5 YouTubers who BARELY ESCAPED ALIVE! (DanTDM, ItsFunneh, Guava Juice, PewDiePie, Markiplier)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • 5 TVcliprs who BARELY ESCAPED ALIVE! (DanTDM, ItsFunneh, Guava Juice, PewDiePie, Markiplier)
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  • Oboat
    Oboat  Month ago +46


  • jay gee 2018
    jay gee 2018 2 days ago

    Go to church

  • Rejuma Shrestha
    Rejuma Shrestha 3 days ago +1

    You SUCK so much!!!!!! 😝

  • Corazon Magallona
    Corazon Magallona 3 days ago

    DanTDM:Brokes Hand
    Oboat:Top 10 TVcliprs who almost died

    and even a PEACEFUL sky diving you said he almost died you are a shame you should be ashamed of your self

  • Scarlett Crystal
    Scarlett Crystal 4 days ago +1


  • Dane Wulff
    Dane Wulff 5 days ago

    The only one who even had a chance to die was logan paul


    DANTDM: *trips*
    Oboat: *top 5 youtubers who almost died*

  • Nicholas Khaw Kim Seng

    Dantdm's had nothing to do with near a cliff why is there an arrow from the cast to that cliff Oboat is a stupid hoax channel do not waste time on this

  • JackRoboGamer
    JackRoboGamer 14 days ago

    Don’t play with electric in 1st cause it’s dangerous

  • Mixed Mood Will
    Mixed Mood Will 17 days ago

    Your thumbnails are just cringe. The title the same, TOP FIVE TVclipRS WHO ALMOST DIED! I mean really, and it shows DanTDM freaking CRYING while holding up his broken hand, and you showed a person hanging off the side of a dam, DanTDM didn't do that, and anyone who isn't diagnosed with Stage 27 Brain Cancer would know that. And what do you mean ALMOST DIED? Your just exploiting circumstantial injuries of popular TVclipRS as click bait. The shock wouldn't have killed Pewdipie, Guava Juice was on a tandem, so the professional he was strapped to could deploy the parachute regardless of his conciseness, Logan Paul knew he couldn't jump the Yeti so he knew he was going to go under it, and he knew he was going to jump over it, and DanTDM, my god, he didn't almost die, he broke his hand on his counter, and no, he didn't fall off a freaking cliff. Stop exploiting views, if you were really talented you wouldn't have to do that. And please, stop saying that a giant spider is going to do something to me in my sleep, that doesn't make me want to like or subscribe to your channel you event abusing scumbag.

  • Jose Cerquera
    Jose Cerquera 18 days ago

    Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie

  • dogs rule
    dogs rule 18 days ago

    I subscribed and watchted it to the end

  • FV21I and abby Gaming
    FV21I and abby Gaming 18 days ago

    It wont get in my mouth

  • Cain Bennington
    Cain Bennington 18 days ago


  • Savage Drew
    Savage Drew 19 days ago

    Hey guys you just got clickbaited

  • Kyle Clemmo
    Kyle Clemmo 20 days ago

    Why did you have to show it’s funneh why she is my fave

  • Untrusted Truth
    Untrusted Truth 20 days ago

    Your dad should have deleted the channel

  • Thatmemepersonwholikesmemes

    Well my tarantula recently die and I’m looking for a new one so.......

  • Thatmemepersonwholikesmemes

    Well my tarantula recently die and I’m looking for a new one so.......

  • Henry Carter
    Henry Carter 21 day ago

    danTDM broke his hand Oboat 5 TVcliprs who nearly escaped

  • Henry Carter
    Henry Carter 21 day ago

    Your always do click bate you suk

  • Sam Wilkins
    Sam Wilkins 21 day ago

    Stop clickbating yor thumnails

  • Jakob Arnež
    Jakob Arnež 21 day ago

    STOP with spiders

  • Alex Fahy
    Alex Fahy 22 days ago

    How could getting shocked in the nuts how could he die

  • Joshua Pigstock
    Joshua Pigstock 22 days ago

    Peds gets shocked by a game. Omg he almost died

  • Lui Brisky
    Lui Brisky 23 days ago

    3:10 edit Mistake

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 23 days ago

    Lets all report this guy for misleading content cause thats all he does

  • Shadowrocket 102
    Shadowrocket 102 23 days ago

    Title: 5 youtubers that barely escaped alive
    Has a picture of danTDM when he broke his hand

  • Danni the Track Runner

    And that is why I don't watch Logan Paul!

