Pinched Animation Short Film

  • Published on Jun 22, 2015
  • This is Pinched . You can watch full of Short Animated Movies Official at the link

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  • Color of life
    Color of life  3 months ago +317

    CRAB TOY :

    • Daniel's Art Animation
      Daniel's Art Animation Month ago

      Damm he got wacked by the cop, Bruce Lee style.

    • Vaniillabean
      Vaniillabean Month ago +2

      think this dude got his channel hacked or smth.

    • Thetalad
      Thetalad Month ago +1

      C K he is the channel owner. He has stolen many animations and tricked people into thinking he made them.

    • Bungo
      Bungo Month ago

      Fuck you

  • Ninja gaming
    Ninja gaming 37 minutes ago

    Love is the one which changes throne into roses...

  • Josh Gabbard
    Josh Gabbard Hour ago

    So is it the girl who is at the beginning too? Is she supposed to be schizo also?

  • AC/DC I'm a fan
    AC/DC I'm a fan Day ago

    surprised not a person accept me has liked this

  • •Чайник Garry's Mod•

    It's assassin 👌

  • Оля Полякова

    Мультик рисовали художники граффити.

  • Precious Young
    Precious Young Day ago

    This reminds me of an animated film
    It takes place in a men's bathroom stall and when you look inside one of the stalls there is a guy with a coat covering his mouth. from an angle looks like he's jerking off but when the camera changes angle it actually is him writing a poem on the side of the stall. Then he begins to hear footsteps and then peeking in the Gap in the door. Is a sexy woman big full lips, long legs, with black medium length bowl cut hair covering her eyes, wearing a one piece buster corset with a thin see-through to tu tu. (like the one that Holli would wears is in cool world but black). Smoking a cigarette and says to him ,"peekaboo I see you" in a playful sultery voice before kicking the door down and then she sits on his lap to read the poem trying to seduce him shortly after. but pushes her off and head to the sink. She catches up to him and tells him that he's terrified of her and that she's frustrated that she has to be stuck in here with him. And angrily rips off the hand towel dispenser from wall and cuts her hand. Just as she's about to walk out in a huff, he grabs her by the hand and pulls her in for a kiss and then it cuts to him throwing his coat into the garbage can before leaving the men's room.

    It supposed to be a representation of him repressing his sexual urges
    I really like that short but I have no idea what the title
    Anyone who knows please write.

  • cenzo è_é
    cenzo è_é 2 days ago

    Why does some people thinks that guys doing illegal stuff is cool

  • Rene Diaz
    Rene Diaz 2 days ago

    Woooaoooo me encantó esta mini película.

  • Malik Az
    Malik Az 3 days ago

    تاع ليكستاااا هاداا

  • Shahadat Khan
    Shahadat Khan 3 days ago

    Beautiful message inside.
    You become what you think, there is always a struggle inside a human being for taking the side of GOOD or BAD!

  • ظاهر البغدادي


  • Rizal ajo
    Rizal ajo 3 days ago

    The animation looks like from gorillaz..

  • You just burnt my rice
    You just burnt my rice 3 days ago +1

    4:05 Was that all necessary? He could’ve just ran on the sidewalks😂

  • Jon Blatz
    Jon Blatz 4 days ago

    Was the city based in Philadelphia?

  • انغام الورد


  • Rudah De Carvalho
    Rudah De Carvalho 4 days ago

    How TVclip don't desmonetise this?!

  • Momo Amin
    Momo Amin 4 days ago


  • Fundom Ltd.
    Fundom Ltd. 4 days ago


  • Alexander Paulf
    Alexander Paulf 5 days ago

    How is this not removed

  • Julien Cheung
    Julien Cheung 5 days ago

    The original

  • الطير المسافر

    وين العرب ماشايفي عربان ب التعليقات

  • Yassine Himoun
    Yassine Himoun 5 days ago

    بصح صدرها شباب💝

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 5 days ago

    Jamaican guy

  • salma El salma El
    salma El salma El 6 days ago


  • Khalifa sanfour Bakria

    قصة معبرة جدا فيها احداث مدهشة
    واو 😍😍😘

  • Yoyo yaso
    Yoyo yaso 6 days ago

    الماسونيه و الدجال

  • Aja JIC
    Aja JIC 6 days ago

    I tried, but I failed,😔 maybe and I'm wasn't the one, so sad.

