year ago

    why not just use 1300 and some change to hire Russian hakk to remove your pictures or worse

  • joey alfaro
    joey alfaro Year ago

    if you want a piece of property. just do what cartels do offer you pennies on dollar for ranch. if you refuse they advise you that the sale will go through even if they have to buy it from your widow.

  • Antediluvian Spy
    Antediluvian Spy Year ago

    Luckily all my arrests were as a minor.

    DEEP DUDE Year ago

    the website for the local newstation has a section literally dedicated to recent arrests with mugshots. it’s disgusting. but i guess the tiny disclaimer about people being innocent until proven guilty at the bottom of the page makes everything okay /s

  • thechum
    thechum Year ago

    Now i agree with some of this stuff,as someone who has been in jail more than a few times and is a felon i can say the mugshot thing is rare,but does happen and should be illegal.we paid debt to society after we finish our sentence,probation,parole,or good behavior.another thing i like to point out(like in my case) is if your convicted of felony,most time its not what crime you do,but where you do in my state i did a crime,it a felony,but in 95% of other states its for non-violebt felons in same senerio as me i would like to see easier righys restorattion.but for finding jib, a apartment,loan,all that i dont know.i live in state where they are pretty hatsh on felons,and being high school drop out and felon at 22 years old,i have decent apartment,decent job making 40,000$ a year at 22...with no education(at 22 most people around me making 11.00-13$ hr) and i 3/4 way of paying through car loan for pretty decent being felon and dropout made it harder,but i put my mind to things and got shit may have to build more credit than usual or bust your ass more,but you gotta do what you gotta do

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan Year ago

    It really is not fair to be punished before proven guilty but public mugshots do that

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 Year ago

    I've been arrested 8 times in 2 different states. Never convicted but got a mugshot taken each time. Not a single website has my mugshot. Seems like it depends on the state you get arrested in whether it appears on one of those sites or if it was newsworthy.

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 Year ago

    Hmm that wall street journal article at 2:53 seems pretty inaccurate. Only 9,000 people surveyed across a 13 year period which includes the 2008 recession. Even in 2017 I don't know a single 25 year old (with a college degree and clean record) who owns a home.

  • C P
    C P Year ago +2

    "The internet was a mistake" Dan OBrian

  • Samantha Bailey
    Samantha Bailey Year ago

    Ya! Daniel!

  • Mand M
    Mand M Year ago

    Americans army going to waste

  • Danny B
    Danny B Year ago +1

    John Oliver shapeshifts?

  • LittleRainGames
    LittleRainGames Year ago +1

    Dont worry guys, I'll create a websitr likr this but put photos of the site owners who do this kind of shit, and other scumbags like that.

  • Gojira
    Gojira Year ago +1

    dont get caught

  • shadymike88
    shadymike88 Year ago

    33% chance that an adult american has been arrested?? that's 1 in 3 individuals!!!
    WTF?!? "land of the free"

  • Anata Blak
    Anata Blak Year ago

    Was setting up my comical spit take, and choked

  • SpiderClaw0com
    SpiderClaw0com Year ago

    Those rivers though

  • Jesse Gilbert
    Jesse Gilbert Year ago

    The internet was indeed a mistake

  • Artyom Sherwin
    Artyom Sherwin Year ago +1

    And... why is publishing mugshots legal in the first place?

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 Year ago

      11:17 he says so you can't be secretly arrested and kept in a cell without anyone knowing about it. Thus prevent America from becoming a police state.

  • SumCreepyDude
    SumCreepyDude Year ago

    Why can't I stop watching you guys...

  • Marquis Charlemagne
    Marquis Charlemagne Year ago +1

    America sounds like a very awful place to live, lately.

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 Year ago

      Watch @ 11:17 he explains the reason why the government makes mugshots public.

  • Jemppu
    Jemppu Year ago

    Wouldn't have spotted there was a Finnish word there, unless the narrator had mentioned it - the pronunciation was horridly butchered, "julkisuudessa" - "tsukizudessa"? :D actually more like "yule-key-shoe-des-sa". Finnish word for "in public".