  • Girl Twins Toy Bin
    Girl Twins Toy Bin 24 days ago

    These are all TVclip videos your just doing this for veiws

  • Aoife Dawson
    Aoife Dawson 24 days ago

    How could’ve Guava Juice died, my auntie went sky diving, she was fine

  • kATE lmaooo
    kATE lmaooo 24 days ago

    Intro: *exist*
    Billie: Are you kidding me?

  • Oliver sloth Yo
    Oliver sloth Yo 25 days ago +2

    Dntdm: pls4 controller is gone
    Oboat: yotubers who almost died

  • TeMmIE _MaTIonS
    TeMmIE _MaTIonS 25 days ago

    You sound like Morgz not yelling

  • Charlene Yeo
    Charlene Yeo 26 days ago

    U idiot!!!!! I hate you and stop making people subscribe!! You’re insane!

  • EmmaJenny&Maya
    EmmaJenny&Maya 26 days ago

    Logan Paul is an idiot doing that

  • BZ L
    BZ L 27 days ago

    Markiplier even wasn’t rlly in this video

  • cutie cake
    cutie cake 27 days ago +2

    I think the worst one was its funnehcake and she is also my fav youtuber

  • Asplode KA
    Asplode KA 27 days ago

    *this is faker than my happiness*

  • Amal Hassan
    Amal Hassan 27 days ago

    I already knew the mansion one funneh said it on her channel

  • MrFunky ChickenDude
    MrFunky ChickenDude 27 days ago +1

    I know a TVclipr who did die...

    Rip Grant from TKOR

  • Shirley Hughes
    Shirley Hughes 28 days ago

    *grabs cage*
    *finds spider*
    *puts spider in*
    *gives spider a name and food*
    Sparkle better than y'all
    *grabs flip flop*
    Touch sparkle U SPANKED

  • GachaLife TEENS
    GachaLife TEENS 28 days ago

    Wait wait WAIT! Half the Krew almost died?! Are you sure they didn’t said it was everywhere. if it is, then they almost died! BOOM btw srry

  • anime lover
    anime lover 28 days ago

    I subscribed

  • AshPotato Gacha
    AshPotato Gacha 28 days ago +4

    This is how many times he said guys

  • Blupikachu Gaming
    Blupikachu Gaming 28 days ago

    You 🤥

  • Blupikachu Gaming
    Blupikachu Gaming 28 days ago

    WHY 😱

  • binu peter
    binu peter 28 days ago +1

    Oboat: Pewdiepie The biggest youtuber on the planet

    Tseries: Say sike right now

  • binu peter
    binu peter 28 days ago


    SKY3 MAJ3ST!CAL CAT 28 days ago +1

    This is so freaking click bait, 😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠

  • Danny MC
    Danny MC 29 days ago

    TVclipr: sneezes
    Oboat: how aren't you dead right now!!!

  • Ella Plays
    Ella Plays 29 days ago

    Dan broke his hand on the coutertop ledge!

  • Alfie TheGamingKid
    Alfie TheGamingKid 29 days ago +3

    With the thumbnail you just took the picture from when DanTDM broke his hands (years ago, which happened by him slipping in the kitchen NOT FALLING OF A LEDGE) and then added another picture of some guy hanging off a ledge

  • chippo danTDM
    chippo danTDM 29 days ago

    I liked ok

  • chippo danTDM
    chippo danTDM 29 days ago

    I’m scared

  • Dini Xiaomi
    Dini Xiaomi 29 days ago


  • tanyahjhhiogtyy maycock

    The spider will go in Oboats mouth

  • N R
    N R Month ago +3

    Stop scrolling.

    You are now immune to all *insert message* in the next *insert message* or this will happen.

  • Stevedawg Gog
    Stevedawg Gog Month ago

    I hate you

  • FridayPlum
    FridayPlum Month ago +1

    For its funneh you tubers keep using the haunted house one