  • Phoneix Cluster
    Phoneix Cluster 6 days ago

    5:47 if you turn the screen like this

  • Emanga !!!
    Emanga !!! 6 days ago

    I like i like i really like

  • Avik Roy
    Avik Roy 7 days ago

    Nice... wish all are true...

  • BoingBo
    BoingBo 7 days ago

    that was hella weird i loved it

  • GFGgaming
    GFGgaming 7 days ago

    Working with demon

  • mohammed islam
    mohammed islam 8 days ago

    What mean that

  • Christopher Fendell
    Christopher Fendell 8 days ago

    I really appreciate the effort the animators put into this piece of work but, what the hell man!? All this guy did was cheat on his girlfriend, pick pocket from citizens actually contributing to society and, run from the law whenever he got caught. He gets rewarded after a bit of small talk with his ex and becoming one with the demon controlling him.

    • Christopher Fendell
      Christopher Fendell 8 days ago

      Edit: I forgot that he gave her back the bag he stole but, it's not like that's gonna settle anything rather than just doing the right thing. That shouldn't be enough to convince someone to get back together with their cheating, scumbag ex.

  • Derek Greene
    Derek Greene 8 days ago

    Well for animation she got nice tits

  • وهم الأقنعه

    منو كلب الموبايل من لبست الفانيله علمود ايشوف زين 🤪

  • Mar yudi
    Mar yudi 9 days ago

    Mirip Naruto

  • Recker Production
    Recker Production 9 days ago

    This is amazing art

  • Sky Links12
    Sky Links12 9 days ago


  • Leonardo Souza
    Leonardo Souza 9 days ago

    Assistindo essa animação louco de Lsd, não tem como tankar.

  • K E
    K E 10 days ago


  • Victoria R
    Victoria R 10 days ago

    He is Spider-Man

  • Τζουλιανο Χοτζα

    Evil black man gets defeated by chad racist

  • Greedy Boy
    Greedy Boy 10 days ago

    An fat busty bar woman make me horny

  • DoseofDavid !!!!
    DoseofDavid !!!! 11 days ago

    What kind of animation is this is it traditional or digital?

  • H gotce Sc
    H gotce Sc 11 days ago

    Que buen vídeo

  • Pro4lol TV
    Pro4lol TV 11 days ago

    5:48 Hmmm...

  • Animech Guy
    Animech Guy 11 days ago

    Man, it was great.
    I added it to my playlist just after watching 30 secs.
    Me: Now that's what I call awesome.

  • Totus Tuus
    Totus Tuus 11 days ago +2

    Sorry, i'm italian... i use Google translater:
    This video is about a possession. Unfortunately this is a reality in some cases and not a fantasy. But all can love in the Holy Name of Christ and with the protection of the Virgin Mary. My spiritual father, a Franciscan friar, is an exorcist. I know what I say. Let us pray for these poor people afflicted by the evil one. God frees from the evil one. Amen. Pax et Bonum!

  • ARS5 Gamers
    ARS5 Gamers 11 days ago

    The revolution of spider man

  • Di Angelo
    Di Angelo 11 days ago +1

    This should be in Netflix

  • Long Live Jahseh.
    Long Live Jahseh. 12 days ago


    YAMAZAK TM 12 days ago

    Djin amoureux

  • Blake Hensley
    Blake Hensley 12 days ago

    I really needed this today

  • Isaque Lima
    Isaque Lima 12 days ago

    Im better... with you

  • Justin Gries
    Justin Gries 13 days ago

    Like it, but not a fan of putting the idea out there that "the right person" could ever resolve an actual mental-health disorder...

  • JellyRobot264
    JellyRobot264 13 days ago +1

    Well gamers we did it
    T I T S O N Y O U T U B E

  • korume k
    korume k 13 days ago


  • Cielo Villarroel Soriano

    Why would she dream about lighting someone's candle with her own match?