  • Randalf
    Randalf Year ago +1

    I did not know this was a thing that existed and I wish I was still that ignorant.... wtf America...

  • Izzy Jaded
    Izzy Jaded Year ago

    This is all to real

  • Zack Young
    Zack Young Year ago

    Would one of these ways to eliminate this problem is to sort of ironically have federal/state officials to post this on their own Government-run websites? That would provide a full picture of the individual that employers/loan officers could reliably trust at no cost to either citizen or auditor?
    John Smith [pic]
    Arrested for DUI.
    Court date: 01/11/97
    Court ruling: Guilty/Not-Guilty/Resolved
    Sentence: 2 years, out with good behavior/None/Sealed
    ...perhaps a reminder on every individual profile that a criminal history does not necessarily mean you're a serial killer or rapist, and a statistic about a number of citizens who move on to be reformed, model citizens or not commit further mistakes? I mean, if people are going to make snap judgments about people with a criminal background and no context, perhaps we can provide some* to first time, limited time, low risk or past offenders. If someone has a B&E on their record from 30 years ago and nothing since, there's a pretty good chance it was a stupid mistake or pattern that has since been grown out of, not disqualifying them from a job or loan and not extorting them through private interests with low morals.
    It's frightfully sad that we look at exconvicts after time-served as the scum on our shoes. We set people up for failure when a convict can't serve their time and come out of the other side without a life-changing piece of information about their history they aren't like to repeat unless put in the same position to feed themselves. We don't leave people with any [logical] option but to be re-arrested when we give them so little support or encouragement for a better life outside.

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 Year ago

      They already do that. Every state has a public criminal website that you can get records on. That's how employers do background checks. In New York the 2 sites are: AND

  • AJthegreat21
    AJthegreat21 Year ago

    sounds like to me

  • guy Farting
    guy Farting Year ago +1

    Couldn't you sue these people for slander or something like that? Your charges were dropped, yet they still have those mugshots on their websites and they don't mention that your charges were dropped.

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 Year ago

      Hard to sue someone from another country. Especially if you can't even find who owns the website. Oh and you have to be able to take the time and have to money to pay an attorney to sue them. Didn't you watch the video?

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark Year ago

    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah divided states of American
    enjoy fools

  • Corvin Caassimolar
    Corvin Caassimolar Year ago +1

    Capitalism at one of his highest perversions.

  • Erik Tiber
    Erik Tiber Year ago

    This is blatant rentseeking in terms of economics.

  • Gingy Récords
    Gingy Récords Year ago


  • O.o fo
    O.o fo Year ago

    America isnt happy with souring its reputation abroad. It apparently needs to piss off those within as well.

  • Nora Liliannita
    Nora Liliannita Year ago


  • Carleigh Charlton
    Carleigh Charlton Year ago +1

    I can't be the only one that thinks it looks like he's doing a 'not my arms challenge' and those are some dude behind hims arms

  • Stephanie Jacobs
    Stephanie Jacobs Year ago

    My former boss's mug shot is all over the internet. Ha ha. She deserves it. Grand Larceny isn't a crime to be committed while drunk

  • Marissa Claudio
    Marissa Claudio Year ago +3

    What asswipe with no empathy keep disliking these videos

  • yunikage
    yunikage Year ago +1

    Fun fact: if you are never processed into holding, the mugshot is taken but never uploaded to any database. It's true. Get somebody to bail you out extremely quickly and you can avoid the whole mugshot problem.

  • Jason Watson Club

    Dude! The worst one i've seen is this asshat who made a game(not even coded right) with trivia questions comparing dui and marijuana possession charges with child molesters and murderers!

  • Derek Straker
    Derek Straker Year ago

    If I find a genie in a bottle, I'm making myself King of America. And will fix this shit, right quick.
    (and other stuff....but don't worry about that)

  • Eros John Delos Santos

    My profile pic is actually a mugshot

  • Jim Wright
    Jim Wright Year ago

    20 years ago I said the internet would destroy civilization. This kind of stuff will go a long way towards that happening.

