NEW 2018 DRUGSTORE MAKEUP TESTED || 5 First Impressions (Feb)

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • Today we're testing some new launches at the drugstore: from Wunderbrow dupe to a putty highlighter! Plus an end of day wear test to see what worked and what DIDN'T.
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    Hi I'm Rachel, thank you so much for watching my videos! This channel is dedicated to testing new makeup, sharing my beauty favorites, both drugstore and high-end, & finding out what makeup's worth the hype and what's not. If you love hauls (plus updates on the products 2 weeks later!), tutorials, first impressions, and everything beauty-related, I hope you'll subscribe so you don't miss NEW VIDEOS every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SUNDAY!
    BUSINESS INQUIRIES (** note the 2 H's and .ca!)
    e.l.f. Cosmetics Charcoal Hydragel Undereye Masks
    Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel
    Maybelline The City Kits - Pink Edge
    CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter - Moonbeam
    L'Oreal Galaxy Lumiere Highlighter Stick - Gold
    Hard Candy Sheer Envy Bake, Brighten & Set Loose Powder
    Wet N Wild Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Bali in Love
    * the brow gel DID stay on post washing my face, though I was careful not to scrub my brows aggressively or use an oil based remover, as recommended. I haven't used it yet using just an angled brush so stay tuned, but so far it looks promising!
    The products I list are usually - though not always - affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage of the sale from the vendor if you make a purchase :)
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  • Tora Ekedahl
    Tora Ekedahl 6 days ago

    Makeup revolution 😍💓

  • Hannah Safrit
    Hannah Safrit Month ago

    I’m seriously obsessed with her headband 😍 it’s so freakin cute

  • Cathy KC9EOW
    Cathy KC9EOW 2 months ago

    My go to is definitely either Wet N Wild or Milani. Maybelline and cover girl has had too many disappointments over the last few years. Also sassy editing Rachel is my favorite Rachel.

  • delly baby
    delly baby 2 months ago

    i don't care that I'm super late but ESSENCE FOR THE WINNNNN!!!

  • Shelby Valentine
    Shelby Valentine 4 months ago

    Purples definitely compliment you’re eye color and complexion would like to see more purple intense tutorials.

  • Jacqueline Hedrick
    Jacqueline Hedrick 5 months ago +1

    I like laurel and maybeline but there owned by the same owner so hehe and nxy and elf

  • Bailey Thompson
    Bailey Thompson 6 months ago

    What mascara did you use for this video?

  • Rachel Kent
    Rachel Kent 6 months ago

    BH Cosmetics

  • monikaO7
    monikaO7 7 months ago

    L'oreal always delivers for me

  • NewbieBroadwayNerd 12
    NewbieBroadwayNerd 12 8 months ago

    My go to is wet n wild or la girl

  • barbie clear
    barbie clear 8 months ago

    Maybaleen makup works wonders

  • Armish Jawad
    Armish Jawad 9 months ago

    Essence and Maybelline are fav😘

  • Katie Weathers
    Katie Weathers 9 months ago

    NYX and Maybelline! Also wet and wild’s highlight it GREAT

  • raegan stars
    raegan stars 10 months ago +3

    I bought that brow gel and it really is the worst!

  • raegan stars
    raegan stars 10 months ago +2

    I love ELF and Maybelline

  • Holly McConnell
    Holly McConnell 10 months ago

    Elf and maybaliene

  • Anaya Olmstead
    Anaya Olmstead 10 months ago

    What's ur mascara

  • Lovey Gonzalez
    Lovey Gonzalez 10 months ago

    my favorite is maybelline, it was the only thing that helped my oily skin before i started accutane!

  • Teresa Enright
    Teresa Enright 10 months ago

    Great video. Using all my concentration to ignore your leeches under your eyes🤣😎🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • kidpeach
    kidpeach 10 months ago

    Is your shirt from H&M? I have the same one! Looks great on you 😍

  • FierceJadeMakeup
    FierceJadeMakeup 10 months ago

    I have 1 walmart brow and one gucci brow

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez 11 months ago

    I always go for elf and wet n wild. Then CoverGirl, Maybelline,relvon sometimes Milan.

  • Beth's Diary
    Beth's Diary 11 months ago

    Lately I've loved everything from wet and wild! They have really revamped and I'm totally on-board 😁

  • Stefanie Weiß
    Stefanie Weiß 11 months ago

    looove the eye look, those shades wow! Need them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel Quinn
    Angel Quinn 11 months ago

    im sure im way to late. sucks but im still bing watching u..