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 Year ago

      It's also showing us how to solve the problems

  • MyAcer20
    MyAcer20 Year ago

    Fucked up system over there

  • Black HalfnHalf
    Black HalfnHalf Year ago

    I've really fallen in love with cracked, did not expect to find this to be such valuable channel for great information. And great satire. Don't ever so guys, much love!

  • Kobus Eksteen
    Kobus Eksteen Year ago +2

    I think this is my new favorite quote: "I think the ease of understanding with which we employ 'It makes sense from a business stand-point' these days, is deeply troubling. Because it implies on our part, a tasked complicity in a system where practices that we all acknowledge to be inherently unfair and morally bankrupt, are okay because “business” as a concept, exists in a separate plain divorced from any sense of decency where making the most money at the fastest rate trumps literally anything else." - Daniel O’Brien

  • spark the dutchie
    spark the dutchie Year ago +1

    Just ask the genie to go back in the bottle that simple

  • chibiy 1
    chibiy 1 Year ago +1

    i didn't even know this was a problem. thanks, now i feel more educated. 👍

  • Ripter Beck
    Ripter Beck Year ago +1

    Getting to this way late but still very informative.. thanks again Dan for shedding light on something criminal which needs to be stopped.

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson Year ago +1

    You should make a separate video about the sidebar at 7:50. That was a good sidebar.
    Also, talk at that same speed.

  • Matthew Marr
    Matthew Marr Year ago

    God damn you suck America.

  • Louis Stubbolo
    Louis Stubbolo Year ago +4

    Dan please make a video about the side bar

  • Harry Stemple
    Harry Stemple Year ago

    I love how subtly wrong the world map is behind him

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 Year ago

      Yeah, it's like "cracked" or something...

  • 817rep
    817rep Year ago

    hell of a sidebar about "buisness sense" bravo my good man

  • dartwada
    dartwada Year ago

    "the internet was a mistake"
    -Daniel O'Brien (Cracked editor in chief)

  • DeadHeroOrAliveVillain 1019

    But muh free market! But communism!

  • Doom Muffinz
    Doom Muffinz Year ago

    Disgusting Murica

  • MrAerohank
    MrAerohank Year ago

    How is it that in a country with this many guns, things like this keep happening?

  • The Presence
    The Presence Year ago

    I love Daniel : )

  • Brian Pulling
    Brian Pulling Year ago

    Very John Oliver-y. Awesome video!

  • Alex Revell
    Alex Revell Year ago +2

    Just gonna let you know that if there's a moderate to large mistake on your credit report it can be nearly impossible at times to change those mistakes. Anyways, good episode.

  • Luke Sewell
    Luke Sewell Year ago

    More like cracked mansplains.

  • VioletTheGeek
    VioletTheGeek Year ago

    9:43 LMAO! I did not take a drink, but I did have a literal spit-take at that number!

  • J Aberty
    J Aberty Year ago

    *blinks rapidly*

  • Ole Drippy
    Ole Drippy 2 years ago

    that map is fucked in the background fren. The rivers are coming out of nowhere and ya made a sea out of Manchuria.

  • anal banana
    anal banana 2 years ago

    Suomi mainittu!

  • Evhron
    Evhron 2 years ago

    capitalism ftw

  • Amanda Bee
    Amanda Bee 2 years ago

    There was a man in my state who was beaten almost to death after just busted (mugshot paper) messed up and put "sexual assault of a minor"....when he was actually arrested for not paying a damn speeding ticket.

  • Hylander27
    Hylander27 2 years ago

    "tell us how to fix owe government?" ok.....kill it, KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • kathleencaitlyn
    kathleencaitlyn 2 years ago

    the fucked-up-ness of the American justice system never ceases to amaze me...

  • Rosemary Hofstedt
    Rosemary Hofstedt 2 years ago

    This is great! Thank you!

  • DJ Crazy Jimmy
    DJ Crazy Jimmy 2 years ago

    your too much for just waking up half of all the words you i couldent keep up lay off the speed bro.

  • russneho
    russneho 2 years ago

    Glad i don't live in the U.S.

  • hebrux
    hebrux 2 years ago

    There are a lot of problems in corporate western civilizations