  • Poppy Ah
    Poppy Ah 11 months ago


  • Jessica Rebelo
    Jessica Rebelo 11 months ago


  • aerica zeger
    aerica zeger 11 months ago

    I wish you would test the becca highlighter in amethyst.

  • Laura Ruberg
    Laura Ruberg 11 months ago

    Nyx, or rimmel

  • Katherine Dyer
    Katherine Dyer 11 months ago

    My favorite brand is L'Oreal!

  • char
    char 11 months ago

    Does Hard Candy have anything that people like?! I’ve. Every review I’ve seen has been negative

  • Victoria Seabolt
    Victoria Seabolt 11 months ago

    I like Maybelline because that's what brand my mom has used since she was younger

  • indika blu
    indika blu 11 months ago +1

    I love Makeup Revolution and Wet n Wild 💕

  • Tonya Renee
    Tonya Renee 11 months ago


  • Veronika
    Veronika 11 months ago

    Essence and Catrice for me :)

  • Beverly McDonald
    Beverly McDonald 11 months ago

    Maybelline and NYX!!!!

  • Kimberley Beirnes
    Kimberley Beirnes 11 months ago

    Love maybelline

  • Mel Mo
    Mel Mo 11 months ago

    maybelline and nyx :)

  • kaelyn b.
    kaelyn b. 11 months ago


  • Kennah Youngs
    Kennah Youngs 11 months ago

    Physician's Formula works best for me

  • Marcela Zavala
    Marcela Zavala 11 months ago


  • Rebecca Doran
    Rebecca Doran 11 months ago


  • Genuine Jess
    Genuine Jess 11 months ago

    I really like covergirl, but I'm so new to makeup that I haven't tried a lot of drugstore brands. Elf is pretty good, I love their brushes.

  • Beth Katzman
    Beth Katzman 11 months ago

    I love maybelline, wet n wild, and elf!😋

  • Kat Hawes
    Kat Hawes 11 months ago


  • Olivia Marie
    Olivia Marie 11 months ago

    Covergirl :)

  • Megan K
    Megan K 11 months ago

    Maybelline works so well for me! Foundation, concealer, power, highlighter, lipsticks, etc. Such amazing products!!

  • Nadía Mist
    Nadía Mist 11 months ago

    L’Oréal, Maybelline, ELF and NIX

  • Denise Rodriguez
    Denise Rodriguez 11 months ago

    OMG you are so freakin hilarious 😂......I love your reactions!

  • Emily Sunnucks
    Emily Sunnucks 11 months ago

    Maybelline all the WAY! (also u can buy it everywhere so its good)

  • jericagrl
    jericagrl 11 months ago

    My fav brand is Maybelline

  • Celine Weckerle
    Celine Weckerle 11 months ago

    Maybelline is definitely my Favorite drugstore brand! Love the mascara and liquid lipsticks especially ❤️❤️

  • Heidi Ann
    Heidi Ann 11 months ago

    Hello, new subscriber and I'm happy to be here. If I had to pick a favorite drugstore brand, it would be very hard. I love so many brands, it's hard to pick. Wet n Wild, Loreal, Milani, Catrice, Essence, Flower Beauty...see... I could keep going on. Great video and looking forward to watching more. I'm of the mature community but still happy to be a subscriber. xoxo Heidi

  • missbsb95
    missbsb95 11 months ago

    Nyx is my go too.

  • Sherrie Wise
    Sherrie Wise 11 months ago

    I love your videos. I just started to watch them. (2-22-18) I have in the past only used foundation, concealer, and some eye liner. I am now looking to get primer, highlighters, brow gel or tint, and eye shadows and etc. Can you recomend any for me? I have dark green eyes with a lil brown. And I have never bought lipstick. I wear natural ivory concealer. Any recommendations you can send my way would be appreciated! Thank you

  • Teresa Johansson
    Teresa Johansson 11 months ago

    Essence!! They have so many new products!

  • Jessica Patrick
    Jessica Patrick Year ago

    Maybelline or Rimmel

  • Klaudia Baumann
    Klaudia Baumann Year ago

    I will always reach for nyx and maybelline!

  • Niki Musick
    Niki Musick Year ago

    maybelline is my absolute favorite!

  • Alexis Draper
    Alexis Draper Year ago

    Wet and Wild and Maybelline are my two go-to drugstore products, they are super affordable.

  • Jess Mann
    Jess Mann Year ago

    I usually go with ELF just because they’re so affordable and lots of their products work well but I like maybelline and almay too from what I’ve tried

  • MiniMoo64
    MiniMoo64 Year ago


  • Lowry Fletcher
    Lowry Fletcher Year ago

    Maybelline defo.

  • Danielle Wolf
    Danielle Wolf Year ago

    Wet and wild has really been impressing me lately!

  • princesscupcaketatto


  • Cc
    Cc Year ago

    N7 and maybleen are my fav

  • Jessica Andrews
    Jessica Andrews Year ago

    I like wet n wild and maybelline

  • I want to be me.
    I want to be me. Year ago


  • Aisha Torres
    Aisha Torres Year ago

    Just found your channel! My go to drugstore brand has to be maybelline. They don't tend to let me down lol

  • Nicole Mishler
    Nicole Mishler Year ago

    My favorite drugstore brand is probably NYX, even though I can never find their products in ACTUAL drugstores, just in Ulta.

  • Socialite Media
    Socialite Media Year ago

    I’ve been using Elf more than anything lately! I’ve been liking everything that I try.

  • Bell Bart
    Bell Bart Year ago

    I always go for NYX💝

  • PrincessNyu
    PrincessNyu Year ago

    Love physicians formula...but unfortunately I’m way too pale to use any of the foundations/concealers =(

  • Dorian Esquivel
    Dorian Esquivel Year ago

    Wet and wild for sure!

  • ashley burton
    ashley burton Year ago

    😂 it’s not just you 😂 I have a brow that doesn’t like to cooperate too 😂 FRUSTRATING!!! 😂 My go to drug store brand is Maybelline & Milani! Love them both!

  • Brooklyn Kells
    Brooklyn Kells Year ago

    For some reason maybeline was the big brand that me and my family would go to (when my sister and I were like 14 or whatever we just wore mascara, and maybeline seemed to offer a lot) and so now it just seems to stick, but I really am wanting and trying to venture out into other brands

  • Danielle Hupp
    Danielle Hupp Year ago

    Wet and wild

  • LauraDN2
    LauraDN2 Year ago

    L’Oréal is my go to!

  • katelyn G
    katelyn G Year ago

    I love covergirl

  • Debbie Tang
    Debbie Tang Year ago

    Essence is my favvvv drugstore... especially the mascara 😊

  • Hannah p
    Hannah p Year ago

    you should try the Annabelle perfect cream highlight, I think that they're fairly new and I have just fallen in love with it.

  • Sonya Gaucher
    Sonya Gaucher Year ago

    my go to is NYX

  • Magdalena Díaz
    Magdalena Díaz Year ago

    Wet n wild!! Great quality for the super cheap price :)

  • Julia Odle
    Julia Odle Year ago

    L’Oréal is my go to drugstore makeup! 😊

  • Lana Sitar
    Lana Sitar Year ago

    nyx for sure

  • Carolyn Wargula
    Carolyn Wargula Year ago


  • Andreea Dacin
    Andreea Dacin Year ago

    I love Wet&Wild products, but unfortunately in Romania the variety is so bad 😒

  • Awesome Ava
    Awesome Ava Year ago


  • Brittani Watkins
    Brittani Watkins Year ago

    NYX!!! Runner ups; wet n wild, essence, or e.l.f

  • Natalie Mezzadonna

    my go-to drugstore brand is nyx and wet n wild

  • Katie Dean
    Katie Dean Year ago

    Wet n wild !!!!!

  • Carrie Ng
    Carrie Ng Year ago

    Essence! So affordable!

  • Courtney Sisofo
    Courtney Sisofo Year ago

    ELF !!!!!

  • Michelle Ray
    Michelle Ray Year ago

    Wet n Wild seems to be on their game lately!

  • Ell Selman
    Ell Selman Year ago


  • Julie Gass
    Julie Gass Year ago

    I think NYX or Milani

  • Brooke Kathryn
    Brooke Kathryn Year ago


  • zaynab naufil
    zaynab naufil Year ago

    Maybelline and wet and wild are my favorite !!

  • Michelle Castellanos

    I’m in love with L’Oreal! But also love Milani and Flower beauty, it’s so hard to choose only one!

  • Sherrice Perry
    Sherrice Perry Year ago

    Milani is my favorite. I love the quality and the presentation! The packaging is to die for!